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 Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results

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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:33 pm

Macho King: Goodevening everyone, I the Macho King along with my colleage the Latin Passion Master, would like to welcome you to the first ever Friday Night Adrenaline. Thank you for inviting the XCL into your home.

Latin Passion Master: Why are you thanking them Macho ?, these peons should be grateful for the chance to hear my voice.

MK: Your just lucky they cant see how ridiculous you look in those tight pants.

LPM: Shut your mouth Macho, lets just get to whats on the card for tonight.

MK: Well LPM, one match im personally looking forward is the Tag Team match involving Chris Shocker and Flair going up againist Law & Order. We all know that psycho "Ripper" Radford cut Flair at GoldRush, which some say is the reason Flair lost his next match againist Steve Ace. I cant wait to see Flair extract some revenge.

LPM: Thats total crap King, Flair lost because Steve Ace is a far greater wrestler than that show pony Flair could ever dream of being. Flair lost then and he will lose again tonight, cause now "Ripper" has a partner.

MK: Aren't you forgetting Flair has Chris Shocker in his corner ?

LPM: No I didnt forget, what are stupid Macho ?, I have the card right in front of me. Anyways enough of how Flair is going to get destroyed tonight, lets move on to more important things.

MK: Such as ?

LPM: More important things like how tonight we are going to see the debut of the stunning Ella.

MK: Good point, she is managing Jerichoholic an incredible superstar who has alot of hype surrounding him. He is matched up againist another exciting superstar, direct from Mexico El Paria.

LPM: Who cares about those guys, El Paria doesnt even speak english. Im looking forward to seeing Ella, up close and personal.

MK: Get your head in the game LPM, this is a wrestling show. Lets move on too another match that has generated alot of interest the young Neon Hardy and the crazed religious madman Bolton Stevens.

LPM: Madman ? gee King you really through these labels around freely. Besides Bolton is doing the Lords bidding.

MK: Im sure thats what he believes, but he had no right to attack Neon and cost him his chance at the XCL World Champship at GoldRush, for something as little as wearing a cross necklace. Bolton is Mad and I hope he gets whats coming to him here tonight.

LPM: You mean Neon gets whats coming to him, he shouldnt go around provoking agents of the almighty. In other action we have a guy I like the very large and mysterious Edgecutioner going head to head with Joe Morgan another smash mouth style guy. This is my sort of match Macho.

MK: Edgecutioner scares the daylights out of me LPM, I bumped into him earlier today backstage, it was intimidating to say the least.

LPM: Not that it takes much to scare you King, but speaking of guys that are intimidating, have you had a chance to check out Kumaga ?

MK: A little more than I would have liked to LPM, I almost feel sorry for Tyrant having to debut againist such a monster.

LPM: For Once I agree with you King. Moving on, in Tag Team action we have two extremely gritty guys in Jason Outlaw & Dash Blade taking two pretty boy punks in Creachbaun & Dr. Dismember.

MK: How can you say that LPM ?, we have never even seen Creachbaun & Dr. Dismember in the ring before. Nor have we seen Dash Blade so how can you claim he is "gritty"

LPM: I can make that claim because Dash is from the streets like me.

MK: What are your talking about ?, your not from the streets, you grew up 3 blocks from me.

LPM: I think you have me confused with someone else.

***Cant Be Touched starts playing, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd***

LPM: Wait Macho, whose music is that ?

MK: I have no idea, I guess we are going to have to wait and see.

The Great Khali comes out and begins to walk towars the ring. Ashley comes from the annoucers chair and steps into the ring.

LPM: Oh look its Mr. Think's he so great.

MK: You better be careful what you say, if you value your job.

LPM: Quiet Macho, Ashley is about to talk.

Ashley: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Owner and CEO of the XCL, The Great Khali.

Khali enters the Ring and politely asks for the microphone from Ashley.

***The crowds reaction is still mixed as Khali's music stops playing***

Khali: Welcome everyone to this the first night of Adrenaline. We have some great action planned tonight, which I know you will all enjoy.

***The crowd shows little emotion***

Khali: I am proud to annouce that the XCL will now be hosting a Tag Team division, with the newly created Titles to be up for grabs at the upcoming Seek N Destroy PPV. Starting next week on Adrenaline the top Tag Teams the XCL has to offer will do battle in an attempt to earn their shot at the Tag Titles.

***The crowd Cheers***

Khali: Next thing on my agenda is to congratulate BIGBRIAN on defeating all comers at GoldRush to become the first XCL Champion.

***The crowd goes wild and starts chanting BRIAN!, BRIAN!, BRIAN!***

Khali: Brian will be defending his title against Cyanide in a GoldRush final rematch at the upcoming Seek N Destroy PPV. This time wrestling skill wont play as much of a part as hardcore endurance. The Clockwork Orange House of Fun, will certainly bring out the Xtreme in the XCL.

***The crowd cheers and starts chanting BRIAN! once again***

Khali: On a final note 2 Battle Royales will be taking place on weeks 2 and 3 of Adrenaline. The winners of the two Battle Royales with face off againist each other at Seek N Destroy to determine the future #1 Contender for the XCL World Championship. Id like to take this chance to wish everyone involved the best of luck.

***Cant Be Touched Starts playing***

The Great Khali exits the ring and heads backstage.

LPM: Thank god that jerk is leaving.

MK: Pipe down LPM, Khali had some important news there.

LPM: Well lets just hope you paid attention.

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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:33 pm

**Messiah plays**

MACHO: Well we weren’t expecting him this early, but here comes Bolton; he will start tonight’s program in singles competition against Neon Hardy.

LPM: This match is merely a preview of their match and Seek N Destroy.

MACHO: That match has just been announced; and it will be a casket match.

Bolton steps into the ring and grabs a microphone.

BOLTON: Listen to me sinners; listen to your saint, to the savior of professional wrestling. I am here to get rid of all the sinners and all of the evil that exists in the XCL. And I will not stop until my duty is done. There is no man, woman, child, or force of nature that will stop me from-

**I Don’t Wanna Stop plays**

Neon Hardy walks through the curtain and heads to the ring. The bell rings.

ASHLEY: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Akron, Ohio; weighing 240 pounds, Neon Hardy! And in the ring from The Church; weighing 210 pounds, Bolton!

MACHO: Well it looks like Neon Hardy has had enough of what Bolton has to say.

LPM: How dare he interrupt Bolton; this man wants to get rid of the bad people that are in the XCL and I don’t blame him.

MACHO: Well Hardy has a legitimate beef with this man because he got involved in his match at Goldrush.

LPM: Bolton was just doing the right thing for the well being of XCL.

Hardy slides into the ring and Bolton starts stomping on him. The bell rings. Bolton picks him up and throws him into the corner. Bolton lands some hard punches; the referee wants a clean break, but Bolton backs the referee away; Bolton goes back and Hardy, but he turns the tables and Hardy lands a flurry of punches to the head and body. Bolton goes down to the ground and slides out of the ring. Bolton walks around the ring, holding his head and pointing at the referee, and yells at him when he did nothing when Hardy was punching him in the corner. Bolton gets on the apron and steps into the ring. They lock up and Hardy backs him into the corner. The referee asks for a clean break; Hardy backs off, but Bolton pokes him in the eye. Then Bolton grabs him and hits a DDT. Bolton goes for the cover, but gets two. Bolton picks him up and whips him into the ropes, but Hardy reverses; Bolton comes off the ropes and gets hit with a dropkick.

MACHO: Wow look at that dropkick from a 240 pound man.

LPM: Big deal.

MACHO: You really don’t like this guy?

LPM: He is an example of the evil that exists in the XCL; and Bolton needs to rid us of him.

Bolton gets up after the dropkick and Hardy whips him into the corner. Bolton bounces off the turnbuckles and Hardy hits the hurricarana. He grabs a leg for the pin attempt, but only gets two. They both get up and lock up; Bolton gets Hardy in a side headlock. They bounce off the ropes and Hardy tries to throw Bolton off, but he keeps a grip on the headlock, and now they are on the ground. Hardy rolls Bolton onto his shoulders; the referee counts two, but Bolton rolls back over. Hardy starts to slowly get up to his feet; he gets to his feet and hits a few elbows on Bolton. Hardy gets away and bounces off the ropes, but Bolton hits a hip toss. Hardy gets right back up and tries a clothesline, but Bolton ducks, gets around him and hits the German Suplex. Bolton goes to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Bolton is on the top; he jumps and goes for the Diving Headbutt, but Hardy moves out of the way.

MACHO: Nobody home for the diving headbutt. And now it’s anyone’s match LPM.

LPM: For this split second because Bolton knows exactly what he’s going to do next.

Hardy gets up first and grabs Bolton by the head. Hardy whips Bolton into the ropes; he tries a clothesline, but Bolton misses. Bolton comes off the ropes, but Hardy hits him with a Superkick. Hardy goes for a cover, but gets two. Hardy picks Bolton up and hits the jawbreaker and Bolton falls onto the middle rope. Hardy has him in position; Hardy bounces off the ropes and turns his legs through the middle rope and hits Bolton with the 619. Bolton falls back and lies on his back in the center of the ring. Hardy is on the apron; he launches himself off the top rope and hits a Frog Splash. Hardy hooks the leg and gets the three. The bell rings.

**I Don’t Wanna Stop plays**

ASHLEY: Here is your winner, Neon Hardy!

MACHO: What a win for Neon Hardy heading into Seek N Destroy. He hits his patented 619, and then hits the frog splash at the right spot and gets the three.

Hardy exits the ring and high fives the people in the crowd. He makes his way up the ramp and through the curtain, backstage.

LPM: Well it doesn’t matter who won tonight. The only thing that matters is who will survive at Seek N Destroy because that is when we’ll seek one man be carried out of this arena in a casket. And when Bolton wins, we’ll be rid of Neon Hardy forever!

MACHO: Well after seeing what has happened in the present time LPM, Hardy has gotten a little revenge on Bolton from his interference at Goldrush; and Bolton deserved what he got.

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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:37 pm

Macho King: What great action we have seen thus far, with plenty more still to come.

Latin Passion Master: Stop babbling Macho, Sarah Jayne is standing by and I would much rather hear her speak.

The camera feed cuts backstage where "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne is standing with Lojax and an unknown superstar.

Sarah Jayne: Thanks guys, hi everyone, Im "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne and Im here with a man that did extremely well in the GoldRush tournament Lojax.

Lojax: Hi Sarah.

Sarah Jayne: Lojax I must ask, who is this guy with you ?

Lojax: Well Sarah this...

The unknown superstar cuts off Lojax.

K_mo: Ill take this one Jax, Hi Sarah, Im K_mo. Lojax did alright at GoldRush, but the reason he didnt get the gold is because he was lacking one thing, his partner.

Sarah Jayne: I see and I assume thats you ?

Lojax: Thats R......

K_mo cuts off Lojax again.

K_mo: Thats right Sarah and now that im here there isnt nothing going to stop us from reaching the top.

Sarah Jayne: Thats great, Im assuming you have heard that the XCL Tag Team Titles will be up for grabs at Seek N Destroy.

Lojax: We...

K_mo cuts off Lojax yet again.

K_mo: We certainly have Sarah, Jax and I are not only going to be in the Tag Title Match, we are taking those babies home. Tell 'em Jax

Lojax: Even though my partner talks to much, he makes some pretty good points. We are a Team, we are going to be in the Tag Title match and we are bringing those belts home.

Sarah Jayne: Strong words from a strong man, thanks for your time guys, Back to you King.

The camera feed cuts back to ringside.

MK: Thanks Sarah.

LPM: She didnt mention me!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:38 pm

Macho King: Next up we have to young up and coming wrestlers looking to impress the higher ups of XCL. We are unfamiliar to both of these men so it is going to be interesting to see what both can do.

Latin Passion Master: Personally I have seen Kumaga in action before, and he is a force to be reckoned with, I don’t care what people are saying about Tyrant it is going to take a lot to get Kumaga down for the 3.

***Umagas theme plays***

Ashley: Introducing first weighing in at 201lbs standing at 5’11, KUMAGA!!!!

Kumaga walks to the ring quickly, shouting every now and then. Kumaga then rolls into the ring the crowd start boo him loudly. Kumaga then savagely poses the crowd continue to boo him.

Macho King: Well that is something like we haven’t seen before; he has such a vicious aura about him it will be interesting to see what he can do in the ring.

Latin Passion Master: Well like I have said he is an absolute monster in the ring, Parents shield your kid’s eyes I don’t think Kumaga destroying another human being is for children’s eyes.

***What a waster by Libertines plays***

Ashley: And the opponent from the UK weighing in at 165 lbs and standing at 6’0 TYRANT!!!!

Tyrant walks down to the ring getting very little reaction from the crowd, Tyrant climbs into the ring and poses on the top rope crowd starts to cheer more. But still not a very loud reaction.

Macho King: Tyrant in the ring now, it will be interesting to see how he will do in his XCL debut.

Tyrant gets in the face of Kumaga and starts to hit him with rights and lefts but to no effect, Kumaga just stands there and seems to get even madder every time Tyrant goes on the offense. Tyrant goes for another right hand but Kumaga blocks it them hits a right hand of his own knocking Tyrant down. Tyrant gets up again but Kumaga keeps knocking him down, Kumaga grabs Tyrant by the hair and smashes his face into the turnbuckle then hits a hard Irish Whip into the opposite corner. Then runs into where Tyrant is and hits a hard clothesline, Tyrant stumbles out of the corner then hits a Samoan Drop.

Latin Passion Master: That is what I am talking about did you see Tyrant hitting Kumaga as hard as he could and Kumaga just stood there. I bet Tyrant regrets agreeing to this match now.

Macho King: You could be right because Kumaga is running through Tyrant like he is nothing.

Kumaga hits a big leg drop on Tyrant then he grabs Tyrant by the throat and drags him up to a vertical base, Tyrant seemingly lifeless finding it hard to stand up. Kumaga then Irish Whips Tyrant into the ropes Tyrant bounces back, Kumaga then hooks the arm over and hits a big Samoan Slam. And then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Three!!!!

Macho King: Wow!! What an impressive debut by Kumaga I don’t think anyone on the roster will be to eager to go up against Kumaga after seeing what he just did to Tyrant.


Macho King: What tremendous action we have seen thus far, with plenty more still to come.

Latin Passion Master: Well its good to know we still have some time to improve.

MK: What are talking about LPM ???

LPM: And speaking of improvement, lets cut to a man that needs none, Steve Ace

MK: Arent you forgetting about Sarah Jayne ?

LPM: We are talking about Steve Ace here Macho, Sarah Jayne is hot, but when Steve Ace speaks, you listen.

MK: On that note lets go to The Glamazon along with Steve Ace.

The Camera feed cuts backstage to the locker room area, where Sarah Jayne is standing by with Steve Ace.

Sarah Jayne: Thanks King. Hi everyone, im "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne. Id like to welcome my guest at this time, Mr. Steve Ace.

Steve Ace: Thank you Sarah.

Sarah Jayne: Steve, alot of rumors have been circulating, concerning of how you obtained entry into the XCL. How do you respond to these allegations ?

Steve Ace: Well first of all your Sarah, when you address me, its Mr. Steve Ace. Second I think you need to dumb your question down so the sweathogs watching in their cheap arm chairs on their 31" televisions, in their tiny little box of an apartment can understand. So here, let me do it for you. There are people out there that think I used my extensive financial resources to obtain my position here in the XCL.

Sarah Jayne: Im not sure if thats any less simple.

Steve Ace: Silence lady! and pay attention, im about to give you and all those other idiots out there my answer. When I first learned of the XCL I must admit my investment interests were peaked, so I bought a share in the company. This however played no part in my being selected to join the XCL roster. I went through the same pathetic trial as all the rest of the XCL wrestlers. My wrestling skill is second to none and to those that doubt me, just try and set in the ring with me.

Sarah Jayne: You described the XCL Trial process as "pathetic", over 300 entries were declined.

Steve Ace: Exactly, the XCL trial process was pathetic, my daily routine dwarfs it. Im glad those 300+ didnt make it, the XCL has enough dead weight around here.

Sarah Jayne: The quality of the XCL Superstars is second to none, Mr. Khali made certain of that personally.

Steve Ace: Well maybe Khali should checked up on certain superstars alittle better.

Sarah Jayne: Who do mean ?

Steve Ace: Isnt it obvious ? Oh im sorry I forgot who I was talking to. The man im referring to is Flair.

Sarah Jayne: Flair ? he is one of the top XCL Superstars.

Steve Ace: In whose mind ? yours ? like that means anything. Get your head in the game, that sorry excuse for a wrestler thinks the only reason I picked up the win over him at GoldRush was because of some little cut he received in the first round. Let me tell you something Flair, not on your best day could keep up with Steve Ace.

Sarah Jayne: That little cut required eight stitches.

Steve Ace: So now your going to make excuses for him too ? Flair is not in my league, im techniqually superior, more intelligent and far too rich for him to hope to stand againist someone like me.

***A loud crash is heard***

The camera view expands to show more of the locker room area. Both Steve Ace and Sarah Jayne look over to see XCL Superstar Tyrant who has tripped on something causing him to fall into the lockers. Tyrant makes his way back up to his feet then heads over to Ace and The Glamazon.

Sarah Jayne: Tyrant that looked painful, are you alright ?

Steve Ace: Who cares about this moron, he is interupting my interview.

Tyrant: Sorry Mr. Ace, I meant no disrespect.

Steve Ace: You disrepected me the minute you got on the XCL roster, I wonder why you werent one of the 300+.

Tyrant: Sorry once again Mr. Ace, let me make it up to you.

Steve Ace: Just get out of my sight.

Tyrant: Yes sir Mr. Ace.

Tyrant starts to make his way back out of the locker room but he trips once again, this time landing onto Steve Ace.

Steve Ace: You just dont learn.

Ace uses his left arm to grab hold of Tyrant then starts nailing him with several hard right hands to the head and body. The Glamazon is pleeding with Ace to stop the beating. Steve releases his grip and Tyrant falls to the floor, Ace then stomps him twice. Ace then backs away allowing Tyrant to get back to his feet, although Tyrant is looking dazed. Ace creeps up behind him and locks in the Millon £ Dream. Tyrant looses consciousness at a rapid rate, before passing out on the locker room floor.

Sarah Jayne: Steve what was the meaning of this ?

Steve Ace: I told you before Sarah, when you address me, its as Mr. Steve Ace.

Sarah Jayne looks quite frightened. Steve Ace pauses a moment, then leaves.

Sarah Jayne: Back to you King.

The Camera feed cuts back to ringside.

Macho King : What the hell is wrong with Steve Ace ???

Latin Passion Master: What are you talking about King, you saw what Tyrant did.

MK: Steve Ace is one morally bankrupt individual
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
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Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:38 pm

Ashley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the highway, weighing in at 275 pounds, Jason Outlaw!

*Highway to hell plays*

Jason Outlaw walks out in a biker outfit, and struts down to the ring ignoring the fans hands, avoiding high fives. He goes over the top rope, and waits for his partner and opponents.

LPM: With Jason Outlaw, and Dash Blade on this team, there's no way they can lose. But I don't know how well Outlaw works as a team. We'll have to see if these two can work together to win this match.

Macho: And if they can't then it will cost them the match.

LPM: But I'm sure with his power, no one can stop him.

Macho: We'll have to see his opponents to judge that.

Ashley: And introducing his tag-team partner, from Bronx New York, weighing in at 200 pounds, Daash Blade!

*The Way I am plays*

Dash Blade walks out and poses for the camera, and makes his way down to the ring. He is wearing a Metz Jersey, and is avoiding the fans high fives as well.

Macho: I don't know about this Dash Blade guy. He basically just beats up his opponents, but I guess I can't say it makes him lose. It's effective and it shows.

LPM: With a team like this, I'd hate to be their opponents. Dash just pounds you, while Outlaw crushes you. This will be fun.

Ashley: And introducing their opponents, coming to the ring first, from Ukraine, weighing in at 300 pounds, Doctor Dismember!


*Light it Up plays*

Doctor Dismember struts down to the ring, as the fans cheer. Outlaw turns his head in disbelief. As Dismember gets in the ring, his opponents roll out, and Dismember waits, and poses for the crowd.

LPM: This is inhumane! They can't put that freak up against these two! It's...it's uncivil.

Macho: Didn't you just say it was awesome how Outlaw crushed his opponents? This is the same, just he fights clean, and the fans love him. This match just got a whole lot more interesting.

Ashley: And introducing his tag-team partner from Las Vegas, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is Creachbaum!

*Ride of Your life plays*

Creachbaum slowly walks out to the ring, and looks around scanning the crowd. Getting a slightly mixed reaction, as a new comer to XCL, Baum walks down to the ring. Some fans recognzie him, as he rolls under the bottom ropes, into the ring.

Macho: Now this will be a good match. A classic tag-team match, with some very, very mixed sides. Personally, I hope that Baum and Dr. D take this one.

LPM: No way. These guys were screwed the minute they signed on the dotted line. Their careers end tonight. Good luck, idiots.

Macho: I've seen Dismember wrestle before, and as a former bodyguard, he doesn't take crap. This could be very interesting.

Bell rings.

Doctor Dismember and Dash Blade start the match, with Dismember circling Dash. Dash spins around for a clothesline, which is stopped in mid-air by Dismember, as he catches his arm. Dismember throws his arm back, and swings a left punch knocking Blade down to the ground. Dash jumps up, and rolls out of the way of another fist. Dash hurries and jumps to make the quick tag to Outlaw. Outlaw casually climbs into the ring, and tears off his biker jacket. Dismember laughs, and steps back mocking Outlaw. Outlaw charges for a clothesline, which is ducked by Dismember. Dismember spins around, and locks Outlaw in a headlock. Outlaw elbows Dismember in the stomach, and reverses it into a possible sidewalk slam. Dismember powers out, and turns to face Outlaw.

LPM: Smart move by Dash tagging out so early. That will get the momentum on his side. Outlaw can easily outpower Dismember, and as soon as Creachbaum gets the tag this one is over.

Macho: It looks like Dismember is powering over Outlaw so far Passion. We'll just have to see.

Ouitlaw attemps for an Irish whip, but Dismember reverses it and throws Outlaw towards his corner. Dismember runs and hits a flying body press, and tags in Baum. Baum dives in and goes for a Superplex, which Outlaw reverses and shoves Baum to the ground. Baum quickly jumps up, and tries again, but Outlaw pucnhes him in the face. Outlaw picks up Baums legs, and throws him backwards, sending him crashing to the mat. As Outlaw goes for a stomp, Baum rolls out of the way, and tags back in Dismember.

LPM: See! I told you! Baum is afraid of Dismember and this one is going to be over anytime now.

Outlaw and Dismember trade lefts and rights and end up towards Outlaws corner. Dash interferes, and guillotines DIsmember on the ropes, causing him to fall backwards. Outlaw goes up on the top rope, but Dash makes the blind tag, and runs in to the ring to go for the cover.

Referee: One, two thr- kickout.

Outlaw gets angry, and yells at Dash. Dash gets in Outlaws face, and yells back. Outlaw shoves Dash backwards, sending him straight into Dismember. Dismember grabs him, and hits a powerslam, then turns to look at Outlaw. Dismember walks over and tags in Baum. Baum runs into the ring, and waits for Dash to get up. As Dash gets up, Baum winds up for a superkick, and hits it perfectly. Dash falls into his turnbuckle, and Outlaw tags himself in. Outlaw runs in, and spears Baum to the ground. He picks him up, and lifts him up for a chokeslam, but Dash tags himself in again. Outlawdrops Baum, and turns to look over at Dash. Dash runs and hits a spear on Baum, knocking him down. Dash tries to go for the cover, but Outlaw pulls him off. Dash yells at Outlaw, and Outlaw shoves dash to the ground.

LPM: What are they doing? They know they can't win a handicap match after this. Maybe it's part of a secret strategy. They know what they're doing.

Macho: I don't know. This looks like it may be a rather easy victory for Baum and Dismember.

Baum takes this time to jump up, and clothesline Outlaw out of the ring. Dismember runs in, and hits a flying shoulder block on Dash. Baum goes up on the top rope, and hits an elbow drop on Dash. Outlaw tries to come back in the ring, but Dismember knocks him off with a huge left hand. Baum and Dismember begin to stomp the fallen Dash. Outlaw grabs a chair and rolls in the ring. He swings to hit Baum, but Baum ducks it, an Outlaw accidentally hits Dash!

LPM: No!

Dismember grabs the stunned Outlaw and whips him out of the ring, as Baum goes for the cover on Dash.

Referee: One, two, three!

Ashley: Here are your winners, Creachbaum and Dr. Dismember!

Macho King: When you play with fire, you get burned. They got what was coming to them by bringing in that chair.
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Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:53 pm

***The Prisoner by Fozzy plays***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from New York City, weighing in at 120 pounds, accompanied by Ella Perez, Jerichoholic.

Jerichoholic has a smug look on his face smiling and laughing as he walks down to the ring. He gives some fans high fives as Ella follows him down and they both enter the ring.

***Number One by Skye Sweetnam plays***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Tijuana, Mexico, Weighing in at 240 pounds, being accompanied by Leon Blue, El Paria.

El Paria runs down the ramp interacting with all the fans and smiling as he slides into the ring. Leon Blue follows him down and stands on the outside of the ring.

El Paria comes face to face with Jerichoholic. Jerichoholic puts out his hand and El Paria grabs it and the shake hands then back away from each other. Ella gets out of the ring to watch the match.

***The bell rings to start the match***

Macho King: These two are fine wrestlers and that was a real show of respect between the two of them.

Latin Passion Master: It also shows how stupid they are. Either one of them could have went for a cheap shot to start the match.

El Paria and JH start circling around the ring avoiding each other. El Paria tries to pull a fast one on JH by running straight towards him, but JH hooks his arm to pull a quick arm drag and El Paria quickly gets back up to try again. JH does the same by hooking the arm and hitting the arm drag. El Paria gets up and stares down JH.

Macho King: Looks like JH was ready for him and was not going to let El Paria get any early advantage.

Latin Passion Master: That’s true El Paria is quick, one mistake and you can lose.

JH runs full speed at El Paria and hits him with a clothesline that does not knock El Paria down. JH stands in front of El Paria and kicks him in the mid-section. JH then quickly grabs El Paria and puts him in a headlock. JH secures it in tight and El Paria quickly falls to his knees. El Paria gets to one knee trying to break free and putting his other foot on the floor. JH immediately breaks the hold and runs against the ropes and comes running towards El Paria and hits a Shining Wizard. JH looks out to the crowd with a smile on his face proud of what he did. Ella starts clapping for JH and cheering for him. JH looks down at her and he raises his arm like a champion. El Paria quickly gets up and takes JH and throws him out of the ring landing at the feet of Ella.

Macho King: JH got overconfident, he was celebrating before he won. That is a mistake that should not be made.

Latin Passion Master: Finally one of them was able to take advantage of their opponent.

El Paria runs towards the ropes on the opposite side of the ring where JH is. He bounces off running towards the ropes where Ella and JH is. El Paria hops on the top rope and goes to hit a Spring Board plancha. He hits it and from the impact him and JH are completely knocked out on the floor. The ref looks down at both of them and Ella is trying to get JH to get up. The ref starts to count them out. 1… 2… 3… 4… Leon Blue cannot stand to see the match end in a double count out so he jumps up onto the ring and starts complaining. The ref forgets about counting them out and starts arguing with Leon telling him to get off the ring

Macho King: Looks like this match will continue thanks to Leon Blue.

Latin Passion Master: Macho you’re the one who get mad about cheating aren’t you? Well what is Leon doing?

Ella hops on to the ring and makes sure the ref is not looking. She climbs the turnbuckle and hits a Split-legged guillotine leg drop on El Paria landing directly against his throat with such force that he is in obvious pain on the outside. Ella goes back to tending to JH as he gets on one knee then to a standing position. JH sees that El Paria is completely out as Al Paria has stopped moving around in pain and is just lying down motionless. JH picks him up and slides him in the ring. Leon Blue is screaming madly about what Ella did but gets down off the ropes finally listening to the ref. As the ref turns around he sees them both in the ring and did not notice what happened when his back was turned.

Macho King: Now Ella cheated. And worst part is I do not think JH saw it or knows.

Latin Passion Master: She took advantage and who cares if he knows are not? He is going to win.

JH looks at El Paria on the floor and he is not sure how El Paria is knocked out. JH grabs El Paria’s legs and turns him over to put him in The Liontamer. El Paria looks totally out of it and taps right away. El Paria collapses on the floor while the ref calls for the bell. El Paria is holding his throat while JH celebrates the win. Ella comes in and gives him a hug. JH hugs her as Leon Blue slides into the ring to check on El Paria.

Ashley: Here is your winner JERICHOHOLIC!

JH still confused cracks a proud smile and celebrates with Ella, then walks out of the ring to the back.

Macho King: I am not sure JH knows how he won or if he would even condone it.

Latin Passion Master: He is just happy he won and he should be.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:53 pm

Macho King: What a sad sight it is seeing El Paria sitting in the ring after getting screwed out of a victory by that little vixen Ella.

Latin Passion Master: Screwed ?, what are you talking about King, El Paria was lucky to be able to get so close to Ella.

MK: Your mind really is one track isnt it LPM ?

LPM: So your trying to tell me you wouldnt want to get close to her ?

MK: Lets just get back to whats important, Jerichoholic had no idea what Ella did.

LPM: Thats my kind of girl.

MK: Is there any girl that isnt your "kind" ?

LPM: You have no idea King.

MK: Im getting a report that Jason Outlaw has been spotted with Ella backstage. We are going to attempt to show you footage of whats transpiring.

The camera feed cuts backstage but audio is not possible. Footage of Ella talking to Jason Outlaw, this lasts about 30 seconds before the pair head off towards the arena exit. The Camera follows, still however with no audio. Further footage of both Ella and Jason Outlaw shows them in the cark park, chatting again briefly before the pair mount Outlaws motorcycle and proceed to take off. The camera then cuts back to ringside.

LPM: Dammit, what the hell is wrong with that camera man ? Why could we hear what they were saying ?

MK: I dont know LPM, I saw as much as you and everyone else in the arena. I wonder why she left with Outlaw and not with Jerichoholic ?

LPM: Looks like trouble in paradise to me King.

MK: Im just getting word that Jerichoholic has been spotted near the exit. Lets hope we can get some sound this time.

The camera feed cuts backstage once again, this time with audio. Jerichoholic is outside looking for Ella, he seems unaware she is no longer at the arena. Jerichoholic then bumps into The Great Khali.

Khali: Watch where your going there kid.

Jerichoholic: Oh sorry Mr Khali, Im just looking for Ella at the moment, you wouldnt have seen her by chance ?

Khali: Oh, im sorry I thought you knew.

Jerichoholic: Knew what ?

Khali: Just a few moments ago footage was shown of Ella leaving with Jason Outlaw on his bike.

Jerichoholic: WHAT ?, this must be some kind of mistake.

Khali: Im afraid not, dont get down kid, there is worse things in life than a girl running off on you.

Jerichoholic: This cant be true, im sorry Mr Khali but I have to keep searching.

Khali: Lots of luck kid.

Jerichoholic continues on his search for Ella, Khali watches him for a few moments before making his way in the opposite direction. The camera feed cuts back to ringside.

LPM: Talk about denial, Jerichoholic needs his head checked.

MK: Dont be cruel LPM, its hard to lose someone. I dont think Ella would abandon her man so soon, we will have to see how this pans out.

LPM: Like you know about losing anything besides your manhood.

MK: That doesnt even make sense!
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:54 pm

*Bat country plays*

Ashley: The following contest is schedule for one fall, Introducing first from Tombstone, Arizona, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 300 pounds he is Joe Morgan!

Joe morgan walks to the ring getting a small pop from the crowds who aren’t too sure on how to react towards him yet. He raises his arms above his head after he gets in the ring trying to build a little fan support before his opponent comes out to the ring.

*The darker side plays*

Ashley: And his opponent, From the fiery depths of hell, Standing at 7 feet tall and weighing in at 300 pounds, he is Edgecutioner!

The dark man Edgecutioner walks out slowly and creepily to his theme music and walks very slowly down the ramp with the fans booing him slightly. He gets to the ring and gets in like a slow zombie. He gets in the ring and stands across the ring from Joe morgan with a scary presence about him.

Macho: welcome back to the first ever XCL adrenaline show! Here we have a match between two equally heavy guys but one man Edgecutioner has a huge height advantage over his opponent Joe morgan. Is it me or is Edgecutioner extremely scary?

LPM: I will agree with you here macho because Edgecutioner scares the hell out of me I will certainly admit that. He is 7 feet tall and I can’t see Joe morgan having a chance.

*Bell Rings*

Edgecutioner and Joe morgan square up and Morgan puts his hands up like a boxer and tries to throw a right jab at Edgecutioner but Edgecutioner moves his head like a robot out of the way of it and club him to the back with a huge right hand. Morgan falls to his knees. Edgecutioner grabs morgan by the head and slams him hard in to the turnbuckle. Edgecutioner starts to repeatedly launches elbow attacks on Morgan whilst he is still in the corner. Morgan falls down eventually to the bottom of the turnbuckle. Edgecutioner slides his big boot in to the face of morgan and puts pressure on his face forcing him to yell in pain.

The referee counts up to Four before grabbing the big man and getting and evil stare for his troubles from Edgecutioner. Edgecutioner walks towards the Referee trying to intimidate him and scare the poor guy off. Joe morgan quickly pulls himself out of the corner and runs at Edgecutioner, he forearms Edgecutioner in the back hoping to do some damage to him. Edgecutioner just turns around like nothing has happened and big boots morgan in the face hard. He tries to cover him.

Referee: ONE…TWO…

Morgan gets his shoulder up on an easy two count. Edgecutioner gives morgan no time to rest as he grabs him by the head and yanks him to his feet with brute force. Morgan Brakes the grip of Edgecutioner out of nowhere and forearms him to the chest knocking him backwards a few strides, morgan then jumps up a bit and hits the one hit wonder on Edgecutioner knocking him backwards and getting Edgecutioners arms stuck between the ropes.

Macho: I was going to say how Edgecutioner is dominating the match but it seems like Joe morgan is on the comeback and is getting some good offence in on him.

LPM: WOW im surprised that this match isn’t over already considering that Edgecutioner is a 7 foot giant with almighty power over most people in the XCL.

Joe morgan sees that Edgecutioner is stuck between the ropes and he looks side to side at the fans at ringside who cheer for him to kick Edgecutioners ass. He then signals a threatening sign at Edgecutioner who is still struggling to break free from the ropes. Morgan then sprints to the ropes and rebounds running at Edgecutioner, He tries to execute a running knee strike but Edgecutioner quickly escapes the hold the ropes had on him and catches Morgan in mid-air and slams him down to the mat with a ground shaking spine buster. Edgecutioner just wipes his chin to check for blood but then walks towards Morgan’s body and stamp him in the chest viciously.

Edgecutioner pulls Morgan up by his arm; He then proceeds to Irish whip Morgan to the ropes, Morgan flies back off the ropes, Edgecutioner tries to clothesline Morgan but he ducks underneath his arm and replies by Scissor kick Edgecutioner right between the eyes knocking him backwards a few steps. Morgan then kicks Edgecutioner to the gut and then drops him with an awkward DDT taking the big man down to the mat. He covers Edgecutioner.

Referee: ONE…TWO…TH

Edgecutioner pushes Morgan high into the air breaking up the count on a two count. Morgan lands clean of his face hurting him in the process. Edgecutioner rises to his feet before Morgan can do anything and strides towards him.

Macho: its starting to look inevitable now isn’t it? The sheer size and power of Edgecutioner is too much to handle for Joe Morgan, on the up side though WOW he managed to take the big man down.

LPM: I too am sensing that the end is near for Joe Morgan; nobody can take on a beast like Edgecutioner and expect to pick up the victory.

Edgecutioner Boots Morgan in the head knocking him straight back down to the mat. Morgan lays on the mat holding his head in agony. Edgecutioner then pulls Morgan up with no mercy in his eyes, he then sets him up between his legs, He pulls him upwards in the air and drops Joe Morgan back down to the mat with a thunderous powerbomb exhausting Morgan out completely. He tries a cocky cover on Morgan by resting his foot on the chest of Joe Morgan.

Referee: ONE…TWO…THR

It looks like he is about to get the clear three count but right at the last second Edgecutioner pulls his foot off of his chest and smiles with a sickening look about him. He grabs Morgan by the throat with both hands while Morgan is still lying on his back on the ring floor. Edgecutioner then pulls him up by the throat with both of his hands intensively clearly causing Morgan a considerate amount of discomfort. Edgecutioner starts to strangle Morgan with both hands, the referee slaps on the arms of Edgecutioner trying to break the chokehold but Edgecutioner completely ignores the referee attempts. After a few moments Edgecutioner takes one hand off of the throat of Morgan, This changes the look on Morgan’s face making him seem a little more content than beforehand.

Edgecutioner then moves the arm out of the way of Morgan and lifts him high in the air by the throat and then drops him with all his power to the mat with an earth-shaking chokeslam. He puts his boot on the chest of Morgan and goes for the cover.


*The darker side plays*

Ashley: Here is your winner of the contest EDGECUTIONER!

Macho: my god Edgecutioner just demolished Morgan like he was a dead piece of meet, I sure hope the XCL locker room are watching this closely because Edgecutioner is a force to be reckoned with definitely. Wait a second …what the hell is he doing now?!?!

Edgecutioner shows no happiness in the victory that he has just picked up, He turns his attention back towards Morgan who is still hurting on the ring floor from the assault Edgecutioner has just handed to him. Edgecutioner strides up towards Morgan and stamps on his head for no apparent reason which causes blood to spill from the nose of Joe Morgan. Edgecutioner then walks towards the ropes and climbs through them to the outside of the ring, he looks under the ring and searches for a while until his head pokes back up from underneath the ring, He clearly shows a rope of some sort. Edgecutioner looks at the rope viciously and climbs back in to the ring with it.

Edgecutioner then goes up towards Joe Morgan and then sits him upright, then proceeds to tie the rope around the neck of poor Morgan. He ties a huge knot in the rope and is clearly choking Morgan around the neck with the rough-looking rope. Edgecutioner cruelly pulls Joe Morgan by the throat up by the rope that is in his hands. He then drags Morgan towards the ropes and flings him over the top ropes with the rope still tied around his neck. Edgecutioner then holds him up from the floor by his neck hanging from the evil rope.

Macho: Oh my god! He is hanging poor Joe Morgan this is evil, sinister and god knows what else, somebody get down here quickly and break this thing up or Morgan is going to get choked out!

LPM: I normally like this kind of thing but this is just too evil even for a man like me Macho and that doesn’t happen very often you know that yourself.

Edgecutioner then holds on to the rope until he realises that Joe Morgan has actually passed out and is going purple in the face. Edgecutioner drops the rope and Joe Morgan drops to the floor completely unconscious with no movement whatsoever coming from his body. Edgecutioner climbs out of the ring and makes his way up to the ramp to no music at all and with no emotion showing on his face passing all the EMT’s and doctors who are running down to the ring to help Morgan as he makes him way up the ramp. Edgecutioner takes one more look at Joe Morgan before leaving the arena.

Macho: I cannot believe what we have just witnessed! We just nearly witnessed Edgecutioner kill Joe Morgan right before our very eyes. Edgecutioner is a sick human being and I hope that we don’t see anything like this ever again.

LPM: You’re right it is very sickening to watch and I hope that this isn’t the end of Joe Morgan to be honest. Edgecutioner seems unstoppable ad Im not sure anybody out there can take him down.

Macho: Ok right I guess this is my cue to tell you all to stay tuned at home for more XCL action here at XCL Adrenaline’s first ever showing. Stay tuned because we promise more high-impact action.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:55 pm

Macho King: What the hell has happened the XCL is supposed to be a family show.

Latin Passion Master: This a family show, if your an Adams.

MK: What a hellacious match up.

LPM: Lucky for us we get to hear from an Angel, here's The Glamazon.

The camera feed cuts backstage where "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne is standing by.

Sarah Jayne: Thanks LPM, Hello again everyone, Im "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne. Id like you all to meet a superstar that I have instantly taken a liking too, The Sound.

The Sound: Hi Sarah, thanks for the warm welcome.

Sarah Jayne: My pleasure, so Sound I understand your somewhat of a guitar player.

***The Sound shreds his guitar and rips out the solo from Metallica - Eye of the Beholder***

The Sound: More like THE guitar player sweetheart. If your lucky I might play you a few private cords later tonight.

Sarah Jayne blushes.

Sarah Jayne: That would be great, although I must ask, how does being a legend on the guitar help you in the XCL ?

The Sound: Well you see Sarah, being a Rockstar and an XCL Superstar have alot in common. They both require you to excite the crowd, perform under pressure and wear tight pants.

Sarah Jayne: I see so when do you plan on making your in ring debut, I as im sure alot of other people are anxious to see what you can do.

The Sound: Well I only signed my contract this morning, but after speaking with Khali, its possible I could be in action as early as next week.

Sarah Jayne: Thats great news, ill be sure to keep my eyes on the action. Thanks for your time Sound and goodluck with your future in the XCL. Back to you King.

The camera feed cuts back to ringside.

LPM: She didnt mention me again!

MK: Get over it!

Macho King: This is our featured contest the Main event, and a match that Flair wants so bad. After getting screwed out of the Goldrush tournament by Ripper Radford. Flair has been furious and wanting to get his hands on Radford. But along with Radford comes Johnny Law. That’s why Flair tonight has Chris Shocker on his side; this promises to be a hard hitting battle.

Latin Passion Master: Yes this will be a hard hitting battle, Johnny Law is going to hit Flair hard and then Radford is going to hit Flair even harder. Seriously why is Flair even whining about that he was never going to win the tournament anyway.

Macho King: Well we won’t know now because he was screwed out of the tournament, but he has a chance to get some revenge tonight.

***More human than Human plays***

Ashley: Introducing first the team of Johnny Law and Ripper Radford, LAW AND ORDER!!!!

Ripper Radford and Johnny Law walk side by side to the ring, as the fans greet them with a very negative response, Radford and Law take no notice of the fans and climb into the ring then pose as the fans boo both of them.

Latin Passion Master: Law and order are certainly a fearsome tag team, and they are definitely ready to unleash unlimited amounts of pain on Flair.

***30 Seconds to Mars- Attack plays***

Ashley: And the opponents first from Kent, UK. Standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 242 lbs CHRIS SHOCKER!!!!

Chris Shocker walks down to the ring getting a great reception from the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks down to the ring. The crowd start frantically chanting for Chris Shocker, Shocker stops at the ring apron as Law and Order stand very close to the ropes looking to get an attack early on.

Latin Passion Master: Do you see that? Chris Shocker being a coward why doesn’t he get into the ring after all that’s where the wrestling happens he needs to get in there and be a man.

Macho King: That is not being a coward, it would be suicide getting into the ring now with these 2 merciful monsters in there. He is just being smart.

***Old time Rock ‘n’ roll by Bob Segar plays***

Ashley: And the partner, weighing in at 200lbs and standing at 5’8 from Montreal, Quebec Canada FLAIR!!!

Flair walks out to the ring the crowd erupts with many cheers and chants for Flair, Flair’s eyes are fixed on Law and Order with a concentrated look on his face. Law and Order back away from the ropes into the centre of the ring, Flair turns to Shocker shakes his hand then both men slide into the ring. Opening up with left and rights on Law and Order, Shocker Irish Whips Johnny Law at the same Flair Irish Whips Radford both Law and Order bounce off of the ropes and Flair and Shocker both hit a drop kick. Both Law and Order roll out of the ring to regroup as the crowd cheer loudly for Shocker and Flair.

Macho King: WOW!! What an electric start by Flair and Shocker great team work there, to much for Law and Order to handle as they are the ones to back away. Who’s the coward now LPM?.

Latin Passion Master: That’s nothing Shocker and Flair just took Law and Order by surprise, if you think that Law and Order aren’t going to destroy Shocker and Flair then you are a bigger idiot than I thought.

The referee restores order, Flair is the one going to start in with Johnny Law. Flair puts his arms up looking for a Greco Roman knuckle lock, Johnny Law complies. Johnny Law easily wins the test of strength getting Flair down to his knees Flair is able to get one hand free then hits a Fireman carry and swings his legs around hitting a scissor lock. Johnny Law hits the canvas with the back of his hand, and tries to maneveur his legs around to the ropes and succeeds the referee forces Flair to break the hold. Both men get to there feet, Johnny Law goes for a big right hand but Flair hits a drop toe hold and also locking in the leg of Johnny Law, Flair is able to reach out and gets the tag to Chris Shocker. Chris Shocker gets into the ring and kicks Johnny Law in the head. Flair goes to the ring apron, Shocker picks up Johnny Law and hits several knife edge chops Shocker hooks Law’s arm over his shoulder and is just able to hit an atomic drop, Shocker then makes his way to the second rope Law turns around and Shocker brings the elbow crashing down connecting with Laws head. Shocker then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Macho King: A near fall from Chris Shocker and a great start by the team of Flair and Shocker and great teamwork shown by both of these men.

Latin Passion Master: You just watch Law and Order are just biding there time they could strike at any moment and when they do it isn’t going to be pretty.

Shocker picks up Jonny Law and hits a combination of forearm smashes and European uppercuts, Chris Shocker bounces to the ropes but Ripper Radford clubs the head of Shocker, whom stumbles from the ropes then hits Radford with a big right hand Shocker turns round, Johnny Law then hits a big boot on Shocker Law wastes little time as he picks up Shocker and then throws him into the corner Jonny Law then runs to the corner hitting a huge reverse elbow to Shocker’s face. Shocker stumbles out of the corner Law bounces to the ropes and hits a huge Lariat. Law goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Law makes the tag to Radford, Radford punches Shocker knocking him down and seemingly out Radford then picks up Shocker and bounces him to the ropes. Shocker bounces back Radford picks him up then hits a sidewalk slam. Radford gets up and poses to the fans that boo him even louder then taunts Flair, who tries to get into the ring but is stopped by the referee, whilst this is happening Radford starts to choke Shocker Radford releases the hold when the referee turns around. Radford then makes another tag to Johnny Law.

Latin Passion Master: I told you Law and Order would strike, and I love it. That teaches Shocker to get involved in something that in no way includes him I hope they tear him limb from limb.

Macho King: Shocker was only evening the odds he was doing the right thing.

Latin Passion Master: And look at what doing the right thing gets you, an ass whooping.

Johnny Law is in, Shocker is on his knees Law then kicks Shocker in the face. Law picks up Shocker and Irish Whips him and puts his head down for the back body drop but Shocker hits the sunset flip and is able to roll Johnny Law up.

Referee: One...Two... kick out!!!!

Both men are up to there feet Shocker runs at Johnny Law, Law goes for a clothesline but Shocker ducks underneath and bounces to the ropes both men are thinking the same idea and nail each other with the clothesline both men are knocked down. The crowd start chanting for Shocker, and Flair starts shouting some words of encouragement. Both men trying to crawl to there respective corners, Johnny Law makes the tag to Radford. Then Shocker leaps to make the tag to Flair. The crowd erupts as Flair enters the ring, Flair hits Radford with a right hand then hits him with another one Flair goes for the Irish Whip which is reversed by Radford, Radford goes for a clothesline Flair ducks out of the way and then clotheslines Johnny Law off the apron Flair turns around and gets knocked down by Radford. Radford picks up Flair and kicks him in the mid section then goes to hit a power bomb but Shocker hits a chop block Shocker and Flair hit a double DDT. The crowd cheering even louder at this point, Radford gets to his knees, Shocker runs at Radford and then hits a shining wizard, Johnny Law is on the ring apron but Shocker hits a drop kick knocking him to the floor. Flair climbs to the top rope and hits a 5 star Frog splash.

Referee: One...Two...Three!!!!

Macho King: Great victory for Flair and Shocker, Flair set out to take revenge on the man that ruined his chances of being champion and he succeeded with the 5 star Frog Splash getting the 3 count on Radford, you better believe that Flair now has gold set in his sights.

Latin Passion Master: All I think Flair succeeded in tonight is making 2 angry giants even more angrier, I really do feel sorry for the tag team division there is going to be hell to pay.

Shocker and Flair celebrate in the ring as the screen fades to black.
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Adrenaline 5/16/08 Results
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