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 Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results

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Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 1:58 pm

Macho King: Goodevening everyone, I the Macho King along with my colleage the Latin Passion Master would like to welcome you to the second edition of XCL Adrenaline.

Latin Passion Master: I cant believe your still here King.

MK: What do you mean ?

LPM: Im just surprized you didnt get fired for your tacky commentary on last weeks show.

MK: "Tacky Commentary" What are you talking about LPM ?

LPM: Nevermind, lets move on to tonights matches before I hurt your feelings, I didnt bring tissues this week.

MK: Sometimes I wonder where you come up with this stuff. Anyways tonight we some great action ahead, To kick things off tonight two new superstars will be making their debut.

LPM: Thats right King, one of which is the much hyped Jose. Im eager to see what this guy can do.

MK: The Sound also makes his in ring debut in the same match, any thoughts on how this will turn out ?

LPM: I think its simple to see which way this one's going to go King. We all saw The Sound cut a promo on last weeks Adrenaline, the guy cant wrestle he thinks he is a Rock Star.

MK: A Rock Star that can wrestle.

LPM: I doubt that, besides have you seen Jose's bodyguard Boom ? With him at ringside, The Sound doesnt have a chance.

MK: Well I guess we will have to see how it turns out, but I think you will be surprized when you see The Sound in action. Also tonight The Lightning Express face off againist Neon Hardy & Chris Shocker, with the winners advancing to the Tag Team Title match at Seek N Destroy .

LPM: This match holds little interest to me King, Neon & Shocker arent my favorite guys on the XCL roster and I thought the Lightning Express just seem like two little guys trying to act alot bigger than they are.

MK: How can you say that LPM ? Lojax did extremely well in the GoldRush tournament and K_mo looks like a legit tough guy.

LPM: A "legit tought guy", come on King, you think Tyrant is a "legit tough guy" you really need to reevaluate your definition of tough.

MK: Ill reevaluate my definition of tough, the day I see you wearing a pair of pants that isnt 2 sizes too small for you.

LPM: I cant help that I have a figure worth showing off. Anyways enough about me, cause everybody already knows how great I am.

MK: Yeh, Im sure. Moving onto tonights Main Event, a ten man Battle Royal with the winner advancing to the number one contenders match at Seek N Destroy.

LPM: Now this is what im personally looking forward too on tonights show.

MK: Same here LPM, with ten top XCL Superstars being involved you just know its going to be great.

LPM: I wouldnt say ten top Superstars are in this, cause look at some of the "talent" we have Flair, Tyrant & Jerichoholic kinda drag most of the others down.

MK: Id like to see you say that to their faces.

LPM: Why do you could watch grown men cry ?

MK: No, its just I doubt you have the brass. Anyways who is your pick to win ?

LPM: There are a few I think could go all the way.

MK: And they would be ?

LPM: Well I think Bolton, WWEfan, Dash Blade & Legend Killer will all go far, but I cant see anyone winning this match more than the monstrous Kumaga.

MK: I honestly cant believe you havent given Flair or Jerichohlic a chance of winning. Personally either of those guys would be my choice.

LPM: Your forgetting something though King, noone cares what you think.

MK: Folks, I apologize for my partner's lack of respect.

LPM: Why are you apologizing to those idiots, half of them probably agree with me.

MK: I doubt that, we will return after these messages.


MACHO: Letís get to the action.

**Last Resort plays**

The bell rings.

ASHLEY: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring; being accompanied by Boom; from Puerto Rico; weighing 215 pounds, Jose!

MACHO: This first match will feature two of the three men in an up coming triple threat match that will take place at Seek N Destroy.

LPM: I would love to roll with this guy. Jose and me have something in common, weíre both good with the ladies.

MACHO: And there is Jose with the always devious Boom.

**Master of Puppets plays**

ASHLEY: His opponent; from England; weighing 245 pounds, The Sound!

MACHO: And here comes the rockstar of XCL, and he looks to get a big confidence booster by getting the win tonight.

LPM: Well heís gonna have a tough time against the man from Puerto Rico; Jose doesnít go down that easy.

The bell rings. Boom is standing on the apron trash talking to Sound. Sound walks over to Boom, and then Jose hits him from behind. Jose throws Sound into the corner and starts landing some hard chops. Jose grabs at his face and rakes the eyes, and then whips him into the opposite corner. Soundís chest slams into the turnbuckles; Jose starts running and chop blocks Sound on his right knee. Sound goes down and Jose stomps on him until he rolls out of the ring. The referee backs Jose away and starts the ten count. Sound gets to his feet and rolls back into the ring at eight. Jose picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Jose tries the clothesline, but Sound ducks, comes off the ropes and hits a running DDT. Sound makes the cover, but gets two.

MACHO: Oh my! The Sound almost stole a quick one right there.

LPM: Sit back down Macho, youíre getting too excited; itís only the start of the match.

Sound starts to pick Jose up, but Jose punches him in the right knee. Sound drops down to his knees; Jose gets up, bounces off the ropes and hits Sound with a big boot to the face. Jose climbs up to the top rope, he wants to try the 450 Splash. Sound rolls out of the ring before he could try it. Jose turns to face Sound outside the ring, and then he dives and lands on Sound.

MACHO: Look out below!

LPM: Oh would you look at that beast. Heís an animal Macho!

Jose gets up and grabs Sound by the head, and then slams his face into the announce table. Then Jose takes him to the apron and slams his face into it. Jose rolls back into the ring, and then he distracts the referee so Boom can get a few hits in, and then Boom rolls Sound back into the ring. Jose goes for a cover, but gets two. Jose looks at the referee and yells at him about the count. Then Jose grabs Sound and throws him into the corner. Jose lands a few hard punches, and then he sits Sound on the top rope. Jose climbs up to the middle rope. Jose has Sound set for a superplex, but Sound punches him in the ribs a few times, and Jose falls to the mat. Sound is perched on the top rope, he jumps and hits an Elbow Drop. Sound goes for the cover, but Jose barely kicks out.

Both men slowly get back up to their feet, and then they lock up; Sound gets Jose against the ropes, and then he whips him. Jose comes off the ropes and Sound hits a back body drop. Jose gets right back up, and then goes back down from a hard clothesline. Sound goes for a cover, but gets two. Sound quickly goes to Joseís legs and tries to apply the Sharpshooter, but Jose wiggles his way over to the bottom rope and grabs it. Sound releases his legs and backs away. Jose gets up; Sound starts running at him, but Jose back body drops him over the top rope and onto the floor. Jose stands by the ropes as Sound gets up. Then Jose springs off the top rope and does a 450 and lands right on Sound.

MACHO: Oh my goodness! Jose just did an amazing 450 plancha. Wow!

LPM: Iím not surprised, but it was still awesome.

Jose is the first to get up; he rolls in and out of the ring to break the refereeís count. Jose grabs Sound and rams his back into the apron, and then rolls him into the ring. Jose gets on the apron and walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, but Sound is up and gorilla press slams him off the top rope. Jose gets right back up; Sound grabs Jose and has him set for a Piledriver, but Jose counters with a back body drop. Sound quickly gets up; Jose grabs him and has him set for the Puerto Rican Destroyer, but Sound counters with an alabamaslam. Sound goes for the cover, but gets two.

Sound canít believe he only got two. Then he mounts Jose and lands a flurry of punches until the referee pulls Sound off of Jose. Sound walks back over to Jose and picks him up, and then he sets him up for the Sound Effect; Sound gets him up, but Jose drops down, gets Soundís head between his legs and hits the Puerto Rican Destroyer! Jose makes the cover, but Sound gets his foot on the bottom rope. Jose gets up and starts arguing with the referee. Sound gets back up, but Jose doesnít see him. The referee walks over to check Sound, but Jose pulls him back to argue more; now the refereeís back is to Sound. Boom hops up to the apron and hits Sound in the back of the head with brass knuckles. Sound drops down to his knees. Then Jose walks over and has him set, and then he hits the Puerto Rican Destroyer again. Jose hooks the leg and gets the three. The bell rings.

**Last Resort plays**

ASHLEY: Here is your winner, Jose!

MACHO: Youíve got to be kidding. Boom got involved and that isnít right at all. Jose should have been disqualified.

LPM: Well youíre not the referee Sally, so thereís nothing you can do about it.

Jose grabs a microphone.

JOSE: Now if you thought that me beating just one guy was that simple. Then I should have no problem beating two guys at Seek N Destroy. Hasta Luego Sound.

**Last Resort plays**

MACHO: What an ego on that man. He barely got the win because of his manager. Heís gonna have trouble once he has to deal with two men.

LPM: Why you gotta hate Macho?

Jose is at the top of the stage with Boom holding his arm up in victory and a big smile on his face.

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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:00 pm

Macho King: What a night it has been so far Master. And thereís still the battle royal match to go.

Latin Passion Master: Indeed Macho. This battle royal will decide one half of the number one contenders match at Seek N Destroy. Personally I kind of hope Jerichoholic wins the match.

Macho King: Jerichoholic has proven his worth and has shown that he has some tremendous ability.

Latin Passion Master: Who have you been watching? Jerichoholic is good in the ring? I suppose itís possible. I mainly use his matches as an excuse to stare at Ella.

Macho King: Youíre unbelievable Master.

Latin Passion Master: Well why do you think I want Jerichoholic to win? It certainly isnít for his haircut.

Macho King: Thankfully Iíve just been informed that Sarah Jayne is stood by with one of the participants in the battle royal latter tonight. Over to you SaÖ

Latin Passion Master: I get to do it this time Macho. Over to you Sarah.

The camera feed cuts back to the locker room to where Sarah Jayne is.

Sarah Jayne: Thanks King. Hello everyone I am ďThe GlamazonĒ Sarah Jayne and I would like to introduce you to my very special guest at this time, Flair.

The camera zooms out to reveal Flair3 stood next to Sarah Jayne. Fans cheer at the sight of Flair.

Sarah Jayne: Flair tonight you are one of the 10 men to compete in the first of two over the top rope battle royals to allow you to gain entry into the number one contenders match at Seek N Destroy. Do you feel like you can win this match and be one of the two participants at Seek N Destroy?

Flair: Yes Sarah I feel it down inside of me that I am going to win tonight. I have this feeling buzzing around inside of me that makes me confidant that I am going to win tonight. I promise you sweety that at the end of the match all those nine other competitors will be looking up at the ring to see me with my hand raised in victory.

Sarah Jayne: Youíre definitely confident that you can win tonight. But let me ask you this; do you think that if it were not for Radford you could have gone on to become the first XCL Champion?

Flair: Honestly I donít know. To become World Champion I would have had to beat BigBrian and he has proved to me that he is one of the best in XCL. I think that a Flair vs. BigBrian match would have happened on the card and if I could of beat him then yes I believe I would have been crowned the first World Champion. At Seek N Destroy I hope to get my rights to face BigBrian for the World Championship. What I do know is if it wasnít for that damn Radford I would have gone on to beat Steve Ace.

At GoldRush I beat Radford fair and square. But could he leave it at that? No. Radford saw fit to wield his knife like a darn mad man at me and slice me open. Radford left me with a big gash across my shoulder and all because he couldnít deal with the fact that between the two of us I am the man. Last week on the first ever show of adrenaline I beat him yet again in a tag team match alongside my good friend Chris Shocker. Now Iíve beaten him twice and as far as Iím concerned I donít need to do it a third time. I proved to Radford I am the man and I have no desire to get back into the ring with that maniac but let me assure you Sarah if he ever threatens me or anyone close to me again I will have no problem in making sure that he spends the rest of his life in a wheel chair.

Sarah Jayne: Very intense words from you there Flair. Since you do not desire to face of against Radford again is there anyone you would like to face at Seek N Destroy to earn that right against either BigBrian or Cyanide?

Flair: Not knowing who is in next weeks battle royal it is hard to judge but I would like to face Steve Ace once again. If I wasnít injured at GoldRush then he wouldnít have stood a chance and I would like nothing more then to prove that to him at Seek N Destroy whilst Iím at one hundred percent.

Sarah Jayne: What exactly are your thoughts on Steve Ace?

Flair: Steve Ace. I think he is nothing short of being delusional. At GoldRush Steve Ace thinks I had a little cut and was just over exaggerated the situation, well I donít know about you Sarah but to me when it takes eight stitches to close a wound that is pretty damn serious. Steve Ace even had the nerve to say that not on my best day could I beat him, well I hope he wins next weeks battle royal and I hope he has enough balls to turn up to Seek N Destroy because if he does I will prove to him that you need more then shares in the business to make it as an XCL superstar.

Flair takes the mic away from Sarah Jayne and goes up to the camera.

Flair: Steve between me and you there is no question in anybodies mind who the better man is. You could go and ask anybody here in attendance, anybody walking down the streets just outside the arena, anybody sat at home watching the show, and you can ask anybody anywhere and the answer shall always be the same, the answer shall always be Flair. WOOOOOO!

Flair gives Sarah Jayne the mic back and struts of down the corridor yelling wooooo at the technicians that he walks past.

Sarah Jayne: That was Flair ladies and gentlemen. Back to you at ringside King.

The camera feed goes back to showing the announce table.

Macho King: Thanks SaraÖ

Latin Passion Master: What!? Why donít I get a mention!?

Macho King: Sit down.

Latin Passion Master: Shut up Macho! Iím going to have to have words with that girl.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:00 pm

Macho King: What A match we're set to have, with huge importance, seeing as how the winner will get a chance at tag team glory, in the form of the XCL tag team titles.

Latin Passion Master: A great match? Maybe a good match at best, the result well, that might be good, because it's hard to predict as to which team will win.

Macho King: Ho can you say this match won't be a great one? On one side we got one of the best tag wrestlers, in the form of Chris Shocker, and his partner Neon Hardy who was the leader of the now extinct X Factor Rebels. The Lightning Express are a great tag team as well, and it's no secret the two young men have chemistry.

Latin Passion Master: You think what you want!

Macho King: We bring you now, to the beautiful ring announcer Ashley.

Ashley: This match is scheduled for one fall, and the winner of this match will go to Seek 'N Destroy for a shot at the tag team titles.

**30 Seconds to Mars plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring first from Kent, UK, he weighed in tonight at 242 pounds, and stood in at 6'2", he is 'The Main Surprise' Chris Shocker!

Chris Shocker comes out from the curtain and runs down the ramp and into the ring.

**I Don't Wanna Stop plays**

Ashley: And introducing his tag team partner, he weighed in tonight at 240 pounds, and stood in at 6'1" he is Neon Hardy!

Neon Hardy comes through the curtain, and runs down to the ring, and slides into the ring. Hardy and Shocker meet each other in the ring, and shake hands, and pull each other close together for a hug.

Macho King: It appears that these two men are on the same page, I could potentially see these two as a team of some sort in the future.

Latin Passion Master: No these two are just attracted to each other because no girl wants them, and obviously they can't be with someone as hot as me.

Macho King: Partner, you are so full of yourself.

Latin Passion Master: Don't you ever call me your partner!

Macho King: Common were much like Shocker and Hardy tonight.

Latin Passion Master: Do you see us hugging? Do you see us wrestling? Do you think I'm your friend? Do you see us kissing? The answer to those questions is NO!

**Thunderstruck plays**

Ashley: And their opponents, making there way to the ring, at a combined weight of 227 pounds, the team of Lojax and 'Mr.Showtime' K_mo, they are The Lightning Express!

The Lightning Express burst from out the curtain, sporting brand new ring attire, Lojax sports Lightning Express trunks, and a modified Lightning Express hockey jersey, as well as a Lightning Express toque. K_mo out with his normal attire in the Lightning Express colors. The Lightning Express run down the ramp full speed, greeting the fans on the side they ran down, The Lightning Express slide into the ring. The duo butt hands. Lojax gets onto the apron, and throws his toque and hockey jersey into the crowd.

Macho King: I think that these two have the definite advantage, they came to the ring together, came to the same music, and having matching attire.

Latin Passion Master: Oh they're a couple, how cute.


The ring bell sounds and the match begins. K_mo starts the match for his team, while Hardy does the same for his. Hardy comes running towards K_mo with a clothesline, the second the bell rings, K_mo as quick as a cat, uses his lightning quick reflexes to dodge the clothesline attempt, Hardy then goes for an immediate superkick, K_mo has the kick ducked. K_mo and Hardy then locked up in a test of strength, Hardy gets the better of the tough hot head, best known as K_mo, with size alone, K_mo gets send against the ropes, Hardy then runs towards the ropes where K_mo is positioned, K_mo sees it coming and has the energy in him to sidestep, Hardy hits the ring ropes chest first, and bounces off the ring ropes, K_mo is behind Hardy and hits him with a double knee back breaker. K_mo then goes over to his corner and tags in Lojax. Lojax enters the ring, and moves over to Hardy who is still on the ground, Hardy appears to be playing possum as he catches Lojax off guard with a small package.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....

Macho King: Lojax kicks out!

Latin Passion Master: One more second and it would have been the end, one can only hope the next attempt, winds up in a one, two, three.

Macho King: If you were a true fan, you would love to see this continue.

Latin Passion Master: Well that's just it, I ain't a true fan, because I can't be associated with people like you and these fans.

Hardy realizes that he is hurt and makes his way to his corner. Hardy is on all four, and is a finger tip away from the tag, Lojax pounces on things lightening quick and grabs the leg of Hardy, Lojax pulls Hardy to the center of the ring, Hardy gets to his foot, as Lojax has hold of his other, Hardy then converts a sticky situation into a good one, as he smacks Lojax in the head with a enuzuguri blast. Hardy recovers from hitting Lojax and being fatigued to make the tag to his partner. Lojax is trying to get up, but is having trouble as he appears very dazed, Lojax gets on all fours, Shocker is in the ring, and rushes towards Lojax, with the running breakdown, Lojax moves his head out of harms way, Shocker continues forth and he knocks K_mo off the apron. Lojax then kicks up, and charges towards Shocker, and hits him with a corner splash, Lojax then hits the burning sword on Shocker, and then follows up with a big splash, before the referee can make his count, Hardy gets into the ring, to break up the count. Hardy gets a handful of Lojax's hair, Lojax is pulled up and begins to strike with Hardy, both man take numerous shots, Hardy engages with knife edge chops, Lojax takes them like a champ, the referee tries to get Hardy out of the ring. Shocker then sneaks up from behind Lojax and hits him with a low blow, into a school boy pin.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Latin Passion Master: This one is over, it must be.

Macho King: Partner, the bell didn't toll, because K_mo broke up the count, to save the match.

Latin Passion Master: Remember you are not my partner! I don't expect you to ever call me that again! The Lightning Express should be DQed for that act, simple as that. Your more like a slave to me, a mere peasant or peon, your only here because you don't require a big contract, and Khali and the rest of the XCL staff, known damn well I can carry any commentator, for it is I, that the fans pay to see, not these lackluster wrestlers.

K_mo is pounding on Shocker, as Shocker is actually trying to defend himself, the referee has to pull K_mo off of Shocker. The referee gets K_mo off off Shocker temporarily distracting the referee. Hardy enters the ring and hits Lojax, Hardy then picks Lojax up, and sets him for a DDT, but before he does it he creams at his partner Shocker to get up, Shocker then comes towards Hardy and Lojax, so they can hit a double team DDT on Lojax, after the double team DDT, Hardy slides out of the ring. Shocker pulls Lojax up to his feet, and signals for the end. K_mo again comes to the aid and hits Shocker in the back of the head, shocking, the master of shock value, Chris Shocker. K_mo then catapults himself over the top rope, to knock Hardy off the apron, the two men land on the outside. Shocker has his hand on the back on his head, signally that his head is in some pain. Lojax gets up with his hand on his face, showing he's hurt as well. Both Shocker and Lojax lock up in a test of strength, Shocker gets the better, with his size advantage and is able to push Lojax off, Lojax goes flying backwards and bounces off the ropes, Shocker tries to clothesline him, Lojax ducks it, and then bounces off the opposite side ring ropes, and comes towards Shocker again, Lojax takes down Shocker with a burning lariat. Lojax gets behind Shocker and waits for him to get up, Shocker is slow to get up, Lojax then charges from behind him, and goes north, with the northern lariat, Shocker seemingly has eyes in the back of his head, as he drops down to duck the northern lariat, Lojax stops and turns around, and boots Shocker in the mid section, Shocker clutches his chest, and bends down slightly, Lojax grabs hold of Shocker's head, K_mo slides into the ring, and gets to the opposite side of Lojax, and hooks the head of Shocker as well, The Lightning Express, pull Shocker up, in a vertical position, and delay, the duo then drops Shocker dead on his head, with the Brainblaster. Shocker is motionless on the mat, hardy gets on the apron, K_mo runs at him and dropkicks Hardy off, before Hardy could get in the ring. Lojax covers the motionless Shocker.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THREE!

**Thunderstruck plays**

Ashley: Here are your winners, and going to Seek 'N Destroy for a shot at the tag team titles, the team of Lojax and 'Mr.Showtime' K_mo, they are THE LIGHTNING EXPRESS!

The Lightning Express, celebrate the win with a hug, and jump and down in the ring, before posing on the top ropes. The Lightning Express exited the ring with huge smiles, and leave the ring side area, but not before giving the fans high fives on the way out.

Latin Passion Master: The Lightning Express won tonight, but when they step in the ring at Seek 'N Destroy, do you think these underdogs can prevail?

Macho King: The size will be a factor, but The Lightning Express, have proven time and time again, that it isn't the size of the dog that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog that counts, and at Seek 'N Destroy they are going to need that mentality. And at the end of this one did you see the smiles on their face, they seemed to big to even fit.

Latin Passion Master: Well they shouldn't have smiles, because they are going to be the underdog come Seek 'N Destroy no matter the opponent.

Macho King: Well they have a chance to achieve their dream, and they also have the help of our great fans to side with them.

Latin Passion Master: It doesn't matter if they have fan support.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:02 pm

Macho King: The show has been great thus far, but now for the exclamation point, the main event bout.

Latin Passion Master: I have to agree with you, this will be the exclamation point, for this second programing of great TV, it won't disappoint it's the 10 man battle royal, with the winner going to Seek 'N Destroy, at an opportunity to become number one contender to BigBrian's XCL World title.

Macho King: I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

Latin Passion Master: This is a great match and all, but there's no need to over joyful.

Macho King: We bring you now, to the beautiful ring announcer Ashley.

Latin Passion Master: Now this may just be the highlight of the match.

Macho King: As beautiful as she may be, I'm sure this match will be much more enticing then her.

Latin Passion Master: Ssshhh, she's about to speak!

Ashley: The following is the main event bout, and is a 10 man over the top battle royal, with the winner, going to Seek 'N Destroy, for an opportunity to fight for the number one contendership to the XCL World title!

**Messiah plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring first, from The Church, he is the "The Wrath of God" Bolton Stevens!

**Before I forget plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Toronto, Canada, WWEFan!

**It's A Fight plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Austin, TX, The Legend Killer!

**Infra-Red plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from City 17, he is the Daywalker!

**The Prisoner plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from NYC, accompanied to the ring, by Ella Perez, Jerichoholic!

**What a waster plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from UK, Tyrant!

**"We Aren't Gonna Take It" plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, he now resides in California, Doctor Dismember!

**The Way I Am plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Bronx, New York, Dash Blade!

**Old Time Rock'n Roll plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Montreal Quebec, Canada, Flair3!

**(K)Umaga's theme plays**

Ashley: And last but certainly not least, making his way to the ring, from the Samoan part of Alabama? He is the monster KUMAGA!

The monster, Kumaga makes his way down the entrance ramp, and walks up the ring stairs before entering the ring.

Macho King: All 10 men are in the ring, question is who will win?

Latin Passion Master: My pick to win is that monster, that savage, that beast of a human being, that bulldozer if you will, KUMAGA!

Macho King: Well I got to picks, and I respect your pick, because you pick one of the odds on favorites to win. But my picks are Jerichoholic, and the seasoned veteran Flair3.

Latin Passion Master: Wow you pansy, way to pick the "One" wrestler you think is going to win, and seeing how I know you want change that, I'll pick another, that man being the heel heavy sexy beast, WWEFan!


The ring bell tolls, Tyrant runs towards the massive Kumaga, who just entered the ring, as the final participant, Tyrant hits Kumaga with everything he's got. The savage is not phased, after the barrage from Tyrant, Kumaga, then grabs a head full of Tyrant's hair, Tyrant struggles, Kumaga then charges up the thumb, and nails the Samoan Spike, drilling Tyrant in the neck, causing blood to spray out of Tyrant's mouth, Tyrant falls to the mat. Kumaga picks up Tyrant and then with one hand, and much ease, tosses Tyrant over the top rope.

Macho King: That was sick! Kumaga, ragged dolled Tyrant, made him bleed, and tossed him out with one hand, all it about 20 seconds.

Latin Passion Master: He could have done it much quicker, but he likes to make his opponents suffer. Plus I picked him to win, so isn't it obvious he dominates, one of your favorite superstars, just another reason why I'm much greater then you, not only at this job, but at everything else.

Kumaga, is running wild through the other participants, giving the Samoan Spike to anyone who gets in his way. Flair3 and WWEfan are battling in the corner, Flair3 tries for a few punches on WWEfan, but they are blocked, Flair3 is able to back WWEfan into the corner, Flair3 then begins the in corner, knife edge chops, WWEfan gets him numerous times with the knife edge chops, WWEfan's chest turns bright red. Flair3 is now trying to get WWEfan over the top rope, but WWEfan doesn't allow it, and Flair3 struggles as he attempts to dump WWEfan over the top rope. Legend Killer, runs from behind Flair3, and attacks him, to aid his former partner, Legend Killer goes for a DDT, Flair3 won't allow it, and fights back, as Flair3 builds back his momentum, Legend Killer gives him the low blow. WWEfan recovers, and then spears Legend Killer, the man who saved him earlier in this battle royal, and his former best friend, WWEfan then picks up his former partner and is able to toss him out.

Macho King: WWEfan just proved that he respects no one, and has absolutely no loyalties to anyone, as he eliminated, the man who prior saved him in the match, his former best friend.

Latin Passion Master: He's heel heavy, and a sexy beast to boot!

Dash Blade and Daywalker are battling each other against the ropes, big Doctor Dismember comes up to them, and tries to knock them both out of the match with a double clothesline, Blade and Daywalker, see this coming, and both duck the clothesline, Dismember goes forwards but stops up, as he gets to the ropes. Blade and Daywalker put aside their differences aside for one second, and hit a double team clothesline on Dismember, who is leaned up against the ropes, to eliminate him from the match. Daywalker takes advantage of an unsuspecting Blade, and throws a kick his way, Blade has the kick caught, which has Daywalker hopping on one foot, Daywalker then hits the enzuguri on Blade, sending Blade over the top ropes.

Macho King: Wow I can't believe the giant Dismember is out, and it only took two men to eliminate him, and to my surprise, the huge Dismember didn't even get an elimination.

Latin Passion Master: I thought he would go a tad further, but he's a "good guy" and it's a well known fact that good guys finish last. Another reason why I'm better then you.

Macho King: Dash Blade also got dumped over the top ropes.

Latin Passion Master: It's a damn shame too, somebody get Daywalker out please!

Kumaga, runs towards Daywalker who is near the ropes, Daywalker comes towards Kumaga, and gets caught with the Samoan Slam, Kumaga pounds his chest, in delight, Daywalker, lays motionless on the mat, Kumaga pulls up Daywalker by the hair, and leans him up against the ropes, Kumaga then his the Samoan Spike on Daywalker, sending him flying over the top ropes.

Latin Passion Master: Somebody listened! They got out Daywalker, why, because I said to get him out!

Macho King: Your so full of yourself. Kumaga didn't eliminate him to get your praise!

Latin Passion Master: That's not what I said.

Macho King: Well he sure as hell didn't eliminate him because you said to.

Latin Passion Master: Then why did he?

Macho King: Simple, because he wants to win the match, or is that not enough for you?

Latin Passion Master: Well then he was listening, because he's my favorite to win!

Jerichoholic comes up from behind Kumaga, and hits him several times in the back, Kumaga turns around and swats at Jerichoholic, Bolton Stevens then out of no where hits the superkick on Kumaga, leading him backwards, Kumaga is leaning against the ropes, Bolton then tries another superkick on Kumaga, who is leaning against the ropes, Kumaga has it caught, and then turns Bolton's kick into a dragon whip kick on Jerichoholic, knocking Jerichoholic right down on the mat. Flair3 and WWEfan still are dueling each other, to a stalemate. Bolton charges Kumaga is once against leaning against the ropes, Kumaga gives the back body drop on Bolton Stevens to the outside, and over the top ropes, as he hits the hard concrete floor.

Macho King: Bolton has been eliminated!

Latin Passion Master: I expected more from him, and when he finally shows up, he meets the brick wall, not so smart on his behalf.

Jerichoholic intervenes in the stalemate between Flair3 and WWEfan, Jerichoholic knocks down Flair3 with 3TF, and then gives WWEfan the same treatment, hitting him with the 3TF. Jerichoholic then goes up to Kumaga, and hits him with a double knee jawbreaker, that only has the big man staggering, Jerichoholic tries an Irish whip, Ella lowers down the ropes, Jerichoholic can't get Kumaga to budge, Kumaga turns the Irish whip against Jerichoholic, by giving Jerichoholic the Irish whip over, Jerichoholic goes over the ropes, that Ella was lowering, Jerichoholic, hits the outside floor, and is in shock. Jerichoholic seems to think that Ella, eliminated him on purpose. Jerichoholic gives himself the face palm, and walks away, Ella follows behind.

Macho King: I like Jerichoholic, but I could care less for Ella, and it just goes to show, cheaters never prosper.

Latin Passion Master: How can you not care for Ella, that just screams gay!

Macho King: Oh as if you aren't with your shirt and pants, that are two sizes too small.

Latin Passion Master: I know my fashion, and you wish you had the look that could fit my fashion, but you don't. Plus I know a girl when I see one, unlike you, remember that time? Besides I don't see you and your clothes, having women clinked to them.

The final three men are in the ring. WWEfan and Flair3, have seemed to put their battle on hold, and look to team up to take down Kumaga. WWEfan and Flair3 charge at Kumaga, but WWEfan suddenly comes to a halt. Flair3 still running unknowing of WWEfan's cowardice continues forward, and winds up getting hit with the Samoan Slam. Kumaga then runs past the rubble that is now Flair3 and charges towards WWEfan, and hits him with a clothesline. Kumaga then hits a big splash on WWEfan, Kumaga picks up WWEfan and whips him against the ropes and then follows with a clothesline, sending WWEfan over the top rope.

Latin Passion Master: no Kumaga, you were suppose to eliminate Flair3, that way for sure one of my picks would win. Oh well we all know Kumaga is going to win anyways.

Macho King: As much as I want to see Flair3 win, Kumaga has the momentum, the size, strength, and power needed to win a battle royal. But it looks as if we're down, to your pick vs my pick.

Latin Passion Master: If that's the case, then we already know the end result, Kumaga wins, because I could never lose to you, not even in a billion, million years!

Macho King: A billion, million? Whats that suppose to mean?

Flair3 and Kumaga meet up in the middle of the ring and stare down. Kumaga goes for the first shot, Flair3 has it ducked, and then lets out a barrage of knife edge chops on Kumaga, only slightly staggering him, though it becomes evident that the chops are doing damage, as Kumaga's chest turns red. Kumaga doesn't like the chops and tries a finish, Kumaga misses the Samoan Spike, and goes forward with momentum, and is leaned up against the ropes, Flair3 then comes charging at Kumaga against the ropes, Kumaga back body drops Flair3, but Flair3 is fortunate to land on the apron, Flair3 reaches over from the ropes, and hooks Kumaga by the head, Flair3 uses all the strength he has, and is able to hit a suplex over the ropes, on Kumaga, sending Kumaga over the ropes, and out onto the floor!

Latin Passion Master: No, this can't be! This can't be! Kumaga lost! How is this possible!

Macho King: Flair3 did it! He did it! He beat the odds! He beat KUMAGA!

**Old Time Rock'n Roll plays**

Ashley: Here is your winner, of the 10 man battle royal, and going to Seek 'N Destroy for an opportunity to become the number one contender to the XCL World title, FLAIR3!

Macho King: Want to know something?

Latin Passion Master: Yeah what!?

Macho King: I beat you, I picked the winner, you didn't! I'm better then you!

Latin Passion Master, drops his headset, and leaves the commentary booth, and leaves the ringside area.

Flair3 is celebrating the win, basking in his new found glory. Flair3 exits the ring, and leaves happy as can be.

Macho King: And that does it for another great week of XCL programing, I'm Macho King, and I say goodnight and farewell!
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Adrenaline 5/23/08 Results
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