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 Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results

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Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:09 pm

Macho King: Goodevening everyone, I the Macho King along with my colleage the Latin Passion Master would like to welcome you to the third edition of XCL Adrenaline.

Latin Passion Master: Third times a charm, right King ?

MK: Umm....yeah...right LPM.

LPM: Well dont just sit there like an idiot, the people are waiting to hear whats on tonights show.

MK: Sorry folks, tonight on Adrenaline we have some great action coming up. To kick things off "The Wraith of God" Bolton Stevens is looking for some payback againist the XCL's most colorful superstar Neon Hardy.

LPM: If colorful means crappy, I completely agree.

MK: Thats not what I meant LPM.

LPM: Well that's how i'd describe him. Anyways the point is tonight Nerdy Neon Hardy is going to feel the wraith of Bolton Stevens.

MK: How can you support that lunatic ? He belongs in an institution.

LPM: If you mean an elite wrestling institution, then yes he does.

MK: No LPM, once again thats not what I meant. I think we should move on to the next match as im obvisiously not going to get anything useful for you on this one.

LPM: You better watch your mouth King, I dont want to have to unleash the passion on you again.

Both Men look at each in an awkward mannor.

LPM: Ok that came out wrong, lets just move onto the next match.

MK: Agreed. In tag team action tonight we have Law & Order facing off against Creachbaum & Dr. Dismember with the winners to face the Lightning Express for the XCL Tag Team Titles at this sunday's Seek N Destroy PPV.

LPM: How did you manage to spit all that out in one breathe ? People said you are a wind bag but I honestly had no idea.

MK: Just keep focused LPM, Dr. Dismember and Creachbaum are relative new comers here in the XCL, how do you think they will fair against the devastating duo of Law & Order ?

LPM: Quite simply King, not well. Law & Order are bigger, badder and from what I have seen gel well as a team. Creachbaum & the Doc are in for some pain.

MK: I see, well personally I know Dr Dismember has the prescription for Law & Order.

LPM: You make me sick King, you have no respect for the people that serve to protect our fair nation.

MK: "Ripper" Radford is British.

LPM: Just shut the hell up King, I will handle the rest of this. Tonights main event is the number one contender qualifying match. As last week this match is again a ten man battle royal with a whole bunch of bums in it and a few diamonds if you look close.

MK: Bums ? I'd like to hear you call them that to their face.

LPM: I said keep your mouth shut. The diamonds I spoke of before I was rudely interupted by my, and I use the term loosely "co-host" are. Kid Kash, something about the way this guy handles himself in the ring makes him a personal favourite of mine. Another guy worthy of the Passion Masters favor is Jose, along with his bulky bodyguard Boom, these guys are in with an high chance of winning, not just because of their alliance, but both are extremely talented individuals.

MK: Well LPM, if you have fini...

LPM: Im not going to tell you again King, shut it. The guys I just mentioned should all do well tonight, but I think the real match is between Edgecutioner and the man with the money Mr. Steve Ace. Take this to the bank King, one of those two guys will be in the number one contenders matchat Seek N Destroy. Its just a pitty Flair is the guy they will be facing, both Edgecutioner or Steve Ace will make short work of him and I was hoping for a good PPV.

MK: What are you talking about LPM, Flair is the fans pick to defeat who ever he faces at Seek N Destroy.

LPM: Fans, pffft. What do those morons know ?

MK: Without the fans we wouldnt have jobs, folks we will be back after these messages, hopefully in the short break my partner can learn some respect.

LPM: Hey I respect myself just fine.

Macho: Welcome back to XCL adrenaline’s third edition and up next we will have our first contest of the night between Neon hardy and “The wrath of god” Bolton Stevens, this should be an interesting contest going in to their Huge casket match at ‘Seek and destroy’.

LPM: shut up macho nobody cares what you think! Now lets go to the ring where Ashley is about to introduce the opponents to the Adrenaline zone!

*I don’t wanna stop plays*

Ashley: The following contest is schedule for one fall, Introducing first from Akron, Ohio, standing at 6’1” and weighing in this morning at 240 pounds he is Neon Hardy!

Neon hardy runs down the ramp energetically and high fives fans on his way down to the ring, he slides I to the ring with great speed and starts spinning around in the ring pleased with the fan support.

*Messiah plays*

Ashley: And his opponent from the church, Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in this morning at 210 pounds he is “The wrath of god” Bolton Stevens!

Bolton Stevens slowly walks to the ring with his usual dark look about him getting booed carefully by the fans at ringside; Bolton slowly walks up the ring steps and gets in to the ring staring across the ring meeting eye to eye with Neon hardy. Bolton removes his armour carefully and drops it over the ropes before the match begins.

*Bell rings*

Bolton quickly runs at Neon and forearms him in the face surprising him completely, Bolton starts to stomp the hell out of Neon repeatedly towards his ribs and mid-section. Bolton grabs Neon’s arm and slams him in to the bottom of the turnbuckle and starts stomping away at Neon as aggressive as a psychopath. The referee starts to make the count for all the stomps he is making.

Referee: 1…2…3…4…

The referee starts to grab Bolton and he tries to muscle Bolton off of Neon, Bolton stops stomping Neon and turns his attention to the referee, Bolton starts to walk towards Bolton and clearly tries to intimidate the referee, the referee backs off away from Bolton holding up his hands in innocence. Neon quickly pulls himself up out of the corner and charges at Bolton almost out of nowhere, Neon gets to Bolton but is shocked as Bolton slides sideways like he knew the attack was coming, Bolton then quickly grabs the waist of Neon and manages to German suplex Neon over his head using great strength in the process. Bolton shouts out aggressively after he has executed the move. Bolton tries to cover neon.

Referee: ONE…TWO…

Neon kicks out after a comfortable two count and then sits up holding his back in pain. Bolton gets up and angrily boots Neon in the back like a disappointed child, Neon screams out in pain again. Bolton drags Neon to his feet showing no patience at all, Bolton then lifts Neon up high and drops him with a classic scoop slam and then heads to the top ropes instantly after delivering the move.

Macho: A decent start here from the dark man Bolton, he is completely in control at this moment and shows no signs of slowing down right now.

LPM: For once I actually agree with you here macho, I feel that Bolton is fully in control of this match so far, he needs this to build momentum going in to the casket match this Sunday.

Bolton measures his opponent Neon hardy and then makes his jump going for the ‘Strike from the heavens’, at the last millisecond Neon rolls out of the way of the move sending Bolton face first on to the mat, Bolton clutches his face in pain whilst Neon tries to recover from the earlier beatdown from Bolton. Both men lay down on the floor trying to get to their feet. Neon gets to his feet first and tries to shake off the pain inflicted on his body so far from Bolton. Neon is on his feet and looks towards Bolton and finds that Bolton is only on his knees.

Neon then charges at Bolton and running dropkicks him in the chest sending him backwards on to the mat once again. Neon then quickly rises to his feet filled with energy; Bolton gets to his feet equally as quick. Both guys run at each other but Neon jumps in the air and manoeuvres a phenomenal hurracarana laying Bolton out on the floor again. Neon waits for Bolton to get to his feet this time, Bolton gets up to his feet finally and Neon is standing up behind him ready for him to turn around.

Bolton turns around and is smashed in the face with a magnificent super kick laying him clean out on the mat. Neon turns his attention to the turnbuckle and points at it signalling he is going up high; the crowd get up on their feet and get behind Neon hardy.

Macho: How the tables have now turned around on Bolton, Neon is now in control of this opening contest, but we all know that this means nothing because the match can be turned around in an instant with one single move.

LPM: I agree, I think that Bolton is just playing possum right now because he needs a rest from the beatdown he was giving Neon earlier on. Now shut up and let me enjoy this match!

Neon climbs on to the top ropes very quickly and points down the floor at Bolton; he dives off the top ropes and hits him clean in the middle of the ring with a classic frog splash hurting his own gut in the process. Neon rolls over to Bolton’s body slowly and rests one arm on Bolton’s chest going for the pin.

Referee: ONE…TWO…TH

Bolton raises his shoulder breaking up the pin on a two and a half count, Neon looks up in disbelief after Bolton’s kick out. Neon jumps up on to his feet and pulls Bolton carefully up on to his feet, Neon looks him in the eyes and then jumps up and tries to go for an RKO, Bolton manages to reverse the move by pushing him in the back knocking him into the turnbuckle. Neon turns straight back to Bolton and Bolton looks like he has fully recovered from the frog splash already. They charge at each other and start hitting each other repeatedly with simultaneous right hand shots, Neon starts to get the upper hand in the heated clash of right hands, Bolton sees this and uses a smart move by raking the eye of Neon halting the clash instantly.

Bolton then kicks Neon to the gut and drops him with the sin cleansing (DDT), Bolton then quickly runs and bounces off the ropes and returns by hitting Neon in the face with a high knee drop. Bolton drags Neon up by his hair with no remorse whatsoever and pulls him between his legs; he then makes an ‘It’s all over’ signal to the fans at ringside who boo him like he is Hitler. He pulls him up and sets him in position for his finishing move the crucifix bomb, Bolton tries to execute the move but is stalled when Neon wriggles like a worm and drops down the back of Bolton and lands on his feet. Neon then quickly jumps up and dropkicks Bolton in the back sending him forwards and getting him stuck on the ropes.

Neon then raises his arms in the air and signals that the 619 is coming.

Macho: My god this is just a back and forth match and you can see how much these two guys really hate each other, Im not sure if these two guys can fight it out for much longer. 619 INCOMING!

LPM: shut up with your over-exaggerated commentary will you! Im sick of it to be honest, we all know that Bolton is going to turn this 619 around in an instant.

Neon bounces off the ropes and runs back and tries to connect with the eagerly anticipated 619, but Bolton grabs the legs of Neon as he swings his legs round trying to manoeuvre the double kick to the face, Bolton then pulls Neon by both his legs through the ropes viciously causing Neon to land awkwardly on his shoulder.

Bolton raises his arms in the air with a smug and confident look on his face.
Bolton pulls Neon up by his hair; he then lifts him high in the air and places him sitting on the top turnbuckle aggressively. Bolton climbs up on the turnbuckle with Neon and starts trying to superplex him from the top ropes. Bolton seems to be getting nowhere with his superplex attempt, Neon punches Bolton in the gut stopping his unsuccessful attempts to superplex him.

Neon then forearms Bolton in the face and starts trying to superplex him from the turnbuckle to the outside on to the hard floor. Neon then head butts Bolton in the face uncharacteristically of him and then successfully manages to superplex Bolton and himself on to the outside straight on to the hard floor completely incapacitating both Bolton and Neon. The referee looks at both guys for a while but sees no movement whatsoever, he starts his ten count.


*The bell rings for the end of the match*

Ashley: The referee has instructed me that this match is a DRAW! Via double countout.

None of the wrestlers music plays as the EMT’s, doctors and many backstage staff make their way to the ring with stretchers being carried with them to help both wrestlers.

Macho: My god there is carnage everywhere here at XCL adrenaline’s opening contest, Im not sure if either guy will be able to compete in their casket match this Sunday at Seek ‘n’ destroy.

LPM: I agree with you here Macho because after seeing that superplex on to the hard floor im not sure if either guy will be 100% for that eagerly awaited casket match.

Macho: Right, we are now going to go to a commercial break before returning with some more action straight from the XCL adrenaline locker room, Stay tuned.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:11 pm

Segment - BigBrian Interview turns into BigBrian & Cyanide brawl.

Latin Passion Master: Macho I can’t tell you how excited I am tonight. I’m anticipating the second battle royal tonight; it’s going to be huge.

Macho King: It sure is Master; one of the ten individuals tonight gets to do battle Flair in a few days time in a number one contender match. Going up against Flair alone is a huge but this one will be for the number one contenders spot for the world championship.

Latin Passion Master: Going up against Flair is not huge Macho; I see you’ve fallen victim to believing that he is an actual legend. Flair is an old man that should have retired back in the nineteen seventies.

Macho King: I don’t think Flair is quite that old Master.

Latin Passion Master: Like anyone cares what you think Macho. Who ever wins this battle royal tonight will win against Flair at Seek N Destroy, I promise you that Macho.

Macho King: Well we’ll have to wait until Seek N Destroy to find out Master ……Wait…I’m being informed Sarah Jayne is standing by with the XCL world champion; BigBrian. Over to you Sarah.

The camera feed cuts to the locker room where Sarah Jayne is stood alongside BigBrian.

Sarah: Thank you King. I am here along side the reigning world champion of XCL; BigBrian. BigBrian let me just say that it is a tremendous offer to be stood here with you.

BigBrian: Thank you Sarah, but let me just say the pleasure is all mine.

Sarah Jayne blushes.

Sarah: BigBrian at GoldRush you became the first ever XCL World Champion. But who world you say gave you the biggest challenge?

BigBrian: Hmm…I guess I would have to go with Cyanide. I battled Cyanide after already beating three other opponents…so by then I was pretty worn out. Cyanide pushed me to the very limits and there was a point in that match where I thought he’d beat me…but I somehow managed to pull of the biggest victory in my career against him at GoldRush.

Sarah: It was a very hard fought victory and you should be very proud.

BigBrian: Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about winning this title.

BigBrian lifts the belt up from over his shoulder up to his head and kisses the belt. He then places the belt back on his shoulder.

Sarah: With that said what are your thought going into your first ever title defence against the man you pinned to crowned XCL world champion; cyanide at Seek N Destroy?

BigBrian: Well Sarah I’m feeling quietly confident that I can beat Cyanide at Seek N Destroy. I beat him at GoldRush so what’s to stop me beating him again? The only difference is at Seek N Destroy we are both going into the match fresh as a daisy…which should make it more of a challenge…not just for me but for Cyanide as well.

Sarah: at Seek N Destroy there is also scheduled to be a number one contender’s match where the winner will face either you or Cyanide at the next XCL PPV, what are your thoughts on that match?

BigBrian: My thoughts are that it should be a good match…we already know flair is one of the men in that match and he’s a legend…facing him in the main event for the world title would be such a huge honour for me…On the other hand there is still a spot in that match to be filled…whoever wins that match shall have a hard match to fight against Flair. I shall be watching the battle royal carefully tonight to see who wins…as well as the number one conten…

BigBrian is thrown of what he is saying by the sound of clapping coming from behind him. BigBrian turns around to see Cyanide standing there clapping. Sarah Jayne quickly moves over into the middle of them.

Sarah: …

Cyanide snatches the mic before Sarah can begin to speak.

Cyanide: Sarah what do you think you’re doing? When I am here you shut up and listen. Every moment in my life has been building up to that moment at Seek N Destroy where I win the XCL championship and instantly launch myself into superstardom. The match is a clockwork house of fun match and all the pain and suffering I have sustained in my life will be nothing like the pain you experience when I take your title.

BigBrian snatches the mic from Cyanide.

BigBrian: I told you before Cyan…

Cyanide slaps BigBrian cutting him off. Cyanide then snatches the mic back.

Cyanide: BigBrian who do you think you are trying to interrupt me? Don’t you realise who I am? What am I saying? Of course you don’t, I BigBrian am Cyan…

Cyanide drops the mic as BigBrian goes to hit him, Cyanide however pulls Sarah Jayne in the way, BigBrian pulls himself back so he does not accidentally hit Sarah Jayne. Cyanide shoves Sarah Jayne into BigBrian causing both to fall to the floor. Sarah Jayne grasps her head as it hits the floor. Cyanide then runs up and kicks BigBrian in the head. Cyanide then crouches down and starts hitting BigBrian with shots to the head. BigBrian pushes Cyanide off of him and gets to his feet. Cyanide also gets up to his feet. The two then run at each other and lock up. Cyanide and BigBrian start exchanging right hands. BigBrian gets pushed into the wall of the locker room. BigBrian takes a step forward away from the wall, Cyanide runs up and spears BigBrian back into the wall. BigBrian falls back and lands sat up against the wall. Cyanide starts unloading a series of right hands on BigBrian. Cyanide takes a few steps back and then goes to run at BigBrian. BigBrian moves out of the way causing Cyanide to kick the wall.

BigBrian then trips Cyanide over, Cyanide’s head bounce of the concrete floor as he lands. BigBrian crawls over and starts pounding away at Cyanide’s head. Cyanide manages to bloke one of the punches and capitalises by poking BigBrian in the eyes, this gives Cyanide enough time to begin crawling away. Cyanide quickly gets to his feet and begins running. BigBrian gets to his feet and chases after him. BigBrian catches up with Cyanide and starts hitting him in the back with a few right hands. Cyanide turns around and the two start pounding away at each others heads. Several security guards as well as several XCL superstars appear and try to separate BigBrian and Cyanide, BigBrian and Cyanide however both wriggle free and go back to fighting it out. The security guards and XCL superstars once again separate Cyanide and BigBrian by pulling them of one another. The Great Khali steps in between the two.

The Great Khali: Enough! You two both want to fight each other but its going to have to wait until Seek N Destroy. Infact if either of you touch each other before that bell sounds on Sunday then you shall forfeit your place in the title match and you shall not be granted a rematch. Is that understood?

BigBrian: Yes.

Cyanide pushes away the security guards and XCL superstars that are restraining him. Cyanide begins to walk away as The Great Khali yells at him.

The Great Khali: Cyanide! I said is that understood?

Cyanide stares at The Great Khali and then eventually nods. Cyanide then walks away pushing one of the security guards to the floor as he does. The security guards and XCL superstars that are holding BigBrian release him. BigBrian then notices Sarah Jayne is still on the floor grasping her head, he goes to check if she’s ok. The Great Khali is seen shaking his head as the camera feed cuts back to ringside.

Latin Passion Master: Forfeit the match!? What kind of call is that!?

Macho King: The right one.

Latin Passion Master: The right one!? How is that the right call? Just like me these people came here to see these two fight it out. Give the people what they want!

Macho King: Like you know what these people want. Besides I would hardly say that Sarah Jayne being assaulted like that is what anyone wants.

Latin Passion Master: I would care but I am too pissed off with Khali at the moment. The power goes straight to his head and I for one am sick of it.
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Number of posts : 1012
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Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:12 pm

**Bad Boys plays**

The bell rings.

ASHLEY: This tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring: first from Raleigh, North Carolina; weighing 296 pounds, Johnny Law! And from Nottingham; weighing 375 pounds, “Ripper” Radford, they are Law & Order!

MACHO: Welcome back to Adrenaline ladies and gentlemen and we are set to see some tag team action. And here comes the power combo of Johnny Law & “Ripper” Radford-

LPM: They’re Law & Order, get it right!

**We’re Not Gonna Taker It plays**

ASHLEY: And their opponents: first from Las Vegas, Nevada; weighing 210 pounds, Creachbaum! And his partner; originally from the Ukraine and now residing in California; weighing 300 pounds, Dr. Dismember!

MACHO: This match is important to both teams; whoever wins will move onto the tag team championship match against the Lightning Express at Seek N Destroy.

LPM: Law & Order are my favorites to go all the way Macho.

MACHO: We’ll just have to wait and see; they are facing a very formidable team in Creachbaum & Dr. Dismember.

The bell rings. Dismember and Radford start the match. They lock up and Radford backs Dismember against the ropes, and then whips him. Dismember comes off the ropes and gets nailed with a clothesline. Radford drops to his knees and applies a chokehold; the referee counts to four, and then Radford releases. Then Radford gets up and stomps on Dismember. Radford picks him up and whips him into the ropes, but Dismember reverses and hits a powerslam. Dismember goes for the pin, but gets two. Dismember takes him over to his corner and tags in Creachbaum.

Creachbaum comes in; he and Dismember lift Radford up and hit a double suplex. Dismember goes onto the apron, and then Creachbaum goes for a pin, but Radford kicks out. Creachbaum picks him up and throws him into a corner. Creachbaum lands some hard chops, and then whips him into the opposite corner. Creachbaum runs at Radford, but Radford hits a boot to the face. Creachbaum staggers out of the corner; Radford grabs Creachbaum and nails him with a headbutt, and then he tags in Johnny.

Johnny comes in; he and Radford both whip Creachbaum into the ropes. He comes off the ropes and gets hit with a double hip toss. Johnny goes for the pin, but Creachbaum kicks out. Johnny picks up Creachbaum and tosses over the top rope and outside the ring. Then Johnny climbs up to the top rope, and then he goes for a splash and lands on Creachbaum.

LPM: Oh my god that was awesome! What a move!

MACHO: I must agree that was one spectacular move by Johnny Law. I’ve never seen such a big guy fly off the top rope like that.

LPM: This guy is my hero!

Radford walks over to the action to assist Johnny, but Dismember jumps off the apron and takes out all three men. He gets up and grabs Radford, and then he slams him into the steps. Johnny gets up, grabs Creachbaum and rolls him back into the ring, and then he slides back into the ring. Dismember grabs Radford and he tosses him into the crowd, and then they continue their fight in the crowd.

MACHO: What in the world is going on here!? Dr. Dismember and Radford are going at it in the crowd!

LPM: This is getting good Macho.

Johnny has Creachbaum in the corner and he sits him up on the top rope. Johnny climbs up to the top rope. Johnny gets Creachbaum up, sets him up, and then hits a Black Hole Slams from the top rope. Both men are down for a little bit, until Johnny gets up, and then he drags Creachbaum to the center of the ring. Then Johnny gets low and applies the Gogoplata. The referee checks Creachbaum, but he isn’t moving so the referee calls for the bell.

**Bad Boys plays**

ASHLEY: Here are your winners, Law & Order!

MACHO: And that’s it, the match is over.

LPM: And Johnny won that match in amazing fashion. That submission is so lethal that no one can get out of it.

MACHO: With that win, Law & Order advance to the Tag Team Title match at Seek N Destroy.

Dismember and Radford emerge from the crowd with Dismember throwing Radford over the barricade. Dismember gets over the barricade and Johnny attacks him. Then Radford joins him. They both grab Dismember and throw him into the steel steps. Then they go back into the ring and grabs Creachbaum; they whip him into the ropes and hit him with a double spine buster.

**Thunderstruck plays**

Lojax & K_mo run down to the ring.

MACHO: And here comes the Lightning Express. Hopefully they can stop the madness.

LPM: They’re a little too late; the damage has already been done.

Lojax & K_mo get into the ring, but after Johnny and Radford run out and head into the crowd to get away.

MACHO: Law & Order may have gotten away from Lightning Express tonight, but they won’t be able to run when these two teams face off.

LPM: Hey their fight with the Lightning Express isn’t tonight and they’ll be ready at Seek N Destroy.

Macho King: What a match, ladies and gentleman. One thing's for sure, Law and Order contains perhaps the two most intense individuals I have ever met.

Latin Passion Master: Intensity personified. They're my pick to win the titles. You heard it here first. They're going to lay the smack down at Seek N Destroy.

MK: Speaking of smack, there's perhaps no one better at talking it, than the superstar standing by with Sarah Jayne, Jose, along with his boyfriend, errr, bodyguard, Boom.

LPM: I'm telling him you said that.

The camera cuts to the back where Sarah Jayne is standing by with Jose and his bodyguard, Boom.

Sarah Jayne: Jose, I'd like to get your thoughts on your match tonight. You're in the 10 man battle royal, and the winner....

Jose: Escuchar bien, Glamazon women. I would send you back to the,...como se dice, kitchen, however, I don't mind having someone to look at for the moment. If you want to know who's going to win tonights battle royal, then look no further than Jose. I've got the right stuff, chicka, to wear all the gold in the XCL.

SJ: What about your triple threat match with The Sound and Chris Shocker, at Seek N Destroy? Some speculate both of those superstars are just one moment away from breaking out into greatness. That greatness could come at Seek N Destroy.

Jose: Un momento grasa nina, youz are going to tell me, the Puerto Rican Destroyer, that a man who plays the air guitar and a man who sips tea and crumpets, are going to beat me, at Seek N Destroy? Pardon me, Sarah Jayne, but have you gone, como se dice, loco?

Sarah Jayne: Is one of the reasons you're so confident because of the 6'2, 250 pound Boom that stands behind you?

Jose: Listen up Sarah Jayne, Boom has something that none of these punks in the XCL have, loyalty. He's looking out for numero uno...me. Let it be known, if you mess with Jose, you mess with Boom.

SJ: So what happens if tonight's battle royal comes down to you, and your bodyguard Boom?

Jose: (Laughing) You are quite the firecracker, Sarah Jayne. How about this. You lose 30 pounds, and then you can come work for me as my personal assistant.

Sarah Jayne looks disgusted, as Jose Laughs and Boom stares into the camera with a blank expression. The camera fades back to Macho King and the Latin Passion Master.

Macho King: This creep reminds me of someone I know...someone very close to me.

LPM: Someone physically close to you?

Macho King: You could say that.

LPM: Well personally, I like Jose's style. He reminds me of myself. Remember this one King, he's going to be famous.

Macho King: Well, let's just hope he doesn't end up in the broadcast booth with me.

LPM: Whether you like him or you don't, Jose is a definite favorite to win tonight's battle royal, and a lock to win the triple threat match at Seek N Destroy.

Macho King: I beg to differ

LPM: Begging is your specialty.

Macho King: Good god. Ladies and gentleman, we'll be right back with the battle royal, don't touch that dial.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results   Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:13 pm

Macho King: Last week we saw a great battle royal. This week 10 different stars will compete in a battle royal right now. It's our main event, and it's sure to steal the show.

Latin Passion Master: It doesn't happen much, but I agree with you, it's sure to steal the show, because of one man, that man being my pick to win the match, Mr.Steve Ace!

Macho King: Well then my pick is The Sound, I think he has the tools to become a top wrestler in the XCL, and I think he'll make his name heard, with the power of sound.

Ashley: The following match, is the main event of the evening, and is a 10 man over the top battle rope royal, with the winner of the match going to Seek N Destroy, to face Flair3!

**Bawitdaba plays**

Ashley:Making his way to the ring, from Tasmania, Australia, he is "The K.I.D" Kid Kash!

**London Calling plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring...

Latin Passion Master: Ashley I want to announce him as the winner of the battle royal.

Ashley: Sure thing Mr.Passion Master. making his way to the ring, he is the winner of this battle royal, Mr. STEVE ACE!

Latin Passion Master: Well I think we know who's going to win this match. All hail Mr.Steve Ace!

Macho King: You told her to say that, and Ace won't win this match, mark my words.

**The Darker Side plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from the Fiery Depths of Hell, Edgecutioner!

Macho King: This guy has got to be one of the favorites, just look at him, he's huge!

Latin Passion Master: key words one of the favorites, he might be a lot to handle for most in the battle royal, but will surely topple to Mr.Steve Ace! Just ask Ashley, she announced him the winner of the match, before the match even started.

**Bat Country plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Tombstone, Arizona, Chris "Muscle" Jones!

**Number One plays**

Ashley: Being accompanied to the ring, by Leon Blue, from Tijuana Mexico, he is El Paria!

**"Last Resort" plays**

Ashley: Making their way to the ring together, Boom and Jose!

**"Always" plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Melborne, Australia, "The Eliminator" Zachary!

**Shockwave plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Battle Creek MI, Shockwave!

**Master Of Puppets plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring...

Macho King: Ashley mind doing me a favor, and calling The Sound the winner of the match?

Latin Passion Master: There can't be two winners!

Ashley: He is not going to win this match, I repeat he is not going to win this match, from England, he is The Sound!

Macho King: That's not what I told her to say, what gives?

Latin Passion Master: She knew that Steve Ace was going to win, so why not announce the guy you wanted her to announce the winner, as well a loser. Either that, or no one likes you. Or all of the above.

Macho King: That's not true! Plenty of people like me!

Latin Passion Master: You just keep thinking that.

Macho King: Let's just watch the match.
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Everyone in the battle royal go and attack Edgecutioner. Edgecutioner fends of all his foes, and pushes them off one by one. But there is one man Edgecutioner is not able to rid him self so easily from, that man is Steve Ace. Edgecutioner tries a big boot to Ace, but Ace sidesteps and begins a barrage of knife edge chops to the monster. Edgeecutioner blocks a chop from Ace, and then turns it into an armbar, putting it in full force. Edgecutioner pulls hard on the arm, as he pulls Ace's arm from the socket. Edgecutioner lets go of the hold, and pulls Ace up by the head. Edgecutioner hits a thunderous chokeslam to Ace, who hits the mat hard, and rolls out of the ring.

Macho King: Edgecutioner just took out Stece Ace.

Latin Passion Master: I can't believe it, Steve Ace has been beat.

Paramedics comes down to the ring and attend to Steve Ace. The paramedics are checking on ace's condition.

I don't like Steve Ace, but I feel sorry for him.

Latin Passion Master: This could very well be the saddest day in the history of the XCL.

Shockwave runs at Edgecutioner, but is met in the face with a big boot by the big man, Shockwave is quick to get up, and starts pounding on Edgecutioner's chest, but to no avail, Edgecutioner wraps his hand around the throat of Shockwave, and moves closer to the ropes, Edgecutioner chokeslams Shockwave over the top ropes, and out onto the floor.

Macho King: Edgecutioner just destroyed Shockwave, and may have broken young Shockwave's back in half, with a chokeslam over the top rope. He reminds me a lot of Kumuaga in last weeks battle royal.

Latin Passion Master: No Edgecutioner is not like Kumaga, Edgecutioner, did something that I don't want to forgive him for. I'm glad Shockwave had the courage to attack Edgecutioner for what he did to Mr.Steve Ace.

The Sound and Kid Kash are battling each other. Sound hits Kash with a knife edge chop, Kash response with a chop of his own. Sound and Kash then engage in a full fought battle of knife edge chops. Sound then hits an elbow to the head of Kash, which he follows with a DDT, and then follows with a elbow drop. Boom and Jose run at Edgecutioner as they realize that he's a big threat. Edgecutioner hits Boom with a big boot, Jose ducks a clothesline from Edgecutioner, and then hits stiff leg kicks on Edgecutioner, trying to bring the big man down, Edgecutioner palms Jose's head and locks in a claw hold, Jose passes out in the hold. El Paria runs at Edgecutioner, and jumps up and gets the hurricanerana on Edgecutioner, but it doesn't work as it only sets Edgecutioner up for a powerbomb, Edgecutioner then powerbombs Paria out of the ring.

Macho King: Oh sick! That powerbomb may have snapped El Paria in half, Edgecutioner is destroying everything in sight.

Latin Passion Master: He took out Steve Ace, he's obviously going to win now.

Leon Blue runs over to El Paria, to check on him, Leon Blue pulls Paria up, and helps him get back to the backstage area. Meanwhile paramedics are still attending to Steve Ace.

Macho King: It appears that El Paria is just hurt, and hasn't suffered anything to major.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah but Steve Ace has, and that's all that matters, there's two people XCL can't live with, and that's myself and Mr.Steve Ace, and it seems Mr.Steve Ace has been eliminated from the XCL.

Sound and Kash, suddenly stop brawling with each other, and then put their differences on hold, as the help the other remaining members of the battle royal fight Edgecutioner. Jose and Boom hits a double team dropkick, on Edgecutioner, sending Edgecutioner leaning against the ropes, Sound runs at Edgecutioner and clips him on the jaw, with a running elbow, Kash hits a step up enzuguri on Edgecutioner, Jones and Zach link arms, and then hit a double team clothesline, getting Edgecutioner off his feet, but Edgecutioner hangs onto the ropes, everyone left in the ring, toss Edgecutioner over the top ropes.

Macho King: I don't believe my eyes, Edgecutioner has been eliminated!

Latin Passion Master: Mr.Steve Ace has been avenged, to bad it wasn't Ace getting the revenge, at least Edgecutioner won't be winning this match.

Sound and Kash reinstate their hatred for one another and begin to exchange blows with each other, Kash tries a step up enzuguri on Sound, but Sound counters it and somehow Kash winds up on The Sound's shoulders, Sound goes towards the ropes, and hits the F-5 over the top rope on Kash, eliminating Kash from the match.

Macho King: It seems as if the hatred between these two has come to an end. As Sound has eliminated Kash.

Latin Passion Master: It sure was a heck of a move Sound used to eliminate Kash.

Zach whips Jones towards the corner, Jones hits the turnbuckles hard, and bounces right out of the corner, Zach then charges at him with the One Shot Kill, Jones sees it from a mile away, when Zach gets towards Jones, he gets caught in Jones trap, the Muscles Lock, Zach taps out to the Muscles Lock, and blood begins pouring out of Zach's mouth. Jones lets go of the hold, picks up Zach and then whips him against the ropes, Jones finishes Zach off by clotheslining him out of the ring.

Macho King: Chris Jones, has eliminated Zachary!

Latin Passion Master: That Muscle Lock gogoplata hold, was very sick and a very good counter to the One Shot Kill, if Jones keeps this up, he has a good chance to win, seeing as how Mr.Steve Ace got injured.

Jones fresh off eliminating Zach, runs towards Boom and kicks Boom's teeth down his throat with a One Hit Wonder, Jones then turns around and gets caught by Boom's best buddy Jose, and the flip bottom. Jose picks Jones up, and brings him to the ropes, Boom gets up and then helps Jose in the elimination of Jones.

Macho King: They came out to the ring together, and they made the elimination of Chris Jones together.

Latin Passion Master: They show some good team work, for just a pair of friends who don't wrestle as a team, and Jose sported a very nice flip bottom, that was key in the elimination of Jones.

The final three men are Boom and Jose, along with The Sound. Boom and Jose team up and they begin to brawl with Sound. Sound puts up a valiant effort but the numbers become too great. Boom whips Sound against the ropes, Sound bounces back towards Boom, and Sound gets hit with the blackhole slam by Boom. Jose goes to the top rope, and then jumps off with the 450 splash, Sound rolls out of the way, in the knick of time, saving himself from what would have been the end. Jose lands on his face. Sound gets up to his feet, Boom goes towards him, Boom whips Sound off the ropes again, Sound comes back, Boom tries the blackhole slam again, Sound slides under the legs of Boom, Sound is behind Boom, slowly Boom turns around, Sounds kicks Boom in the mid section, and then lifts him on his shoulders, to hit the F-5. Jose gets up, Sound comes towards him and hits a running knee to the mid section of Jose. Sound then hits The Sound Effect on Jose. Kid Kash comes back to the ring, from behind Sound, and hits him in the back of his skull. Kash picks up Sound, and hits him with a Dead Level. Kash picks up Sound, and then gets his revenge by tossing Sound over the top rope, eliminating Sound from the match.

Macho King: Kid Kash just ruined Sound's chance of winning, Sound pretty much had the match in the bag. Kash robbed Sound!

Latin Passion Master: Well with Mr.Steve Ace out, I'm glad your pick to win this match is out to.

The paramedics are finally loading Steve Ace onto the stretcher.

Macho King: Ace is about to be escorted out of the area, on his back, on a stretcher.

Latin Passion Master: I hope Mr.Steve Ace is ok, I'll be sure to send him a card, get him some flowers, you know the works.

The final two men are in the ring, it's left between the best of friends, Jose and Boom. Both men are getting up to their feet, after each of them got hit with The Sound's finishing move. Boom runs towards his friend Jose, but gets a bad result, as Jose catches Boom with the flip bottom. Jose poses over top of his friend, and then stomps Boom in the face. Jose goes to the top rope, for a 450 splash. Suddenly Steve Ace jumps off of the stretcher, and pushes Jose off the top rope and onto the floor, Jose goes crashing through the announce table. Ace gets back into the ring, Boom gets up, Ace runs at Boom at hit him with a lariat, as Ace connects with the lariat, Boom does a 36o flip. Ace is laughing. Boom is slow to get up, and uses the ropes to pull himself up, Ace runs at Boom once more, and hits Boom with a lariat over the top rope. Boom falls out of the ring, over the top ropes, and out onto the floor. Steve Ace wins the match.

Macho King: I thought Ace was eliminated, I thought he was hurt? How did he win the match? He also screwed Jose and Boom a chance to win the match.

Latin Passion Master: Steve Ace never went over the top ropes, as he rolled under the ropes, and in order to be eliminated you have to go over the top ropes, which did not happen. Steve Ace is a great actor, he even was able to trick the paramedics into being injured, he even fooled me, and that never happens, Steve Ace is the best.

Macho King: If Steve Ace is so good, why did he cheat, he ruined the match.

Latin Passion Master: Mr.Steve Ace didn't cheat, and he is not good, hell he's not even great, he's the best, and icon among icons, a legend among legends, he is Mr.Steve Ace, and like Ashley said earlier, and I predicted he would, the winner of the battle royal Steve Ace!

**London Calling plays**

Ashley: Here is your winner, of the 10 man over the top battle royal, and going to Seek N Destroy, to face Flair3, MR. STEVE ACE!

Steve Ace is in the middle of the ring, demanding the referee raise his hand, Ace basks in his glory, laughing all the way. Ace exits the ring, and then the ringside area, the fans in attendance are very vocal, as they are not only booing but throwing rubbish into the ring.

Macho King: Even I want to throw my rubbish at him, he stole this one, and made us all out as fools.

Latin Passion Master: He nearly gave me a heart attack, but he made up for it when he returned and won the match. Mr.Steve Ace is the best!
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Adrenaline 5/30/08 Results
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