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 Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results

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Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:16 pm

Macho King: Goodevening everyone, I the Macho King along with my partner the Latin Passion Master would like to welcome you all to this week's Adrenaline. We have a great show lined up for tonight, including XCL World champion BigBrian defending his title againist the current number one contender Flair.

Latin Passion Master: You have to wonder what condition the champion is in, being thats its less than seven days since he was involved in that brutal House of Fun match with Cyanide.

MK: Good point LPM, speaking of Cyanide we hope to have an update on his condition from The Great Khali himself tonight.

LPM: Well at least for once he has something important to say.

MK: What are you talking about LPM ? Khali is always full of vital imformation, in fact rumor has it The Great One has an important announcement about a new title being brought into the XCL.

LPM: New title hey ? This might actually be worth paying attention too.

***Cant be touched by Roy Jones hits the arena***

LPM: What he is coming now ?

MK: Of course LPM, you know our boss doesnt like to drag things out.

The Great Khali comes through the entrance and heads down the isle towards the ring. The fans greet him with a mixed reception, once inside the ring Ashely hands Khali a microphone. Khali's music stops playing and he looks ready to speak.

Khali: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, thank you all for coming. Tonight is a very special evening, for tonight we will be launching a new belt, The XCL TV Title. The belt will be up for grabs in a four man escape match, to take place in two weeks time right here on Adrenaline.

***The crowd cheers***

Khali:To decide which four men will compete, over tonight and next week, four qualifying matches will be held with the winners advancing to the title bout. In all eight superstars will have a chance to become the first ever XCL TV Champion, these men will be....

The Great Khali grabs a note from his jacket pocket and begins to read from it.

Khali: Chris Shocker, Tyrant, Bolton Stevens, WWEfan, El Paria, Kumaga, Chris "Muscle"Jones and Jose. I would like to wish all these...

***Big Poppa Pump by TNA Hits the arena***

Khali stops speaking as Law & Order appear at the top of the entrance ramp. The crowd greet them with a hostile reception, both Radford and Law seem unphased by the fans as they make the way to ring. Radford climbs inside, while Law heads over to Ashley to get two microphone's, he then joins Ripper and Khali inside the ring.

Khali: What the hell do you two think your doing ? Cant you see im in the middle of something here.

"Ripper" Radford: Well you see Mr. Khali, Johnny and I had something we just couldnt wait to say to you and the rest of these idiots out here.

Johnny Law: Hahaha, thats right Ripper, we thought since your already out here we figured this was a great chance for you, our great and fair CEO to endorse us, Law & Order as the greatest team in the history of the XCL.

Khali: Well being as how the XCL has only recently begun and you two currently hold the XCL Tag Team titles, I think its fair to say you are the greatest team we have at present in the XCL.

Both Law & Radford seem pleased with Khali's response, the fans however have a different opinion, starting a Law & Order Sucks chant.

Johnny Law: We are glad to hear you agree, Ripper and I were only moments ago discussing how fair you are as a leader. We are both proud to be your official enforcers of all that is right and just, here in the XCL.

Khali: I see, for the time being the XCL isnt in need of any "official enforcers", but as for you two being the greatest team, I have a great idea on how you can really send a message to the tag team division.

Johnny Law: We are all ears Mr. Khali.

Khali: Good, because on the 29th of June at Nemesis, you both will be defending your titles.....

"Ripper" Radford: No problem, we will take on anyone, anyplace, anytime, right Johnny ?

Johnny Law: Thats right Ripper, no team can come close to us. We are the best the XCL has to offer and we will destroy whoever we have to, to prove it!

Khali: Thats great, because you both will be defending your titles against three other teams in a Four Corners Tag Team Match.

Johnny Law: WHAT??? Three teams, is this some kind of joke ?

Khali: No its not a joke, just be grateful I didnt add the elimination stipulation. Next week on Adrenaline, three tag team qualifying matches will take place in order to assure only the best will join you two in the match.

Both Law and Radford look worried about Khali's statement, they begin to speak quietly between themselves. After a few short moments the pair turn their attention back to The Great Khali.

Johnny Law: Well at least one good thing will come out of this little surprize of yours, we now have a chance to prove to all these lawbreakers out here why we are the XCL Tag Team champions.

"Ripper" Radford: Thats right Johnny, we look forward to the chance to stamp out so many deadbeats in the one night. For Nemesis will be no different to Seek N Destroy, with Law & Order leaving with the tag titles.

Johnny Law: Exactly, we are done here, lets go Ripper.

***Big Poppa Pump by TNA starts to play***

The duo of Law & Order make there way out of the ring and head backstage.

Macho King: Well I think Law & Order may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Latin Passion Master: How is that possible ?, when they are the biggest and baddest dogs in the yard.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:17 pm

Ashley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

***The Prisoner by Fozzy hits the arena***

Ashley: Coming down the isle accompanied by Ella. He hails from New York City, weighing 225 lbs and standing 6 feet tall, The Jerichohlic.

Jericho and Ella make their way to ringside, Jericho is high fiving fans on his way to the ring. The crowd greets the pair with a warm reception.

Macho King: The Jerichohlic is looking in good spirits, fresh after his win over Jason Outlaw at Seek N Destroy, he seems happy to put Outlaw behind him and focus on things ahead.

Latin Passion Master: Can you blame him for looking happy ? I know I would be smiling if Ella was my manager. Im not sure if one victory over Outlaw is going to end things between them, Jason merely has suffered a temporary set back in his quest to win Ella's heart.

Macho King: You really live in your own little world, dont you LPM ?

***It's A Fight by Three Six Mafia starts to play***

Ashley: And his opponent from Austin, Texas, weighing 150 lbs and standing at 5'8 tall, The Legend Killer.

The crowds reaction speaks for itself, as the fans rain down boo chants on The Legend Killer. He makes his way down the isle and into the ring.

Macho King: The Legend Killer is looking in great shape this evening, however the fans dont seem impressed.

Latin Passion Master: Thats because these idiots have no idea what talent is, I mean just look at them, half are wearing BIGBRIAN T-Shirts, what does that tell you about the fans ?

With both men now inside the ring, the referee calls for the bell to get the match underway. The two circle each for a moment before locking up in a grapple, Jericho uses his strength advantage to immediately take The Legend Killer to the mat with a side headlock. Jericho not wasting any time quickly goes for a pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: It looks like the Jerichohlic wants to end this one early.

Latin Passion Master: Can you blame him ? Its obvious he is out classed.

Both men rise to their feet quickly after the pin attempt, Jerichoholic catches Legend Killer moving in, with a fireman's carry and goes for another pin, this time not even getting a one count. Legend Killer kicks out with haste, both competitors rise to their feet once again. Jericho lands a right boot to the mid section of The Legend Killer, followed by a hard right hand to the head. Jericho lands another shot to the Legend Killers head which sends him towards the ropes, Jerichoholic moves in and Irish whips Legend to the opposite side of the ring. Jericho puts his head down in anticipation of a back body drop, but Legend catches him with a left kick to the face. Legend Killer then grabs a hold of both of Jericho's leg's and pulls forward, causing Jerichoholic to crash to the mat. Still holding Jericho's legs, Legend drops both of his heels into the groin area of the Jerichoholic. With Jerichoholic in a great deal of pain, The Legend Killer goes for a pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: It looks like Jericho isnt the only one that wants this match to end quickly.

Latin Passion Master: Indeed, but personally I think Legend Killer has a better chance at pulling it off.

The Legend Killer gets back to his feet, with Jericho slowly starting to make his way back up. Legend wastes little time in going back on the offensive, nailing Jericho with a right forearm to the back of the head. He lands another forearm, as Jericho is still trying to reach his feet. As the Jerichoholic finally gets to his feet, he is hit with a third forearm shot which sends him towards the ropes. The Legend Killer whips Jericho into the corner and lands four consecutive kicks to his mid section. Legend grabs Jericho in a headlock and proceeds to bulldog him out of the corner, he rolls Jerichoholic over, hooks the leg and goes for the pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: Legend Killer with another pin attempt, he seems to be gaining control over this match. The Jerichoholic really needs to do something to turn this match around.

Latin Passion Master: The problem is, there isnt anything he can do, Jericho is out classed in every way.

The Legend Killer is the first to his feet once again, he goes to grab Jericho but gets hit with a right knee to the stomach. The Jerichoholic follows up with a huge right hand shot to the face, dropping Legend to the canvas. Jerichoholic continues the attack, joining Legend on the mat in order to hit him with further right hands to the face. Jericho lands three shots before he finally listens to the referee's appeals not to use a closed fist, stops the onslaught and goes for a pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Jericho doesnt give his opponent a chance to get to his feet, as he quickly locks in an inverted facelock.

***AC/DC's Highway to hell hits the arena***

The crowds focus turns to Jason Outlaw who has appeared on the entrance ramp, for the moment he seems content to watch the in-ring action for his current position.

Macho King: What the hell is Outlaw doing here ? I hope he isnt planning on continuing his pursuit of Ella.

Latin Passion Master: I told you Outlaw wasnt done with him, although it looks like The Jerichoholic is unaware that Jason is here.

Inside the ring Jericho still has an inverted facelock applied to The Legend Killer, outside the ring Ella has noticed Outlaw's arrival. Jason waves to Ella, she in turn responds with a wave of her own, Outlaw then begins to motion for Ella to come towards him. Ella looks back in the ring and see's that Jericho still has his hold firmly locked in, before making her way back down the isle towards Outlaw. The crowd starts up a loud "No" chant, Jericho unaware of what has been transpiring outside the ring, releases the onverted facelock to see what all the fans comotion is about. By this time Ella has reached Outlaw, he whispers something into her ear and the two start to head backstage. Jericho gets a quick glimpse of the pair exiting the arena, he yells out Ella's name loudly. Wasting little time The Jerichoholic rolls out of the ring and runs down the isle with much haste. The referee begins to count.

Ref: One..Two..Three..

Macho King: Oh no, Jericho is blinded by rage and would appear has forgotten about The Legend Killer.

Latin Passion Master: What do you mean blinded by rage ? Jericho just realized he couldnt win and is making a break for it.

The Jerichohlic continues to run down the isle, finally reaching the curtin and disappearing backstage. The referee continues to count.

Ref: Four...Five...Six...Seven

Macho King: Well I think even if he wanted to, The Jerichoholic couldnt make it back to the ring in time now.

Ref: Eight...Nine...Ten

***It's A Fight by Three Six Mafia starts to play***

Ashley: Here is your winner by countout, The Legend Killer.

Macho King: Thats it The Legend Killer takes it.

Latin Passion Master: In my mind this match never ended any other way, Jericho proved one thing, that he is a coward.

Macho King: Be fair LPM, angry people usually act without thinking. Besides The Jerichoholic was in control, right up until he got distracted.

Latin Passion Master: Legend Killer was just waiting for the right moment to strike, Jericho knew and thats why he bailed.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:18 pm

Macho King: You really do talk out your backside sometimes don't you?

Latin Passion Master: You're just jelous Macho that you don't have a mind as great as mine.

**Line in the sand begins to play**

Macho King: What the?

Latin Passion Master: This music sounds farmilliar but who's is it?

The music dies down and the titontron livens up to show on the titontron ďThe EvolutionĒ Chris Davids. Davids is sat down in arm chair wearing a nice suit in an office somewhere in the back. A few fans can be herd booing but most of the crowd are silent.

Chris Davids: Judging from your reactions you people have forgotten about me. Well Iím not surprised to be honest. After competing in the GoldRush tournament you people have been denied your rights as wrestling fans. Your rights as wrestling fans to watch a great wrestling match were taken away from you. But what has happened to you people and what has happened with your rights falls into utter insignificants knowing that I have been granted a single match since GoldRush.

Silent boos can be heard throughout the crowd

Chris Davids: Boo all you want itís not like you get the opportunity that often due to the poor management there is around here.

Boos become louder and finally to a noticeable point

Chris Davids: Boo! Boo! Boo all of you! Boo! Would you look at that; I can do it to.

Almost all of the crowd are now booing. Chris Davids just sits there smirking. He then starts waving his arms about to symbolise more as if he is enjoying it.

Macho King: What an obnoxious prÖ

Latin Passion Master: Easy Macho.

Chris Davids has stopped encouraging the booing and the booing has died down.

Chris Davids: I was hired as an XCL superstar to compete but yet I havenít been on a damn card yet. Khali begged me to join XCL, he begged me. I made many other offers coming in and I was considering all of my possibilities but the Khali begged me, he got down on his knees and begged me. I took this job through pity of Khali and because of what was promised to me by Khali.

Chris Davids looks over his left shoulder, and then over his right, then over his left shoulder again; he then goes back to looking straight forward and the camera.

Chris Davids: Well where is it Khali? Where is all of the stuff you promised me Khali? Because I canít see any of it. You have proven to me that your word means nothing and you have proven to me that you Khali mean nothing.

(Talking over Chris Davids) Latin Passion Master: This guy's my new hero!

Chris Davids: Khali I came here to be a superstar. I came here to make an impact. And things are going to start changing around her. I shall actually be booked in matches and I shall actually get my rightful shot at championship gold. Now Khali I know youíre not a fool. You may be a moron but youíre not a fool. I know you arenít just all of a sudden going to start pushing me because I demand it, despite it being the right thing for you to do. I know there is no way that I can do this alone with you keeping me down so I have taken action into my own hands.

Chris Davids takes a dramatic long pause.

Latin Passion Master: What has he done? I must know. I hope he got Khali fired that would be a dream come true for us all.

Macho King: Speak for yourself Master.

Chris Davids: Ö I would like to introduce you all now to my new manager, who in their own right are a former world Heavyweight champion; WWEfan.

Chris Davids is pointing upwards as the screen zooms out to reveal WWEfan. Fanís appearance is met with an abundance of boos.

Macho King: No! This canít be! Chris Davids has just sold his soul to the devil himself.

Chris Davids: I am tired of being left in the dark and I am tired of being stepped over and forgotten about here in XCL. From now on WWEfan shall be looking out for my best interest and shall make shore that I am actually scheduled to appear at the cards. Further more with WWEfan by my side there is no limits to where I can go in XCL. Everyone back there in the locker room, hell and even you two guys down at the announce table consider this your eviction notice. Because when the time comes for any of you to step into the ring with me I shall make sure itís your last. You shall enter in top physical condition but you shall leave a shell of your former selves. This is not a threatÖitís a promise! And now the evolution of XCL has begun.

Chris Davids is still sat on the chair smirking as WWEfan is stood behind him doing an Ďevil geniusí type laugh. The camera zooms in on a laughing WWEfan and then the transmission suddenly cuts out.

Latin Passion Master: Here that Macho? Youíre on notice.

Macho King: Iíll try and bare that in mind. But what Iím more concerned about is that WWEfan and Chris Davids have just formed an unholy alliance.

Latin Passion Master: Whatís so unholy about it? Chris Davids told me he reads the bible, which hardly seems unholy to me.

Macho King: Thatís not quite what I meant.

Ashley: Ladies and gentleman this contest is a first round XCL Television Championship tournament match, scheduled for one fall.

*What a waster by The Libertines plays*

Ashley: Coming down the isle, from the UK, standing 6'00 tall, and weighing in at 165 pounds, Tyrant.

Tyrant receives a small pop from the crowd as he approaches the ring.

Macho King: And here comes Tyrant, still looking for his first win in the XCL, and what a night to do it, it would be. If he could advance in the television championship tournament this would be huge for him.

Latin Passion Master: Don't count on it, Macho, the wrath of God is coming down on him tonight.

Ashley: And his opponent...

*Messiah composed by G.F Handel plays*

Ashley: From the Church, standing 6'00 tall, and weighing in at 210 pounds, "The Wrath of God" Bolton Stevens.

Bolton is greeted by the fans with loud boos and anti-religious comments as he approaches the ring.

LPM: And here's the second coming...

Macho King: Give me a break!

Both wrestlers are in the ring. The bell sounds and the match is underway.

The two wrestlers lunge towards each other into a collar and elbow tie up. Bolton throws Tyrant back into the corner of the ring.

Bolton commands Tyrant to repent for his sins or face judgment. Tyrant gives Bolton the middle finger and tells Bolton that "Jesus sucks." Bolton's eyes get real big and he appears to be possessed.

LPM: I can't believe that! What utter disrespect. I hope God wasn't watching.

Macho King: I have a feeling Tyrant wouldn't care if he was.

Bolton charges Tyrant with a hard lariat, spinning Tyrant around 360 degrees. Bolton continues the attack with hard kicks to Tyrant's side and to the back of his head. Bolton picks Tyrant up by the hair and body slams him hard to the mat. Tyrant then climbs the top rope and attempts the "strike from the heavens (diving headbutt)." He leaps head first but Tyrant moves out of the way and Bolton's head crashes to the mat. Tyrant grabs Bolton....DDT! Tyrant goes for the cover....

Referee: ONE, TWO,....

He kicks out

Macho King: Bolton was in complete control of the match, and he almost blew it there.

LPM: He's toying with him. Judgement day is upon Tyrant.

Tryant picks Bolton up and goes for the t-bone suplex, but Bolton counters with a knee to the side. Tyrant is dazed. Bolton with a running knee lift knocking Tyrant to the mat. Tyrant is briefly unconscious. Bolton climbs the top rope, and nails Tyrant with the "strike from the heavens." Tyrant is jumping around on the mat like a fish out of water, holding his head. Bolton looks down at Tyrant with an evil grin. Bolton then picks up Tyrant and connects with three back to back german release suplexes. Tyrant is out of it. Bolton smacks the limp body of Tyrant ordering him to get up. Bolton picks up Tyrant for the "Sin Cleansing (DDT)." Reversal by Tyrant, Tyrant goes for the dragon suplex, blocked by Bolton. Bolton with a thumb to the eye.

Macho King: What a series of maneuvers. I wonder if God would approve of that thumb to the eye!

LPM: Well, you know what the bible says, a thumb for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Macho King: That's not what is says!

Bolton bends Tyrant over and places him between his legs. Bolton is heard yelling to Tyrant, "Now I will judge you for your unrepentent sins. I hereby sentence you to eternal damnation." With that, Bolton picks Tyrant up above his head into the "Crucifix Bomb (Outsider's Edge)."

Macho King: He's got'em up. If he hits this, it's all over.

He nails him with it. Tyrant lands hard on his neck, flipping his legs over his head. Bolton points his finger upwards, looks up and says "that was for you, God." Bolton with a one foot, standing cover on Tyrant.

Referee: ONE, TWO, THREE!

The fans boo loudly

*Messiah composed by G.F Handel plays*

Ashley: Ladies and gentleman, your winner of the match by pinfall, and advancing in the XCL Television Championship tournament, "The Wrath of God" Bolton Stevens.

LPM: What a squash. I hope you didn't blink, because if you did you missed this match.

Macho King: Well Latin, the television championship tournament is off to a great start, and we've still got a great show for you tonight. It's time for a commercial break to pay the bills, but stay tuned ladies and gentleman, we've still got plenty to come, including our main event, Flair versus BigBrian for the XCL World Heavyweight Championship.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:20 pm

Macho King: Kid Kash vs Shockwave, is up now! Your thoughts on this partner?

Latin Passion Master: Again I'm not your partner, please get that through your thick skull! Anyways, Kash has looked impressive as of late, an Shockwave hasn't been to great since Goldrush.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

**Bawitdaba plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring first, from Tasmania, Australia, he weighed in tonight at 199 pounds, and stood in at 6'3", he is The K-I-D KID KASH!

Kid Kash runs down the entrance ramp full speed, and then slides into the ring. Kash rips off his silver jacket and places it over the top ropes.

Macho King: Kash is the favorite, and Shockwave better have his A game, because if not he won't stand much of a chance.

Latin Passion Master: Your right. Shockwave has to be at 100%, it's as simple as that.

Making his way to the ring, from Battle Creek MI, he weighed in tonight at 210 pounds, and stood in at 6'3", he is SHOCKWAVE!

**Shockwave plays**

Latin Passion Master: I'm going to say it like it is, Shockwave doesn't have a good chance of winning.

Macho King: That may be true, but Shockwave is more then capable to pull off the upset.

Shockwave walks down the ramp, and enters the ring.


Shockwave and Kash lock up in the center of the ring, both try to move the other, with each man not getting the upper hand. Kash stomps on the feet of Shockwave, this causes Shockwave to lose focus, and lose his grip, and his power. Kash then is able to push Shockwave back, and against the ropes, Shockwave bounces off the ropes, and back to Kash, where Shockwave is met with a perfect dropkick to the jaw. Kash moves up to the top rope, Shockwave is still lying on the ground, Kash comes soaring off the top rope, with the moonsault, Shockwave rolls out of the way, Kash sees this and tries to break his fall, by landing on his knees, Shockwave bounces off the ropes, and comes running towards Kash, who is on his knees, Shockwave connects on Kash with the shining wizard. Shockwave is running around in the middle of the ring, celebrating a big offensive move. Shockwave is getting rallied up, Kash is getting back to his feet, Shockwave charges Kash with a clothesline, Kash ducks the attempted clothesline, Shockwave the hits a superkick out of no where, on Kash, Shockwave falls down, on top of Kash who fell down from the impact of the superkick, Kash's shoulders lay on the mat, with Shockwave on top, for the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THR

Macho King: Kid Kash kicks out before the three.

Latin Passion Master: Kash kicked out in the knick of time, Kash is lucky to have kicked out, as I assume it was based purely on instinct.

Macho King: It must of, because usually a kick like that sends teeth down your throat, and leaves you out cold, and I'm talking stone cold.

Latin Passion Master: Shockwave has been impressive thus far, and has really proved that he is not the laughing matter that we thought he was, and he's showing that he can compete the way he did at Goldrush, at all times.

Shockwave is waiting on Kash to get up, Shockwave is stomping his foot, up and down in anticipation, of Kash getting up, Kash slow to get up, makes it to his feet, Shockwave runs at Kash, and hits a solid knee to the mid section. Shockwave then tries the ura-nage, Kash holds his ground, and doesn't let Shockwave get any further then just trying, Shockwave continues to try the ura-nage, still Kash doesn't let it result to anything, Kash breaks it up by hitting several elbow strikes to the side of Shockwave's head, knocking Shockwave down, and temporarily stunning him. Kash is now waiting on Shockwave to get up, Shockwave gets up, holding his head, Kash kicks Shockwave in the mid section, Shockwave clutches his chest, this leads to Kash grabbing the head of Shockwave, Kash lifts Shockwave up, Kash then connects with the Dead Level. Shockwave is out cold.

Macho King: All Kash needs to do is make the cover, and this one is over, Shockwave is out.

Latin Passion Master: That Dead Level is a hell of a brainbuster, probably the best I've seen, and believe me I've seen that move hit numerous times, and in my time in Japan, I thought I'd never see a brainbuster that good again, that is until now.

**Remember the Name plays**

Macho King: Kash hasn't won the match yet, what gives?

Latin Passion Master: I don't believe that' Kash's music, nor do I believe I've ever heard that song here in the XCL.

Macho King: Then who's music could it be?

A man comes out of the curtain, with a steel chair in hand, he runs down the entrance ramp, and gets to the ring, this man is wearing a ROG shirt.

Macho King: This man looks familiar, I think I've seen him before.

Latin Passion Master: Hey that's a ROG shirt, and that's, that's STEVE STORM, one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of ROG!

Macho King: What's Steve Ace from ROG doing here?

Latin Passion Master it's the INVASION!

Steve Storm gets in the ring, and swings the steel chairs at Kid Kash, Storm connects on Kash with the chair, Kash is busted wide open, and blood violently pours from the skull. Shockwave is finally getting up after the Dead Level, Shockwave doesn't appear to know where he is. Storm drops the steel chair, and then hits Shockwave with a superkick, Shockwave falls instantly among contact. Storm poses over the fallen XCL stars, and exits the ring, with a smirk.

**Remember the Name plays**

Latin Passion Master: I hate to admit it, but he just showed Shockwave how the superkick is done.

Macho King: This man laid out to XCL stars, I sure hope, this doesn't happen again, and if it does indeed happen again I sure hope the XCL is ready.

Latin Passion Master: I agree with you, on th last part, but I know for a fact the XCL will be ready! And i guarantee this isn't the end of things, and the XCL will reign supreme over ROG.

Macho King: Well one things for certain, Steve Storm is a ROG rogue!

Ashley: Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall, and it is a first round XCL Television Championship Tournament match.

*Last Resort by Papa Roach plays*

Ashley: Coming down the isle, from Puerto Rico, standing 6'3, and weighing in at 215 pounds, accompanied by his bodyguard Boom, Jose.

A chorus of boos break out in the crowd. Jose casually walks down to the ring with a cocky smirk on his face as he motions his hands over his waist to symbolize him possibly being crowned the new Television Champion.

Latin Passion Master: Ya know Macho, I'm just about tired of these ungrateful fans not recognizing a true talent like Jose.

Macho King: I don't think it's his talent they dislike, I think it's him.

Ashley: And his opponent...

*Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold plays*

Ashley: From Tombstone, Arizona, standing 6'4, weighing in at 300 pounds, Chris "Muscle" Jones.

Jones receives a polite, mild pop from the crowd. He hits his fists together as he makes his way to the ring.

Macho King: This guy is a real monster. Jose has his work cut out for him tonight.

LPM: You've got to be kidding me Macho. I told you from day one that Jose is going to win this thing.

Both wrestlers are in the ring. The bells sounds and the match is underway.

Collar and elbow tie up. Jones overpowers Jose sending him to the mat. Jones flexes his muscles as Jose looks on pissed off. Jose gets up, and we go into another collar and elbow tie up, only this time Jose sneaks in a last second kick to the stomach. Jones doubles over in pain as Jose goes on the attack with a barrage of forearms and uppercuts. Jose points his finger in Jones' face taunting him, and lands an open handed slap.

LPM: Take that, musclehead!

Macho King: That wasn't necessary whatsoever. What a disrespectful punk.

Jose now in control, landing an enziguri to the back of the head. Jones is dazed and flat on the mat as Jose lands three elbow drops to the head of Jones. Jose picks Jones up, and lands and bodyslams him hard to the mat. Jose to the top rope. He's setting up for the 450 splash. Jones moves out of the way and Jose crashes and burns hard to the mat! Jones with the momentum, picks up Jose and levels him with a t-bone suplex. Jones puts Jose over his head and hits the "Muscles Bomb (Fallaway Slam into Sit-Down Powerbomb)." Jones for the cover.

Macho King: He hit, and here comes the cover.

Referee: 1, 2...

LPM: No way was that going to be it, Macho.

Jose kicks out. Boom has made his way to the apron and Jones runs towards him, striking him in the face, and knocking him off the apron.

Jose from behind with the low blow. He sets him up and nails the vertebreaker. Jones is down. Jose drags Jones to the corner and nails the 450 splash. Jose with the cover.

Referee: 1, 2...

Jones kicks out at 2 and three quarters. The crowd goes crazy. Jose is frustrated. He takes his eyes off of Jones, and Jones jumps up and hits a running lariat, sending Jose to the mat. Jones is measuring Jose for the "One Hit Wonder (Superkick)." Jose gets up still dazed, as Jones knocks Jose straight into la-la land with the One Hit Wonder. Jones for the cover.

Macho King: This is it!

LPM: No, no, no...

Referee: 1, 2...

Boom is on the apron and has distracted the referee from making the three count!

Macho King: Son of a bitch. Remove him from ringside!

LPM: I don't see what the problem was, Macho.

Jones gets up and approaches Boom. As Jones goes to grab Boom, Boom reaches into his pocket and pulls out a plastic baggie containing a green powder. The Referee gets tangled trying to separate the two and Boom reaches over his head throwing the green powder straight into the eyes of Jones. Jones is blinded by the green powder and starts to move around the ring in pain, unable to see.

Macho King: He threw that green powder right into his eyes. What was that?

LPM: I think he was trying to help him see, Macho.

Jose gets up as Jones walks right to Jose. Jose with the kick to the stomach. Jose places Jones head between his legs. He locks his arms around his waist.

LPM: Here it comes!

PUERTO RICAN DESTROYER!!! Jones lands straight on his head, knocking him unconscious. Boom is off the apron, and Jose with the cover.

LPM: Lights out.

Macho King: Not like this...

Referee: 1, 2, 3!

*Last Resort by Papa Roach plays*

Ashley: Here is your winner of the match, by pinfall, and advancing in the XCL Television Championship tournament, Jose.

A loud "you suck" chant from the crowd breaks out as Boom raises Jose's arm in victory. Jose struts to the back as Jones lays still on the mat, motionless.

Macho King: What a match, ladies and gentleman do not touch that when we return from a short commercial break you will see Flair versus BigBrian for the XCL Heavyweight Championship.
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Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:20 pm

Macho King: Well LPM this is it, Flair's big chance at the XCL World Title.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah, lets just see how long it takes for him to screw this up.

Macho King: Flair has been waiting for this shot ever since he joined the XCL, I think tonight he may just have the champ's number.

Latin Passion Master: Who cares ? Flair shouldnt even be in this match, this was supposed to be Mr. Ace's night.

Ashley: The follow contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for XCL World Championship.

***Old Time Rock 'n Roll hits the arena***

Ashley: Introducing first, standing at 5'8 tall and weighing in at 200 lbs, the number one contender, Flair!

The challenger makes his way down the isle, looking confident. The fans react in a positive manner. Flair arrives at the ring, climbs inside and begins to pose for the fans.

Macho King: Flair certainly looks confident and doesnt seem short on fans here.

Latin Passion Master: Im not impressed, Flair hasnt been able to get the job done yet, what makes him think he has a chance at defeating BIGBRIAN ?

***Bonecrusher's Never Scared starts to play***

Ashley: And his opponent, standing 5'8 tall and weighing 240 lbs, he is the current reigning XCL World Champion, BIGBRIAN!

A huge pop from the crowd is heard as Brian appears on the entrance ramp and rasies his title in the air. The champ makes his way down the isle, high fiving fans along the way. He gets to the ring and joins Flair inside, once again holding his title in the air for all to see.

Macho King: Brian is still looking pretty beat up from his encounter with Cyanide in that brutal House of Fun match last Saturday.

Latin Passion Master: Your right King, Flair may be in with a chance after all.

The referee takes the title from BIGBRIAN, then proceeds to hand it to Ashley who is now outside the ring. Back in the ring, the two men face off with one another, the referee calls for the bell and this match is now officially underway. Brian extends a handshake to the challenger, Flair looks as if he is about to shake the champs hand, before quickly withdrawing his hand at the last second, backing away and shouting a loud "WOOOO" right in the face. Flair then starts to strut around the ring.

Macho King: What a lack or respect there by the challenger, I thought Flair had more honor than that.

Latin Passion Master: Honor isnt what wins matches King.

The champion seems unphased by Flair's attempt to shake his confidence, both men begin to circle each for a moment before locking up in a grapple. Neither man is able to gain the advantage, the grapple ends with both men pushing each other away. They take a moment to look at each other before starting to circle one another once again. The two attempt to grapple again, but this time Brian is able to quickly apply a side headlock. Flair uses his muscle to push Brian into the ropes, the champ releases the side headlock and springs into the ropes. Flair attempts to use his shoulder to knock the champion down, however with the momentum in his favor, Brian hits Flair with a shoulder block of his own sending the challenger to the canvas. The Nature Boy gets to his feet quickly and the two face off once again, the crowd lets of a big cheer. The pair lock up in a grapple, with Brian once again getting the advantage by reapplying the side headlock. The champion starts to wrench on the head of the challenger, after a short time Flair is able to once again use his muscle to sling BIGBRIAN into the ropes. Brian comes racing back towards Flair, The Nature Boy attempts a clothesline but BIGBRIAN is able to duck underneath his arm, grabs hold of it, then flicks his legs arounf Flair's other arm and rolls him over for a crucifix pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: Well I think we can rule out Brian not being in top condition, the champ is in great form.

Latin Passion Master: I have to agree and Flair seems to be changing from his normal match tactics, something seems different about him tonight.

Flair kicks out and flips back onto his feet, he rushes in to attack Brian but the champion catches him with a side headlock takedown. Still maintaining the side headlock, Brian now has the challenger on the mat and is leaning onto Flair, adding more pressure to the hold. Flair grabs at Brian's hair, the referee starts to count, Flair lets go of the hair. Still in the headlock, Flair grabs at the hair again with the referee also renewing the count, Flair releases the hair. He grabs at Brian's hair a third time and uses it to make it back to a vertical base, however the champion still has a firm grip on the side headlock. The challenger uses his strength to move Brian towards the ropes, then lands a left knee to the mid section of the champion causing him to release the side headlock. Flair sends BIGBRIAN into the ropes with an Irish whip, the champion comes back towards The Nature Boy. Flair is waiting with a clothesline that Brian is able to duck, he continues to gain speed, springing off the opposite ropes and races back towards Flair nailing him with a high cross body. Brian crashes into The Nature Boy causing him to fall to the mat in a pinning position.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: Brian should have hooked the leg there LPM.

Latin Passion Master: That he should have King, rookie mistake there by the champion.

Flair kicks out with authority sending Brian rolling under the bottom rope, to the outside. BIGBRIAN quickly climbs to the apron, Flair rushes to attack him but Brian lands a shoulder block to the mid section. With Flair bent over, Brian flips over the top rope and rolls up The Nature Boy with a sunset flip.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Flair kicks out and both men rise to their feet without haste, The Nature Boy charges towards BIGBRIAN but is once again caught with a side headlock takedown.

Macho King: Brian is showing all the marks of a true wrestler, by continuing to go back to using that side headlock. Its simple but has proved very effective in keeping Flair at bay.

Latin Passion Master: That and Flair is making his job easier by charging in like a madman, im telling you King, this isnt the same Flair we saw at Seek N Destroy.

Being held firmly by the champion, Flair resorts to using the hair to once again, get back to a vertical base. The challenger uses his strength to side suplex BIGBRIAN, both men waste little time in getting back to their feet. Brian attempts a right hand, but Flair being slightly quicker lands a hard chop across the chest, a large "WOOOO" is heard from the crowd. Flair follows up with three more hard chops, with "WOOO's" from the crowd each time he lands one. The Nature Boy then Irish whips Brian into the corner and comes rushing towards him, the champion manages to move out of the way at the last second, causing Flair to crash into the turnbuckle. Brian wastes no time as he grabs Flair by the head and ram's him face first into the top turnbuckle. BIGBRIAN then pulls Flair out of the corner just enough to be able to nail him with a short clothesline, sending him back into the corner. With Flair's back facing him, Brian lifts flair onto the top rope, then starts to climb, seemingly setting up a superplex. As Brian reaches his desired position, The Nature Boy releases the situation he is in and starts landing left elbow shots to the face of Brian. It takes a total of five elbows to knock the champion off the ropes and onto the mat, with Brian on the canvas, Flair steps up to the top rope, bending over looking as if he is preparing for a moonsault. From out of no where, a beautiful looking lady jumps over the guard rails, climbs to the apron and nails Flair right in the face with some kind of lead pipe. The Nature Boy comes crashing down off the ropes, back into the ring. The champion unaware of what has just happen, seizes the moment and goes for the pin.

Ref: One...Two...Three.

***Bonecrusher's Never Scared starts to play***

Ashley: Here is your winner and still XCL World Champion, BIGBRIAN!!

Macho King: Who the hell is that woman ?

Latin Passion Master: Im not sure, but she just did to Flair what I have wanted to since I met him.

Macho King: I dont think Brian knows what she did, or even if she is at ringside.

Latin Passion Master: Well it seems she is making her way down the isle now, I hope this isnt the last time we get to see this mystery woman, she is hot King!

Inside the ring Flair lays on the mat, nursing the massive bump on his forehead, while the champion gets his title returned to him by Ashley. Brian holds the belt high for the fans to see, but this time they respond with a loud Boo chant. Brian confused by the fans reaction, until he see's the unknown woman.

***London Calling by The Clash hits the arena***

Macho King: Wait, isnt that Steve Ace's Music ?

Latin Passion Master: You mean Mr. Steve Ace King.

Steve Ace appears at the top of the entrance ramp holding a microphone, the unknown woman rushes to join him, they greet each other with a warm hug and kiss. In the ring Brian is helping Flair up, Once they hear Ace's voice, their eyes both stayed fixed on him.

Steve Ace: Flair, I see you have met my lady, so ill introduce her to the rest of you peasants out here. Straight from the Badstreet Palace, with more class than ass, this is the Million £ Princess.

The Million £ Princess(giggling): Thanks Stevie. I was relaxing at our lovely residence, the Badstreet Palace watching Seek N Destroy, when my Stevie here was supposed to be defeat Flair and be in this match tonight. Well I have seen enough of The Nature Boy, you make me sick Flair and I have come here to get rid of you, and The Million £ Princess ALWAYS gets what she wants.

Steve Ace: Thats right doll, now folks we are going to make our exit as I hate spending any more time than is necessary in this digusting country.

***London Calling by The Clash starts to play***

Ace and his lady exit the arena, in the ring both Flair and Brian seem angry with Ace and the Million Princess's comments, however after the hard fought match between each other, neither man has the energy to chase after Ace.

Macho King: Well what an interesting turn of events, it seems this whole thing was a setup by Ace.

Latin Passion Master: You mean a brilliant setup, Flair got what he deserved and look at the plus side, we are going to be seeing a whole lot more of the lovely Million £ Princess.

Macho King: Im not sure if lovely is the word Id use to describe her, more like spoilt. Anyways folks thats all the time we have, we hope you have enjoyed this week's show and look forward to your company next week.

Screen fades to black...
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Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results Empty
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Adrenaline 6/6/08 Results
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