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 XCL Bio Thread

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Mattitude Follower
Mattitude Follower

Number of posts : 1534
Age : 26
Location : UK
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WCW/WSX
Favorite Wrestlers : Shawn Michaels, Christian Cage, Scott Hall, Chris Jericho, X-Pac, Raven, Brock Lesnar and Sting
Registration date : 2008-03-18

XCL Bio Thread Empty
PostSubject: XCL Bio Thread   XCL Bio Thread EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 4:05 pm

Update the list with new bios, here is the template...

Forum Username:
Nickname(If you have 1):
Billed weight:
Billed height:
Billed From:
Fighting Style:
Signature Moves:
Finishing Moves:
Entrance Music:

XCL Bio Thread Ufc-70-tito-ortiz

"With Great Sacrifice Comes Great Reward"

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Mattitude Follower
Mattitude Follower

Number of posts : 1534
Age : 26
Location : UK
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WCW/WSX
Favorite Wrestlers : Shawn Michaels, Christian Cage, Scott Hall, Chris Jericho, X-Pac, Raven, Brock Lesnar and Sting
Registration date : 2008-03-18

XCL Bio Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL Bio Thread   XCL Bio Thread EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 4:18 pm

Name: Steve Storme
Forum Username: Mattitude Follower
Nickname(If you have 1): The Best in the Business
Gimmick: Degenerate foul mouthed punk
Billed weight: 235 pounds
Billed height: 6'1
Billed From: San Francisco, California
Fighting Style: Technical/Striker
Signature Moves: Top Rope Dropkick, Snap Suplex, Tornado DDT, Codebreaker, Lionsault
Finishing Moves: Jab Combo followed by a Superkick
Entrance Music: Git Up~ D12

Name: Spawn
Gimmick: Dark cult follower
Billed weight: 200 pounds
Billed height: 5'9
Billed from: The depths of Hell
Fighting Style: High Flyer
Signature Moves: Arm Drag, Face Plant, Jawbreaker, Top Rope Splash, Spin Kick
Finishing Moves: Corkscrew DDT, Moonsault
Entrance Music: The Fight Song~ Marilyn Manson

Name: Hybrid
Gimmick: Dark cult follower
Billed weight: 250 pounds
Billed height: 6'3
Billed from: The depths of Hell
Fighting Style: Powerhouse
Signature Moves: Sidewalk Slam, TKO, Powerslam, Scoop Slam, Big Boot
Finishing Moves: Elevated Powerbomb
Entrance Music: The Fight Song~ Marilyn Manson

Name : Callumomac
Height : 6 ft 4
Weight : 275
Wrestling Style : Technical , Brawler , Submission , Smash Mouth
Gimmick : Kinda a Mr Kennedy gimmick
Music : Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva
Sig Moves : Belly To Belly , Spinebuster , DDT , German Suplex , Full Nelson , Spear
Finisher(s) : Sian Cutter ( RKO But i throw my opponent into the air then hit the RKO ) , STFU

Name-Neon Hardy
Nick Name-Neon Glow
Weight- 250 pounds
Height- 6’3”
From: NYC, NY
Style: High Flying
Sig Moves- Drop Kick, Super Kick, Huracarana, Frog Splash
Finishers- RKO, 619, Leg Drop
Entrance- I Don’t Wanna Stop

Name: Nazzac
Forumname: nazzac
Height: 6ft
Weight: 156 lbs
Gimmick: Gangster
Fighting style: Technical and brawl
Hometown: Coney Island
Signiture moves: Canadian Destroyer, Sharpshooter
Finisher: Swing Bottom
Entrance Music: Enter Sandman by Metallica

Name: "Red-Hot" Ricky Reynolds
Gimmick: Failed Rockstar hopelessly addicted to Heroin
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215
Billed From: Los Angeles, CA
Fighting Style: Submission/Technical
Finishing Moves: The Overdose (Indian Deathlock)
Signature Moves: Choke on Vomit (Stalling Vertical Suplex), The Coke Sneeze (Belly-to-Belly Suplex), Yuppie Marching Powder (German Suplex), Artery Jammer (Texas Cloverleaf), Daily Nose Bleed (Running Bulldog), Acid Dropper (Snap Suplex)
Entrance Music: Round and Round – Ratt

Name: Flair3
Forum Username: Flair3
Nickname(If you have 1): The NatureBoy
Gimmick: Babyface
Billed weight: 200 pounds
Billed height: 5f 8 i tall
Billed From: Montreal Quebec Canads
Fighting Style: Technical
Signature Moves: Figure Four, Tornado DDT, Frog Splash
Finishing Moves: Dead End Driver(Michinoku Driver), Arn Anderson Spine Buster
Entrance Music: Old Time Rock'n Roll

Name: Bolton Stevens
Forum Name: Bolton
Nickname: "The Messianic One"
Character: Dark, degenerative "Rock God" (think Raven and Jim Morrison fused together)
Billed weight: 210 pounds
Billed height: 5'9
Billed From: New York City
Fighting Style: Super Junior (High Flyer)
Signature moves: Shooting Star Splash (Standing, Top Rope) Diving Running Forearm, Stylin' DDT, Moonsault
Finishing Moves: Showtime (Super Kick) New York Minute (Jumping Fame-Asser)
Entrance Music: Light My Fire by The Doors
Alignment: Heel

Name: Edgecutioner
gimmick: escaped soul from hell
nickname: The dead one
Billed Height: 7,0
Billed Weight: 330
Billed from: The fiery depths of hell
Fighting style: powerhouse, technical
Finishing Moves: Chokeslam, straight to hell
Sig. moves: Flying Clothesline, Big boot, Back Breaker.
entrance music: Darker Side

Name: STL
Gimmick: Hardcore Badass who makes incredible impact
Billed Height: 6'4
Billed Weight: 300 pounds
Billed From: The Show Me State
Fighting Styles: Hardcore
Finishers:Clothes Line From Hell, DDT on a chair
Signature Moves: Hard Left Hands, Belly to Back Suplex, Powerbomb
Entrance Music: Get ya walk on-Xzibit
Allignment: Heel

Name: Tyrant
Forum Username: whychriswhy
Gimmick: clumsy, messes the simplest moves up
Billed weight: 125
Billed height: 5'8"
Billed From: UK
Fighting Style: clumsy
Signature Moves: Dragon Suplex, Tigerbomb, T-Bone Suplex
Finishing Moves: Triple DDT (one on the ground, pick him up, one off the top rope, pick him up and running one towards the ropes to finish them off.)
Entrance Music: What a Waster by The Libertines

Name: Andy Ace
Forum Username: Andy Ace 5150
Gimmick: fan favorite who is underestimated but always comes out on top.
Billed weight: 235 pounds
Billed height: 6"2
Billed From: Commack, NY
Fighting Style: high flying mat wrestler
Signature Moves: Spear, Springboard Clothesline, Spinning Sitdown Powerbomb
Finishing Moves: The Ace Cutter, Ace Knee Smash, PowerPlex
Entrance Music: "Handful Of Redemption" by BoysetsFire

Name-- 'the main surprise' Chris Shocker
Weight-- 242 pounds
Height-- 6 ft 2
Hometown-- Kent, UK
Theme Music-- 30 Seconds to mars - Attack
Attire-- black bottoms(with white lines down side), no top, white trainers, gold chain round neck.
Fighting Style-- Brawler
Signature Moves-- Shining wizard, Dragon suplex,
Finisher-- Shocker splash(top ropes styles clash) ,Ankle lock
Heel/Face-- Face
Gimmick: none

Name-- El Paria
Weight-- 240 lbs.
Height-- 6'0"
Hometown-- Tijuana Mexico
Theme Music-- Number One by Skye Sweetnam
Attire-- topless, black tights, black wrestling boots, Black mask in the vague angular shape of a wolf
Fighting Style-- Lucha Libre
Signature Moves-- Flying forearm, running power-slam, running lariat, Springboard plancha
Finisher-- Michinoku Driver
Heel/Face-- face
Gimmick(If any)-- funny
Manager(If any)-- Leon Blue (Translator)

Name-- Kumaga
Weight-- 201lbs
Height-- 5'11
Hometown-- Samoan part of Alabama
Theme Music-- Umaga's theme
Attire-- Sama as Umaga
Fighting Style-- (Can choose 1) Brawler
Signature Moves-- (Can choose up to 4) Alabama slam, Samoan spike.
Finisher-- (Can choose up to 2)Samoan slam(rock bottom)
Heel/Face-- heel
Gimmick(If any)-- Samoanish
Manager(If any)-- (If you want to have a manger you must organise it with another member)

Name-- "The K.I.D" Kid Kash
Weight-- 199 lbs
Height-- 6'3"
Hometown-- Tasmania, Australia
Theme Music-- Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
Attire-- Silver Tights, With Silver Jacket on, during the entrance
Fighting Style-- High Flyer
Signature Moves-- Bank Roll (Turnbuckle climb into a rebounded corkscrew senton onto a standing opponent) Hurricanrana, Double jump moonsault, K.O.D. – Kash On Delivery (Elevated Boston crab)
Finisher-- Money Maker (Double underhook piledriver) Dead Level (Brainbuster)
Gimmick-- Confident/Cocky
Heel/Face-- Heel

Name-- Shockwave
Weight-- 210 pounds
Height-- 6' 3
Hometown-- Battle Creek MI
Theme Music-- Shockwave by Black Tide
Attire-- White baggy trousers with green and black tribal designs, green headband, green and black boots
Fighting Style-- Brawler
Signature Moves-- Shock Lock (Anaconda Vice), Superkick, Shining Wizard, Cradle Piledriver
Finisher-- Devastation Driver (Double underhook Canadian Destroyer), Chiropractor (Back Stabber on opponent on turnbuckle facing crowd)
Heel/Face-- face
Gimmick(If any)-- stoner (like RVD)

Name-- Daywalker
Weight-- 200
Height-- 6'2
Hometown-- City 17
Theme Music-- Infra-Red (Placebo)
Attire-- Black boots, baggy blue jeans, black t-shirt, black hoodie with no fear pattern, gears of war baseball cap covered by hood, leather jacket, fingerless gloves
Fighting Style-- Hardcore and Technical
Signature Moves-- Russian Leg sweep, Slingshot suplex, slingshot power bomb
Finisher-- Spyke DDT
Heel/Face-- Tweener
Gimmick-- No gimmick needed.

Name-- Creachbaum
Weight-- 210
Height-- 6'2
Hometown-- Las Vegas , Nevada
Theme Music-- Ride of your life
Attire-- Red and blue deinged tights
Fighting Style-- Brawler and very Technical
Signature Moves-- Elbow Drop , Ankle stomp , powerbomb pin
Finisher-- Super Kick
Heel/Face-- Face
Gimmick-- Modern day Loner with few friends

Name-- K_mo
Weight-- 105 lbs.
Height-- 5'8"
Hometown-- Grove City, Ohio
Theme Music-- The Broken by Fireball Ministry
Attire-- Short tights/Long underwear (Black w/White simples on each hip); Knee pads (Black); Arn Anderson style Boots (Black w/White trim)
Fighting Style-- Technical
Signature Moves-- Cross Arm Slam, Cross Arm Stretch, Cross Arm Leg Sweep, Cross Arm Piledriver
Finisher-- Cross Arm TKO, Reverse Death Valley Driver
Heel/Face-- Face
Gimmick(If any)-- Tough little bastard & Hot-head
Manager(If any)-- (If you want to have a manger you must organise it with another member) None

Name: Karl Adkisson
Forum Username: Rated R
Nickname(If you have 1): The Yellow Rose of Texas
Gimmick: No Gimmick needed
Alignment: Face
Billed weight: 270 lbs
Billed height: 6ft 1
Billed From: Austin, TX
Fighting Style: Brawler
Signature Moves: Lariat, Double Pump Handle Orange Crush, Curb stomp, Multiple German Suplex
Finishing Moves: The Adkisson Claw (Von Erich Claw)
Entrance Music: Debonaire by Dope

Name: Erik Michaels
Nickname: The Past, The Present, The Future
Gimmick: Cocky Ladies Man
Billed Height: 6’1
Billed Weight: 213 Pounds
Billed From: Miami, Florida
Fighting Style: All Around Wrestler
Finishing Moves: Michnoku Driver II & Inverted Sharpshooter (Edgecator)
Signature Moves: Fisherman Suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, Argentina Piledriver
Entrance Music: Welcome to the Jungle-Guns N Roses

name: Black Dagger
gimmick: Vampire
height: 6ft3
weight: 280 pounds
billed from: Manchester, England
fight style: Rough and technical
finisher: Dead End/Sit Down Chokebomb, Light Out/F-5
signature: Death Drop/Crucifix Powerbomb, Fast Asleep/Last Ride, Black Hole Slam, Wakey Wakey/Reverse Death Valley Driver
entrance music: Foo Fighters/Pretender

Name: Matt Lee
Forum Username: themattster111p
Nickname: The Rain Wizard
Gimmick: Ninja (Heel)
Billed weight: 240
Billed height: 6"4
Billed From: Kansas City, Missouri
Fighting Style: Ninja Brawler/High Flyer
Signature Moves: Van Damninator(With or without the chair), Springboard DDT, Huracanrana, 619, and Moonsault
Finishing Moves: Shooting Star Press, Dragon Suplex
Entrance Music: Shooting Star by Black Stone Cherry

Name: Jamarius Jackson
Gimmick: Street Thug
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Billed From: The Bronx, New York
Fighting Style: Striker
Finishing Moves: Fifteenth Street Flurry (Rapid Jabs to the Face)
Signature Moves: Mugging (Sleeper Hold), Tagged (Forearm to Face), Drive By (Clothesline to the Back of the Head) and Jack dat Punk (Reverse Neckbreaker)
Entrance Music: Tell Me When to Go by E 40

XCL Bio Thread Ufc-70-tito-ortiz

"With Great Sacrifice Comes Great Reward"
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XCL Bio Thread
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