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 XCL Launch Special

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XCL Launch Special Empty
PostSubject: XCL Launch Special   XCL Launch Special EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:51 am

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen this next contest is set for one fall.

*The Broken plays to a good reception from the fans.*

Announcer: First, from Grove City Ohio, he stands 5"8" tall and is 105 pounds; this is K-Mo!

K_Mo makes his way down to the ring, giving people high-fives, and gets "K_Mo! K_Mo! K_Mo!" chants when he gets in the ring and holds up his arms.

*Ride of Your Life plays and gets more loud cheers.*

Announcer: And his opponent from Las Vegas, Nevada; he is 6'2" and weighs in at 210 pounds, please welcome Creachbaum!

Creachbaum walks to the ring, giving some people high-fives, gets in the ring, stands on the turnbuckle holding his arms up in a smiliar manner, and gets the chant "Creachbaum! Creachbaum! Creachbaum!".

Latin Passion Master: You must be joking, this match is going to flat out suck, these two are amatuers!

Macho King: What are you talking about? They're both fine competitors and are loved by the XCL fans. We're in for a great match!

*The bell rings to get the match underway.*

Creachbaum and K_Mo move toward the center of the ring and shake hands. Creachbaum nods at K_Mo before landing a haymaker right in K_Mo's face. K_Mo staggers then comes back with a hand of his own. Creachbaum then staggers some himself. Creachbaum and K_Mo have a little staredown before K_Mo backs down some. K_Mo then slides underneath Creachbaum and gets a Sleeper Hold on him.

Ref: Creachbaum, do you submit?

The ref is greeted back with a stern "No!" as Creachbaum struggles in the hold. He grabs K_Mo by the back of the head and throws him forward, sending him to the mat. Creachbaum stomps on the downed K_Mo in the stomach twice before K_Mo gets out of the way and Creachbaum misses. K_Mo stands up and bounces off the ropes, going for a running clothesline. Creachbaum is knocked one step backwards but that is all that happens.

Macho King: K_Mo may be a bit outmatched in size, which could play a key role in the outcome of this match. Let's see how that pans out.

Latin Passion Master: A bit "outmatched" Macho Queen? He's completely out of his league, he's literally half the size of Creachbaum! Just watch him get destroyed.

K_Mo tries a second time and gets the same effect of Creachbaum moving back about one step. He goes for the clothesline once more but is scooped up by Creachbaum and is sideslammed. Creachbaum goes for the pin.

Ref: 1......2....

K_Mo kicks out at 2 1/2. Creachbaum goes for his elbow drop but K_Mo rolls out of the way and Creachbaum lands on his right elbow hard and yells out in pain. K_Mo waits for him to stand up before running off the ropes again but for a momentum-filled dropkick that knocks Creachbaum onto his back. K_Mo goes for the pin on Creachbaum.

Ref: 1....

Creachbaum throws K_Mo off but with some difficulty, still suffering from the pain in his elbow. Both men get back up on their feet and lock up. Creachbaum, having more strength, gets the best of K_Mo and tries to lift him up, but his arm is visibly shaking. K_Mo hits Creachbaum's head over and over until Creachbaum's grip loosens. K_Mo reverses the hold into a massive elevated DDT!

Macho King: Wow! That's one of the most impressive things I've ever seen! Even someone like you has to acknowledge a big move like that!

Latin Passion Master: That was a good move, I must admit. But- can he capitalize on it? Because if he can't, that will only buy him so much time Macho Queen.

K_Mo quickly gets over to Creachbaum and kicks his arm hard and then applies a grounded Cross Arm Stretch onto him. Creachbaum's elbow and arm are in substantial pain, as is shown on his face. K_Mo cinches the move in tighter while the ref goes over to check on Creachbaum.

Ref: Creachbaum, do you submit?

"NO!!" is heard again as Creachbaum fights through the agony. Creachbaum tries to escape again and again and seems to be about to tap. Creach uses the stregth he has to get K_Mo onto the mat and breaks the hold, reversing it into a ground headlock!

Ref: K_Mo, do you submit?

"No!!" and the pressure is applied even more by Creachbaum. K_Mo fights the pain, and there seems to be pain on the face of Creachbaum as he wrenches back on the head and neck of K_Mo, also involuntarily harming his elbow. Creachbaum's pain becomes too much and he gives up on the hold, clutching his hurt elbow. K_Mo capitalizes and goes for a roll-up pin.

Ref: 1.......2.....

Latin Passion Master: *Yawn* I wish someone would finish the match already. I've checked all the updates on wrestlefan.forumakers.com with my laptop here and I'm about to fall asleep.

Macho King: Tell me, do you have any eye for good competition at all LPM? These two are giving it their all, and I'm impressed with how K_Mo's been able to stay in the match for so long.

Creachbaum lifts K_Mo off the mat and runs over to a corner, trying to slam him into it. K_Mo reverses by sliding off Creachbaum's back and shoves him face first into it. Creachbaum staggers and falls over backwards. K_Mo climbs the turnbuckle, going for a high risk move. He gets to the top and puts a hand to his ear, working the crowd into a frenzy.

Latin Passion Master: This is stupid, he's wasting time Macho. It's not worth the taunting kid, jump already!

Macho King: He's getting the crowd behind him to keep the momentum building in hs favor LPM. Watch how it works for him.

K_Mo leaps off for a top rope body splash, but Creachbaum rolls out of the way just in time. K_Mo lands hard belly-first as Creachbaum gets back up on his feet. Creachbaum takes advantage of the moment and covers K_Mo!

Ref: 1!.........2!.....

Near fall and K_Mo gets a shoulder up. Creachbaum is getting a little frustrated and starts to argue with the referee. He walks back over to K_Mo and picks him up off the ground. He sets him up for what could be a Powerbomb. He lifts K_Mo into the air and is about to lsam him down when K_Mo slips away and executes a beautiful Victory Roll Pin onto Creachbaum.

Ref: 1!.......2!.......3!

Macho King: And just like that this one is over with a complete upset win for K_Mo! Congratulations kid!

Latin Passion Master: I can't believe that little runt pulled that out. He's lucky Creachbaum hurt his elbow earlier in the match. If he hadn't we might have seen another outcome.

*The Broken plays throught the arena.*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner of the match, K_Mo!!

K_Mo rolls out of the ring holding his arms high as he goes to the back high-fiving ome of the people in the front row. The crowd is going absolutely nuts for the match and cheering for the efforts of both men. Creachbaum appears to be angry with the loss at first but is calmed by the fans' applause. He goes to the back quietly, acknowledging and high-fiving a few of the fans.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

XCL Launch Special Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL Launch Special   XCL Launch Special EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:52 am

Announcer: The following tag team contest is schedule for one fall.

*Before I forget plays*

Announcer: Introducing first at a combined weight of 340 pounds from Toronto, Canada and Austin, Texas respectively WWEfan and The legend killer!

WWEfan and LK make their way to the XCL ring with a swagger about them which doesn’t get them a very good response from the audience, they ignore the fans that hold their hands out to both guys.

Announcer: And their opponents, Introducing first from the City 17, standing at over 6 feet tall and weighing in at 200 pounds he is Daywalker!

Daywalker starts to walk down the ramp and gets a small pop from the crowd who do not know how to react to Daywalker yet, he rolls in to the ring and prepares for the entrance of his tag team partner.

Announcer: And his tag team partner from New York City, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 225 pounds, he is The Jerichoholic!

Jerichoholic gets a huge pop from the crowds at XCL he shakes and claps hands with loads of fans at ringside before stepping up in to the ring next to his partner Daywalker. Both teams start stretching and warming up in the ring ready for the ring bell to ring.

Macho King: Get ready for some hot action straight from the XCL locker room, be prepared because we are in for one hell of a match.

Latin Passion Master: AH shutupa ya face will you so we can all watch this match in peace and quiet.

*Bell Rings*

TLK and Daywalker are the two men starting in the ring, both men lock up and test out their strength against each other. TLK goes for an arm drag but Daywalker quickly reverses it and lands an arm drag of his own which gets a pop from the crowd. Daywalker picks TLK back up and whips him off the ropes, TLK bounces off the ropes and goes towards Daywalker who hip tosses which frustrates TLK. Daywalker tags in Jerichoholic who gets a huge ovation from the crowd. Jerichoholic charges at TLK and shoulder barges him to the mat, TLK quickly gets back up until Jerichoholic barges him straight back down again.

Macho king: An interesting start to the match looks like Daywalker and Jerichoholic have the early advantage over their opponents doesn’t it.

Latin passion master: hey don’t jump the gun Macho queen, it’s only the beginning and things can change in the match within an instance so stop running your mouth like a little girl.

TLK gets back off the mat but Jerichoholic quickly sets him up and delivers a sweet scoop slam near the turnbuckle, Jerichoholic goes to the top ropes and waits for TLK to get back on his feet. TLK gets back up and meets Jerichoholic who knocks him back down with a flying clothesline. Jerichoholic gets back up holding his ribs, he tags in Daywalker. Daywalker pulls TLK up by his arm and Irish whips him in to the turnbuckle, Daywalker charges at TLK and clotheslines him whilst his back is up against the turnbuckle, TLK drops to the bottom of the turnbuckle after the clothesline.

WWEfan starts to distract the referee for what seems like no reason. Daywalker sees that TLK is at the bottom of the turnbuckle hurting, Daywalker runs at TLK while he is leaning at the bottom of the turnbuckle and goes for a bronco buster but TLK holds up both his feet thus kicking him in his privates and doing an illegal manoeuvre while the referee’s back is turned. TLK quickly rushes to his feet and dives at WWEfan and tags him in to the match.

Macho king: OUCH! That looked like it hurt, that little cheat WWEfan has to cheat to win because he knows he cannot do it fair and square.

Latin Passion Master: well you know as well as I do that you need to do whatever it takes to win a match and that’s exactly what WWEfan is doing and I respect him for that.

WWEfan rushes in to the ring and sprints towards Jerichoholic and forearms him in the face taking Jerichoholic off the apron and to the floor. He then stomps towards Daywalker and gives him a good knee buster making Daywalker stumble around the ring, WWEfan then pulls him up and drops Daywalker with a hard spinebuster causing Daywalker to writhe around in pain on the mat, WWEfan goes for the cover

Referee: One…TWO…

Daywalker manages to get his shoulder on a comfortable two count. TLK gets back in the ring breaking the rules and joins up with WWEfan for a few seconds, WWEfan and TLK drag Daywalker back up and they hit him with a nicely done double suplex. Both guys get up and start posing and taunting the fans to irritate them intensely. Jerichoholic slides back in to the ring and quickly double clotheslines both WWEfan and TLK, Jerichoholic then drags WWEfan back up to his feet and lands a beautiful dropkick on him knocking him off his feet once again. TLK manages to lift himself off the ground after the clothesline and walks towards Jerichoholic who almost out of nowhere hits TLK with a 3TF.

Daywalker gets back on his feet after being double teamed earlier on by WWEfan and TLK. Daywalker creeps up behind WWEfan who has only just got to his feet and plants him with a Russian leg sweep from behind. Daywalker and Jerichoholic lift up WWEfan and TLK at the same time and simultaneously launch them both over the top ropes to the outside of the ring. Daywalker and Jerichoholic look at each other and they both have the same idea, Daywalker and Jerichoholic both go to separate sides of the ring and they Simultaneously Vaulting body press on to the helpless WWEfan and TLK on opposite sides of the ring.

Macho king: wow things are starting to heat up here at XCL’s pre-show I can’t wait to see who wins this one.

Latin passion master: things are not heating up at all, we have got those little cheats Daywalker and Jerichoholic doing what they do best…CHEATING!

Jerichoholic picks up WWEfan from the floor and Irish whips him in to the steel steps ferociously, WWEfan screams out in pain. Meanwhile Daywalker drags TLK over to the announcers table and repeatedly slams his head on to the announcers table tiring him out. Daywalker rolls TLK back in to the ring and gets in their afterwards, Daywalker walks up to TLK and kicks him to the gut and drops TLK with a beautiful snap suplex. Jerichoholic slams WWEfan in to the ring post laying him out again.

Daywalker climbs on to the top ropes and points to WWEfan who is lying on the floor on the outside, but just as he goes to jump TLK runs up behind him and shoves him off the top ropes and sends him crashing to the outside hard on to the floor. Jerichoholic quickly goes to get in the ring for some revenge on TLK for what he just did to daywalker but TLK Baseball slides him in the face knocking Jerichoholic back to the ground. TLK drags up his partner WWEfan and helps him get in to the ring and then follows him in afterwards leaving Jerichoholic and Daywalker in pain on the outside.

Macho king: wow, these two teams look like they really hate it each other, this could lead in to a great long feud together.

Latin Passion Master: erm im not sure Macho queen but in the end its all about winning the task at hand and that’s all that really matters.

TLK and WWEfan stand up in the ring and signal the referee to call the 10 count for Daywalker and Jerichoholic who are still hurt on the outside.

Referee: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8...

Jerichoholic dives in the ring and breaks up the 10 count, WWEfan and TLK jump on Jerichoholic and start stamping on him and kicking him while he is down. Daywalker goes to get back in the ring but is met by WWEfan who hits him with a fierce spear knocking Daywalker back off the apron and to the floor once more. The referee orders one of WWEfan or TLK to get out the ring so that the match can continue, TLK complains but then realises they have the advantage already so he makes his way to his teams corner and stands on the apron. WWEfan wastes no time getting to work on Jerichoholic and runs up and kicks him in the ribs while he is still down and continues to stomp on his mid-section.

WWEfan waits for Jerichoholic to get to his feet who is being cheered hysterically by the crowds to try and fight back against him. Jerichoholic finally gets to his feet but is met by WWEfan who lifts him up and drops him with an excruciatingly painful gut buster. WWEfan tags in TLK who goes straight to the top ropes and flies through the air and lands a crazy moonsault on Jerichoholic. TLK goes for the cover…

Referee: ONE…TWO...THR

Jerichoholic manages to get his shoulder up at the last moment as he does this he gets a huge pop from the fans who are still cheering Jerichoholic on. Jerichoholic gets on to his knees but TLK clubs him to the neck knocking him on to his stomach. Out of nowhere Daywalker grabs the legs of WWEfan who is standing on the apron and pulls him off the apron with mad strength, WWEfan manages to land on his feet but then nearly gets his head taken of with a powerful clothesline by Daywalker who looks very pumped up.

Macho king: OMG! Daywalker just nearly took his head clean off with that clothesline. Im surprised WWEfan is still moving!

Latin Passion Master: Hey you can’t to do that to WWEfan! He couldn’t fight him face to face so he had to attack him from behind, Daywalker is such a coward.

Daywalker gets back in the ring with an angry look about him, Daywalker strides up to TLK who is holding his hands up claiming innocence, Daywalker ignores TLK’s pleas and just destroys him with a big boot to the skull. Daywalker lifts up TLK and drops him with a devastating spyke DDT which almost breaks his neck. Daywalker goes for the cover but the referee stops him because the Referee realises that Daywalker is not the legal man on his team.

Daywalker gets angry but ignores the referee’s pleas for him to get out of the ring as he isn’t the legal man. Daywalker lifts TLK up off his feet and tries Irish whipping him in to the turnbuckle but is stopped when he accidentally Irish whips TLK in to the Referee thus knocking the referee out.

Macho king: oh no the referee has been knocked out! This now means that anything can happen oh this is terrible.

Latin Passion Master: That cheat! Daywalker clearly took the ref out deliberately! Now I hope that someone kicks his ass after that performance.

WWEfan suddenly appears up behind Daywalker with a steel chair grasped in hand. WWEfan smashes Daywalker in the face with the steel chair when he turns back around. WWEfan the proceeds to lay a ferocious beat down with the steel chair on to Daywalker, Daywalker just lays there holding his head trying to avoid being struck in the head again by WWEfan. Jerichoholic gets up and starts to run at WWEfan who is standing over Daywalker's broken body with the steel chair still grasped in his hands, just before Jerichoholic gets at WWEfan TLK runs in from nowhere and rigny tackles him to the ground stopping to attempt dead.

WWEfan strides towards Jerichoholic whilst TLK is pounding him in the face with hard right shots, WWEfan grabs the hair of Jerichoholic and pulls him up to his feet, WWEfan then proceeds to kick Jerichoholic in the private area so hard that Jerichoholic falls to the floor almost crying with the pain from the low blow. TLK then kicks Jerichoholic viciously under the bottom rope and knocking him on the outside on to the hard floor.

Macho king: oh no this looks very bad for Daywalker, the ref is starting to recover and he now has the two on one odds to overcome against this team of jerks.

Latin passion master: jerks?!? shut up macho your just crying because your gay friends are getting beaten down, i fear the end is near.

WWEfan and TLK turn their attention back towards Daywalker who is still lying there in the centre of the ring a bloody mess from the assault TLK and WWEfan have given to him. WWEfan walks over and places the steel chair intently hard on the floor ready for a move. TLK and WWEfan then pull Daywalker up to his feet and drag him towards the steel chair, TLK sets him up and then raises his arm high in the air looking cocky, TLK then drops Daywalker with an earth-shaking DDT perfectly straight on the to steel chair destroying Daywalker completely. TLK covers the broken body...

Referee: ONE...TWO...THREE!

*before i forget plays*

Ashley: here are your winners, WWEfan and The legend killer!

TLK and WWEfan stand over the broken and bloodied body of Daywalker looking very pleased with themselves. TLK and WWEfan strut up the ramp whilst the fans boo them like they are hitler, meanwhile EMT's run down to the ring and start to help daywalker.

Macho king: Wow, a very close and crazy match up their and i hope the fans have appreciated and enjoyed this pre-show they have been given by XCl.

Latin passion master: close? Daywalker and jerichoholic got destroyed and you know it you pansy! watch the match clearly instead of running your big mouth.

Macho king: Whatever, you havent a clue what your talking about PAL!, any ways good to see you all here and get ready for goldrush tournament which is coming to you soon, thank you and goodnight for now on behalf of everyone here at XCL.
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XCL Launch Special
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