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PostSubject: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:55 am

Macho King-Welcome everybody to the Goldrush tournament, there is 16 men all in it for one reason and one reason only and that is to be crowned the XCL champion. Tonight we will showcase all the 1st round matches and we will see who will advance to the next crown and be one step closer to there destiny.

Latin Passion Master-You got that right this will test there body and mind and is a case of who wants it more?. Who is willing to put there opponent through the most punishment. Its something that all of these men in the tournament have lived for and by the end of the night we will find whos journey will continue and whos dreams would be smashed.

Ashley:The following contest is a Goldrush 1st round match and is scheduled for one fall!

Macho King-And our first match is going to be the very Dark and mysterious wrestler known as Cyanide as he is set to take on “The Eliminator” Zachary. Cyanide really is a mysterious character as we got from his interview he is a very disturbed man who has had a rough childhood. I am very interested to see what he can do in the ring.

Latin Passion Master-Yeh he is very disturbed and you can tell just from the way he looks he has never got laid once in his life unlike the Latin Passion Master who is a chick magnet and can get it any time he wants. I would invite Cyanide to roll with me sometime I could hook him up with someone but he would trash my style.

***Breathe by Prodigy plays***

Ashley:Making his way to the ring he hails from London, England standing at 6’1 and weighing in at 225lbs CYANIDE!!!.

Cyanide walks slowly down to the ring, most fans in shock at what they are seeing. Cyanide jumps up to the ring apron then looks around at the fans giving them an evil glare. And then steps into the ring, as the referee backs out of the ring.

Macho King-Well as we expected him to be he is certainly a strange and mysterious character, we are anticipating what he is like in the ring though. But judging from what we know about his childhood and what he has said I don’t see him being all too friendly.

Latin Passion Master-This is wrestling! People aren’t supposed to be nice how can you be friendly one moment and then you are ramming someone’s head into a ring post the next it doesn’t work that way and as the saying goes nice guys finish last.

***Always by Saliva plays***

Ashley: And his opponent from Melbourne, Australia. Standing at 6’2 weighing in at 230lbs “THE ELIMINATOR” ZACHARY!!

“The Eliminator” Zachary walks down to the ring giving high fives to fans holding there hands out on his way down to the ring. The fans are on there feet and cheering for Zachary as he slides into the ring then and stands on the second turnbuckle doing a pose as fans cheer for him.

Macho King-As you look at the size difference of these 2 men there isn’t too much difference between the pair, Cyanide is the lighter and the smaller of the 2. And it seems that the fans have already taken a liking to Zachary so he has the support of this sell out crowd behind him.

Latin Passion Master-Yeh Zachary has the support of all these moronic fans out here tonight, but that gets you nowhere after all you can only rely on yourself in the ring. And Zachary is just showing off to these fans whilst you look at Cyanide who looks absolutely focused.

Cyanide goes straight on the attack with lefts and rights burying Zachary in the bottom corner then starts stomping him over and over again with kicks to the head. Cyanide is forced to back away by the referee. Zachary makes it to his feet then Cyanide starts the attack again, then Irish whips Zachary into the corner Zachary comes back out and Cyanide hits a back body drop. Cyanide picks up Zachary then hits a rib breaker and goes for the cover.
Referee: ONE...TWO.kickout

Cyanide gets in the face of the referee, the referee backs away out of the ring. Cyanide focuses his attention on Zachary just at his knees. Cyanide picks up Zachary then hits a knife edge chop. And Irish whips Zachary into the ropes, Zachary bounces Cyanide locks in a sleeper hold Zachary is able to shift the weight then picks up Cyanide and hits a back drop.

Macho King-Early advantage by Cyanide as he attacked Zachary early on, but a momentum shift has changed we will have to see where Zachary takes it from here.

Latin Passion Master-Cyanide saw an opportunity and took it, like a ferocious animal he pounced on his prey. It will only be a matter of time before the advantage is back on Cyanide.

Zachary makes it to his feet and grabs the leg of Cyanide then drops an elbow where the knee is then repeats the elbow to the knee but this time is able to keep the leg locked in. Cyanide is trying to move back to reach the ropes but can’t quite reach. Cyanide pulls the hair of Zachary back, Zachary releases the hold but still holds onto the leg and hits another elbow to the knee. Then drags Cyanide to the far side of the ring and puts his leg on the ropes. Then elevates himself and crashes down on Cyanides leg. Zachary picks up Cyanide then hits a shin breaker, and goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE...TWO...Kick out

Macho King-What a great strategy by Zachary, using the old Anderson technique because well a 3 legged table is no use to anyone and he aims on taking the leg of Cyanide out.

Latin Passion Master-I suspect foul play by Zachary, and just like the Andersons Zachary is a cheater that should be a disqualification he has every intention of injuring Cyanide.

Zachary puts Cyanide on the top turnbuckle then hits Cyanide with a hard right hand. Zachary climbs up to the second turnbuckle looking to hit a super plex, Zachary lifts him over then hits a super plex. Zachary then turns over Cyanide and locks in a half Boston Crab, Cyanide screaming in pain at this point. Cyanide gradually moving towards the ropes, and just gets his fingertips to the ropes when Zachary pulls him back into the centre of the ring. Cyanide is able to turn over and then kicks Zachary in the back who goes head first out of the ring. Cyanide lies in the ring struggling to get up having to use the ropes as his leverage to get up. Zachary eventually makes it to his feet and is holding onto the bottom rope with both hands and drags himself up, Cyanide bounces to the ropes then hits a baseball slide on Zachary, Cyanide then slides out of the ring and starts hammering away at Zachary with some stiff right hands then picks up Zachary and throws him into the steel steps. Then picks him up and throws him back in the ring just when the referee’s count was up to 6. Cyanide lifts up Zachary then hits an atomic drop, Zachary still on his feet Cyanide then hits a discuss clothesline, Cyanide gets up on the second ropes and looks around as the crowd flood him with boo’s. Cyanide then hits an elbow drop and goes straight for the cover.

Referee: ONE...TWO...THR...kick out

Cyanide is on his knees with a look of anger on his face, Cyanide grabs the head of Zachary and picks him up. Then Irish Whips Zachary and hits a drop toe hold into an STF. Cyanide pulls back on the neck and face as much as possible, Zachary extends his arm trying to reach the ropes then trying to move Cyanide to get to the ropes. Zachary’s arm starts to fall and eventually just drops to the mat, the crowd erupts with chants for Zachary. Zachary feeds off the energy of the fans and raises his arm then moves towards the ropes and is able to get to the ropes. Cyanide breaks the hold then picks up Zachary and gets him into a DDT position, Cyanide drops but Zachary had his hand on the rope so he didn’t go down with Cyanide. Zachary pulls Cyanide in the centre of the ring then tries to lock in a sharpshooter but Cyanide is able to kick him in the face, Zachary stumbles away covering his face Cyanide going to hit a discuss clothesline but Zachary ducks out of the way and is able to hit a German Suplex. Zachary goes over to the corner and is waiting for Cyanide to make it to his feet. Cyanide eventually gets to his feet then stumbles around and turns around when Zachary charges at Cyanide and hits a one shot kill. Then goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE...TWO...THRE...kick out!

Macho King-wow! What a great comeback by Zachary, Cyanide seemed to have him beat he was just laying on as much punishment as he could, but Zachary saw his opportunity of a comeback and he took it. He hit a German Suplex, then the one shot kill almost breaking Cyanide in half. I have no idea where Cyanide got the strength to kick out of that.

Latin Passion Master-What did I tell you? Cyanide is absolutely crazy as you said after all the punishment he has taken in this match he still managed to kick out of Zachary’s signature move. And I don’t know where he is getting the energy from the kick out of that. It is going to take a hell of a lot to get Cyanide down for the 1.2.3.

Zachary picks up Cyanide and puts him onto his shoulders, and turns around knocking the referee to his knees for a few moments. Zachary looking to hit Total Elimination, Cyanide is able to reverse it and lands on his feet then drops to his knees and hits a low blow, then hits a very sick Head case on Zachary. Zachary’s seemed lifeless after this, Cyanide then hooks the leg.

Referee: ONE...TWO...THREE!!

Ashley: The winner Cyanide!!

Macho King-Well there you have it Zachary came so very close to winning this and advancing to the next round of the Gold rush. He put in a very good effort but was unable to get the win over Cyanide.

Latin Passion Master-Yes Zachary put a good effort in, but when all said and done its Zachary’s dream that is smashed into a thousand pieces tonight and its Cyanide who will go onto the next round to try and take his dream to another level.

Macho King-Even though it was a tainted victory it was still a victory but the referee should really take another look at this match.

Latin Passion Master-Why look again? Cyanide won fair and square end of story Cyanide progresses to the next round its settled you can’t reverse a decision like that. You don’t like it then go home and cry to your Mommy about it.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:55 am

Ashley: The following match is a Goldrush first round match,scheduled for one fall!

Macho King: This should be a good match,between two guys that have a lot to prove if they want to be the top of the XCL.

Latin Passion Master: You know what,and i won't say it often,is that i agree with you,but only about one part,these two have a lot to prove,but these guys are cool like moi.

**The Darker Side plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring first from the Fiery depths of Hell,the 7 foot,300 pound monster EDGECUTIONER!

Edgecutioner comes down the ring ramp,and makes his way to the ring steps ,Edgecutioner walks up the ring steps,and then gets into the ring going through the middle ropes.

Macho King: I tell you,i knew this guy was big,but man is he huge when you see him live.

Latin Passion Master: This guy is huge!Theres no way Neon Hardy can over come the size advantage,that Edgecutioner has,theres just no way,and honestly i love it.

**I Don't Wanna Stop plays**

Ashley: And the opponent from Akron Ohio,he is the little brother of Matt and Jeff Hardy,he stood in tonight at 6'1 and weighed in at 240 pounds,he is NEON HARDY!

Macho King: Here comes the little brother of Matt and Jeff,i heard his talent is at the same level of his brothers,lets see if he can live up to it.

Latin Passion Master: You don't seriously think this Neon Hardy character,is the younger brother of both Matt and Jeff Hardy do you.

Macho King: Of course he is,why would he lie about that?

Latin Passion Master: Well for starters Neon hardy comes from Ohio,while the Hardyz come from Carolina.But i could destroy you in a war of words so lets just put an end to this Hardy gibberish.

Neon Hardy runs down the ring ramp with his cross necklace around his neck.Before Hardy enters the ring he makes sure to give the young fans in the first row a pat on the head or a high five.Neon Hardy finally slides into the ring.Hardy then places his cross necklace into the corner.

Macho King: Well we know one thing about this Neon hardy character and it's that hes sure good with the younger fans,much like his older brothers Matt and Jeff.

The ring bell sounds and the match gets underway,Hardy rushes towards the huge seven foot monster known as Edgecutioner,Hardy and nails a dropkick to the chest of Edgecutioner only staggering the big man,Hardy shoots back to his feet and gets good air on a standing jumping forearm,Edgecutioner is send staggering into the corner.Hardy moves back a few paces from Edgecutioner,and runs into corner full steam and gets a running jump into the corner,Edgecutioner jumps out of the way,Hardy smacks hard on the turnbuckle,and falls straight down onto the mat.

Macho King: Thats got to hurt,Hardy just built up a good head of momentum and it just came to a sudden halt as his corner cross body was side stepped by the big man.

Latin Passion Master: And the Neon Hardy goes SPLAT!

Edgecutioner walks over to Hardy and grabs a handful of hair and drags Hardy into the center of the ring,by the hair.Edgecutioner drops a big elbow onto the chest of Hardy.

Macho King: Ones got to wonder how Hardy can come back from that.

Latin Passion Master: Well i thought he was like his brothers and "will not die" i guess he ain't related to them after all.

Edgecutioner backs away from Hardy,and measures Hardy up,as Hardy gets up,Hardy gets up and turns around,Edgecutioner comes towards Hardy and sticks up the boot,cracking Hardy in the head with a huge big boot,sending Hardy straight down to the mat,Hardy is rolling back and forth in the ring while clutching his head.

Latin Passion Master: Hardy just got his head kicked right off his neck!

Macho King: Hardy doesn't appear to be in good shape,and that boot could have quite possibly cut the forehead open.

Edgecutioner puts both his hands on the hair of Hardy and pulls him up by the feet of it,some of Hardy's hair get pulled right from the scalp.Edgecutioner grabs a tight grip on Hardy,who is fighting back with a flurry of forearms to the head,hardy stops his flurry of forearms and throws in some hard knees straight into Edgecutioner's mid section,Hardy backs off and is able to regain his breath.

Latin Passion Master: Did you see hardy's hair come flying offf his head?

Macho King: I did.

Latin Passion Master: Wasn't it hilarious!?

Macho King: No,how could you see something like that and call it funny?

Latin Passion Master: Well somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today.And you know theres a thing called sense of humor,i think you need to study into that.

Hardy runs right back towards the huge Edgecutioner,Hardy is at top speed,Edgecutioner sticks out his arm and steps forward,laying hardy out with a vicious clothesline.Edgecutioner drags Hardy by his hair and into the middle of the ring.Edgecutioner covers.


Macho King: Neon Hardy kicks out after the count of two.

Edgecutioner,is in a state of shock,Edgecutioner argues to the referee about the count,Hardy is getting up,Edgecutioner continues to argue his case,Hardy is up and runs towards the back of Edgecutioner and hits Edgecutioner in the back of the head,sending him face first into the ring post.Hardy then hits a corner dropkick on Edgecutioner,who is fished out of the corner with that dropkick,Hardy sees it and scales to the top rope in quick fashion and then hits a Jeff Hardy whisper in the wind on Edgecutioner.

Macho King: Now do you believe hes a Hardy,in did that whisper in the wind like only his brother Jeff could do.

Latin Passion Master: Well hes yet do to a leg drop and a twist of fate like Matt,and hes yet to hit that swanton like only Jeff can do.

Edgecutioner is laying down on the mat.Hardy looks to be extremely pleased with himself.Hardy goes to the top rope,Edgecutioner still lays motionless on the ground,Hardy comes soaring down from the top rope hitting a frog splash directly on Edgecutioner,cover.


Latin Passion Master: Edgecutioner powers out just before the three.

Hardy has a shocked look on his face,as he just begins to realize that his frog splash wasn't enough to put the monster down for the three.Hardy grabs the legs of Edgecutioner and flips over Edgecutioner onto his stomach,Hardy tries to apply the Boston Crab,but the legs of Edgecutioner prove to be to big,as he just powers Hardy off him,Hardy goes flying towards the ring ropes.Edgecutioner is up,Hardy comes back towards Edgecutioner,who meets Hardy with a big kick to the mid section on Hardy,Edgecutioner then positions Hardy for the powerbomb,Edgecutioner pulls Hardy up into the air and hits a wicked powerbomb,Edgecutioner doesn't let go of the powerbomb,and pulls Hardy right back up and hits another powerbomb,Edgecutioner still doesn't let go,Edgecutioner pulls Hardy up for a third time,and slams Hardy down with a third powerbomb that look much more devastating then the previous two,Edgecutioner has both Hardy's shoulders glued down on the mat.The referee gets into position for the count.


Macho King: Amazing!Hardy kicked out of what seemingly looked impossible,just like his brothers Neon has proven he will not die!Latin Passion Master now you must believe hes a Hardy.

Latin Passion Master: Hes still yet to hit those Hardy signature moves,and until then he will never be a Hardy,he seems more like a Rey Mysterio with his ring attire.

Macho King: Now that you mention it,his ring attire does look similar to that of Rey Mysterio's attire,but that doesn't change the fact that hes a Hardy.

Latin Passion Master: Of course i turned out to be right,because ain't i always right?

Macho King: No,because Neon Hardy is just as much a Hardy as his brothers Matt and Jeff.

Latin Passion Master: Then you continue to think that,so you can fantasying about him being a Hardy or you can call the damn match,your choice.

Macho King: Lets just focus on the match at hand.

Latin Passion Master: Silly Macho always caves under the pressure of my aura.

Edgecutioner can't believe the referees count,Edgecutioner questions the referees count and backs the referee into the corner,Edgecutioner gets both his hands on the collar of the referees shirt and then pushes the referee into the corner,Edgecutioner turns around into a super kick by Neon Hardy,who quickly capatalizes by going to the top rope,Hardy is on the top rope,and then comes flying off with a Matt Hardy like leg drop,Hardy then follows it up with a standing leg drop,Hardy goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE...TWO...THER

Latin Passion Master: Edgecutioner kicks out.

Macho King: Hardy needs to take advantage of the situation and try not to argue with the referee about a slow count.

Hardy begins to argue with the referee,the referee tells Hardy he was just doing his job,at counted at regular speed.Edgecutioner gets up and runs towards Hardy,with a clothesline,Hardy sidesteps seemingly having eyes in the back of his head,Edgecutioner continues forward with momentum and runs the referee over with the clothesline intended for Hardy.

Macho King: Oh no the referee,is out.We might need some help,and in addition to that a new referee to take the place of the one that was injured,at the hands of that monstrous Edgecutioner.

Latin Passion Master: Throw out the rule book,lets see what these guys can do now,that theres no rules.

Edgecutioner shows no emotion after knocking down the referee,Edgecutioner turns around and gets kicked right into the mid section,Hardy hits a picture perfect twist of fate on Edgecutioner,one only Matt could execute better.

Macho King: Now you got to believe hes a Hardy,he hit that twist of fate with no flaw.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah sure what ever,whats he going to do with the referee knocked out anyways?

A mysterious figure jumps the guard rail and enters the ring,the cloaked figure picks up Neon Hardy's cross necklace and wraps it around his hand.Hardy turns around as he hears the mysterious man,when Hardy makes the 360 turn,the cloaked figure hits Hardy with the cross necklace busting hardy wide open,getting blood all over the cross necklace.The cloack man then pulls the cloak hood off of his head,to reveal his face.

Macho King: Thats "The Wrath of God" Bolton Stevens!Whats he doing out here?

Latin Passion Master: Whom ever he is i like!

Bolton drops the cross necklace on the ground and then pulls Hardy up to his feet,Bolton grabs the arms of hardy and then hits Hardy with the Unprettier,onto the cross necklace.Bolton then kicks hardy over onto his back.Bolton picks up the cross necklace and wears it around his neck.Bolton pulls Edgecutioner onto the unconscious Hardy.

Macho King: What is Bolton doing out here,and why did he cost Neon Hardy the match.And how about that Unprettier,he did it just as good as an arch Hardy rival,Christian Cage.

Latin Passion Master: That was no ordinary Unprettier that was the process of expelling the light.In fact I'll dub that move No More Light!

Bolton revives the shaken referee and gives him a push over to the two combatants,the referee begins to make the count.

Macho King: No!Not this way!

Referee: ONE...TWO...THREE!

Latin Passion Master: What an impressive win!

Macho King: How do you consider that impressive,Bolton was single handily the only reason Neon Hardy lost.

Latin Passion Master: It doesn't matter because it's a W in the win/lose column and all it shows is the W.

**The Darker Side plays**

Ashley: Here is your winner The Escaped Soul from Hell EDGECUTIONER!

Edgecutioner refuses to get his hand raised by the referee,and then exits the ring and walks up the ring ramp and back into the backstage area.

Latin Passion Master: That match certainly exceeded my expectations,and had a very good twist of fate when Bolton got involved.

Macho King: I'm upset with that tainted win,but i can't wait to see the rest of the show and how it progresses from here on out.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:57 am

ASHLEY: This match is a Goldrush First Round Match, scheduled for one fall.

**Shockwave plays**

ASHLEY: Making his way to the ring; from Battle Creek, Michigan; weighing 210 pounds, SHOCKWAVE!

MACHO: This monumental event continues with the next first round match in this tournament to crown a XCL World Champion.

LPM: You’re right that this event is monumental. Any time I’m around it’s monumental.

MACHO: Anyways; Shockwave makes his way to the ring. He’s got a devastating finishing move LPM.

LPM: Oh yeah that Double Underhook Canadian Destroyer would kill a normal man.

ASHLEY: And his opponent.

**Line in the Sand plays**

ASHLEY: From Toronto, Canada; weighing 135 pounds, “The Evolution” CHRIS DAVIDS!

MACHO: The crowd isn’t giving Davids much of a reception like they did for Shockwave.

LPM: I don’t get it. They don’t know him so why can they judge him. And Shockwave is a mama’s boy.

Both men stand in their corners. The bell rings. They lock up and the Shockwave uses his strength advantage to get Davids in a side headlock. Shockwave takes him down to his knees, but Davids takes Shockwave down with a drop toe hold. Davids keeps him grounded and locks in a Triangle Hold. Shockwave uses his free arm to punch Davids in the ribs, but Davids applies more pressure. Shockwave screams in pain, but gets his legs on the ropes. Davids let’s go after the referee counts to four. Shockwave rolls out of the ring. Davids bounces off the ropes, jumps over the top rope and hits Shockwave with a Corkscrew plancha.

MACHO: Oh my! What a move by Davids.

LPM: Look out below Shockwave! Hahaha.

Davids walks to the barricade and waits for Shockwave to get up. Shockwave gets to his feet and turns to Davids. Davids runs and nails Shockwave with the Degenerate. Shockwave’s head bounces on the floor hard. Davids picks him up and tries a suplex, but Shockwave hooks his leg and tries to counter with a death valley driver, but the pain in his neck forces him to put Davids down; Davids grabs Shockwave from behind and hits a belly to back suplex, but Shockwave’s back hits the barricade. Davids gets up and rolls back into the ring. Shockwave is slowly getting to his feet, but does get back into the ring as the referee counts nine.

MACHO: Shockwave barely gets back in the ring and keeps himself in the match.

LPM: I think the effort of getting back in the ring wore him out Macho.

Shockwave tries to get to his feet, but Davids stomps on his back and head. Davids picks him up and has him set for a DDT, but Davids hops up to the middle rope, springs off and then drives Shockwave to the mat with a Tornado DDT. Davids goes for the cover, but Shockwave gets his foot on the bottom rope at two.

LPM: Hey! Why did the referee not count the three!?

MACHO: Shockwave got his foot on the rope, take it easy.

LPM: This match is too exciting to calm down.

Davids can’t believe how Shockwave is still fighting. He picks him up and throws him into the corner. Davids starts running, but Shockwaves hops over him and gets a sunset flip, but he kicks out at two. Davids rolls forward and dropkicks Shockwave in the face. Then Davids gets on top of him and literally slams his fists into his face and head. The referee has to pull Davids off of Shockwave and he warns him about the closed fist shots. The referee goes over to Shockwave.

REF: Do you want to continue?

Shockwave nods his head that he wants to continue and Shockwave, with the help of the ropes, gets to his feet. Then he raises his arms and motions Davids to bring it. Davids is amazed at what he’s seeing. They lock up and Shockwave whips Davids into the corner. Shockwave sits him up on the top rope, but Davids kicks him back. Shockwave walks back to the corner, but Davids launches himself at Shockwave and hits another Degenerate.

MACHO: OH MY! A Degenerate from the top rope!

LPM: Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

Davids makes the cover, but Shockwave barely kicks out.

MACHO: No he only got two.

LPM: What!? I don’t believe it.

Davids gets up and grabs the referee by the collar and yells at him. The referee warns him to let go. Davids let’s go and goes back after Shockwave, who is still down. Davids gets Shockwave on his belly and locks in the Bow & Arrow Lock. Shockwave screams in pain. After a few minutes Davids rolls Shockwave back on his belly and slams his knees into his back. Davids tries to roll back into the hold, but Shockwave hooks his arm on the rope. Davids let’s go and stomps him in the back a couple of times. Davids picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Davids tries a clothesline, but Shockwave ducks and nails him with a Superkick.

MACHO: Oh man he nearly took his head off.

LPM: He has a metal sole on his shoe, I know it.

MACHO: Oh will you stop.

Shockwave falls back against the ropes; Davids gets to his knees when Shockwave runs and hits a Shining Wizard. Shockwave goes for the pin, but Davids kicks out. Right after the two count; Shockwave locks in the Anaconda Vice. After a couple of minutes Davids gets his foot on the bottom rope. Shockwave breaks the hold, picks Davids up and whips him into the ropes. He tries a clothesline, but Davids ducks. Davids comes off the ropes and tries the Degenerate, but Shockwave ducks it. Davids falls down to his knees after the miss; Shockwave pulls him up, hooks his arms and hits the Devastation Driver! He makes the cover and gets the three!

**Shockwave plays**

MACHO: Shockwave wins it! He wins it!

ASHLEY: Here is your winner, SHOCKWAVE!

MACHO: Shockwave connects with the Double Underhook Canadian Destroyer, and gets the three count.

LPM: Somebody go check on Chris Davids, he’s got to have a concussion.

Shockwave rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp while holding his neck. He gets to the top of the stage lifts his arm up in the air. The crowd cheers and applauds him. Then Shockwave walks through the curtain.

MACHO: What a win for Shockwave as he advances to the second round.

LPM: That may be true Macho, but how much damage was done to his neck?
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:57 am

Macho King- Our next First round match up will feature 2 promising young talents Steve Ace and Bolton Stevens both have very different personas, and both wanting to prove themselves worthy of the XCL Championship by advancing to the next round of the tournament.

Latin Passion Master-You better believe both men are going to be willing to do just about anything to get the win here. They both will scratch and claw there way to victory this is sure to be a great match.

Macho King-But from what we have heard from Bolton Stevens he sure seems like an interesting character.

Latin Passion Master- Interesting? Well that’s one way of putting it meathead another way to put it would be psychotic.

***London Calling by The Clash plays***

Ashley: Introducing first standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 250lbs all the way from Bad street, UK .STEVE ACE!!!!.

Steve Ace walks down to the ring as he does he receives an avalanche of boo’s from the audience. Then he approaches the ring and jumps on the ring apron and is about to step inside the ring when he notices a fan in the front row flipping the bird at him. Ace jumps down from the apron and gets in the face of the fan and pie faces him out of his seat.

Macho King-That is just disgraceful these fans payed there hard earned money to boo and cheer whoever the hell they like but apparently that is not allowed as far as Steve Ace is concerned.

Latin Passion Master-Oh would you please shut up that obnoxious disrespectful fan in the front row deserved everything he got treating a visitor to this country like that. He should really be escorted out of the building he is lucky he gets to stay and watch the excellence of Steve Ace.

***Messiah (Hallelujah song) by G.F Handel plays***

Ashley: And the opponent from The Church standing at 6’0 weighing 210lbs. BOLTON STEVENS!!!

Bolton Stevens walks slowly to the ring, some fans cheer and some boo but all of them not knowing what to expect of Bolton. Bolton slowly gets into the ring and sits into the turnbuckle waiting for the bell to ring.

Macho King-What an aura this man has about him, he looks very focused on this match and really an important match like this you need to be focused especially when you don’t know what to expect from the other guy.

Latin Passion Master-Well he certainly does have an aura about him even if it is a creepy and weird aura. Although being creepy and weird worked for Cyanide so it could do for Bolton.

Steve Ace and Bolton lock up, Ace is able to synch in a headlock then takes him over Ace is shifting most of his weight on Bolton’s face. Bolton is able to grab Ace’s leg and turn him over into a pin fall 1...2...Ace breaks out of it. Both men get to there feet quickly Ace hits an arm drag then hits another one and locks the arm in. Ace has a cocky look on his face at this point; Bolton makes it back to his feet and pushes Ace into the ropes, Ace bounces back and ducks out of the way of Bolton’s clothesline and locks in a sleeper hold. Bolton goes for a back drop put Ace is able to land on his feet, and then hits a German Suplex and bridges for the cover. 1...2...kick out.

Macho King-A great start to the match by Steve Ace that is the technical ability he has been talking about, and he does seem very technically gifted in the ring. Ace was able to stay one step ahead of Bolton at all times.

Latin Passion Master-All the best technical wrestlers come from England so why should Ace be any different? Bolton will have to do something special to counter Ace’s technical ability.

Ace picks up Bolton and hits a snap Suplex, then synchs in a reverse chin lock Bolton trying the best he can to reach the ropes but is unable to reach the ropes. Ace eventually lets go pushing Bolton’s face into the mat. Ace picks up Bolton and smashes his head into the top turnbuckle and chops him across the chest several times. Ace pulls him out of the corner then lifts him up and puts him on his shoulder. Ace has a smile on his face and mouths the words “this is to easy”. Ace backs into the corner and starts to run but Bolton is able to escape out of that and pushes Ace into the turnbuckle, Ace’s head connects with the top turnbuckle then he stumbles out of the corner, Bolton hits a snap mare then bounces to the ropes and hits a knee strike to the face of Steve Ace. Bolton goes for the cover 1...2...kick out.

Macho King-Well Bolton quickly shifted the momentum of that, not even giving Ace a chance to breathe before hitting a variety of moves. If Bolton keeps this quick pace up Ace is going to find it very hard to stay in this one.

Latin Passion Master-An Englishmen always finds a way to get out of tough situations, and trust me Steve Ace will turn this around and go back to kicking Bolton’s ass.

Bolton picks up Ace scoops him up then slams him on the mat; Bolton then climbs to the top rope and drives the elbow into the heart of Steve Ace. Bolton takes his time as Steve Ace lies motionless in the ring. Bolton then picks up Ace and gets a waist lock in, Ace is trying to escape out of it. Bolton goes for a German Suplex but Ace grabs onto the ropes Bolton releases the hold then knees Ace in the mid section then elbows him 4 times in the head. And then hits a German Suplex but doesn’t release the hold, Bolton backs near the corner and German Suplexes Steve Ace into the corner. Bolton drags Ace out of the corner and goes for a cover 1...2...kick out. Steve Ace just got his shoulder up for that, Bolton picks Steve Ace up and hits a Northern Lights Suplex into a cover 1...2...kick out. Bolton drops the leg across the neck of Steve Ace, then looks up and his eyes go wide then Bolton climbs to the top rope. Looking to hit the Strike from Heaven Bolton dives off the top rope but Steve Ace is able to move out of harms way. Both men lie motionless in the ring as the ref begins his count. The ref gets up to 7 when Steve Ace just manages to crawl to his feet using the ropes to help him up, Ace stands in the corner whilst Bolton tries to make it to his feet. Bolton is able to get to a vertical base, Ace charges out of the corner and hits a brutal lariat to Bolton.

Steve Ace hooks the leg of Bolton 1...2...kick out. Ace picks up Bolton and slaps him round the face then slaps him again, and knees him in the mid section then bounces to the ropes and hits a running knee lift. Ace goes for the cover 1...2...kick out. Ace goes over to complain at the Ref, the Ref bolts it out of the ring Bolton creeps up behind Ace and hits a German Suplex.

Macho King-Ace had a really big advantage there when Bolton missed the Strike from Heaven he was hitting them big moves and weakening Bolton. But then complaining to the Ref ended up costing him dearly as he got a German Suplex

Latin Passion Master- Well I don’t blame Ace for complaining at the Ref that count was way to slow the Refs counts have been slow all match I really think he might be drunk.

Bolton picks up Steve Ace and Irish Whips him into the ropes Ace bounces back Bolton scoops him up and slams him down, then locks in an arm bar. Steve Ace tries to reach the ropes with his free arm but is unable to. Ace uses his strength and is able to roll up Bolton 1...2...kick out. Both men make it to there feet and hit another with rights and lefts, Bolton goes for a clothesline but Ace is able to duck out of the way, and looks to hit the backdrop driver Bolton elbows Ace in the head then kicks him in the mid section then lifts him up high for the Crucifix Bomb but Ace is able to hook his foot under the top rope. Ace escapes out of it and lands on his feet then hits a hard forearm to Bolton, then Ace hits a Backdrop driver with Bolton landing on his head. Ace pulls him into the centre of the ring then hooks the leg 1...2...3!!!.

Macho King-What a sick move to end this, both men tried there best to get the win but it was that sick Backdrop driver made famous by “Dr.Death” Steve Williams that did it in the end. Bolton still lying motionless in the ring after landing on his head. Both men impressed us tonight but it is Steve Ace advancing to the next round of the tournament.

Latin Passion Master-An Englishmen always finds a way to one up the enemy and that’s what Ace did, when I look at Steve Ace I see someone that is going to go far in this business and who can argue that? I know one man that won’t argue Bolton Stevens.

Macho King-That’s right Steve Ace will go far and at this point I don’t really think Bolton can even stand up straight now. Ace advances to the next round and is one step closer to the XCL title.
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:58 am

Macho King: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen some great wrestling matches already tonight. But this one looks to be a missmatch. Flair3 is a Legend of the squared circle as he has wrestle on other wrestling companies before. But even if i have fate in him, im not sure that his in ring experience will be enough to get over his huge opponent tonight. What do you think Latin Passion Master?

Latin Passion Master: Honnestly King, i dont see how Flair3, at 5 foot 8 and 200 pounds, could even beat that 7 foot 375 pounds monster. Im even wondering if Flair3 Can even lift him up for his dead end Driver.

Macho King: Well we are about to find out because Ripper Radford is slowly making his way to the ring. Lets go to the ring announcer.

More Human Than Human is playing loudly.

Ashley: This contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a first round match in the tournament to crown the first XCL champion. And introducing first, from Nottingham, UK, the Mysterious one, Ripper Radforrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!

Macho King: His entrance is realy bone chilling.

Latin Passion Master: You can bet it is. And her comes the winner of this match.

Macho King: Not to fast Latin passion, the match havent started yet.

Ashley: And now Introducing his opponent.

Old Time Rock'n Roll Starts playing.

Ashley: He is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and weight in tonight at 200 pounds! He is the Nature Boy Flair3!

Flair3 all dress up in his long Red Robe a la Ric Flair, makes his way to the ring as the fans errupt in cheers for him.

Both Wrestler are getting their entrance gears off and goes right in the middle of the ring for a face to face staredown. Ripper Shove Flair3 out of the way, but Flair3 get back in his face ans stomp Radford's feets. Radford is upset and goes for a clotheseline and Flair3 Ducks it and Jump in the air and hit Ripper Radford with a double clap straigh on the ears.

Macho King: Looks like Flair3 have decided to use some unorthodox tactics against Radford tonight.

Latin Passion: Well that wont last long King. Im sure Ripper Radford will find way to end this little game that Flair3 is playing. Radford is not as dumb as he looks.

Ripper Radford, is getting even more upset and swing for a punch and Flair3 ducks it and hit Radford with a stiff kick in the breath basket but with almost no effect. Radford grab Flair3 by the troath in a position for a double chokeslam but Flair3 Somehow manage to hit him with a stiff right to the nose and Ripper Radford starts to bleed.

Latin Passio: King! I think Flair3 just made a big mistake here by making Ripper Radford have a nose bleed. There will be hell to pay here.

Macho King: Well Flair3 is not backing down from the fight and im amaze that he is finding ways to take the advantage in the match. He's using simple moves but they are effective. But for how long? that what im wondering here.

Ripper Radford sees the blood on his hand as he whipe it from under his nose and he catch Flair3 with a hard punch in the stomach and follows that with a devastating piledriver. Ripper Radford starts to choke Flair3 and shove the referee when he tries to break it the first time. Ripper gets back on his feet still holding Flair3 by the troath and chokeslam him hard on the mat.

Latin Passion: See King! I told ya Flair3 would pay for that, and thats just what's happening right now.

Macho King: Lets see if Flair3 will find a way to get out of this or not.

Ripper Radford goes for a leg drop on Flair3, But Flair3 Rolls out of the way at the last split second. Flair3 makes it back on his feet and goes for a figure four Leg Lock, but Ripper shove him head first in the corner with his other leg. Flair3 is still groggy after that shock in the second turnbuckle and Ripper Radford Hit him with 2 stiffs headbutts. Radford Pick Flair3 up and plant him hard on the mat with a running powerslam and goes for a pin.

Referee: One, Two, Thre....

Flair3 miraculously kick out of that pin attempt. Ripper is totaly livid and goes for a Vice Grip a la Great Khali, but Flair3 manage to poke him in the eyes. Ripper Radford swings for a Clothesline but Flair3 manage to grab Radford's arm and lock it in a armbar. Radford power is way out of the move and somehow manage to hit him with a double chokeslam. Ripper starts arguing with a fan and then turn his attention back to Flair3 who slides between Radford's legs and quickly hit him with a series of kicks in the back of the knees.

Macho King: Look at that Latin Passion Master! Flair3 managed to get the advantage back in his favor now.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah but i dont think it will last long King, but i will admit this here, This boy Flair3 is one tough Hombre.

Ripper Radford slowly falls on his knees and Flair3 grab him in a headlock and repeatedly punch him in the head. Ripper falls on his back and Flair3 goes to the ropes and hit him with a picture perfect Ric Flair Knee Drop straigh in Radford's head. Flair3 Climbs to the top and Goes for a Five Starr Frog Splash but Ripper Radford get the knees up at the last split second and Flair3 fall gut first in Ripper's knees and rolls on his back in a lot of pain. Radford, goes for a choke on Flair3.

Referee: Break the Hold Ripper! Break It Now! One, Two, Three, Four, Fi....

Ripper Radford, shove the referee with such force that he falls head first into the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring, knocking him out in the process. Ripper Radford looks at the scene with a sadistic smile and goes outside of the ring and starts to look for something under it. He pull out a huge knife from underneath the ring and gets back in the ring with it.

Crowd boo loudly and looks affraid of what might happend if Ripper uses that giant Knife.


Latin Passion: Be affraid King! Be very affraid of this. That dosent smell good at all for Flair3.

Flair3 Slowly makes it back to his feet while Ripper is still arguing with a fan. Ripper Radford turns his attention back to Flair3 who welcomes him with a suprising Spinbuster but cant put the spin to it as he usualy do and Ripper's knife falls two feets away from him. Flair3 gets back on his feet and holds his back. He grabs Ripper Radford by the head and put him back up and goes for a suplex but Ripper reverse that and hit Flair3 with a Front face Suplex and goes for his knife again.

Macho King: Please someone in the back, bring a referee out here for petes sakes.

Latin Passion Master: Oh stop Crying King. Flair3 will just get what he deserves for being a little brat.

Macho King: How would you like it if i would try to hit you with a damn knife like that Latin Passion Master? I dont think you would like it at all.

Latin Passion Master: .......

Ripper Radford takes his huge knife and swings at Flair3 but Flair3 manage to escape every swings. Meanwhile the referee slowly makes his way back on his feet. Flair3 try to help the referee but Radford tap him on his shoulder and goes for a shot on Flair3's head and Flair3 place his arm in front of his face to protect himself and Radford's knife hit him in the arm opening up a big gash in Flair3's arm.

Referee: Thats it! Time Keeper, just Ring the Bell! Ripper Radford! Your disqualified you big goof!

Ripper Radford is furious about his disqualification and even more after the referee and hit him with a Powerbomb. Meanwhile, Flair3 slip out of the ring and grab a chair. Security comes to get Ripper Radford in the back, but Radford chokeslam them one by one left and right. Flair3 makes it back to the ring and swings the chair towards Radford who exit the ring with a furious look in his face. Flair3 grabs a mike and yells something at Radford.


RIpper Radford is yelling back at Flair3 "This is not over Flair3! i will get you punk"


Latin Passion: Flair3 is just a big mouth and im sure Ripper Radford will shut it for him soon enough.

Macho King: Be carefull Latin Passion Master, he can hear you.

Latin Passion Master: I dont care! I still think he's just another big mouth here and Ripper Radford will shut him off for su....

Flair3 gets in Latin Passion Master's face and slap his head set of off his head and hit him with one hell of a slap and put tge headset on his own head.

The Fans starts laughing at Latin Passion Master and loudly cheer for Flair3.

Flair3: That will shut you up Latin Passion Master. Next time, be carefull what your saying if you dont want me to comeback here and take you out again you little weasel.

Flair3 drops the head set, shake Macho King's hand and goes to the back as his theme song starts to play.

Macho King: Hahaha! I guess you will be more carefull next time Latin Passion Master!
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:59 am

Ashley: The following contest is schedule for one fall and it is a Goldrush round one tournament match!

*Highway to Hell plays*

Ashley: introducing first, from the highway, standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 275 pounds he is Jason Outlaw!

Jason outlaw struts to the ring with a very arrogant sense about him, some of the fans hold their hands out to him as he makes his way to the ring but he just sneers at them and passes by ignoring them all.

*Never Scared plays*

Ashley: And introducing his opponent from Miami, Florida, He stands at 5’8” tall and weighs in tonight at 240 pounds he is BIGBRIAN!

BIGBRIAN goes to the ring and gets a huge pop from the fans who know him from other promotions, he shakes hands with the fans as he makes his way to the ring also. BIGBRIAN gets in and starts stretching and warming up whilst his opponent Jason outlaw gives him an evil stare.

*Bell rings*

BRIAN starts moving side to side ready for Johnny outlaw to come at him. BRIAN and Jason outlaw go to lock up, they lock up for a few seconds before Jason launches BRIAN across the ring showing his superior strength and size advantage over BRIAN. BRIAN rolls backwards and looks up at Jason shocked at how powerful he is, BRIAN runs at Jason and tries a clothesline but it seems to have no effect on Jason who just shoulder blocks him clean off his feet. Jason walks towards BRIAN who has just got to his feet and shoves him in to the turnbuckle, Jason goes to chop BRIAN whilst he is in the corner but BRIAN rolls underneath him and starts giving the bigger man Jason right hand shots trying to hurt the big man Jason.

Macho king: BIGBRIAN has a lot of heart but I don’t know if he can handle the sheer size and power of Jason outlaw.

Latin passion master: hey macho for once I actually agree with you, I think that Jason outlaws power and height is too much for BIGBRIAN to handle. I think its funny his name is BIGBRIAN even though he is a small guy ha-ha.

BRIAN keeps on hitting Jason who is in the corner still trying to handle BRIANS speed, BIGBRIAN goes for another right hand shot on Jason but he grabs BRIANS hand as he goes to hit him and chops him to the skull knocking BRIAN down to his knees. Jason strides up and knees BRIAN in the face knocking him flat out on to his back. Jason slowly bounces off the ropes and elbow drop BRIAN whilst he is still down. Jason goes for the cover…

Referee: ONE…TWO…

Brian gets his shoulder up on a comfortable two count getting the crowd on their feet. Jason argues with the Referee claiming that it must have been a three count at least. Jason turns back to BRIAN who is just starting to get to his feet, Jason double axe handles BRIAN to the back and knocks him to the floor again. Jason outlaw grabs BRIAN and pulls him back to his feet, he then Irish whips BRIAN off the ropes who replies by bouncing back and flying forearming Jason on the chin nearly knocking him off his feet, Jason is trying to keep his balance but BRIAN hits a perfect dropkick on Jason knocking him to the mat for the very first time in the match. BRIAN jumps up and punches the air with adrenaline after knocking Jason outlaw down.

Macho king: BRIAN! Turn around and stop boasting to the fans Jason is about to get up, on a lighter note though I think Brian’s luck is finally starting to turn the right way.

Latin Passion master: what?! All he did was finally knock the guy off his feet, your acting like he landed his finisher or something, get a grip Macho.

BRIAN seems delighted with knocking Jason outlaw until he hears Jason’s heavy breathing behind him as he is now up on his feet again. BRIAN turns and goes for a clothesline of Jason, Jason just stops BRIAN’S arm and pulls BRIAN towards him and delivers a hard and ring-shaking spinebuster to BRIAN making his head rebound off the ring. Jason then goes for the cover on BRIAN

Referee: ONE…TWO…THR

BRIAN just manages to get his shoulder up on a two and a half count shocking Jason who holds his head with surprise. Jason loses control and goes on a rampage, he grabs BRIAN by the throat and lifts him up on to his feet once more, he then lifts him in the air in a body press position and runs over to the ropes and launches BRIAN hard and with power on to the outside of the ring. The referee starts to plea with Jason outlaw to stay in the ring but Jason loses it with the Referee and clotheslines him with intent laying the referee out in the centre of the ring. Jason Outlaw lifts his big legs over the ropes and lands on the outside next to BRIAN who is on the floor holding his ribs.

Macho king: I can’t believe IT! He just knocked the referee out and he did it deliberately what an ass!

Latin passion master: hey watch your language this is a family show! We all know he didn’t mean it so just stop jumping to conclusions ok.

Jason stamps a hard foot to the back of BRIAN as he is laying front first on the floor in front of the announcers table. Jason pulls the cover off the announcers table and launches it away from him, he then Grabs BRIAN by the hair and drags him up to his feet with great strength. He then slams BRIAN’s head hard on to the announcers table causing BRIAN great pain. Jason picks up one of the monitors and smashes BRIAN across the skull with it knocking BRIAN to the floor in front of the announcers table again. The camera zooms in and sees that BRIAN is now bleeding a little from his skull. Jason now has a pure look of rage on his face now as he pulls BRIAN to his feet once more. Jason sets BRIAN up for a last ride, he then slams BRIAN crashing through the announcers table with one of the most evil last rides you will ever see.

Jason outlaw looks down at BRIAN’s broken and bloodied body with no remorse on his face but a look of pleasure and satisfaction on his achievements. Jason walks back towards the ring and slides back in the ring like he ahs done nothing, he looks down at the Referee and realises he is still down and out, he tries to revive him but he is still laying there motionless. Jason stamps down his foot like a little child with anger and irritation. He stares at the Referee for a while but then realises there’s nothing he can do to win the match whilst the Referee is still down, he turns to the outside of the ring and sees BRIAN starting to move his head like he doesn’t know where he is, Jason strides over to the ropes and slides out of the ring again ready to cause more pain to BRIAN.

Macho king: please no! Somebody please come down here and break this thing up, BRIAN clearly is in no state to fight any body right now, come on we need some EMT’s down here.

Latin passion master: don’t get squeamish on me now macho queen because that will make me look bad. If the bell hasn’t rung then the match is still on so stop complaining.

Jason walks up to BRIAN and kicks him in the face with no emotion shown whatsoever. He then proceeds to beat BRIAN down until there is almost nothing left of him. He drags BRIAN along the floor near the bottom of the ring apron ready to get him in the ring. Jason pulls BRIAN up on to his feet and looks him between the eyes to see what is left of him , he then gets pissed off and smacks him in the face with a large big boot slamming him on to the hard floor on the outside all over again. Jason moves in to the ring again and tries to wake the referee up by shaking him by his shirt hard, the referee starts to react a little bit and looks like he may be starting to wake up from his painful state that Jason left him in.

Jason walks to the outside and lands an elbow drop on the back of BRIAN, the crowd boo Jason hysterically as he does this thus causing BRIAN even more pain that he has already caused him. Jason points to the crowds who are booing him and makes a threatening signal to a certain fan at ringside who is booing him the most. Jason then leaves the fans alone and goes under the ring apron and pulls out a nasty looking steel chair and raises it in the air with a smug look on this face, he then strides up to BRIAN and smashes him hard with it on his back tiring BRIAN out once again. Jason drops the chair and gets in the ring again after hitting BRIAN and tries waking the Ref again who is starting to respond a little more this time.

Jason looks happy and walks to the ropes and moves the front of his body in through the middle of the ropes and tries grabbing BRIAN by the hair but is met with a powerfully devastating chair shot from BRIAN, Jason falls back in to the ring clearly shocked and falls on his back to the floor with bloody coming out from his forehead.

Macho man: oh my god!! BRIAN just nearly took Jason’s head off with that chair shot, im surprised he is still breathing.

Latin passion master: BRIAN is such a cheater! I cannot believe he hit him with the chair! He was getting dominated so he decided he would cheat that shows he is a coward Macho and that’s all there is to it.

BRIAN takes a few moments on the outside to regain his breath and stamina after being beaten and bloodied by Jason time and time again. BRIAN touches his face and sees the blood on his hand. He then rolls in to the ring slowly still nursing his Injuries, BRIAN brings the chair in to the ring with him, BRIAN then stands in the centre of the ring and looks from side to side at the fans and then raises the steel chair high above his head with rage filling his body, the fans cheer for BRIAN as he does this.

BRIAN then loses control and starts repeatedly smashing Jason Outlaw all over his body with the steel chair, he starts smashing Jason’s legs hard with the chair clearly damaging his legs. Jason is on the mat holding his head trying to stop BRIAN from hitting him with it. BRIAN stands over Jason’s body and starts hitting him in the stomach with the corners of the chair eventually making Jason cough up blood in the centre of the ring. BRIAN finally stops battering the bigger guy Jason Outlaw with the chair for a while until Jason sits up holding his stomach and bleeding severely from his face, BRIAN sees him sitting up and runs at Jason and slams the steel chair hard in to his face laying poor Jason flat out in the ring.

BRIAN then places the steel chair intently on the ring floor, he then point his finger at Jason who is still laying on his back in the centre of the ring, when he points at Jason he gets a huge positive reaction from the crowd at XCL. BRIAN then holds Jason around his waist and then drags Jason up slowly but eventually to his feet using all his strength to do this. BRIAN pulls Jason over towards the steel chair and drops him on his head with a glorious Implant DDT nearly snapping his neck.

Latin passion master: What a jackass, he shouldn’t even be using that steel chair this isn’t a street BRIAN and you know that. What example are you setting to kids?

Macho king: he is setting the example that what goes around comes around and to do whatever it takes to win here at XCL, BRIAN is a great role model for young kids watching XCL.

BRIAN quickly grabs a hold of the steel chair again and launches out the ring so that the Referee doesn’t see it. BRIAN then quickly goes over to Jason’s body and goes for the cover on Jason, The Referee slowly and sluggishly crawls over to where BRIAN is pinning Jason Outlaw and tries the cover.

Referee: ONE…TWO…THR

Jason manages to get his shoulder up at literally the last millisecond stopping BRIAN from getting the pinfall. BRIAN looks up in total shock after Jason kicked out of the implant DDT on a chair. BRIAN stands up on his feet and stands over Jason’s body wondering what to do next. BRIAN signals towards the crowd and suggests that this is the end for Jason outlaw, BRIAN grabs a hold of the legs of Jason and locks in his signature submission hold the sharpshooter, Jason starts to writhe around in pain on the mat almost instantly. Jason tries and tries to grab hold of the ropes to break up the hold but struggles to get their, Jason makes one last try to get to the ropes and succeeds to his relief.

The referee tries to break the sharpshooter that BRIAN still has locked in on Jason but BRIAN drags Jason back to the centre of the ring with the sharpshooter still locked in, BRIAN adds extra pressure to the hold causing Jason a lot more pain, Jason raises his arm in the air trying to grab the ropes one last time, Jason realises he cannot reach the ropes and Taps Out to the sharpshooter.

*Never Scared plays*

Ashley: Here is your winner and advancing to round 2 in the Goldrush tournament BIGBRIAN!

BIGBRIAN celebrates in the ring still holding his injured limbs that Jason Outlaw caused him to have. BRIAN makes his way up the entrance ramp and out of the arena shaking hands with the XCL fan on his way out.

Macho King: well BIGBRIAN did it my friends he defeated the odds and managed to take out the big man Jason Outlaw in this rather bizarre contest.

Latin passion master: what you didn’t mention is that he cheated to win because he had to use that steel chair to win. I hope that someone pummels BIGBRIAN in the next round because ehe didn’t deserve it at all.

Macho king: your clearly not watching the same match I just did, anyways stay tuned for another round one goldrush tournament match up straight from the XCL locker room everyone, See you there!.
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 10:59 am

Ashley: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Goldrush Round 1 match-up.

*Bad Boys plays*

Ashley: Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing in at 296 pounds, Johnny Law!

Johnny Law walks to the ring, with little reaction from the crowd. Johnny avoids slapping hands, and gets in the ring, over the top rope, as he stares waiting for his opponent.

*Attack plays*

Ashley: And introducing his opponent, from Kent, UK weighing in at 242 pounds, He is the Main Surprise, Chris Shocker!

Shocker gets a medium sized pop from the crowd, as he runs down to the ring, in a highly energetic entrance. Shocker slaps hands with fans, and sldies into the ring, keeping his eyes on Law.

Bell rings.

Law satrts cornering the smaller Shocker in the corner. Shocker avoids a right fist, and counters with a left hook to Law's face. LAw doesn't react at all, and stares down at Shocker. Shocker looks at the crowd, and then attemps a dropkick which is avoided by Law, who hits a clothesline as Shokcer gets up.

Macho King: Looks like Shocker is in trouble early.

LPM: LAw already has this match won.

Shocker gets up, slowly, as he tries to avoid Law, who lunges at him, reaching for his right arm. Shocker ducks it, and hits a beatiful step-up enzuiguri, that places Law down on one knee. Shocker senses momentum, and bounces off the ropes, going for a dropkick. Law jumps up ,and catches Shocker in a HUGE spinebuster, that seems to knock out Shocker. Law gets up, and covers Shocker.

Referee: One, two-

Shocker lifts up his shoulder, as LAw gets to his feet. Law circles Shocker waiting for him to get to his feet. Shocker does, and is met with LAw's hand on his throat going for a chokeslam. Shocker kicks Laws stomach, and hits a DDT, that seems to hurt Shockers arm, more than Law. Shocker gets up holding his right arm, as the rerferee asks him if he's okay. Shocker nods yes, but as he turns around, is met with a big boot to his face.

Macho King: Shocker seems to be hurting in that right arm

LPM: He can't hold up much longer Macho.

Shocker rolls out of the ring, as he leans agaisnt the barrier. Law starts to ccome out with him, but Shocker quickly grabs his leg and trips him. Shocker takes advantage of this, and jumps in the ring, and grabs Law's leg. He tries to hold him in a Boston Crab, but LAw outpowers him and sends him crashing to the mat. Law gets up at the same time as Shocker. Shocker runs at LAw, avoiding a clothesline, and sprinboards off the ropes hitting a crossbody perfectly on the cover of Law.

Referee: One, Tw-

Law throws Shocker off, and jumps to his feet, as Shocker runs back to the turnbuckle. Law runs at him, for a crunching corner clothesline, but Shocker pulls down the ropes, as Law bowls outside of the ring, as he faceplants hard on the mats.

Law tries to get up quickly but is seemingly stunned. Shocker takes advantage and runs for a suicede dive, but is caught by Law, who slams into the turnbuckle back first, as Shocker cries in pain. LAw picks him up like a rag doll, and chucks him into the ring, going for the cover.

Macho King: What a hit! Will Shocker recover?

LPM: Stop acting like he has a chance. This one was over before it started.

Macho King: I don't know. I've seen Shocker pull things out of his hat before!

LPM: He's not wearing a hat....

REferee: One, two, thr-

Shocker manages to pull his shoulder up in time, perhaps out of pure desperation. Law lifts him up, by the hair, as Shocker flails around, trying to escape. Law throws him up, like a baseball, and whacks him wit ha crushing clothesline, that flips Shocker 180 degrees landing him flat on his stomach!

Macho King: Oh my God! Law has no mercy! What is he doing?

LPM: It's called a wrestling match. He's using his way ,and it's clearly working.

LAw ignores going for the cover, and instead steps on Shockers throat apllying pressure little by little. The referee tries to break it up, by LAw shoves him out of the way.

Referee: One, two, three, four-

LAw steps off of Shocker, and goes to lift him up, but Shocker hookes him in the eye. As LAw stumbles backwards, Shocker runs at him at hits a perfect dropkick that knocks Law down. Shocker waits for Law to get up, and hits an arm drag, that lands Law flat on his back. As Law cringes in pain, Shocker gets up on the turnbuckle. Law spins aorund when he gets up ,and is greeted by Shockers feet to his face, in perhaps a perfect top rope dropkick.

Shocker, seeing light in the tunnel, goes back to the turnbuckle, and hits an elbow drop, square on Law. He picks up LAw, and hits a perfect DDT, this time avoiding any pain to his arm. Shocker goes for the cover.

Referee: One, two, thr-

Macho: How did Law kick out? Shocker's putting up an amazing efforT!

LPM: It will take more than that to win.

Macho King: With Shockers heart and spirit, I really think if he can get behind the crowd, then the match could just be Shocker's. He got LAw on his back ,and thats step one.

Law starts to get up, but Shocker quickly jumps over him, and repeatedly punches him in the face. Law tries to block the shots, but Shocker keeps unloading it on him. Law finally manages to catch a left hand, but Shocker headbutss him sending him back down. Law busts open, and starts to bleed. Shocker jumps off, and starts to rally the crowd. Law starts to get to his feet, but while he is on one knee is met with a vicious Shining Wizard that echo's through out the arena. Shocker goes for the cover on the bloody Law.

Referee: One, Two, Thre-

Law manages to get one should up just in time to avoid defeat. Law manages to throw Shocker back, and get to his feet. As he does, he is met with heavy boos. He reaches his hadn out to touch his forehead, and sees blood. Law seems to be shocked at first, but then gets mega angry and charges at Shocker, crushing him in the corner. Law lifts up Shocker, and hits the Hard Time perfectly, but he isn't finsished there. He gets Shocker up, and whips him over the rope, as Shocker crashes brutally to the mats.

Macho King: How did momentum shift so fast? Perhaprs we're witnessing the most monumental match in the XCL tournament so far! This is amazing!

LPM: I'm actually surprised Shocker's still going, although I gotta say, I was biting my nails during that last pinfall.

Shocker tries to get up, but seems lfieless as he falls back down to the mats. Law doesn't want a count-out to she climbs out of the ring, and whips Shocker in. LAw goes on an absolute rampage, hitting a clothesline, follwoed by a big boot. When Shocker gets up, Law lifts Shocker up over his shoulders, and slams him down, in a vicious sidewalk slam. Law picks up Shocker, who seems more like a rag doll now, and lifts him, for a brutal gutbuster, which sends Shocker careening into the corner, as he seems to be holding on with just will. As Law runs over to the corner, Shocker gets luckly once, as he rolls out of the way, from a running big boot, adn LAw's leg gets stuck in the corner. Shocker springboards, and hits a great neckbreaker, which shifts the momentum for just a minute.

Law gets to his feet before Shocker, but is quickly taken down, when Shocker pulls on his legs. Shocker dives over top of Law, and gets him in a headlock. Law ddoesn't want to tap, and stands up with Shocker hanging off of his back. He grabs Shockers back ,and flips him over, crashing him down hard. Law goes for the cover.

Referee: One, Two, Thre- kickout.

Macho King: This match is almost even now! Shocker has managed to hold on for this long, and has shifted things his way! My god, I'm so excited right now! That jerk Law was arrested for using excessive force on the police unit, and it looks like history's is repeating himself.

LPM: This LAw guy reminds me of a horror movie villain. This guy is great to watch in the ring, and could be our first champion!

Shocker rolls out of Law's way, groggy with pain. Law gets up, fuming, as he adjusts his uniform, and starts to yell at Shocker, for what seems to be kicking out? Law starts to abuse Shocker, slapping him, and stomping him as he tries to get up. Law grabs Shockers right arm, and right leg, and lifts him up, only to drop him on tyhe mat. Law is turning this match into a brawl, and Shocker can't seem to fight back. Shocker goes for an arm drag, when he finally gets up, but Law reverses it into one of his own. Shocker grbas at his right arm, as he cringes in pain. Law circles him looking for the finish.

Macho King: Law has no mercy! This isn't a wrestling match anymore. Johnny Law is using excessive force, and should be DQ'd for not giving Shocker a break.

LPM: Woah, there! They're wrestlnig each other, not baking cookies! Real men don't need breaks. If Shocker wants to win, he needs to get his act togehter.

LAw reaches around Shocker, and throws him off the ropes. Law signals for the Wheels of Justice as Shocker bounces back. Law pounces for the finsih, but Shocker leaps over top of Law, as Law can't beleive he missed. Shocker turns around, and waits for Law to do the same. When Law does, Shocker boots him in the stomach and hits a perfect Dragon Suplex. Shocker goes for the cover.

Referee: One, two, thr- kickout.

Shocker is enraged, as he motions to the ref it was a 3 count. Law gets up, and starts to stalk Shocker. Law grabs Shocker by the throat and throws him into the turnbuckle, but his the referee as well, and only LAw is left standing.

Macho King: No! The referee is out cold!

LPM: Now things get interesting

Law rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He rolls in and goes to it Shocker, but Shocker ducks it, and grabs the chair, smacking LAw in the foot as Law screams and grabs his foot. While it's up, Shocker smacks him square in the ankle. Law falls over, and Shocker throws the chair out of the ring. Shocker sees the referee is up and goes for the cover.

Referee: One, Two, Thr- kickout.

Law lifts his shoulders, much to the dismay of Shocker. Shocker goes top rope, and waits for Law to get up. Law spins around and Shocker pounces for a Dragon Suplex, but his leg is caught by Law, and Shocker faceplants. Law spins him over, and goes for a cover, but Shocker rolls him through, and manages to hold in the ankle lock! Shocker applies a lot of pressure and LAw reaches for the rope.s The referee asks if he taps, and Law screams no. Shocker pulls him into the middle of the ring, and applies mroe pressure. Law rasies his hand, but doesn't tap. LAw manages to roll through, and Shocker collapses onto him. Shocker jumps up first though, and hits the Shining Wizard, to keep him on the ground. Shocker manages to get the lock back in, on the unconscious Law. The referee raises Law's hand and drops it. One. He does it again. Two. He lifts up Law's hand, and Law's match depends on this moment. He drops his hand, but Law manages to keep it in the air!

Macho King: Oh my god! Shocker is so determined, but Law is too powerful!

LPM: Yeah thats it LAw, show it to him.

Law gets up, as Shocker backs away afraid. Law seems in pain, as blood continues to rush down his face, but Shocker can barely move his right arm. Law charge and hits a big boot to knock down Shocker. Shocker bounces up, and goes for a drop kick, but Law shoves him away. As Shocker gets up, Law drops down on one knee, and low blows Shocker, who falls to the mat. The referee was behind Law, and doesn't make the call, but questions Law, who denies it. This gives Shocker enough time, to sneak up and roll up Law! Shocker inverts the pin, and turns it into a Ankle Lock, on Law's weak ankle. Law gets dragged to the middle of the thing, and after a minute has no choice but to tap.

Ashley: Here is your winner, and advancing to the second round of the Goldrush torunament, the Main Surprise, CHRIIIIS SHOOOCKER!

Macho King: Yes he did it! Even when the odds were against him ,Shocker got the fans to rally behind him ,and I think he showed eveyrone, size doesn't matter sometimes!

LPM: It was a cheap win. Law wouldn't have tapped if Shocker didn't use that that damn chair. LAw deserves to win.

MAcho King: Well, LAw deserved it, and Shocker is advancing to the next round.

Law walks up the ramp, obviously infuriated, as he signals back to Shocker, that he will get payback, but Shocker ignores him and celebrates as the screen fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:01 am

Macho King:Welcome to Night 2 of the Goldrush tournament what a very exciting night the 1st round matches of the tournament were. We saw dreams being smashed and we also saw dreams continue, but like the First round dreams are going to be smashed and dreams are going to go even further. This gurantees to be an exciting night of action that you don’t wanna miss out on.

Latin Passion Master:Indeed you don’t want to miss out on the action tonight, but we all know why the ladies tune in and I will give you a clue it isn’t for most of the morons in the ring. Its just for a chance to listen to my sexy voice.

Macho King: You really do need to get over yourself, anyway moving on out opening second round we have the very disturbed Cyanide against the big Monster of a man Edgecutioner well if you could even consider him a man. LPM what are your thoughts on this one?.

Latin Passion Master:Well this could be to close to call on one side you have a huge man Edgecutioner whom by his last match will stop at nothing to become the champion. He is surely going to be an unstoppable force here in XCL, I don’t know what is going to stop him.

Macho King: but then you look on the to her side Cyanide as we saw last week he has a mean streak about him. And well from what we saw last week he is all kinds of crazy, and seems to love pain but how much of pain can Cyanide take from Edgecutioner.

***Darker side plays***

Ashley: Introducing first he hails from The Fiery Depths of hell standing at 7’0 tall and weighing in at 300lbs Edgecutioner!!!!!!

The arena goes dark, when a tall figure appears from out of the curtain the arena starts to light up and the tall dark figure becomes more clear to the fans that are in total shock at this monstrous character. Edgecutioner walks slowly to the ring with his eyes fixated to the ground, Edgecutioner walks up the steel steps then slowly gets into the ring and poses in the centre of the ring as the crowd still look in shock.

Macho King: Now that there is quite a daunting figure the sheer intimidation that he strikes into peoples heart will surely get him very very far in this business. He has a very dark and mysterious aura about him but is it enough to intimidate Cyanide?

Latin Passion Master: Well we have heard about Cyanides past and we have talked about it, no matter how intimidating Edgecutioner is I have no doubt in my mind that Cyanide is not intimidated by Edgecutioner at all.

***Breathe by Prodigy plays***

Ashley: And the opponent is standing at 6’1 weighing in at 225lbs Cyanide!!!!

Cyanide walks down to the ring not taking any notice of the fans around him frantically booing, Cyanide not taking his eyes off Edgecutioner Cyanide pauses for a few moments near the ring apron still not taking his eyes off of Edgecutioner. Cyanide slides into the ring and gets right up to Edgecutioner the referee tries to separate the 2, but Cyanide shoves the referee out of the way then starts to level Edgecutioner with right hands then Irish Whips him but its reversed by Edgecutioner, Edgecutioner picks up Cyanide in a gorilla press position then slams him down on his back, Edgecutioner picks up Cyanide with ease and throws him in the turnbuckle then hits some hard uppercuts with Cyanide going higher and higher with each one, Edgecutioner hits a huge uppercut this forces Cyanide to the ring apron on the outside. Edgecutioner grabs the hair of Cyanide trying to pull him over Cyanide holding onto the top rope though, Cyanide is able to pull Edgecutioner towards him then head butts him and from the ring apron climbs to the top rope then flies off the top rope hitting Edgecutioner with his elbow, almost knocking Edgecutioner down. Cyanide has a look of total shock on his face, Cyanide bounces to the ropes and ducks Edgecutioner attempted clothesline then hits a huge clothesline still not knocking the big man down. Cyanide climbs to the top rope again then hits a big flying clothesline to Edgecutioner finally knocking him down. Cyanide then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!

Macho King: A surprisingly explosive start there I was expecting it to be quite a slow start Cyanide trying to wear the big man down at the beginning, Edgecutioner was able to use his strength and size to capitalize on Cyanides momentum which is what should be done. But Cyanide surprised us a bit by speeding things up.

Latin Passion Master: That’s the thing with Cyanide when things don’t seem to be going his way he doesn’t just take the pain like a dying dog, he is smart he thinks how am I going to get out of it? By capitalizing on the other guys strengths and it’s that sort of attitude that will get him the title at the end.

Macho King: Although I don’t like admitting it you are right on that one that was a very smart move by Cyanide, but it still is hard to capitalize on the seemingly super human strength of Edgecutioner.

Cyanide picks up Edgecutioner only so Edgecutioner is on his knees then he starts clubbing the back of Edgecutioner with his fist and then starts kicking the temple of Edgecutioner and then runs to the ropes goes for a knee to the temple but Edgecutioner grabs a hold of Cyanides throat then throws him over the top rope Cyanide is able to hang onto the top rope as he goes over and stays on the apron, Edgecutioner bounces to the ropes and goes for the big boot, Cyanide moves out of the way this leaves Edgecutioner positioned awkwardly on the rope Cyanide climbs to the second rope then hits a diving clothesline nailing Edgecutioner knocking him into the ring.

Cyanide picks up Edgecutioner and hits him with a knife edge chop but to the neck area then kicks him in the mid section and drops Edgecutioner with a DDT. Cyanide gets over on Edgecutioner and starts hammering away at the head of Edgecutioner. Cyanide climbs to the top rope and hits an elbow drop then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!

Latin Passion Master: Another smart move by Cyanide not even giving Edgecutioner a chance to breathe and that is probably what needs to be done, as soon as he has done one move he is on to the next one he doesn’t even have to think about it he does it straight away.

Macho King: Right you are LPM you cannot give men like Edgecutioner a chance to recover as soon as you have done that then the momentum could easily shift.

Cyanide picks up Edgecutioner bounces him to the ropes then hits a drop toe hold into an STF and starts pulling back on the head of Edgecutioner, Edgecutioner is able to get his leg free. Then eventually Edgecutioner gets to a vertical base still with Cyanide on his back, Edgecutioner falls back squashing Cyanide beneath all his weight. Edgecutioner picks up Cyanide and hits a big uppercut sending Cyanide into the turnbuckle, Cyanide trying to fight back but Edgecutioner strong uppercuts are to much for Cyanide Edgecutioner Irish Whips Cyanide into the other turnbuckle Cyanide is able to jump to the second rope and springboards off into a cross body Edgecutioner picks up Cyanide in a gorilla press position again and throws him on the ropes with his neck landing on the ropes Cyanide bounces off, Edgecutioner bounces to the ropes and hits a huge big boot almost knocking Cyanides head off his shoulders. Edgecutioner goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Thr-kick out

Macho King: that was so close to a victory there but that is what I was talking about with Edgecutioner being able to use his strength to his advantage, and that big boot was brutal it really did look like Cyanide got his neck jolted back a hell of a lot.

Latin Passion Master: To any normal man he wouldn’t even be moving I don’t even think any normal would have his head within 5 feet of his body, but Cyanide seems to enjoy pain which is why Cyanide has a huge advantage over lots of people because there is only one thing he loves more than receiving pain and that’s dishing it out.

Macho King: Well at this point I really don’t think Cyanide will be dishing out any pain.

Latin Passion Master: Don’t count out Cyanide so early Nacho King he is a very smart man he will find a way.

Edgecutioner picks up Cyanide picks him up then slams him down to the ground again, then picks up Cyanides lifeless body and crashes the ribs of Cyanide onto his knee then does it 2 more times for good measures, Edgecutioner starts to choke Cyanide the referee gets up to a 4 count before Edgecutioner releasing the choke hold. Edgecutioner stands over the body of Cyanide and grabs Cyanide by the throat with both hands picking him up high then slamming him down to the canvas. Edgecutioner stomps away at the head of Cyanide then picks him up and boots him in the mid section then lifts him up for a powerbomb and hits the powerbomb hard, Edgecutioner goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Thr-kick out!!!

Edgecutioner has a shocked look on his face whilst Cyanide has a smile on his face, Edgecutioner shocked look then turns to an angry look Edgecutioner picks up Cyanide and hits a strong uppercut but Cyanide still has a sadistic smile on his face this further enrages Edgecutioner whom keeps hitting strong uppercuts whilst Cyanide stumbling around the ring but still with the smile on his face. Edgecutioner finally gets a grip on the throat of Cyanide lifts him up high then hits a chokeslam. Cyanide rolls out of the ring then slides underneath the ring; the referee looks over the ropes and can’t see him but begins his count Edgecutioner then looks over. Cyanide appears on the opposite side of the ring crawls into the ring with a spike in his hand, Edgecutioner turns around and Cyanide levels him with the spike in the forehead the blood starts flowing from Edgecutioners head as Cyanide makes the cover.

Ref: One...Two...Three!!!

Latin Passion Master: A great win for Cyanide what did I tell you Nacho King? When you were counting him out saying he was done for and he had no hope Cyanide being the genius he is made Edgecutioner angry, and then once again Cyanide outsmarted that big oaf Edgecutioner and got the win.

Macho King: Well he got the win after using the spike that really did a number on Edgecutioners head, Cyanides cheating ways see him through a victory again and gets him to the next round of the tournament that is not the type of person we want representing us as a company.

Latin Passion Master: Its not about what type of person he is are you going to say he shouldn’t be champion due to his upbringing now that is discrimination, don’t make me come out of retirement and kick your ass Nacho King.

Macho King: I wasn’t saying that at all I was referring to his cheating ways LPM get a hold of yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:03 am

Macho King: This is the second round of the Goldrush tournament, and it should be good to see these two stars lock up for the first time.

Latin Passion Master: Both men will put each other to the limit, and yet only one will make it to the next round of this amazing event known as Goldrush. Though in the end i hope none of these scum make it to the next round.

Macho King: Scum? How could you call these elite athletes scum, and to boot, these two men are over big time here in the XCL. It'll be hard for the fans as to which one they root for.

Latin Passion Master: Oh it will defiantly be a burden for the fans to root for, i think id rather shoot myself rather then cheering on one of these guys, I'm just grateful I'm not suppose to root for anyone, as it's my job to just commentate.

Macho King: Common thats a load of Bull (BLEEP), you are always seen rooting for your "bad guys". So give these kids a break why don't you.

Ashley: This match is scheduled for one fall! And is a second round match in the prestigious Goldrush tournament!

**Shockwave plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, from Battle Creek MI, he stood in tonight at 6'3 and weighed in at 210 pounds, he is SHOCKWAVE!

Macho King: Another man bigger then Lojax, so this'll prove to be a tough test once again. But just because Shockwave is a bigger man then Lojax doesn't mean he can't move around the ring.

Latin Passion Master: The only reason Shockwave and Lojax are mobile in the ring is because they have gotten use top the fans throwing their trash at them, because it this case opposites aren't attracting and a bunch of trash is.

Shockwave makes his way down the entrance ramp with his white baggy trousers with green and black tribal designs, green headband, and his green and black boots. Shockwave slides into the ring and awaits for the arrival of his opponent Lojax.

Macho King: Where are you getting this from, I've never seen a fan throw trash at one of these guys, heck the fans of the XCL are so great they wouldn't even throw trash at you, and that really says something.

Latin Passion Master: That doesn't say jack, because I'm gods gift to not just the world of wrestling, but this whole world in general.

Macho King: Thats arrogant to say the least.

**Mr.Jones plays**

Macho King: And out comes the Canadian Superstar.

Ashely: And his opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he stood in tonight at 6'1 and weighed in at 122 pounds The Pride of Canada LOJAX!

Latin Passion Master: Now that Lojax is out here, i actually see myself rooting for Shockwave, because at least hes got one thing going for him, hes a hardcore stoner, like i myself can be at times.

Macho King: It seems like your stoned 99.9% of the time here at the at the announce table.

Latin Passion Master: Well then that proves even when I'm stoned I'm much better then you.

Lojax pops from out the curtain and instantly pulls his Vancouver Canucks toque off his head and throws it into the crowd, Lojax then runs down the ramp and runs a lap around the ring, Lojax takes off his team Canada hockey jersey and gives it to a lucky young boy in the front row, Lojax slides into the ring.

Macho King: That act Lojax does never gets old. It also shows how much he loves these great fans.

Latin Passion Master: Hes just bribing the fans with that, and personally i don't need to do that, because the fans absolutely adore me, and thats because I'm the best damn commentator period!

The ring bell sounds, Lojax and Shockwave stick there arms out and hit hands in a sign of respect, and then lock up in a test of strength, Lojax out powers the lager Shockwave and sends him back, Lojax then runs directly towards Shockwave and knocks him down with a running dropkick. Lojax is waiting for Shockwave to get up, Shockwave gets up, Lojax gets the arm of Shockwave and hits him with an arm drag, Shockwave hits the canvas and bounces straight up, and into another arm drag by the Pride of Canada Lojax, Shockwave is slower to get up this time around, Lojax gets the arm again, and tries for a third arm drag, Shockwave this time holds his own, and pulls Lojax into a clothesline.

Macho King: In just a second Lojax went from aggressor to getting his knocked right down with a sick clothesline.

Latin Passion Master: Let me quote a commentator who fails in comparison to myself Michael Cole "What a clubbing blow" and it nearly took off Lojax's head.

Shockwave pulls Lojax from off the mat, and continues with what has turned out to be effective, and takes Lojax's head off with a second just as sicking if not more sickening clothesline.

Macho King: This second straight clothesline by Shockwave may be a deciding factor in the end result.

Latin Passion Master: I think your mistaken because after two clotheslines of that velocity are sure to have ended this match early.

Shockwave again pulls Lojax from off the mat and whips him towards the corner, Shockwave follows in and hits Lojax with a corner clothesline this time. Shockwave then tosses Lojax out of the corner, Lojax gets send flying to the opposite side of the ring, Shockwave stomps on the mat with his dominant foot, waiting for Lojax to get up. Lojax gets up, Shockwave's foot connects on the skull of Lojax, with the Shockwave superkick.

Latin Passion Master: Look out in the cheap seats, that superkick sent Lojax's head flying off.

Shockwave moves over to the fallen Lojax and covers.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Macho King: Lojax kicks out, and i can't believe it, and hes showing a never say die attitude.

Latin Passion Master: Just a millisecond more and this match would have been history.

Shockwave is in shock, but quickly shakes it off, Shockwave gets Lojax back up to his feet, Lojax throw some shots into the mid section of Shockwave, and begins to mount some offense with lefts and rights to the skull, Lojax winds up for a huge right hand, Shockwave ducks it and goes under, Shockwave winds up behind Lojax, and pulls on Lojax's back and then hits him with the Chiropractor, Lojax is quivering and shaking in the ring.

Latin Passion Master: After that double knee back breaker, I'm sure Lojax will need to see a Chiropractor.

Macho King: That was sick and this match looks to have come to a close.

Shockwave, moves over to Lojax and shoots the half.

Latin Passion Master: Somebody find a fat lady and tell her to sing, this one is over.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Macho King: I can hear the fat lady singing, but somehow Lojax kicked out, and so the match will continue.

Latin Passion Master: I don't believe it.

Shockwave, has enter a state of shock.

Latin Passion Master: Look at Shockwave, hes been completely shocked, oh the irony.

Shockwave, goes over to fallen Lojax, Shockwave grabs a hold of Lojax, who turns into into a small package.

Latin Passion Master: That snake, he was playing possum. And you say i root for the "bad guys".

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....TH

Macho King: Shockwave kicks out and this one will continue.

Latin Passion Master: Your damn right, and i can only hope this has angered Shockwave.

Both Lojax and Shockwave are on their feet, they circle around inside the ring and then lock up, this time Shockwave powers Lojax off, and Lojax is send into the corner, Shockwave comes running in, Lojax steps out of the corner, Shockwave smashes off the corner, Lojax goes for a school boy pin.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THR

Latin Passion Master: Another snake like move by a snake like human being.

Macho King: I don't know what your talking about, but that was a clean school boy pin, no ropes grab, no tights grabbed either, perfectly legal, and on a side note, Lojax is no snake.

Both Lojax and Shockwave are on their feet again, Shockwave runs towards Lojax with a clothesline, which is quickly side stepped by Lojax, who then takes his turn running towards Shockwave, who sticks out his arm hitting a clothesline on Lojax. Shockwave then picks up Lojax by the head, and gives him a knee to the nose, Shockwave follows up with a Ura'nage into a Shock Lock, Lojax screams in pain as Shockwave applies more pressure to the dangerous submission, Lojax tries to wiggle and weasel his way out, Shockwave doesn't give in and then locks it up an extra notch, Lojax bursts out another scream, and then uses his power and heart to get to the ropes for the rope break.

Latin Passion Master: And again Lojax takes the cowards way out, by breaking the hold via rope break, why doesn't he just man up and break out?

Macho King: If that was one of your "bad guys" you'd be praising hi,m and saying it wasn't cowardly and he was just smart.

Shockwave is backed off from Lojax, and is waiting for him to get up, Lojax sits up, Shockwave runs at the sitting Lojax and hits the shining wizard, head on. Shockwave then grabs a hold of Lojax and brings him up to his feet, and then throws a knee directly in the mid section, Shockwave hooks both arms of Lojax, and signals for the end. Lojax counters what would have spelled the end with a back body drop, and follows up with a simple elbow drop. Lojax backs off the now downed Shockwave, and tries to gain composure, Shockwave gets up and comes towards Lojax, who meets him with a spear!


Lojax awaits for Shockwave to get back up, Lojax has his hand out, indicating a chokeslam, Lojax is closing and opening the hand, Shockwave gets up, Lojax grabs hold of his Shockwave's throat, Lojax brings Shockwave off the mat, the ring echoes as Lojax his the thunderous chokeslam. Lojax goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Latin Passion Master: Kick out by Shockwave.

Macho King: This has been a great match, with still more to go, and each man has shown a never say die attitude.

Lojax gets a good hold on Shockwave and is able to bring Shockwave to his feet, again Lojax throws lefts and rights to the skull of Shockwave, Lojax hits a European Uppercut, on Shockwave, who is sent crumbling down. Lojax is screaming for Shockwave to get up, Shockwave gets up, Lojax delivers a running knee right into the mid section of Shockwave, Lojax then hoists Shockwave onto his shoulders in fireman's carry position. Lojax then hits the 604 Slam.

Macho King: The Exclamation Point! The End! The 604 Slam!

Latin Passion Master: Re up the fat lady and tell her to sing, because Lojax has won the match.

Lojax goes for the cover, as a two count is made, Lojax pulls Shockwave's shoulders off the mat, Lojax then waits for Shockwave to get up, Lojax is screaming that Shockwave get up, Shockwave finally gets up, Lojax scoops Shockwave and then mounts Shockwave onto his shoulders, a smirk rushes across the face off Lojax, and hits the 604 Slam for the second time in the match. Lojax makes the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THREE!

**Mr.Jones plays**

Macho King: Lojax won the match, but at the end of it i question his intentions.

Latin Passion Master: I seriously think Lojax was trying to impress me and he did just that, hitting that 604 Slam for a second straight time in a row, the match was over after the first, and then Lojax did it again, that was truly over kill, and i loved it all the way to the bone.

Macho King: It appears you've grown a man crush on someone, and this someone is one who i never thought you'd come to appreciate, the pride of Canada Lojax.

Latin Passion Master: It ain't no man crush, and I'm sure Lojax won't do this again, which is unfortunate, but in all likely hood the truth, and that fact sucks, and in all likely hood the next time i see Lojax, i will once again hate him with a passion.

Macho King: Well I'm honestly glad you said that.

Latin Passion Master: When aren't you glad when i say something, no matter what it be.

Ashley: Here is your winner and advancing to the third round of the Goldrush tournament, the Pride of Canada, LOJAX!

The referee raises Lojax's hand in the air, in victory. Lojax slides out of the ring, and gives high fives to the fans and then goes up the entrance ramp and into the back.

Macho King: That was a great match, but honestly i can't say i enjoyed the ending.

Latin Passion Master: You got to be joking me right? The ending was a five star ending, and when they make a best of Lojax DVD, that should defiantly be in it, and it'll defiantly be the best part, the only good thing Lojax has done so far in the XCL, and if he does that again, i will officially jump on his bandwagon.

Macho King: Do i smell a man crush brewing?

Latin Passion Master: Only, and only if Lojax keeps this up and becomes a Latin Passion Master "bad guy" only then will i have one of my famous man crushes on him.

Macho King: I hope i never see the day that Lojax comes a Latin Passion Master "bad guy"
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:04 am

LPM: Next is Steve Ace vs. Flair in a second round match of this tournament. And macho I’m going to tell you now Ace has got this one in the bag. He is younger and faster then Flair and he isn’t stupid enough to cut himself on a knife.

Macho: Was you actually paying attention? Radford cut Flair’s arm with that knife! What possible reason could anyone have for doing something like that? Radford should be locked up for what he did!

LPM: Macho it has been a long night and you are obviously getting confused about what happened. I distinctly remember Radford helping Flair up then Flair being the clumsy old man he is falling over and cutting himself on that knife.

Macho: What!?! Well then genius, tell me why the knife was in there in the first place?

LPM: …… Shut up Macho. Ashley is trying to talk.

Ashley: The following is a second round tournament match scheduled for one fall with the winner advancing to the semi-finals. Introducing first from Bad street, UK. Standing at 6’2 and weighting 250lbs…Steve Ace.

***London Calling by The Clash begins to play***

Steve Ace walks down to the ring whilst the fans start to boo him, he then climbs up on the apron and steps in between the ropes. He looks around with a smug grin on his face as the fans continue to boo. Steve Ace then walks over to the ropes that are facing the announce table and requests a mic. After receiving it he walks back to the centre of the ring and begins to talk.

Steve Ace: Flair. Flair, I am going to do something to you that I wouldn’t do to anyone else. I am going to show you some compassion. That’s right Flair, since earlier tonight you injured your arm I have decided that it would not be fair for me to fight you here tonight so instead I am going to allow you to forfeit. Make no mistake I am not going soft I am doing the smart thing for us both. You see with your injury you wouldn’t last five minutes in the ring with me, so I see no point in why this match should occur. Flair as a result of your forfeit it will allow me that little bit extra time to recover and that little extra advantage will allow me to win my semi-finals match and more importantly the finals which will then allow me to be recognised as the first ever XCL World Champion. But Flair don’t worry after you have recovered and after I have won the world championship I will allow you to have a rematch against me under two stipulations of course the first being that you earn the match and the second is that it will be a non-title match.

LPM: What a nice guy Steve Ace is. He is going to let someone forfeit and grant them a non-title match another day.

***Old Time Rock'n Roll by Bob Segar begins to play***

Ashley: Introducing the opponent from Montreal Quebec Canada. Standing at 5’8 and weighting 200lbs…Flair!!

Flair appears at the top of the ramp and is seen wearing different attire from what he was earlier. As Flair slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring the fans cheer loudly and some fans are also yelling “Whooooooo”. Flair stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks up at Steve Ace who has remained standing in the centre of the ring. Flair then disrobes revealing a bandage over his arm which was earlier cut by Radford and walks over to a fan sitting in the front row and hands him his robe. The fan immediately puts the robe on; the fan then shakes Flair’s hand and wishes him luck. Flair then shifts he focus back to Steve Ace as he climbs into the ring. Flair then walks right up to the centre of the ring and the pair stare daggers at each other.

Macho: Oh boy Flair doesn’t look to happy with Steve Ace at the moment. You’ve got to bet he is still pissed about what happened earlier.

LPM: Shut up Macho all you do is talk, please for once learn when to shut it. We are about to see Flair forfeit.

Steve Ace begins to bring the mic back up to his lips so that he can once again speak but as he does Flair slaps the mic right out of Steve Ace’s hand and the mic flies to the outside of the ring. As the mic is flying to the outside Steve Ace watches it after it hits the floor he shifts his attention back to Flair who never took his attention off of Steve Ace. The pair are now once again staring at one another after a moment of staring at Flair, Steve Ace takes a step back. Steve Ace then goes to slap Flair right in the face but as he does Flair raises his arm and blocks it. Flair then hits Steve Ace with a trio of chops straight to his chest. Steve Ace clutches his chest and takes a few steps away from Flair. Flair allows Ace a moment to regain himself. Steve Ace looks at Flair from the other side of the ring as the bell rings making the match officially started.

LPM: What? Why is the ref calling for the bell? He hasn’t even given Flair time to forfeit yet!!

Macho: I seriously doubt Flair would forfeit just like that.

The instant that the bell rings Flair starts walking over to Steve Ace but as soon as he is in striking distance, Steve Ace grabs Flairs injured arm and does a hip toss, Ace then goes over to the ropes and points at the fan that Flair gave his robe to and yells “This ones for you”. Ace then climbs up the turnbuckle and jumps off with his foot landing right on Flair’s injured arm. Ace then stomps on the arm twice and hooks the leg. 1…2…Kick out.

LPM: Unbelievable Flair kicked out. It hasn’t been five minutes yet so Steve Ace has still got time to fulfil his promise.

Steve Ace gets up and argues with the ref claiming it was a three count whilst Flair clutches his arm screaming in agony. The ref then steps away from Steve Ace who grabs the ref and starts screaming at him. Flair crawls over and school boys Steve Ace and grabs the tights. 1…Ace kicks out furiously knocking Flair down onto his back, both men then climb back to their feet. Steve Ace runs at Flair who drop toe holds him causing Ace to fall flat on his face. Flair grabs Steve Ace’s leg and signals for the figure four. Steve Ace kicks Flair away and scurries forward. As Ace is getting back to his feet Flair nails Ace with a dropkick causing Flair to land awkwardly on his already injured shoulder as well as knocking Steve Ace out through the ropes who hits his head on the apron as he falls to the ground. The ref begins to countout Ace. 1…2…3…

Macho: Flair may have just ended it for both of them right there. Flair seems to of aggravated that shoulder whilst Ace could have just seriously injured his head.

…4…5…6…7. Ace slides back in the ring under the bottom rope. Flair roles over onto all fours trying to regain himself. Ace proceeds to get up and kicks Flair in the chest. Ace grabs Flair by the Hair and pulls him up, Ace then hits Flair with a scoop slam. Ace then stomps away at Flairs injured arm until he is pulled away by the ref and forced to stop it. Ace nudges the ref as he walks past. Flair grabs Ace’s leg but Ace drops a knee on Flair’s arm forcing him to let go. Ace then quickly locks in the cross-face and starts applying the pressure on Flair’s non-injured shoulder. Flair reaches out with his other arm and grabs the bottom rope, Ace refuses to break the hold. The ref starts to count 1…2…3…4… Ace releases the hold. Ace gets up and then pulls Flair up. Ace kicks Flair in the gut and goes to hit a powerbomb but Flair reverses it into a back body drop. Flair takes a moment to regain his breath. Flair turns around as Ace gets up. Ace grabs Flair and Irish whips him into the corner. Ace starts to run towards Flair he then jumps up in the air, but as he is coming down Flair moves out of the way and Steve Ace crashes into the turnbuckle. Flair covers 1…2 Ace gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Macho: Flair was close to advancing there but Steve Ace had enough left to get his foot on the bottom rope.

LPM: And that is smart of Steve Ace instead of wasting the energy to kick out he used that bottom rope which allows him to reserve his energy for later. This night is going to be far from over for Steve ace if he can continue to do the smarter things like that one.

Flair pulls Ace towards the centre of the ring by Ace’s hair. Flair drops a knee to the face and covers but Ace kicks out before the 1 count. Flair gets to his feet and so does Ace, Flair quickly grabs Ace and irish whips him into the ropes, Flair runs at the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Both men using the momentum of the ropes run towards each other and nail the other with a clothesline. Both men fall to the floor. Flair is the first man up tries to capitalise by applying the figure four leg lock on the fallen Steve Ace. Ace fights it off by kicking Flair away but Flair bounces back and goes straight back to trying to apply the figure four. Ace tries to battle it off but in the end Flair manages to apply the hold. Steve Ace is gritting his teeth and trying to not show the pain which is obviously being inflicted, he then tries to pull his body towards the nearest ring rope however Flair pulls in the opposite direction stopping Steve Ace from making it to the ropes.

Macho: This is exactly why Flair is so great, he saw an opening and then he took advantage of it. I don’t know how Steve Ace is going to battle his way out of this one.

LPM: No you idiot this is smart of Steve Ace, you’re obviously forgetting Flair is injured and this move is most likely hurting him as well as Ace. So all Steve Ace has to do is suck it up and allow Flair to irritate that injury. This young kid truly will have a bright future with a mind like that.

Macho: But that’s if Ace can suck it up you’re obviously forgetting how much pain is applied from the figure four especially when it is done by Flair.

Flair at this point is becoming desperate for Steve Ace to tap and starts to apply more pressure. As ace begins to feel the additional pressure he lets out a might scream. After a moment Steve Ace begins to tap hitting his hand on the mat he hits the mat twice but as he is descending his hand for the third time and the submission. The power suddenly cuts out. After a moment they come back on and reveal that Flair has released the hold and is leaning on the ropes on the left side of the ring and Ace is stood on the outside on the right side of the ring. They both quickly scan the arena until they have each other within their sites. Flair then takes a few steps towards Flair whilst Steve Ace walks to the apron and climbs on to it.

Macho: We seem to have experienced a small power failure there ladies and gentlemen, I’m being informed that the technicians are looking into the cause right now.

LPM: Well I wouldn’t be so sure that it was a power failure maybe someone did this on purpose.

Macho: At any rate it was a sensible thing for these two men to do to try and distance themselves for one another and take that moment to re-catch their breath.

Flair walks over to Steve Ace and kicks him in the gut. Flair then grabs Ace a pulls him over the ropes by hitting him with a spinebuster. The move however hurt Flair’s shoulder as well. Flair does however manage to get to his feet, as he does he points at the turnbuckle and signals for the five star frog splash. Flair walks over to turnbuckle and starts’ ascending it as he does Steve Ace makes it to his feet. Ace then throws himself into the top rope causing Flair to loose his balance and land in an awkward position on the top rope. Ace then goes over to the turnbuckle that Flair has been caught on and climbs up to the second rope. Flair punches Ace. Ace punches Flair. Flair once again punches Ace. Ace starts to teeter on the second rope but manages to hold on. Flair goes to punch Ace again but Ace blocks it. Ace sets Flair up for a Suplex but Flair starts punching Ace in the gut. Flair pushes Ace off of the second rope; Ace manages to land on his feet and he instantly jumps right back onto the second rope. Steve Ace grabs flair and connects with a Hurricanrana. Flair lands with his foot on the bottom rope. Ace covers 1…2…3.

***London Calling by The Clash begins to play***

LPM: Ace has one the match, I told you Macho, I told you Flair couldn’t do it.

Macho: Flair’s foot was on the bottom rope, this match should not have just finished. Flair was robbed.

As Steve Ace is celebrating his victory Khali appears at the top of the ramp and makes his way to the ring. Khali climbs in the ring and starts talking to the ref, Ace notices and stops celebrating. Khali and the ref finish talking and Ace looks on anxiously. The ref walks over to Ashley and tells her what his official word is.

Ashley: Ladies and gentlemen the referee has ruled that this match will continue immediately.

LPM: What!? Ace won this match! Khali has gone too far with forcing the ref to change the decision. I hope Ace punks Khali’s ass out for this one.

Macho: Khali didn’t force any decision, he merely cleared things up with the ref and I’m glad he did, this match should not have been over and thanks to Khali it’s not.

LPM: Ace should have won, he got the three count didn’t he? In my book that means victory. Damn Khali, damn him to hell! He should get fired for this poor management decision! The match should have been over.

Macho: I’d watch my tone if I was you, remember Khali’s your boss and can fire you whenever he sees fit. And you are right this match should have been over, but it should have been over when Ace was tapping out. Hopefully the next fall will be the decider.

LPM: And hopefully it will be Ace who gets it, remember we never saw him tap. As for Khali he can bring it on and I will knock his lights out.

Steve Ace looks ballistic and yells at the ref. Khali tries to get Ace to calm down and step away from the ref. Ace then starts yelling at Khali who is having none of it and begins walking away. As Khali is about to step through the ropes Ace grabs him and slaps him. Khali holds his jaw as Ace verbally abuses him. Khali then pushes Ace backwards to where Flair is lying. Flair grabs Ace’s leg and school boys him as Khali exits the ring. 1…2…Kick out. Both men get up and Flair goes for a clothesline. Ace ducks and goes behind Flair. Ace locks in the million pound dream! Flair begins screaming and tapping like mad but Ace refuses to break the hold. The ref eventually prises Steve Ace off of Flair. Steve Ace walks to the back in celebration as medics run down to aid Flair.

***London Calling by The Clash begins to play***

Ashley: Here is your winner and semi-finalist in the Goldrush tournament to crown the first ever XCL World Champion…………STEEEVE ACEE!!

LPM: A rightfully deserved victory for Steve Ace. It should have already ended after Ace hit the hurricanrana but no Khali had to show his ugly face and try and ruin things for Steve Ace.
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PostSubject: Re: Goldrush   Goldrush EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:09 am

Macho King: And, we now continue with round 2 of the goldrush tournament, and what a night it's been so far. We've seen so many triumphant, and so many crushed, devastated with their losses.

LPM: I can't say it's been a good night so far. Take this next match for example. Chris Schocker vs Big Brian? Two goody two shoes, neither deserves to move on.

Macho King: Those two are part of the reason people tune in, not to hear your whiny voice. These two are gifted athletes, and the fans love them. Who do you think will take this one?

LPM: I hope they both lose......

*Bonecrusher Never Scared plays*

Ashley: Introducing first, from Miama Florida, weighing in at 240 lbs, he is BigBrian!

Big Brian walks out to a huge reception from the crowd. He's eating up the attention, and the fans keep giving more. Big Brian slaps hands and poses on the way down, as the fans go crazy. He rolls into the ring, and poses, awaiting his opponent.

LPM: How can the fans like this man? He's a crappy wrestler, who doesn't even deserve to be where he's at right now. This makes me sick!

MAcho KIng: Well, I sure think Chris Shocker's going to have a tough time with this one, that's for sure. Although. the fans will love this one.

*Attack plays*

Ashley: And introducing his opponent, from Kent UK, weighing in at 242 pounds, the Main Surprise Chris Shocker!

Chris Shocker walks down, looking rather tired. The fans cheer, as he makes his way down slowly. He gets in the ring and poses on the turnbuckle, as the bell rings. Brian and Shocker lock up, with Shocker getting the best of it. He twists Brian's arm into an armlock, but Shocker twists all the way around to reverse it. Shocker boots Brian in the stomach, and goes for a DDT, but it is shoved away by Brian. Brian goes for a clothesline, but Shocker ducks it, and goes for a neckbreaker, which he hits. Brian bounces up, looking impressed, but not happy with Shocker. Shocker runs at Brian, but Brian throws him to the ropes. On the rebound, Brian ducks down for the back drop, but Shocker stops, and gets the boot to the face. Brian stumbles backwards, and is met with a huge clothesline from Shocker, and the cover.

Referee: One, two, kickout.

Macho King: A great start, to what looks to be a great match. Shocker appears to have the edge, but as we've seen, anything can change, in this ring.

LPM: I have to admit, I thought these two would've taken this match slower. This is a really fast paced match, and the fans seem to love it. Brian is really over with this crowd, but I have a feeling they'll be disapointed tonight.

Brian gets to one knee, and makes his way. Shocker runs for a dropkick, but is shrugged off by Brian, as Shocker falls to the mat. Shocker tries to get up in time, but meets Brian's foot in his stomach, and then kisses the floor with a brutal DDT. Shocker pounces up, holding his forehead, and retreats to the turnbuckle. Brian chases after him, and bounces hitting a nice crushing corner clothesline. Shocker starts to slouch in the corner, but Brian comes up, and starts to hit the repeated punches. The crowd counts with Brian, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine. Brian goes for the tenth punch but it is caught by Shocker in desperation. Brian headbutts Shocker, and bounces off the turnbuckle. Brian lifts up Shocker onto the turnbuckle, and goes for a superplex, but Shocker punches his medsection. Brian goes again, but Shocker again, hits his midsection. Brian elbows Shocker in the head, and tries again, but this time, Shocker flips over top, and reverses the move into a roll-up.

Referee: One, Two, Thr- kickout.

LPM: A nice move by Shocker to take the momentum right off of Brian. Shocker is really taking this match, and using what is given to him by Brian. He's a smart athlete in the ring. You know, if I were to give him a few tips, we could have our first champion in this young lad.

Macho King: Oh, indeed, he is an amazing wrestler, very smart in the ring, but your advice never helped anyone. Shocker is perfect where he is, and he might indeed be our first champion. That is, if he can get past Brian.

Brian looks stunned, as he gets up to his feet. Shocker bounces off the ropes, not wasting a minute, and runs towards Brian, positioned on the opposite ropes. Shocker goes for a diving clothesline, but Brian reverses into a back body drop, that sends Shocker crashing to the mat below, in a loud THUMP. Brian rolls out of the ring, as Shocker writhes in pain. Shocker starts to try to get up, but Brian is on him, waiting with the headlock. Shocker tries to power out, but Brian drops him. The referee's count for ringout is at 4. Brian grabs Shocker, and whips him into the ring. Shocker tries to pounce up befoer Brian, but collapses grabbing his back.

Macho King: It looks like Brian has done some serious damage to Shocker's back? Will he able to continue? Shocker doesn't usually quit, but that looked extremely painful. Whatta ya think Passion?

LPM: That was a terrible fall Shocker took there. But he needs to try to take this match slower. It was his mometum, that made that crash so difficult. He needs to work in Brian's area, and weaken, something, anything, like a leg. If he doesn't, it looks like this match could already be over.

Brian hovers over the fallen Shocker, surrounding him, waiting for an opening. Shocker gets up, and is flung around, by Brian. Brian lifts him up, and hits a perfect suplex, that makes Shocker roll around,, in pain, reaching at his back. Shocker rolls to his knees, and starts to get up, but as he is on knees, is met by Brian and his vicious DDT. Shocker flops around, grabbing at his face and back, and Brian poses for the fans, allowing Shocker time to breathe. Brian reaches his hand out to shocker, offering to help him up.

LPM: What's he doing!!!! He should've pinned him while he had the chance! Help him up?!?! Is he crazy!

Macho King: It's a great gesture that shows respect. Brian doesn't want any advantages, he wants to win fairly.

Shocker reaches out for the hand, and is pulled up by Brian. Shocker flinches back, expecting to be blindsided, but calms down when he sees Brian standing there. Brian offers a lock-up, and Shocker accepts. Shocker wins the lock-up, and goes for a reverse DDT, but Brian twists around, getting shocker in position for a normal one. Shocker punches him in the stomach, and gets him in the bulldog position. Shocker runs towards the apron, and hits a nice running bulldog. Shocker mounts Brian, and starts repeatedly punching him in the face.

LPM: See, Brian tried to be Mr.Niceguy, and now he's losing the match. Wait, what's Shocker doing?

Shocker gets off, and reaches put his hand for Brian. Brian smiles, and pulls himself up, with the help of Shocker's hand.

Macho King: Look's like he returned the favour. What a great match, and it really shows how much respect these two have for each other.

The moment is short lived, as Brian tackles Shocker down, and pounces off, awaiting Shocker on the rebound. Shocker gets on one knee, but Brian runs, pulling down Shockers head, and bringing up his knee, bashing Shocker in the face. Shocker flails back, and Brian goes for the cover.

Referee: One, two, thr- KICKOUT!!

LPM: See, Shocker could've taken full advantage there, and used Brian perfectly. If that was me, I would've accepted his gesture, then when I got the chance like he did, full out attack him. Shocker, if he would've done so, could've won tihs match, already.

Macho King: But he didn't, and you gotta know the fans respect that.

LPM: Who, cares what the fans think? I'd rather have a shiny title around my waist, then a few losers cheering my name, anyday.

Macho King: I'm sure both these men would rather win cleanly, then by taking each other for granted.

Shocker tries to get up again, but falls backwards, and the ref asks if he can continue. Shocker nods, and starts to get up. Brian chases after him, so Shocker rolls out of the ring to take a breather, while Brian takes this time to pose with the crowd. Shocker pulls Brians legs, and trips him, while hurrying to get in the ring. Shocker beats Brian to his feet, and hits an armdrag that rolls Brian across the ring. Brian jumps to his feet, but is speared into the turnbuckle by Shocker. Brian slouches to the ground, as Shocker stomps him repeatedly. Brian tries to reverse the move, but Shocker is relentless, and keeps pushing forward. Shocker finally stops, and waits for Brian to get up. Brian gets to one knee, and is woozy. Shocker bounces off the ropes and lifts up his leg hoping for the Shining Wizard, but Brian drops to the floor ducking it. Shocker spins aroudn, as Brian boots him in the stomach and goes for his famous Implant DDT. Shocker struggles out of it, and grabs Brians legs, dropping him. Brian rolls to his back, starting to get up, but Shocker pounces on the Ankle lock!

LPM: TYhe ankle lock! This is the same move we saw Johnny Law tap out to! Brians finished! Ring the bell! Ring the bell!

Macho King: Never say never! Brian is still in this! This is still anyones match, if Brian can reverse this!

LPM:.....I didn't say never.....

The referee asks Brian if he'd like to tap out, but Brian shakes his head no. Brian reaches for the ropes, but is dragged back to the middle of the ring. Brian kciks at Shocker with his left leg, but Shocker keeps the hold in tight. Brian sommersaults around, flipping Shocker over him, to get out of the hold. Shocker faceplants, and rolls onto his back, in pain. Brian gets up, and locks in the Sharpshooter!

Macho King: Uh oh! This thing is intense! Will Shocker be able to get out! He's sturggling...all the damage Brian has put him through.....

LPM: Get a fat lady! We don't have a fat lady....Er.....GEt Ashley! Make her sing! She's not fat, but this thing is over!

Shocker struggles for the ropes, but just nearly misses as Brian drags him back to the middle of the ring. Shocker tries to kick off Brian but Brian is persistant, and holds it in. Shocker reaches for the ropes, but misses, as he continues to crawl on his arms forward. Shocker finally gets to the ropes, as the referee demands Brian off. Shocker holds his back ,and starts to his feet. Brian is ready and hits a perfect flying colthesline, knocking Shocker to his back. Brian goes on the top rope, thriving off the fans. Brian jumps for an elbow drop, but Shocker rolls out of the way, and Brian lands on the mat, flailing in pain. Shocker takes advantage, and jumps behind him locking in the ankle lock a second time!

LPM: Game over for Brian. There's no way he can recover from this!

Brian reaches for the ropes, but is dragged towards the middle of the ring. Brian crawls, desperatly for the ropes, but again is dragged back to the middle. The referee asks Brian if he would like to quit, but Brian says no. Brian stretches for the ropes, but just misses, as he is AGAIN draged back to the middle. Brian kicks, knocking Shocker off, but Shocker pounces back to the same foot, locking it in again. Brian bounces his head off the mat, and raises his hand, looking to tap.

Macho King: No! Don't do it Brian! Oh, I guess this one's over. What a great match so far. I just wish it didn't have to end yet...

LPM: Watch the match ya baby! Brian hasn't tapped yet!

Brian holds his arm, shaking, but avoids tapping, yet. He crawls for the ropes, and in a last ditch effort, he dives, taking Shocker with him, to the ropes, as the ref calls Shocker off. Shocker starts towards Brian, but Brian pounces rolling up Shocker.

Referee: One, two, Thr- kickout!

Brian can't believe it, but Shocker looks shocked, thinking he had the match. Shocker starts up, looking for a Dragon Suplex. Brian doesn't see him, and gets caught in the position. Shocker lifts him up halfway, but Brian pushes down, revfersing the move into a sick Implant DDT! Brian goes for the cover.


Macho King: Oh my god! None of these men want to give up! What an incredible match-up.

LPM: I'm actually sort of impressed Shocker managed to get his shoulder up. He messed up, and it almost cost him the match, but here we are.

Brian gets to his feet, angry at himself he couldn't take the win. Shocker gets up, slowly, and Brian hits a nice armdrag. Shocker hops up, and goes for his own, but Brian reverse it into a twisting arm lock. Shocker boots him in the stomach, and goes for a DDT, but Shocker uppercuts him knocking off. Brian goes to drop him on his back. looking for the sharpshooter, but Shocker rolls away, and gets to his feet. Both men go for a clothesline, and knock each otehr down. Brian is first to his feet, with Shocker slowly behind him. Shocker tackles Brian into the turnbuckle, and punches him in the face, stunning Brian. Shocker somehow sets up the Shocker splash, but Brian flips hi mover his back, dropping Shocker. Brian bounces off, as Shocker gets up. Shocker goes for a corner spear, but Brian dives out of the way, sending Shocker to meet the steel pole. Shocker recovers slowly backwards, as Brian once again goes for the Implant DDT. Shocker spins around reversing it, going for the ankle lock. Brian rolls through and goes for the sharpshooter, but Shocker reverse it, and both men get to their feet. Brian charges at Shocker, but Shocker rolls out of the way, and gets behind Brian. Shocker spins Brian around and lifts him up for the Dragon Suplex, but Brian flips over top of him ,and lands on his feet. Brian spins Shocker around, and hits an awesome Implant DDt, knocking Shocker out cold. He goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE, TWO, THREE!

*Bonecrusher Never Scared plays*

Ashley: Here is your winner, and advacning to the third round in the Goldrush tournament, BigBriiiian!

Macho King: Well, Brian did it! He actually did it! After a hard fought battle he did it!! And my, what a match. An incredible feat for Brian, but don't cut Shocker short. If it wasn't for previous injuries, I'm sure he would have been able to continue, but we'll never know. And listen to the fans!

LPM: True, an amazing match it was. And yes, Brian is adored by these fans, it's amazing! Well, there you have it, BigBrian advances.
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Macho Man: The semi finals begin tonight, this is round three, and it'll be Lojax vs that mysterious Cyanide.

Latin Passion Master: I'm usually one to root for the bad guy, but Cyanide really sends a chill down my spine.

Macho Man: I don't think there's a man or woman alive, that wouldn't be scare of this, sick, dark, sadistic human being.

Latin Passion Master: Can we even dub this character as a human, hes demented, to a point where it's even too much for me.

Ashley: This is the third round of the Goldrush tournament, this is the semi finals! This match will be scheduled for one fall, with the winner advancing into the tournament final!

Macho King: So much is on the line, and these superstars will be willing to do anything to win.

Latin Passion Master:We know Cyanide will do everything and anything to win, Lojax has to bring that same mentality if he wants to stand a chance against that freak.

**Mr.Jones plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he stood in tonight at 6'1 and weighed in at 122 pounds, he is "The Pride of Canada" LOJAX!

Lojax slowly walks down the ring ramp, and then makes his way to ring side, Lojax pulls off his team Canada hockey jersey and throws it into the crowd. Lojax leaves the Vancouver Canucks toque on his head.

**Breathe plays**

And the opponent, from London, England, he stood in tonight at 6'1 and weighed in at an astonishing 225 pounds, he is CYANIDE!

Macho King: It's just giving me chills watching this guy come down to the ring.

Latin Passion Master: You couldn't be more right, this guy is freaky, i don't understand how he has a job in XCL, no matter how good a wrestler he is.

The lights dimmer as Cyanide makes his way down the ring ramp, Cyanide enters the ring, and takes off his leather jacket and lays it down in the corner of the ring, Cyanide then turns around towards Lojax, and stares him down with his cold dead eyes.

Latin Passion Master: If i were Lojax, id be running as far as i could from Cyanide.

Macho King: If i wasn't getting paid to do this, id be running as far away as i possibly could, because Cyanide is scary. If i didn't value this job, id already be out of here, i don't think my hearts beat this fast in a long time.

Cyanide and Lojax, moves towards the center of the ring, Lojax is looking to lock up, Cyanide avoids that fact completely and kicks Lojax in the knee cap, knocking Lojax down on one knee. Cyanide then hits a low dropkick on Lojax, knocking Lojax completely over, Cyanide picks up Lojax by the hair, and tugs hard, Lojax is on his feet, Cyanide, begins throwing his head right at the skull of Lojax, hitting head butt after head butt, Cyanide stops the head butt barrage, and Lojax is send staggering backwards, Cyanide then rushes towards Lojax and hits him with a stiff clothesline. Lojax gets up from the clothesline, Cyanide bounces off the ropes, and then bounces off the ropes behind Lojax, Cyanide is now running behind Lojax, where he hits a huge facebuster on Lojax, Cyanide makes the first pin attempt of the match.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....

Macho King: Lojax kicks out at two.

Latin Passion Master: This Cyanide has been impressive in the ring, as he is scary.

Cyanide is waiting on Lojax to get up, Lojax makes it to his feet, Cyanide hits a low dropkick to the back of the knee of Lojax, sending Lojax crashing face first to the ground, Cyanide then locks in a STF. Lojax is lucky as hes close to the ropes, Lojax extends his arm towards the rope, and gets a hold of it, for a rope break. Cyanide breaks the hold and then waits on Lojax to get up, Lojax gets up, and turns around, and is met with a kick to the mid section by Cyanide, Lojax crouches over after the kick, setting Cyanide up for a DDT, which he connects on Lojax without flaw. Cyanide doesn't cover Lojax but instead drops his knee on the back of Lojax. Cyanide waits on Lojax to get up again, Lojax gets up, turns around, Cyanide throws a kick to the mid section, Lojax sidesteps and then hits a spear on Cyanide, Lojax covers.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....TH

Macho King: Cyanide kicks out of, a momentum changing spear.

Latin Passion Master: That was a brilliant spear, and if Lojax is able to keep that kind of stuff up, then he might be able to beat that dark mysterious loner, better none as Cyanide.

Lojax backs off towards the corner, and then goes in a crouching position, screaming for Cyanide to get up, Cyanide gets up, Lojax bursts from out of the corner, full steam at Cyanide, who changes the tide, but side stepping the spear, Lojax goes hard shoulder first into the steel ring post, Cyanide, then takes advantage of Lojax, and rolls him for the school boy pin, Cyanide makes sure to grab a good handful of tights.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Macho King: Lojax just kicked out?

Latin Passion Master: It appears that the referee saw the hand full of tights, so he didn't count the three.

Macho King: Thanks for pointing that out, that means the referee was in good position, and i tell you id really hate to be him right now.

Latin Passion Master: Who wouldn't, if he gets Cyanide mad at him, scratch him off the roster, because hes dead.

Cyanide mouths at the referee, but sees Lojax getting up so he stops. Lojax is on his feet and goes towards Cyanide where they lock up, Cyanide out powers Lojax, which sends Lojax staggering backwards, Cyanide follows up by running towards Lojax with a clothesline, Lojax ducks the clothesline, Cyanide is sent flying forward with momentum, and bounces off the ropes, he comes in running behind Lojax and hits the facecrusher again. Cyanide pulls Lojax up by the hair, and then hits a wicked facebuster, Cyanide rolls Lojax over, Cyanide makes the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Macho King: That was close, but Lojax has good ring presence and was able to get his foot on the bottom rope.

Latin Passion Master: That gave everyone thats a Lojax fan a big scare, even though just looking at that sick Cyanide is a scare itself.

Lojax is struggling to get up, and is on all fours, from behind him, Cyanide locks in a sleeper hold, Lojax looks to have lost all breath, and is fading quick, Lojax is close enough to the ropes to get his arm on it, for the rope break. Cyanide lets go, Lojax turns around rather quick and then gets hit with a discuss clothesline. Lojax rolls around in the ring after that hard discuss clothesline. Cyanide motions for a powerbomb, and waits for Lojax to get up, Lojax makes it to his feet, Cyanide grabs hold of Lojax and readys him for the powerbomb, Lojax counters the powerbomb before it can happen, with a solid back body drop, Cyanide's back lands hard out the hat, Lojax follows with the shining wizard, and then is quick to lock in the triangle choke, Cyanide, is close to the ropes, and gets his hand on it, to get a quick break, through rope break. Lojax backs off from Cyanide, and waits at the opposite site of the ring for him, Cyanide uses the ring ropes to pull himself up, Lojax takes a run from behind Cyanide, and hits the Northern lariat. Lojax then drags Cyanide into the middle of the ring, Lojax tries another triangle choke, this time Cyanide prevents it, and rolls away. Lojax and Cyanide are both on their feet, the two charge towards each other and take each other down with a clothesline.

Macho King: That must've been a tough collision, it seemed as if they were thinking the same think.

Latin Passion Master: Of course they were thinking the same thing, or else that wouldn't of happened.

Both men are slow to get up, but make it to their feet, Lojax quickly runs towards Cyanide, and is met with a drop toe hold close to the ropes, Lojax bounces right back into Cyanide, where Cyanide hits a corkscrew neckbreaker on Lojax, Cyanide then does a vertical leap in the air, and lands a leg drop on Lojax. Cyanide backs into the corner, and waits on Lojax to get up, Lojax gets up, Cyanide rushes towards the back of Lojax, and his a german suplex, Cyanide keeps the arms lock, and hits a second straight german, Cyanide follows the first two, with a third competing the hat trick with a hard third german suplex. Lojax has his hand on his neck, Cyanide comes over to Lojax and then mounts on top of him, Cyanide begins to barrage the skull of Lojax with right after left, Lojax puts up the guard, and blocks the shots the best he can, Lojax uses his knees and manages a few knees to the back of Cyanide, getting Cyanide off himself, Lojax then jumps up to his feet quickly and then tries a spear on Cyanide, which is well scouted and sidestepped by Cyanide, Lojax continues forward with momentum, but stops right before his shoulder hits the steel ring post, Lojax turns around, Cyanide throws his boot towards the mid section of Lojax, which is caught, Cyanide is hoping on one foot, and then blasts Lojax in the skull with an enzuguri, Cyanide makes the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....TH

Macho King: Lojax kicks out before the three, and i must add this match has been very good.

Latin Passion Master: Both of these men are showing how much they want to win this tournament, Cyanide is showing off his offense, while Lojax is showcasing a never say die attitude, that is needed when squaring off with the dark Cyanide.

Cyanide mounts on Lojax again, and throws a right to the face, Lojax gets his arm up, and blocks it, Cyanide throws his lefts towards the face of Lojax, which is also blocked, Lojax powers Cyanide off him, and then takes a running charge at him, Cyanide is ready and shoots his foot up, Lojax stops at it and catches the boot, Cyanide is hoping on one foot, Lojax still has hold of Cyanide's foot, and reaches out with his right hand and gets a good grip around the neck of Cyanide, Lojax lets go of Cyanide's foot, and then lifts him high in the air, by the throat and drops Cyanide on his upper back with a ring rattling chokeslam. Lojax makes the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....TH

Macho King: Cyanide kicks out of that ring rattling chokeslam.

Latin Passion Master: Now Lojax is showing his good offense, while the dark Cyanide, shows that he feels no pain.

Lojax staggers against the ropes, and regains composure, Cyanide makes it back up to his feet, Lojax and Cyanide lock up, Cyanide powers Lojax off, sending Lojax backwards, Lojax bounces off the ropes, and right back into a lock up with Cyanide, Lojax tries to out power Cyanide, but it's the size of Cyanide that prevents it, Cyanide then throws a knee into the mid section of Lojax, breaking the test of strength , Cyanide then positions Lojax for the powerbomb, Cyanide brings Lojax into the air, and hits the powerbomb on Lojax, which has Lojax shaking violently in the ring. Cyanide, then goes towards the legs of Lojax, and locks in a Boston crab, Lojax screams in pain, as Cyanide locks in the submission, Lojax crawls to the ropes, and is a finger tip away, Cyanide pulls Lojac back into the middle of the ring, Lojax is on the verge of tapping, but gets another wind and crawls to the ropes again, and once again Lojax has his finger tips on the ropes, Cyanide tries to move Lojax away, but Lojax fights the power, and gets his full hand around the rope breaking the submission hold, via rope break. Cyanide gets in the referees face, Lojax is slow to get up, and then runs towards Cyanide, Lojax gets caught by Cyanide and is dropped by a drop toe hold, Lojax's neck and head lands on the second ropes, Cyanide puts his knee and all his weight and the neck and head region of Lojax, while on the second rope, the referee notions for Cyanide to break it, and then begins a count of five.

[color=brown]Referee: ONE...TWO...THREE...FOUR...FI

Macho King: hes cheating, referee ring the bell.

Latin Passion Master: It's not a DQ until the count hits five, and the count only was half a second away from the DQ.

Cyanide gets a good handful of Lojax's hair and pulls him into the middle of the ring with it, Cyanide makes sure to hook the head, and then throws knee after knee to the head of Lojax, hitting him several times in the jaw, and giving him a bloody nose, Cyanide lets go, Lojax staggers backwards, Cyanide then his a huge knife edge chop knocking Lojax down, Lojax falls down hard to the mat. Cyanide then begins to violently stomp on the head of Lojax, and then converts the stomp to the head, into the curb stomp, where Cyanide stomps all around Lojax, Cyanide stops the stomps after he finishes up where he started, the head. Lojax's face is now has a cut on it, and small trickles of blood are pouring down. Cyanide screams for Lojax to get up, Lojax is slow to get up, Cyanide then gets a hold of Lojax, and then hooks both Lojax's arms, Cyanide hits the Headcase, Lojax's neck hits the mat hard, and his neck folds on contact, Lojax is having a seizure in the middle of the ring. Cyanide makes the cover.

Latin Passion Master: Somebody find a fat lady and tell her to sing, because this one is over.

Macho King: I have to agree with you. Because no one gets up after the Headcase.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Macho King: Lojax kicks out, and if he had his shoulders down for even a millisecond more, the match would have been over.

Latin Passion Master: Amazing i thought for sure, that this one was over.

For the first time, Cyanide looks to be in complete shock, Cyanide is all over the referee, and gets right into his face, giving him what looks to be a barrage of verbal assaults, Cyanide then gives the referee and face wash with his hand. Lojax crawls from the center of the ring, into the corner, where hes able to pulls himself up. Cyanide sees this, and comes towards Lojax who is cornered, Lojax puts up a fight, and hits a knife edge chop to the chest of Cyanide, Lojax follows up with knife edge chop after knife edge chop, this causes Cyanide to stagger backwards, Cyanide's chest turns bright, bright red. Lojax winds up, and attempts another knife edge chop, but before Lojax can connect, Cyanide throws his knee into the mid section of Lojax, knocking him down, Lojax falls down like a bag of bricks. Cyanide then locks in the gogoplata, and uses it to perfection, blood comes pouring out of the mouth of Lojax, as Cyanide just keeps ading the pressure, Lojax fades out, as blood continues to pur from out of his mouth, Cyanide finally lets go, and then picks Lojax up by the head, Cyanide hooks both Lojax's arms, and hits the Headcase for a second time, Lojax's neck bounces right off the mat, and it appears to be broken, Lojax lay motionless. Cyanide then covers the motionless Lojax.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THREE!
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**Breathe plays**

Ashely: Here is your winner, of the round three, semi finals match of the Goldrush tournament, and advancing to the XCL championship match final, CYANIDE!

Macho King: Two times the head case was hit, and that put an end to the resilient Lojax. What an effort he put forth.

Latin Passion Master: Lojax may have suffered internal damage from that sick submission hold known as the gogoplata, Lojax lost so much blood from the mouth, when Cyanide had it locked in.

Macho King: You got to congratulate both men, they put up a great battle and they had the fans on the edge of their seats the whole match, well done. And you got to wonder, if Lojax will be put into the main event title picture, after a match like that one.

Latin Passion Master: I doubt it, he lost the match, now hes going to have to work his way back up.

Macho King: Latin Passion, this match here promesses to be a great match for the fans of pure wrestling because this match involves probably the best 2 technical wrestlers in this buisness today.

Latin Passion Master: I totaly agree with you here Macho King. Steve Ace and BIGBRIAN are the best technical wrestlers the XCL has to offer right now in the tournament and im confident that Steve Ace will win.

Macho King: Well thats your prediction, but you should not count BIGBRIAN out of this match budy. Now lets go to our lovely ring announcer Ashley as she will introduce the two contestants.

Ashley: This Contest is Scheduled for one fall and its a third round match in the Goldrush Tournament and this match will decide who will be the other finalist of the tournament. Now Introducing First....

London Calling by The Clash starts to play as Steve Ace struts his way to the ring treathening fans in his way to the ring.

Ashley: He is from Badstreet in the United Kingdom and hes Weighting 250 pounds ..... The British Patriot, STEVE ACE!

Latin Passion Master: Ah what a beutifull sight, Steve Ace is proudly waiving the Union Jack in the Arena. I just dont understand why those idiotic fans boo this guy like this.

Macho King: What do you expect here Latin Passion? He's just doing this to irritate the fans again.

Latin Passion Master: Is there anything wrong with being patriotic towards his native Country? No wonder why your always cheering for the loosers of this company Nacho King!

Macho King: Mad Ah just shut up Latin Passion and lets go back to Ashley in the ring.

Ashley: Now introducing his opponent ......

Bonecrusher's Never Scared starts playing as BIGBRIAN makes his way to the ring as the Fans explode in a loud cheer for him.

Ashley: He is from Maimi Florida in the sunshine state and hes Weighting tonight at 240 pounds .... he is Florida's favorite Son, BIGBRIAN!

Macho King: Now thats what i call a true champion.

Latin Passion: You have to be kidding me Macho Queen. This guy is a total looser and a damn cheater!

Macho King: Hey, who cheated his way to get in the semi's between those 2? If my memory serves me right Steve Ace cheated against Flair3 in the second round.

Latin Passio: I cant beleive how much of a liar you are Macho. Now lets go to the ring as the referee gives his instruction to the wrestlers.

Referee: Ok Guys, No Low Blows, no Cheap shots. Your have a 5 count to break the hold when your oponent is in the rope and you dont push the Referee aroud and you dont use foreign objects or you will be Disqualified. Now have a good match. Time Keeper, Ring The Bell!

The match starts as both wrestlers are facing off in the ring. Steve Ace is Bad mouthing BIGBRIAN who is smiling at him. Steve Ace gets so pissed off that he slaps BRIAN right in the face and BRIAN slaps Steve Ace Back with force and put him in a side headlock. Steve Ace get out if the hold by swingning BIGBRIAN to the ropes. Ace try a shoulder block on BRIAN, but Ace ends up falling down as BIGBRIAN was comming full speed from that previous swing to ropes.

Latin Passion: Dammit Steve Ace Wake up! BRIAN cheated with his slap and illegal choke.

Macho King: Cheated! You have to be kidding me! Steve Ace slapped him first. And by the way, it was a side headlock you dweeb. I think you need a pair of glasses to see the action clearly.

Steve Ace rolls out of the ring Visibly insulted to have been the one knocked on his ass. Steve starts arguing with a fan at ringside. BIGBRIAN gets out of the ring and tap him on the shoulder. Ace yells wait a minute thinking that its the referee. BIGBRIAN tap Steve's shoulder again, This time Steve Ace turn around and yelled "WHAT!" only to be meet with a stiff left punch in the jaw. BIGBRIAN press Steve Ace and swings him between the first and Second Rope Straight in the ring. BRIAN slides back in the ring and tries to lock in a texas Cloverleaf, but Steve Ace somehow manage to push BRIAN in the corner with his legs. BIGBRIAN gets out of the corner and goes for a Clothesline to Steve Ace who was slowly getting back to his feet. Ace turn BRIAN'S clothesline into an Armdrag and lock's in a painfull Armbar.

Macho King: WOW! what a match! We have seen BIGBRIAN take an ealry lead and totaly dominate the first few minutes of the match and now Steve Ace turned the tide with that arm drag into an armbar. Thats great wresting!

Latin passion: For once i agree with you, we are seeing some great wrestling between those 2 right now.

Steve Ace is putting more pressure into the ArmBarr and BIGBRIAN is screaming in pain. After 3 minutes of pain in that hold, BIGBRIAN finaly gets back to his feets and hit Steve Ace with one stiff punch on the nose witch made him release the hold. Steve Ace go for an Arm Drag but BIGBRIAN turn it into a russian leg sweep a la Bret Hart on Steve Ace. BIGBRIAN bring Steve back up and hit him with a snap suplex. BIGBRIAN Attempt to lock in the figurefour leg lock but Steve kicks BRIAN of and BRIAN fall backwards trough the ropes and out of the ring and fall head firt into the floor. The referee starts the cout.

Referee: 1- 2- 3....

Latin Passion: Looks like BRIAN is knock out here.

Macho King: Lets hope that BRIAN didnt sustained a concusion with that fall.

Referee: 4- 5- 6- ...

BRIAN, starts to move and slowly gets back on his feet as the referee continues the count.

Referee: 7- 8- 9...

BRIAN slides in the ring at the last split second breaking the count, as we see Steve Ace start to get a little frustrated. Steve Ace Grab BIGBRIAN, put him on his shoulder and hit a thunderous running powerslam. Steve Ace gets back up, grab BRIAN by the air and hit him with a Curt Henning fisherman suplex for a pin attempt.

Referee: One, two, thr.....

BIGBRIAN kicks out before the referee hands slaps the mat for a third time. Steve is getting more frustrated as he was not able to put BRIAN away. Steve Ace grab BRIAN by the hair and and slap him in the face. Steve run to the ropes and hit BRIAN with his own version of the old Stan Hansen running lariat and almost decapitate BRIAN with that move. Steve put BRIAN back on his feet, kicks him in the guts and follow that with a Jake Roberts Knee lift. Steve hook BRIAN up and hit him with a Backdrop Driver out of nowere and then yells at the referee to make the count as he goes for the pin.

Latin Passion: Theres no way that chupstain BRIAN will kick out of this Macho King.

Macho King: Steve Ace just hit BRIAN with his finishing move and yeah, it looks like the match is over. And Please stop with those insults.

Referee: one, two, thre....

Somehow BIGBRIAN finds a way to kick out again. Steve is so frustrated that hes getting in the referee's face and starts yelling at him and shoves him. The Referee Shoves him back and warns him to not do it again. Meanwhile BIGBRIAN makes it back to his feet. BRIAN goes for a running Lariat of his own on Steve Ace, but Steve pull the referee in front of him and move out of the way as BIGBRIAN cant stop his momentum and accidently hit the referee with that lariat.

The Crowd looks stunned from what just happened.

Macho King: Dammit that Steve Ace just pulled the referee in BRIAN's way at the last split second. Thats not fair at all.

Latin Passion: Thats was a brilliant move by Steve Ace Macho King and you know it.

BIGBRIAN is trying to help the referee, while Steve Ace pull a pair of brass Knucks out of his tights. BIGBRIAN turn his attention back to Steve Ace, only to receive a mouthfull of Brassknuckles and fall flat on his back, and follow that with a pin attempt. The referee starts a slow count.

Referee: One

Macho King: Dont tell me it will end this way!

Referee: Two

Latin Passion: I think BRIAN is toasted!

Referee: Three

The bell's ring.

Macho King: what the hell! BIGBRIAN has been robed here.

Latin Passion: Yessssss Steve Ace just won the match.

A bizzare music starts to play

Latin Passion: Whats that music?

Macho Man: Hey Look who it is! Its the Boss Khali and he has a mike in his hands.

Khali gets in the entrance ramp.

Khali: Its looks like the referee made a mistake here. Referee, please watch the replay here.

Khali points at the screen as the guys in the truck shows the replay of Steve Ace Using the Brass Knucks.

Khali: So Steve, you tought you could get away with that one? Well unfortunatly for you, you are not the winner of the match. Like it or not, the match will Continue. Time Keeper, Ring the Bell!

Latin Passion: who the hell does Khali thinks he is. Steve Ace won that match fair and square.

Macho King: Like it or not Latin, Khali is the boss and the match will continue.

Steve Ace is enrage with Khali's decision and goes right on an relentless atact on BRIAN. Steve goes for a front face suplex. As Steve lift him up, BRIAN turn the move into a small package for a pin

Referee: One, Two, Three

Ding Ding Ding

The crowd erupt as BIGBRIAN take the suprise win.

Latin Passion: I cant beleive it. Its all Khali's fault.

Macho King: Look at this Steve Ace is loosing it in the ring.

As the referee raises BRIAN'S arm, Steve Ace hit's BRIAN with a running lariat in the back of the head. Steve then Grabs the referee and hit him with a Piledriver. Steve turn his attention to BIGBRIAN again and hit him with a leg drop. Steve goes outside and grab a Chair and place it in the ring. He Grab BRIAN and place him in position for the Backdrop Driver.

Old Time Rock'n Roll starts to play as Flair3 run to the ring.

Flair3 gets in the ring just in time to make the save and prevent anymore damage to BIGBRIAN and take a long look at Steve Ace who is laughing at what he did to BRIAN.

Latin Passion: BIGBRIAN is damn lucky that Flair3 stuck his nose were it didnt belongs.

Macho King: Flair3 made the save and Steve Ace was realy lucky that he didnt get his hands on him because he would have paid for his actions on BIGBRIAN.

Latin Passion: All i know is that Khali had no buisness restarting the match and Flair3 had no buisness stiking his nose in Steve's buisness, especialy since he has been eliminated in the second round.

Macho King: AH SHUT UP LATIN PASSION! Steve Ace is a no good SOB and Khali just did his job, and Flair helped up a friend. End of the story. So now we will see a video recap of the previous rounds while BIGBRIAN will be examinated by our medical staff before the final.
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Macho King: And this is the match we have all been waiting for the final of the XCL Goldrush tournament its what all the wrestlers have worked towards. And they all got a chance being placed in the tournament, and been given a chance to follow there dream. But now there are only 2.

Latin Passion Master: Right you are there are 2 men left, and my pick from the beginning Cyanide is still in it, and has been the most feared man in XCL right now. And there is no chance in hell that BIGBRIAN is going to beat Cyanide, Cyanide is sick and twisted and will stop at nothing to fulfil his destiny.

Macho King: Cyanide is sick and twisted that is true, but BIGBRIAN has got the fans on his side and that could be a very big deciding factor the support that they show for Brian every time he walks out the crowd erupt for him and I think that gives him an extra advantage and could be the deciding factor in this.

Latin Passion Master: That makes no difference if Brian is loved by these humanoids or not, because it matters what he can do in the ring, and I really don’t think he can match up to the sadistic ways of Cyanide.

***Breathe by Prodigy plays***

Ashley: Introducing first from London England, weighing in at 225lbs and standing at 6’1 CYANIDE!!!!.

Cyanide walks slowly down to the ring, as fans boo loudly at him. Cyanide however takes no notice and has his eyes fixed on the ring and is mouthing to himself “my destiny”. Cyanide rolls into the ring the crowd booing even louder at him now. But still Cyanide doesn’t even acknowledge there existence, Cyanide then sits down in the corner.

Latin Passion Master: Did you see that Nacho King? Did you see the look of concentration on Cyanides face? These morons were booing as loud as they could but he payed no attention because he is too focused to let any of these idiots get to him.

Macho King: Well as much as it saddens me to say you are right, Cyanide does seem very focused and that could give him the edge.

***Bonecrusher’s never scared plays***

Ashley: And the opponent standing at 5’8 weighing in at 240lbs, he comes from Miami Florida BIGBRIAN!!!!.

BIGBRIAN enters from the curtain and the crowd erupt and start cheering frantically, as BIGBRIAN walks down the side of the ramp high fiving the fans. Cyanide hasn’t taken his eyes off of BIGBRIAN, as BRIAN steps inside the ring posing to the fans and looking extremely confident.

Macho King: WOW what a reaction he got, that is the loudest I have ever heard a crowd go that loud what a reaction. He certainly has this crowd behind him tonight.

Latin Passion Master: What?? I can’t hear you.

Both men come to the centre of the ring for a staredown, the referee tells the timekeeper to ring the bell and the match officially starts. Cyanide hits Brian with a right hand then Brian returns the favour, both men keep exploding on each other with an array of rights and lefts, Cyanide is able to get the advantage hitting 3 right hands in a row which backs BRIAN into the corner, Cyanide steps back then goes to hit a big right hand. Brian ducks out of the way and then keeps pummelling away Cyanide, with each punch the crowd cheers more and more for Brian. Brian walks quickly to the opposite corner then runs to Cyanide hitting a big splash into the corner Cyanide stumbles out of the corner Brian hits an arm drag then locks the arm of Cyanide in. Brian keeps hold of the arm, Cyanide gets to his knees then gets to a vertical base, and Brian is able to twist the arm into a hammerlock. Cyanide is able to reverse into a hammer lock of his own. Brian walks towards the turnbuckle then gets his feet on the second turnbuckle then moves them up to the top turnbuckle and pushes back forcing Cyanides shoulders to the ground.

Referee: One...Tw. kick out!!!

Both men quickly spring to there feet, Brian hits another arm drag, then another. Cyanide gets up quickly again Brian hits a drop toe hold then jumps over him and locks in a modified cross face Cyanide tries to reach for the ropes. Cyanide is able to pull his own and Brian’s weight to get closer to the ropes, Cyanide is able to reach the ropes. Brian picks up Cyanide hits a right hand then Irish Whips him to the ropes Cyanide bounces back then Brian hits a reverse elbow knocking down Cyanide and then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Macho King: What a great start by Brian not letting Cyanide get on the offense and is using that great technical style he has to one up Cyanide, this could be coming to an end very soon if Brian keeps this up.

Latin Passion Master: What’s that you always say to me about not counting them out Cyanide is just biding his time; he can switch the momentum just like that. Who knows what Cyanide has planned in his head right now?

Macho King: I don’t think anyone knows but it is going to be tough for Cyanide to get out of this one though.

Brian and Cyanide are both at a vertical base, Brian knees Cyanide in the mid section then hits a snapmare Brian locks one of Cyanides arms and then sticks his leg in front of the other arm locking that one in as well. Cyanide kicks his legs trying to escape out of it, Cyanide trying to use his strength to over power Brian, Brian then quickly moves both of his legs and puts them around the neck of Cyanide and wrenches the head and neck area. Brian eventually releases the hold then hits a knee to the head, Brian picks up Cyanide then hits a strong Irish Whip into the corner Brian puts Cyanide on the top turnbuckle then steps onto the second turnbuckle, Cyanide though starts hammering away at Brian drops down from the second turnbuckle but lands on his feet and walks towards Brian, Cyanide kicks Brian in the face Cyanide then jumps off the second turnbuckle and drives the elbow into the head of Brian, Cyanide wastes little time and jumps on Brian and starts hammering with lefts and rights to the face of Brian. Brian pushes Cyanide away, but Cyanide goes back on the attack until he is restrained back by the referee, the referee goes to check on Brian, Cyanide then runs to Brian and hits a big knee to his face.

Cyanide picks up Brian then smashes his head into the turnbuckle and then throws him through the middle rope outside of the ring. Brian manages to get to his feet, Cyanide then bounces to the ropes then dives out of the ring on top of Brian, and Cyanide picks up Brian and rams him into the side of the ring. Cyanide goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair lifts it up high looking to hit Brian across the back with it the referee grabs the chair Cyanide still holding onto it jumps on the apron and argues with the referee. Brian takes Cyanides legs away and ends up hitting his head on the ring apron Brian throws Cyanide back into the ring then goes into the ring himself. Brian picks up Cyanide kicks him in the mid section looks to hit a DDT, Cyanide is able to escape out of that and hooks him for a DDT but turns it into a neckbreaker.

Latin Passion Master: And just as I have predicted Cyanide has turned this around that was all in his game plan from the beginning, to make Brian think he had the advantage then Cyanide would unleash an attack on him.

Macho King: Well I don’t think it was that way, Brian certainly seemed to know what he is doing, but Cyanide has certainly turned this thing around in a hurry. Interesting to know what will happen from here.

Latin Passion Master: Well that’s obvious Cyanide will pick up the victory and all these humanoids will bow at the feet of Cyanide as there new Heavyweight champion, be sure children are going to cry at the end of it.

Macho King: I am sure that is what you would love to see children crying you disgust me at times.
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Cyanide walks over to the corner then starts to remove the turnbuckle the referee walks over and tries stop Cyanide, but Cyanide just shoves down the referee and removes the turnbuckle pad. Brian is up at this point and at the opposite corner to Cyanide Brian runs at Cyanide looking to hit a splash on him, Cyanide is able to catch Brian then moves backwards and drops him face first into the exposed steel. Brian has been busted open and is stumbling around Cyanide then bounces off the ropes and hits a face buster on Brian, then locks in a sleeper hold as Brian looks to be losing consciousness. Cyanide keeps it locked in, and tells the referee to check him. Brian seems out of it, the referee holds Brian’s arm up and drops it for the first time the referee does it a second time and it drops, then the referee goes to do it for a last time and it drops the referee goes to ring the bell but Brian has got a hold of the referees shoe so the referee continues the match. Cyanide releases the hold then gets right up into the referees face backing him into a corner Cyanide pulls his fist back ready to hit the referee but Brian grabs hold of Cyanide’s hand and turns him round then hits a brutal lariat Cyanide gets back Brian kicks Cyanide in the mid section then hits an implant DDT and goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Th...Kick out!!!!

Macho King: We nearly had a new champion there that should have been 3!! That was so close. And as you can tell by the reaction of these fans they expected a new champion right now.

Latin Passion Master: Well we should have already had a new champion, Brian’s hand clearly went down for the 3. I wanna know how much Brian payed off the referee. We should be calling Cyanide the XCL champion right now but Brian’s cheating ways got in the way.

Macho King: What are you talking about? Cyanide was the one who was about to assault a referee and he would have been disqualified then and probably fired for that. Its lucky Brian stopped that.

Latin Passion Master: Well Cyanide was only going to do that in the first place because the referee is favouring Brian.

Brian has a look of shock on his face that he couldn’t get Cyanide down for the 3, Brian picks up Cyanide and hits a forearm smash then bounces to the ropes and hits a thunderous dropkick knocking Cyanide down. Brian then climbs the top rope as the sell out crowd chant his name, with blood dripping down his face, Brian looks to the fans that cheer even louder then looks down to Cyanide and dives off the top rope and hits an elbow into the heart of Cyanide. Brian then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Thr...Kick out!!!

Brian sits up with a look of disbelief on his face, Brian then picks up Cyanide and knife edge chops him across his chest. Brian bounces to the ropes looking to hit a clothesline but Cyanide sticks his foot up and connects with Brian’s head. The referee checks on Brian, but Brian walks towards Cyanide, Cyanide looks to hit a discuss clothesline Brian moves out of the way and Cyanide levels the referee. Brian goes to kick Cyanide in the mid section but Cyanide catches his foot, Brian swings his other foot around Cyanide hooks the leg then locks in an STF, and pulls the head of Brian back Brian tries to move towards the ropes but is unable to reach them Brian begins to tap out but the referee is down. Cyanide releases the hold as the referee begins to make it to his knees, Cyanide gets the referee to his feet. Then hits him with a hard right hand, Cyanide then rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair then makes his way back into Brian is at his feet at this point. Cyanide hits Brian in the mid section with the chair then hits him across the back and drops the chair on the canvas. Cyanide then picks Brian up and power bombs him on the chair. Cyanide moves Brian away from the chair then tosses the chair out of the ring. Cyanide hooks the leg of Brian, the referee is still knocked down. But another referee comes running towards the ring and slides in the ring then begins the count.

Referee: One...Two...Thr...Kick out!!!

Cyanide looks up at the referee as he says it was only a 2, Cyanide gets into the referees face. And is about to hit him when he notices Brian is back to a vertical base. Cyanide then charges at Brian and hits a hard lariat.

Macho King: Cyanide has been disgraceful in this match, assaulting a referee once already and going for it again if Brian hadn’t got up and caused a distraction then we could have had 2 knocked referees. Cyanide will be lucky to still have a job after this match.

Latin Passion Master: But what controversy would it cause for the higher ups firing the World champion where would the logic be in that. The world champion has a right to treat the slacking referees like that it comes as a reward as such.

Macho King: That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say, Cyanide isn’t even champion the match isn’t even over yet. And beating up officials is not a reward for being the champion the reward is getting to call yourself the best wrestler in the world and the belt proves that.

Latin Passion Master: Well Cyanide should have been awarded the belt already if the referees didn’t take the pay off from Brian.

Macho King: Oh would you shut up.

Cyanide goes to pick up a tiresome Brian, Brian falls to his knees though. Cyanide clubs the back of Brian then goes to pick him up again, Brian hits an inside cradle.

Referee: One...Two...Kick out!!!

Both men get to there feet Brian goes for a clothesline Cyanide ducks out of the way and hits a neck breaker. But decides not to go for the cover, instead picks up Brian kicks him in the mid section then hits the Headcase. Cyanide takes his time then mouth to himself “my destiny”. Cyanide goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Thr...Kick out!!!

Macho King: I have no idea where Brian is getting the strength to kick out of that, he has taken everything Cyanide has thrown at him but still he manages to kick out of it this is truly an epic battle. And these fans haven’t stopped cheering for Brian.

Cyanide rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, the referee pleads with Cyanide to drop the chair but Cyanide doesn’t. Then the referee grabs the chair Cyanide keeps hold of then pie faces the referee down to the ground. Brian makes it to his feet Cyanide swings the chair around Brian ducks out of the way, then goes for the waist lock and hits a German Suplex, Brian keeps hold of Cyanide still the chair remains in the hand of Cyanide Brian picks Cyanide up again and hits another German Suplex, Brian still keeping a hold of Cyanide gets up again and hits another huge German Suplex this time the impact of it caused the chair to fly out of Cyanide’s hands and slides out of the ring. Brian gets to his feet then points to the crowd and turns around as the crowd cheer for Brian loudly. Brian drags Cyanide into the centre of the ring. Brian picks up both of Cyanides legs then locks in the sharp shooter, Cyanide does well to over power Brian from turning him over. Cyanide can’t over power Brian and Brian eventually turns over Cyanide the fans chant Brian’s name over and over as Cyanide screams in pain with no possible way of getting out of it. Brian is trying to keep the sharp shooter locked in but Cyanide is edging towards the ropes, Cyanide is doing all he can to get to the ropes, Brian screams for Cyanide to tap out as blood runs down his face. Cyanide is able to get his hands to the ropes, the referee wants Brian to break the hold, and Brian pulls Cyanide away from the ropes and back into the centre of the ring. Cyanide screams in pain again and then eventually taps out!!!.

The referee tells the time keeper to ring the bell, Brian releases the hold then falls to his knees and clutches his hands as the crowd give him a standing ovation. The referee has the belt, Brian makes it to his feet then the referee awards Brian the belt, Brian hold the belt in his hands then goes to the second turnbuckle and holds it up high as the confetti falls and the fans keep on cheering for Brian.

Macho King: What a way to close the show Brian caught his dream tonight as he is the first XCL champion, and he deserved it more than anyone. Some gruelling matches and it has culminated in an epic battle but Brian has the right to call himself the best in the world.

Latin Passion Master: I still say Cyanide was cheated out of it, and Brian should expect a rematch in the near future he is just going to keep it warm for Cyanide, because Cyanide will be XCL champion in the near future you have my word on that.

Macho King: Maybe so but for now Brian is on top of the world, thank you for joining us Ladies and Gentlemen for this historic tournament.
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