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 XCL presents Seek N Destroy

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XCL presents Seek N Destroy Empty
PostSubject: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:34 am

***A massive fireworks display is seen coming the XCL entrance ramp. The crowd cheers loudly.***

The camera scans around the arena showing fans holding various signs and cheering fans. The view eventually stops on Macho King and The Latin Passion Master, who are ringside and trying to speak over this deafening crowd.

Macho King(yelling): Welcome everyone to Seek N Destroy. Im the Macho King along with my co host The Latin Passion Master

Latin Passion Master(yelling): I can hardly hear myself think.

MK(yelling): I know what you mean LPM.

***The crowd's cheers start getting softer.***

LPM: Thats much better, the people sound excited.

MK: Can you blame them ? We have some incredible matches coming up.

LPM: I see your point, besides tonight we are going to crown our XCL World Champion.

MK: We already have our XCL Champion, the greatest superstar the XCL has to offer BigBrian.

LPM: I meant crown our real world champion, we both know Brian has just been keeping the title warm for Cyanide.

MK: I wouldnt be so certain of that LPM, Brian has beaten Cyanide before, you do remember GoldRush ?

LPM: Thats ancient history King, how about we start talking current events, like how Brian has to travel into unfimilar territory when he battles Cyanide in his House of Fun. I predict a painful evening for BigBrian.

MK: You may be right, but we have both seen Brian in action, you can never count him out. Even though thats our main event, its hard to say the Steve Ace vs Flair match isnt just as important.

LPM: Thats right King, once Cyanide seeks n destroys BigBrian, he is going to have to take on Steve Ace.

MK: Thats quite presumptuous of you LPM, thinking both BigBrian & Flair wont be picking up a victory tonigh. I have already let you know my thoughts on Brian, but Flair truely is a legend in the making.

LPM: Get your head straight Macho, for three weeks now I have had to listen to you and every other moron out there telling me how Flair was screwed out of his chance to win the title at GoldRush. You people all need to wake up and smell the horse BEEP.

MK: Watch your language LPM, this is a family show remember and we are live. Besides your one sided opinions dont count for anything here. You just wait until later tonight when Flair shows that rich snob Steve Ace who really deserves to be the number one contender.

LPM: Wow King, I really touched a nerve there, I didnt realize you had a man crush on him.

MK: Just shut the hell up LPM, I have taken enough of your crap. I apologize folks, lets move on to the rest of the card.

LPM: Yeah sure, you want me to call backstage and get them to send out some tissues ?

MK: F..

LPM: Just kidding King, lets move on. Celebration is in order. Neon Hardy's time on this earth is limited, for once Bolton slams the lid on that casket shut we will never have to see that rainbow colored freak again.

MK: Bolton is the freak, his religious rants and motivated attacks have gone way to far and tonight I hope Neon can put that sicko to rest.

LPM: If you think Neon even stands a ghost of a chance at winning this match, your dreaming. Bolton is doing the bidding of the almighty.

MK: Dont tell me you buy into Bolton's crap ?

LPM: Death to the non believers.

MK: Of course, I must have forgotten who im talking to, the XCL's very own cynic.

LPM: I dont like labels, but if I must conform to one Id much prefer realist.

MK: I see....Anyways whats your take on the special attraction four corners match ?

LPM: This match is going to be great we are going to see four of the XCL top guys do battle, no friends, only foes.

MK: It does look very interesting, with some great talent involved, who do you think is going to come out on top ?

LPM: Its hard to say King, each guy has so many great things going for them. If I have to choose one, I think ill go with WWEfan, I like all of these guys but I give him the slight edge.

MK: Interesting choice, personally I think The Legend Killer has what it takes to come away with the win. In other action tonight we have a good old fashioned grudge match between Jerichoholic and Jason Outlaw.

LPM: Indeed we do, and to the victor go the spoils right King ?

MK: What spoils ?

LPM: Ella you idiot, have you forgotten how this match has come about ? Do we really have to play the package ?

A short Video package showing the events from weeks one and two of Adrenaline between Jerichoholic, Ella and Jason Outlaw.

LPM: See King, I think that explains things pretty nicely. Jerichoholic is standing in the way of Ella and Jason Outlaw's happiness.

MK: Did you pay attention to the video package or just stare at Ella the whole time ?

LPM: Cut me some slack here King, it is Ella after all.

MK: Let me explain it for you then, Ella went home with Outlaw on week one of Adrenaline, but didnt tell Jericho. The following week on Adrenaline Jerichohlic and Ella were doing an interview with "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne, when Outlaw interrupted and started making claims that Ella wasnt being truthful with her version of the story. The interview ended with Jerichoholic knocking out Jason Outlaw and challenging him to a match. Which has brought us to where we are now.

LPM: What a mouthful King, couldnt you have just said "its Ella's fault"

MK: Its not Ella's fault, although that girl seems like trouble.

LPM: How could you say that ? Ella is an angel.

MK: I doubt that LPM. Moving on in other singles action this evening we have the Mexican sensation El Paria taking on the very frightening Edgecutioner.

LPM: Im hoping we get to see another hanging, this time with the victim being that gimp El Paria.

MK: Well I for one dont want to see another hanging, Edgecutioner went way to far with what he did to Joe Morgan.

LPM: Maybe in your view, in mine that was quality entertainment.

MK: If you found that entertaining, you have some really deep issues that you should get sorted out. Lets move on even just talking about Edgecutioner gives me the creeps.

LPM: And you call yourself the Macho King. The final match we have this evening is a triple threat that when you lay out the facts choosing the winner is simple.

MK: Really and who is this winner you speak of ?

LPM: Im talking about Jose, with Boom in his corner he cant lose.

MK: I wouldnt count out Chris Shocker and The Sound just yet, The Sound is electric and Chris will Shock ya. Get it ?

LPM: I get it, but if that was an attempt at humor you failed miserably.

MK: I know funny and that my friend was funny, anyways folks we will be back with our opening bout after these messages
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

XCL presents Seek N Destroy Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:35 am

Ashley: The following match is a triple threat match, scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring.....

***30 Seconds to Mars plays***

Ashley: ...from Kent, UK, standing 6'2, and weighing in at 242 pounds, "The Main Surprise" Chris Shocker.

The crowd cheers heavily for the fan favorite, Shocker. He walks down the ramp looking confident, as he high fives his fans and smiles.

Latin Passion Master: A typical reaction for that fan suck-up, Chris Shocker. I wonder if his lips are worn out from kissing babies?

Macho King: Like him or not Latin, he's a great competitor and the fans will get there money's worth tonight, no doubt.

Ashley: And his opponent...

***Master Of Puppets plays***

Ashley: ...from England, standing 6'3, and weighing in at 245 pounds, The Sound.

The Sound walks slowly and calmly down the ramp, sporting his Metallica shirt, and stopping briefly to play the air guitar for his fans.

Latin Passion Master: Someone tell this guy he's not James Hetfield, and this isn't a rock concert.

Macho King: I happen to think he's an excellent air guitar player, thank you.

The Sound makes his way into the ring where he approaches Ashley and yells into her mic, "Thank you, Boston."

Latin Passion Master: I wish I didn't have to hear THE Sound. I mean, this guy should sing tenor.....ten or twelve miles away.

Macho King: But you can't deny the fans are eating this up. He's there rock hero and those are his groupies.

Ashley: And there opponents...

***Last Resort plays***

Ashley: ...accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard Boom, from Puerto Rico, standing 6'3, weighing in at 215 pounds, Jose.

Jose and Boom come out to a chorus of boos. Boom remains stone faced, and Jose just smirks, as they walk to the ring.

Latin Passion Master: This guy reminds me a lot of myself, King. He oozes machismo. He's a pimp with an edge.

Macho King: Oh Lord, give it a rest, Latin.

All three wrestlers are in the ring, circling each other like buzzards circle its prey. Boom looks on outside the ring in anticipation. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

Shocker starts things off quickly by attacking Jose with a flury of punches. Jose is stunned. The Sound jumps in to take a few shots of his own on Jose. The Sound hits Jose, Jose spins around walking in la-la land over to Shocker, who hits him with a devastating uppercut. Jose's spun around and walks right back over to The Sound, where he gets a kick to the stomach.

Latin Passion Master: This isn't a damn handicap match, King. If they're gonna do this, they need to let Boom in the ring.

The Sound positions Jose betweens his legs and sets him up for the piledriver.

Macho King: Piledriver......he hit it. He's going for the cover. This one could be over quickly...

Referee: ONE, TWO....

Boom gets on the apron. The count is broken up by Shocker when he drops a double axe handle to The Sound's back.

Latin Passion Master: I knew this fairytale team of Shocker and The Sound wouldn't last, they're a bunch of backstabbers.

Macho King: Make no mistake about it, this match is every man for himself.

The Sound gets up and Shocker measures him with an open handed slap to the face. Jose from behind with a low blow on The Sound. The Sound is down and Shocker and Jose begin exchanging punches. Jose with a short arm clothesline, causing Shocker's head to violently hit the mat. The Sound is up, and hits an inverted DDT from behind, knocking the wind out of Jose.

Macho King: DDT! He goes for the cover...

Referee: ONE, TWO...

The count is broken up by Shocker. Shocker pushes The Sound against the ropes and clotheslines him over the top. Shocker's momentum causes him to also go over the top rope with The Sound.

Latin Passion Master: These guys are pulling out all the stops.

Jose stays in the ring, resting as the referee lays on the ten count.

Referee: ONE, TWO, THREE...

Shocker sets The Sound up......dragon suplex on the outside.

Latin Passion Master: I think he killed him.

Macho King: Absolutely devastating.

Referee: FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN...

Shocker climbs under the ropes into the ring.

Boom grabs The Sound from behind and throws him into the ring.

Macho King: The Sound is hurting, and bad, Latin.

Latin Passion Master: Meanwhile, Jose's been soaking up the energy, watching those two fight it out. He's as fresh as the bread in my kitchen.

Shocker is met by Jose in the ring with a clothesline, followed by a lou thesz press. Shocker's nose is bleeding from Jose's punches to the face.

Latin Passion Master: He busted his nose wide open.

The Sound is getting up. Jose runs up to him and sets him up for the vertebreaker. He hits the vertebreaker in the middle of the ring. He goes for a cover, refusing to hook the leg.

Referee: ONE, TWO...

The Sound kicks out.

Macho King: Amazing! The word quit is not in this superstar's vocabulary.

Jose looks on in disbelief. Jose bodyslams The Sound and climbs the top rope to set up for the 450 splash. Out of nowhere Shocker jumps onto the top rope and hits a belly to belly suplex on Jose off the top rope. Shocker climbs back to the top rope, and now he's going for the Shocker Splash on Jose. But here comes The Sound. The Sound jumps to the top rope and he and Shocker begin exchanging right hands. Jose is up, and heads to the corner where he climbs to the second rope. The Sound has his back to Jose as he exchanges punches with Shocker. Jose climbs to the top rope, jumps on The Sound's back and.....BACKSTABBER off the top rope! Shocker leaps off the ropes, landing a Shocker Splash on to The Sound's motionless body. Jose and Shocker fight for the cover to pin The Sound. Boom climbs the apron. Shocker lunges for him and knocks Boom off the apron with a fierce right hand.

Latin Passion Master: He's going to pay for that. No one messes with Boom and gets away with it.

Jose makes the cover on The Sound.

Referee: ONE, TWO, THR...

Broken up by Shocker at the last second.

Shocker takes control of Jose with a dragon suplex. Jose makes it to the corner, staggering. Shocker hits the shining wizard on Jose. Jose staggers for a few steps then falls flat on his face.

The Sound crawls up to Shocker from behind, hitting a lot blow. The Sound sets Shocker up for the Sound Effect, and he is barely able to hit it. Shocker is out of it. The Sound goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE, TWO...

Boom reaches under the ropes quickly and pulls The Sound's leg, pulling him off of Shocker, breaking up the count.

Macho King: I can't believe that son of a.....

Latin Passion Master: So close, yet so far, King

Macho King: This kid just won't quit, I thought he had this match won, until that damn Boom stuck his nose where it didn't belong.

Jose comes up from behind on The Sound, but the Sound sees him, and shoves him, inadvertently knocking him into the referee.

Macho King: The ref is down!

Latin Passion Master: I can't believe that punk The Sound knocked Jose into the referee.

Boom grabs the ring bell on the outside and starts towards the ring.

Latin Passion Master: What the hell, ring there bell!

Shocker sees Jose and climbs the top rope, for a moonsault out onto the floor. He takes air, but Jose moves out of the way, and Shocker crashes and burns on the floor. Shocker is unconscious.

The Sound has control of Jose and sets up for the Sound Effect. He hits it! He goes for the cover! There's no referee. The Sound motions his own hand up and down on the mat three times, simulating the three count as the crowd counts along with him.

Boom comes up behind The Sound and clobbers him with the ring bell.

Latin Passion Master: He really 'rung his bell' with that shot.

Macho King: This is highway robbery, someone get a referee down here.

The Sound has no clue where he is at, as Boom grabs him, and puts him on his shoulders. BOOM BUSTER! The Sound is out of it. Boom grabs Jose and places him on top of The Sound. Jose smacks the referee on the back of the head. The referee is coming to, and crawls towards Jose to make the count.

Macho King: Don't let it end like this.

Referee: ONE, TWO,......

Macho King: Not like this...

Referee: THREE!

***Last Resort plays***

The crowd boos loudly.

Ashley: Here is your winner of the match, by pinfall, Jose.

Latin Passion Master: Well, King, my hat's off to Jose for that hard earned victory.

Macho King: Were you watching the same match I was?

Latin Passion Master: Nevertheless, a valiant effort by The Sound and Chris Shocker.

The referee tries to hold up Jose's arm but he refuses. Boom then holds up Jose's hand to signify the victory.

Jose and Boom then head to the back to celebrate Jose's big win. Shocker comes to, and is holding his head, trying to shake off the cobwebs. The Sound finally gets up, dazed, and the referee asks if either man would like XCL officials to help them to the back. Both refuse, shake hands, and walk on there own to the back, to the cheer of the crowd.
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XCL presents Seek N Destroy Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:35 am

Macho King: Next up we have the Lucha Libre star that is El Paria go up against the big man Edgecutioner. Talk about a contrast of style and size, El Paria has been very impressive and is a big star in Mexico, and is looking to take over the American wrestling scene. But Edgecutioner stands in his way tonight.

Latin Passion Master: Yes he does stand in his way and that is one big man standing in your way, it will of course be very very difficult to get this big man out of his way. But I spoke to El Paria before the show and well he isn’t the most normal guy you will ever speak to well by my standards anyway it might be a different story with you Macho King though. And I personally hope Edgecutioner destroys him.

Macho King: Well despite of what you think is normal that is a little harsh; he is a great Lucha Libre star and is sure to put butts in seats in the UK.

Latin Passion Master: To hell with Lucha Libre I came to America to get away from that crap, and unlike him I came to America legally.

***Number One by Skye Sweetnam plays***

Ashley: Introducing first weighing in at 240lbs and standing at 6’0. He is from Tijuana Mexico EL PARIA!!!!!!

El Paria comes through the curtain and gets a good response from the crowd, El Paria goes to one side of the stage and poses then gets a bigger reaction and goes to the other side of the stage and does the same. El Paria makes his way down the ramp high fiving fans on the way down. El Paria runs up the steel steps then walks across the apron and poses again as the fans carry on cheering. El Paria turns to the ring and flips himself into the ring by using the ropes and lands on his feet.

Macho King: Great athleticism shown by El Paria already these fans really seem to be taking a liking to him already, I am really am looking forward to what El Paria is able to showcase for us tonight.

Latin Passion Master: These American fans will cheer for anything they are idiots, when this circus idiot flies around the ring they cheer. It really does make you think how moronic these fans are.

Macho King: That was pure athleticism shown by El Paria and that’s why these fans like him not because they are “moronic” as you pointed out. You really don’t have anything nice to say about anyone.

***The darker side plays***

Ashley: Introducing the opponent standing at 7’0 and weighing in at 300lbs EDGECUTIONER!!

Edgecutioner appears through the curtain the crowd boo heavily; Edgecutioner slowly makes his way down to the ring as a lot of fans boo and some are in silence due to the intimidation this man has. Edgecutioner gets into the ring as El Paria waits in the other corner both men stare each other down from opposite corners.

Latin Passion Master: Now here is a guy I have something nice to say about, look at the size of this guy how can anyone argue with a man of this size it will take El Paria a lot to even get this man off his feet let alone get him down for the 3 count it sure is going to be some funeral for El Paria.

Macho King: Well Edgecutioner is going to have to try and catch El Paria first, you saw Edgecutioner entrance talk about being slow. El Paria is quick on his feet and will tire Edgecutioner out and will be running circles around him.

Edgecutioner stars to walk up to El Paria whom is backed into the corner, Edgecutioner goes for a big clothesline but El Paria rolls out of the way Edgecutioner turns around and charges at El Paria but El Paria rolls out of the way again this time El Paria hits a drop kick, but it doesn’t send Edgecutioner down just makes him groggy. El Paria goes for another drop kick but still unable to knock Edgecutioner down, El Paria keeps getting support from the crowd. El Paria bounces to the ropes Edgecutioner goes for the clothesline El Paria ducks the clothesline then springboards off the second rope and goes for a cross body Edgecutioner catches him then hits a fall away slam Edgecutioner grabs El Paria then launches him over to the turnbuckle and starts hammering away at El Paria Edgecutioner picks up El Paria in a gorilla press position then drops him behind. Edgecutioner picks up El Paria then Irish Whips El Paria against the ropes and hits a big boot. Edgecutioner goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Latin Passion Master: Well Nacho King not only did Edgecutioner catch El Paria he caught him then threw him around the ring like a rag doll. Edgecutioner is unleashing a fierce beating right now on El Paria, good luck getting out of this one.

Macho King: The advantage right now is on Edgecutioner, but El Paria could hit you with a move out of nowhere.

Edgecutioner stomps away at the head of El Paria, Edgecutioner hits a rib breaker. Then takes his time to pick up El Paria Edgecutioner then throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle El Paria comes out of the corner then receives a spine buster from Edgecutioner. Edgecutioner kicks El Paria looking to get a response from him but he seems lifeless Edgecutioner looks up and smiles as the fans boo him and start chanting for El Paria to show him some support. Edgecutioner grabs El Paria by eh throat and lifts him up to his feet. Edgecutioner goes for a choke slam but El Paria is able to reverse it into a body scissors and elevate himself and back flips himself over Edgecutioner then hits a drop kick not being able to knock down Edgecutioner. Then El Paria bounces himself to the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knee, then hits a running knee to Edgecutioner knocking him down to the ground. El Paria goes outside to the ring apron and launches himself over the top rope hitting a leg drop. Then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Macho King: A great rush of adrenaline by El Paria really using that athleticism to get this big man off his feet.

Latin Passion Master: The adrenaline only lasts for so long then it starts to wear off and he will start to get tired and that’s when the momentum will shift again I promise you.

El Paria locks in an arm bar and keeps pulling back on the arm close to breaking it, Edgecutioner is able to power out of it though, El Paria goes to the ring apron and jumps up and springboards off the top rope but Edgecutioner is able to hit a spear, Edgecutioner slowly rolls over and hooks the leg.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Edgecutioner Irish whips El Paria looking for a big boot, El Paria moves out of the way and bounces back and hits a flying forearm knocking down Edgecutioner. El Paria grabs Edgecutioner by the hair to pick him up; El Paria then tries for the Michinoku Driver but is unable to lift him up Edgecutioner elbows El Paria in the head then hits a clothesline Edgecutioner trying for an arm bar, but El Paria quickly rolls out of the way and hits many kicks to the head of Edgecutioner. El Paria goes to the corner Edgecutioner eventually makes it to his feet recovering from possible injury to the head, El Paria runs at Edgecutioner but Edgecutioner launches El Paria over him into the turnbuckle. El Paria able to maintain balance on the second turnbuckle and hits a moon sault knocking down Edgecutioner into a cover.

Referee: One...Two...Three!!!

Macho King: A very impressive victory for El Paria and these fans showing there appreciation tonight going crazy, some fantastic wrestling put on display by El Paria I can’t wait to see more of this guy.

Latin Passion Master: A lucky win there from El Paria, but a message for you El Paria your luck will run out very soon and as soon as it does these fans will turn on you.
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Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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XCL presents Seek N Destroy Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:36 am

Macho King: What a great effort by El Paria, he is headed for great things here in the XCL.

Latin Passion Master: He got lucky King and luck only lasts so long.

MK: El Paria won because of his skill. Im getting word that Sarah Jayne is backstage with Tyrant

LPM: Oh great the PPV was going so well.

MK: Whats that supposed to mean ?

LPM: Nothing at all, I guess on the plus side we get to see Sarah Jayne.

MK: Your mind is so one track, anyways lets cut to "The Glamazon".

The camera feed cuts backstage to the locker room area where "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne is standing by with XCL superstar Tyrant.

Sarah Jayne: Thanks King, hi everyone, im "The Glamazon" Sarah Jayne. Here with me at this time is the XCL's own Tyrant.

Tyrant: Hi Sarah, thanks for having me.

Sarah Jayne: My pleasure, last time we spoke you werent having that great of a night, having loosing to Kumaga then running into an angry Steve Ace who in turn didnt take kindly to you being in his interview.

Tyrant: Oh dont worry about that Sarah, Mr. Ace is a great guy, it was my fault for intruding.

Sarah Jayne: Maybe so, but I dont think that gives him the right to treat you as harshly as he did.

Tyrant: Honestly Sarah, im over it. Its in the past and its not worth getting angry over. On the other hand something worth getting upset about is me not having a match on tonights card.

The sound of a door closing is heard as someone enters the locker room. It is unknown at this time who the person is, the interview continues.

Sarah Jayne: I see, have you spoken to management about your grievance ?

Tyrant: I have, Mr. Khali told me that if I can find someone to wrestle I can have the match, only problem is I havent been able to track down anyone not already on the card.

Sarah Jayne: That is a problem, im sorry I cant be of service.

Tyrant: Its no problem Sarah, im sure ill find someone.

Unknown Person(British Male Voice): Tyrant, I hear your looking for an opponent.

The unknown person makes his way to where Sarah Jayne is conducting the interview. It becomes clear that the unknown person is Steve Ace.

Tyrant: Hello Mr. Ace, how are you ?

Steve Ace: Im fine, lets cut past the pleasantries and get right onto what I do best, that being business.

Tyrant: Sure thing Mr. Ace.

Steve Ace: Good now I understand your looking for an opponent for tonight.

Tyrant: That I am Mr. Ace.

Steve Ace: Good, cause it just so happens I know someone in need of a warm up for their match.

Tyrant: Really ??? That would be great ?

Sarah Jayne: Gee Steve, I never thought Id see you actually help someone.

Steve Ace: Dont be daft Miss Jayne, im all about charity.

Sarah Jayne: I see, so who is this mystery opponent you have in mind ?

Steve Ace: Oh right I havent told you yet, well he is in this very locker room right now.

Both Sarah Jayne and Tyrant look around the locker room for the opponent Steve Ace is referring too.

Tyrant: But theres noone else here.

Steve Ace: You catch on quick.

Steve Ace quickly grabs hold of Tyrant and places him in a headlock, proceeding to nail him with several shots to the head. Sarah Jayne is yelling at Steve Ace to stop this madness. Ace partially releases the headlock, still maintaining a grip on Tyrant's head. Ace moves into a head on position and delivers three knee shots directly to Tyrant's chest, then lets him go. Tyrant being in a great deal of pain grips tightly at his chest, allowing Steve to move in behind him and lock in the millon £ dream. Ace successfully applies the hold, Tyrant is fading fast. It takes about thirty seconds before Tyrant is completely unconscious, Ace then releases the hold and drops him onto the floor.

Sarah Jayne: Steve how could you ?

Steve Ace: I have told you before Miss Jayne, when you address me, its as Mr. Steve Ace. To your question, like I said before I knew someone in need of a warm up for their match, Tyrant was looking for some action and thats what he got. Besides Miss Jayne, wasting precious air time on a nobody like him is a crime, now you can have a real interview with the greatest wrestler in the XCL.

Sarah Jayne: So this whole attack was merely to give yourself a warm up ? your despicable.

Steve Ace: Say what you will about me Miss Jayne, but my actions speak for themselves, and tonight Flair is going learn what that's all about.

Sarah Jayne: Do you really think you stand a chance against Flair ?, being as this time he wont be carrying an injury going into the match.

Steve Ace: What the hell are you trying to say ? That I wouldnt have won last time, we have been through this in previous interviews Miss Jayne, Flair or any other jerk the XCL has is not in my league. After I beat Flair tonight and get my shot at the XCL World Championship all of my critics will have no choice but to accept me, Steve Ace, as the greatest the XCL has to offer. Im the real deal not some show pony who acts tough in front of the camera. Flair I have heard your seemingly endless rants about you got screwed out of the title, let me tell you something, your lucky to even be in this match tonight.

Sarah Jayne: Now wait a minute, Flair earned his place in this match the same way you did.

Steve Ace: Dont interrupt me Miss Jayne, Flair got lucky, we all saw what happened. Kumaga was about to win the match but Flair using his trademark dirty tactics picked up the victory. Well tonight Flair, you wont be so lucky and this isnt like last time where I have to beat you within the time limit, I have all night to take you apart.

Tyrant is slowly waking up, he starts attempting to make it to his feet.

Steve Ace: Anyways Miss Jayne, I dont have all night to stay here and chat with the likes of you. I must attend to other affairs.

Steve Ace starts to leave the room, but before doing so he hammers a kick into the head of Tyrant, causing him to crash back down to the floor.

Sarah Jayne: My goodness Tyrant are you alright ?

Tyrant looks in bad shape and seems unable to respond. Sarah Jayne looks worried.

Sarah Jayne: I have to find some medical assistance for Tyrant, back to you King.

The camera feed cuts back to The Macho King and the Latin Passion Master at ringside.

MK: What a jerk that Steve Ace is.

LPM: What are you talking about King ? He was helping Tyrant out.

MK: How was beating him close to death helping him ?

LPM: Its not for us to judge how he helped, the point is Tyrant needed a favor, now he owes Mr. Steve Ace.

MK: Owes him a favor ? are you delirious ?, anyways folks we will be right back after these messages.
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Macho King: The next match will consist of Jericoholic and Jason Outlaw; both seem very fond of Ella which is no real surprise. Jason Outlaw seems like he really wants to impress Ella, Jericoholic a young guy certainly a fan favourite but having Ella at ringside cheating for him will most likely cause the fans to turn on him.

Latin Passion Master: What are you talking about? Ella doesn’t cheat for Jericoholic, Macho you always have something to complain about which is fair enough considering you are American and don’t know anything but to complain. But you complain about Ella, tell me something are you batting for the other team?

Macho King: You always did turn a blind eye to the pretty girls; she is manipulative as we have seen her manipulate Jericoholic. And what is going on with her and Jason Outlaw she has caused these 2 men to hate each other.

Latin Passion Master: Oh shut up will you the more you keep talking the more I have to stay here with you, lets get on with this.

***Highway to Hell plays***

Ashley: Introducing first from the Highway, weighing in at 275lbs and standing at 6’4, JASON OUTLAW!!!

Jason Outlaw rides down to the ring on his motorcycle, the fans loudly boo him. Outlaw gets off his motorcycle the fans start booing even more. Outlaw looks at a fan in the front row then walks on and rolls into the ring.

Macho King: Well here is Jason Outlaw really looking to impress Ella in his match, despite his attitude we cannot say he isn’t a great wrestler. He is such a powerful wrestler its going to be tough for Jericoholic to overcome these odds.

Latin Passion Master: He does have amazing strength but he doesn’t have the lovely Ella in his corner, well yet anyway.

***Prisoner by Fozzy plays***

Ashley: And the opponent to be accompanied to the ring by Ella, from NYC weighing in at 225 lbs and standing in at 6’0, JERICOHOLIC!!!

Jericoholic appears from the curtain to many positive responses, and goes to high five the fans on the right hand side, then goes to the left hand side when Ella slaps him across the head and tells him to walk straight ahead. Jericoholic does as Ella says; Jericoholic gets into the ring, and then sits on the middle centre of the rope to let Ella in. As she poses to the fans and gets a very negative response.

Latin Passion Master: These morons should learn to shut up, Ella is a very beautiful woman and these morons should show some respect.

Macho King: Ella is a manipulative hose bag, and I really don’t like her treatment of Jericoholic.

Latin Passion Master: Seriously what’s your deal? Are you gay or something?

Jason Outlaw wastes very little time and goes straight onto the attack of Jericoholic and starts punching away at him Jericoholic is grounded into the corner, Outlaw stomps away at Jericoholic. Outlaw drags Jericoholic to a vertical base then hits a strong Irish Whip into the opposite corner Jericoholic stops himself Outlaw runs after him but Jericoholic elbows him in the face then jumps to the second rope and hits a flying drop kick. Jericoholic goes for a quick cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Jericoholic goes straight for the chin lock, it doest take long before Jason Outlaw is at a vertical base, Outlaw throws Jericoholic to the ropes with ease Jericoholic bounces back Outlaw hits a huge back body drop. Then gives Ella a look, Outlaw picks Jericoholic up and then slams him down. Outlaw hits a leg drop then gives another look to Ella. Outlaw smashes Jericoholic head into the turnbuckle then bounces to the ropes and hits a big boot. Outlaw grabs Jericoholic and throws him to the other side of the ring.

Macho King: Jason Outlaw is just throwing Jericoholic around the ring like he is nothing, Jericoholic struggling to get a move in here. It’s been all Jason Outlaw, such an impressive talent.

Latin Passion Master: I notice you sucking up now, but yes Jason Outlaw is an impressive talent a future World champion if I ever did see one. And Ella seems to be impressed as well.

Macho King: Yeah impressed until he starts losing.

Outlaw picks up Jericoholic, Jericoholic tries to hit Outlaw with a right hand but Outlaw returns the favour by knocking down Jericoholic. Outlaw picks up Jericoholic and lifts him up high for a Suplex then drops him down, Outlaw starts a chokehold on Jericoholic the referee gets up to the 4 count before Outlaw breaks the hold. Outlaw picks up Jericoholic and bounces him to the ropes then hits a big side slam. Outlaw then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!!

Outlaw puts in a reverse chin lock, putting a lot of pressure on that face area of Jericoholic, Jericoholic trying to escape but is unable to counter the strength of Jason Outlaw. Outlaw reverses the hold, and poses to the fans, the fans boo Outlaw then start cheering frantically for Jericoholic. Outlaw picks up Jericoholic and just holds him up; Jericoholic hits a hard right hand to Outlaw then hits another just feeding off the support of the fans. Jericoholic then kicks him in the mid section and then bounces to the ropes comes back but Outlaw hits a power slam, Outlaw then goes for another cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Outlaw picks Jericoholic on his shoulders and stalls for a short while, Outlaw looks to hit a Death Valley Driver but Jericoholic hits repeated elbows to Outlaw in the face. Jericoholic gets to his feet then hits some forearm smashes, then Irish Whips Outlaw to the ropes but its reversed Jericoholic bounces back Outlaw sticks his head down, but Jericoholic dives over him hitting a sunset flip.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Jericoholic quickly gets to his feet then kicks Outlaw in the mid section, Jericoholic bounces to the ropes and hits a bulldog, Jericoholic picks up Outlaw then hits a diving reverse DDT. Jericoholic climbs to the top rope then hits a Moon Sault on Outlaw. Jericoholic looks to go for the cover but changes his mind then grabs Outlaws legs and tries to turn him over for the Lion Tamer Outlaw is able to push Jericoholic away Outlaw quickly gets to his feet bounces to the ropes then hits a brutal Lariat.

Macho King: Just when Jericoholic was getting back into this match, he was getting some big offense on Jason Outlaw but that was quickly stopped by Jason Outlaw.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah, Jericoholic was getting lucky then, but then BAM!! Walked straight into that lariat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jericoholic has a broken jaw, just look at the replay his head snapped back. And Ella does not look impressed, Jericoholic should be worried now.

Macho King: I think Jericoholic is a bit more worried about the possible concussion and loose teeth now, Ella is the last thing on his mind now.

Latin Passion Master: Well Ella is the first thing on everyone’s mind, so Jericoholic better get over it quick!

Jericoholic looks dazed at this point; Outlaw grabs Jericoholic who is dead weight right now. Outlaw wanting to hit the Last Ride but Jericoholic just keeps falling down, Outlaw picks him up and puts him on his shoulder and puts him in the corner and hangs his arms over the top rope so it keeps him up. Outlaw then slaps him in the face and keeps slapping him; Jericoholic slaps him back then struggles but hits a few right hands. Jericoholic goes to kick Outlaw but Outlaw catches the foot then spins Jericoholic around and kicks him in the mid section then lifts him up for the Last Ride Jericoholic reaches down and grabs the ropes Outlaw trying to hit the Last ride but is unable to, Outlaw eventually gets him away from the ropes into the centre of the ring but Jericoholic jumps behind Outlaw, Outlaw then charges at Jericoholic looking to hit another lariat Jericoholic ducks out of the way and hits a crucifix pin.

Referee: One...Two...Three!!!

Macho King: Impressive victory by Jericoholic! He took one hell of a beat down but he kept getting back up he has a heart of a Lion. I can see this guy climbing the ranks in no time.

Latin Passion Master: Well it’s just a good thing that he didn’t let Ella down, or that wouldn’t have been a happy ending.

Macho King: Yeah what a relief he didn’t let Ella down, would you just get over yourself!!?
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***The Way I Am hits***

Ashley: The following is a Fatal 4 Way match, first making his way to the ring, from Bronx New York, weighing in at 200 pounds, Dash Blade!

Dash Blade comes out to a small pop. He walks down the ramp showing off his Mets Jersey not really paying much attention to the fans but gives a few high fives before he enters the ring.

Latin Passion Master: Kind of a mixed reaction for Dash Blade here.

King Macho: Well he is a great competitor and we can expect 100% out of him.

***Always hits***

Ashley: Making his way to the Ring from Melbourne, Australia, "The Eliminator" Zachary.

Zach appears on the ramp and starts tightening his gloves looking completely focused and with an intense look in his eyes. He walks down to the ring and walks in staring at Dash Blade on the opposite side of the ring.

King Macho: This guy looks determined I would not be surprised if he wins it.

Latin Passion Master: He has the skill to win it that is for sure.

***It’s a Fight hits***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Austin, Texas, The Legend Killer.

The Legend Killer comes and the fans erupt into loud booing. He just keeps walking down to the ring and ignores everyone as a You Suck chant starts.

Latin Passion Master: Well this must be the dumbest crowd this guy has a ton of talent.

King Macho: Yeah but look at the way he is treating them. He has it coming.

***Before I Forget hits***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Toronto, Canada, WWEfan.

WWEfan comes out to a bunch of boos. He shrugs it off with a smile and walks down to the ring ignoring the fans..

WWEfan enters the ring and the ref calls for the bell that starts the match. Dash Blade starts it off real quick by exchanging punches with The Legend Killer. Dash goes for a hard right punch but TLK quickly ducks with Dash punching the air and TLK moving out of the way. TLK kicks Dash in the mid-section and Dash leans over holding his stomach in pain. Fan waits for Dash to get to a standing position then runs at him full force and hits a devastating spear. Fan gets up and is pumped up but Zach comes from behind and hooks his arms around his mid-section and hits a German Suplex. TLK gets on the turnbuckle near Fan. He jumps into the air to do a Moonsault but Fan puts both of his knees into the air. TLK is rolling around in pain and Fan gets to a standing position and comes face to face with Zach.

King Macho: Dash Blade and The Legend Killer are down and if one of these men can take the other one out we might have a short match.

Latin Passion Master: WWEfan’s quick thinking got him out of that predicament and he will win if he can keep pulling of moves like that.

Fan kicks Zach in the mid-section then puts Zach in the position for a DDT. Fan falls back but Zach unhooks himself and lets Fan fall to the floor. Zach tries to take advantage of the situation by grabbing one of the legs of Fan to put him in the Sharpshooter. Fan resists being put into the move and kicks free sending Zach against the ropes. Fan and Zach are both at a standing position again. Blade starts using the ropes to get back to his feet. When he finally is on two feet both Fan and Zach run full force at him and both clothesline him over the top rope and Dash Blade come crashing down on the floor. Zach turns around to look at Fan but he jumps into the air quickly and hits a drop kick that sends Zach into the turnbuckle. Fan gets on the turnbuckle and starts punching Zach in the face with the Ref counting his punches.

Referee: 1…2…3…4…5

Zach pushes Fan off of him and Fan crashes down to the mat. Zach gets up onto the top turnbuckle. Dash get to two feet and stands up on the outside. TLK then starts running towards Zach and pushes him off the turnbuckle and Zach goes falling down with huge force colliding with Dash. Dash and Zach are completely knocked out on the floor. TLK looks at Fan annd starts stalking him waiting for him to rise to his feet. Fan gets one knee on the ground and one foot on the floor. He slowly gets to a standing position but TLK takes advantage by kicking Fan in the chest and Fan bends over in pain. Then TLK bounces off the ropes running at Fan and hits a swinging neckbreaker.

Latin Passion Master: The Legend Killer has taken total control of this entire match and he can win it here.

King Macho- It is still anyone’s match in a fatal four way.

TLK jumps onto the turnbuckle and looks down on Fan. TLK jumps into the air to hit a Swanton bomb but Fan moves out of the way and TLK lands directly on his back. Dash and Zach get to a standing position on the outside. Dash takes Zach by the head and bounces is off the ring. Then Dash starts nailing Lefts and Right punches until Zach is just standing on his feet almost knocked out. Dash hits an STO outside the ring and Zach falls to the floor. Dash slides into the ring where TLK and Fan are still down. Dash covers TLK for a pin.

Referee: 1…2… Kick Out

Dash runs over to Fan and tries to pin him.

Referee: 1… Kick Out

King Macho: Dash just can’t catch a break.

Latin Passion Master: He did not even do anything to those men why would he try to pin them?

Dash sees TLK getting to his feet and Dash grabs him by the arm and Irish Whips him right into the turnbuckle. Then Fan is starting to get up as well so Dash grabs him and Irish Whips him into the Turnbuckle opposite TLK. Dash runs full force at TLK and hits a Stinger Splash, Dash lands holding TLK’s arm and Irish Whips him into Fan. TLK and Fan collide and both fall to the floor. Dash picks up Fan and puts him back on the turnbuckle. Dash pushes TLK out of the ring and TLK falls to the floor on the opposite side of the ring of Zach. Dash goes back to TLK and he places him on the top turnbuckle and Dash goes to the top to try and hit a Superplex. Fan hooks his foot around the Turnbuckle so Dash is not able to pull him off to hit the move. Dash tries again but Fan still has his foot around the turnbuckle. Fan starts to punch Dash in the mid section until Dash unhooks Fan. Then Fan pushes him off sending Dash crashing down to the mat. Zach stands up on the outside. Fan gets to the top turnbuckle and jumps into the air hitting the 5 Star Frog Splash on Dash landing in a pin.

Referee 1…2…Kick Out

Latin Passion Master: That was a slow count Dash is lucky.

King Macho: Dash is just showing his resiliency.

Zach gets into the ring, while TLK starts to stand up on the outside. Fan gets to a standing position. He turns around and Zach runs directly in his direction and nails him with the One Shot Kill. The Ref starts to check on Fan who is not moving. TLK slides into the ring and nails Zach with a Low Blow. Zach falls to his knees then falls flat on his face. TLK drags him to the ropes and rests Zach’s head on the second rope. TLK runs back against the ropes on the opposite side then towards the ropes near Zach and nails a 619 and Zach falls to the floor.

Latin Passion Master: I have never seen so much action in one match.

King Macho: They are all great competitors who want the win in this match and are willing to put their bodies through anything.

Dash quickly gets to both feet and as TLK turns around tired from the move Dash puts him on his shoulders. Dash nails the Blade Driver and TLK falls to the floor lying motionless. Dash walks over to Zach and stands him up and then grabs his head to throw him out of the ring. Then Dash walks over Fan and rolls him out of the ring. Dash grabs TLK and drags him to the center of the ring and grabs TLK's floor then locks in the Sharpshooter. TLK starts trying to get out reaching for the ropes. The ref keeps asking him if he quits. Dash puts more pressure on TLK and he screams out in pain and starts tapping the floor rapidly.

Ashley: Here is your Winner by submission DASH BLADE!

Macho King: Congratulations to Dash Blade on that great victory. I have a feeling we will be seeing more great matches from Dash Blade like that.

Latin Passion Master: I did not think he had it in him he even surprised me.

The ref holds up Dash’s arm in victory then Dash Blade quickly ducks out of the ring and goes to the back celebrating his victory. The other 3 men leave when they finally get to their feet.
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The camera feed cuts follows Dash Blade to the back were he is seen running through the back celebrating his victory. Dash Blade not paying attention were he is going bumps into a man with his back to him. Dash Blade stops as the man turns around revealing himself as The Great Khali.

Khali: Maybe you want to watch were you are going next time.

Dash Blade: Sorry Mr. Khali I’m just so excited, did you see it? I just won the match.

Khali extends his arm and shakes Dash Blades hand.

Khali: Congratulations on the victory.

Khali and Dash Blade stop shaking each others hand.

Khali: If you can keep this up I’m sure you’ll do great here in XCL kid.

Khali starts walking away but Dash Blade grabs his shoulder and stops him.

Dash Blade: What do you mean if? Didn’t you watch the match? I just dominated a match against three other men. In one split second I have just beat The Legend Killer, WWEfan, and “The Eliminator” Zachary. Legend Killer tapped like the b**** he is and you have the nerve to say to me “if you can keep this up”? With Dash Blade there is no if, with Dash Blade it’s a question of when. I am the future of this business and what I just did out there is only a small sample of the greatness I will achieve in XCL.

Khali: Calm down Dash…

Dash blade quickly interrupts Khali.

Dash Blade: I would prefer it if you referred to me as either “Mr. Blade” or as “The ghost of XCL’s future”.

Khali: The ghost of XCL’s future?

Dash Blade: Or Mr. Blade.

Khali: Look Dash…

Dash Blade once again quickly interrupts Khali.

Dash Blade: Mr. Blade!

Khali: Look I don’t care what you want to call your self but I’m going to call you Dash because that is your name and I am your superior here in XCL and shall not be intimidated by the likes of you.

Dash Blade: Superior? Superior at what? Because it certainly isn’t wrestling. Look at you, if you were to get in the ring with me you wouldn’t last five minutes. I just beat three guys and made it look easy, but yet you think you’re superior to me? Why just because you walk around the back in a suit you bought from a charity shop? Or maybe it’s because you walk around like you’ve got something shoved up you’re a** to make it seem like you have a powerful controlling walk? Or maybe you think your superior to me because the fans tell you that you are? Well the fans know nothing. But come on Khali why don’t you tell me what it is that makes you superior to me?

Khali: What makes me superior to you? Maybe it’s the fact that I can pee standing up.

An irate look comes across Dash Blades face.

Khali: Or how about the fact that I can fire you anytime I see fit. Dash I am your superior because I am your boss and you would do well to remember that because if you keep this attitude up then I can promise you that you won’t last long here in XCL.

Dash Blade: You may be my boss but you can’t talk to me like that! I have just proven my greatness and I will continue to do so. We both know you don’t have the guts to fire me and we both know if you do then you will be firing one of the greatest things in XCL. I am better then anybody else on this roster and it’s only a matter of time until I prove it to you and to these fat overweight disgusting people.

Khali: As far as I’m concerned you are far from the greatest here in XCL. XCL has some top talent and you are one of them Dash, but you are far from being the best.

Dash Blade: I told you its Mr. Blade to you Khali. And trust me when I say the question is not if but when. I proved that moments ago when I beat those three pieces of trash that call themselves wrestlers. I am better then all of them, I am better then you, I am better then everybody else in XCL, hell I’m even better then the so called world champion BigBrian.

Khali looks at Dash Blade with a puzzled look.

Dash Blade: What? Do you doubt me? Do you doubt that I am better the BigBrian? Well do you Khali?

Khali: Quite frankly…

Dash Blade interrupts Khali yet again.

Dash Blade: I’m sorry; you actually think I care about what you think. Your opinion does not matter to me in the slightest so shut the hell up! But as I was saying I am better then BigBrian and when not if but when it comes down to me and BigBrian in the ring I will prove to you that I am better then him. And when I beat BigBrian maybe then you shall treat me with the respect that you deserve. And maybe then you shall grantee me the world championship match that I deserve.

Khali: It may have escaped your notice but BigBrian is still the world champion and his match against Cyanide is still either mans match.

Dash Blade: What are you simple? Cyanide has BigBrian’s number and Cyanide will beat BigBrian later tonight at Seek N Destroy to become world champion. But lets assume some miracle should occur and BigBrian were to retain the title tonight we all know that he wouldn’t stand a chance when he would have to defend the title against Steve Ace. Heck even Flair could beat him. By the time it comes down to me and BigBrian in the ring he will be a former world champion, but if he is still somehow world champion going into the match then he won’t be going out. You are looking at greatness. You are looking at the future of XCL. You are looking at a future world champion. You are looking at…Dash Blade!

Dash Blade walks part Khali purposely shoving him as he walks past. Khali looks on and watches Dash Blade as he is shaking his head. The camera feed cuts back to the arena and to the announce table with Latin Passion Master and Macho King.

Latin Passion Master: Did you see all of that, Khali is deliberately trying to keep the man down.

Macho King: I don't think that is quite what happened Master but I'm slightly confused about what just happened. Dash Blade just had a major change of personality.

Latin Passion Master: Khali has that affect on people Macho. Before I met Khali I use to donate half my wages to a local orphanage. Now I can’t stand the site of those kids, they need to get some freaking parents.

Macho King: What? Master you’re one warped individual.
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LPM: Here's what we've been waiting for. Bolton vs Neon Hardy in a casket match! Hardy's going to have to pay for his sins tonight, and feel the Wrath of God Bolton Stevens.

Macho King: I don't know about that. All I know, is this is gonig to be one hell of an interesting match. These two have been feuding since day one, and tonight, this gets settled.

LPM: I can hardly sit still!

*Messiah Plays*

Ashley: Introducing first, from the Church, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the Wrath of God, Booolton Steevens!

LPM: Here he is! Bolton! He's ready to correct Neon's sins. Watch out Neon.

Bolton walks down to the ring, dressed in some sort of armour. He walks around the ring, and glances at the casket, placed at rinside. He slides into the ring with loud boo's from the fans. He removes his armour, to reveal chain mail, and tights. He grabs a microphone.

Macho: He's got a microphone. What's he doing?

Bolton: Here I am. I am ready to correct what's wrong. I am the Wrath of God Bolton Stevens! Neon Hardy, you're going to wish you never messed with me, or Him. Tonight, you're going to pay for your sins, and you're going to end up in that casket, where you belong! I'm giving you one chance to back down. Just come out here, and say that you don't want to-

*I don't Wanna stop Plays*

Ashley: And introducing second, from Akron Ohio, weighing in at 240 pounds, Neon Haaardy!

Neon Hardy comes out to a medium sized pop from the fans. He looks very determined. He starts to run, and slides into the ring. He gets up, and looks over at Bolton. He reaches for a microphone.

LPM: No, we don't want to hear HIM talk!

Macho: Shh. I want to hear what he's saying.

Neon: Bolton, do us all a favour. Shut up. Tonight, I get my chance in the XCL. After tonight, I'm going to be almost at my time,where I live up to my brothers legacies. This match is on. And you're going down.

The bell rings. Neon runs at Bolton, and goes for a flying clothesline, but Bolton ducks it, and reverses it into an armdrag. Botlon holds the position on the ground, and stomps on Neon's shoulder. Neon rolls out of it, and stands up, to face Bolton. Bolton charges for a clothesline, but Neon ducks it, and trips Bolton, sending him onto the second rope. Neon runs to the ropes, and attemps an early 619, but Bolton falls back, and Neon flies through, and doesn't land on his feet. As he gets up, Bolton runs and dumps him out of the ring, landing on the casket, and falling to the floor.

LPM: Oh my god!

Macho: It looks like this match may be over! Get the medical staff! We need to check on Neon! Is he okay? My god!

Staff start to surround Neon, but Bolton shoves them all out of the way. He kicks Neon in the stomach, and picks him up by his hair. Neon tries to elbow out of it, but Bolton runs, holding Neon's head, and crashes him into the metal post, head first.

Bolton: Do you feel the Wrath of God! Sinning is the act of the devil!

Macho: What's he doing! He's going to seriously injure Neon! Bolton, he's felt the wrath! Let him get up, he needs medical help!

LPM: Why would he do that? He's ending this thing no matter what. Neon sinned, and now he's feeling the Wrath. Bolton's just getting started.Remeber, Neon started this in the first place..

Macho: You're sick. You're very very sick.

Staff try to hold Bolton aside, but he easily knocks them away, and runs over to Neon, stomping his head into the ground. Neon starts to bleed, from his forehead, and staff once again try to restrain Bolton.

Bolton: Let go of me! I'm only doing what God has told me to do! Neon must feel the Wrath of God!

Bolton spins, and punches one of the staff in the face, knocking him unconscious. All the staff begin to focus on their fallen co-worker, so Bolton continues to attack Neon. He grabs Neons head, and irish Whips him into the steel steps. A loud crash can be heard throughout the arena. Bolton picks up Neon, and starts to smash his face into the casket. After Neon seems knocked out, Bolton throws him on top, and gets on himself. He picks up Neon Hardy, and poses, signaling for the Crucifix Bomb onto the casket!

LPM: Finish him now!

Macho: Think about what you're doing Bolton! This is a human life that you could be putting at risk! I'm sure He wouldn't want this!

LPM: Don't listen! End this! I can't beleive Bolton's ending this so quickly! This is insane! This could be an XCL record!

Bolton picks up Neon in the Crucifix Bomb position, but Neon slides off. Bolton ducks down to pick him up, but Neon pounces up, delivering a brutal RKO onto the casket!

Macho: Holy S***!

LPM: No! What just happened! How did Neon...

Macho: I don't believe this! This match is far from over my friend!

Bolton is split open, and now both men are bleeding profoundly. Bolton rolls of the casket, and falls to the floor, limp. Neon tries to stand up, but can't and falls, but grabs onto the apron for support. Bolton starts to get to his knees. Neon tries to run towards him, but trips, and falls.

Macho: The damage has been done. Both of these men have little left after what just happened.

Bolton is the first to his feet, quickly followed by Neon. The two men exchange slow blow's, both almost falling after each. Finally, Bolton is the first to one knee. Neon grabs him and chucks him towards the casket. Bolton reaches out his arms, and stops himself from flipping over the casekt. Neon runs in, and clotheslines him from behind, sending him face first into the casket again. Neon opens up the casket, and tries to put Bolton in, but Bolton reaches down, and picks up Neon, attemping to sidewalk slam him into the casket! Neon slides out, and goes to dump Bolton in, but Bolton ducks, and slams the casket shut.

LPM: Wow! Neon almost had Bolton there. Will Neon actually escape the Wrath of God?

Macho: He could very well. He's doing a good job so far. This match is getting very interesting.

LPM: Go Bolton!

Bolton grabs Neon by the top of his tights, and chucks him into the ring. Bolton opens up the casket, and rolls into the ring. Neon beats him to his feet, and hits a dropkick, knocking Bolton back. Bolton is still on his feet, but is clotheslined into the corner by Neon. Neon hangs on, and hits a running bull-dog. Neon tries to pick up Bolton, but Bolton grabs his legs, and pulls through, tripping Neon. Bolton jumps over, and hits a leg drop.

Macho: Bolton's back in control of this match now.

Neon Hardy gets to his feet, but just as he does, Bolton grabs his arms, and turns, hitting the No More Light! Neon rolls around the ring, screaming in pain, and holding his face, as Bolton gets to his feet.

Bolton: How's it feel? You must pay for your sins! Feel His wrath!

Neon tries to get to his knees, but falls back down to the ground.

Macho: Neon's in serious pain. We might need to cut this match.

LPM: Why would we do that? Bolton's just getting started!

Bolton rolls out of the ring, and walks over to the announce table. He pulls Ashley out of her chair, and folds the chair, then throws it into the ring.

Macho: No he can't be thinking...

Bolton: Get up sinner! Get up!

Neon manages to get up on one knee, but as soon as he does, Bolton smacks down the chair, sending a thunderous clash through the arena. Neon falls back, his eyes shut, with blood profusly coming out of his forehead. The officials come in to try to seperate the two, but Bolton shoves them away. Security comes down to the ring, but Bolton picks up the chair, and hits down three officials, forcing everyone else to back out of the ring.

Macho: This is sick. If Bolton's so keen about what God thinks, he should know what's right, and stop this punishment. Neon has had enough!

Bolton picks up Neon, and irish whips him into the ropes. As Neon comes back, Bolton boots him in the stomach, and picks him up for the Crucifix bomb. Bolton walks over to the ropes, and throws Neon over the ropes, into the open casket!

Macho: My god!

LPM: Bolton's god too! Shut the casket Bolton! Shut the casket!

Bolton rolls out of the ring to try to close the casket, but Neon is holding it open. Bolton reaches for the chair, as Neon tries to flip out of the casket. As Neon is almost out, Bolton cracks him with the chair, knocking him out in the casket. Bolton slams the casket door shut!

Announcer: Here is your winner, the Wrath of God, Booooltoooon Steeeeveeens!

*Messiah Plays*

LPM: Yes, what a great match! Bolton has finally ended this! I can't beleive how much punishment he made Neon Hardy take! I don't know if we'll be seeing Neon around XCL for a long time now. And he must be upset. He didn't exactly live up to his brother's legacies.

Macho: Well, Neon always bounces back. And this is just the beginning of Neon's career. But congratulions are in order to Bolton, for winning the match, even if I don't like how he did it.

LPM: Damn right they are. Bolton has done what God wanted him to do, and he made Neon Hardy pay for his sins. I think it's safe to say that Neon felt the Wrath of god tonight.

Macho: Now, on with Seek N Destroy.
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:40 am

Ashley: The following is a tag team match for the Tag Team Championship.

*** Mr.Jones hits ***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, Lojax!

Lojax appears on the entrance ramp wearing his Canadian attire. The fans erupt in cheers as he walks down to the ring giving high fives to the fans as they cheer him on. Lojax climbs into the ring and waits.

Macho King: Here is a great athlete who loves to show patriotism to his country. He gets my respect for that.

Latin Passion Master: You respect wrestlers for their attire?

*** The Broken hits ***

Ashley: And his partner making his way to the ring from Grove City, Ohio K_mo!

K_mo enters wearing Black and White attire and the crowd continues to applaud as he smiles walking down the ramp greeting the fans and he meets up with his partner and they begin to talk as they wait for their opponents.

Macho King: Together these two are a great team and they have a chance to leave with the straps around their chest.

Latin Passion Master: You have no clue what your talking about do you?

*** Bad Boys hits ***

Ashley: And their opponents the team of “Ripper” Radford and Johnny Law, Law and Order!

The crowd erupts in boos as Radford and Johnny Law walk down the entrance ramp ignoring the fans and both climb into the ring and get into the ring by going over the top rope. They begin to stare down K_mo and Johnny Law.

Macho King: They are intimidating but K_mo and Lojax are a great team and I can see them pulling out the victory.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah I figured you would say that.

K_mo and Johnny Law start the match in the ring. The ref calls for the bell and the match starts. Johnny Law and K-mo walk around the ring hesitant to start the match. They lock up in the center of the ring. Johnny Law overpowers K_mo and sends him flying out of the ring and onto the floor. Johnny Law points at him and laughs as the ref instructs K_mo to get back into the ring. K_mo slides back into the ring and Johnny starts stomping on him while he is on the floor. K_mo gets up and punches Johnny in the mid section a few times. Johnny Law takes a step back to get away. K_mo runs towards the opposite ropes of Johnny and then runs at him with increased speed from the momentum. Johnny stands still and when K_mo tries to shoulder him Johnny braces for it and K_mo falls to the floor. Johnny picks K_mo up by his head and stands him up. Johnny picks him up and executes a perfect bodyslam in the middle of the ring.

Latin Passion Master: This just shows the sheer power Johnny Law has and how easy it is for him to over power K_mo.

Macho King: Do not count out Lojax and K_mo both are great competitors.

K_mo slowly starts to crawl towards Lojax who is leaning over the ropes trying to extend his arm to get tagged in. Johnny grabs K_mo’s leg and drags him over to the turnbuckle near his partner Radford. Johnny tags in Radford while holding K_mo’s leg. Radford gets in the ring and starts to stomp K_mo repeatedly. The ref tells Johnny to get out of the ring and he does. Radford lifts up K_mo and Irish whips him into the corner with a tremendous amount of force. Radford runs full force at K_mo and clothelines him against the turnbuckle then lets K_mo fall to the floor. K_mo tries to reach out and get the tag to Lojax but they are too far away from each other and K_mo is in obvious pain. Radford kicks K_mo in the head. Radford starts to lift K_mo up slowly. Out of desperation K_mo tries to punch Radford in the midsection but it does not work well and Radford just ignores it. Radford takes K_mo by the back of the head and tries to swing forward to hit a headbutt. K_mo ducks out of the way and Radford misses completely K_mo quickly hits a Leg Sweep sending the massive Radford crashing down to the floor. K_mo from pain and just pure exhaustion falls to the floor with Radford.
Macho King: There both down who will make it to their partners.

Latin Passion Master: Will you shut up? This is a great match do you really need to screw it up?

K_mo starts to crawl towards Lojax but is moving slowly. Radford is closer to Johnny and easily tags Johnny in. Johnny rushes into the ring and grabs K_mo by the leg and drags him back to the turnbuckle away from Lojax. Radford goes to stand near his turnbuckle and Lojax out of frustration tries to storm into the ring and the ref tries to deal with him getting him back to his corner. While the ref is distracted Johnny lifts up K_mo and throws him into the turnbuckle near Radford and Radford starts to choke K_mo with his hands watching the ref. Lojax realizes what they are doing and goes back to his corner and by the time the ref turns around the damage is done and Radford lets go and K_mo falls to the floor. Johnny goes for a cover.

Referee: ONE… TWO… Kick Out!

Macho King: That was blatant cheating by Radford and Johnny.

Latin Passion Master: They were taking advantage of Lojax’s stupidity, totally fair if you ask me.

Mach King: If I recall nobody did ask you.

Johnny furious at K_mo lifts him up to his feet. Johnny takes him and sets him up for the Jackhammer Suplex. Johnny executes Hard Time perfectly and leaves K_mo lying motionless on the floor. Instead of going for a cover Radford is yelling to get tagged in. Johnny stands up and grabs one of K_mo’s legs but K_mo kicks Johnny off of him and sends him against the ropes. K_mo starts crawling towards Lojax and leaps off the ground to tag in Lojax. Lojax quickly rushes into the ring and Lojax runs full speed at Johnny and hits him with a spear. Lojax then goes over to Radford and kicks him off the ring and Radford falls to the floor. Lojax gets on top of Johnny and starts punching him rapidly in the face. Then Lojax transitions into the Triangle Choke and locks him in perfectly and Johnny is not able to escape. The ref checks on Johnny while Johnny struggles to get out.

Latin Passion Master: He is choking the life out of him the ref better break that hold.

Macho King: It is perfectly legal and you know it.

Johnny stops moving after a while and looks knocked out. The ref looks like he is about to end the match but Radford who was still on the outside grabs Lojax by the head and pulls him hard and slides him out of the ring. K_mo gets up and gets into the ring to go to the other side to help Lojax. Radford notices that the ref is distracted and goes under the ring and pulls out a Nightstick. Radford swings it and drives it right into the mid-section of Lojax. Lojax falls to the floor in pain. K_mo starts to complain telling the ref to turn around but the ref is persistent that K_mo goes back to the turnbuckle. The crowd erupts in boos as Radford puts the Nightstick on the floor and slides Lojax into the ring.

Macho King: That is going too far Lojax can be seriously injured.

Latin Passion Master: The ref did not see it then everthing is good.

K_mo gets around the ref and Johnny runs full speed at him an nearly takes his head off with a clothesline. Johnny picks up K_mo by the head and throws him out of the ring. K_mo falls to the floor and lands flat on his back and lies down on the outside of the ring. Johnny starts stalking Lojax waiting for him to rise. Lojax gets to one knee with his other foot on the floor. Lojax then gets to a full standing position keeping both of his hands on his stomach still in pain from the attack by Radford. Johnny lifts up Lojax and puts him in the position for his Wheels of Justice. He swings Lojax around and plants him down directly on the ring completely using all his force in the Wheels of Justice and Lojax lies motionless on the floor. Johnny tags in Radford and Radford rushes into the ring. Radford picks up Lojax and lifts him into the position for a powerbomb.

Macho King: This is just disgusting they should just end the match.

Latin Passion Master: Are you crazy, this is wrestling at its best.

K_mo slides into the ring and kicks the back of Radford’s leg and it buckles. Lojax falls on top of Radford and K_mo exits the ring to go to his corner. Lojax grabs Radford’s legs and puts a foot through one and turns Radford onto his stomach and locks in the Sharpshooter.

Macho King: Now the tables have turned for favor of K_mo and Lojax.

Latin Passion Master: K_mo should have never entered the ring the ref should be doing a better job.

Radford is able to power out of the move and sends Lojax into the ropes. Johnny enters the ring and starts to distract the ref. Radford hits a low blow on Lojax and Lojax falls to the floor in pain. Then Radford runs over to K_mo and nails him with a headbutt to knock him off the ring and K_mo falls to the floor. Johnny goes back on the outside listening to the ref. Radford goes over to Lojax who is still on the floor in pain and pins him.

Referee: ONE… TWO… THREE!

Ashley: Here are your winner and the new Tag Team Champions LAW and ORDER!

Law and Order are handed the Championship belts by the referee and they celebrate with them as the fans continue to boo them. K_mo and Lojax exit the ring.

Latin Passion Master: And here they are your XCL Tag Team Champions.

Macho King: They should not have one they cheated, plain and simple.

Latin Passion Master: The better men won and that is all that matters.

Macho King: You really are delusional aren’t you?

***Bad Boys hits again***

Law and Order continue to celebrate as they leave holding the championship belts up high on their way out.
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:41 am

Sarah Jayne is on the other side of the curtain, waiting for the new XCL Tag Team Champions, Law and Order to come walking through.

Law and Order walk up the ramp, and go through the curtain, towards the backstage area.

Sarah Jayne: Johnny, 'Ripper," can I get a word with the new XCL Tag Team Champions?

Johnny Law: (Laughing) How does it feel to be in the presence of greatness?

Sarah Jayne: Well, I'd like to....

Johnny Law: (Yelling, angrily) How about you shut your damn mouth sugar tits, and show us a little freaking respect around here! We'll do the talking, this is our night, and our time, and you're in the presence of greatness, so why don't you act like it!

'Ripper' Radford: Johnny, the little lady seems to lack the respect necessary to continue this conversation. I think a come to Jesus meeting with my friend Birtha is in order.

Johnny Law: (Laughs briefly) You see Sarah Jayne, ever since I replaced Ripper's knife with
one of my trusty nightsticks, he's been dying to use it as much as he can. He calls her "Birtha." I call mine "Betsy." They're sisters. (smirking)

Johnny Law: (Speaking to 'Ripper' Radford) I'll handle this disrespectful tramp, Ripper. She's not worthy of the beating she deserves.

Johnny Law: A little word of advice Sarah, change the tone of this interview, or the wheels of justice are going to run over you.

Sarah Jayne: (looks scared) I'm just doing my job, I don't mean to insult you. The fans would like to hear your thoughts on the match you just had, K_Mo and Lojax put up quite a valiant effort.

'Ripper' Radford: My fair lady, K-Mo and Lojax were no more of a match for us than we wanted them to be. We toyed with them, and then when the time was right, we went in for the kill.

Sarah Jayne: How does it feel to be crowned the XCL's first ever Tag Team Champions?

Johnny Law: What kind of a stupid question is that? We did what we said we were going to do. We walked into the tournament, kicked ass, took names, and won the titles. You see Sarah Jayne, I was lucky enough to find another wrestler with the same thoughts, beliefs, and desires, as my own. Someone I could trust. And together, we're unstoppable, unbeatable, and invincible.

'Ripper' Radford: We're not going to waste anytime with beginning our reign of destruction and terror throughout the XCL. That is why we would like to officially challenge any and all comers who dare to try and take our titles.

Johnny Law: Well Sarah, as usual, our interview with you has been a complete waste of time, and now I smell like a cheap hooker from being around your two dollar perfume. We're going to celebrate, Law and Order style!

Camera fades out as Johnny Law and 'Ripper' Radford walk off, while Sarah Jayne looks confused as to what a Law and Order style celebration would be.

Macho King: What a great technical bout coming up next, 2 wrestlers that are from countries which take pride in technical wrestling. Steve Ace was England a country that has spawned technical greats such as Johnny Saint, Dynamite Kid and Billy Robinson. But Canada has had there fair share of technical greats such as Bret Hart, Lance Storm and Leo Burke.

Latin Passion Master: All Canada has spawned is a who’s who of whiners, Bret Hart all he did was complain and Flair is just the same always complaining about being “cheated” out of the Goldrush but finally Steve Ace is going to prove that Flair is nothing but a mid card act at best. He can’t hang with the best.

Macho King: Flair was seriously injured he wasn’t even cleared to wrestle, but he still went out there but came up short. Ace knew of Flairs injury and worked on it all too much. But this time it is different Flair is 100% and both men will do all they can to become the number 1 contender.

Latin Passion Master: It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference how fit Flair is, Ace will prove that he is the very best and become number 1 contender. Flairs stupidity is laughable; he will regret agreeing to this match.

***Old time Rock ‘n’ roll by Bob Segar plays***

Ashley: Introducing first from Montreal, Quebec Canada, weighing in at 200lbs standing at 5’8 FLAIR!!!!

Flair appears from the curtain to a standing ovation, Flair walks down to the ring with fans cheering very loudly and chanting for Flair. Flair slides into the ring, then jumps to the second turnbuckle and poses to the fans that are now cheering even louder for him.

Macho King: A great response for Flair tonight by these great fans here. He certainly has the advantage in terms of support from the fans.

Latin Passion Master: He had the support from the fans in the Goldrush and look what happened there, HE LOST!!!

***London Calling by The Clash plays***

Ashley: And the opponent from Bad street, UK weighing in at 250 lbs and standing at 6’2 STEVE ACE!!!!

Steve Ace walks out to stage with a cocky look on his face, as the crowd boo frantically at him. Steve Ace makes his way down the ramp fans continue to boo Ace and even start to throw things at Ace. Ace just ignores all the fans and continues walking to the ring. Ace slides in the ring and poses the fans continue to boo Ace.

Latin Passion Master: These idiot fans need to show Ace some damn respect, Ace is to focused to let these idiots throw him off his game.

Macho King: Well after what Ace says to the fans how can you expect them to cheer for him?

Steve Ace and Flair come to the centre of the ring and stare each other down, the bell rings and both men back off and circle around. Ace goes to the second turnbuckle and poses the crowd boo loudly. Flair goes to the other turnbuckle and poses the fans cheer. Both men come to the centre of the ring again and trash talk each other. Ace shoves Flair, but Flair slaps Ace in the face almost knocking him down to the ground, Ace has a look of anger on his face and runs straight to Flair. Flair hits a side headlock on Ace , Ace is able to escape by locking in a head scissors. Flair kicks out of that both men get to a vertical base Flair hits another side headlock Ace head scissors out of it again. Both men up to there feet Flair hits an arm drag then hits another Ace then rolls out of the ring. Ace has a shocked look on his face as to Flairs early offense Ace walks up the steel steps the referee getting Flair to back away.

Ace is back in the ring, Ace and Flair lock up with each other, Ace goes around for a waist lock, Flair elbows Ace in the head then hits a waist lock of his own. Flair then hits a German Suplex and goes for an arm bar. Tearing back on the arm of Steve Ace, the referee asking if Ace wants to give up Ace yells “No!” at the referee. Ace reaches over and just able to get his free arm to touch the ropes. The referee calls for Flair to break the hold, Flair stomps away at the arm of Ace Flair picks up Ace and keeps yanking Ace’s arm down. Ace falls to the ground Flair still has hold of the arm, Flair then leg drops the arm and twists it round.

Macho King: Well all that focus that Steve Ace apparently hasn’t paid off yet, Flair doing the same thing Ace did to Flair. That is karma at its best, Flair isn’t giving Ace a chance to breathe, and he just keeps working on Ace’s arm this one could be over soon.

Latin Passion Master: this is taking it too far he is trying to yank the arm out of its socket this could cut his career short.

Macho King: A lot like Steve Ace tried to do to Flair last month, he tried to put him out of commission for good. Even though Flair was already injured, Flair is lucky to be wrestling today this is just a little payback. And Ace deserves everything he gets.

Latin Passion Master: Steve Ace does not deserve to be treated like this, and considering Ace’s claim to have a share in XCL are you sure you want to be saying those things. Actually continue hopefully they will replace you with someone less moronic.

Flair releases the hold on the arm; Ace rolls over and holds his arm in pain. Flair picks up Ace and puts him into the corner. Flair hits a few knife edge chops, Flair then grabs Ace and hits a hard Irish Whip sending him into the opposite corner, and Ace hits the turnbuckle hard then falls straight to the ground holding his arm and screaming in pain. Flair picks up Ace and hits a Suplex then goes to work on the arm again twisting it round to his back, Flair jumps up and knees Ace’s back then does it again. Flair goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!

Ace just managed to get a shoulder up, but it took a lot out of him Flair Irish Whips Ace to the ropes Ace bounces back and Flair hits a drop toe hold then grabs the arm again Ace is trying to get to his feet even though the crowd showing him no support. Ace is able to get to his feet, Ace then runs to the turnbuckle and sends Flair into the turnbuckle, Ace tries to pick Flair up for a Death Valley Driver but is unable to Flair kicks Ace in the mid section then bounces to the ropes, Flair looks to hit a clothesline but Ace moves out of the way Flair bounces off of the other ropes Ace then hits a power slam. Ace’s arm still causing him pain Ace then kicks Flair in the head and gets on top of him and starts hammering away at Flair. Ace picks him up then smashes his head into the turnbuckle and starts kicking away at Flair, Ace drags Flair out of the corner and hits a Russian leg sweep then goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...Kick out!!!!

Latin Passion Master: Injured arm and all but Ace still manages to shift the momentum of this match, he may not have gold but that is the fight of a true champion. What do you think of that Macho?

Macho King: I think that Ace needs serious medical attention, he may be a despicable human being but every time he walks you can see the amount of pain that is on his face.

Latin Passion Master: Oh you and the higher ups would love that wouldn’t you? Having Ace lose the match so the XCL’s golden boy be the number 1 contender.

Macho King: Well I think a mans health is more important than a wrestling match.

Latin Passion Master: and that’s why you are calling the action and Ace is up there.

Ace using the ropes to pull him up and using the ropes as leverage to walk, but in very serious pain Ace rests in the turnbuckle Ace sees Flair getting to his feet Ace comes out of the turnbuckle Flair runs at Ace, Ace is able to get his boot up in the face of Flair Ace goes for a lariat but stops half way through and covers his arm. Flair drops Ace with DDT, Flair hooks the leg.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:41 am

Ace barely gets a shoulder up but it took a lot for him to do that, the fans being quieter as they see the amount of pain that Ace is in. Flair picks up Ace and back Suplexes him into the corner with Ace going out of the ring and on his way down his arm hitting the steel steps. Ace screams in pain, Ace tries to get back into the ring but just falls to the ground the crowd go completely silent and Flair has a look of regret on his face. The referee has ordered for the match to be stopped.

Macho King: Well we are sorry Ladies and Gentlemen but this match will have to be stopped, Flair was working over on Steve Ace’s arm at the beginning and may have caused some serious damage to Ace’s arm, a good 10 minutes he worked on his arm. And you could see the pain in Ace’s face he could hardly stand up.

Latin Passion Master: Well I just hope Flair is happy with what he has done, he may have ended Ace’s career or put him out of action for at least 6 months.

Macho King: Well I don’t think Flair meant to end the guy’s career but this is wrestling and these things do happen unfortunately. After all Ace tried to do the same to Flair.

Latin Passion Master: Stop making excuses for him, end of the day he could have ended one of the greatest wrestler’s careers of all time.

EMT’s make there way to the ring to help Steve Ace to the back, Flair turns away from Steve Ace as the fans still stay in silence. Steve Ace shoves away the EMT’s then runs back into the ring, Flair turns around and Ace hits a hard lariat. The fans erupt in boo’s and negative chants towards Ace, Ace poses to the crowd lifting his arm up.

Macho King: OH MY GOD!!! What a no good cheat, I knew he was a disgusting human being but faking an injury and getting sympathy and he was faking it all along this really is as low as someone could ever get.

Steve Ace picks up Flair and Irish Whips him against the ropes, Flair bounces back Ace hits a back body drop, Ace puts Flair in the corner and starts chopping away at Flairs chest. Ace then slaps Flair around the face very hard, Ace then puts Flair onto the top rope Ace hits a hard uppercut to Flairs face. Ace climbs to the second rope and hooks Flairs arm around him (Ace). Ace then starts to go to the rope and hits a super plex. Flair crashes down on the canvas Ace goes for the cover.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!

Ace looks frustrated, Flair struggling to make it to his feet. Flair is near a vertical base when Ace runs in and hits a knee lift to Flairs face knocking him down. The fans continue to boo Ace and start chanting for Flair to try and get him some support Ace drags Flair into the centre of the ring and then locks in the Figure 4 leg lock. Flair screams in pain as Ace is putting as much pressure as he can on Flair, Flair’s shoulders drop.

Referee: One...Two...Flair gets up.

Flair is trying the best he can to turn Ace over so to shift the weight but is unable to. Ace slaps Flair around the face. Flair eventually is able to pull himself and Ace’s weight so he can get to the ropes. Ace releases the hold then Irish Whips Flair into the ropes Flair bounces back Ace misses the clothesline. Flair bounces from the opposite ropes Flair goes for a clothesline of his own but Ace ducks out of the way. Flair turns to face Ace; Ace then kicks Flair in the mid section and hits a Fisherman Suplex into a pin.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!

Macho King: You can see in the expression on Ace’s face that he is frustrated he thought he had it then and he probably should have had the win but it was not to be.

Latin Passion Master: All in good time, Ace is just wearing him down some more, ever since that lariat that I swear knocked 3 teeth out of Flair’s mouth Ace has been on a roll.

Ace picks up Flair and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle Flair drops on the ring apron. Flair trying to get to his feet, Ace then super kicks Flair knocking him down to the floor. Ace goes outside the ring and rams Flairs head into the side of the announce table. Ace then puts him up against the steel ring post, Ace grabs a chair and bashes the ground a few times, and then swings for Flairs head Flair moves out of the way. Ace drops the chair in pain from that hurting his hands, Flair then throws Ace into the ring. Flair rolls into the ring, Ace is on his knees begging mercy off of Flair, and Flair says “no way” Flair then bounces to the ropes and hits a boot to the face of Steve Ace. Flair Picks up Ace, bounces him to the ropes and hits a spine buster. Flair hooks the leg.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Flair goes over to the turnbuckle and hits the turnbuckle pad a few times then climbs to the top rope Flair looking to hit a 5 start frog splash, Flair gets some good elevation on it but Steve Ace rolled out of the way and Flair crashes down to the mat. Ace quickly makes it to his feet and picks Flair up and hooks Flair’s arm around him (Ace) Ace lifts him up high and hits a back drop driver Flair landing on his head. Ace sits up with a cocky look on his face and signalling that it’s all over. Ace hooks the leg.

Referee: One...Two...kick out!!!

Macho King: Oh My God!!! How the hell did Flair kick out of the back drop Driver, that move over the years has defeated so many wrestlers. But Flair managed to kick out, that move could very well end people’s careers.

Latin Passion Master: That was not wise kicking out he could have major damage to his brain right now, look at Flairs eyes they are dazed right now he just needs to give it up right now.

Macho King: This isn’t just any match this will decide who faces the XCL champion and one of these men will get a chance to be champion. Flair may not be XCL champion but he has the heart of the champion.

Ace is in complete shock and can’t believe that he didn’t get the win. Ace goes to complain at the referee, whilst Flair is crawling over to the corner and using the turnbuckle pads to get himself up to a vertical base. Flair shakes his head, his eyes still dazed. Ace walks up behind Flair and locks in the Million £ dream Flair trying to escape out of it but Ace has it locked in tight. Flair puts his feet on the second turnbuckle and kicks back getting Ace’s shoulders to the ground.

Referee: One...Two...Three!!!!!!

Macho King: What a great match, a huge victory for Flair he will go on to face the winner of tonight’s Main event. Flair really did earn this win, even after Ace’s cheating ways Flair is the new number 1 contender.

Latin Passion Master: Ace had it won, Ace should be the new number 1 contender.

Macho King: Well Flair is the number 1 contender Steve Ace tried everything but couldn’t get it done.
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:42 am

The camera feed cuts to the backstage area where a few of XCL’s superstars are all sat down at a table drinking beer, smoking, and playing cards. The superstars include: Shockwave, Daywalker, Chris Davids, Chris Jones, Creachbaum, and Dr. Dismember. Chris Davids has the deck of cards and is currently shuffling them.

Dr. Dismember: Anyone want another beer before we start the next game?

Shockwave: Sure.

Chris Jones: No thanks, beer upsets my bowls and keeps me up all night.

They all turn and look at Chris Jones in disgust.

Dr. Dismember: Dude. Too much information.

Chris Jones: Oh, sorry. If we’ve got any rum I’ll have some of that.

Daywalker: Shut up and get me damn beer already.

Dr. Dismember gets up and walks over to the personal bar they have next to the table and pours a glass and grabs four beers. Dr. Dismember returns to the table and hand the glass of rum to Chris Jones, he also passes a beer to Shockwave, and two to Daywalker, leaving one for himself. Chris Davids stops shuffling the cards.

Chris Davids: Are we all quite done? Good. Perhaps now we can get back to playing new market.

Davids deals out all of the cards giving the person on his left which is Creachbaum two hands to choose from and everyone else one. Everyone puts in the minimum starting amount in the middle and the minimum on one of the kings. Everyone picks up their hands, Creachbaum picks up his hand on the right. Creachbaum decides to replace that hand with the hand on the left. The first hand is moved to one side as it is no longer able to be used. Creachbaum starts by playing his lowest red card which is the seven of diamonds.

Dr. Dismember: Eight and nine.

Shockwave: Ten.

Chris Davids: Jack and Queen.

Chris Davids collects all of the money that is on the king of diamonds. Chris Davids then starts the next round by playing his lowest black card which is the ten of spades.

Daywalker: Jack.

Chris Davids: Queen.

Chris Davids collects all of the money of the king of spades. Chris Davids starts again by playing his lowest red which is the jack of hearts. Chris Davids also has queen of hearts so he plays that as well; he then collects all of the money of the king of hearts. Chris Davids starts again by playing his lowest black which is the queen of clubs resulting in him collecting all the money of the queen of clubs and all of the money in the kitty. The others look on shocked. Daywalker throws his cards down on the table and goes back to swigging his beers.

Shockwave: No way.

Chris Davids: Looks like I had all the luck this time around.

Creachbaum: You won this game but there is still plenty more in store tonight.

Creachbaum grabs the deck of cards and begins shuffling. He then starts to deal them out giving two hands to the person on his left who is Chris Jones. Daywalker continues swigging his beers through out the dealing. As all the others pick up their cards Creachbaum notices some pen on his hands, Creachbaum looks down at his hands confused. Chris Davids glances over and sees the pen on Creachbaum’s hands.

Chris Davids: You know what guys; I think I’m going to call it a night.

Chris Davids quickly starts to put his money away into his gym bag. Daywalker goes back to swigging his beer. Chris Davids gets up and starts to leave, as he is just about to go Creachbaum stands up.

Creachbaum: You cheated.

Chris Davids turns around and looks at Creachbaum.

Chris Davids: What?

Creachbaum: That’s why you’re all of a sudden running isn’t it? You marked the deck.

Shockwave: He did what?

Creachbaum turns around to look at Shockwave as he speaks, turning his back to Chris Davids.

Creachbaum: Yeah look this pen has rubbed of on my hands from these cards.

Creachbaum shows Shockwave and the rest of the pen on his hands.

Creachbaum: He marked the deck that’s how he got such a great hand in the last game.

Creachbaum turns around to shift his focus back to Chris Davids but as Creachbaum is turning around Chris Davids throws his gym bag at Creachbaum. Creachbaum catches it, Davids then charges at Creachbaum. Davids picks him up and spinebusters him onto the table. The weight causes the table to topple over on the side Creachbaum is on. Creachbaum falls to the floor and the table lands on top of him. Davids jumps onto the table crushing Creachbaum who is under it. Davids jumps up and down on the table and then jumps of. He lifts the table of Creachbaum and pushes it one side. Davids then grabs Creachbaum and pulls him up by his hair. Davids then irish whips him into the wall. Creachbaum goes face first into the concrete and the impact causes him to fall over backwards.

Dr. Dismember: Come on that’s enough.

Dr. Dismember tries to step in between Chris Davids and Creachbaum to stop Davids attacking Creachbaum. Davids shoves Dr. Dismember out of his way which causes Dr. Dismember to fall over the table that was knocked over.

Chris Davis: Come on! Get up! Get up!

Creachbaum slowly rises to his feet as he is wobbling all over the place; Creachbaum turns around and is still all limp. Davids runs at Creachbaum and takes a slight leap of the floor as he does he goes past Creachbaum and wraps his arm around Creachbaum’s neck, as Davids lands the momentum causes Creachbaum to fall to the floor. Creachbaum’s head hits the floor hard and lies there seemingly unconscious. Dr. Dismember runs over to check on him. Chris Davids stares down at Creachbaum’s fallen body with a sick smile on his face.

Dr. Dismember: Creach are you ok? Can you here me? Someone gets some medical help.

Chris Jones runs of to find some medical help for Creachbaum. Chris Davids walks over and grabs his gym bag and then walks of seemingly not caring about what he has just done. Daywalker can be seen in the background swigging his beer as Shockwave and Dr. Dismember are checking on Creachbaum. The camera feed cuts back to ring side with Macho King and Latin Passion Master.

Macho King: What the hell is wrong with Chris Davids? He cheats in a card game and then attacks Creachbaum.

Latin Passion Master: There is no proof he cheated. It is all just vicious rumours stated by Creachbaum because he couldn’t take loosing, it’s pathetic. And by the way that was the most perfectly hit degenerate I have ever seen from Chris Davids in my life.

Macho King: Creachbaum needs medical attention and all you can do is sit here and complement the guy that is the cause of this.

Latin Passion Master: You just don’t know wrestling ability when you see it Macho. In a way I feel sorry for you, but in another way I’m glad that it could mean a new broadcast partner.
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XCL presents Seek N Destroy Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:42 am

The camera feed returns to the arena where the ring crew can be seen adding last minute touches to the Clockwork Orange, House of Fun setup. At a glance you can see two pieces of steel cage on opposing sides, with weapons hung randomly on them.

Macho King: What a sight LPM, the Clockwork Orange, House of Fun match looks more like a House of Horrors. All those weapons hanging from the pieces of steel cage, its like a mini arsenal in there.

Latin Passion Master: That it is King, I dont think I have ever seen anything quite like this in my career. Just think though thats what Cyanide calls home.

Macho King: Thats no home I would want to live in. I guess it goes without saying that Cyanide is going into this match with a distinct advantage, but do you think he has what is needed to take the world title from BIGBRIAN ?

Latin Passion Master: Of course he does, what are you stupid ? once that bell rings, its only a matter of time before Cyanide takes BIGBRIAN apart piece by piece until all that remains is the XCL World Championship.

Macho King: You could be right LPM. We are moments away from finding out as the lovely Ashley looks to be making her way into the ring to introduce the two competitors.

Ashley: Ladies and Gentleman the following is a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, which is scheduled for one fall and it is for the XCL World Championship.

***Breathe by Prodigy play***

Ashley: Introducing first hailing from London England, he weighs in at 225lbs and stands at 6’1, Cyanide.

The crowd boo's loudly as Cyanide makes his way slowly down to the ring. Cyanide however seems unphased by the crowd's reaction. Once he arrives inside the ring he looks around the entire structure, an evil smirk appears on his face.

Macho King: You were right LPM, Cyanide does look at home in there, you just have to wonder whats going through that sick mind of his.

Latin Passion Master: Thats easy King, Cyanide is thinking how great it is that not only will he be winning the XCL World Title but he also gets to inflict massive amounts of pain in the process.

***Never Scared by Bonecrusher plays***

Ashley: And his opponent. Weighing 240lbs, Standing at 5'8 and hailing from Miami Florida, he is the current reigning XCL World Champion, BIGBRIAN.

The crowd erupts, deafening cheers echo throughout the arena as the XCL World Champion, BIGBRIAN comes through the curtin. BIGBRIAN walks down the isle high fiving fans along the way, he enters the ring and holds up his World Title to show to the fans. Cyanide has his eyes fixed on BIGBRIAN, with the evil smirk still remaining on his face.

Macho King: Well it would seem BIGBRIAN wont have to worry about fan support in this match, they love him.

Latin Passion Master: Its not the fans he should be worried about King, its the 6'1, 225lbs of pure evil standing in front of him.

Brain hands the title to the referee, who then moves to the center of the ring and raises the belt for all to see, the crowd cheers. The referee then hands the belt to Ashley who is now outside the ring, Ashley then places the title next to where she is seated. The two competitors lock eyes as the referee calls for the bell to begin the contest. In an attempt to unhinge the connection with Brian and the crowd, Cyanide poses to the fans only to receive a resounding boo chant. Not to be shown up, Brian poses to the crowd, he receives a loud positive response. Cyanide makes a second attempt which meets with the same reception as his first, Brian returns in kind. Cyanide attempts to gain favor with fans by climbing to the second top turnbuckle on the inside, with his back to Brian, posing from that position, the crowd still gives him negitive feedback. Brian repeats Cyanide's act of climbing the second top turnbuckle on the inside, posing to the crowd, with his back to Cyanide. Without hesitation Cyanide charges at full speed towards Brian, nailing him with a double axe handle to the back. Brian crashes forward into the corner, still remaining on the second rope. Cyanide hits him with three right forearm shots to the back, he then climbs to the same level as Brian, gripping the champion's head in a front face lock position. Cyanide gets a tight grasp on Brian's head, then jumps backwards inside the ring, still hanging onto Brian's head to land an inverted DDT from the second top turnbuckle. Trying to end things fast Cyanide quickly rolls over onto Brian and hooks the leg.

Ref: One....Two....Kick Out!!

Cyanide quickly gets back to his feet and wastes no time in renewing hostilities. He nails Brian with two stiff right foot kicks, forcing Brian to remain on the canvas. Cyanide get in another kick before moving down towards Brian's head to apply a chin lock. Brian catches Cyanide's left arm as he was reaching in for the hold and from the ground applies a wristlock. Using the the wristlock as leverage Brian slowly makes it to his feet, applying more pressure as he rises. Once completely vertical, Brian converts the wristlock into an armbar and begins to wrench on Cyanide's left arm, causing him much discomfort. Cyanide in pain starts trying to bargin with the champion, but Brian seems to be having none of it, as the crowd responds in favor of Brian. Cyanide continues to bargin with Brian until he gets his right arm close enough to poke Brian in the eye. In a normal reflex Brian released Cyanide's left arm, giving the challenger a chance to strike. Not wasting a second Cyanide darts his right hand under Brian's chin and grabs hold of a pressure point above the throat, squeezing the nerve. Brian instantly seems to be loosing air and seems to be fading out fast.

Macho King: What the hell ??? I knew this match was anything goes but Cyanide is blatantly choking BIGBRIAN out!!

Latin Passion Master: Its called the Tonga Death Grip you moron, how the hell did you get this job ??? And for you information its not a chokehold as its not squeezing the windpipe. Do I need to teach you the name of every hold ???

Cyanide maintaining the Death Grip on Brian's throat uses it to move him towards the piece of steel cage on the north side of the ring. Brian having no choice, is dragged towards the intended destination. Both wrestlers make it to the northern part of the ring, with Cyanide's right hand still firmly gripping Brian's throat. The champ so close to unconscienceness does little to stop Cyanide from placing his left hand in Brian's groin area enabling him to lift Brian in a gorilla press position and toss him into the steel. A loud bang is heard throughout the arena as Brian's back hits the steel, and he crashes to the apron. Stuck between the piece of cage and the ropes, the apron provides little safe haven to the battered champion, as Cyanide continues his attack, using the bottom rope to choke out Brian by simply standing on it.

Macho King: Well LPM, what is that move called ?

Latin Passion Master: What move ?, Cyanide is trying to help Brian up.
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:43 am

Cyanide steps off the bottom rope releasing the Brian from the choke, the champion holds his throat in pain. Cyanide moves towards the center of the ring and begins to pose to the crowd. The continue their previous form, in respect to booing Cyanide, with Brian still laying on laying on the apron, Cyanide looks over to the south side of the ring. He sees the other piece of cage with the weapons hanging from it, the evil smirk from the start of the match returns to his dark face. Cyanide makes his way over to the south part of the ring, where the second piece of cage is located and takes a moment to glance over the various weapons hanging from it. Items hanging from the structure include steel chairs, a bag of thumb tacs and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire among other things, he settles on a the barbed wire bat. He reaches and grabs hold of the handle and pulls it free from the cage, the crowd in fear for their hero, start chanting Brian. At this stage the world champion is still on the apron but is slowly making it to his feet, he also seems to be regaining his facilities and notices Cyanide headed his way with the bat. Cyanide realizes Brian has seen the bat and acts with urgency in rushing to attack the champion. Cyanide charges at full speed with the bat, he takes his swing at Brian, but the champ ducks and the barbed wire bat gets caught in the cage. Cyanide attempts to pull the bat free, giving Brian a chance to land two right and shots to the mid section, forcing Cyanide to release the bat. Brian lands another right handed shot to the mid section, followed this time by a left, then right to the head. Dazed Cyanide leans back, but Brian pulls him in long enough for the champion to hook in a sunset flip.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!!

Macho King: The champ is starting to find his feet.

Latin Passion Master: The problem is he has two left ones.

Both men rise quickly to their feet and start exchanging right hand blows to the head. The crowd cheers each time Brian lands a shot, while booing when Cyanide does. Spit and sweat is flying across the ring as both competitors are giving it their all. The back and forth action continues until Cyanide reaches in and applies a headlock on BIGBRIAN. Cyanide maintains his grip, but using incredible strength the champion manages to lock his arms around the challenger's waist, lift him in the air, and excute a side suplex. Again both men rise quickly to their feet, Cyanide charges at Brian but the champion catches him and lands an inverted atomic drop. Cyanide is temporarily incapasitated, BIGBRIAN quickly follows up with a side russian leg sweep, droping both he and Cyanide to the mat. Brian wastes little time in getting back to his feet and climbing the second top turnbuckle on the inside, he jumps and lands an elbow drop directly into the chest of the challenger and quickly goes for the pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!!!

Macho King: So close, the momentum seems to be shifting in the champ's favor.

Latin Passion Master: He didnt hook the leg! Pffffft rookie.

Brian questions the referee about the count, but he verifies it was only two. The champion gets back to his feet and proceeds to grab both of Cyanide's legs, he looks to the crowd, the fans cheer in anticipation of the Sharpshooter, but instead Brian lands a kick to the groin. BIGBRIAN takes time out to pose for the fans, turning his back to his opponent, Cyanide takes advantage and rolls up Brian with a schoolboy.

Ref: One..Kick Out!!

Brian gets to his feet first, he grabs hold of Cyanide and Irish whips him towards the corner. Cyanide reverses Brian into the corner and follows with a hard clothesline. The challenger is relentless in his assult as he hammers Brian with left and right hands. Trapped in the corner Brian can do little but defend himself, as Cyanide's seemingly endless attack continues. Brian works up the strength to push Cyanide away, he moves out of the corner but Cyanide quickly moves in and shoves the champion into the north side steel. The challenger grabs Brian's head and rams it into the steel, he repeats this once more only this time holding the champ's face on the cage, causing BIGBRIAN's forehead to open up. Cyanide pulls Brian's head back in an attempt to slam his face a third time, however this time the champion blocks the challenger and instead rams Cyanide's face into the steel. The crowd cheers, Brian repeats the move, then drops Cyanide to the canvas. The champion moves to the center of the ring to pose for the fans, they respond with great admiration.

Macho King: What a guy, his world title is on the line in such a dangerous match, but yet he still makes time for the fans. He is a true champion.

Latin Passion Master: A true champion would be capitalizing on this opportunity and going for a pin.

Brian finishes his pose and turns his attention back to the challenger, who is slowly getting back up. In no great hurry Brian makes his way over to Cyanide and proceeds to sit on his back and lock in a camel cluth. Brian applies the hold with excellence of execution, as Cyanide is left with seemingly no way out. The ref asks the challenger if he wants to submit, he shakes his head no. The champion tightens his grip and starts to lean back with the hold, applying more pressure to Cyanide's neck and back area. The ref once again asks Cyanide if he wants to give up and once again Cyanide shakes his head no. Brian leans back even further causing Cyanide to be almost at his breaking point, his eyes shut and he seems to have passed out. The referee see's that the challenger's eye's are shut so he will check him by raising his hand three times.

Ref: One...Two............

On the third attempt, Cyanide's hand remains firm in the air, to both the crowd's and BIGBRIAN's discontent. Realizing that he must get out of this hold to be able to continue in this match, he makes a decision to head for the ropes. Cyanide begins to slowly crawl towards the ropes, Brian sensing the struggle attempts to apply more pressure. It however seems to do little good as Cyanide's determination guides him to the ropes.

Latin Passion Master: This is crap King, Cyanide has reached the ropes the ref is supposed to break the hold.

Macho King: There is no disqualification in this match LPM, you know that.

Brian being a honorable competitor, breaks the hold and backs away, allowing Cyanide to have a chance to recompose himself. The ref checks Cyanide's condition, he seems to be in a great deal of pain as he holds his neck with his right arm and his back with his left. The ref then makes his way over to the champion and begins to speak with him. Brian and the referee exchange words briefly, at the same time taking their eyes away from the challenger. Cyanide in a sneaky mannor quickly rises to his feet and grabs one of the steel chairs hanging from the cage, the champion unaware, continues his conversation with the referee. The ref who appears to be checking the gash on Brian's forehead, from the corner of his eye, suddenly spots Cyanide rushing up with the steel chair firmly gripped in both hands charging towards the champion. The ref quickly moves out of the way, giving Brian enough of a warning to know something is coming from behind him. Cyanide swings the chair but Brian catches both the challenger's hands with his own, both men struggle for ownership of the chair. Cyanide lands a right kick to Brian's mid section, Brian returns in kind, having being weakened from the earlier submission, Cyanide looses his grip first, bends over and clutches his stomach. The champion now in sole possession of the chair, cocks it back behind his head, ready to strike the challenger, Cyanide looks up still grasping his mid section, only to receive a thundering chair shot right to the face. Cyanide falls to the canvas, as Brian drops the chair and quickly moves in for the pin attempt.

Ref: One...Two......Kick Out!

Macho King: What a chair shot! Brian was less than one second away from victory and now Cyanide has been busted wide open.

Latin Passion Master: BIGBRIAN has only proved one thing to me King, and thats he isnt above breaking the rules.

Macho King: This match has no rules by Cyanide's choice, Brian is doing what he has too, to ensure he walks out of here with his title. When your pushed, killing is as easy as breathing.

Latin Passion Master: Whatever Macho, stop quoting Rambo and stay focused on whats happening here an now.
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents Seek N Destroy   XCL presents Seek N Destroy EmptySat Jun 28, 2008 11:43 am

Brian rises to his feet, the gash on his forehead now starting to bleed a great deal. At present Cyanide lies with his back on the canvas, a large cut above his left eyebrow, the blood streams down his face, covering his eyes with a puddle of red. The champion looks to the fans that are now cheering his name loudly, he picks up the challenger by his head and brings him to his feet. Brian moves behind Cyanide and locks his hands around his stomach, pulling up and squeezing it. BIGBRIAN then lifts the challenger into the air, slamming him into the mat with a gutwrench suplex, the champion hangs on and performs a second gutwrench suplex on Cyanide. With his grip tight around the stomach of Cyanide, Brian attempts a third suplex, however this time the challenger lands two right elbow shots to the face of the champ. Cyanide breaks free from Brian and is able to spin his body into a face to face position with BIGBRIAN, the challenger grabs hold of the champion and sends him for the ride into the turnbuckle. Brian quickly mounts the same turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and proceeding to land right hand shots to the head of Cyanide. The crowd counts as Brian lands each blow, the champ reaches ten, then jumps off the ropes. Brian then sends Cyanide for the ride into the ropes with an irish whip, the challenger comes back at high speed only to be caught by Brian with a back body drop. Cyanide is launched into the air and comes crashing down to the canvas, but he is able to grab hold of the champion's legs on the way down. Cyanide uses a sunset flip type pin attempt.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Brian kicks his feet on Cyanide's head to break free from the pin. Both competitors rise to their feet, both covered in their own and each other's blood. Cyanide picks up the steel chair that Brian dropped earlier and nails the champion with a hard shot to the mid section. Brian bends over and grabs his stomach, Cyanide lands another blow this time to Brian's back, the champion falls to the canvas. The fans boo loudly, seeming to actually be bothering him this time Cyanide reacts to the fans and begins to hold the chair in the air, the crowd's negitive feedback continues.

Macho King: That steel chair has really become the equalizer in this match LPM.

Latin Passion Master: It certainly has King. Cyanide needs to stop worrying about what these idiots think and keep focused on the task at hand, he has Brian right where he wants him and can't waste this chance.

Cyanide continues to upset the fans with his taunting of them and the champion, he eventually turns his attentions back to the champion and readies the steel chair for further use. Cyanide is holding the chair with both hands very close to his face, Brian looks up and see's his moment to strike. The champion quickly runs towards Cyanide and lands a dropkick on the chair causing it to smash into the challenger's face. Cyanide hits the mat and Brian quickly moves in for the pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: Incredible BIGBRIAN was playing possum the whole time, what a competitor.

Latin Passion Master: Feigning injury after two chair shots, I doubt that King, I guarantee Brian is feeling the effects.

Both man lay on the ground for a moment before slowly rising to their feet. The exchange left and right hand blows, with the crowd booing and cheering repectively. The back and forth action goes on until Cyanide grabs Brian and throws him towards the rops using an Irish whip. The challenger follows the champ to the ropes on the west side of the ring which has no cage and lands a clotheslne that sends both men over the top rope and onto the arena floor. Now outside the ring, Cyanide is the first to his feet, followed shortly there after by BIGBRIAN. The challenger grabs brian's head and rams it on the apron three times in succession and then tosses the champion back inside the ring. Cyanide then proceeds to lift the ring curtin up and look under the ring, after a few moments he locates a table. Cyanide grabs the table and places it inside the ring. The challenger then makes his way back into the ring and begins to set up a table close to one of the turnbuckles. By this stage Brian is starting to make it back to a vertical base, so Cyanide moves towards him. Brian lands a right hand, but right after is grabbed by his head in a Muay Thai clench and delivers multiple knee shots to the chest area. After taking such rapid punishment, the champion does little to fight off Cyanide, as he is herded towards and placed on the table. The challenger then makes his way to the top rope, taking his time in doing so. Once Cyanide is just about ready to launch himself, Brian quickly gets off the table, climbs the turnbuckle on the inside, locks his arms around the challenger in a bear hug style and then excutes a perfect belly to belly suplex from the top rope through the table. Brian places his arm on top of Cyanide.

Ref: One..Two...Three!!

***Never Scared by Bonecrusher plays***

Ashley: Ladies and Gentleman, here is your winner and still XCL World Champion, BIGGGGGGGBRIAN!

Macho King: Brian did it!! He found a way to beat Cyanide at his own game.

Latin Passion Master: So it seems, but take a look at Cyanide he still isnt moving.

Ashley hands the title back to BIGBRIAN, who then displays it for the fans to see, they cheer loudly in response. The referee is trying to get a response from Cyanide, but isnt having any luck, he calls for a medical team. Brian is still posing as the medical team arrive in the ring, the doctors and trainers start to examine Cyanide. The medical team calls for a stretcher, which is brought promptly. As Cynide is being carefully loaded onto the stretcher, Brian has now stopped posing and has a concerned look on his face. Cynide is taken backstage.

Macho King: This looks serious LPM.

Latin Passion Master: Indeed it does King, do we have time to get some camera's back there ?

Macho King: Im afraid not, the title match went to long and now we are out of time. It doesnt look like this turned out to be a House of Fun for Cyanide.

Latin Passion Master: This is no time for jokes Macho, Cyanide could bet hurt bad.

Macho King: Your right LPM, anyways we are out of time. On behalf of everyone here at the XCL, we hoped you have enjoyed Seek N Destroy.

The camera fades to a black screen.
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XCL presents Seek N Destroy
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