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 Adrenaline Results-08/18/08

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PostSubject: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 8:50 pm

Macho King-Cyan
Latin Passion Master-Orange
Steve Storme-Yellow

MK: Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

LPM: You mean ladies and germs, I'm sure.

MK: Please ignore my colleague, he's a little rude. But regardless I am the Macho King, accompanied by the Latin Passion Master and this is XCL's Adrenaline. And tonight, our main event is going to be something of a revenge match as Ricky Reynolds and Kumanga team up against Callumomac and Steve Storme.

LPM: After the beating Storme and Cal took last week, revenge is only natural. And I'll be talking with Steve Storme about that match a little later. I also understand that our illustrious general manager has gotten together a little contest for our latest additions from ROG.

MK: ROG is being vacated faster than....well faster than you can say ROG. It seems its becoming clearer which show is preferred by wrestlers, the fans will also follow suit I'm sure.

LPM: Of course they will, they know greatness when they see it. But that's for another time, for now let's get this show started with STL and Chris Shocker.

***Get ya walk on plays***

Ashley: This match is scheduled for one fall and has been given a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing in at 300 lbs…STL!

STL starts toward the ramp as the crowd begins to boo. He throws a dark look at a few of them before continuing onto the ring and ignoring the fans as their dislike increases.

***Attack hits***

Ashley: And his opponent, weighing in at 242 lbs…Chris Shocker!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Chris emerges on the ramp. He removes the chain from his neck and tosses it to a ring official before rolling under the bottom rope and into the ring.

LPM: Chris is giving up the size advantage for his first match on the new XCL.

MK: True, but I doubt he’s giving up the experience advantage.

LPM: I don’t know about that, STL is pretty experienced in the ring.

MK: But not more than Chris Shocker, you and I both know that.

The official rings the bell and the two men lock up. STL rears back to shove Shocker to the mat, but Shocker hangs on and uses the momentum to arm drag STL down. Shocker keeps hold of the arm, but STL is quick to roll over and get out of the hold, and to his feet. Shocker is up in a flash, but meets a stiff palm strike, followed by a boot to the gut. Shocker is doubled over, and STL gets him in a gut wrench backbreaker. Shockers is in pain, as STL goes for the cover. One... two... Chris gets a shoulder up. STL doesn't argue the count. Instead he waits for Chris to get to a sitting position, then delivers a stiff boot to the spine. Shocker cringes in pain, but STL does not let up. He gets a waist lock on Chris, hauls him up and hits a release German Suplex. Shocker lands on his feet. STL turns around and is surprised by a drop kick to the jaw. Shocker doesn't let up, he hits the ropes and charges back with a flying European uppercut, again catching STL under the jaw. STL staggers a bit, and Shocker goes to the ropes again, and springboards off with a clothesline. STL still doesn't go down. Shocker responds with a dropkick to the knee, and knocks the larger man off balance. Shocker with a drop toehold finally takes STL down. He slaps on a side headlock, and then stands up to go for a bulldog...

But STL pitches him over the top rope and to the floor.

MK: Chris had no choice but to try and keep his momentum, but he maybe went for one too many risks there.

LPM: Considering his face just met the floor, I’d say that he did.

STL also rolls to the floor, stalking his injured prey. Shocker tries to pull himself up with the ring barrier, but STL is there to knock him back down with a forearm to the back. He scoops Shocker up and slams him to the concrete, then drags him up again and rolls him back into the ring. Shocker tries to crawl away, but STL stops his progress, putting one knee into his lower back. STL grabs a hold of Shocker’s chin and stretches him back in a surfboard type hold.

LPM: That doesn’t look very fun.

MK: Why would it be fun?

LPM: I just said it wasn’t, please try to keep up.

The referee is there to check for the tap out, but Shocker is resilient enough to refuse. And close enough to the ropes to reach out and grab the bottom one. STL waits for the count of four then lets go of the hold. He hauls Shocker up and whips him into the ropes. He catches Shocker on the way back and goes for a spinebuster...Chris hangs on and hits a DDT. But he's too hurt to capitalize. He drapes an arm over STL for a pin, but he doesn't even get a two count. STL is dazed from landing on his head, and Shocker’s back is in a bad way, but he has his wits about him. He tries to hit a snapmare on STL, but gets pushed off. Chris bounces off the ropes and comes back with a mafia kick that catches STL by surprise. STL is knocked to one knee, and Shocker comes back with a shining wizard that sends his opponent the rest of the way down.

Chris nails a standing moonsault, then goes for a cover. He hooks the legs..ONE… TWO! STL kicks out. Shocker goes to the ropes, and nails a rising STL with a springboard dropkick. STL is knocked back down, and Shocker goes for another cover, but only gets two! He goes for a headlock, trying to wear STL down.

LPM: I think he finally gets it. He's not going to knock STL down, so he's going to have to wear him down.
But I don't think he's big enough to do that either!

Shocker tries to wrap his legs around STL's waist, maybe looking for a rear naked choke. But STL gets to his knees, then to his feet, with Chris still hanging on for dear life. STL backs him hard into the turnbuckles, causing Shocker to loosen his hold. Then STL shifts Chris onto his shoulders, and drops him to the mat with a Death Valley Driver! A collective "oooo" from the fans as Shocker is folded up like a lawn chair, and STL goes for the pin! ONE! TWO!

Shocker gets a foot on the ropes. STL looks a bit surprised that he didn't finish things there, but he doesn't waste any time. Shocker is proving too much of an annoyance to take lightly. He tries to set up Shocker for a powerbomb, but Chris slumps down to one knee. STL takes a step back to try and re-position...and Shocker retaliates with a small package. ONE! TWO! STL kicks out, both men quickly get back to their feet and STL knocks Shocker head over heels with a clothesline!

MK: Every time Shocker gets any momentum, STL seems to cut him right off.

LPM: But what were you saying about the experience advantage here? I think you’re proving yourself wrong.

Boos fly from the fans, but STL doesn't care at all as he just ignores them completely. He drags Shocker to center ring and hits him with forearms, trying to beat his opponent unconscious. The official tries to get him to back off, but STL is unrelenting. He's already been surprised enough in this match, he's not holding back anymore. The fans begind to cheer and gesture toward the ring entrance. STL turns and sees K_mo standing on the ramp with his arms folded. STL throws a few insults his way, which are laughed off so he rolls from the ring instead. As STL starts up the ramp, the referee attempts to call him back and is rewarded with a flash of a finger for a his trouble. He shrugs and begins to count STL out. One…….two……

LPM: What is STL doing?

MK: Leaving the ring area it looks like.

Three. STL and K_mo disappear backstage as more heated words are exchanged. Four……five.

LPM: He’s going to be counted out, he does realize that right?

MK: I’d say he realized that when he flipped of the referee.

Six. Shocker stands in the middle of the ring and shrugs with an amused grin on his face. Seven….eight.

He leans over the top rope to retrieve his chain and then yells something at a few fans. Nine….ten.

***Attack hits again***

Ashley: Here is your winner by a countout….Chris Shocker.

He grins around at the crowd before rolling from the ring, holding his back on the way out.

MK: Needless to say the end of that match was a bit disappointing.

LPM: Thank you Captain Obvious.

MK: Anytime First Mate Oblivious….and moving right along.

LPM: What did you just say?

MK: I said moving right along.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

*** Light My Fire by The Doors plays ***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from New York City, weighing it at 210 pounds, “The Messianic One” Bolton Stevens!

Bolton walks out from the back and the fans begin to boo. He walks down slowly smiling at the crowd.

MK: He looks a little too confident; do you think he is taking Flair3 lightly?

LPM: You can never be too confident!

Bolton slides into the ring as the crowd boos.

*** Old Time Rock'n Roll plays ***

Flair3 comes out from the back and the crowd goes wild.

Ashley: And making his way to the ring from Montreal Quebec, Canada weighing in at 200 pounds, “The Nature Boy” Flair3!

Flair3 walks down to the ring as the crowd continues to cheer for him. He reaches the ring and climbs in. Bolton runs at him and goes for a clothesline but Flair ducks it and Bolton runs past him. Bolton turns around and Flair jumps at him and takes him down with a Thesz Press and starts to land multiple punches to Bolton’s face. The ref tells Flair to get off and he nails Bolton with one more punch then gets to a standing position. Bolton gets back to his feet and goes to hit Flair with Diving Running Forearm and Flair hits the ground and Bolton gets back to his feet and jumps to the top turnbuckle. Bolton jumps into the air and does a moonsault. Flair rolls out of the way and Bolton smashes into the mat and holds his stomach in pain. Flair quickly gets to his feet and grabs Bolton by the leg and locks in the figure four leg lock. Bolton starts reaching for the bottom rope and pulling himself closer to it. Bolton finally grabs the bottom rope and the ref tells Flair to break up the hold. Flair releases it and backs away from Bolton. Flair gets back to his feet as Bolton uses the ropes to pull himself up as his legs hurt from the hold.

MK: Bolton’s legs must be in a world of pain after being in the figure four.

LPM: Yeah but how much more does Flair have in him?

Flair walks over to Bolton and Bolton kicks him in the midsection and takes him out with a DDT. Bolton locks in a headlock and starts to apply pressure to Flair’s head. Flair tries to get out of the hold by grabbing for the ropes but Bolton keeps him grounded and does not let up on the hold. Flair starts to get to his feet and then drops back to the floor and nails a jawbreaker sending Bolton back to the floor holding his Jaw in pain. Flair waits for Bolton to get up. When Bolton gets to his feet Flair runs at him and nails him with a clothesline. Flair climbs the turnbuckle and gets to the top rope. The fans go wild as he jumps into the air and nails a frog splash. He then covers Bolton for a pin. 1…2…Kick Out!

LPM: Bolton can take a lot of damage and just keep kicking out!

MK: He got lucky! Flair could have taken the win right there!

Flair gets back to his feet and lifts Bolton to his feet as well. Bolton hits a huge right punch directly to the face of Flair. Flair goes for one of his own but Bolton blocks it and retaliates with his own. Bolton backs him up against the ropes. Then Bolton runs back and then towards the ropes and clotheslines Flair out of the ring. The ref checks on Flair and then begins to count him out. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7 Flair gets to his feet and Bolton runs towards the ropes and jumps over. Flair quickly gets out of the way and Bolton crashes down to the floor. Flair grabs Bolton by the leg and locks in the figure four lock. Flair locks it in and keeps applying more pressure as the ref begins to count him out. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! The ref calls for the bell and Flair finally breaks the hold.

Ashley: The ref has called an end to the match for a double count out.

LPM: Both of these wrestlers are stupid! Flair should have got into the ring and let Bolton be counted out!

MK: Don’t forget that Flair was going to be counted out until Bolton decided to be superman and jump out of the ring!

Flair looks pissed as he exists the ring area. As soon as Bolton gets to his feet he limps out because one of his legs hurt from the hold.

Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 Samdean

Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 8:52 pm

MK: Two matches in and 3 countouts that has to be a record. Talk about letting backstage issues get the better of you. But now that our superman wannabes have vacated the ring, lets join my broadcast partner who has Steve Storme standing by for a few words about his match later on this evening.

LPM: Thank you my lesser half. Try not to touch anything over there, can’t have you messing things up. Now, Mr. Storme, it’s been a tumultuous few weeks on XCL for you.

Storme: Yes it has. It can’t be denied. I came so close to becoming the first XCL champion, and ultimately Ricky Reynolds stopped that from happening. Then I failed to secure the number one contender’s spot in the same evening.

LPM: Or the following week either.

Storme: That is true. Reynolds and his lackey have become a thorn in my side. They have delayed my winning of that title, and I will not stand for it. I will team with whoever I have to, beat whoever I have to, jump through any hoop the general manager puts in front of me…. all to secure that title around my waist.

LPM: Currently the title is in the hands of your tag team partner and friend, Callumomac. That doesn’t change your feeling on gaining the title at all?

Storme: Of course it doesn’t. I have always been interested in one thing, and one thing only, and that is winning. Cal is a great competitor don’t get me wrong, but let’s face it Reynolds was beaten down and distracted when he got thrown from that ring by Cal.

LPM: Are you saying he didn’t win that title fairly?

Storme: Did it sound like that’s what I said moron? And I believe we’re here to talk about my match and me. Cal is the champion, good for him. But he shouldn’t get comfortable with that belt, friend or not I am aiming to be the best. And by that I mean being the XCL champion.

LPM: And your match tonight? Obviously this could be considered a bit of a grudge match for the beating you took last week at the hands of Reynolds and Kumanga.

Storme: It could be considered that way, yes. And Cal and I will do what we always do when backing each other up, win.

LPM: I am still a bit confused on what your point was in bringing up the way in which Callumomac won his title. What exactly were you trying to get across?

Storme: Who said I needed a point? I was stating fact; that is what happened. Other than that, I don’t need to have a point. Now, any more questions or can I go do something more important?

LPM: That was all I had, good luck on your match…and good luck on your championship ambitions.

Storme: I don’t need luck, just the opportunity.

Storme turns and leaves the ring to the ovation of the fans. He doesn’t give them much acknowledgement as he makes his way to the back as he mostly keeps his eyes fixed ahead of him. LPM takes his seat back at the announce table.

LPM: Oh good, you didn’t touch my popcorn or anything else important.

MK: Your hands have been in that popcorn bowl, which is more than enough incentive to stay away from it. Anyway, you seem to have touched a nerve with Steve Storme.

LPM: He’s just nervous about his match I’m sure.

MK: Or maybe he just doesn’t like you.

LPM: Who wouldn’t like me? I am impossible to hate!

***Infra-Red plays***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from City 17, weighing it at 200 pounds, Daywalker!

MK: You remember the challenge last week right? Do you think Dash is going to show up?

LPM: I remember and honestly after what happened to Spike I’d have to say that Dash is probably a bit scared. Hell anyone in that company is probably scared of a dangerous man like Daywalker.

Daywalker walks down to the ring being booed the entire way. Daywalker climbs into the ring and grabs the mic out of Ashley’s hand and instructs her to get out of the ring.

Daywalker: I seriously doubt that the coward Dash Blade would be able to show up tonight. So is there anyone out there in the back that wants to face Daywalker?

***She Bangs by Ricky Martin plays***

Daywalker: Oh I know this guy! He is making his way to the ring from some Island or Mexico. Weighing in at an astounding 215 pounds. Being accompanied by The King of Queens and Gabby, Jorge!

Jorge walks out from the back being followed by The King of Queens and Gabby. Jorge is holding a title belt made out of cardboard with a huge Red X on the front. King of Queens is wearing a pink shirt and a sombrero. Gabby is holding the Spanish flag and waving it in the air.

MK: What is this? Is it just me or do these wrestlers seem familiar?

LPM: What are you talking about this is the famous stable The Hispanic Convention!

The fans boo them as they walk to the ring. As soon as Jorge reaches the ring he slides in. The King of Queens and Gabby run away like little girls and go to the back. Jorge looks scared and holds his title belt up in the air.

Daywalker: Any last words before I knock you out.

Jorge: Voy a luchar contra esta uno para mi país.

Daywalker nails him with a strong left punch directly to the face and Jorge falls to floor holding his face in pain.

MK: Jorge went down fast! And what the hell did he just say?

LPM: His Spanish was a bit off but I think he said I love this company.

MK: Well who doesn’t?

Jorge tries to pull himself together and gets to his feet. Jorge begs Daywalker not to hit him and is crying in the center of the ring! Daywalker extends his arm to him and Jorge wipes the tears from his face and grabs his hand. Daywalker pulls him in and nearly decapitates him with a clothesline. Daywalker lifts him back up to his feet. Jorge starts throwing a punch of punches trying to hit Daywalker but none of them seem to have any effect at all and Daywalker just stands there looking at him. Daywalker points to the ropes and Jorge runs full speed at them and tries to hit him with a diving shoulder block but Daywalker does not move and Jorge falls to the floor.

MK: It doesn’t look like this guy has any strength at all!

LPM: You’re right, for once. If any company had this guy as one of their main stars they would suck.

Daywalker lets Jorge get to his feet. Daywalker nails him with a Spyke DDT and Jorge collapses on the floor. Daywalker steps on Jorge’s chest and the ref begins to count the pin 1…2…3!

Ashley: Here is your winner Daywalker!

Daywalker asks for the mic and Ashley hands it to him.

Daywalker: See this is what happens when you step in the ring with the best. I got the best talent from a glorified promotion and I decimated him. Dash Blade doesn’t want to show up? Then I will continue to take out these wrestlers who are supposedly the best that this business has to offer.

***Infra-Red plays***

Daywalker kicks Jorge and walks to the back being booed. Jorge gets up slowly and rolls out of the ring stumbling backstage.

MK: Finally, an actual decision on a match.

LPM: And you have to admit, the challenger didn't seem all that great to me. I hope he doesn't end up with us permanently

MK: That seriously didn't seem familiar to you at all.

LPM: I already answered that.

***Bawitdaba hits the arena***

Ashley: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Tasmania, Australia….Kid Kash!

Kash begins down the ramp, with a cocky grin plastered across his face. The fans seem to take offense to his swagger and begin a half-hearted boo. This only increases his grin and look of determination as he slides into the ring as his music begins to fade.

***Debonaire begins to play***

The fans quickly get to their feet to see the newcomer to the XCL roster. Karl Adkisson steps out from behind the curtain to the fan’s instant approval. He clutches a yellow rose in his hand as he begins down the ramp.

Ashley: And his opponent, making his debut and hailing from Austin, Texas….he is “The Yellow Rose of Texas” Karl Adkisson.

LPM: What the hell is up with the flower?

MK: Who knows.

Adkisson steps onto the ring apron and turns to his fans. He brings the rose to his face and kisses it softly before throwing it out into the crowd and stepping through the ropes.

LPM: What a fruitcake.

MK: Oh shut up, I’m sure there’s a reason behind it.

LPM: Yeah, right, I’m just sure there is.

The referee calls for the bell, and the match begins. The two men stare each other down. With a small grin Adkisson starts things off with a Roaring Elbow. Adkisson coolly grabs the floored Kash by his hair. Kash doesn’t seem to like that much and nails Adkisson in the stomach. Adkisson doubles over and receives a ring shaking single arm DDT. Kash wastes no time and covers. One... Two... but no cigar, as Adkisson quickly gets a shoulder up. Kash doesn't give up, but rather quickly locks on a cross arm breaker. Adkisson quickly heads to the ropes and Kash reluctantly releases the hold. Kash allows Adkisson to rise, as the crowd is buzzing with their support for the debuting man. Adkisson quickly charges and Kash sides steps. Adkisson hits the ropes on the opposite side, rebounds and eats a spear from Kash.

LPM: Kash just nailed the bejezzus out of Karl Adkisson.

MK: Karl is definitely down, wind probably knocked out of him...

Both men hit the mat, but instead of covering Kash winces as his arm hits the mat. He takes a moment to get his bearings. Adkisson is up first, and sees a huge target. Adkisson grabs the arm and executes a perfect arm drag. Adkisson quickly locks on a Fujiwara Armbar for good measure. The crowd is on their feet, as chants of "TAP!" echo through the arena.

MK: The crowd seems certain they want a submission, but I don't want to see this match end just yet.

LPM: Crank on him Karl! I got a little bit of dough on this match.

MK: We needed to know that Einstein.

Kash is in dire straights, in the middle of the ring. Adkisson is relentless and only wrenchs harder on that arm. Kash tries to crawl and inch his way to the ropes. Adkisson has the height and weight advantage but Kash seems unwilling to give up so easily. Kash moves, ever so slowly to within inches of the ropes. Adkisson releases the hold, drops a knee onto the arm, and moves Kash back to the center of the ring.
LPM: The fruitcake seems to have a plan.

Adkisson goes for the armbar again, but Kash flips over to his back, and quickly rolls him into an inside cradle. The cover is made..One... Two... Adkisson gets up quickly and looks frustrated. He grabs the arm again, and Irish Whips Kash into the ropes. Kash rebounds and eats a perfect dropkick. Adkisson covers Kash for the one, two..and a kickout. Adkisson grabs up Kash and tosses him over the top rope. Adkisson takes a moment to appreciate his fans, expecting the toss to land Kash on the floor. Kash has other ideas, and grabbed the ropes, regaining his balance. Adkisson turns around just when Kash slingshots himself over the top rope, nailing him with a hurricanrana. He hooks the leg, ONE! TWO! Adkisson kicks out again. Kash, still favoring the shoulder, rises up as does his opponent. They circle each other. Adkisson shoots for Kash's legs, but Kash sprawls backward, avoiding it. Adkisson gets close enough to shoot for the arm but not long enough to do anymore damage.

LPM: Kash needs to stop playing around, the fans want to see him beat the fruitcake.

MK: His arm is injured, cut him some slack you barbarian.

Kash rolls to the outside, trying to recover a bit. Adkisson exits the ring, and gets right behind Kash. Kash senses him, and the roar of the crowd lets him know who is behind him. Kash turns around and nails Adkisson with a left hook to the skull. The referee’s count rises to five. Out of desperation Kash hits a swinging DDT on the floor. The official stops his count and goes to the outside, checking on both men. He is almost ready to call for help from the back, but Kash slowly begins to move…and finally so does Adkisson. The referee allows both men to rise without a count out. Kash rolls into the ring, followed by Adkisson. They both get to their feet very slowly. They go nose to nose, and a collar and elbow tie up. Kash is pushed back to the corner, as his arm is no match for Adkisson’s strength. Adkisson delivers a chop to the chest as the crowd roars. Another one and another roar from the fans. Kash reverses it, and instead of a chop he nails an enzuguri that sends Adkisson face first to the mat.

MK: Kash hits Adkisson in the hurt noggin. Nice strategy

LPM: Don't forget Kash's head is sore and hurting too.

Kash picks up his opponent and with no warning Adkisson hits a huge uppercut that lays Kash out on the mat. Adkisson takes the opportunity to cover…one…two…three!

***Debonaire hits again***

Adkisson looks as shocked as his opponent and gets up to revel in the crowd’s cheers. They rise to their feet as he slowly exits the ring.

Ashley: Here is your winner….Karl Adkisson!

LPM: An unexpected and surprised win for the fruitcake, well at least I’m surprised.

MK: Stop calling him that, he’s not a fruitcake. And he layed out Kid Kash pretty nicely, you’re just sore that Kash didn’t win.

Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 Samdean

Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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Number of posts : 337
Age : 34
Registration date : 2008-03-20

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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 8:53 pm

Daywalker-Dk Red
Matt Lee-Green
Erik Michaels-Brown

The camera arrives backstage to find Erik Michaels and Matt Lee standing around a card table, looking confused. They shuffle their feet and throw each other furtive glances every now and then. Finally, Ashley turns the corner with a box in her arms. She stops short at finding them and looks around.

Ashley: Where is Black Dagger? He’s supposed to be here too.

Lee: We’re not his keepers.

Ashley: Fine. Well gentlemen, I am supposed to welcome you to XCL from the general manager. She regrets that she can’t be here herself, but she is a busy woman. So, I have been sent here to officiate this little contest.

Michaels: Contest? What contest?

Ashley: Well since the card is full for in-ring competition tonight the general manager decided you’d be competing in something a little different. The winner will get a match next week that only a moron could lose…the loser, will take on Edgecutioner.

Both men look at each other with apprehension before turning back to Ashley as she sets her package on the table. She reveals a game of Scrabble as Lee bursts out laughing and Michaels looks even more confused.

Ashley: The game is Scrabble gentlemen. If you’d each take a seat please. No proper names, no foreign languages, actual words only. The man with the most points at the end of 10 minutes wins. You have 30 seconds per turn. Each of you draw 7 tiles and we’ll begin. Then draw an 8th tile…that tile will be used to determine who plays first.

The contest begins with Matt Lee and his word of “retain”. Erik Michaels quickly retaliates with “asinine”.

Lee: That is not a word.

Michaels: I assure you, it is. Are you going to question every word I play?

Ashley: Lee, it’s a word. Your play.

Callumomac walks around the corner and raises his eyebrows at the scene he sees. He leans against the wall and watches the game continue with slight glances from Lee and Michaels.

Cal: So this is what you guys at ROG have been doing? No wonder you left.

Michaels: That isn't it, and we both know it. And this was thought up by the general manager. And what have you been doing since winning that title? Not much.

Cal: Well, whatever gets the job done. I better scout for a minute here and size up my competition.

Cal gives a short laugh as Lee immediately plays “prince”. Michaels follows up with “loser”

Lee: Now that’s just insulting!

Michaels: It’s a word. For god’s sake, you’re just trying to draw out your turn.

Lee plays “moron”. Michaels then plays “shh” and scores a triple word score.

Lee: See, now he’s telling me to shut up!

Michaels grins and take replacement tiles. Cal laughs a bit and shakes his head at the display going on before him.

Michaels: Maybe you should then.

Ashley: How about you both knock it off and just play. Good lord, its like dealing with children.

Cal: You know Ashley, how about you do something a bit more interesting than moderate tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb here. Want to hear about my winning the XCL Title? Or perhaps about the serious beatdown I put on Ricky Reynolds last week.

Lee: That's not how I heard it.

Cal: Shut up and play Lee, I wasn't talking to you.

Play continues as the time winds down. Lee continues to complain about every word Michaels makes. Finally the game winds down to their final turn each. Lee plays his final word of “quad” and increases his lead to 100-80. Michaels draws his final tiles and grins. He puts down “qindarka” and sits back to let Ashley tally what should be a winning blow.

Lee: There is no possible way that’s a word.

Cal: Only an idiot wouldn't know that's a word.

Lee: Who invited you here anyway?

Cal: Um...myself.

Michaels: It is a word Lee, now stop bitching.

Ashley checks the dictionary just to be sure and tallies the points.

Ashley: It is valid Matt. And with a final score of 118 to 100….Erik Michaels is the winner.

Michaels: So nice to do business with you Lee. We should do it again sometime.

Cal: Riveting boys, just riveting. I can hardly see what you'll do next, Monopoly? Risk? Go Fish?

Cal laughs and pushes away from the wall. Michaels rolls his eyes and turns to go, leaving a dejected looking Matt Lee behind.

LPM: Scrabble competitions? What is the world coming to?

MK: Its all in good fun. Like Ashley said, the card was already full, but she didn't want anyone to think she'd forgotten about her new wrestlers. I want to know what this premier match could be.

LPM: You'll have to come bother me again next week to find out then. But don't go anywhere just yet, guess what time it is?

MK: 8:30

LPM: I didn't mean literally.

Ashley: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall.

***Round and Round by Ratt plays***

Ashley: First, making their way to the ring, weighing in at 416 pounds, the Team of Kumanga and “Red-Hot” Ricky Reynolds!

The fans begin to boo them loudly as they walk down to the ring. Kumanga is going insane yelling in Samoan and Ricky is egging him on talking to him on his way to the ring.

MK: That Kumanga is really insane, and with a guy like Ricky Reynolds in control of him you know that Kumanga’s power is going to be unleashed.

LPM: Of course it’s going to be unleashed, there is no holding stuff back in XCL! This is a fight to the finish!

Kumanga and Ricky climb into the ring and Ricky keeps talking to him.

***2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted by 2pac and Snoop Dogg plays***

Ashley: And their opponents making their way to the ring from Long Beach, California, Steve Storme and the XCL Champion Callumomac, 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted!

Steve Storme and Callumomac come out from the back and Callumomac has the XCL Title over his shoulder. Steve and him walk down to the ring giving fans high fives as the crowd goes wild.

MK: Here is a team that works so well together. They have great in-ring chemistry and make a solid team.

LPM: Maybe to you but to me they are two hot shots who have no clue what they are doing in the ring.

Steve Storme and Callumomac climb into the ring and the ref takes the belt from Cal. Kumanga is going absolutely crazy as Ricky keeps him held back in his corner. Steve Storme and Cal talk for a bit and Steve decides to start the match and Cal goes to his corner. Ricky goes to his corner and lets Kumanga go. Kumanga runs full speed and Steve and nearly decapitates him with a devastating clothesline. Steve quickly starts reaching towards the ropes as Kumanga grabs his head and lifts him to his feet. Steve kicks him in the mid-section trying to get him to back up. Steve then jumps into the air and nails a drop kick. Kumanga stumbles back a little bit but is still able to stand. Steve gets back to his feet and runs towards Kumanga but Kumanga lifts up his foot and nails Steve with a big boot and Steve lies on the floor motionless. Kumanga backs up and waits for Steve to get up and stands in his corner. Steve puts one foot on the ground and his knee on the floor. Ricky tags himself in as Kumanga runs full speed at Steve and kicks him in the face. The ref tells Kumanga to get out of the ring and Ricky gets in.

LPM: Ricky Reynolds is ready to go Steve better watch out, he is one dangerous man.

MK: He doesn’t have much respect for his partner he didn’t even wait for a tag.

Ricky gets into the ring and starts stomping on Steve as he lays on the floor. Ricky shouts something at Cal and Cal starts to get in the ring. The ref stops Cal and Ricky puts is foot over Steve’s throat as Steve rolls around on the floor in pain. Cal keeps trying to get the ref to turn around but he ignores him. Cal goes back to his corner and as the ref turns around Ricky takes his foot off of the throat of Steve Storme. Ricky comes running at Steve full speed and Steve takes him off his feet with an arm drag. Ricky gets back to his feet but Steve runs at him and nails him with a devastating Codebreaker. Ricky falls to the floor holding his head in pain. Steve quickly covers Ricky and hooks his leg, the ref quickly starts to count the pin. 1…2…Kick Out!

MK: That was a close one, Ricky almost lost the match for his team!

LPM: Almost? What match are you watching? He kicked out of that with plenty of time!

Steve looks mad as he gets up from the pin. Ricky rolls to his stomach and tries to push himself up. Steve kicks him in the head, to keep him down. Ricky tries to extend his arm to Kumanga to tag him in. Steve grabs him by the leg and pulls him back towards his corner. Steve tags in Callumomac and Cal jumps into the ring and quickly puts a crossface on Ricky. Steve quickly locks him in a Boston Crab. The ref tells them to break it up and they both keep applying more pressure.

MK: Look at Ricky he cannot stand it anymore!

LPM: Two people holding in submission moves? How the hell is this fair!

Kumanga runs into the ring and stomps on Cal to break up the crossface. Ricky breaks out of the Boston Crab and sends Steve directly into the turnbuckle. The ref starts yelling at Kumanga to get back on the outside and he scares him off then goes back to his corner. Cal gets to his feet and so does Ricky. Cal begins to throw a bunch of punches and landing them on the face of Ricky. Steve rolls out of the ring. Cal backs away from Ricky and lets him get to his feet. As Ricky takes a step forward Cal runs full speed at him and hit him with a huge Spear. Steve stands on the outside of the ropes asking to be tagged in. Cal runs to him and tags him in. Steve gets to the top of the turnbuckle. As Ricky begins to get to his feet Steve jumps forward and nails a tornado DDT. Steve gets straight to his feet and smashes his forearm into Kumanga’s face. Steve tags in Cal and waits for Ricky to get up. Steve nails him with Ricky with a Superkick. Ricky falls to the floor and Cal quickly locks in the STFU. Ricky Reynolds tries to reach for the ropes but is in the center of the ring. He taps out and the ref calls for the bell.

***2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted Plays***

Ashley: Here are your winners Steve Storme and Callumomac

MK: That was a great win by our XCL Champion and Steve Storme!

LPM: They had to cheat to win, it took two men to beat one!

Ricky Reynolds lays face down on the floor as Steve and Cal celebrate their win. Cal is handed the XCL Championship and he goes to the turnbuckle and holds it up. Steve and Cal walks to the back as Kumanga gets into the ring and helps up Ricky. Cal and Steve raise each other’s arm on the entrance ramp as the show ends.

Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 Samdean

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Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyWed Aug 20, 2008 5:45 am

Wow that was an awesome show the scrabble game was full of the lulz. But Where is BD who knows.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyWed Aug 20, 2008 6:26 am

How dare you guys make fun of The Hispanic Dissention! Jose, King of Kings, and Ella Perez would own anybody on the XCL Roster!!! lol!

We will have our revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 Smmred

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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyWed Aug 20, 2008 3:49 pm

Very entertaining show, I loved the backstage segments and the XCL version of Jose, Ella and KingOfKings lol.

Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 Ufc-70-tito-ortiz

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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-08/18/08   Adrenaline Results-08/18/08 EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 9:43 am

lmao i loved that ROG shot.
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Adrenaline Results-08/18/08
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