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 XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"

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XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Empty
PostSubject: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 10:53 pm

XCL Title
Callumomac vs Ricky Reynolds

Steve Storme vs. Bolton Stevens

Kumanga vs Creachbaum

The PPV debut of Daywalker's open challenge

Dark Republic vs Tyrant and Ace

K_mo vs Neon Hardy

XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Rated1
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Number of posts : 654
Age : 29
Location : England
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : KENTA, Edge, Y2J, Homicide, Ric Flair, HBK & MVP
Registration date : 2008-03-20

XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Empty
PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:00 pm

Macho King: Welcome to the first XCL PPV, what a great show we have ahead of us tonight, will this be Reynolds chance to become champion or will Cal reign supreme?

LPM: Reynolds will take victory tonight I gurantee it, I have a bet on it tonight.

*The Broken plays*

Ashley: This match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Grove City, Ohio, he currently weighs at a 105 pounds, he is K_MO!!!!

K_mo walks down the ramp in a huff, stretching and focusing on the match ahead.

Macho King: K_mo injured Flair3 last week, and Neon Hardy is out for revenge!

LPM: He’s awfully light for a wrestler.

Macho King: He’s a technical wizard though.

*Don’t Want To Stop plays*

Ashley: His opponent, from New York City, New York, he currently weighs at a 250 pounds, he is “Neon Glow” NEON HARDY!!!

Neon Hardy swings his hair like Jeff Hardy and runs down to the ring, before getting on the second rope and making a Jeff Hardy sign.

LPM: This wannabe cruiserweight thinks he’s Matt and Jeff’s long lost brother, what a weirdo!

Macho King: Shut up.

The bell rings and K_mo immediately locks Neon in a headlock, trying to get him on the mat so he can unleash his wizardry, but Neon runs towards the ropes and throws K_mo off, and hits a powerful dropkick on K_mo. Neon hits a legdrop on K_mo, and then runs off and springboards off the second rope, going for a springboard crossbody, but K_mo moves out of the way and Neon crashes into the mat. K_mo locks on an arm-bar, wrenching at the elbow and arm ligaments.

Macho King: To the fans out there, many of K_mo’s moves depend on the strength of the opponent’s arms, so if K_mo can weaken Neon’s arms, that makes his moves more effective.

LPM: Wait, you actually research this stuff?

Macho King: Don’t all commentators research their subject?

LPM: Nerd.

K_mo locks the arms together and locks on the Cross-Arm Stretch, causing Neon to scream in pain. The lock continues to strengthen, and Neon screams “NO!!” when asked if he wants to give up. K_mo gets Neon to his feet, and continues the hold standing up, but then Neon head-butts K_mo, who lets go of the hold. Neon drop-kicks K_mo who falls towards the ropes, and then Neon clotheslines K_mo over the top-rope. K_mo hangs on though and Neon then jumps over the top-rope, locks K_mo with his legs and throws him off the apron with a Hurricarana! K_mo lies on the outside and Neon gets back to the ring, while the ref starts the count. ONE…TWO…THREE…K_mo starts to get back into the ring, and Neon Hardy then hits a baseball slide on K_mo, sending him to the guard-rail. FOUR…FIVE…SIX K_mo runs back into the ring before Neon can react and ducks a clothesline thrown by Neon, before locking on a standing arm-lock, then grabbing the head and pulling.

Macho King: That’s a Standing Crossface! Now I know why they call him “Mr. Showtime!”

LPM: He’s boring!

Neon struggles as K_mo pulls and then he hits a Cross-Arm Sweep on Neon, before transiting to a Cross-Arm Stretch. Neon struggles valiantly, but begins to pass out. K_mo starts shouting “Who’s Mr. Showtime? Me!” and all sorts of cocky insults, but then Neon gets a sudden burst of energy and reverses the hold to a Backslide Pin. ONE…TWO… K_mo manages to kick out, but is surprised to say the least. K_mo gets Neon to his feet and tries a German Suplex, but it is a struggle to even lift Neon. Neon spins around and hits a Jumping DDT on K_mo, before getting on the top-rope and hitting a Frog Splash. ONE…TWO…T K_mo kicks out and Neon picks him up, pushing him to the corner and kicking him a few times, before whipping him onto the opposite corner. K_mo’s head slams onto the cornerpad and Neon whips out a sudden Superkick, before going for a pin. ONE…TWO…THR near-fall! Neon signals for the Legdrop, runs off the ropes and jumps up…only to miss.

Macho King: This is a fast and furious battle!

LPM: Not as fast and furious as my…

Macho King: NO.

K_mo locks on a MMA-like arm-bar on Neon, threatening to pull it out, but then gets off and throws some forearms at Neon. K_mo locks the arms of Neon together and hits a Cross-Arm Slam, before locking on a Cross-Arm Stretch again.

LPM: Boring K_mo! *Clap Clap* Boring K_mo!

Macho King: Quiet you.

K_mo stretches about again, but then lifts up Neon, puts him in position and hits a Cross-Arm Piledriver, before going for a pin. ONE…TWO… Neon kicks out, and K_mo is about to lock another hold, but Neon sweeps him to the ground and drops a sudden Leg Drop! K_mo lays stunned, and Neon waits for the RKO. He makes a “get up” motion as K_mo groggily gets up, and when K_mo stands up Neon leaps up for the RKO! K_mo pushes Neon away in time, catches Neon when he runs off the ropes and lifts him up, and hits a Reverse Death Valley Driver! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

*The Broken plays*

Ashley: Here is your winner…K_MO!!!

Macho King: K_mo wins in a hard-earned victory!!

LPM: Congrats to him!

K_mo pumps his arms up, and walks out of the ring, smiling, while Neon bangs the ground in anger.

Macho King: Wow, what a match. Time for our next match!

LPM: Right here on Heatwave Heaven!

MK: Without further ado, let’s go to the back with Ashley, who has the number one contender Ricky Reynolds standing by.

LPM: It will be interesting to see what he has to say, especially considering what the champion had to say earlier this evening.

Ashley: Thank you gentlemen. And thank you Ricky for taking a moment to answer a few questions, I know you must be busy this evening.

Reynolds: I am, but there’s always a moment to find for a beautiful girl like yourself.

Ashley: Well let’s get this started so you can get back to…whatever you were doing. A possible win for you tonight has been called “potentially tremendous upset” backstage as well as among fans. Even the champion seemed to think you cannot beat him. What would it mean for you to win here tonight and walk away XCL Champion?

Ricky Reynolds: First, let’s start by saying when I win. Second, fighting Cal is an endeavor what with Storme constantly being around and all, but beating him? DAMN, that will be awesome. I don't need to remind you that Cal is fairly talented, so you can understand how thrilled I will be to lock him in The Overdose and seal the deal. What will that mean to me? It will be incredible and very deserved.

Ashley: Recently, your former tag team partner Jamarius Jackson was traded to XCL from ROG. Do you see a tag team match against Steve Storme and Cal as a newly formed team in the future?

XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Rated1
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Favorite Wrestlers : KENTA, Edge, Y2J, Homicide, Ric Flair, HBK & MVP
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:01 pm

Reynolds: Yikes. That could be scary, for Storme and Cal. I have a very good feeling that match might just be around the corner, if the general manager has any sense anyway. I would love to see it be under no disqualification rules to be honest, only Jackson and I could come up with something that amazing. They are walking dangerous ground as it is. What to do if one of them were to get injured? I mean, I am definitely prepared to alter my game a little bit if it means taking the champion and his lackey down a peg. I'm still working out my game plan, but you never know what could happen, right? A man in their position needs to be prepared for anything.

Ashley: And what about Callumomac’s remarks about you moments ago?

Reynolds: What about him? He's an all-talk spaz. Dude takes one looks at himself in the mirror in the morning and goes "Can't Whoop me!" then he realizes it's just a reflection. He's a walking ego. You know what happened at Adrenaline? The dude realized he was getting whooped after that match and couldn't accept it. How could he? His reputation, his dignity, and above all else, his ego were on the line. What'd he do? He made sure that he would be the one basking in fifteen minutes of fame, by calling on his good old buddy Storme. You wanna know why? Because Cal needs to have some kind of prestige, whether he earned it or not. He's like... just some kid begging for attention, and eventually he’ll have to break a few rules to get it. He can’t play goody-two-shoes forever. He's almost not worth my time. The only thing keeping him on my hit list right now is a vow I made myself prior to joining XCL. I'd be the top dog at XCL, and I’d do anything to get there.

Ashley: I think you'd be alone in that assessment of the champion. Looking ahead, what does the rest of 2008 hold for “Red-Hot” Ricky Reynolds?

Reynolds: Another good question. I honestly couldn't give much more than two shits about whatever the future holds in store for me. I like to focus on the here and now. I mean, there's no point in jumping to conclusions. If you need an answer, take a poll maybe, I don't know. You could actually just go to the press and look at some of their predictions about me and this roster. Personally, I skipped it. Reason being, I don't care. The future doesn't interest me any more than the past does, and do you see me bitching about my losses to Callumomac or Steve Storme? No, you don't. So maybe the world won't find out what happens to Ricky Reynolds in 2008 until something happens to Ricky Reynolds in 2008. I can tell you this much, though; blood will be shed. Lots of it, starting now.

LPM: You up for some-tag team action?

MK: Of course! Coming into this match-up, here tonight, it seems as though Dark Republik have the disadvantage of not having the fans on their side, although they do have experience over Tyrant and Andy Ace.

LPM: The fans? How are they an advantage? The fans are just a distraction!

Ashley: Introducing first...

*What A Waster Plays*

Ashley: The team of Tyrant and Andy Ace!

Tyrant and Ace walk out to the ramp, to a small pop from the fans. The two walk down the sides of the ramps high fiving the fans, and roll into the ring awaiting their opponents.

MK: These two are my favourites going into this match.

LPM: They don't know what their getting into.

Ashley: And their challengers...

*The Fight Song Plays*

Ashley: From the very depths of hell, The Dark Republik!

Spawn and Hyprid slowly walk out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boo's. The two shake it off, and walk slowly down to the ring, ignoring the high five's of the children. The two take their place at ringside, as the ref makes sure the legal men are in the ring.

MK: These two disgust me! Who do they think they are?

LPM: They're from hell! What's not to like?

The two smaller men, Spawn and Tyrant start the match-up. Tyrant tries to go for a clothesline, but Spawn ducks in and runs the ropes. Tyrant turns around into a shoulderblock from Spawn. Spawn stomps Tyrant, and quickly tags in Hybrid. The biggest man in the match, Hybrid slowly makes his way over Tyrant. As Tyrant gets to his feet, Hybrid picks him up in a powerslam and levels him down to the mat. Hybrid laughs, and grabs Tyrant by the hair. Hybrid whips Tyrant over to the other teams turnbuckle, where Andy Ace tags in. Andy walks up to Hybrid and the two come nose to nose, starting a brutal staredown.

LPM: The tension is building!

MK: Even with Hybrid standing about an inch over Andy Ace, and weighing about twenty five more pounds, Andy just isn't backing down!

LPM: Even after Hybrid just whipped the hell out of his partner.

Andy tries to punch Hybrid in the face, but Hybrid dodges it and knees Andy in the stomach. Hybrid punches the big man in the face, and hits him with a European Uppercut, but Andy is still on his feet. Hybrid boots him in the stomach, and then lifts him up for a Sidewalk slam. Andy elbows Hybrid in the head, and pulls himself back down, following up with a bulldog to get in his team's first bit of offense in the match. Andy locks in a headlock on Hybrid. Hybrid starts to get to his feet with Andy still holding on to his back. Hybrid grabs Andy's legs and runs backwards to the turnbuckle. Tyrant makes a blind tag, that only he and the referee see.

LPM: Even with Andy holding on, Hybrid STILL managed to keep the match in his control.

MK: But think, Tyrant technically is the legal man.

Hybrid then clotheslines Andy into the corner, and punches Andy off the turnbuckle. Hybrid lifts Andy up on the top turnbuckle, and hits a superplex, sending Andy halfway across the ring. Hybrid covers Andy, but the ref won't count, because Tyrant is the legal man. Hybrid gets up and gets in the referee's face. The ref points to Tyrant. As Hybrid turns around Tyrant runs at Hybrid and hits a clothesline, but Hybrid doesn't budge. Tyrant bounces off the ropes once more, and hits a clothesline, but agian Hybrid doesn't budge. Tyrant tries once more, but this time Spawn springboards off the ropes and hits a flying dropkick on the running Tyrant. Hybrid laughs and goes for the cover.

Referee: One, two, thr-

Andy Ace kicks Hybrid off of Tyrant, breaking up the pinfall. Spawn then runs into the ring, to try and stop Andy. Andy ducks his clothesline, and runs the ropes. Spawn keeps running as well, and the two meet up in the middle. Spawn jumps into the air, and catches Andy in a Corkscrew DDT. As Andy tries to get to his feet, Hybrid gets up and walks over to Andy. Hybrid lifts him up in the powerbomb and calls for Spawn to get on the top rope.

LPM: Here it goes! The Dark Republik are about to hit the combination they made famous! It's all over!

MK: Don't count Andy and Tyrant out yet! They've been known to recover from tight situations!

Spawn hits a seated senton and Hybrid smashes Andy down in the combination. Tyrant tries to roll out of the ring, but Spawn grabs him by the hair. Spawn whips him into Hybrid who kicks him in the stomach and hits another powebomb. Hybrid covers.

Referee: One, two, three!

*The Fight Song Plays*

Ashley: Here are your winners, Spawn and Hybrid, The Dark Republik!

The crowd boo's heavily as Spawn and Hybrid hold their arms up in the air. Spawn boots Tyrant out of the ring. Hybrid lifts up Andy and whips him over the top rope.

LPM: What a dominating performance!

MK: I think it's disgusting! But Heatwave Heaven is just getting started!

LPM: And what a night we have still in head of us!

XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Rated1
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:02 pm

***Infra-Red hits the arena***

The crowd gives a mild boo as Daywalker steps through the curtain. Chants of "go away" echo through the audience as the man makes his way to the ring. A smug smile appears on his face as he slides into the ring.

Daywalker: Give me a damn mic.

Ashley raises an eyebrow and passes the mic to him, who snatches it rudely from her hand.

Daywalker: Thank you. Now if you please, take yourself out of my ring and let a pro do his job. Can you handle that lard ass? Get the hell out!

Ashley throws him a dark look but leaves the ring as the crowd really begins to boo him now.

MK: Nobody talks to Ashley like that! Come on, who does this guy think he is?

Daywalker: Now that Poppin Fresh is out of this cheap dirty ring, I can get down to business.

The crowd seems to have had enough as the insults and boos pour in louder than ever.

Daywalker: Shut the hell up! I have been here five minutes and already I can see the brains these fans have, and the lack of talent this roster has. I heard you wrestling fans were such smart fans. But after hearing you cheer for all this crap, I can see that your just as full of shit as this promotion.

The boos shoot into the ring like a moth to a flame.

Daywalker: But once again, allow me to introduce myself for the uninitiated. I am Daywalker, the greatest and most technically sound wrestler this promotion and the rest of the wrestling world have ever seen. I weigh in this evening at 200 lbs and stand at a shocking 6’2”. And right now. I'm sending out an open challenge to anyone who wants to face me, as is my custom. So what say it, XCL? What's my next match?

MK: Demanding another match I see. Wonder what kid he’s paid to take a dive this time?

LPM: You mean what enormously talented rookie is he giving a chance at stardom surely. I like this guy. I mean King, you seen these fans? Lard ass is a damned compliment for most of 'em.

***Debonaire begins to play***

MK: Not surprising, here comes Karl Adkisson. Wonder if he’ll actually get his match this time.

The crowd cheers immediately as he strides out on the stage and smiles around at them all. They seem to like Adkisson, but mostly they're happy to see anybody come in and shut Daywalker up.

Karl: First of all, good evening, and thank you all for coming out to see XCL’s Heatwave Heaven. Are you enjoying one hell of a show so far?

He pauses to give the crowd time to respond favorably.

Karl: Well don't go anywhere because we've got a lot more to come. NOW! Daywalker, let me get this straight if I heard you right, you think XCL is "full of shit." And then if my ears don't deceive me, you "want a match?" Is that right?

Daywalker: That's right. I’m waiting for my opponent right now.

Karl: It looks to me like you just got one. I already told you that I would get myself a match against you; show you what real competition is. And I intend on doing so right now. I am not the only one tired of seeing you pay rookies to lose and call yourself amazing. Now you just have to decide if you’re going to man up and face me…or turn tail and run.

Daywalker just smirks and raises the microphone.

Daywalker: Are you about done or do you just like hearing yourself talk? I don't need to repeat myself, you heard what I had to say and so did all these roly-poly hicks. Now stand aside while I wait for my real opponent.

He leans against the ring ropes and scowls unpleasantly at Adkisson who is casually making his way to the ring.

Karl: No one else is coming out here. Your rookie pal might have met with a flat tire earlier this evening. Unfortunate, but I don’t think he’ll be able to make it. Looks like your stuck with me. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two.

The fans laugh as he steps through the ring ropes and motions to Ashley to announce him. She begins to speak and is cut off by Daywalker.

Daywalker: No please, allow me. Introducing my less than intelligent opponent. The man who will be lying flat on his back on this mat in less than 5 minutes…..what is it you call him again Master? Oh right…let me introduce….Fruitcake.

Macho King: Well you heard it right there, Daywalker runs his mouth and this is quite the challenge that he has in front of him. Karl Adkisson has been on a roll as of late, and the crowd really seem to love him especially the female part of the audience. Its got to be the Yellow rose.

Latin Passion Master: He’s a fruitcake, he may get the ladies. But thats because he hasn’t been in the clubs I have he wouldn’t get any Ladies then.

Macho King: If he went in the clubs you did, he probably wouldn’t get any Ladies because there are no Ladies in the clubs you go to.

Latin Passion Master: Shut up Nacho!!

The 2 men circle in the ring, and then go for the double elbow tie up. Daywalker trying to push Adkisson into the corner, but Adkisson using his strength to ensure that Daywalker doesn’t win this battle of strength. Adkisson is close to the turnbuckle but then pushes Daywalker to the centre of the ring, Adkisson drops to his knees then hits a fireman carry and quickly locks in the arm of Daywalker. Daywalker gets to a vertical base, twists the arm round then drives Adkisson down to the mat bending the arm of Adkisson back as far as he can. Then rolls over the back of Adkisson and gets a headlock in covering the eyes of Adkisson, Adkisson eventually makes it to his knees then gets up to a vertical base. Adkisson leans back against the ropes then pushes Daywalker to the opposite set of ropes, Daywalker bounces back and tries to knock down Adkisson but is unable to, Adkisson slaps his own chest twice and tells Daywalker to try and knock him down. Daywalker bounces to the ropes again but fails to knock him down; Daywalker then wipes his brow and slaps Adkisson with full force. It seems to have done little damage to Adkisson who levels Daywalker with a hard right hand; the crowd erupt in cheers for Adkisson. Daywalker gets to his feet again but Adkisson knocks him down again. Daywalker then is on his knees with his hands up trying to call for a timeout but Adkisson just kicks him in the face knocking him down.

Macho King: There are no timeouts in wrestling, and he got a kick to the face for his troubles looks like he got his nose busted in that one.

Latin Passion Master: I knew I didn’t like this guy the first moment I layed eyes on him, no concern for anyone what so ever. Well, he is from Texas so what do you expect the ref should rule that as a disqualification.

Macho King: Oh shut up, its about time someone shut up Daywalker I for one am sick of the way he goes about thinking he is “the man”.

Adkisson then picks up Daywalker and throws him into the corner then hits some hard knife edge chops. Then Irish Whips Daywalker into the opposite corner, and runs to Daywalker and hits a hard clothesline then hooks the head of Daywalker runs out of the corner and hits a bulldog, Adkisson then turns over Daywalker and goes for the cover.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!

Adkisson wastes little time and picks up Daywalker, knees him in the mid section then hooks Daywalkers arm around him and hits a snap Suplex. Adkisson then sits Daywalker up and locks in the reverse chin lock, the referee asks Daywalker if he wants to quit but Daywalker refuses. Daywalker reaches back and pulls the hair of Adkisson; Adkisson then releases the hold Daywalker gets to his feet. Adkisson grabs the back of Daywalkers head, but Daywalker elbows Adkisson in the face which sends him in a gaze. Daywalker then hits a Russian Leg sweep on Adkisson and goes for the cover.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!!

Latin Passion Master: What an elbow to the face by Daywalker almost sent this Texan loopy; I am surprised he actually kicked out. His stupidity will be his downfall.

Macho King: I wouldn’t call it stupidity I would call it determination, Adkisson loves the fans he doesn’t want them to feel let down. That’s understandable you would understand if you had any fans when you were wrestling.

Latin Passion Master: And how would you understand you never even wrestled!! And who cares about the fans and what they think we have there money now so it doesn’t matter. And with that happy go lucky attitude of Adkisson that will cause him to stay at mid card status forever.

Adkisson is crawling on hands and knees whilst Daywalker stands over him with a smug look on his face as the fans boo Daywalker, Daywalker then drives the knee into the back of the head of Adkisson then stomps away at his head. The referee pushes Daywalker away. Adkisson crawls over to the turnbuckle sitting down leaning against the bottom turnbuckle, Daywalker see’s an opportunity and runs towards Adkisson and drives his foot into the face of Adkisson Daywalker then picks up a barely conscious Adkisson and puts him into the turnbuckle and slaps Adkisson around the face, Adkisson tries his best to fight back but he is unable to Daywalker goes to Irish Whip Adkisson, Adkisson is able to reverse the Irish whip into one of his which sends Daywalker into the opposite turnbuckle. Adkisson sticks his head down looking for a back body drop but Daywalker kicks Adkisson in the face, then jumps up to the second rope dives off and drives an elbow to the head of Adkisson. Daywalker then goes for the cover.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!!

Daywalker has a look of frustration upon his face, as he picks up Adkisson and throws him thought the ropes out to the floor. And then goes over to the referee and complains to the referee about a supposed slow count, Daywalker then eventually leaves the referee be. At this point Adkisson has been given enough time and is leaning on the ring apron; Daywalker then reaches over the top rope and grabs the hair of Adkisson pulling him up to the ring apron, Adkisson then shoves Daywalkers hands of him, Daywalker swings for Adkisson but Adkisson ducks, Daywalker now with his back to Adkisson, Adkisson grabs the back of Daywalkers head and jumps down off the ring apron causing Daywalker to fall forward face first. Adkisson then jumps up to the ring apron walks quickly across the ring apron and quickly climbs to the top rope, Daywalker slowly gets to a vertical base whilst covering his face Adkisson then dives off the top rope hitting Daywalker with the cross body into a pin fall.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!!

Both men spring quickly to there feet and run to each other both men thinking alike clothes lining each other. Both men are down and seemingly out the crowd are really behind Adkisson to get up, many cheers and chants from the crowd echo throughout the arena. Adkisson gets to his feet first; Daywalker is nearly at a vertical base. Adkisson has one hand reached out to the ropes and calling for Daywalker to get up, Adkisson runs towards Daywalker, Daywalker goes for a clothesline but Adkisson ducks it and bounces to the other ropes hitting a hard Lariat knocking Daywalker down to the mat.

Macho King: What a hard hitting lariat that was by Adkisson shades of Stan Hansen there, you saw how quickly and how far Daywalker’s head jolted back this one could be as good as over.

Latin Passion Master: Why do you always do that, saying it’s has good as over when he hasn’t even gone for the cover yet it isn’t over until the referee counts the 3. And he is yet to do that.

XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Rated1
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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:03 pm

Macho King: Daywalker looks out cold, so the 3 count could be coming up soon.

Adkisson goes over to Daywalker and hooks the leg for a cover.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!!

Adkisson sits up with the look of disbelief on his face, the fans also with a look of disbelief on there face. Adkisson picks up Daywalker, Daywalker finding it difficult to stand up. Adkisson hits Daywalker with a right hand which nearly sends Daywalker down to the mat, Adkisson then Irish Whips Daywalker to the ropes Adkisson puts his head down for a back body drop but Daywalker hooks Adkissons head and hits him with a DDT.

Latin Passion Master: Ha! I knew Daywalker would get back into this somehow, and that’s the second time that idiot did that. Daywalker has this man scouted.

Macho King: Well you learn from your mistakes that’s the only way to progress, Adkisson dropped flat on his head that time. And as you can hear these fans are really cheering for Adkisson to get back into this.

Latin Passion Master: Fans? Who cares what these fans think they cheer for him this week he will get booed out of the building next week. He is nothing but the flavour of the month.

Daywalker crawls over to Adkisson and then goes for the cover.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!!

Daywalker has an expression of disbelief and frustration on his face, as the crowd cheered from the kick out. The referee informs Daywalker it was only a 2 count, Daywalker then grabs the referee by the shirt and shouts at him then pushes the referee into the corner. Adkisson is nearly to his feet, Daywalker then gets a waist lock on Adkisson and hits a German Suplex, Daywalker still got a hold of Adkisson and goes to lift him for another German Suplex but Adkisson blocking it. Adkisson then elbows Daywalker in the temple 3 times and goes around for a waist lock and lifts Daywalker for a German Suplex and bridges.

Ref: One...Two...kick out!!!

Both men get to there feet Adkisson hits Daywalker with a right hand, Adkisson then Irish Whips Daywalker into the corner, Daywalker puts his hands on the top ropes and jumps up expecting Adkisson to follow him. Daywalker comes back down wondering where Adkisson is, Daywalker turns around and Adkisson locks in the Adkisson Claw, Daywalker immediately drops to his knees screaming in pain and trying not to give up eventually Daywalker is able to get to a vertical base but still looking dazed. Daywalker then kicks Adkisson hard in the groin. Adkisson falls to the ground as the referee calls for a disqualification.

Macho King: What a cheater!! Adkisson had the match won, Daywalker was going to give up well quite frankly Daywalker was going to

Latin Passion Master: Whatever you have to do to make sure the other guy doesn’t win, and Daywalker did that tonight.

Macho King: You actually condone the cheating done by Daywalker tonight. What happened to the days of fair competition and the better guy getting the win?

Latin Passion Master: Nacho, don’t be such an idiot the days of fair competition is non-existent. It’s not about who is the strongest or the quickest it’s about who is the smartest and when you have a Texan in the ring obviously they will not win.

Daywalker walks up the ramp with a smile on his face looking back at Karl Adkisson who is being helped to his feet by the referee.

Cal walks into the locker room to find Steve Storme leaning against a wall with his arms folded over his chest. The champion tosses a brief look at his friend, and raises his eyebrows.

Cal: What are you so annoyed about?

Storme: Nothing, who says I’m annoyed?

Cal: Just well….nevermind. You ready for this match later?

Storme: Of course, its nothing as enthralling as a title match, but Bolton Stevens should be entertainment enough for the evening. I saw your interview earlier.

Cal: I figured you would. Awesome wasn’t it.

Storme: If you want to call it that. Greatest wrestler on earth huh? You do remember that you haven’t even defended that title yet, right?

Cal: Yes.

Storme: That’s a lot of overconfidence for a man who hasn’t even had to defend his title reign yet. And let’s face it, Reynolds is hardly the most worthy competitor. You’ll leave here champion. But if it was me in that ring, another story.

Cal: Are you implying that you’re better than me?

Storme: I don’t recall saying that. But it is fact that I was minutes away from being champion instead of you.

Cal: No, I had forgotten since you don’t bring it up every five minutes. And abscond with my belt every week for “safekeeping”. And…

Storme: Oh blah blah blah. I have a match to get to. Good luck on that title defense man.

Cal: If I run into trouble out there, you gonna leave me hanging on my own? Like last week.

Storme: I already said I was busy, and that I was sorry I didn’t get there earlier. Is it my job to babysit the champion? No, its not, but I do it because we’re friends. You’d think the champion would be able to handle himself, but that’s beside the point I suppose. Can I go now?

Cal: Yeah, sure.

Storme turns on his heel, muttering under his breath. He leaves Cal where he stands, the champion looks vaguely confused and shakes his head as he watches his friend leave. He turns to his locker and sighs before the view fades back to the ring area.

LPM: Someone is…

MK: Don’t say it.

LPM: Someone is, I'm not allowed to say, and his name is Steve Storme.

MK: Right, that made sense. Shall we move along?

Macho King: Well, this is Kumanga vs. Creachbaum. Creachbaum has defeated Bolton Stevens, so this is going to be a good one.

Latin Passion Master: Creachbaum is a weirdo.

Macho King: He’s talented though.

*Umaga’s Theme plays*

Ashley: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he currently weighs at a 201 pounds, from the Samoan part of Alabama, he is KUMAGA!!!

Kumaga snaps at the audience like a savage, and gets into the ring, pacing like a caged animal.

*Ride of your life plays*

Ashley: His opponent, he currently weighs at a 210 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is CREACHBAUM!!!

Creachbaum acts desolate as he proceeds, but acknowledges the fans.

LPM: Creachbaum is going to get…squashed!!!

Macho King: Will you stop it?

LPM: Nah.

The bell rings and Creachbaum throws a right at Kumaga’s head, and Kumaga doesn’t show any reaction. Creachbaum then throws another right, and Kumaga doesn’t react. Creachbaum throws a third right but then Kumaga snaps and clotheslines Creachbaum straight to the ground! Kumaga picks up Creachbaum and headbutts Creachbaum straight on, then headbutts him again. Creachbaum is dazed, then Kumaga headbutts him a third time. Creachbaum’s forehead starts throbbing, then Kumaga throws a series of brutal lefts at Creachbaum, before throwing him straight at the corner. Creachbaum ricochets off the turnbuckle pad, and Kumaga stomps on him, before getting him up.

Macho King: Damn this has been a brutal assault!

LPM: That’s what he gets, haha.

Kumaga picks up Creachbaum and goes for an Alabama Slam, but Creachbaum slides off and runs off the ropes, before jumping off the mat for a jumping clothesline! Kumaga takes him out of the air straight out with a Samoan Spike, and then lifts him up and hits an Alabama Slam! Creachbaum is truly out of it now, and Kumaga finally puts him in position and hits a Samoan Slam. ONE…TWO…THREE.

Macho King: And it’s over.

*Umaga’s Theme plays*

Ashley: And your winner, KUMAGA!!!

Kumaga storms the ring, bellowing out something in Samoan.

LPM: This was an awesome bout, better then anything else.

Macho King: Bullspit right there LPM. Creachbaum didn’t deserve that.

LPM: Moving along?

Macho: And what a show this has turned out to be tonight! And the main event hasn't even started yet! We've seen some great tag-team action involving Dark Republic, a great match with KMO and Neon Hardy, plus a match ended very controversially, involving Daywalker and Karl Adkisson. And up next we have Bolton Stevens taking on Steve Storme. Your thoughts?

LPM: I can't even believe they're allowing this next match. Bolton is going to kill Steve Storme. I mean, Bolton has proven to be a huge factor here in the XCL, and Storme is just another reject defect from ROG. Bolton deserves to be in the title match.

Macho: How can you say that? It looks to me as if they're pretty even. They're feud has been built up to the climax here tonight. I personally can't wait. I just hope it's a clean match. And there is no way that Storme is just another defect from ROG! He's at home here in the XCL!

LPM: A clean match? That punk Storme will find a way to wiggle himself into a victory. But knowing Bolton, this match doesn't have a clear cut winner.

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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:04 pm

Ashley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

*Light my Fire plays*

Ashley: From New York City, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is The Messianic One, Booolton Steeevens!

Bolton walks out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boo's. Bolton struts out to the ramp, then stops to admire the crowd. The crowd boo's even louder as Bolton's smirk grows. Finally Bolton continues down to the ring. Bolton walks up the steps and climbs in.

Macho: What a jerk. How can he consistently think he is a Rock God? He's a rock nobody.

LPM: How dare you be so disrespectful!?

Ashley: And introdu-

Bolton rolls out of the ring, and grabs the mic out of Ashley's hand, before rolling back into the ring.

Macho: What?

Bolton: Ashley, babe, why don't you let ME do the honours? I think the fans want to hear true Rock Legend's sexy voice.

The crowd boo's very loudly. Bolton clears his throat, and lifts the mic high up to his mouth.

Bolton: Introducing second, from wherever...

*Git Up plays*

Bolton: Weighing in a at a lot, Steve Storme!

Bolton drops the mic, as Storme walks out from behind the curtain to a medium sized pop.

Macho: I hope Storme beats him extra hard for that.

LPM: Please. Bolton's just getting inside of his head. Storme has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Macho: Well, we'll see won't we?

Storme walks casually down the ramp, while Bolton taunts him from the ring. Storme tries to roll ito the ring, but Bolton begins to kick him in the stomach, and push him back out. Storme looks up at Bolton and spits at him. Storme tries to roll into the ring once more, but again Bolton kicks him until he retreats. Storme tries a third time, but rolls out and grabs Bolton leg, tripping him. As Bolton is down, Storme rolls into the ring, and the bell rings.

LPM: There was an explosive start.

Macho: Bolton wouldn't even let him in the ring. That shows you how unconfident he is tonight.

LPM: Unconfident? This man is Confidence himself!

Bolton gets to his feet, and the two men begin a lock up. Storme drops down and pulls Boltons legs out from under him knocking him to the mat. As Bolton tries to get up, Storme hits an armdrag flipping Bolton across the ring. Storme runs and hits a dropkick, that crashes Bolton to the turnbuckle. Storme bounces off the ropes and tries to hit a flying clothesline, but Bolton ducks it, and Storme crashes into the turnbuckle. As Storme steps backwards in pain, Bolton rolls under him and gets him in a roll-up.

LPM: This is it!

Referee: One, two- kickout!

Storme kicks out with force, and sends Bolton back a step. Storme tries to take advantage and get to his feet, but Bolton clotheslines him down. Bolton tries to get Storme in a headlock, but Storme fights out. Storme gets to his feet, while holding Bolton's arm, and twists it behind Bolton's back. Storme then pushes Bolton, and runs back to the ropes. As Bolton turns around, Storme flies across the ring and hits a crossbody, rolling Bolton into a cradle pin.

Referee: One, two, thr- kickout!

As Storme tries to get off, Bolton rolls over, reversing the pin!

Referee: One, two, thre- kickout!

LPM: OH! That was way too close!

Macho: I gotta give it to Bolton, that was quick thinking. But Storme still managed to get out of it.

Storme and Bolton both get to the their feet, and engage in another lock-up. Bolton kicks Storme in the stomach, and goes for a European uppercut, but Storme leans back and avoids it. Storme then kicks Bolton in the stomach, and plants a DDT onto the mat. Storme tries to go for a cover, but Bolton rolls out of the ring to save himself. Storme rolls out of the ring to chase after Bolton but walks right into a fist from Storme. Meanwhile, the referee begins his count.

Referee: One, two, three...

Outside the ring Bolton begins to lay the boots to Storme kicking him repeatedly in the chest. Storme tries to get up, but Bolton runs and hits a bulldog knocking both of them hard to the floor.

Referee: Four, five six...

LPM: Oh geez this is tight! This is tighter than leather pants on Ashley. And wow... leather pants on Ashley...

Macho: You mind commentating the match?

LPM: What?

Bolton gets to his feet first completly ignoring the count-out. Bolton walks over and grabs a chair from underneath Ashley. Bolton rolls into the ring and smashes the chair off the ground. Storme gets to his feet slowly holding his head.

Referee: Seven, eight...

Bolton throws the chair to the mat and begins running towards the ropes. The ref wastes little time and kicks the chair to the side of the ring. Bolton dives through the middle attempting a suicide dive on Storme. Storme rolls out of the way, and rolls into the ring, playing opossum, as Bolton crashes into the barrier, restarting the ref's count. Storme holds his head and rests against the turnbuckle, lifting his arm in the air as the fans cheer very loudly. Bolton groans and tries to get to his feet but stumbles into the barrier and falls over crashing into the fans as they cheer loudly for Storme.

Macho: What a reception Storme is getting! And did you see that ring presence?

LPM: Storme lucked out. He's lucky one of the lights got in Bolton's eye, or he would've hit that move, no doubt.

Macho: Oh, okay. Sure, whatever you say.

LPM: Are you being sarcastic?

Macho: You think?

Storme yells at the referee to begin the count as Bolton lays right outside the barrier around the ring.

Referee: One, two, three, four...

Bolton tries to get himself over the barricade, but crashes to the floor hitting his head once more.

LPM: Come on Bolton get up!

Bolton gets to his feet, and stumbles towards the ring.

Referee: Five, six...

Bolton rolls into the ring, much to the dismay of the crowd. As Bolton gets to his feet, Storme runs for a clothesline. Bolton ducks it, and as Storme turns around, Bolton swings his leg up and hits a picture perfect Showtime on Storme knocking both men down to the mat!

LPM: Did you see that!? That was incredible!

Macho: I gotta give it to Bolton, that was a perfect superkick! But now neither men can really get to their feet.

Bolton and Storme lay in the ring, until Bolton begins to crawl towards the ropes. Bolton grabs the second rope and uses it as leverage to pull himself up. Bolton wobbles, but grabs the ropes and rests trying to regain his balance. The crowd begins to chant, 'Storme, Storme, Storme, Storme!' hoping to get Storme to his feet. Bolton yells at the crowd to shut up, but the crowd yells louder in response. One particular fan holding a 'Bolton sucks!' sign cheers for Storme especially loud. Bolton rolls out of the ring and grabs the kids sign out of his hand. Bolton throws it to the floor and yells at the kid to shut up. The crowd's response gets louder as Storme gets to his feet in the ring.

Bolton doesn't see this, and gets back in the ring, very cocky. Bolton turns to Storme, and see's him standing, and tries to back away. Storme kicks him in the stomach, and hits a snap suplex crashing Bolton to the floor. Storme bounces off the ropes, and tries to hit Bolton but Bolton lies flat and Storme has to jump over him. On the rebound, Bolton tries to hit a clothesline but Storme ducks it, and bounces off the ropes once more. When Bolton turns around Storme jumps in the air, and hits a Tornado DDT on the clueless Bolton.

Macho: That was a nice DDT.

LPM: Bolton wouldn't have gotten into tha mess if he would've saw him standing in the ring.

Macho: Well, I guess Bolton made a mistake then. Never take your eye off of Storme.

Storme grabs Bolton's head and lifts him up to one knee before punching him in the face knocking him back down. Storme bounces off the ropes and goes for a Shining Wizard but Bolton rolls back and grabs Storme's leg tripping him. Bolton gets behind Storme and clubs him in the back. Bolton grabs Storme and throws him through the middle rope then turns to taunt the fans. Storme grabs onto the bottom rope, and uses it to land on his feet. Storme climbs onto the apron and waits for Bolton to turn around. As Bolton does, Storme climbs the turnbuckle and jumps into the air hitting a top rope dropkick! Storme goes for the cover.

Referee: One, Two, Three- kickout!

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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:05 pm

Storme looks up at the referee in shock. The crowd boo's loudly as Storme asks the referee if it was a two count. The referee says yes, and Storme puts his head in his palms.

LPM: Woah! Bolton managed to take advantage of the situation and kick out and 2 and three quarters!

Macho: That was so close! One millisecond later and we'd have a victor.

LPM: There was no way Bolton was going to let that happen.

Storme picks Bolton up to his feet and goes for another snap suplex, but Bolton knees Storme in the stomach in mid-air. Botlon reverse it into a suplex of his own, using great force to send Storme crashing down on his back. Bolton kicks Storme into position then runs to the turnbuckle. Bolton runs up the turnbuckle, and flips backwards going for a moonsault! Storme lifts his knee's and Bolton crashes down hard on his stomach. Bolton grimaces in pain on the mat as Storme gets to his feet. Storme then runs to the ropes and bounces off the middle ropes hitting a perfect Lionsault! Storme decides not to go for the cover, and waits for Bolton to get to his feet. As Bolton gets up, Storme knees him in the stomach, and bounces him off the ropes. Storme goes for a back body drop, but Bolton jumps in the air hitting a diving forearm on Storme. Bolton bounces to his feet, and plays the air guitar in the middle of the ring.

LPM: Look at that! Even without a guitar Bolton makes sweet music.

Macho: That was a quick combination of moves there. I wonder if these two will be able to keep up.

LPM: The momentum is shifting rapidly, so who knows?

Storme gets to his feet, as Bolton goes for another DDT on Storme. Storme hits Bolton in the stomach, and hits a snap suplex. Bolton quickly gets to his feet. Storme goes for an arm drag, but Bolton lands on his feet and carries out with an arm drag of his own. Storme gets to one knee and a staredown begins. Both men are exhausted at this point. Bolton runs backwards and bounces off the ropes running towards Storme. Storme runs forwards and ducks a clothesline by Bolton. Bolton stops running. On Storme's rebound he bounces off the second rope and catches Bolton in a crossbody.

Referee: One, two, thre-kickout!

Storme gets to his feet, and heads for the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top, as Bolton stands to his feet holding his stomach leaning over. Storme points over to the fans then leaps into the air trying to hit Bolton in a flying dropkick. Bolton dodges it as Storme crashes to the mat. As Storme tries to get up, Bolton bounces off the ropes and sprints towards the leaning over Storme. Bolton bounces into the air going for his signature move, the New York Minute a jumping fame-asser but Storme stands avoiding the collision. As Bolton gets to his feet, Storme spins and jabs Bolton in the stomach. As Bolton backs up, Storme side-steps and hits a superkick knocking Bolton clean-out cold. Storme falls to the mat as well, and cannot make the cover.

Macho: Come on Storme! Just reach your arm over!

LPM: Bolton get up! You can't let him win!

Storme finally begins to crawl towards Bolton, and rests his arm over Bolton's chest.

Referee: One, two, THREE!!!

*Light My Fire Plays*

Ashley: Here is your winner, The Best in the Business, STEEEEVE STOOOORM!

The referee picks Storme up to his feet, and holds his arm high in the air. Storme seems a little happy, but in pain. Storme lifts his arm, and makes his way out of the ring. Bolton slowly gets to his feet, with one hand on his head, and one on his stomach.

Macho: He did it! Steve Storme beat Bolton, here at Heatwave Heaven! What a great match to take us into our main event tonight.

LPM: Bolton took him to his very best, and that just wasn't enough to take down Storme tonight. The kid has momentum going for him, and it gave him the better over Bolton here tonight.

Macho: A highly anticipated match did not disapoint here tonight. I wonder how this mometum will carry into our main event, a title match between Cal and Ricky Reynolds, up next.

LPM: Hey King, do you know what’s worse than having bamboo shoots shoved under your fingernails?

MK: I don’t know.

LPM: An XCL champion with something to say. But alas, we’ll have to endure. Ashley, its over to you.

MK: What do you have against the man?

LPM: I’m not the one answering questions here.

Ashley: Right, that was the oddest intro ever there guys. But I’ll take it, I’d like to welcome Callumomac. And thank you for taking the time to indulge my questions. First question, what does it mean to Callumomac to be the XCL Champion?

Cal: It means a lot more to me than a lot of people think it does. For me, being XCL Champion is validation. I've always said that I'm the greatest wrestler on God's green Earth and having the title says that what I've claimed is true. It isn't just that, though. As much as the fans love me, as much as the other wrestlers hate me, this title means nothing if the other guys in the back are garbage. So I'm glad that they're good. They just need to know that I'm better.

Ashley: Better than everyone, right, I’ll have to remember that. What are your thoughts on Ricky Reynolds, the man you’re facing for the title tonight?

Cal: Reynolds is a hell of a fighter, I gotta give the man his due, but I've beaten him twice, 1-2-3, middle of the ring. Totally fair, totally by the book. Whereas he has to cheat and call on his lackeys to win. It says a lot about a man when he can’t win without backup. Reynolds is just another wrestler, a damn good one, but not the unbeatable force he seems to think he is.

Ashley: Speaking of "unbeatable forces," this next challenge is your first title defense, and potentially your stiffest challenge to date. The number one contender, who proved to be the top wrestler of ROG’s Meltdown in his time and a who has spent the better part of his time here beating you up. How do you prepare for the man who has destroyed so many?

Cal: I’ve had a few weeks to figure that out, haven't I? I do what I always do, and that's work harder than anyone. You have people here who take their days off and film commercials or hop in the tanning bed or kiss babies and shake hands outside your local music store. I could just stand up and say to the world that I'm the face of greatness, that I'm the best and just rest on my laurels, but that's not how I got to be the best thing going. I work harder than anyone I know. I work in the gym, I work in the ring, I watch tapes, I watch old promos, I dig deeper than anyone to try and get an edge. Ricky Reynolds is just a man like everyone else and he can be beat. And I'll find a way to walk out of Heatwave Heaven, still the XCL Champion.

Ashley: Assuming you are able to defeat Reynolds, there is no clear #1 contender to your title in sight. Who on the roster would you want to wrestle in a title match, and of course, any last words for potential challengers?

Cal: I've got two names in mind actually. The first is Steve Storme. We’ve been tag team partners for a very long time. At times I wanted to slap the taste out of his smartass mouth, but that was then. Now he wants to be the champion, and there’s nothing wrong with that…everyone does. He’s a trustworthy partner and an amaing competitor, it would be a tough challenge to defend against him. And the other name I got on my list is a guy that's pissed me off and made claims backstage to my belt that I'm damn sure he can't cash in. Bolton Steven, ever since I became XCL Champion, you've been bitching to your buddy Reynolds about how when you win the title it won't mean anything because you wouldn't have beaten him. If you ever do become champ, you won't be beating me either! I saw your match at Adrenaline a few weeks back against Creachbaum, and well we all know how that ended. It's just too bad for you that neither one of you is on par with greatness. XCL, do what you can to stop the train that is Callumomac, but believe me, it's going to take an effort of a lifetime, it's going to take the best you've got and then some, and even then, you're still not going to get there without a lot of luck. Like me or hate me, wait what do I mean, everyone loves me. XCL roster, learn to live with the fact that I am your champion, and I'm going to be your champion for a long, long time.

Macho King: Now it is time for our Main event, we have seen how Ricky Reynolds and his pals have caused a bit of trouble for Cal. But now the mind games are over the sneak attacks are finished it’s now time to see if Ricky Reynolds is able to get it done in the ring.

Latin Passion Master: Of course he can get it done; this is Ricky Reynolds we are talking about. You hear people talk about big moments in wrestling like Hogan slamming Andre, the Mega-Powers destruction the Montreal Screw job. Well this my friend is going to be up there as this is Ricky Reynolds moment.

Macho King: Well we will just have to see how well he copes with this amount of pressure; he isn’t exactly the most conscious person at the best of times. And not exactly a good representative for XCL he is a Heroin addict and is in a jail cell almost every week for fighting with fans.

Latin Passion Master: So just because he is a drug addict he shouldn’t be champion?

Macho King: No, that’s not what I am saying I am just saying if he wins this is the guy who will represent us, is he such a positive role model?

Latin Passion Master: He was a rock star, he was bigger than The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix put together. I think that answers your question, everyone loves Rock n Roll.

***Round and Round by Ratt plays***

Ricky Reynolds walks down to the ring in a cocky manner as Kumanga walks beside him to the ring, the crowd boo heavily as Ricky Reynolds looks to the crowd whilst coming up to the steel steps and grabs a sign which reads “Reynolds fears Cal” and then tears it up. Reynolds then climbs into the ring and taunts in the middle of the ring as the crowds boo’s get even louder. Ricky Reynolds music stops and a referee runs down to the ring and passes the announcer a note.

Announcer: The official from the office of Delia Kinney has just informed me that Kumanga will not be allowed at ringside for this match; if Kumanga doesn’t leave now then Ricky Reynolds will forfeit his title shot.

The crowd erupts with cheers as Ricky Reynolds cannot believe what has happened and grabs the announcer by his shirt and starts shouting at him, security then come down to the ring to lead Kumanga out.

Macho King: Well how about that! We are actually going to have a fair fight for once no more buddies to help you out now Reynolds.

Latin Passion Master: I really cannot believe what has happened here!! I call politics on this! No one wants Reynolds to be champion because of his history this is a disgrace.

***Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva plays*

The crowd erupts in cheers as Cal appears through the curtain, not taking his eyes off of Ricky Reynolds who is standing in the middle of the ring, the crowd starts chanting

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PostSubject: Re: XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"   XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 4:05 pm

for Cal as he walks up the steel steps then walks along the apron with his eyes still on Reynolds. And then Cal climbs to the top rope raises his belt up in the air. Cal jumps down into the ring and stares down Reynolds. The referee separates the 2 of them to opposite corners

Announcer: In the corner to my left he is the challenger standing in at 6’1 weighing in at 215lbs from Los Angeles California RICKY REYNOLDS!!!!

Announcer: And the opponent in the corner to my right, he is the reigning and defending XCL champion standing in at 6’4 weighing in at 275 lbs. CALLUMOMAC!!!

Macho King: Cal obviously has the weight and height advantage, but Ricky Reynolds has the veteran’s temperament, he is a student of the game and can find a weakness and then exploit it.

Latin Passion Master: Damn right, Ricky Reynolds is a true veteran of the sport and that’s where Cal will fail he is a rookie he has the height and weight but doesn’t have the knowledge that Ricky Reynolds has.

Macho King: And also we will see how Cal will handle with all the attacks that he has suffered from Ricky Reynolds, Bolton Stevens and Kumanga we will see tonight if he has fully recovered from it. If he hasn’t then Reynolds will exploit any injuries he has.

Both men come to the centre of the ring, Reynolds then looks to his side and then goes for a hard right hand on Cal, Cal is able to duck it and then hits an assortment of rights and lefts to Reynolds until Reynolds is in the corner, Cal hits Reynolds with some knife edged chops and a few European Uppercuts, Reynolds finding it hard to stand up Cal then grabs the head of Reynolds pulling him out of the corner then hits another European uppercut, Cal grabs Reynolds arm then Irish Whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. Cal then charges at Reynolds who sticks his foot up and it connects with Cals face Reynolds then grabs hold of Cal and smashes his head into the top turnbuckle pad and then picks up Cal and slams him down to the ground. Reynolds goes for a quick cover.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!

Reynolds picks up Cal then Irish Whips him into the ropes, Cal bounces back and Reynolds hits a reverse elbow knocking Cal down. Reynolds stomps away at Cal and then drops to the floor and starts to choke Cal the referee forces Reynolds to break it off. Reynolds then taunts as the fans boo, Reynolds then picks up Cal and hits a rib breaker. Then goes for another pinfall.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!

Reynolds has a look of frustration on his, and then sits Cal up and grabs his arm and wrenches it back then puts Cal in the Dragon Sleeper position. Cal starts to kick his legs and to try and manoeuvre his way to the ropes but Reynolds keeps wrenching the neck of Cal back. Cal acting on instinct punches Reynolds in the head several times, Reynolds then releases the hold but Reynolds still goes on the attack and stomps away at Cal. Reynolds then picks up Cal and then bounces to the ropes looking to hit a lariat but Cal is able to hit a belly to belly suplex both men get to there feet and Cal picks up Reynolds then slams him down, Reynolds gets up again Cal kicks Reynolds in the mid section and hits a neck breaker.

Macho King: Reynolds looked to be the dominating one in the early going of this one, but Cal was able to fight back.

Latin Passion Master: Well just wait, Reynolds will get himself back into this thing.

The crowd start chanting for Cal and cheering for Cal, Cal then picks up Reynolds and then goes for a suplex Cal lifts Reynolds over but he reverses then grabs hold of the waist and pushes him into the ropes then rolls back and gets a roll up on Cal.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!

Both men get to there feet Reynolds goes for a lariat but Cal is able to duck the lariat and then gets a backslide in.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!

Cal then grabs the head of Reynolds and puts Reynolds arm around him and hits an atomic drop, Reynolds falls forward resting on the ropes, Cal then sees his opportunity and bounces to the ropes then runs to Reynolds and sticks his boot up but Reynolds is able to move out of the way and Cal gets caught on the ropes, Reynolds then bounces of the ropes and hits a brutal lariat knocking Cal onto the ring apron hitting his head then falling off to the mat. Reynolds almost goes out of the ring when the referee tries to stop Reynolds from going out the ring, Reynolds ten moves to the right side of the ring and rolls out of the ring. Reynolds then grabs Cal and throws him into the ring barrier and then starts to stomp away at Cal, Reynolds then drags Cal over to the entrance Ramp and hits the snap Suplex on the steel ramp way. Reynolds stands up with a smug look on his face as the crowd flood him with negative responses. Reynolds rolls into the ring then rolls back out breaking up the referee’s count Reynolds then picks up Cal and throws him back into the ring Reynolds then taunts in the ring again as Cal is crawling on hands and knees Reynolds stands over Cal then grabs his head with both hands and starts twisting his head. Cal starts screaming in pain, the referee checks if he wants to give up. Cal tries the best he can to reach out for the ropes, Cal then uses the advantage of strength that he has and moves towards the ropes and then grabs hold of the ropes. Reynolds releases the hold, Reynolds then picks up Cal again kicks him in the mid section and puts Cal’s arm over then lifts him up for a suplex and keeps him in the air for about 25 seconds then drops hitting the Choke on Vomit. Reynolds then hooks the leg of Cal for a cover.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!

Macho King: Ricky Reynolds seems to be on the top of his game right now, I haven’t seen Ricky Reynolds look this good ever, and he really is dominating the champion. Cal really needs to get back into this match somehow.

Latin Passion Master: I told you this is Reynolds moment, you can just tell! Look at how Reynolds is kicking the champion’s ass all the years of being doubted by people like you Nacho all the years saying he would never be Heavyweight champion. And he has even told us he joined XCL because of the bulls**t politics in ROG.

Macho King: Well he hasn’t got the 3 count yet as you like to remind me so much of that.

Latin Passion Master: Not yet Nacho, not yet.

Reynolds has a look of frustration on his face from what he believes to be a slow count, Cal eventually gets up to his hands and knees, Reynolds then runs up and kicks Cal in the stomach, Cal rolls over holding his stomach in pain as Reynolds has a sinister look on his face Reynolds grabs the hair of Cal and pulls him up to his knees as Reynolds looks down at Cal grabs his head then punches him in the face Cal gets back to his knees and then flips off Reynolds, Reynolds sinister look turns to an angry look, Reynolds punches Cal again but Cal won’t go down. Reynolds then bounces to the ropes and goes to boot Cal in the face but Cal catches the foot of Reynolds and then gets to his feet. Reynolds hopping on one foot to try and maintain his balance, Cal then swings his foot around making Reynolds do a 360 turn Cal then lifts up Reynolds and hits the spine buster. The crowd erupts in cheers for Cal, Cal then gets a rush of adrenaline looking to go for the cover but then shakes his head and gets up and picks up Reynolds and starts punching away at Reynolds over and over again the referee drags Cal off of Reynolds, Reynolds sits up and has got a busted nose blood running down his face.

Latin Passion Master: No way should this count, he just busted Reynolds nose and these people embrace that.

Macho King: This is just pay back for all the attacks that Reynolds and his buddies has done on Cal.

Cal squats down in the opposite corner to where Reynolds is, as Reynolds uses the ropes to pull himself up and eventually gets to a vertical base, Reynolds wipes his bloody nose then turns around and Cal charges at Reynolds and spears Reynolds to the ground, Cal then pulls Reynolds into the centre of the ring and then goes for the cover.

Referee: One…Two…

Kumanga pulls the referee out of the ring and then levels him with a right hand. Cal sees Kumanga and then reaches over and grabs Kumanga by the hair Kumanga kneels up to the ring apron and then upper cuts Cal in the throat Kumanga then climbs into the ring as Cal holds his throat coughing, Kumanga holds his hand up Cal then turns around and Kumanga hits the Samoan Spike knocking Cal down Kumanga then pulls Reynolds up by his shirt and drags him over to Cal and puts Reynolds on top of Cal. Kumanga goes to the outside and throws the referee into the ring reviving him. The referee crawls closer to where Cal and Reynolds is and starts a count.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!!

Macho King: Cal had this match won! We should be saying that Cal has retained the title no way was Reynolds going to kick out from the spear he couldn’t even make the cover on his own.

Latin Passion Master: Don’t jump the gun Nacho, and unlike Cal’s so called friends Reynolds friends help.

Macho King: Steve Storme hasn’t interfered because it’s not the right thing to do, and Cal can actually win a match fairly without interferences the way wrestling should be. I still can’t believe Cal managed to kick out, after the Samoan Spike Cal reached down and kicked out though.

Latin Passion Master: Yeah he did, but the damage is already done to Cal.

Both men start to get to there feet, staggering around on there feet Reynolds is the first to face Cal, Cal then turns to face Reynolds shortly afterwards, Reynolds hits Cal with a right hand Cal returns the favour Reynolds starts hitting with rights and left and then goes for a clothesline Cal ducks it then gets a waist lock in and hits a German Suplex. Reynolds lands straight on his neck Cal then gets up again, and sees Kumanga get back in the ring Cal then turns around kicks Kumanga in the mid section and hits a DDT and the crowd start cheering for Cal again Cal then stomps away at Kumanga until he is out of the ring. Cal then turns around and Reynolds hits a super kick on Cal knocking him down. Reynolds then dives over and makes the cover on Cal.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!!

Reynolds cannot believe it and starts hitting the canvas in frustration, Reynolds then walks over to Cal looks down on him then looks back up and signalises that this match is over he then grabs Cals legs and starts to lock in the Indian Death Lock Cal tries to fight back, but Reynolds then stomps Cal in the face and continues to lock in the Indian Death lock. Cal starts to scream in pain whilst Reynolds is trying his best to put as much pain as possible on Cal, Cal trying to reach the ropes but can’t quite make it but uses the strength advantage that he has to pull himself towards the ropes the referee checking if Cal wants to quit Reynolds then grabs hold of the ropes with both hands and uses it for leverage putting more pressure on Cal, Cals shoulders then hit the mat.

Referee: One…Two…kick out!!!

Cal then sits up with a serious look on his face then strikes Reynolds with a right hand then another one and then another. Reynolds then releases the hold, both men get up to there feet; Reynolds pushes the referee out of the way Cal comes up behind Reynolds, Reynolds then turns around drops to his knees and low blows Cal. The referee then turns to see Cal on the floor and goes to check on him. Reynolds rolls out of the ring walks over to the time keeper drags him out of the chair and throws him across the floor then picks up the chair folds it up and rolls back into the ring. He hits the canvas with the chair a few times, and then looks to hit Cal but the referee grabs the chair as he is raising it up high in the air but Reynolds and the referee try pulling the chair away from the other one. Reynolds eventually wins the tug of war of throws the referee to the side then picks the chair back up again raises it up high preparing to hit Cal full force but Cal drop toe holds Reynolds making Reynolds fall face forwards onto the chair and Cal locks in the STFU Cal then tears back on the head of Reynolds. The referee checks on Reynolds, Reynolds is trying his best not to tap out but eventually has no other choice but to tap out frantically.

Announcer: The winner and still the XCL World Heavyweight Champion CALLUMOMAC!!!!

Latin Passion Master: No way!! His face hit right on that chair his nose must be busted up really bad now. This was supposed to be the defining moment of Ricky Reynolds career but he was cheated.

Macho King: What are you talking about cheated? Cal had the match won until Kumanga made interference. And Reynolds brought in the steel chair.

Latin Passion Master: I cannot believe that we have to keep coming to work whilst this clown is still the champion, if Cal keeps being champion it will bring this company to a screeching halt.

Macho King: What are you talking about? Look at this crowd they are going crazy for Cal they love him.

Latin Passion Master: These morons will follow what we tell them to, they can’t afford to think for themselves.

Macho King: That’s all we have time for now, what a great show it’s been thank you for joining us tonight.

Cal is stood in the middle of the ring whilst holding up his title belt as the crowd give him a standing ovation, the screen then fades to black.

XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven" Rated1
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XCL presents "Heatwave Heaven"
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