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 XCL "Heatwave Heaven" RP thread

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PostSubject: XCL "Heatwave Heaven" RP thread   Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:57 pm

All RP's for "Heatwave Heaven" are to go in this thread up to 2 RP's are allowed. This thread will be closed on the 30th of August.


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PostSubject: Re: XCL "Heatwave Heaven" RP thread   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:10 pm

Tyrant is backstage thinking about why he might not have been on the cards in the past few weeks, he's pacing, when an e-mail pops up, it's from XCL.com, he checks it and sees he's on the card, he jumps on the chair in delight, and the chair breaks, he falls to the floor, gets up, wipes his trousers and looks around making sure no one saw. He swaps his broken chair with a new one, he sees that he is teaming with Andy Ace against Dark Republic.
"pair of useless emos, I'll show them, I WILL GET THAT PINFALL! Or, at least the tag to get the pin, but I will get a win at Hatwave Heaven! No matter what."
He then makes sure the seat doesn't break, and sits down, on the floor! He notices his chair is gone, and turns around, scrambles up, and runs away, trips over his own feet, and slams his head into the lockers. Then scrambles away again. Holding his head in agony.
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XCL "Heatwave Heaven" RP thread
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