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 ROG Award Ceremony 08

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ROG Award Ceremony 08 Empty
PostSubject: ROG Award Ceremony 08   ROG Award Ceremony 08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 6:57 am

The camera cuts to a crowded bar where loads of people are sat round tables in a large room with a bar at the bottom left and a massive stage along the back wall. There’s a microphone box stand in the centre of the stage and a line of chairs at the back of the stage. “99 Problems” by Jay Z begins playing and the crowd goes wild, David Simou walks out onto the platform dressed in a tux from the left wing followed by Delia Kinney who’s dressed smartly too. Simou waves to the fans and then takes his place behind the microphone box with Delia. The music dies down and so does the crowd reaction.

David Simou: Welcome to the ROG Awards Ceremony 2008!

Delia Kinney: You fans have been voting for the past month and now you finally get to find out the winners.

David Simou: Well gets on with it, kicking off tonight with the Most Popular award for the wrestler who’s been cutting the most entertaining promo’s.

Delia opens a letter and holds the piece of paper in front of the two of them.

Delia Kinney: And the winner is...

David Simou: Jose.

“Burn in My Light” by Mercy Drive begins playing and Jose struts onto the stage wearing a casual beige suit with a blue shirt and shades. The crowd mostly boo but there are some cheers out of respect. Simou takes an award statue from under the mic box and hands it to Jose. Jose raises it into the air and smiles arrogantly. The music stops and he walks sits in the chair at the far left of the row.

David Simou: Congratulations Jose, a fine win for Meltdown there.

Delia Kinney: Yeah... well the next award to be given out is Feud of the Year.

David Simou: There have been plenty of very deep compelling feuds that have gone down since ROG’s inception but the winner is...

Delia pulls a piece of paper out from under the stand and looks at it for a few seconds.

Delia Kinney: Meltdown vs. Warzone.

Dan Jackson walks out onto the stage holding a small statue. He waves at the crowd and then walks over to the mic stand. He passes the trophy to Delia who raises it into the air beaming.

David Simou: Woah darling, who won that Glory Games match to prove brand dominance?

Delia Kinney sighs, rolls her eyes and hands the trophy to Simou. He smiles and studies it.

David Simou: Hehe, thanks guys. The boys’ll be happy with this. Anyway...

Delia Kinney: Yeah, let’s move on. Up next is the award for The Next Big Thing.

David Simou: The Next Big Thing eh? Should be interesting.

Delia holds up another small piece of paper.

Delia Kinney: Oh this is a good one, there have been many great wrestlers debut lately in ROG including Phobia, Flair3, Lojax, Matt Lee and many more but the winner of The Next Big Thing award is...

She holds it out for Simou to read.

David Simou: Callumomac.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva begins playing and Callumomac walks out onto the stage smiling arrogantly. The fans boo as he raises both arms into the air. He’s wearing his own branded t-shirt and jeans. Callumomac struts over to the mic stand and Delia hands him his award. Callumomac raises one finger to signal that he is number one and then takes his seat behind the mic stand with Jose. The two chat as the music slowly dies down.

David Simou: Congrats to you Callumomac, a big future awaits.

Delia Kinney: So I guess its good I have him signed on a two year contract then.

David laughs and shakes his head.

David Simou: Our next award is for the best girl in ROG.

Delia Kinney: Yep, we have a great women’s roster here in ROG but who will win this prestigious award?

David Simou: Let’s find out.

David glances down at a letter in his hand. He passes it to Delia.

David Simou: And the winner is...

Delia Kinney: Beth Storme.

“Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin begins playing and Beth strolls onto the stage with her ROG Women’s Title draped over her shoulder. She snatches her trophy from Simou and raises it into the air as the fans boo. She walks over to Cal and sits down next to him. They begin chatting as the music fades out.

Delia Kinney: Next up is the award for the best Warzone match. Obviously this was incredibly hard to choose from but the winner is WWEfan vs. Dash Blade in a Lumberjack match. Congrats to both men and Rated PG who helped put it together backstage.

David Simou: While I’m sure that was a good match, it didn’t top Meltdown’s best match which was The Sound vs. Ricky Reynolds in a Hardcore match. Well done to those two and RKO93 who constructed the match behind the curtain.

Delia Kinney: Anyway, the next award is for the best PPV match.

David Simou: Oh there’s plenty to choose from.

Delia Kinney: That’s for sure; let’s find out which one you guys voted was the best.

David takes a piece of paper and places it over the mic stand. Delia looks at it and groans.

Delia Kinney: And the winning match is the 10 man Elimination match between Meltdown and Warzone at “Glory Games”.

David Simou: Which Meltdown won?

Delia Kinney: Yes. That one.

David Simou chuckles.

David Simou: Well done to team Meltdown who were led by Dash Blade!

“The Way I Am” by Eminem hits and the crowd go wild. Dash strolls out onto the platform wearing a smart suit. He nods at the fans and walks over to the mic stand. Dash shakes hands with the GM’s and takes the statue. He holds it up and then sits with the other winners at the back. His music cuts.

David Simou: A well deserved win for fan favourite Dash Blade.

Delia Kinney: Time for the Moment of the Year.

David Simou: Wow, there’s been loads. The debut of Meltdown, the debut of Warzone, Meltdown’s win at Glory Games, Lethal Lockdown...

Delia Kinney: Yeah quiet time Dave.

She pulls a piece of paper up from behind the stand and glances down at it. David looks over her shoulder at it and nods.

Delia Kinney: And the winning moment...

David Simou: ROG moves to WU 2.0, where abundance of new talent debut.
Delia Kinney: Yeah let’s give our new network a round of applause, they’ve been great.

David Simou: We were lucky enough to be picked up by Wrestling Unleashed which is co-owned by the godfather of ROG, Mattitude Follower. We’d like to thank him and his partner, themattster111p for allowing ROG to be broadcast on WU.

Delia Kinney: Well let’s get on with the show; next up is for the PPV of the year.

David Simou: Any idea which PPV won? Any guesses?

Delia Kinney: Well it could be “Riot City Showdown”, or “High Stakes”, what about “Death Wish”?

David Simou: Shall we see?

David pulls a piece of paper out from under the desk. He looks down at it and then hands it to Delia.

David Simou: And the winning PPV is...

Delia Kinney: “Glory Games”.

David Simou: That was an awesome show; guess the Meltdown win boosted the buyrate.

Delia Kinney: You ever going to shut up about that?

David Simou: Hmmm... maybe in a couple if of months.

Delia Kinney: Well then may God have mercy on us all.

David Simou: Next up is the Tag Team of the Year award.

Delia Kinney: Now this is a tough one, ROG has been packed with top tag teams.

David Simou: At least we agree on one thing, whether it be The Sound and Chris Classic, Supply and Demand, The Dark Republic, The Puerto Rican Express and more.

Delia looks at a small card in her hand and then flashes it to Simou.

Delia Kinney: But the winning tag team is...

David Simou: The Powers That Be!

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses starts up and everyone in the building goes crazy. Rated PG and Aaron Kendrick walks out onto the stage in tuxes smiling with Ella behind them. They wave to the cheering fans and then point to the curtain where Erik Michaels bursts out. The reaction is huge. He shakes hands with PG and Kendrick and then kisses Ella. Simou walks over to them holding the statue, he hugs Michaels, gives Ella a peck and then shakes hands with PG and Kendrick. Michaels takes the trophy and raises it with both hands into the air. The five of them link hands and raise their arms together. The music slowly ends and PG, Kendrick, Ella and Erik take their places while Simou returns to the stand.

David Simou: Wooooh! That reaction was massive! I wasn’t expecting that!

Delia Kinney: Congrats Dave, hitting people from behind with steel chairs looked really difficult; you were a key a member of the group.

David Simou: Probably time we revealed the Warzone Wrestler of the Year, don’t you think?

Delia Kinney: Why not? We’ve got a whole roster full of wrestler worthy for this award but only one can win. Steve Ace, Rated PG, STL, Edgecutioner, WWEfan, The Legend Killer... there’s been a lot of top performers but the winner is the best in the business... Steve Storme!

“Slam” by Pendulum begins playing and the crowd boo loudly. Steve strides out wearing a sharp suit. He smiles smugly and walks over to the mic stand. Storme pushes his way past Simou and then hugs Delia. He picks up the award and points at it with the spare hand. Storme poses before sitting down next to Callumomac and Beth at the back of the stage. His music fades out.

David Simou: And while that was very nice, Meltdown’s Wrestler of the Year may top it. We’ve got a roster packed to the brim with icons: Ricky Reynolds, Dash Blade, Jamarius Jackson, The Sound, Jose but the man who picked up Meltdown’s highest honour... Erik Michaels!

“Welcome to the Jungle” hits again and the crowd go insane. Michaels shakes hands with Dash Blade who it sitting one side of him and then goes up to collect his award. He takes the statue from Simou and raises it into the air, a wide grin on his face. He sits back down again and the music ends. David looks at a piece of paper in his hand and smiles.

David Simou: Erik, get your ass back up here you’re the Champion of the Year!

“Welcome to the Jungle” blares through the building and Michaels looks round in disbelief. Erik springs up and makes his way to the mic stand as the crowd cheer. Erik takes the award from Delia and flashes the thumbs up sign with his spare hand. Erik slumps down in his chair and exchanges words with Rated PG. The music dies down.

Delia Kinney: Wow. I thought Steve Ace was a dead cert for that one...

David Simou: Maybe next year Delia.

Delia Kinney: Well coming up next is our penultimate award for Booker of the Year. This award is for the person backstage for has done the most for ROG.

David Simou: Yes there have been many who have helped ROG an awful lot but who has voted the best?
Delia Kinney: The list is Mattitude Follower, RKO93, guitarlegend123, Rated PG, steffiebaby140, Rated R or Lojax.

Delia Kinney: It could be anyone of them.

David Simou: But the winning Booker is the creator of ROG, the godfather... Mattitude Follower!

Delia Kinney: Well done Matt, you’ve done a hell of a lot for ROG.

David Simou: But now it is finally time for our final award, the main event of the evening. It is time to find out who is the ROG Wrestler of the Year 2008.

Delia Kinney: I’m holding out for Steve Storme, the Warzone winner and former ROG Universal Champion. But there’s always our current champ Steve Ace.

David Simou: But what about Dash Blade? Or Ricky Reynolds? Or even Jose?

Delia Kinney: They ain’t got nothing on Warzone’s finest.

David Simou takes a piece of paper from under the stand and slowly opens it. He looks delighted. Delia snatches it and stares at it in shock.

David Simou: The winner of the ROG Wrestler of the Year award 2008 is... ERIK MICHAELS!

“Welcome to the Jungle” hits again and the crowd go through the roof. Erik jumps up and walks over to the mic stand. He hugs Simou and then hugs Delia too. She just stands there in horror. Michaels calls Ella over and they kiss. Simou hands Michaels the statue and he celebrates in front of the screaming crowd.

David Simou: Thank you for watching this wonderful event! We hope to see you tomorrow night for the “Tournament of Glory”!

The show ends.
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ROG Award Ceremony 08
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