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 Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results

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Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:06 am

Percy Chapman – Red
Trent Heart – Green
Ed Richards – Violet

“Last Resort” Blares out the speakers of the arena as the camera pans throughout the audience. It eventually pans over to Percy Chapman and Trent heart who are sitting at the commentary Table.

“Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to yet another edition of ROG! Meltdown. Im Percy Chapman. The man sitting next to me is the very controversial and confrontational Trent Heart”

“Welcome folks. Last week was a great edition of meltdown without a doubt. We had a great match between The Legend Killer and Steve ace. Also we saw the last match of Blake Collins.”

“That’s right but tonight we have a six-man tag, the legend Killer taking on Dash Blade and the main event. Steve ace is going one on one with Jose. So tonight is going to be a wild ride so strap yourselves in. Let’s cross over to Ed Richards to find out what the first match is going to be.”

The Camera pans over to Ed Richards as he has a microphone in his hand.

“The following match is a tag team match”.

Then “Down Under” by Colin Hay blares through the arena as Zachary breaks through the curtain. He raises his title and then heads down the ramp.

Making his way to the ring, From Melbourne Australia. Weighing in at 256 pounds. He is the current Ring of Glory X-rated Champion. He is “The eliminator” Zachary.

The current X-Rated champ and how great was he last week. He looked unstoppable.

Your right Percy. Even though im not a huge fan Zachary is a major force at the moment And if anyone gets involved with him then they better watch out.

Zach enter’s but then “The Final Countdown” By Europe hits the arena and Claude Baker walks out to Booing fans.

And his Partner, From Paradise City and weighing in at 220 Pounds. He is Claude Baker.

He enters the ring and taunts to the fans.

We’ll Trent this guy is definitely not my favorite guy on the ROG! Roster.

You serious. He is a brilliant athlete and is extremely entertaining. Nobody can be disliked for that, now can they?

Ohh for god sake’s Trent I hate him for his stinking attitude.

As his music stops "Things Have Changed" by Bob Dylan hits the arena and Joker man walks out with the crowd going crazy. Joker man walks down the ramp.

And there opponents, Firstly from Desolation Row and weighing in at 230 pounds. Jokerman!

Here come’s the mute!

Ohh Please, Joker man is not a force to be reckoned with. You think you are so tough behind that announce table don’t you.

I sure do. Why do you ask?

Ohh God never mind.

Joker man stops at the end of the ramp and looks up at Zachary and Claude Baker. He smiles and Claude and Zachary in a sadistic way as Paul London’s theme hits. The crowd goes crazy as Jack Williams walks through the curtain.

And his partner from Phoenix, Arizona. Weighing in at 215 Pounds, Jack Williams

He runs down the ramp and stops with Joker man. Zachary and Claude Baker exit the ring as Joker Man and Jack Williams enter.

We’ll I must admit that having Zachary teaming up with Claude baker is quite Unorthodox if you know what I mean.

I thought it was genius. Think about it, we’ve got this guy who is currently our X-Rated Champion and wants to prove himself. Well here is his chance. See if Zachary can unleash his true colors tonight then I think that we are going to see a top contender in the ROG! Roster.

Sorry Trent but I highly doubt that will ever happen. The fans have been loyal to Zach and he has returned the favor.

All four men enter the ring. Zachary talks to Claude and Claude exits the ring to the apron. The same thing happens with the other team but JokerMan stays in the ring.

We’ll it looks like Jokerman and Zachary are about to start this match off.

Ding – Ding – Ding!

Jokerman and Zachary start to walk around the ring. Both men attempt for a quick grapple but to no prevail. Eventually both men stop and walk up to each other. Jokerman and Zachary lock up but Zachary starts to overpower Jokerman due to his weight and height advantage. Zachary Throws Jokerman into the corner and delivers powerful left and right blows into Joker man’s ribs. Ed Richards start to count as Zachary is driving his fists into Jokerman. Zachary stops and four and backs off. As Jokerman recovers in the corner Ed Richards talks to Zachary and Zachary just ignores it and pushes him out his way. Zachary grabs Jokerman and runs him into the opposite corner. Zachary then follows Jokerman and hits a clothesline in the corner as Jokerman falls to the floor.

“What a sickening Clothesline”

“Your not kidding, He is down for the count”

Zachary then pulls up Jokerman and hoists him up on his shoulders. Zachary walks over to the middle of the ring and goes for a total Elimination. He throws Jokerman up but Jokerman lands on his feet. Jokerman then hits a clothesline on Zachary and Zachary falls down on the canvas. Jokerman then runs to his corner and tags in Jack Williams. Williams comes in the ring and pulls up Zachary. He grabs Zachary and hits a Fisherman Suplex but only gets a two count.

“God that was close”

“Yeah im surprised though, that count seemed a bit to quick”

“Ohh come on it was fine”

William’s taunts to the fans as Zachary gets to his feet. Zachary looks a bit unstable and starts to head over to Claude Baker. He nearly tags in Baker but Williams charges at Baker and knocks him to the outside. Williams then kicks Zachary in the gut and goes for a DDT but Zachary counters it by ramming Williams into the corner. Zachary then runs Williams into the opposite corner and Jokerman Tags himself in.

“Smart move by Jokerman there”

Jokerman gets into the ring and charges straight at Zachary. Jokerman spears him to the ground and starts throwing punches on the downed and wounded Zachary. While this is happening Claude Baker is climbing back on the apron. Jokerman gets of Zachary and heads over to Claude Baker. Both men argue and eventually Baker slaps Jokerman across the face. During this time Zachary got to his feet and Zachary grabs Jokerman. He snaps a German Suplex and then tags in Claude Baker. Claude quickly covers Jokerman but only gets a two count. Claude then grabs Jokerman by the legs and applies the Prisoners in Paradise Figure 4 leg lock. Jack Williams runs in the ring but the ref stops him and holds him back from breaking the submission.

“Claude is going to make Jokerman submit, I cannot believe it.”

“Well it certainly is not looking good for Jokerman ill give you that.”

“We’ll to be honest this is going to be a great moment for Ring of glory. A great athlete making a freak mute submit.”

“Ohh shut up will you?”

As Jack Williams is heading back out the ring Claude Baker grabs the rope for leverage and the ref notice’s it. He starts to count for Claude to release the hold. Claude keeps the hold applied and the ref eventually reaches five and rings the bell.
“Here are your winner’s by Disqualification Jack Williams and Jokerman”

Jack Williams and Jokerman start to head to the back as Joker man’s theme plays. They get to the back but Claude is on his knees laughing. Zachary enter’s the ring and stares at Claude.

“I don’t know what’s happening here but it does not look good. Zachary wants to prove himself to the fans but when Claude holds you down like this then you have every right to feel pissed.”

“Ohh Come on Claude made this match for me tonight”

“The guy hardly even got an offense.”

Claude stands up and Zachary and Claude stare face to face at each other. The start to say things to each other and Zachary gets an aggressive look on his face. Zachary then Knee’s Claude Baker and hoists him up on his shoulders. Zachary then hits the total Elimination and exits the ring in fury.

The camera cut’s to advertisements.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:07 am

What an opening contest that was!

And now we will see two behemoths face off in singles action as Alcatraz goes against Randy Rampage.

“Next Contestant” starts up as Randy Rampage walks out from the back. Randy Rampage slowly makes his way to the ring and climbs up the steel steps. Randy Rampage enters the ring.

This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Miami, Florida and weighing in at 300 pounds…Randy Rampage!

Just then, the lights dim as “Locked Up” starts playing. Multiple men holding cattle prods roll Alcatraz out on a dolly. They un-strap Alcatraz. Alcatraz walks down the ramp and climbs up the steel steps. Alcatraz walks over the top rope and enters the ring.

And his opponent, hailing from Parts Unknown and weighing in at 300 pounds…Alcatraz!

There is absolutely no weight difference between these two men.

Which makes it such an even match-up.


Alcatraz and Rampage immediately lock up. Alcatraz forces Rampage into the corner and hits numerous shots. Ed Richards brings Alcatraz back. Rampage gets out of the corner and tackles Alcatraz to the mat. Rampage throws several shots at Alcatraz, all of which connect. Alcatraz throws Rampage off and gets back to his feet. Rampage runs at Alcatraz and receives a Big Boot to the face. Rampage staggers and Alcatraz lifts Rampage over his head. Alcatraz hits a Gorilla Press Slam. Alcatraz turns and bends down to grab Rampage. Alcatraz picks Rampage up and whips him across the ring. Alcatraz brings his arm up for a Clothesline but Rampage ducks under and continues running. Alcatraz turns around and Rampage connects with a Flying Lariat. Alcatraz stumbles back and leans against the ropes. Rampage runs at Alcatraz and Clotheslines Alcatraz over the top rope and brings himself to the arena floor with Alcatraz. Alcatraz falls against the barricade. Rampage lands on his feet.

Randy Rampage isn’t gonna go down without a fight!

But you admit that he will fall.

Rampage walks over to Alcatraz and grabs his head. Rampage drives Alcatraz’s head into the ring barricade. Alcatraz no sells the shot. Rampage grabs Alcatraz’s head again and rams it into the ring barricade for a second time, but to no affect. Alcatraz kicks Rampage in the knee. Alcatraz tosses Rampage back into the ring and slides in as well. Rampage starts to get to his feet and Alcatraz runs across the ring. Rampage gets up and receives the Shank. Rampage falls and Alcatraz covers. 1…2…kick out. Alcatraz gets back up and brings Rampage to his feet. Alcatraz headbutts Rampage and whips him into the corner. Alcatraz charges at Rampage, but Rampage moves. Alcatraz collides with the turnbuckle. Alcatraz turns and Rampage lifts Alcatraz onto his shoulder. Rampage tosses Alcatraz up and Alcatraz’s head slams onto the turnbuckle, with Snake Eyes connecting. Alcatraz stands, dazed. Rampage grabs Alcatraz’s throat and Chokeslams him away from the turnbuckle.

Look at the strength of Randy Rampage! First lifting Alcatraz onto his shoulder and now hitting a Chokeslam.

Alcatraz is a big guy, no doubt, but look at Rampage. 300 pounds of muscle. Seriously, if he couldn’t do that, then what’s the point?

Rampage covers Alcatraz. 1…2…kick out! Rampage gets right back up and grabs Alcatraz. Rampage kicks Alcatraz in the gut and sets him up for the Landing Pin. Rampage tries to pick Alcatraz up, but Alcatraz stands his ground. Alcatraz lifts Rampage up and flips him over. Alcatraz grabs Rampage and picks him up off the mat. Alcatraz lifts Rampage onto his shoulder and then nails the Jail Break. Alcatraz covers Rampage. 1…2…kick out! Alcatraz recollects himself and stomps on Rampage. Alcatraz exits the ring. Alcatraz walks towards the announce tables. Alcatraz tosses the timekeeper aside and grabs a steel chair. Alcatraz rolls back into the ring and brings the chair over his head. Alcatraz goes to slam down on Rampage, but Ed Richards grabs the chair. Alcatraz continues trying to slam the chair down with Ed Richards still holding it. Alcatraz uses all of his force and manages to not only swing the chair down, but flip Ed Richards clear across the ring.

What power from Alcatraz!!!

Ed Richards certainly doesn’t appreciate it, but that was quite the display.

Alcatraz hits Rampage with the chair, shrugging off what just happened to Ed Richards. Rampage twitches from the chair shot. Alcatraz lifts the chair up again, but then, Rated PG runs down the ramp with a chair of his own. PG slides into the ring and avoids a chair shot from Alcatraz. PG runs across the ring and hits Alcatraz with the chair. PG continuously hits Alcatraz with the steel chair. Alcatraz goes to one knee and PG throws the chair in Alcatraz’s face. Alcatraz catches it and then PG dropkicks the chair into Alcatraz’s cranium. Alcatraz falls back. PG exits the ring and walks up the ramp backwards with a grin on his face. Ed Richards begins to revive just as PG leaves. Rampage starts to get to his feet. Once he does, he’s still a bit dazed, allowing Alcatraz to get to his feet. Both men are in a slight stupor. Rampage turns and scoops Alcatraz onto his shoulders. Rampage spins Alcatraz out and nails the F-5. Rampage covers Alcatraz. 1…2…3!

Here is your winner, by Pinfall…Randy Rampage!

"Next Contestant" starts up as Randy Rampage gets to his feet and Ed Richards raises his arm in victory. Rated PG is on the entrance ramp, laughing at Alcatraz's pain. The show cuts to commercial.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:07 am

Percy Chapman: Here’s the 6-man tag match!

Trent Heart: Not a fan of tag matches myself…

Percy Chapman: Then how come I see you playing them all the time in the Smackdown games?

*Welcome To The Jungle plays*

Erik Michaels leads his team, Lojax and Nightmare to the ring, and the three play to the fans. They discuss who should go first, and Lojax starts off.

*Line In The Sand plays*

The fans boo as WWEFan struts to the ramp, taking along Matt Lee and Dante Diablo. WWEFan orders the two to the apron, despite Matt Lee’s protests.

Percy Chapman: This is going to be a good brawl.

The bell rings, and Lojax locks up with WWEFan, trying to out-power WWEFan, only for WWEFan to kick him in the gut and then punch him in the head. WWEFan then grabs Lojax and hits a Back Suplex on him, before putting his foot on Lojax and going into a flexing pose. ONE… Lojax kicks out, WWEFan then gets him back to his feet and elbows him in the back, dragging him to the corner and tagging in Matt Lee, who hits a Van Damniator off the top rope on Lojax. Matt Lee then gets back on the top rope and hits a Moonsault on Lojax. ONE…TWO Lojax kicks out and locks a headlock on Lee, then starts punching in Lee’s head. Lojax snaps Lee on the ground, before launching more punches at Lee. Ed Richards pulls off Lojax, who picks up Matt Lee. Matt Lee then hits an Enziguri on Lojax, who falls towards Team Michaels’ corner. Lojax tags in Nightmare, who starts pummeling Matt Lee like a sack of potatoes at farming session. Matt Lee fights back with punches, but then unloads a dropkick on Nightmare, who no-sells the freakin’ thing and chokeslams Matt Lee. Nightmare pins Matt Lee, ONE…TWO. Matt Lee kicks out, and Diablo then tags himself in and kicks the hell out of Nightmare.

Percy Chapman: Wow, what a brutal brawl coming in now!

Nightmare starts whacking at Diablo, who reacts with more punches. The two brawl throughout the ring, never letting out, until Nightmare big-boots Diablo out of the ring. Nightmare goes into the outside, but WWEFan and Matt Lee start attacking him. The two throw him back into the ring, and help Diablo back into the ring. Diablo hits Nightmare with a Discus Clothesline, before picking him up and hitting a DDT. ONE…TWO…T Lojax comes in and breaks it up, before getting tagged. Lojax lets it out on Diablo, who picks him up and slams him on the ground with a Brainbuster. Lojax goes limp, and Diablo picks him up for the Soul Reaper, but Lojax squirms out and hits a Spinebuster on Diablo! Matt Lee comes in only to get a Spinebuster, and WWEFan then spears Lojax out of no-where. Lojax then tags in Nightmare, who throws a fist at WWEFan, who goes flying. Nightmare powerbombs Matt Lee, then Big Boots Diablo in the chin, before pounding at Diablo rapidly. Ed Richards gets infront of the two, and Diablo then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Nightmare, before putting him on the ropes and rocking him up and down, before shooting up the rope suddenly and sending Nightmare to the center. Diablo goes to the center, where WWEFan tags himself in. WWEFan stomps on Nightmare, before locking on an arm-bar. But Nightmare gets back on his feet and punches WWEFan, before he turns around and hits a Suplex on WWEFan, Erik Michaels asks Nightmare for a tag, which Nightmare complies. Erik goes flat out on WWEFan, beating him like a government mule, then twisting around his waist and hitting a German suplex, then picking him up and slamming him with an Argentina Piledriver.

Percy Chapman: Intelligence, Erik Michaels is dominating.

Just then, all hell breaks loose and Lojax, Matt Lee, Dante and Nightmare start brawling outside the ring, causing Ed Richards to go off, trying to restore order. WWEFan then low-blows Erik, and uses his knee to knock him clean out


Trent Heart: YES! YES!

WWEFan falls for the pin, ONE…TWO…THREE!!

*Line in the sand plays*

Team WWEFan raise their hands together, as Erik, Lojax and Nightmare look in anger.

Percy Chapman: What a cheap victory!

Trent Heart: Still worked!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:07 am

Can you believe the action in that match?

Tis a shame how it ended, though…

But now we move on to our fourth match of the night as Black Dagger and Johnny Law battle it out in singles action.

We saw a “challenge” made by Law last week to Dagger and with Dagger’s new attitude, there was no way that he was gonna turn it down.

“Here Comes the Law” plays as Johnny Law rides into the arena on a Harley. Johnny Law revs up his motorcycle and rides down the ramp. Johnny Law rides all around the ring perimeter before getting off and climbing up the steel steps. Johnny Law climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring.

This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina and weighing in at 295 pounds…Johnny Law!

That is one sweet ride.

You’re sick, Percy!

I meant the bike…oh forget it.

The lights dim and “Pretender” plays. Black Dagger and Black Angel walk out from the back. Black Angel puts her leg over Black Dagger. Black Angel puts her leg down and spins in a full 360 rotation. Dagger pulls her back in and they begin walking down the ramp. Black Angel stays on the outside of the ring as Black Dagger enters.

And his opponent, hailing from Manchester, England and weighing in at 280 pounds…Black Dagger!

It’s hard to say this, but I think that Black Dagger might be at the strength disadvantage here.

But certainly not in the experience category.


As soon as the bell sounds, Dagger and Law get into it. They intensely brawl all around the ring. Ed Richards can’t control either man. They continue to exchange shots until Law pokes Dagger in the eye. Dagger pokes Law right back. Dagger chops at Law’s chest and backs him into the corner. Dagger pounds on Law in the corner until Law drops in the corner. Dagger runs across the ring and rams his knee into Law’s skull. Law sits in the corner, out cold. Dagger grabs Law and lifts him out of the corner. Dagger lifts Law onto the top rope and climbs up as well. Law shakes off the earlier shot to the head and punches Dagger. Dagger begins to lose balance. Law shoves Dagger down. Dagger lands on his feet. Law leaps off and nails a Flying Clothesline. Dagger falls. Law lifts Dagger up and runs across the ring. Black Angel sticks her hand into the ring and grabs Law’s foot as he runs. He doesn’t fall, but he stops in his tracks.

Black Angel’s gonna pay for that…

Law reaches over the top rope and grabs Black Angel by her hair. Law begins to pull her up onto the apron, but gets blindsides by Dagger. Dagger tackles Law and unleashes on him with a flurry of strikes. Dagger lifts Law up and brings him back into the corner. Dagger brings Law onto the top rope and then picks him up off the top rope. Dagger holds Law up and then slams him down into the mat with the Death Drop. Dagger is on his knees, glaring down at Law. Dagger grabs Law by his long hair and picks him up. Dagger whips Law across the ring. Law bounces off of the ropes and runs right into a Black Hole Slam. Dagger once again doesn’t go for the cover, but instead just breathes heavily while staring down at Law.

It looks like harming Black Angel is Black Dagger’s tick.

Dagger gets back to his feet and runs into the ropes. Dagger rebounds off and connects with a Running Leg Drop. Law gasps for air. Dagger grabs Law and lifts him off the mat. Dagger does the cut throat signal as he wraps both of his hands around the throat of Law. Dagger lifts Law high into the air and chokes the life out of him before slamming him into the mat with the Dead End. Dagger stares down at Law and covers him. 1…2…3!

Here is your winner, by Pinfall…Black Dagger!

Black Dagger gets to his feet as Ed Richards raises his arm in victory. Dagger shoves Ed Richards away and exits the ring. He checks on Black Angel. Dagger looks into the ring and snarls at the sight of Law. Dagger bends down and searches underneath the ring.

What is Black Dagger gonna do to Law?

Dagger continues searching and pulls out a tank of diesel fuel. Dagger stands and looks at Law.

Is he gonna light Law on fire!?

Dagger walks around the ring, not taking his eyes off of Law for a second. Dagger walks over to Law’s bike. Dagger looks down at the bike and back at Law. Dagger laughs and pours the diesel fuel all over Law’s Harley. Dagger picks up his foot and pulls a match out. Dagger lights the match and drops it on Law’s motorcycle. Law’s motorcycle immediately combusts. Law watches on from in the ring. Law screams out “NO!!!” as his bike burns. Dagger laughs sadistically as he and Black Angel walk up the ramp and exit the arena. Tears are seen streaming down Law’s face.

That was just wrong! Simply wrong!

When you mess with Black Dagger’s woman, there will be consequences.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:08 am

The show comes back on air and Ed Richards is in the ring with the microphone.

Welcome back folks, Up next we have a very special match for you.

That’s right; we have Dash Blade taking on The Legend Killer.

Both these guy’s can be cocky but there are great athletes so this match should be classic. Lets cross to Ed Richards so we can get this thing started.

The camera pans to Ed Richards but then “It’s a Fight” By Three Six Mafia comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans.

The Following match is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first on the way to the ring. He is from an undisclosed location. He is The Legend Killer.

The Legend Killer enters the ring and “The Way I Am” By Eminem hits and dash blade comes out from behind the curtain to screaming fans.

Here he comes, At A new dawn Dash Blade won the ROG! Rumble by eliminating WWEFan and what a moment it was for him.

Your kidding me right, Nobody and I mean Nobody is in WWEFan’s caliber and Dash Blade is far from it.

God you are so sad

And his opponent from Bronx, New York and weighing in at 198lbs. He is Dash Blade

Dash blade makes his way down the ramp while Legend killer gives him a stare. Dash Blade enters the ring and taunts to the fans. Dash Blade’s theme stops.

Ding – Ding – Ding

Dash Blade and the Legend Killer circle each other in the ring. Both men eventually lock up and Dash Blade gets the advantage due to his height. He gets the Legend Killer down on one Knee. After a bit of determination by the Legend Killer he tries to get back on his feet but Blade is to strong. Blade then throws the Legend killer to the mat and back off into his corner. The Legend Killer gets to his feet and they circle each other once again. This time Dash Blade goes for a grapple but The Legend Killer ducks the attempt and goes behind Blade. The Legend Killer then kicks Dash Blade in the back of the leg to bring him to one knee. The legend killer then goes to the front of Dash Blade and runs into the ropes. On the rebound he hits a Shining Wizard on dash blade and goes for a quick cover but only gets a two count.

What versatility there by The Legend Killer. He really got this match started didn’t he.

He sure did, but im more concerned of Dash Blade. Did he really kick out or was it a spasm that luckily got him out of the pinfall. Id gets some medical staff down here if I was Ed Richards.

The Legend Killer runs against the ropes and then hits a Flying knee on the grounded Dash Blade. The Legend Killer then starts to climb to the top rope while Dash Blade in pain due to the knee drop. The Legend Killer then jumps of the top rope and hits a successful Houston Hangover on Dash Blade. He covers Dash Blade once again but only gets a two count. The Legend Killer gets frustrated and argues with Ed Richards about the count. He grabs Ed Richards by the shirt and rams him into the corner. Ed Richards threatens to disqualify him so The Legend Killer releases his grip on Ed Richards.

We will be right back folks, don’t go anywhere

The show cuts to advertisements.

The show comes back on air and the legend Killer has thrown Dash Blade into the corner. Dash Blade is seated and The Legend Killer is on the opposite side. The Legend Killer then Charges at Dash Blade and jumps at him. The Legend Killer lands on the seated Dash Blade in the corner and performs a Bronco Buster. The Legend Killer Taunts to the Booing Fans. He then Picks up Dash Blade and runs him into the rope. As Dash bounces back The Legend Killer goes for a clothesline but Dash Blade luckily counters it into an STO.

What an STO, Which may be what he needs to get control of this match!

I doubt it Trent. Dash has been hit with numerous blows to the head

Dash Blade then picks up The Legend Killer and puts him in a vertical Suplex position. He hoists him up and holds him up until he finally drops and hits a hang time brain buster. Then Dash Blade picks up The Legend Killer and runs him into the ropes. On the rebound Dash Blade jumps up and hits a Lariat. Dash Blade then grabs The Legend Killer by The hair and pulls him up to his knees. Then Dash Gets his knee and drives it straight into the legend Killer’s Face. Blade covers The Legend Killer but The legend Killer just gets his shoulder up. The Legend Killer starts to get to his feet but is startled. Dash Blade runs him into the corner and then goes to the opposite side. Dash then signals for a stinger Splash and charges at The Legend Killer. He jumps to connect with the maneuver but the legend Killer Escapes and rolls out the bottom rope. Trent and Percy show a replay and Dash Blades forehead hits the top rope buckle.

Trent, this is not good for Dash Blade. As we have seen Dash’s head has been targeted in this Match!

I agree Percy. I guess you could say that Dash Blade hasn’t really had his head screwed on tight tonight.

Only if you could see how lame that was Trent!

Dash rolls around the ring in pain gripping his forehead. The camera goes to the outside and the Legend Killer is sitting on the stair regaining his breath. Some people in the front row tell The Legend Killer to get up but The Legend killer gives them the finger. As the fans get aggressive and security holds them back The Legend Killer laughs and gets back in the ring. He walks over to Dash Blade who is in a crawling position with his head down and goes to pick him up by his head. The Legend Killer grabs his head but Dash Hold his legs. Then Dash pulls The Legend Killer’s legs and TLK lands on his back. Dash Blade then Jumps on top of the legend Killer and delivers ruthless left and rights to his cranium. He eventually stops and gets up. Blade then taunts as the fans go crazy. Blade then walks over to The Legend Killer and Applies a Texas clover leaf on him. He turns him over and Ed Richards is asking TLK if he wants to submit. The Legend Killer scraps around the ring trying to get to a rope.

I don’t know if he is going to be able to get to the rope. There in the center of the ring.

Then Legend Killer elevates himself by using his arms but screams in pain. Eventually TLK tucks himself under Dash blade and rolls Dash Blade on his back. The Legend Killer then goes for a sharpshooter and gets it on Dash Blade. The same thing happens only this time TLK has the momentum and not Dash blade. Dash Blade gets to a rope quickly and in the process the sharpshooter is broken. Dash Holds into the ropes and wraps himself around them to gain his breath but TLK starts to stomp away on Dash Blade. Ed Richards breaks it up and warns The Legend Killer. Dash Blade grabs the rope as leverage to get to his feet but as soon as he gets to his feet Dash Blade falls back down due to a Chop Block from TLK. As soon as Dash falls back down he rolls to the outside to regain his energy. Ed Richards starts counting Dash to get back in the ring. From behind Richards The legend Killer runs at the ropes and then he runs at the side were Dash Blade is. He jumps up on the top rope and hits a Shooting star press to the outside floor.

Ohh My god that was freaking incredible!

You’re telling me, this match is just brilliant!

Both men are down and Ed Richards is counting. Ed reaches 8 and The Legend Killer slides back in the ring. Then Richards starts the count again and Dash gets in at 3. As Dash slides in the legend Killer Pulls him up and hits a twist of fate. Some of the fans give TLK a Positive reaction as TLK climb to the top rope. TLK then signals for the five star frog splash and jumps of the top rope. He connects with the frog splash and then bounces around the ring in pain. TLK then covers Dash Blade. 1…2… Kick out. TLK gets aggressive and hits a standing mushroom stomp on Dash Blade. Then TLK grabs Dash Blade and puts him in the corner. He hits multiple Knife edge chops to Dash Blade until Ed Richards reaches the count of 4 and TLK breaks it off.

Well The Legend Killer definitely got the advantage there didn’t he?

Your not wrong, Im surprised by how well he is going up against Dash blade who won the ROG! Rumble.

The Legend Killer then waits for Dash Blade to get to his feet and he then walks over to Blade. He delivers a forearm and then runs Dash into the ropes. On the rebound The Legend killer goes for a drop Sault but to no prevail and flips on his chest. Dash blade then hits a legdrop on TLK as the crowd goes crazy. Dash then picks up TLK and hoists him up on his shoulders to hit the Blade Driver. Dash walks around to each side of the ring taunting for the blade driver with TLK on his back. He goes for all four side and then stops at the side facing the entrance ramp. He nods his head and is about to hit the Blade driver but all of a sudden TLK delivers fierce elbows to Dash’s head and TLK jumps of him to the outside floor.

Ohh my, See Dash took way to long and The Legend Killer Took advantage.

And Im glad!

TLK starts to run up the ramp and Dash Blade exit’s the ring and follows. He runs up the ramp but when he gets there TLK is waiting for him. TLK goes for a clothesline on Dash as Ed Richards reaches a 4 count as both men are out of the ring. Dash then avoids the clothesline by ducking and hoists TLK up on his shoulders. He signals for a Blade driver on the entrance ramp as the crowd goes crazy.

Ohh my god no, this will break his back.

Holy crap ive got to close my eyes


Blade then delivers a Death Valley driver as the count is at 7. As soon as he hits it he bolts straight for the ring. Just before he slides in Ed Richards reaches 10 and sounds the bell.

This match is a draw due to a double count-out

Dash Blade slides in the ring and gets aggravated as the show cuts to advertisements.
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Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:49 am

Jose – Cyan

And now, it’s time for the epic Main Event encounter that we have all been waiting for.

For the first time EVER, these two men will be in the same ring. It will be former X-Rated Champion, Jose taking on the current ROG Universal Champion, Steve Ace.

And what a match this should be…

“Metalingus” starts up as Jose darts out from the back. Jose’s adrenaline is in full force as he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Jose gets up and climbs onto the ropes to pose for the fans.

This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Greenwich, Connecticut and weighing in at 215 pounds…Jose!

His momentum is flowing through his veins, but will that be enough to defeat the Universal Champion?

“Natural Born Killers” starts up as Steve Ace walks out from the back with the ROG Universal Championship around his waist. Steve Ace walks down the aisle and ascends the steel steps. Steve Ace enters the ring and unhinges his title. Steve Ace hands the title to Ed Richards.

And his opponent, hailing from Sheffield, England and weighing in at 272 pounds…he is the ROG Universal Champion…Steve Ace!

We know that he will have to defend his championship against Dash Blade at “Night of Glory II.” Dash Blade has been bested by Jose on numerous occasions.

This night can be a proving point for Steve Ace, without a doubt.


Ace and Jose circle each other. Ace calls for a Test of Strength. Jose obliges and they lock up. Ace gets a quick advantage, but Jose breaks it up with a kick to the gut. Ace bends over. Jose grabs Ace and stands him up. Jose chops at Ace’s chest. Jose backs Ace into the corner and climbs onto the second rope. Jose calls out to the crowd and looks down at Ace. Jose throws his fist, but Ace blocks it and pushes Jose off of the ropes. Ace walks over to Jose and Jose explodes with the Puerto Rican Buzzsaw Kick, but Ace ducks and avoids. Ace grabs Jose’s leg as he falls to the mat and applies the Ankle Lock, but Jose quickly grabs the ropes. Ace releases. Jose turns and sits up. Jose stares at Ace before getting back to his feet.

Well, they seem to be nicely matched against each other.

And these two have never faced off before, may I reiterate.

Ace and Jose circle each other again. They lock up this time. Ace puts Jose in a Chinlock. Jose tosses Ace off. Ace runs across the ring and takes Jose down with a Shoulder Block. Ace runs across the ring again. Jose flips onto his stomach. Ace jumps over Jose and keeps running. Ace holds onto the ropes this time. Jose springs up and goes for a Dropkick, but crashes. Ace runs at Jose and hits him with a Lariat. Jose stumbles back against the ropes. Ace charges at Jose. Jose lifts Ace up and over the top rope. Jose then goes for the Puerto Rican Buzzsaw Kick again and nails it with force. Ace drops off of the apron and falls onto the arena floor.

Steve Ace couldn’t avoid the kick that time!

Ace crawls to the barricade and lifts himself up as Jose leaps onto the top rope. Ace turns around and Jose soars off. Jose takes Ace down with a Corkscrew Moonsault. Ed Richards begins a count for both men. 1…2…3….4…Jose gets to his feet and grabs Ace…5…Jose picks Ace up and Ace rams Jose into the barricade…6…Ace rolls back into the ring…7…Jose drops to one knee…8…Jose gets back up and slides into the ring. Upon entering the ring, Ace drops an elbow on Jose’s spine. Ace gets off and runs across the ring. Jose gets to his feet and Ace nails him with a Spear.

Steve Ace might’ve just broken Jose in half with that Spear!

Ace hops up off of Jose and starts kicking him. He then pulls him to his feet and kicks him right in the gut. He follows up with a few forearm shots to the face before whipping him off the ropes. On the return, Ace batters him with a Shoulder Block. He then bounces off the ropes and comes back down on top of Jose's sternum with an Elbow Drop. He makes the cover. 1…2…kick out. Jose hurriedly gets to his feet. However, he isn't quick enough and gets a Running DDT from Ace. Ace does a bit of posing and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. He scales the turnbuckles and stands up on the top rope. He jumps off, looking for a Moonsault, but Jose gets his knees up and Ace's nose connects with Jose's knee pad. Ace holds his nose in agony and blood can be seen dripping through his fingers.

Steve Ace’s nose might be broken!

It’s odd how such a small mishap can have such big repercussions.

Jose rolls backwards and gets back on his feet. Ace crawls towards the ropes, still holding his bleeding nose. Jose measures Ace as Ace lifts himself back up with help from the ropes. Ace turns around and Jose latches on to him. Jose leaps up and nails the Flip Bottom. Jose runs over to the corner and climbs up. He raises his arm and then flips off to connect with the 450 Splash. Jose hooks Ace’s leg. 1…2…kick out!

That was a close one!

Jose almost cleanly bested the Universal Champion! That’s worth something.

Jose climbs off of Ace and hops back to his feet. Jose bends down and grabs Ace. Jose slowly lifts up Ace’s dead weight, but Ace quickly reacts and moves behind Jose. Ace hooks Jose’s arms upwards and nails a Dragon Suplex. Jose’s neck folds like an accordion on the ring canvas. Ace crawls over and covers Jose. 1…2…kick out! Without delay, Ace flips Jose onto his stomach and applies a Dragon Sleeper submission hold. Ace sits on Jose’s back as he tightens his grip. Jose seems to fade quickly, but starts to overcome as he gets onto his hands and knees. Jose crawls forward with Ace on his back.

He’s dragging 272 pounds of human flesh and bones across the ring!

Jose continues to strive for the ropes and eventually reaches them. Ace releases the hold and pushes Jose’s face into the mat, furiously. Ace grabs Jose and brings him off the mat. Ace kicks Jose in the midsection and hooks his arms for the Cop Killa. Ace lifts him up just as King of Kings runs out through the crowd. King of Kings climbs onto the apron. Ed Richards tells him to leave.

What the hell is he doing here!? He has no business with this match!

While King of Kings is distracting Ed Richards, Ella Perez runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Ace is distracted by King of Kings and still holds Jose up for the Cop Killa. Ella Perez low blows Ace and he releases Jose. Ace falls to his knees. Ella Perez exits the ring as King of Kings drops down off the apron. Jose runs across the ring and connects with a Shining Wizard. Ace hesitantly falls to the side. Jose drags Ace into the center of the ring and flips him onto his back. Jose walks to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Jose soars off immediately and nails the Spiral Tap. Jose covers Ace. 1…2…3!

Here is your winner, by Pinfall…Jose!

“Metalingus” plays as King of Kings and Ella Perez run back down the ramp and slide into the ring to celebrate with Jose. Jose calls for a mic.

Jose has defeated the ROG Universal Champion! He has just proved that Meltdown was greater than Warzone all along!!!

Let’s not forget the help that he received from King of Kings and Ella Perez, two former Warzone superstars. Speaking of which, why the hell are they even here.

You see, this is what I’m talking about! At this very moment, I stand atop the ROG food-chain by defeating the best of the best in Steve Ace and I couldn’t have done it without these people…my new partners.

New partners? What about Colton and The Chaos Kid?

Now, Colton and Chaos…I know you’re watching somewhere. Don’t get me wrong or anything. You guys are still my buds and you’ve helped me with a lot. But lately, you guys have been anything but impressive. I can’t have you guys holding me back which is why I searched for a true team, while still staying true to my heritage!

Jose is dumping his old partners!

I don’t understand…they’re the ROG Tag Team Champions, but yet, they haven’t been impressive?

This is where Ella Perez and King of Kings come in. I contacted them, being the only Hispanics on the roster, weeks before XCL even arrived. I scouted them wherever they went and found that they are fitting to be in my team…The Hispanic Dissention! Say hello to the NEW dominant force of ROG. Jose, King of Kings, and Ella Perez!

Jose, Ella, and KoK all hold their arms up and celebrate, but just as they do, “The Way I Am” plays. Dash Blade walks onto the stage. He looks incredibly disappointed and walks down the ramp.

Dash Blade had better watch out…those aren’t friendly odds.

Dash Blade climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Dash Blade stares at The Hispanic Dissention before throwing a right hand at KoK. Jose and Dash begin brawling with neither man having the clear cut advantage. Ella cuts in and jumps on Dash’s back. This slows Dash down enough for Jose to kicks Dash in the gut. KoK gets to his feet and nails the Pele’ Kick to Dash. Dash turns around and receives a Puerto Rican Buzzsaw Kick. Dash falls. KoK and Ella climb to the top rope on opposite corners of the ring. KoK leaps off and nails a 450 Splash. KoK rolls off of Dash and Ella connects with a Moonsault. Jose begins to direct traffic and orders them to lift Dash up. Dash struggles to escape their grasp. Jose kicks Dash in the gut and pulls him in. Jose nails Dash with a ring splitting Puerto Rican Destroyer.

The Hispanic Dissention have just dissected Dash Blade!

Dash lies on the mat, lifeless. KoK, Ella, and Jose all raise their hands in victory yet again.

We have the seen the birth of the next big thing in ROG tonight!

What a revelation this has been…we’re terribly sorry, folks, but Meltdown has come to an end. We’ll be back next week with “Road to Glory” fallout and we’ll finally start the journey to “Night of Glory II.” As for now, I’m Percy Chapman here with Trent Heart saying goodnight everyone!

Jose is seen squatting down, screaming in Spanish in Dash’s face. KoK and Ella understand what he’s screaming and laugh. Jose screaming is the last image shown before the camera fades to black…
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Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results Empty

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Monday Night Meltdown 8/4/08 Results
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