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 ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"

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PostSubject: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:17 am

ROG Presents its 11th Super Show, "All Guts, No Glory." It is set to take place on the 23rd of June. Each match will be contested under Hardcore or Gimmick Rules. RPing for this event is now CLOSED.

Here is the announced card:

Dante Diablo vs. Nightmare

STL vs. Edgecutioner

ROG Fallout Championship #1 Contenders Match
"Jokerman" Rob Israel vs. Callumomac

Matt Lee vs. Lojax

ROG Women's Championship
Beth Storme (c) vs. Roxanne

Special Guest Referee Match
Special Referee: The Sound
Chris Classic vs. Damien Jones

ROG Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match
Puerto Rican Express (c) vs. Ultimo Alliance vs. The Outlawz vs. Red Lightning

ROG X-Rated Championship Elimination Match
Jose (c) vs. Zachary vs. Erik Michaels vs. Flair3 vs. Black Dagger

No-Rope Barbwire Death Match
Dash Blade vs. WWEfan

ROG Universal Championship #1 Contenders Match
Rated PG vs. Alcatraz

ROG Universal Championship Stretcher Match
Steve Ace (c) vs. Steve Storme

ROG World Championship
Ricky Reynolds (c) vs. The Legend Killer
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:18 am

Percy Chapman Red
Trent Heart Green
Ed Richards Violet

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool is playing through the speakers while Pyros explodes all over the arena. The cameras are showing the fans who are loudly cheering "ROG! ROG! ROG! ROG!" and the cameras Stop at the announce table.

Hello Wrestling Fans at home, this is Percy Chapman here along my partner in crime Trent Heart, and welcome to the "All Guts, No Glory" PPV, Where all the matches are under extreme rules.

Thank you, Percy. Im Trent Heart and we are here tonight for a night of blood, sweat and tears. And from what i heard we have a huge card tonight. But let me go on record here Percy, this is my kind of PPV.

Of Course we have a huge card tonight Trent, and just about every titles from both brand are on the line tonight except for the Fallout Championship currently held by WWEFan. We have so many matches on this card tonight, so let’s start with the first match of the night. So let’s take it to the ring. Ed Richard, please take the mike.

This contest is a Hardcore match scheduled for one fall...

The Fight Song by Marilyn Manson starts playing in the speakers announcing the arrival of Dante Diablo.

Introducing first, from The City of Satan, and weighing in at 245 pounds! He is The Satanic Prophet, DANTE DIABLO!

The fans boo loudly as Dante Diablo makes his way to the ring, trying to spread what he calls the good word of Satan to the fans.

This Dante Diablo is a dangerous man in the ring but he's also a jerk.

Well i must admit that he creeps me out with his Satan preaching, but he's going to beat that nasty monster Nightmare for sure.

Im not surprised at all by what you just said Trent. Now back to Mr. Richards in the ring.

Burned blares trough the speakers announcing Nightmare's entrance.

Now introducing his opponent. He is from Parts Unknown and weight in at an amazing 330 pounds, he is Meltdown's resident monster, the 7 foot Monster NIGHTMARE!

The fans cheer loudly as Nightmare makes his way to the ring carrying a steel Chain in his hands

Why did he brings this damn chain for. Doesn't he know that chains are illegal!

Remember Trent all the matches are under extreme rules so the chain is legal tonight.

As Nightmare enters the ring, Dante Diablo jumpstart the match by hitting Nightmare with a stiff dropkick. Diablo takes Nightmare's chain and uses it to choke the living hell out of him. Diablo is still choking Nightmare but Nightmare makes it back to his feet and swings Diablo over his head and Dante Diablo lands hard on the mat. Diablo gets back up and goes for a Clothesline but Nightmare catch Diablo and hit him with a Rock Bottom out of no were. Nightmare goes outside of the ring and grabs a chair and slide back in. Nightmare hits Diablo 3 times with the chair and drops it down. Nightmare put Diablo back on his feet and hit him with a hard body slam on the mat. Nightmare grabs Diablo and put him on his shoulder and goes for a running Powerslam but Diablo manage to escape the move. Nightmare grabs the chair and swings at Diablo who ducks it. Nightmare turns around only to see Diablo dropkick the chair in his face, Sending Nightmare out of the ring.

Look at that Trent, the action is going out of the ring now.

Yeah and Diablo is in the lead now. C'mon Dante Diablo, Crush that looser so we can go to the next match.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Trent please just do your job man.

Dante Diablo Wait for Nightmare to get back on his feet and hit him with a springboard Cross Body Block that knocks Nightmare on the cement floor. Diablo looks under the ring and get a trash can lid and starts pummeling Nightmare with it. Dante Diablo grab a trash can from underneath and dump it in the ring and grab Nightmare and try to bring him in the ring but Nightmare manages to poke Diablo in the eyes and crush him with a clothesline. Nightmare grabs Diablo and rolls him into the ring. Nightmare grabs a chair and slide back in the ring. Nightmare places the chair in the middle of the ring and grab Diablo and goes for a Chokeslam on Diablo. Diablo reverses it and DDT Nightmare face first on the chair splitting him wide open and covers him.

One, Two, T......

Nightmare Kick out of the pin attempt. Diablo tells the referee to count faster next time. Diablo gets out of the ring and grab a table and slides it in the ring.

Nightmare is bleeding, i think he got split open with that DDT on the chair. What is Diablo going to do with this table.

Yep Percy, Nightmare is bleeding like the filthy pig that he is and i think the end is near for him.

Filthy Pig? I can’t believe that you call Nightmare by such a name. You disgust me Trent.

Ah shut up Percy and do your job.

Dante Diablo grab the chair previously set in the middle of the ring and smash Nightmare with a vicious shot. Diablo pick up the table and set it in the middle of the ring. Dante Diablo grabs Nightmare by the head and goes for the Darkness falls Chokeslam, but Nightmare blocks it and smash Diablo trough the table with a Chokeslam of his own. Nightmare grabs his chain and starts pummeling Dante Diablo in the head and blood starts tripping from Diablo's head. Nightmare hooks Diablo up and swings him in the ropes and goes for the big boot. Dante Diablo ducks the boot and hit Nightmare with a discuss Clothesline that gets Nightmare wobbling. Diablo goes for a swinging Neckbreaker but Nightmare uses the momentum of the spin to hit well placed DDT and covers Diablo for a pin.

One, Two, Thr....

Dante Diablo kicks out. Nightmare grab Diablo by the head and attempt a piledriver but Diablo back drop Nightmare back first on one piece of the broken table. Diablo signals for the end and attempt to hit his dreaded Soul Reaper powerbomb, but he can’t lift him. Diablo shows his frustration and slap Nightmare a couple of times and swings him in the ropes but Nightmare reverses it Diablo bounce back from the ropes only to get caught in a devastating Black hole slam on the trash can and Nightmare goes for the pin.

One, Two, Three! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Burned starts playing as the Referee raise's Nightmare's hand in victory.

Here is your winner, The Monster Nightmare!

Wow! What a brutal match! Nightmare fought real hard and came out on top.

I can't believe that you cheer for Nightmare. He cheated to win this match.

Trent, don’t forget that all of our matches tonight are under extreme rules, which means that anything goes.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:18 am

Darker Side plays.

Ed Richards: Coming to the ring, 7.0 foot tall and 330 pounds, from the fiery depths of hell, he is EDGECUTIONER!!!

The lights go black, and Edgecutioner comes out with Father Judge in tow.

Percy Chapman: This is the showdown between Edgecutioner and STL! Edgecutioner, led by his Father Judge, is a demon from hell! He’s just plain creepy!

Trent Heart: He’s the Dead One for God’s sake, he fears nobody!

Edgecutioner stands in the ring and waits for his opponent.

Get Ya Walk On plays.

Ed Richards: Coming to the ring in 300 pounds, he is from The Show Me State, he is STL!!!!

STL walks down to the ring with a very determined look on his face. He and Edgecutioner look at each-other and leap at each-other until the ref has to get between them.

Trent Heart: Haha, Edgecutioner and STL can’t wait to get their hands on each-other, this is rich!

Percy Chapman: Shut up and watch Trent.

The bell rings and Edgecutioner and STL just rip into each other, throwing punches at each other. STL starts his stiff left hands, which stun Edgecutioner enough for STL to hit another combo of punches. Edgecutioner ducks a lariat and grabs STL’s waist, hitting a German Suplex. Edgecutioner locks on a headlock, but STL hits some more stiff lefts. Edgecutioner backs away and STL slides out of the ring. Father Judge tries stomping on him, but STL takes his legs under him and reaches for a chair, taking it out and beckoning for Edgecutioner to come for him. Edgecutioner runs towards him and tries a suicide dive, only for STL to whack him on the head. STL pins him. ONE…TWO-KICK OUT!!

Percy Chapman: What great athletes. This could be a bloodbath soon!

Trent Heart: I love bloodbaths, they get ratings!

Percy Chapman: Yeah…right.

STL starts hitting Edgecutioner with the chair, but Edgecutioner takes away the chair and slams it onto STL’s waist. STL gasps for breath and Edgecutioner then slams the chair onto his skull, and throws the chair away. Edgecutioner picks up STL, but STL fights back with more stiff lefts, and Edgecutioner fights back with some stiff forearms, then takes STL’s waist and hits a back-breaker. Father Judge picks up STL and locks a Full Nelson on STL letting Edgecutioner hit a big boot. Edgecutioner grabs a 2x4 and hits STL with it. STL goes down, and Edgecutioner starts mount punching him while Father Judge screams curses at STL. The “Iron Man” grabs Edgecutioner’s arms and slams his skull into ‘Cutioner’s head, causing ‘Cutioner to stumble and get blasted with a DDT onto the concrete

Percy Chapman: Wow! What a DDT by the “Iron Man”!

Trent Heart: I thought that nickname was in Takedown! THIS is ROG!

Percy Chapman: Wait, what’s Father Judge doing!?

STL spins only to see Father Judge slam a crowbar on his head. Father Judge screams preaches to STL, and hands the crowbar to Edgecutioner, who gets STL to his knees and starts choking him out with the crowbar. Edgecutioner then batters STL’s head with the blunt end, and tosses it away. Edgecutioner picks up a table, throws it in the ring, and tosses STL back in the ring. Edgecutioner sets up the table and picks up STL, then hits another back-breaker, then goes for another back-breaker, hits it, and goes for the hat trick. STL then springs up and twists around, hits a stiff kick to the gut, hits a sharp series of chops, slams a few super-stiff lefts then hits a neck-breaker to finish the combo.

Crowd: STL! STL!

Percy Chapman: Seems the crowd really want STL to win! I hope he sends Edgecutioner back where he came from!

Trent Heart: O…K.

Percy Chapman: What did I say?

STL sets up the table in the corner, and starts stomping on Edgecutioner. Edgecutioner starts cowering as STL batters him with his foot, and STL then picks him up, and whips him towards the table. Edgecutioner reverses the whip, but STL reverses ‘Cutioner’s whip, but during the transition, grabs Edgecutioner’s waist and hits a beautiful snap Belly-To-Back suplex through the table in the corner! Edgecutioner lands upside-down and looks out of it. ONE…TWO…THR-KICK OUT!!!

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Percy Chapman: What a beautiful belly-to-back suplex.

Trent Heart: What’s so beautiful, you wood fetish freak?

Percy Chapman: You wouldn’t understand Trent, the snap, the execution. Just a perfect beautiful belly-to-back suplex.

STL picks up Edgecutioner, and hits another snap Belly-To-Back Suplex, then lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Edgecutioner uses his strength to cause STL to buckle, and fall over the top rope. Edgecutioner lands on top of STL and rolls him up. ONE…TWO…KICK OUT!! Edgecutioner grabs STL by the throat and whips him onto the barricade, and then starts battering “The Iron Man” with fists. Edgecutioner then clotheslines STL over the barricade, and the two brawl through the front row, with STL’s stiff straights really doing a number on ‘Cutioner’s face, although he wasn’t pretty to begin with. Edgecutioner nails a big boot onto STL, who slumps on the barricade, next to the announcer’s table. Edgecutioner gets himself on the barricade, grabs STL by the throat and signals for the Chokeslam. Edgecutioner gets into position, lifts up STL…only for STL to catch ‘Cutioner’s head and hit a leaping DDT/Chokeslam on each other through the announcer’s table!


Trent Heart: Well lookie doo, both of them are out cold.

Just then, Edgecutioner finds his strength, and with the help of Father Judge, puts his arm over STL. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!
Darker Side plays.

Ed Richards: Here is your winner, EDGECUTIONER!!!

Edgecutioner gets his hand raised and Father Judge gets him up. Both Edgecutioner and STL are a bloody mess, with medical staff tending to STL.

Percy Chapman: Wow, what a match! Edgecutioner and STL gave each other hell! Don’t go away folks because this is just beginning!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:20 am

The following contest is a number 1 contenders match for the Fallout Championship. Introducing first…

“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva plays over the speakers as the fans start booing. Callumomac walks through the curtain holding his briefcase. He walks down to the ring ignoring the fans as he goes.

Weighing 275 pounds. Callumomac!

Cal slides into the ring holding onto his briefcase. Cal then takes the mic from Ed Richards.

Callumomac: Ed…Ed…Ed, please allow me to introduce my opponent. Ladies and Gentlemen… please… would you turn your attention to me…my opponent for tonight, who has no chance in hell…he is a psychopathic loser who doesn’t even compare to me…ROB ISRAEL!

Oh no! Is Callumomac crazy?

This one might be short.

“Things Have Changes” by Bob Dylan plays over the speakers as Jokerman comes out running through the curtain and down to the ring. Cal quickly rolls out of the ring as Jokerman follows him. Jokerman chases Cal around the ring. Cal stops at a corner and hits Jokerman in the head with his briefcase. Cal then grabs a mic.

Callumomac: What’s the matter Rob, did you just get your bell rung? Speaking of which…Ed start the match.

Ed calls for the bell to be rung. Ding-Ding. Cal puts one foot on Rob’s chest as Ed Richards slides out of the ring to make the count, 1… kickout. Cal starts shaking his head then puts the mic up to his mouth.

Callumomac: Robby…Robby…Robby…why are you going to embarrass yourself on PPV? Just do everyone a favour and stay down next time I hit you, ok? Now get up!

Cal backs away from Jokerman giving him enough time to get up. Cal charges at Jokerman and swings his briefcase at him, Jokerman ducks as Cal hits the ring post with it. Jokerman spins Cal around and punches him in the face. Cal drops his briefcase and staggers back, Jokerman picks up the case and hits Cal over the head with it. Cal drops to the floor as Jokerman throws the case away. Jokerman picks up Cal and hits him with multiple knees to the mid section, followed with a body slam onto the floor. Jokerman then starts stomping all over Cal, who starts crawling away from him. Cal gets up to the guardrail as Jokerman keeps stomping. Jokerman grabs Cal and lifts him up to his feet. Jokerman hits Cal with various punches and uppercuts to the head. Jokerman stops for a second as Cal falls forewords, Jokerman grabs Cal around the head putting him in a headlock. Jokerman turns Cal around and tries to smash his head into the guardrail but Cal blocks it. Jokerman tries again but Cal blocks it. Cal hits Jokerman with an elbow to the ribs then hits him with a short clothesline knocking him to the floor.

Callumomac just avoided getting his face rearranged just then, but for what? Did you see Jokerman’s face when Callumomac called him by his real name?

He was not happy I will tell you that. But Callumomac is a talented wrestler, no matter how pissed Jokerman is Callumomac can take him on.

Cal picks Jokerman up by his arm then hits him with another short clothesline, Cal holds onto Jokerman’s arm and lifts him up again. Cal irishwhips Jokerman into the guardrail. Cal kicks Jokerman in the mid section then follows with some forearms to the head. Jokerman pushes Cal away but Cal comes back with a boot to Jokerman’s head knocking him into the crowd. Cal jumps over the guardrail and starts clubbing Jokerman’s back. Cal puts Jokerman in a headlock and hits him with multiple punches to the head. Cal lets go of Jokerman then belly to belly suplexs him over the guardrail. Cal jumps onto the guardrail and comes off with an elbow drop hitting Jokerman in the chest. Cal covers Jokerman, 1…2… kickout. Cal gets up with an annoyed look on his face. Cal looks under the apron and pulls out two steel chairs. Cal throws one in the ring and holds onto the other one. Jokerman starts getting up, Cal bangs the chair on the floor. Jokerman gets to his feet as Cal swings the chair but Jokerman ducks it. Jokerman grabs Cal from behind and hits him with a belly to back suplex onto the floor, Cal drops the chair upon impact. Jokerman crawls towards the apron and uses it to pull himself up. He stops on Cal’s shoulder a few times before picking him up and sliding him into the ring. Jokerman follows Cal into the ring. Jokerman picks up Cal and hits him with a shot to the head making Cal stagger backwards. Jokerman kicks Cal in the mid section then irishwhips him into the corner. Jokerman follows with a clothesline on Cal. Jokerman elbows Cal in the back of the head making him drop to the ground. Jokerman then grabs the chair and raises it above his head. Jokerman slams the chair down on Cal’s head.

What a chair shot! Someone check Cal for a concussion.

Oh he’s fine just give him some time to get up. This is a hardcore match he should be able to take more than that.

Jokerman drops the chair and picks up Cal. Jokerman hits Cal with a suplex dropping him on the chair. Jokerman covers Cal, 1…2… kickout. Jokerman grabs Cal’s head and starts punching him over and over. Jokerman gets up and hits Cal with a leg drop. Jokerman then gets up and stomps on Cal’s shoulder a few times. Jokerman grabs Cal’s arm and wraps it between the second and bottom ropes. Jokerman starts kicking Cal’s arm. Jokerman then grabs the chair. Jokerman is about to hit Cal with it but Cal manages to kick him away. Jokerman goes to hit Cal again but this time Cal kicks him downstairs. Jokerman drops to his knees, Cal follows with a kick to Jokerman’s head. Cal unwraps himself from the ropes then uses them to get up, Cal leans against the ropes for a second then hits Jokerman with an elbow drop. Cal rolls away from Jokerman holding onto his arm, Cal gets up and starts stomping all over Jokerman. Cal shakes him arm for a second before sliding out of the ring. Cal looks under the apron, he pulls out a table. Cal slides the table into the ring, Jokerman starts getting up. Cal slides into the ring and kicks Jokerman in the side of his head as he gets up. Cal picks up the table and sets it up in the corner as Jokerman gets to his knees. Cal faces Jokerman and goes to kick him again but Jokerman avoids it and hits Cal with a low blow. Jokerman gets up and sets Cal up for a fireman carry. Jokerman runs towards the opposite corner from the table and smashes Cal’s head into the turnbuckle. Jokerman doesn’t let go of Cal, Jokerman charges at the table but Cal manages to slide off Jokerman’s shoulders before he can hit the table, Jokerman just manages to avoid hitting the table. When Jokerman turns around Cal hits him with a spear putting him through the table. After a few seconds Cal gets out of the wreckage, Cal staggers a bit before dragging Jokerman away from the ropes, Cal covers Jokerman, 1…2… kickout.

How the hell did Jokerman kick out? After a spear through a table.

I’m thinking the same thing as you Trent but to put it simply the Fallout title means a lot to every competitor so winning a match to get a shot at it is well worth taking it that much further.

Cal turns to Ed questioning the count. Cal picks up Jokerman and hits him with some knees to the gut. Cal irishwhips Jokerman into the ropes and catches him with an elbow to the head, Jokerman drops to the mat, Cal follows with an elbow drop. Cal covers Jokerman, 1…2… kickout. Cal gets up and walks around Jokerman for a few seconds waiting for him to get up. When Jokerman gets up Cal goes for the Sian Cutter but Jokerman lands on his feet and hits Cal with a belly to back driver. Jokerman manages to get up before Cal, Jokerman hits Cal with some punches to the head and gut baking him into the corner. Jokerman continues with his assault until Cal drops to a seated position. Jokerman hooks Cal’s arm on the bottom rope and starts stomping on it. Jokerman backs away from Cal then hits him with a running facewash. Jokerman then picks up Cal by his injured arm and hits him with a deep armdrag, Jokerman attempts to lock Cal in the Tangled Up In Blue but Cal manages to roll him over and hook his leg. Cal goes for the STFU but Jokerman grabs Cal’s wrists keeping them from locking up. Cal headbuts Jokerman in the back on the head then puts him in the STFU. Cal starts screaming for Jokerman to tap out but Jokerman starts crawling towards the ropes. Cal legs go of Jokerman and hits him with some punches to the back of the head then drags him to the centre of the ring. Cal puts Jokerman back in the STFU, Jokerman is about to tap but he finds the chair. Jokerman grabs the chair and smashes Cal over the head with it. Cal’s grip loosens and Jokerman hits him again and again until Cal lets go. Cal rolls off Jokerman, both men are lying on the mat breathing hard and not moving. Ed Richards checks both men then starts his count, 1…2…3…4…5…6…7… Jokerman gets to his knees, Cal rolls towards the ropes, 8…9… Jokerman gets up while Cal hangs off the second rope. Jokerman charges at Cal who ducks down and pulls the top rope down, Jokerman flies out of the ring and crashes into the floor below.

What a sickening landing just there, I think Jokerman may be seriously injured after that.

It’s all part of the job. If you can’t take a beating then you’re in the wrong business.

Cal takes a second to exit the ring. Cal walks towards Jokerman and goes to pick him up but Jokerman hits Cal in the head with his briefcase. Cal drops to the ground clutching onto his head. Jokerman grabs Cal by the arm and lifts him back onto his feet. Jokerman hits Cal with the Rainy Day Nightmare then covers him, 1…2… Jokerman quickly turns the cover into the Tangled Up In Blue. Cal starts tapping out. Ding-Ding.

The winner of the match by submission and number 1 contender for the ROG Fallout Championship. JOKERMAN!

“Things have changed” by Bob Dylan hits over the speaker, Jokerman tightens his hold on Cal. Ed Richards gets Jokerman to let go and tries to raise his hand. Jokerman shoves past Ed and walks back up the ramp. After a few seconds Cal gets up holding onto his neck. Cal grabs his briefcase and holds onto it tightly, he walks back up the entrance ramp and goes backstage.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:20 am

Matt Lee vs Lojax, is the match upcoming. And it's no secret that both men have a strong distaste for the other. Lee crashed Lojax's debut, and ever since they've had a heated rivalry, with both men exchanging victories, tonight, they will give it their all, and entertain us once again, with yet another epic encounter.

Lee and Lojax, haven't used weapons in their encounters, and tonight that will change, as they compete in a hardcore match, one has to wonder what these two men can do, when weapons are involved, and I can't wait to see, how these guys beat each other up, and with their hatred for one another, I doubt either one of them will be the same, ever again.

It's a storied feud, they hate each other, and you know we are going to see all types of wrestling styles in this one, they are good adapting, and adapt they will have to do, as they battle with weapons for the first time, in this hardcore match.

Right you are. But don't expect to see there hatred for one another end here tonight. There's only one way I see this feud ending tonight, and that is if one of these men, die, here tonight. Otherwise you can bet, that they'll continue to make each others life a living hell.

The following is a hardcore match, scheduled for one fall!

shooting star crosses the monitor as Shooting Star plays on the speakers, the lights flicker on and off, until they turn off completely for a short while, when the lights come back on "The Rain Wizard" Matt Lee is seen in the middle of the ring. Lee makes a vertical jump up on the top rope, and poses for the fans before coming down.

Making his way to the ring, first from Kansas City, Missouri, he weighed in tonight at 240 pounds, and stood in at 6'4" he is "The Rain Wizard" Matt Lee!

The shooting star has come across the monitor, the lights have flickered on and off, and now "The Rain Wizard" Matt Lee is in the ring. He looks to be focused, and ready for what could be the final encounter between Matt Lee and Lojax.

I don't expect this one to end, unless one of them have there careers ended here tonight, if not, I say their hatred for one another just grows even more, and battle it out once more, in the squared circle.

Mr. Jones starts up on the speakers, the tune plays at full blast, even able to drown the fans cheering. Lojax emerges from the certain, with a hockey bag strapped around his shoulder, and a hockey stick, with the Canadian flag attached, in hand. Lojax is also wearing his Team Canada Hockey Jersey, that has his name and #10 labeled on the back, Lojax walks down the entrance ramp, and own to the ring. Lojax enters the ring, and drops the hockey bag in the corner. Lojax begins to wave the Canadian hockey stick flag around. Lojax then holds it as if it were a weapon, getting ready for the start of the match.

And the opponent, making his way to the ring, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he weighed in tonight at 122 pounds, and stood in at 6'1" he is the "The 604 Destroyer" Lojax!

Lojax, he is "The Pride of Canada" he is "The Canadian Superstar" and now he is "The 604 Destroyer". Lojax isn't the biggest man on the planet, but what he lacks in size, he makes up, in heart, strength, passion, and pure athleticism. Lojax has the tools to become a star, all he has to due is get rid of the constant problem that is Matt Lee, though the same applies for his opponent Matt Lee.

It looks as if Lojax will now use the nickname "The 604 Destroyer" showing more roots to him living in British Columbia, a Province in Canada. And Lojax certainly seems ready for this match, bringing what could be used as potential weapons to the ring.


The bell sounds, and the match begins, Lojax immediately makes use of his hockey stick and hits Lee over the head with it, Lojax then drops the stick, and jumps on top of the fallen Lee, and gets a mounted position on Lee. Lojax begins with elbow strikes to the head, Lee then shields the shots, by uses his arms to protect the face, Lojax changes gears, and starts throwing punches to the side of Lee's head, Lee then tries to block those, Lojax is able to start pounding some elbows to the face again. Lee again throws his arms up to protect his face, Lojax continues to use his elbows to strike the arms of Lee, Lojax breaks the shield Lee had, Lojax then goes for a guillotine choke, and locks it in. Lee scrums while in the choke, and uses his arms, to pound on the ribcage of Lojax. Lojax lets go of the hold, and holds his ribcage. Lee gets up to his feet, and Lojax does the same. The two men lock up, in a test of strength, it goes back and forth a short while, before Lee is able to push Lojax off, this has Lojax moving backwards, towards the ring ropes, Lojax bounces off the ropes and back towards Lee, Lojax is met with a Spinning Heel Kick, Lee makes the early cover, 1...kick out!

Lojax used the first weaponed, and got in the early offense, Lee now has the offense, and scored the first pin attempt.

Only a one count, and don't expect to see many more of those one counts.

Both Lee and Lojax are on their feet, again the two men lock up, the same result happens, and Lojax is sent back towards the ring ropes, Lojax bounces off the ropes, and towards Lee. Lee throws a kick headed towards Lojax, but Lojax has the kicked caught, Lee hops on one foot before hitting a huge Enzuguri blast, Lojax gets hit square on the head, and quickly falls to the canvas, Lee makes the cover, 1...kick out! Lojax kicks out at one, and gets up to his knees, Lee then hits a Buzzsaw like kick to Lojax, knocking Lojax back down, Lee then goes towards Lojax's head, and pulls Lojax into a sitting position by the head, Lee then runs over to the ring ropes, and bounces off them and is headed back towards Lojax, where he is able to hit the Shinning Wizard on Lojax, again Lee makes the cover on Lojax, 1...2...kick out! Lee gets off of Lojax, and immediately hits a standing Moonsault on top of Lojax, 1...2...kick out!

Lee is getting all the offense on Lojax, and it seems he has Lojax's number tonight, and the way the match is going so far, it looks Lee will pick up the win.

Of four pin attempts this match thus far, Lee has been the one to have attempted all four, while two of those attempts have scored only a one count, while the other two produced a solid two count, but not quite the three count, required to win.

Lee grabs a handful of Lojax's hair, and yanks it hard, pulling Lojax up to his feet, Lee then kicks Lojax in the mid section, and grabs hold of Lojax's head, for the DDT, Lojax grabs a tight grip around the waist of Lee, and Lee is unable to hit the DDT, as Lojax appears to have a Bearhug on Lee. Lojax quickly turns from Bearhug to Belly to Belly Suplex, tossing Lee half way across the ring. Lojax stands away from Lee, waiting for Lee to get up, Lee does a kip up to get on his feet, Lojax goes running towards Lee, with a Burning Lariat, Lee sees it coming and catches Lojax with a Drop Toe Hold, Lojax lands with his neck on the second rope, Lee sees that a 619 opportunity has opened up, Lee runs towards the ropes opposite of Lojax, and bounces off of them, and heads back towards Lee, before Lee can hit the 619, Lojax escapes from the ring, and out to the floor.

Lojax hasn't looked like his usual self in this match, as Lee has had complete control for pretty much the whole match, with Lojax only getting offense for a split second, that goes by as quick as the blink of an eye.

That may be the case, by Lojax has prevented himself from getting hurt, and did a number on Lee at the start of this match. But I will agree that Lee has been the aggressor thus far in the match, but Lojax still hasn't show any real signs of weakness, or any flaws.

Lee launches himself over the top rope, with a high Cross Body on Lojax, on the outside of the ring, Lee then makes sure Lojax's shoulders are pinned to the ground, the cover is made, 1...2...kick out! Lee waits for Lojax to get up to his feet, Lojax does just that, Lee then hits a Dropkick on Lojax, sending Lojax backwards, Lojax falls backwards and hits the barricade hard. Lee takes a few paces back from Lojax, and then takes a run towards Lojax, Lee goes for the low Dropkick, and Lojax is able to slip out of the way, Lee hits the low Dropkick to the barricade, and his legs take a beating, as does his back, which he lands on. Lojax hits a Leg Drop on top of Lee, and then makes the cover, 1...2...kick out!

Lojax is getting some more offense, and is looking more like himself after dodging what could have been a dangerous low Dropkick, and in addition he makes his first pin attempt on Lee in this match.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:21 am

Right you are. I'm surprised that weapons haven't come into play yet. I guess it's not in these mens element to use them, and if that changes, the momentum could change in a huge way.

Lojax is stomping on the chest of Lee. Lojax stops his stomping, and picks Lee up off his feet, Lojax then grabs the head of Lee, and smashes it into the top of the barricade, Lojax then smashes Lee's head against the barricade a second time, Lee's face smashes hard off the barricade, and falls to the hard ground, Lojax gives Lee another stomp. Lojax goes towards the ring, and looks under the ring for a weapon. Lojax pulls out a steel chair, and then slides it into the ring. Lojax then goes under the ring again, and pulls out a trash can lid. Lojax holds the trash can lid, in both hands, and waits for Lee to get up, Lee is getting to his feet, and Lojax strikes Lee across the head with the trash can lid, Lee falls backwards on the hard floor. Lojax then tosses the trash can lid aside, Lojax goes closer towards Lee, and picks him up, Lojax then brings Lee closer towards the ring, and rolls Lee into the ring.

Lojax has really taken control, and like you said weaponry could really be a changing factor in momentum, not much has been used, but thus far weaponry has been all Lojax, and each and every time he's used a weaponed, he has done well for himself.

That's exactly true, and whom ever, uses the weapons to better use will likely be the winner in this match, if not it'll play a big part in doing damage, and a big reason as to why one didn't lose sooner.

Lojax enters the ring, and picks up the steel chair, Lojax is calling on Lee to get up, Lee crawls towards the ring ropes, and uses them to pull himself up to his feet, Lojax comes at Lee with the steel chair and swings for Lee's head, Lee is able to roll out of the way and behind Lojax, the chair hits the top rope, and bounces back towards Lojax and hits Lojax in the face, Lojax is turned around by the chair hitting his face, Lojax has the chair in his face, and Lee hits the chair right into Lojax's face with a huge Van Damninator, the the kick by Lee collides right into the chair, which collides right into the face of Lojax, knocking Lojax right down on his bottom, Lojax is in a sitting position from the Van Damninator, Lee runs towards the ring ropes, and bounces off them, and goes straight towards Lojax, Lee hits Lojax in the face, with a low Dropkick. Lee makes the cover on Lojax, 1...2...kick out!

Kick out by Lojax, at two to prevent the three count, and what would have been a Matt Lee win.

Lee should take more advantages with the weapons, and use those to inflict further pain on Lojax, we both know that Lee can be crafty with weapons due to his high flying ability, now all he needs to do is put the pieces together.

Lee goes to the outside of the ring, and pulls out a ladder from the ring, Lee then slides the ladder into the ring, and follows behind. Lee then picks up the ladder, and goes toward the corner, where Lee then places the ladder in the corner. Lee then goes over towards Lojax, who is in the process of getting up, Lee gives Lojax a knee to the ribs, and then helps Lojax up to his feet, Lee then grabs hold of Lojax's arm and tries to whip Lojax into the ladder that is leaning against the corner, Lojax counters the Irish Whip from Lee, and turns it into an Irish Whip of his own, on Lee, and Lee goes hurling into the ladder, Lee's back rests on the ladder as he's in the corner, Lojax comes running towards him, and does a huge Corner Splash on Lee, into the ladder. Lojax backs off of Lee, and Lee falls down, the ladder follows behind Lee and lands on his back. Lojax then goes up to the top rope, and goes down with a Swanton Bomb, on the ladder on top of Lee, and Lojax connects, Lojax then immediately holds his back, and as he feels the effects from his own Swanton Bomb.

Lojax just hit a huge Swanton Bomb on The Rain Wizard, Matt Lee. But on top of Matt Lee was a ladder, and Lojax hit the ladder on contact, causing extra damage on Lee, but it also caused a lot more pain on Lojax, so was it a loss or gain, for Lojax?

I'd say gain, these two hate each other, and want to inflict as much pain as possible on one another, even if it means hurting yourself a little to do so, and if Lojax makes the cover sooner rather then later, it could pay off huge, with a one two three.

Lojax crawls towards the fallen Lee, and pushes the ladder from off of Lee, Lojax then rolls Lee over and onto his back, Lojax makes the cover, 1...2...kick out! Lojax then crawls closer to the ropes and uses the ring ropes to help himself up. Lee is on all fours, and uses that to get up, Lojax runs towards Lee, with a Spear, Lee jumps high in the air with a vertical leap, to avoid being hit by the Spear. Lojax turns around, and Lee hits the Pele Kick on Lojax. Lee picks up the hockey stick that Lojax brought with him, at the start of the match, Lee goes over towards Lojax with the hockey stick and breaks it over Lojax's back as Lojax tries to get up, Lee throws the remains of the stick into the crowd. Lee then covers Lojax, 1...2...kick out! Lee then picks Lojax up and wipes Lojax into the corner, Lee goes up and picks up the steel chair, used earlier in the match, Lee sets it up next to Lojax, near the corner, Lee then goes into the opposite corner of Lojax, Lee then runs towards Lojax, and then jumps on the set up steel chair, and quickly off it, to hit the Poetry in Motion on Lojax, with a steel chair as his aid, as opposed to a partner.

Matt Lee has shown great team work with a steel chair, maybe he should go into the tag title scene with it as his partner, and we all know how weak the tag title scene is, so maybe him alongside a steel chair could help the tag division. Lee and the chair have teamed up to hit a Van Damninator and Poetry in Motion.

I agree with the tag division being weak, but they picked up some new teams, and the champions have always been good. Lee though certainly makes a good tandem with a steel chair, I can't deny that, and I doubt Lojax would either.

Lee drags Lojax out from the corner, and to the center of the ring. Lee then goes towards the top ropes. Lee climbs the to the top rope. and then positions himself for the Moonsault. Lee looks back at Lojax, to see that Lojax is still not moving, Lee jumps from the ropes with the Moonsault, Lojax rolls out of the way protecting himself from harm. Lee hits the mat hard, as Lojax got out of the way. Lojax moves towards the head of Matt Lee, and jumps in the air, and lands both his knees of the skull of Lee. Lojax then grabs hold of Lee's arm, and drags Lee into the corner, in a sitting position. Lojax then rolls out of the ring, and pulls a hockey stick, out from under the ring, Lojax slides into the ring with hockey stick in hand, Lojax then moves towards the hockey bag that he brought to the ring, Lojax opens up the hockey bag, and pours out a few hockey pucks, Lojax lines up the pucks with the hockey stick, and then shoots the pucks at Lee, who is stuck in a sitting position, most of the pucks hit Lee in the face, causing for Lee to bleed, one of the pucks also was the cause, for Lee's eye to shut completely and swell up. Lojax goes over towards Lee, and opens Lee's legs wide open, Lojax then gets out another hockey puck, and winds up a big slapshot, Lojax slaps the puck and the scores hitting Lee in the family jewels, Lojax uses the blade of the stick to slap Lee in the face, Lojax then drops the hockey stick and pulls Lee into the center of the ring, before pinning Lee, 1...2...kick out!

Lee kicks out! Lojax probably thought he had the match won, and uses his hockey ways to kind of mock and show boat a little, before getting the pin.

It was a nice showing of hockey ability, the best hockey ability we've ever seen in the history of ROG, so you should be thankful for this, and well Lojax did some woman a favor, by preventing Matt Lee from ever getting a woman pregnant.

Lojax can't believe that Lee was able to kick out, and questions the referee, but only briefly. Lojax then begins to stop a mud hole on Lee. Lojax then proceeds by picking Lee up to his feet, Lojax then bends down and picks up the hockey stick, Lojax gets the hockey stick over the throat of Lee, and Lojax begins to choke Lee with the hockey stick, Lee scrums for a short while, before quickly fading, Lojax turns it from just a choke, into a White Russian Leg Sweep. Lojax then makes the cover on Lee, whom is now bleeding from the mouth, 1...2...kick out!

Again Matt Lee is able to kick out, before the three count, staving off a loss once more. Lojax also gave us his version of the White Russian Leg Sweep, but instead of Singapore Cane, he used a good old Canadian Hockey Stick, so I will call that moves, the Canadian Leg Sweep.

It was nice to see Lojax use that Leg Sweep, really taking advantage of the situation he was in, he realized the choke was working so he turned it into a impact move. Lojax also seems pretty damn crafty with hockey stick in hand.

Now Lojax looks really frustrated that his version of a White Russian Leg Sweep didn't put down Matt Lee. Lojax this time has a longer conversation with the referee, Lojax demands the the referee start making faster counts. Lojax then goes over towards Lee, who is still on his back, Lojax gets to Lee, and is caught off guard by Lee into a Small Package, 1...2...kick out! Lee and Lojax are both on their feet. Lojax then runs towards Lee with the Burning Lariat, Lee hits a low Dropkick to the knee of Lojax knocking Lojax down, Lee makes the cover, 1...2...kick out! Lojax gets up quickly, Lee hits the Van Damninator without a chair on Lojax, and goes for another cover, 1...2...kick out! Again Lojax kicks out. Lojax is on all fours getting up, Lee hits Lojax with a low Dropkick, causing Lojax to roll out of the ring, Lojax hits the hard ground with a big thud. Lee waits on Lojax to get up on the out side of the ring, Lojax is slow to get up but gets up, Lee jumps over the top rope and lands on the ring apron, Lee then springs off the ropes, for a top rope springboard Moonsault, on top of the standing Lojax, knocking Lojax down, and setting up a pin, 1...2...kick out! Lee pulls out a trash can, from under the ring, Lee gets up onto the apron with the trash can in both hands, held firmly across his chest, Lee jumps off the apron still holding the trash can across his chest onto Lojax for a Moonsault with the trash can, Lee then tosses the trash can aside, and covers Lojax, 1...2...kick out!

Lee was able to catch Lojax off guard, and now has momentum back on his side, as he gained lots of offense. Matt Lee also hit a pair of very impressive Moonsaults on Lojax, two Moonsaults which I thought would have been enough to put Lojax down.

The first Moonsault looked great, and then that second Moonsault with trash can in hand, looked just as great because it was weapon assisted, look really nice, and innovative, and looked like it put a hurting on both stars, with Lojax receiving more of the pain.

Lee pulls out a table from out under the ring, and sets it up next to Lojax, who is lying on the hard floor. Lee picks up Lojax, and places Lojax onto the table. Lee then slides into the ring, and then goes up to the top rope, Lee looks ready to hit the Shooting Star Press but Lojax has already rolled off the table. Lee steps down from the top rope, Lojax enters the ring, Lee is in the corner, Lojax charges Lee with the Spear, Lee uses the same Spear counter as usual, and that's a vertical leap right over it, Lojax continues forward with momentum, and his shoulder hits the solid steel ring post with much force. Lee then pulls Lojax out of the corner, and into a School Boy Pin, 1...2...kick out! Lojax gets right up from the School Boy Pin, Lee then hits Lojax with a forearm shot, Lee follows with a second forearm shot, Lee then jumps and hits Lojax with a flying forearm shot, Lee wraps his arms around the waist of Lojax, and slides around Lojax, Lee lets go of the waist lock on Lojax, and hooks both of Lojax's arms, Lee hits Lojax with the Tiger Suplex, 1...2...kick out!

A missed Spear by Lojax, has put Lojax in a bad spot, and with that Tiger Suplex, Lojax may have escaped getting counted, one, two, three, but it'll be something that haunts Lojax further down the road.

Yup, a Spear miscue by Lojax, and he goes from a good looking position to that of a terrible, and that's not good news for Lojax to get himself in another bad situation, after being in a bad one, just before his Spear miscue, though lucky for Lojax, he was able to get off the table, and avoid what certainly would have been the finish, the Shooting Star Press, by the master of the move, The Rain Wizard, himself, Matt Lee.

Lee is in disbelief that Lojax was able to find his way out of the Tiger Suplex. Lee decides he'd best cover Lojax again, Lee makes sure to hook both legs of Lojax, 1...2...kick out! Lee again disappointed with that result, once again hooks both Lojax's legs, for the cover, 1...2...kick out! Lee stops with the constant covers, and picks Lojax up, Lee locks his arms around the waist of Lojax, and slips around him, Lee lets go of the waist lock and hooks the arms of Lojax, seeking another Tiger Suplex, Lee goes for the Tiger Suplex, but Lojax counters mid move, and lands behind Lee, and then gets a waist lock of Lee, Lojax then hits a German Suplex on Lee, Lojax still has the waist locked, Lojax hits a second German Suplex in a row, Lojax still has Lee's waist locked, Lojax lets go with the third German Suplex with a release German Suplex.

And Lojax is able to counter the Tiger Suplex, and hit multiple German Suplexes on Matt Lee. Lojax hit three German's to complete the hat trick, one has to wonder, if that is enough to put Matt Lee down, for the three, after all it would work out, as one German Suplex would have Lee down for a second, and with a grand total of three German's that would put down Lee for the three count.

The hat trick, being another hockey term. Lojax and hockey seems to go hand in hand, and every thing Lojax does, always seems to relate to hockey one way or another.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:21 am

Lojax crawls over towards Lee, and makes the cover after hitting the hat trick of German's, 1...2...kick out! Lee is once again able to kick out before three. Lee is slow to get up, again Lojax comes at Lee, with the Spear, and again Lee finds a way to counter the Spear, Lee does a vertical leap over Lojax and the Spear, and before hitting the ground on the vertical leap, Lee is able to transition it, hitting a Dropkick to the back of Lojax, while the Spear was still going, Lojax lands neck first on the middle rope. Lee sees this as a perfect opportunity to hit the 619, Lee bounces off the ropes opposite to Lojax, and comes running back towards Lojax, Lee hits the 619 successfully on Lojax. Lee is now on the apron awaiting on Lojax to get back up, Lojax is getting up, Lee springs up to the top rope, and hits the Springboard DDT on Lojax, in the middle of the ring, Lee makes the cover, 1...2...kick out!

The 619, and the Springboard DDT, both hit in a row, both signatures in Lee's arsenal, and still Lojax was able to kick out.

It's proving to be another great encounter, and another bout in their storied feud.

Lee is now waiting on Lojax to get up, Lojax crawls towards the ring ropes, and uses the ring ropes to help himself up to his feet, Lojax then turns around right into Matt Lee, where Lee hits a picture perfect Hurricanerana on Lojax. Lee goes for the cover, 1...2...kick out! Lee again is waiting on Lojax to get up, after failing to put Lojax away with the Hurricanerana. Lojax crawls over to the ropes, and again uses them as his aid to get up, he staggers closer towards Lee, and Lee tries another Hurricanerana on Lojax, Lee is caught, Lojax stops the Hurricanerana, with a Powerbomb, Lojax hits the Powerbomb with success, and then pulls Lee up off the mat, still in a Powerbomb position, Lojax then hits a second straight Powerbomb, and Lojax does it once more like every thing he does, so he can complete the hat trick, hitting a triple Powerbomb pin move on Lee, the referee counts the pin, 1...2...kick out! Lee manges to get his shoulder up again. Lojax pulls Lee up by the arm, and whips Lee against the ropes, Lee bounces off the ropes, and comes back towards Lojax, Lee is tripped up by Lojax, with a Drop Toe Hold, Lee's neck lands on the middle rope. Lojax sees where Lee is, and he as well as everyone else senses The 604. Lojax towards the opposite ropes of Lee, and bounces off of them, Lojax comes running back towards Lee, and Lojax hits The 604 on Matt Lee. Lee goes flying after the kick, Lojax is now on the apron, Lee gets up, Lojax then hits an amazing Springboard Spear, on Matt Lee, finally hitting the Spear, he was so desperately trying to his, Lojax then makes the cover, 1...2...kick out!

It looks to be a battle of the Tiger Feint Kicks, Lee with The 619 and Lojax with The 604. Both men connected them and had a great follow, yet still both are unsuccessful at picking up the win.

Lojax also hit another hat trick in this match, hitting that triple Powerbomb pin, which could have spelled the end for Lee, fortunately for Lee he was just barely able to get his shoulder off the ground. Also with that Springboard Spear Lojax was able to hit on Lee, I thought Lee had been broken in half, right then and there.

Lojax picks Lee up and lifts him up onto his shoulders, in a Fireman's carry position, it looks to be the end, it looks to be the 604 Slam. Lee is struggling to get off, and this causes Lojax to move backwards, and closer to the ring ropes, Lee gets close enough to the ring ropes to wrap both his hands around the ropes, Lojax tugs at Lee, but Lee has a firm grip of the ropes, and doesn't allow for Lojax to get the 604 Slam, as he keeps a firm hold of the ropes.

Lojax wants to end it, he's looking to hit the 604 Slam, but Lee is doing everything in his pwoer to prevent it, from happening.

You got that right, Lee knows if that 604 Slam is hit, the match ends, period. Lee was smart enough to struggle and scrum, that got him close enough to get to the ropes, and that's where he was able to get a hold of those ropes, to further prevent the 604 Slam.

Lojax starts bouncing up and down, with Lee on his shoulders, causing for Lojax's shoulders to drive into Lee, Lojax then makes another big tug attempt and the hands of Lee come right off the ring ropes, enabling Lojax to hit the end, the 604 Slam, Lojax goes for the 604 Slam, Lee is able to counter the 604 Slam, mid move, Lee lands on the ring apron, and behind Lojax, Lee quickly hooks both Lojax's arms, before Lojax can turn around, Lee then hits the Tiger Suplex right over the ropes, through the table on the outside, a huge splat is made, when Lojax explodes through the table, via Tiger Suplex, at the hands of Matt Lee. Lee crawls close to Lojax, wiggling past the rubble, and places his arm over the chest of Lojax, 1...2...kick out!

I don't believe it, that had to be the greatest Tiger Suplex in the history of wrestling, and Lojax still found a way to kick out, and to top it all off Lojax looks dead, so I ask how could he kick out!?

I'd usually say instinct, but how Lojax kicked out I don't know, because not even instinct would have been enough.

Matt Lee re-enters the ring, and then finds himself headed to the top rope again, Lee gets up to the top rope, where he clutches himself in pain, Lee then jumps off the top rope, onto Lojax with the Shooting Star Press, among contact, Lee rolls off of Lojax. Lojax clutches his chest after being hit by the Shooting Star Press, and then he stops and lays absolutely motionless. Lee crawls towards Lojax, and extends his arm over the chest of Lojax once more, the referee slides over to make the count, 1...2...3!

Finally this one is over, and the deciding factor in this one, was the Shooting Star Press, Lojax wasn't able to over come the move, and fell victim by it. Lee finally ends this brutal match.

Lee may have won this one, but after seeing this, I'm sure there feud is far from over.

A shooting star flashes across the monitor again, and Shooting Star plays, full blast on the speakers, Matt Lee still remain out cold, Lojax is motionless beside the winner as well.

Here is your winner, by pin fall, "The Rain Wizard" Matt Lee!

And that announcement by Ed Richards further confirms the win by Matt Lee, in case you were having trouble believing it, like myself, because the way they were kicking out of everything, I thought it would never end.

It was a hard fought fight, neither man backed down, great moments produced, and it added gasoline to the fire, one can only wonder whats next, in the saga between these two.

The referee helps Matt Lee up to his feet, and raises his hand in victory, the referee lets go, and Lee falls over. Lee gets back up to his feet, and celebrates the win. The lights flicker on and off, and for a short pause go off, and Matt Lee is gone. Lojax still remain in the ground, but is moving.

What a match that was, and still this feud is not yet done.

This sure was a great match, and stay tuned, because there's still much, much more to come, including the main event, of the evening.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:22 am

“Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin plays over the speakers as Bethany Storme walks through the curtain. He has the Women’s title draped over her shoulder. She walks down the ramp ignoring the fans that boo her.

The following match is for the ROG Women’s championship and will be contested under hardcore rules. Introducing first from San Francisco, CA. Weighing 135 pounds. She is the reigning Women’s Champion, Bethany Storme!

Beth slides into the ring, “Glamorous” by Fergie plays over the speakers. Roxanne walks through the curtain and stares at Beth. Beth has an angry look on her face. Roxanne proceeds down the ramp.

And the challenger, from Washington, DC. Weighing 135 pounds. Roxanne!

Roxie slides into the ring, Beth instantly goes on the attack, she drops the women’s title on the ground then starts stomping on Roxie as she enters the ring. Beth grabs Roxie’s hair and pulls her to her feet. Beth starts hitting Roxie with punches and forearms to the face. Beth hits Roxie with a mat slam then gives her a stiff kick to the ribs. Beth picks up the women’s title and puts it on the top turnbuckle. Roxie gets to her feet, Beth hits her with a kick to the midsection then irishwhips her to the corner opposite to the women’s title. Beth follows with a corner clothesline then irishwhips Roxie towards the opposite corner. Roxie reverses and whips Beth into the women’s title. Beth hits the belt headfirst and staggers back. Roxie bounces off the ropes and connects with a clothesline on Beth. Roxie grabs Beth’s head and starts slamming it repeatedly into the ground. Roxie gets off Beth and walks towards the corner. She picks up the women’s title and drapes it over her shoulder, Roxie walks around the ring with the title while the fans cheer in support.

I can’t believe this, she thinks that she’s won the title. Lady you cannot beat Bethany Storme on your best day.

Hold on she’s just getting the feeling of that title. She has Beth down very early in the match and if she can keep up an offence she could very well win this match.

You seriously believe Roxanne can beat Bethany Storme, the greatest women’s champion in ROG history? Please Percy that is too much.

Well I actually do believe Roxanne can win, she is already in the head of Beth and has her down. Also greatest champion? Beth is the only Women’s champion in ROG history thus far.

Beth starts getting up, Roxie quickly charges at her. Roxie hits Beth over the back of her head with the women’s title. Roxie drops the title then covers Beth, 1…2… kickout. Roxie gets up and starts talking trash to Beth, you can hear her say Steve Ace a few times. Beth starts getting up, Roxie bounces off the ropes and goes for another clothesline, Beth ducks it, Roxie keeps running. Roxie bounces off the opposite ropes and gets hit by a dropkick from Beth. Beth hits Roxie with an elbow drop. Beth goes to the corner and climbs onto the top rope, Roxie starts getting up, Beth goes for the JLT but Roxie moves out of the way. Beth crashes into the floor as Roxie quickly climbs onto the top rope. When Beth gets up Roxie goes for a diving crossbody, it connects. Cover, 1…2… kickout. Roxie picks up Beth and hits her with some forearms to the head, Roxie hits Beth with a kick to the mid section then throws her through the second rope and to the outside. Roxie exits the ring and stands on the apron. Beth gets up, Roxie hits Beth with a diving hurricanrana from the apron. Roxie quickly gets to her feet, she pick up Beth and irishwhips her into the post. Beth bounces off the turnbuckle holding onto her face. Roxie grabs Beth by the hair and rams her into the steel post again. Roxie goes to ram Beth again but this time Beth stops herself from hitting the post. Beth hits Roxie with an elbow to the gut then smashes her face into the post. Beth then follows with a snap suplex.

There we go Bethany. See Trent that is how a woman is supposed to wrestling in this sport.

I agree the women’s division in ROG is top standard, but that doesn’t change my opinion about Bethany Storme.

But did you see how fast she hit that snap suplex? It was just simply amazing.

Beth looks under the apron, she pulls out a steel chair. Beth grabs Roxie by her hair and pulls her to her feet. Beth hits Roxie over the head with the chair making her drop to the ground. Beth goes to hits Roxie with the chair again but Roxie rolls away from her. Beth goes for another shot, Roxie rolls backwards getting to her feet then hits Beth with a jumping enziguri to the back of her head. Roxie takes her time to get back to her feet, by the time she gets up Beth has already gotten onto her knees. Roxie picks up the chair and hits Beth over the head with it. Beth drops onto the floor, Roxie place the chair on Beth’s head then jumps onto the announce table, Roxie comes off with a leg drop connecting on the chair. Roxie rolls away from Beth holding onto her leg, she uses the table to pull herself up. Roxie then drops onto Beth covering her, Ed Richards slides out of the ring to make the count, 1…2… kickout. Roxie looks up at Ed with a look of disbelief on her face. Roxie gets up then pulls Beth into a seated position, she then kicks Beth in the face. Roxie picks up Beth by the hair and throws her into the ring ripping out some of her hair in the process. Roxie looks under the ring, she pulls out a garbage can and a stop sign. Roxie puts the bin on the apron then slides into the ring and puts the sign on the ground. Beth is on her knees. Roxie picks up Beth and goes for a belly-to-back suplex on the sign, Beth elbows Roxie in the head until she lets go. Beth then follows up with a dropsalt on Roxie making her fall into the ropes, Roxie drops against the ropes and gets her arms caught in them. Beth takes a second to get up, when she does she picks up the stop sign and hits Roxie repeatedly over the head with it. Beth starts walking around the ring with the sign raised above her head, the fans are booing her.

This is disgusting. Bethany is really rubbing it in tonight.

No she’s showing everyone just why she is the Women’s Champion. She doesn’t show mercy and she breaks her contenders.

She is taking pleasure in this.

Shut up Percy Beth just picked up a mic.

Beth grabs the mic and taps it a few times. She puts it up to her mouth and starts speaking.

Bethany Storme: Listen strumpet, why don’t you take your slorley ass to Victoria’s Secret and be a lingerie model. Since you’ll never amount to anything here. You have no chance of beating me darling so why don’t you do everyone a favour and just lay down?

Beth delivers a hard kick to Roxie’s gut then drops the mic. She raises the sign above her head and smashes it over Roxie’s head making it bend in the process. Beth throws the sign away and grabs the garbage can, she puts the can over Roxie’s head then climbs up to the top rope. Beth comes off the top connecting with the JLT against the garbage can. Beth unhooks Roxie from the ropes and covers her, 1…2… Roxie puts her foot on the bottom rope. Beth pulls Roxie’s foot off the rope then drags her into the middle of the ring, she covers Roxie again, 1…2… kickout. The fans jump on their feet cheering for Roxie, Beth just stares blankly into the crowd for a few seconds.

This is unbelievable. Roxanne has managed to kick out twice following that brutal missile dropkick against the garbage can. The champ is shocked and the fans are on their feet.

These fans are morons, what ever happened to cheering whoever was better in the ring. Come on show some support for Bethany!

Beth gets up with a frustrated look on her face, she exits the ring and looks under the apron. Beth pulls out a table from under the ring then sets it up on the outside. Beth slides back into the ring where Roxie has just gotten onto one knee. Beth pulls Roxie to her feet by her hair and hits her with multiple knees to the midsection, Beth follows up with a knee to the face then a standing dropkick. Roxie drops to the floor, Beth stands over her and hits her with some stomps to the gut. Beth grabs Roxie by her leg and drags her to the ropes. Beth slides out of the ring then smashes Roxie’s leg against the apron, Beth then pulls Roxie out of the ring. Beth pulls Roxie to her feet, Roxie staggers a bit then drops onto the apron. Beth grabs Roxie by the hair and smashes her face into the table. Beth then sets up Roxie for a suplex, Roxie blocks it. Beth goes for it again but Roxie blocks. Beth hits Roxie with some punches to the ribs, Roxie quickly knees Beth in the midsection then hits her with a snap suplex on the outside. Both girls are down, Beth is rolling around with a hand over her back, Roxie is just lying in one spot. After a little while Beth starts getting up, she gets onto one knee then uses the apron to support herself. Beth goes to pick up Roxie but gets hit with a kick to the head, Bath falls against the apron as Roxie starts getting up. Roxie get up and hits Beth with some punches to the face, Roxie then rolls Beth back into the ring. Roxie grabs the table and folds it back up, she then slides it into the ring and follows it. Roxie uses the ropes to pull herself up, she gives Beth a quick kick to the ribs then sets up the table near the corner. Roxie walks up to Beth and goes to pick her up, Beth hits Roxie with some punches to the midsection, Roxie falls back a bit. Beth starts hitting Roxie with more punches to the gut and face, backing Roxie into the ropes. Beth stops for a second to taunt to the crowd and Roxie kicks her in the midsection then follows with a Roundhouse Kick.

What a roundhouse kick, right to Bethany’s face. I think she may have knocked her out.

Percy that is very unlikely. Bethany Storme cannot be KO’d.

Roxie drags Beth towards the table, Roxie lifts up Beth then puts her onto the table. Roxie scales the turnbuckle and gets to the top rope, she comes off with a moonsalt, Beth rolls off the table at the last second leaving Roxie to go through it.

Oh no!

Oh yeah, come on Bethany capitalise!

Roxanne put it all on the line in an attempt to finish this match but at what cost? Bethany rolled off the table and now Roxanne is in big trouble.

Ed Richards checks on both competitors, Beth pushes him away then starts getting up. She gets to her feet but staggers back a bit. Beth gets to the ropes and uses them to keep her balance, after a few seconds she goes after Roxie. Beth grabs Roxie by the hair and starts hitting her with punches to the head, Beth stops and rolls Roxie onto her back. Beth starts hitting her with rights and lefts. Beth gets up to her feet and grabs part of the destroyed table, she raises it above her head then drops it on Roxie. Beth drags Roxie away from the table and stomps on her gut, Beth grabs another piece of table and backs away from Roxie. Beth starts screaming out for Roxie to get up, Roxie stays on the mat. Beth drops the piece of table then advances towards Roxie. Beth goes to hits Roxie but Roxie catches Beth in an inside cradle, Ed makes the count, 1…2… kickout.

Roxie just cheated, she played possum!

Roxanne is allowed to do that and it nearly paid off, that was a very near fall.

Beth gets up very quickly and starts stomping all over Roxie. Beth bounces off the ropes and hits her with a leg drop. Beth gets up and grabs a piece of the table, she holds it under her elbow and connects with an elbow drop on Roxie. Beth holds onto her elbow for a second then puts one arm over Roxie, 1…2… kickout. Beth gets up, she is breathing hard. Beth goes to the top rope and comes off with a 450 splash, Roxie gets her knees up. Beth bounces off Roxie holding onto her midsection, Beth rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Roxie starts to slowly get up. Roxie gets to her feet and walks towards the ropes, Beth grabs Roxie’s ankles and trips her. Beth then pulls Roxie out of the ring and drops her onto the floor. Roxie starts kicking Beth, Roxie hits her with a kick to the midsection making her fall backwards into the barricade. Roxie gets back up and hits Beth with some forearms to the face, Roxie follows it with a jumping hurricanrana on Beth. Roxie gets up and looks under the apron, she pulls out a ladder much to the fans delight.

What the hell is she going to do with that?

I have no idea but whatever it is Beth is screwed.

Roxie drops the ladder on Beth then repeatedly slams it on her. Roxie leaves the ladder on Beth then climbs onto the apron, she comes off with a moonsalt connecting on Beth and the ladder. Roxie rolls off of Beth breathing really hard, Beth doesn’t move, the fans are on their feet chanting “HOLY SH*T!”

I agree with the fans here…

I think he may have killed Bethany! What a moonsalt!

Roxie is the first to get up, she lifts the ladder off of Beth then throws it into the ring. Roxie picks up Beth and slides her into the ring, Roxie follows and goes to the ladder. Roxie sets up the ladder in the centre of the ring then starts climbing it. Roxie gets to the second last step on the ladder, she tries to go on the top step but Beth pushes the ladder over, Roxie crashes back first into the mat. Beth starts pulling herself up using the ladder for support, Beth leans into the ladder and starts climbing up very slowly. Roxie rolls onto her stomach and gets up on her knees, she gets to her feet and starts climbing up the opposite side of the ladder. They both get to the top of the ladder and start trading punches. Roxie hits Beth with a hard right to the face making her lean back a bit, Roxie goes for another one but Beth blocks it then hits Roxie with a side kick to the ribs. Beth then hits Roxie with the Catnip from the top of the ladder and to the mat below. Beth puts one arm over Roxie, 1…2…3. “Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin plays over the speakers.

The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall, and still ROG Women’s Champion. Bethany Storme!

Holy Crap! What a Catnip!

Off the top of a ladder, imagine getting hit by that. Unbelievable.

I hope that Roxanne is ok after that.

I doubt it very much.

Ed Richards hands the Women’s title to Beth, she raises it about her head then rolls out of the ring and walks up the entrance ramp. Beth disappears through the curtain and Roxie is left in the ring. Roxie slowly starts getting up, when she gets to her feet the fans start applauding her. Roxie rolls out of the ring and proceeds up the entrance ramp and through the curtains.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:22 am

Classic Music plays.

Percy Chapman: Welcome back to All Guts, No Glory, the Hardcore spectacle of the Ring of Glory!

Trent Heart: Up next, “Old School” Chris Classic takes on “Drumming” Damien Jones in a special guest referee match, here comes Chris Classic.

Ed Richards: Weighing in a 252 Pounds, and from The Kayfebe Era, CHRIS CLASSIC!!
Chris waits as his opponent’s theme rings though…

Bang Your Head plays

Percy Chapman: And here’s Damien Jones!

Trent Heart: I feel that Jones has an advantage! He’s a idiot with more brawn then brains!

Ed Richards: Weighing in a 249 Pounds, and from Washington, DC, DAMIEN JONES!!

Battery plays

Ed Richards: And introducing the special guest referee, from England, he is THE SOUND!!

The Sound runs up to the ring, wearing a striped ref shirt. He stands between the two, and orders for the bell to be rung.

Trent Heart: Here it goes!

Percy Chapman: How will Chris Classic’s traditional style fare against Damien Jones’ wild, hardcore brawling?

Trent Heart: Well duh! Damien Jones will beat some modern morals into Classic!

Percy Chapman: Isn’t that bad?

Trent Heart: Shut up.

Chris Classic stalls, while Damien Jones bares his fists, ready to fight. Chris Classic tries to lock a head-lock, and Damien Jones shoves Classic off, and Classic rebounds the ropes only to get a clothesline. Chris Classic takes Jones out of his feet and locks on Jones’s head with a kneeling sleeper-hold, keeping it locked on. Jones manages to get to his feet, elbows Classic in the gut, and hits a back-drop. Damien Jones goes out of the ring, and gets a sledge-hammer, and is about to bash Classic’s head in, until The Sound distracts Jones by arguing with him over potential brain injury to Classic, which gives Classic the time to get up and low-blow Jones. Jones reacts in terror and then suffers more trauma as Classic goes Ric Flair and continues the low-blows!

Trent Heart: (Sing song) A trauma to the groin oh a trauma to the groin!

Percy Chapman: Shut up Trent.

Damien boots Classic in the face and rips off the protection from the turnbuckle. He slams a few fists into Classic’s face and then violently whips him to the corner, Classic whiplashes on the corner and falls off the ring-ropes. Damien grabs a chair, and smacks the downed Classic repeatedly. But Classic manages to take Damien’s feet and locks on a old-school leg lock. Classic puts more pressure on Jones, but Jones gets up and starts choking out Classic, then after unwrapping him, shoves him onto the announcers table, and starts choking him out with wire. Classic however doesn’t reach for the camera.

Percy Chapman: Why isn’t he reaching for a weapon to smash?

Trent Heart: Haha! What a idiot!! He’s taking his tradition too far!

Classic manages to slide out and slides around, hitting a forearm to the back. Damien slams a fist in his face, and takes Trent’s vase he was holding.

Trent Heart: MY PRECIOUS VASE!!!

Jones smashes the vase on Classic’s head, and Classic slumps. Jones pins Classic and the Sound leaps to the occasion, ONE…TWO..KICK-OUT. Classic starts elbowing Jones, who picks up Classic and runs, then power-slamming him. ONE…TWO-KICK OUT!! Jones picks up Classic and hammers his face with more blows, then starts kneeing him in the face. Jones hits a DDT on the bloody Classic, and after setting up a wooden table next to the crowd and wrapping it around in barbed wire, throws him into the ring. He gets up the top rope, and then positions Classic. He then leaps off and tries a leaping knee strike, only for Classic to move and Jones slams his knees on the canvas. Classic sees this and works on the knees, kicking them and stretching the knee ligaments. Jones grunts in pain and when he kicks off Classic, Classic then locks a front face-lock. Jones looks like he could be failing, but then he lifts up Classic and slams him with a spine-buster! Jones picks up Classic and tries a clothesline, only for Classic to move, and hit an Atomic Drop. Classic puts Jones in a head-lock, and Jones tries to hit a back-drop, only for Classic to snap him into the ground and continue to hold the lock on him, and shifts into a Sleeper Hold, in a rear-naked choke position. Classic holds on, but The Sound pretends to tie his shoe-laces, not noticing Jones submitting. Classic releases the hold in frustration, and continues to work over the knees, but then The Sound pretends to trip and slams into Classic, which gives Jones enough time to recover, and hit Classic with a clothesline. Sound hands Jones a fire-extinguisher, and Jones sprays it on Classic. Jones then slams the end on Classic, who grabs it and slams it into Jones’ gut. Jones gasps for air and Classic grabs him and Pile-drives him. ONE…TWO...T-KICK OUT!!!

Percy Chapman: Chris Classic has really been hanging on with Jones!

Trent Heart: He’ll stuff up. Just like the NWA stuffed up with WWE!

Percy Chapman: You know there were a variety of reasons the NWA fell.

Trent Heart: And one of them is your face.

Percy Chapman: Pardon?

Trent Heart: Scrap that.

Classic then latches on and locks on a Camel Clutch on Jones. Jones manages to find the strength, and after a low-blow, gets up and slams Classic into the corner, trying to wrench him off. He manages to snap off Classic, and then hits a clothesline. Jones throws Classic over the top-rope, and Classic holds on. Jones notices that the table is set up behind Classic, runs up, rebounds off the ropes and spears Classic through the second rope through the barb-wired table!


Percy Chapman: Oh my…

Classic and Jones are covered in barbed-wire, bloody and scratched, not to mention exhausted. It is a gruesome site, and Classic and Jones manage to get off the table, and weakly throw blows at each-other. Jones hits a weak clothesline and crawls over the collapsed Classic. ONE…TWO…TH. The Sound stops just before the Three!

Percy Chapman: What the hell? He’s considered friend by the both! Is he finally chosen Classic over Jones?

Classic locks a last-resort Sleeper Hold on Jones, and Jones starts tapping! But The Sound is ignoring!

Trent Heart: And has he chosen Jones instead of Classic? Make up your damn mind!

The Sound then starts stomping the both of them, and then grabs a 2x4, and waits for Jones to get up. The Sound slams it into Jones’ head, and hits a piledriver on the concrete. Jones is losing blood rapidly, and is being stomped on and kicked by The Sound. The Sound then grabs a chair and slams it onto Jones’ head, and then locks in a Crossface, locking in until Jones passes out.

Percy Chapman: Jones is out cold! Somebody help him!

The Sound smirks at Classic, who is on the ground, kneeling, panting as blood drips out all over his body, like a water tap after being switched off. The Sound slams his knee onto Classic’s shoulder, and Classic groans. The Sound punches Classic, who is still on his knees, and then kicks him in the head. The Sound then hits a elbow drop on the throat of Classic, and Classic vomits out blood as he rolls around, clutching his throat. The Sound drags Classic by the hair next to the edge of the stage, and picks him up. He kicks him in the gut, lifts him up and hits The Sound Effect out of the stage. The Sound looks at Classic’s body, limp. The Sound walks down the ramp, and screams to “Ring the damn bell!”

Percy Chapman: It seems that The Sound has declared it a no-contest. I can’t believe the carnage wrecked here.

Trent Heart: Are you talking about Carnage Creed?

Percy Chapman: Shut up Trent.

The crowd are just shocked, unable to boo or cheer The Sound as he looks upon Jones and Chris Classic being taken out by ambulance and Medical staff.

Percy Chapman: We will be right back
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:23 am

Here we go, the Tag Titles are on the line in this very special gauntlet match! Four teams are ready to wage war, and only one will walk out as champions!

Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Gauntlet for the ROG Tag Team Championships! To start, two teams will wrestle until a fall has been made, and then another team will enter the match, until only one team remains. Those two men will then be ROG Tag Team Champions!

"No Mas Control" by Roadrunner United plays over the loudspeakers, as the duo of Phobia and Psycho Dragon pass through the curtain. They walk down the ramp, giving odd stares to the fans on each of their sides. They enter the ring, Psycho Dragon flipping over the ropes, and climb to the top turnbuckles of opposite sides, where they make a sign around their waists that they want the gold.

Introducing team number one, Phobia and Psycho Dragon, the Ultimo Alliance!

"2 of Americaz Most Wanted" by Snoop and Tupac plays as the Outlawz step out of the apron, Kastro carrying a Singapore cane, Jamarius with a shopping cart full of hardcore weapons. The two walk down to the ring, flipping fans off and yelling swears to fans around them.

Their opponents, team number two, the combination of Kastro Makalevi and Jamarius Jackson, the Outlawz!!

An interesting pair-off here, with these two teams working very different styles. The Outlawz tend to lean more towards brawling and fighting with opponents, while the Ultimo Alliance is purely lucha libre.

It'll be fun to watch what plays out and who kicks the tar out of the other team here, that's for sure. They have everything to lose!

That's true, they're starting off in bad spots for this gauntlet.

The referee rings the bell and Kastro springs into action, hitting Psycho Dragon with his cane. Jamarius tries to square off with Phobia, raising his dukes to brawl, but Phobia instead delivers a swift mid-kick to Jamarius' side. Phobia connects with another kick, then another, but on his fourth try, Jackson grabs his leg. Flipping inside out, Phobia hits an amazing inverted Enziguiri, landing his foot right under Jamarius' chin, causing the street thug to roll out of the ring. Kastro is meanwhile laying into Dragon with shots to his back, but Psycho Dragon manages to dodge one shot and dropkick Kastro. Jamarius grabs his partner by the leg and takes him out of the ring, giving the team a second to re-group. Phobia, seeing this, runs and attempts to dive through the middle ropes at them, but as soon as he reaches the apron, Kastro nails him with a stiff cane shot. Phobia falls back into the ring, and Kastro re-enters. Jamarius and Dragon are in their respectful corners. Phobia picks himself up, but Kastro wraps his arm around his head and spikes him down with a DDT. Kastro goes to cover, but Psycho Dragon has already hit the ring and started stomping on him before the count can come off. Jamarius enters, bringing a trash can lid, and tries to smash it on Psycho Dragon, but Dragon rolls out of the way. Jamarius turns, and Dragon knees him in the stomach. Psycho Dragon whips Jackson into a turnbuckle, and follows, before locking an arm on his neck and sitting on the second turnbuckle, signaling a Tornado DDT. He leaps off, but Jackson throws him down to the mat, avoiding the move. Dragon picks himself up with his back towards Jackson, who runs out and drops Dragon with a Drive-By. Psycho Dragon rolls out of the ring, leaving Phobia to fend for himself.

Oh, now they've gained control! These gangsters are going to decimate Phobia!

Gangsters? You mean gangstas?

That's what I said, gangsters.

Oh, nevermind.

The Outlawz pick Phobia up and whip him off of the ropes. He runs back at them, but gets caught and powered down by a Double Spinebuster. Kastro rolls into a cover. 1 . . . 2 . . . no! Jamarius, seeing more damage needs to be done, exits the ring and grabs a steel chair. He re-enters the ring, and then lays the chair down. Kastro drags Phobia over near it, and picks him up. Lifting him high into the air, Kastro sets up for a Brainbuster. Phobia struggles out, and manages to prop his feet down and stay on the ground. Phobia turns, wrenching Kastro's arm, before delivering a well-placed spinning heel kick to his face. Jamarius cheap shots Phobia from behind, and lays an arm over the front of his neck, looking for a Jack dat Punk. Phobia again counters, but this time runs up a turnbuckle and flips, nailing Jackson with a Sliced Bread of sorts. He tucks and rolls over to his corner, where Psycho Dragon has regained himself and awaits the tag. The tag is made, but Kastro charges at Phobia before Dragon can enter the ring. Phobia ducks out of the way, and Kastro meets Dragon, who's still on the apron. Dragon grabs Kastro's head and hangs him up on the ropes. Kastro backs up, dazed, and is lifted onto the shoulders of Phobia. Psycho Dragon jumps up, springboards, and nails a Doomsday Device on Kastro. Psycho Dragon hooks Kastro's leg in a cover. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!

The Outlawz have been eliminated!

Great ring presence there by the Ultimo Alliance, they really took it to the Outlawz!

"Stricken" by Disturbed plays as the Red Lightning team consisting of Jerichoholic and JT Commons runs out to the ring and enters, immediately trying to beat the Ultimo Alliance down before they can catch a breather. Jerichoholic beats on Phobia, hitting fist after fist, before taking both he and Phobia out to the floor with a double clothesline. JT works over Psycho Dragon, nailing an elbow or two, but also dodging Dragon's shots. JT sets up for a short-arm clothesline, but Dragon ducks and attempts a neckbreaker. Commons counters, turning into Psycho Dragon, before adjusting his hands and twisting. JT Commons drops Psycho Dragon with his very own swinging neckbreaker. JT kneels down and wrenches at Psycho Dragon's head in a reverse chinlock. Dragon tries to bring the crowd in the match and starts to rally back, hitting a flurry of elbow to JT's gut. Psycho Dragon runs off of the ropes and uses them as a springboard, hitting a big crossbody that becomes a cover. 1 . . . 2 . . . no! Psycho Dragon loses no momentum, jumping back up to his feet and hitting a forearm smash, followed by a step-up Enziguiri. Psycho Dragon runs to a turnbuckle, where begins to climb, but JT is up too quickly and he's able to throw Dragon off. Commons Irish Whips Dragon and attempts a Tilt-A-Whirl sideslam, but Dragon counters at the last second and is able to lock a Dragon Sleeper on.

Oh! That move is locked on tight! The pressure must be killing JT's neck.

A Dragon Sleeper is a move invented for punishment, and that's just what Psycho Dragon is delivering here.

Jerichoholic enters the ring and hits a completely out-of-nowhere 3TF, dropping Psycho Dragon to the mat.

Oh! And the tide just may have turned!

3TF! Haha!!

JT Commons regains his composure, and then begins stomping away at Psycho Dragon's ankle. He drives a few knee shots to it, working his lower leg and ankle over. JT attempts a Spinning Toehold, but Dragon kicks him off, sending him crashing into his own corner, where Jerichoholic gets the tag. Jerichoholic enters and kicks Psycho Dragon's legs out from beneath him. He drags Dragon over to a corner and places his foot on the bottom turnbuckle. Jerichoholic jumps up and sends his inner thigh crashing down on Dragon's leg. And then again. Soon, pleased with his work, Jerichoholic kicks Dragon in the back of the head, causing him to roll over to the center of the ring. Jerichoholic attempts to lock on a Doubleshot, but Phobia enters the ring and dropkicks him before he can. Jerichoholic recovers and sucker-punches Phobia before he can exit the ring. However, he turned his back to Psycho Dragon. Jerichoholic turns and is met by an arm latching across his throat. Dragon powers Jerichoholic down with a Uranage, and locks the Dragonic Vice in.

Dragonic Vice! It's locked in, and tightly! There's no where to go!

Before Jerichoholic can tap, JT Commons enters and hits a knee drop onto Psycho Dragon, causing him to break the hold. Jerichoholic rolls into a cover. 1 . . . 2 . . . no!! Jerichoholic picks Dragon up and places him on his shoulders, looking for a Running Powerslam of sorts, but Dragon slips out and tags Phobia in.

Hot tag! Hot tag!

Phobia enters like a house of fire, delivering dropkicks to both Jerichoholic and JT. JT is up quick, and Phobia takes him back down just as quickly with a picture perfect hurracanrana. Jerichoholic is lost in the faster-paced action, and he walks right into an STO from Phobia. Again, Jerichoholic seems disoriented when he stands up, and Phobia takes advantage by whipping him into the corner. Jerichoholic manages to leap-frog over Phobia when he charges, but when Jerichoholic runs at him, Phobia takes him down with a drop-toehold into the middle turnbuckle. JT tries to hit an avalanche splash into the corner, but Phobia moves, and JT gets a mouth full of turnbuckle. Phobia locks his very own Dragon Sleeper in on JT Commons, who struggles for air. Jerichoholic sees this, and he runs at Phobia and hits a devastating Codebreaker. Jerichoholic covers. 1 . . . 2 . . . no! Psycho Dragon broke it up at the last second. JT attacks Psycho Dragon with a jumping neckbreaker from behind. Jerichoholic begins directing traffic, going outside the ring and grabbing two chairs as JT lays into Psycho Dragon with fists. Jerichoholic passes JT a chair, and together, they set up for a Con-Chair-To. Both men move forward as Psycho Dragon pops his head up and swing away, but at the last moment, Dragon breaks away and the two chairs collide with each other.

Oh! How unfortunate for those two! Haha! This is great comedy!

Well, I was going to say this is great action, but I suppose that works just as well.

JT turns around, shaking the pain from his hand and holding his chair a little too high. Phobia is holding the chair the Outlawz tried to use on him, and he smashes it against JT's chair, which smashes against JT's face. Meanwhile, Psycho Dragon sets up, and nails a swift Buzzsaw kick which sends Jerichoholic's chair smashing against him as well. Psycho Dragon drags Jerichoholic over to his partner, who places his head between his legs. Phobia lifts him up into a Powerbomb, while Psycho Dragon leaps up. Together they crush Jerichoholic with a Powerbomb and Dragon Cracker combo. Phobia covers. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!

Red Lightning has been eliminated!

These Ultimo Alliance guys are quick thinkers! They've pulled these spots and counters from seemingly nowhere!

But now, the Tag Champions are going to have their way with them!

"Metalingus/Burn In My Light" plays, as Colton and Chaos Kid dash out and take to the ring. They both stop on the apron, where they springboard. Chaos Kid hits a very unorthodox front dropkick to Phobia, practically breaking his teeth, while Colton nails a springboard Lariat that flips Psycho Dragon inside out. Colton picks Psycho Dragon up and slams him back down to the mat with a body slam. Chaos Kid grabs Phobia into a Fisherman Suplex position, but instead bounces his head off of the mat with a Fisherman DDT. The two Puerto Rican Express members look over at each other and nod. They pick their respective men up, and go for the Puerto Rican Death Drop. Colton decimates Psycho Dragon with his Twist of Fate, but Phobia slips out of Chaos Kid's and rolls him up. 1 . . . 2 . . . no!

Oh, so very, very close!

Yeah, but you can't win the Tag Titles on a fluke like that! Not against the Puerto Rican Express.

C'mon, they've already won two matches!

But they need to win three!

Colton rushes over and boots Phobia for nearly gaining a fall. He spins and nails an exact discus punch on Phobia, causing him to stumble back into a Cop Killa from Colton. Phobia's neck bounces off of the mat in a sick fashion, as Colton rolls him over and rests his elbows on Phobia's chest as a very cocky pin. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, and still ROG Tag Team Champions, Colton and Chaos Kid, the Puerto Rican Express!

Woo! What a hard fought victory!

They barely had to fight for that at all. The Ultimo Express was tired and worn, and the Puerto Rican Express just picked up the scraps.

Hey, it's all apart of the luck of the draw. And it just so happens that those PR's are pretty lucky fellas. It's going to take the entire Shark gang to stop their title reign! Haha!

You think you're funny, but there's nothing funny about this highway robbery!
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:23 am

The X-Rated Championship will be defended here tonight, in a hardcore five man elimination match.

Sounds like it should be a tremendous match, as the talent pool in the match, has much depth. Some of ROG's top stars are in this match, and only one will walk out the X-Rated Champion.

That's completely true. Erik Michaels has to be a favorite in this match as well as the current X-Rated Champion Jose.

Both men will be the favorites in this one, and both have made a huge impact here in ROG, so look for some new blood, to make an impact, I see Zach as the dark horse, he's impressed me as of late, and I think he could pull off the upset.

Very good insight, onto that, but I can tell you one think for certain, this match is going to be great. The X-Rated Champion Jose has the odds stacked against him, having a 1/5 chance of retaining.

That's true and he has a 4/5 chance of losing the X-Rated Strap. But even if some else is pinned, Jose will not get eliminated from this match, therefore he gets that bonus he wouldn't get in a normal five man match.

The following match, is a five man elimination match, for the X-Rated Championship!

The match has been announced, and is soon to start.

Let's just hope that, these superstars make their way down to the ring, quickly. Because this one is bound to be great.

Welcome to the Jungle, plays up on the speakers, and out comes the Past, Present, and Future, Erik Michaels. Michaels walks down the the entrance ramp, cocky as can be.

Making his way to the ring first, from Miami, Florida, he weighed in tonight at 213 pounds, and stood in at 6'1", he is The Past, The Present, The Future, he is Erik Michaels!

Pretender, plays loud on the speakers, as the Vampire Black Dagger emerges from the curtain, with his mysterious presence, he walks to the ring, down the ramp.

Making his way to the ring, next, from Manchester, England, he weighed in tonight at 280 pounds, and stood in at 6'3", he is The Rough and Technical Vampire, best known, as Black Dagger!

Always, plays to a loud ovation, "The Eliminator" Zachary bursts throw the curtain, and runs down the ramp full steam, but acknowledges the fans as he goes by, Zach slides into the ring.

Making his way to the ring, next, from Melbourne, Australia, he weighed in tonight at 256 pounds, and stood in at 6'2", he is "The Eliminator" Zachary!

Old Time Rock'n Roll, plays Flair3 comes out from the curtain, to a massive WOOOOOOOOOOO! From the fans. Flair3 styles and profiles his way down to the ring.

Making his way to the ring, next, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he weighed in tonight at 200 pounds, and stood in at 5'8", he is The Nature Boy, Flair3!

Metalingus, plays the X-Rated Champion, gets a big ovation. Jose emerges from the curtain, with the X-Rated Title securely fastened around his waist. Jose poses at the top of the ramp, before running down full steam, and sliding into the ring, Jose slides into the ring so fast, that he falls out through the other side. Jose then walks up the ring steps, and enters the ring, Jose pulls off the X-Rated Title, from his waist, and hands it to the referee.

And last, but certainly not least, from Greenwich, Connecticut, he weighed in tonight at 215 pounds, he stood in at 6'3", he is the The Messiah of ROG, he is your X-Rated Champion, JOSE!

All five participants are in the ring. I'm excited to see the action unfold.

I just hope this match is as goos as it should be, and it better be, after the long wait, we had, with the introductions of the wrestlers.


The bell sounds. All five men are in the ring. Jose gets forced into the middle of the ring and gets surrounded by the other competitors. Michaels and Black Dagger stand behind Jose, while Flair3 and Zach stand in front of Jose. Jose is not in a good situation, the four men come running towards Jose, and Jose rolls out with quick speed. Michaels collides with Flair3 knocking Flair3 down. Dagger knocks down Zach. Jose runs towards Dagger from behind and hits Dagger with a Dropkick, sending Dagger flying over the top rope.Zach gets up, and begins a barrage of Straight-Edge Chops to Jose. Flair3 and Michaels are brawling it up with each other, hitting each other with their lefts and rights, Michaels and Flair3 lock up, in a test of strength, Michaels uses his size as a deciding factor, and is able to control Flair3. Michaels sends his knee into the chest of Flair3 multiple times, before hitting Flair3 with a Northern Lights Suplex, 1...2...kick out!

Flair3 kicks out of a Northern Lights Suplex. To stave off his elimination.

And he kick out not a second to late, otherwise he'd be out via pin fall. Dagger is on the outside of the ring, lets see what he does.

Dagger is on the outside of the ring, and looks under the ring, for a weapon. Dagger pulls out a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. Dagger makes his way to the announce team, and grabs another steel chair, in the ring, Zach picks up the chair that Dagger threw in the ring, Zach swings the chair, at the head of Jose, but misses as Jose is able to dodge, Zach holds the chair up to his face and Jose hits a Roundhouse Kick to the chair, sending the chair face first into Zach, knocking him down. Dagger slides into the ring, with steel chair in hand, and comes up behind Jose, hitting Jose in the back of the skull with the steel chair, knocking Jose down, Jose lands face first, on the canvas. Michaels and Flair3 continue to brawl, and brawl to the outside of the ring.

In that scene, Jose was able to lay out, Zach with a steel chair, and Dagger was able to return the favor to Jose, by laying him out with a steel chair.

Meanwhile, Michaels and Flair3 continue to brawl amongst one another to the outside of the ring.

Zach gets up clutching his face, from the Roundhouse Kick, hit earlier in the match by Jose. Dagger comes towards Zach, and uses the chair as a battering ram, using it to connect with the mid section of Zach, the chair shot to the mid section has Zach clutching his mis section, Dagger winds up with the steel chair in hand, and uses in to come down full force, on the skull of Zach, busting Zach open, and knocking him down to the canvas, Zach hits the canvas and rolls out of the ring. Jose does a kip up to get back on his feet. Jose comes towards Dagger, and hits Dagger with a dropkick, to the steel chair, that Dagger is holding, which connects with Dagger's face, Dagger drops the chair and staggers backwards, Dagger bounces off the ropes towards Jose, and Jose hits the Flip Bottom on Dagger, onto the fallen chair. Jose makes the cover, 1...2...kick out!

Jose hit a great Flip Bottom, and went for the pin, unfortunately for him, Black Dagger was able to kick out before the three, thus saving himself from elimination. Michaels and Flair3 continue to brawl on the outside.

Enough about that, how about that chair shot, Zach took to the skull, via Black Dagger. Zach was busted open and hit the mat like a ton of bricks, and rolled out of the ring, sampling his own blood.

Michaels and Flair3, engage in a war of knife edge chops. Michaels quickly puts an end to it, when he backs off a little, and then runs towards Flair3 with a clothesline, Flair3 is able to avoid contact. Michaels turns around, after missing the clothesline, and is met with a thumb to the eye. Flair3 then racks both the eyes of Michaels, Flair3 then drops on his knees and gives huge low blow to Michaels, Flair3 keeps Michaels on his feet. Zach gets up, and makes his way towards Michaels and Flair3. Flair3 has hiss backed turned to Zach. Zach runs towards Michaels and Flair3, with a One Shot Kill, Zach connects with the One Shot Kill, on the back of Flair3, causing Flair3 to lunge forward, and bring down Michaels with him, both Michaels and Flair3 hit the steel barricade, hard.

What a One Shot Kill, by the master of it, "The Eliminator" Zach!

One Shot Kill! One Shot Kill! Oh my god! One Shot Kill! How I love when Zach hits his opponent with that One Shot Kill!

In the ring, Jose is having troubles keeping the Vampire, best known as Black Dagger down. Jose is stomping on Dagger, not allowing him to get up, Daggers tries swatting the stops aside, and even with the stomps coming at him, Dagger manages to get up, Jose throws his boot towards the mid section of Dagger, Jose's boot is caught by Dagger, before it could connect with his mis section, Jose doesn't look to be in a good situation, but quickly turns bad to good, as he turns the bad situation into a Mule Kick, the kick sends Dagger staggering, but isn't enough to knock Dagger down, Jose then throws another boot at Dagger, again directed towards the mid section, this time Jose connects, and goes for the Twist of Fate, Jose connects a picture perfect Twist of Fate, and only makes it look better, has the head and face of Dagger, hit the steel chair, that lay on the mat. Jose goes for the cover, 1...2...kick out!

What is it going to take for Jose, to put away Black Dagger. What Jose has done, should have been enough to put down a regular roster wrestler by now, but Dagger is proving that he is no regular.

Great display by Jose, hitting Dagger with with a nice Mule Kick, followed up by an even better Twist of Fate, onto a steel chair. Yet still Dagger is able to kick out.

Zach gets up, after hitting the One Shot Kill on Flair3. It appears that Zach, hurt his shoulder bad after the move. Zach holds his shoulder in pain, as he stomps on both Flair3 and Michaels, making sure that they stay down. Zach then enters the ring, and joins with Jose, in a beating of Dagger, the two men bring Dagger to his feet, and look ready to give Dagger, a Double DDT, Dagger though doesn't allow it to happen, and strikes both men several times, causing them to let go and slightly and momentarily stun them. Dagger then extends out his arms, and wraps his hands around the throats, of both Jose and Zach. Dagger stalls for awhile choking both Jose and Zach, finally Dagger lifts both men up high in the air, by the throat and drops them both hard of the math, with a thunderous impacting Double Chokeslam! Dagger goes over and pins X-Rated Champion, Jose, in hopes of eliminating the champion, promising for a new champ to be crowned, the referee counts the pin, 1...2...kick out! Jose is able to kick out. Dagger then makes his way to Zach, who was the other victim of the thunderous Double Chokeslam, Dagger makes the cover on Zach, 1...2...kick out! Dagger looks enraged, by having both men kick out of the pin predicament.

Dagger has had a really solid outing in this match, and looks to be a serious threat to the X-Rated Champion, Jose. With a thunderous Double Chokeslam, I thought it would spell the end of Jose's X-Rated Title reign, and spell the end, for Zach in this match.

Dagger, is now on the outside of the ring, Dagger pulls out a barbed wire covered board. Dagger enters the ring, with the barbed wire board.

Dagger has the barbed wire covered board in his hands, and places the board into the corner of the ring. Dagger picks up Zach and looks ready to throw Zach through the board, Zach resists the attempt by Dagger, long enough for Jose to get up, and come to his aid, Jose hits Dagger with a Knee Trembler, sending Dagger, hard against the board, the board doesn't break, but a snap is heard, the barbed wire gets stuck in the skin of Dagger, causing for blood to come out from his back. Zach forms as a table in the ring, beside Dagger. Jose and Zach look ready for hitting the move known as Poetry in Motion. Jose backs to the opposite corner of Dagger and Zach, and then comes running towards them, Jose instead of hitting poetry in Motion on Dagger, hits a low Dropkick on Zach, sending Zach to the outside of the ring. Dagger then gets himself out of the corner, Jose does a back roll to get away from Dagger, as Dagger reached down to try and pick Jose up. Jose them quickly props himself up to the top rope, Dagger follows behind and hops up to the ropes along with Jose, Dagger wraps both his hands around the throat of Jose, and Dagger jumps off the ropes, with a Choketoss on Jose, sending Jose all the way across the ring, and beside the barbed wire covered board. Zach gets back into the ring, and picks Jose up, Zach leans against Jose, and then looks ready to hit a One Shot Kill. Dagger is behind Zach, Dagger grabs Zach and tosses him aside, Dagger comes running towards Jose, with a huge Corner Splash, but Jose avoids, Dagger continues forward with momentum, and goes chest first, into the barbed wire covered board, the board breaks in half, and the barbed wire is attached to the skin of Dagger, who begins bleeding from the chest, as well as the back.

Dagger looks to be in bad condition, but if he's prove anything tonight, he can take pain, and it might not be enough to put Dagger down. Jose and Zach seemed to have a game plan of double teaming the Vampire, Black Dagger, but those plans where thrown out the door, and mayhem unfolded.

Meanwhile Michaels and Flair3 look to be fine again, as they are brawling once more on the outside of the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:23 am

Michaels whips Flair3 hard against the ring barricade with force, a loud thud is heard, as Flair3 hits the barricade. Michaels then clotheslines, Flair3 right over the barricade, and into the audience. Michaels is now in the crowd to, and mounts on top of Flair3, Michaels begins to unload with a barrage of elbows to the head, on the grounded Flair3, Michaels changes from elbow strikes to his lefts and rights. Flair3's face begins to both bruise and swell up, little trickles of blood comes from Flair3's face as well. Michaels then picks up Falir3 and brings him up to his feet, Michaels grabs hold of Flair3 by the hair, and smashes Flair3's face on the barricade. Michaels still has a handful of Flair3's hair, Michaels pulls Flair3 further through the crowd.

Michaels, is absolutely aggressive in this brawl he's having with Flair3. It's as if the two have had a personal and storied rivalry, this is fierce competition, and one has to wonder, it the X-Rated Championship, is on their minds, or is all thy want to do, is maim one another.

Michaels and Flair3, has almost become a completely different match, it's as if we have two matches going on at the same time, Michaels vs Flair3, and a Triple Threat between, X-Rated Champion Jose, "The Eliminator" Zach, and that Mysterious Vampire figure, Black Dagger.

Zach comes running straight at Jose, with the One Shot Kill, Jose sees it coming, and is able to side step, the dangerous One Shot Kill, Zach is forwarded by momentum, and goes right through the middle rope, and shows a great sign of athleticism by landing on his feet, preventing himself from taking damage, from a One Shot Kill, miscue. Zach then goes under the ring, and rummages for weapons. Black Dagger, is seen getting up from the corner, pulling the barbed wire out and off of him. Dagger is using the ropes to get to his feet, Dagger then pulls rights up, Jose comes towards Dagger who is placed in the corner, Jose hits the corner Shining Wizard on Dagger. Dagger falls out of the corner on to his knees, where Jose hits the Puerto Rican Buzzsaw Kick, the kick connects square on the kisser, of Dagger, and Dagger falls backwards, and onto his shoulders, Jose makes the cover on Dagger, 1...2...kick out!

I really want to know, how Dagger, is taking so much abuse, it makes me wonder, if Dagger can be beat. Zach also showed great signs of athleticism by landing on his feet, after going through the middle ropes, at full speed. Zach is still on the outside scrummaging for weapons, to use in his fight for the X-Rated Championship.

The brawl between Michaels and Flair3 is heating up again, lets take a look at what they plan on doing to one another.

Michaels and Flair3, have brawled there way through the crowd, and into the backstage area, with Michaels having the upper hand thus far, in their encounter. Flair3 starts to built momentum as he stomps on the foot of Michaels, and unloads with his signature Knife Edge Chops. Michaels chest turns a beat red, from the chops by Flair3. Flair3 then whips Michaels against the dry wall, Michaels hits the dry wall hard, and Michaels body makes an imprint in the dry wall. Flair3 then backs off a little from Michaels, and measures Michaels up for a running big boot, Flair3 comes running towards Michaels, Flair3 misses the big boot on Michaels, as Michaels side steps in the knick of time, Flair3's foot comes right through the dry wall, Flair3 can't get his foot out from the dry wall. Michaels picks up a metal bar, from off the ground, and uses it to slug Flair3 in the face, knocking Flair3 unconscious and onto the hard floor, Flair3's foot still remain in the dry wall, as the rest of Flair3 lays on the hard floor. Michaels still with the metal bar, in hand, uses it to repeatedly hit the leg of Flair3 that is stuck in the wall, this wakes up Flair3, as he begins screaming in pain. Michaels hits the dry wall with the metal bar, breaking the dry wall to free Flair3's leg. Michaels drops the metal bar, and picks Flair3 up, and hooks the head, Michaels then hits a Fishermen Suplex on Flair3, on the hard ground, Michaels walks away from the mess shouting for a referee, so he can get the pin fall on Flair3.

It's really turned into a backstage brawl between those two, it's like it has become a separate match. Michaels also delivered a deadly attack on Flair3, and Flair3 might not be the same ever again, after that deadly attack.

Couldn't agree more. And had there been a referee there, Flair3 would have been eliminated from the match, with that said, we take you now to ringside, with the other three competitors in this match.

Zach finally found the weapons he was looking for as he comes out, with a trash can full of weapons. Zach rolls the trash can of weapons into the ring, and follows behind. Jose picks up the lid, that fell out, when rolled in, Jose uses it and smashes Zach in the head with it. Dagger is up, and Jose uses the lid once more, this time on Dagger, Jose hits Dagger, in the head with the trash can lid, the trash can lid folds around the head of Dagger, among impact, Dagger doesn't fall down, Jose pulls out a Singapore Cane from the trash can, and strikes the rib cage of Dagger several times over, Dagger is really hurting, Dagger tries using his arms as shields, but it doesn't help, as the Cane shots by Jose only numb the arms of Dagger, Jose follows up by breaking the Singapore Cane over the head of Black Dagger, hitting Dagger on the folded up trash can lid, and skull of Dagger. Dagger falls right on his bottom, and then lays motionless. Zach pulls out a steel chain, from the trash can lid, Zach wraps it around his hand, and smashes Jose in the back of the head with it. Zach then unravels the chain from his hand, and wraps it around the neck of Jose, until Jose starts coughing up blood, Zach finally lets go, and the chain mark is clearly visible around the neck of Jose.

This match is absolute mayhem, heck this whole card is absolute mayhem, and the worst is yet to come.

Michaels has found another referee, we take you backstage to Michaels with this new referee.

Michaels and the referee, make their way to the area where Michaels and Flair3 recently fought, the mess remains there, but Flair3 does not. Flair3 appears behind Michaels, with fishing line, and wraps it around the neck of Michaels, Flair3 is choking out Michaels, into an unconscious state. Michaels face as turn purple, Flair3 lets go, and Michaels drops straight to the hard floor. Flair3 walks over to the snack table and clears it off. Flair3 grabs two handfuls of Michaels's hair, and drags Michaels closer to the table. Flair3 then picks up Michaels by the hair, and then gets ready to hit the Spine Buster, Michaels counters the only way he knows how, Michaels sticks his thumb right in the eye of Flair3, blinding Flair3, blood begins to rush from the eye of Flair3, as he looks to have lost an eye. Michaels then gets a good hold on Flair3, and hits Flair3 with the Michnoku Driver II on Flair3, through the former snack table. Michaels and Flair3 both lay motionless for awhile, until Michaels begins moving, Michaels then crawls closer to Flair3 and extends his arm, over top of Flair3's chest, the referee makes the count, 1...2...3! Michaels crawls off Flair3 and towards the wall, Michaels leans himself against the wall and sits down. Paramedics rush towards Flair3 and attend to him, before loading him up on the stretcher.

Flair3 has been eliminated from the match, via pin fall, by Erik Michaels!

Good thinks paramedics are attending Flair3, I don't think Flair3 will ever be the same again, and it appears he's lost an eye, but I can't tell with all that blood on his face, via that eye.

Who cares, about Flair3, the first elimination of the match has been made. Now Michaels can join in on the real match, and this match will go from two matches, to just one match, like indented. Let's go to the ring now, and lets hope Michaels joins in soon, after all he has the momentum, to win this match, after scoring the first elimination.

Dagger is getting up to his feet again. Zach pulls out a fire extinguisher from the trash can, Zach uses the fire extinguisher on Dagger, and Dagger gets covers, in the white extinguish, Zach then uses the fire extinguisher as a weapon driving it into the skull of Dagger, causing Dagger to bleed from the skull. Jose crawls behind Zach and rolls Zach with a School Boy Pin, 1...2...kick out! Jose then makes his way over to Dagger, and covers him, 1...2...3!

It looks like no one is giving in, and with that said, I wonder when and if there's going to be another elimination.

Of course there ain't going to be another elimination, at least not until Michaels joins in this match.

Jose goes to the outside of the ring to rest. Jose leans against the ring. Zach and Dagger, both are up and in the middle of the ring, both without weaponry. Zach throws a few punches to the skull of Dagger, then begins the barrage of Straight-Edge Chops, Dagger's bloody chest, turns even redder, Zach then hooks the head of Dagger, and pulls it lower for some knee strikes, this bruises up the face of Dagger, Zach lowers the head even more, and goes for the Elimination DDT, Dagger's bloody face hits the mat with a bloody splat, and a blood stain is left, in a showing. Zach makes the cover on Dagger, 1...2...kick out!

Oh what a kick out! I though it was finally the end, of Black Dagger in this match, how I was wrong.

The name of the move had the fitting name, for getting rid of Black Dagger, but I guess the Elimination wasn't quite enough to get the elimination.

Jose pulls out a ladder from under the ring, with much trouble, has Jose shows signs of fatigue, and pain. Jose finally has the ladder completely out from under the ring. Jose then tries to pick up the ladder but has much strain. Jose then leans it against the announce table making it easier to pick up. After leaning the ladder against the announce table, Jose is able to pick up the ladder, and you can see Jose is after trouble, lugging around the long, and heavy metal ladder. Jose slides the ladder into the ring, with some troubles.

I'm going to be honest it doesn't look like Jose will be retaining his X-rated Title, because if he has problems getting the ladder into the ring, how much trouble will he have, with Zach, Black Dagger, or Erik Michaels?

You appear to be right, Jose doesn't look like he has much chance to retain.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:23 am

Michaels is coming back to the ringside area, making his way through the crowd. Michaels jumps the barricade to get to the outside area around the ring. Michaels then hits Jose in the back of the head, before Jose can get in the ring. Michaels slides into the ring and picks up the ladder, that Jose brought in. Dagger quickly rolls out of the ring, leaving just Michaels and Zach in the ring, Michaels with ladder in hands as a battering ram, runs towards Zach, Michaels hits Zach, right on the forehead, causing for a gushing cut, which leads to blood gushing from the forehead. Zach lays on the ground, with his head in a pool of blood.

Michaels, took along time sitting in the back, chilling and relaxing after eliminating Flair3 earlier in the match, and now appears to be quite fresh, and it showed with the way he was able to wield the ladder.

Michaels is here, expect the eliminations to start rolling in.

Michaels stands a top of Zach, Michaels then drives the ladder, straight into the sternum, of Zach, Michaels leaves the ladder in the sternum, instead of hitting Zach multiple times, instead, Michaels just puts his weight on the ladder and this cuts the breath of Zach, it looks as if Zach's face is turning purple, but you can't be so sure, with all the blood covering his face. Michaels lets go, and drops the later to the side. Michaels picks up Zach, for the Northern Lights Suplex, and Michaels is able to connect with the Northern Lights Suplex, on the ladder, 1...2...the referee realizes that Zach's shoulders are not quite on the ground, as Zach's shoulder is hanging off the tip of the ladders edge.

Michaels looks pretty irate, and "The Eliminator" Zach prove to be very lucky, not so much for his well being, but for his chance to gain the gold.

It should have been the end for Zach, I'm pissed and Michaels has every damn right to be irate, after all Zach should be out of this contest.

Black Dagger gets back in the ring, and with a bag of thumb tacks, Dagger drops the bag right away, and hits Michaels in the back with a clubbing back blow. Dagger then hits an Inverted DDT on Michaels. Dagger moves over to the bag of thumb tacks and pours them all over the ring. Dagger moves back towards Michaels, Dagger grabs a handful of hair, and pulls Michaels to his feet, Dagger places, Michaels head between his legs, Dagger then lifts Michaels up for the Fast Asleep Powerbomb, Dagger has Michaels high in the air, and brings Michaels crashing down with the Fast Asleep Powerbomb on the tacks, Michaels hits the tacks with huge impact, several hundred tacks stick in the back of Michaels, as the blood pours from his back, Michaels lays in to much pain to cringe. Dagger stands towering over Michaels, laughing, at what he has done.

What a Powerbomb by Black Dagger! That Powerbomb put Erik Michaels to sleep! It put Erik Michaels Fast Asleep!

Damn right! I don't think I want Michaels to win anymore, nor to I think he even has a chance, he's sleeping with the angels now.

Jose gets back into the ring, and unloads with a Puerto Rican Combination of Kicks, the kicks send Dagger staggering backwards and against, the ropes, Jose then hits a flying forearm, sending Dagger over the top rope. Jose then picks up the ladder, this time with less trouble, Jose sets it up, in a position where he can jump on Michaels. Jose then climbs to the top of the ladder. Jose gets to the top of the ladder, and prays, Jose comes flying off the top of the ladder with an amazing 900 SPLASH! Jose is on top of Michaels, the referee runs over to check on their well being, suddenly the referee realizes he must count the pin, 1...2...3!

Erik Michaels has been eliminated, via pin fall, by Jose!

A 900 SPLASH!? Am I dreaming? I must!? I am!? No I can't be, that was stuff of legends, I don't believe my eyes. I've see 450 splashes, 630 splashes, heck even an odd 720 splash, but never in my wildest dreams would I ever expect to see a 900 SPLASH! And I didn't just botch my commentary folks, that was indeed a 900 SPLASH! Just to make sure, you believe, get the man or woman sitting beside you, to pinch you, to make sure you are indeed not dreaming. In fact, Trent could you pinch me?

It'd be my pleasure Percy.

OWWWW, that hurt, I was only kidding! I know it happened, even if I wet myself in the process.

You wet yourself? You really are a baby. But the a 900 splash is amazing, but indeed possible, and proven, just look at Jose, but it was off a ladder you know, and it's double the height of the corner ring post, and 900 is double 450, so it doesn't strike me as anything to special, just something that doesn't happen often.

I'm not a BABY! It was just a figure of speech.

Then what exactly is that wet spot on your pants? Anyways we are down to the final three, Zach, Black Dagger, and the X-Rated Champion himself, JOSE! Lets get back down to the action.

Zach gets back up to his feet, Dagger gets back into the ring, and looks to be after Jose, but Zach hits Dagger from behind, Dagger turns around, and goes to hit the head of Zach, but Zach ducks, Dagger tries again, and once more Zach is able to duck, Zach then begins to use his signature, Straight-Edge Chops on the Dagger, Zach then kicks Dagger in the mid section, and hoists Dagger, on his shoulders, in a fireman's carry position, Zach shows his true character, holding Dagger on his shoulders, Zach looks ready for the Total Elimination, Zach proceeds with the Total Elimination, Dagger counters mid move, and lands behind Zach, with Dagger behind Zach, it allows for Dagger to set up the Wakey Wakey, Reverse Death Valley Driver, Dagger connects perfectly with the Wakey Wakey, and Zach lands hard, on some of the remaining, thumb tacks, causing for more blood then what would have normally occurred, Zach doesn't look to good, and Dagger has an evil grimace on his face, once more.

What a Reverse Death Valley Driver, best known as Wakey Wakey, but I'll never truly understand, because that move doesn't wake his opponents up, it puts them to sleep, so a more fitting name would be, Sleepy Sleepy, because that move certainly put Zach to Sleep.

You know what I have to agree with you. It looks like Zach is done is this match, and Dagger will be the head man, in charge of putting him away.

Dagger picks up Michaels, by the throat and up to his feet, the pick Dagger, leaves his hand wrapped around the throat of Zach, and chokes Zach. Zach begins to cough out blood, Zach completely fades out, Dagger gives off a sinister laugh, and then hits Zach with the Dead End, referee slides over to make the count, 1...2...3

"The Eliminator" Zachary has been eliminated, via pin fall, by Black Dagger!

The Sit Down Chokebomb is this mans finisher, and it put the finishing point on Zach. It truly was the Dead End for Zach.

Once again I have to see myself agreeing with you, Zach fell into the Dead End, and is death was imminent. And now we are down to the final two, Black Dagger and the X-Rated Champion himself, JOSE!

Jose and Dagger are the only two men left in the match, and they stand toe to toe, against each other in the middle of the ring, both bruised and battered, and in addition, bloody. The two have an intense stare down, with Dagger, motioning the belt around his waist. Jose retaliates by raising his hand, in a sign of victory, both men look to lock up.

Intense, confrontation between the two, before they let all go.

I wonder what will happen next, will Dagger end the X-Rated Title reign of Jose? Or will Jose over come the odds and retain against Black Dagger?

The two men lock up in the center of the ring. The test of strength goes back and forth, showing that Jose can not only fly, but battle it out with the biggest and baddest, Dagger displays his usual strength. Both men struggle to show signs of dominance. Eventually Dagger, gets the upper hand, and uses his brute strength and shear force and ruthless aggression to get control, Dagger bends the hands of Jose back, in an attempt to break Jose's hands.

Jose lets off a a loud scream in s showing of agony, Dagger must be really putting a hurting on Jose's hands.

It doesn't look like much, but it has the potential to break Jose's hands.

Dagger throws Jose, and Jose goes flying into the corner, Dagger comes running towards Jose, and hits Jose with a running Corner Splash, Dagger then hits another, and then follows it up with yet another. Dagger doesn't stop there, as he this time hits the Corner Clothesline, on Jose. Together the two men are in the corner, advantage Dagger.

I'm starting to think Jose's reign as X-Rated Champion is over.

Your just starting to think that, I've thought that his reign would have ended earlier in this match.

Dagger hits Jose a few times in the corner, before tossing Jose out of the corner, with a big Belly to Belly Suplex, Jose is hurled across the ring and into the opposite corner. Dagger makes his way over to Jose, as Jose is getting up, Dagger hits a running Big Boot on Jose, and Jose falls back into the corner, Dagger fishes Jose out of the corner, with another big Belly to Belly Suplex, again hurling Jose into the opposite corner.

Those were two of the biggest Belly yo Belly Suplexs I've ever seen.

Dagger is doing what it takes to win, and that's rag dolling the former champion.

Jose hasn't lost yet, and he still may win...

Jose will lose, may as well get use to calling him the former champion, and no Jose will not win this match, simple as that.

Jose is getting up on all fours, Dagger give off yet another sinister laugh before he proceeds. Dagger charges towards Jose, and hits Jose, with a knock out, running Knee Punt. Dagger stands over top of Jose, and motions the belt around his waist, and screams at the top of his lungs, with his laugh.

Jose is being mocked here, and there's nothing he can do about it.

He's helpless Percy, he's absolutely helpless.

Dagger picks Jose up by the hair, and lifts him to his feet. Dagger whips Jose, against the ropes, and Jose bounces back towards, Dagger, where Jose is met with the Black Hole Slam, Dagger makes the cover on Jose, 1...2...kick out!

I don't believe it, Jose kicked out, of what was sure to be the end, of this match.

Jose just saved himself for the time being, but at the end of this one, he will lose this match, that I can promise.

Again Dagger lifts Jose up to his feet, Dagger gets ready to hit the Dead Drop, but before it can get anywhere, Jose manages a low blow. Dagger falls to his knees, this leads to an opening for Jose, and Jose hits the Puerto Rican Buzzsaw Kick on Dagger. Jose falls back after the kick. Jose then pulls himself together and gets back up to his feet.

An offensive move by Jose! Jose is back in the match, Jose is back in the match!

Well he is, but he won't be for long, and like I said that's a promise.

The crowd is backing Jose, and Jose is feeling it. Jose is pumped. Dagger is getting back up, Jose hits a stiff kick to the jaw, it only phases Dagger, and Dagger gets right back up, Jose gives Dagger a big kick to the mid section, and sticks Daggers, head between his legs, Jose rolls his arms signaling, Puerto Rican Destroyer, Jose then hits the Puerto Rican Destroyer on Dagger. Dagger's head and neck folds, as it hits the mat hard.

Puerto Rican Destroyer! Puerto Rican Destroyer! The Sick Flip Piledriver, is the end, get the fat lady and tell her to sing! This one is over!

I don't believe it!

Jose doesn't look for the cover but instead goes to the top rope. Jose gets a massive pop from the fans in attendance. Jose comes flying off the top rope, with his finishing Spiral Tap, Jose hits it with perfection, and makes the cover, 1...2...kick out!

Dagger kicked out! Dagger kicked out!

I don't believe it, that has to be the first time in the history, of ROG, that one man has broke out of both Jose's finishing moves, all in the same sitting. I don't believe it, I just don't believe it.

Jose is in a state of shock, his face tells a story, Jose is stunned, and not moving. Finally Jose pulls himself together, Jose vacates the ring, and then looks under the ring for something. Jose pulls out from under the ring a garlic necklace and a stake. Jose enters the ring, and places the garlic necklace around the neck of the Vampire, best known as Black Dagger, then with both hands Jose drives the stake in the shoulder of Dagger. Jose exits the ring again, and goes under the ring, in search of something else, Jose finds what he was looking for and pulls it out from under the ring, a sledgehammer, Jose enters the ring, with sledgehammer in hand. Jose then uses the sledgehammer to drive the stake into Dagger, blood goes everywhere, as the stake goes deep into Dagger. Jose then toss the sledgehammer out of the ring, and makes the cover, 1...2...3!

Black Dagger has been eliminated, via pin fall, by JOSE!

It looks as if Jose was prepared, he got the two things, Vampires hate most, and used it to win the match, and I'm glad Jose didn't drive the stake in the heart of Dagger, otherwise Dagger would have died in the ring, none the less it'll defiantly require shoulder surgery, and likely time off.

I don't believe it, I just don't believe it! Black Dagger lost, but he lost in the only way possible, and it defiantly was a surprise ending to say the least.

Metalingus plays full blast on the speakers, but it's drowned out by the fans in attendance, as they roar when the music plays, signally the win for Jose. The referee raises Jose's hand in victory, the referee grabs the X-Rated Title and hands it to Jose. Jose clutches the X-Rated Title against his chest, and cherishes the moment, before raising it high in the air, Jose makes his way to the top rope, and poses with the belt, before exiting the ring, Jose goes up the entrance ramp, and when he gets to the top, he makes sure to pose one last time, before vanishing.

Here is your winner, of the five man elimination hardcore match, The Messiah of ROG, The Greatest High Flier EVER, he is still your X-Rated Champion, he is JOSE!

Jose over came the odds, he silenced the everybody who doubted him, what a match, what a match, anyone who payed money to see this, got more then they bargained for, what a match, oh my god, what a match, this PPV has been awesome, I love it, and there's more to come.

It was an amazing match, great finish, but a little disappointed that Jose walked out still X-Rated Champion. This wasn't the main event, but it could have been on any other show, so I anxious to see what's next.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:24 am

Voiceover: orange

A video package flashes onto the screen. There is a closeup of an empty, darkened arena. As the camera continues to close in on the ring, it is revealed that the ropes have been replaced with barbwire. Suddenly, about a gallon of a read liquid spills into the ring from above. The whispering intro to "Bodies" by Drowning Pool plays. Just when the music starts several clips of mostly Japanese wrestlers (with a few American wrestlers as well) competing in Barbwire Death Matches play with a red filter on it. The music grows softer as a deep voice begins to speak.

The No-Rope, Barbwire Death Match. Popularized by the Japanese and, due to it's Hardcore nature, is rarely seen in America. Even in Hardcore promotions such as the original ECW only used this match once after seeing the damage it can cause to a wrestler's health. The match shows the ropes replaced by strands of barbwire, leaving the competitors trapped like animals in four rows of unforgiving barbwire. And to make matters worse, there will be barbwire wrapped boards placed at ringside and all weapons from under the ring will be wrapped with barbwire. With the ring area filled with miles of babrwire, blood, violence, and pain are all to be expected.

The series of clips ends with ECW wrestler Sabu charging at a cornered Terry Funk. Funk moves out of the way and Sabu crashes into the corner, ripping his arm open on the barbwire.

There you see the dangers of the No-Rope, Barbwire Death Match.

Dash Blade and WWEfan will never be the same after this match is all said and done.

And that match is coming up next.

The camera comes back to the arena where the ropes have now been replaced with barbwire. A couple of barbwire wrapped boards have been placed at ringside near the announce table. Two more barbwire boards have been placed so they are leaning against the ring posts. Ring crew then proceed to take several weapons from the ring and wrap them in barbwire before inserting them back under the ring. This causes weapons such as barbwire chairs, barbwire baseball bats, and barbwire trash cans to be produced.

This place looks like a cattle ranch!

A cattle ranch?

Yeah. Don't cattle ranches have barbwire fences to keep the cows from running away?

Animals aren't treated as bad as tonights competitors will be treated.

We've seen some very brutal matches tonight, but this one will no doubt be the worst.

Meltdown and Warzone once again battle for brand supremecy.

"The Way I Am" by Eminem plays and out walks Dash Blade. He has his fists taped and punches his other hand as he walks down the ramp. The fans are rallying behind him with cheers.

The following contest is a No-Rope, Barbwire Death Match! Introducing first, representing Meltdown, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 198 lbs, Dash Blade!

Blade gets to ringside and observes the barbwire that has replaced the ring ropes. Blade walks around the ring as his entrance music continues to play. Blade takes a long look at the barbwire boards at the ringside area nearest the announce table. Balde then walks back over to the ring and slowly slides under the barbwire, avoiding it at all costs. "Line in the Sand" plays next and WWEfan steps out from behind the curtain with Johnny Law right by his side. Fan has a heavy sweater on that reads "Warzone" across the chest. Fan has the Fallout title belt draped over one shoulder.

And his opponent, representing Warzone and accompanied by Johnny Law, standing 6'2 inches tall and weighing in at 250 lbs, he is the ROG Fallout Champion, WWEfan!

Why the hell is WWEfan wearing that? Can't he just compete fairly for once?

I say it's smart. He's just looking out for his health.

Well, tell you what, Johnny Law isn't going to be able to help him tonight. It's going to be very difficult and very dangerous trying to get in that ring.

The crowd boos the sweatered WWEfan as he walks down to ringside. Blade shakes his head upon seeing Fan's attire. Fan then turns around and taunts the fans. Blade then backs up a few steps before charging forward. Blade soars into the air and goes over the barbwire. He then crashes down on top of both Fan and Law with a flying splash. However, Blade caught his leg on the barbwire on the way down, slicing his leg open. A bit of blood then begins to drip out on the floor.

This match has yet to start and we've already got bloodshed!

Dash Blade is stupid. What sane person tries to jump over barbwire?

Blade rolls around on the floor, holding his bloody leg in agony. The referee, with a long sleve shirt on, pokes his head in between the barbwire and calls out to Blade, asking if he'd like to continue the match. Blade yells out an affirmative. Blade then tries to pull himself to his feet using the ring apron, but before he can get up he is blindsided by both Fan and Law. Fan starts punching Blade in the back while Law whips out a night stick. Fan releases Blade and Law jams the night stick into Blade's lower back. Blade stumbles around to face Law. Law lifts the night stick up over his head and goes to bring it back down on top of Blade's head, but blade kicks Law in the groin. Law drops to his knees and holds his crotch area in pain. Blade promptly thrusts his fists out and a stiff right hand connects against Fan's chin. Dash pivots around and lands a kick to the back of the kneeling Law's head. Blade gets to his feet and turns around to see Fan sliding into the ring. Blade follows him into the ring, but takes too much time trying to avoid the barbwire and gets attacked by Fan.

Now this match can finally be started.


Fan proceeds to attack Blade, who is lying on the mat. Fan eventually stops his onslaught and muscles Blade up over his head. Fan then goes to drop Blade on the barbwire, but Blade wriggles free and drops down behind Fan. Dash applies a waistlock and pushes Fan chest-first into the barbwire. Fan becomes stuck in the barbwire, but simply lets a grin creep out over his lips. Fan then rips out of the barbwire, his sweater having protected him. A few shreds of Fan's sweater remain attatched to the barbwire. Dash gaizes up at Fan in horror, then rushes forward and drives his forearms into Fan's skull a few times. Blade then kicks Fan in the gut before nailing an STO. Blade then drops to the mat and begins pulling Fan's sweater off. Blade gets the sweater off and tosses it out of the ring. Blade then goes to pull Fan up, but Fan pokes him in the eye. Blade staggers back and Fan jumps to his feet. Fan charges at Blade, but Blade is able to catch him and send him chest first into the barbwire via a flapjack. Fan falls to the mat. The camera zooms in on him, showing a small laceration across Fan's chest. Blade stomps at Fan a few times before gabbing him by the legs. Blade then attempts to send Fan into the barbwire with a slingshot-like manuever, but Fan puts his hands up and stops himself from being sent face-first into the barbwire. Blade then comes charging at Fan from behind. Fan senses him, and jumps out of the way at the last second. This causes Blade to connect with the barbwire, resulting in a laceration on his chest as well. Fan capitalizes right away with a roll-up to Blade. 1-2-kickout!

Looked like Fan was trying to end this match early.

After being cut by that barbwire, wouldn't you want the match to end quickly as well?

Fan jumps to his feet and pulls Blade up by the hair. Fan pulls Blade over by the barbwire and tries to force his face into it. Blade blocks it by putting his taped hands out and grabbing the barbwire. Blade then drives his elbow into the side of Fan's head a few times, eventually causing Fan to stagger backward. Fan stumbles near the barbwire and Blade runs around behind him before dropkicking Fan in the back, sending Fan crahsing into the barbwire. Blade then slides under the barbwire and goes to the outside. Blade flips the ring skirt up and pulls a barbwire baseball bat from under the ring. He throws the bat into the ring before sliding in himself. Blade picks the barbwire bat up and measures Fan. Fan eventually gets up and turns to face Blade. Blade wings the barbwire bat and it connects with Fan's stomach. Fan bends over in pain. Blade lifts the barbwire bat up before bringing it back down over Fan's back. Fan rolls around on the mat holding his bloody stomach and back. Blade sets Fan up in a seated position before kneeling down behind him. Blade places the barbwire bat on Fan's forehead and proceeds to roll it up and down on Fan's head. Blood slowly begins to trickle down Fan's forehead. Blade stands back up and backs a few inches away from Fan. Blade then runs forward and jumps into the air. Blade then drives the top of the barbwire bat into Fan's head. Blade stands up, drops the bat, and goes to the outside once more. Blade looks under the ring and drags out several barbwire wrapped weapons. Blade tosses into the ring a barbwire chair, two barbwire trash cans, and a barbwire metal sheet. Blade then goes to slide into the ring, but stops when he hears the fans chanting "WE WANT BOARDS!". Blade drops back down of the apron and goes around to the announce table side of the ring. Blade grabs a barbwire board and the fans go crazy.

Ask and you shall recieve, folks.

Get up WWEfan before he mutilates you!

Blade lifts the barbwire board up and places it on the top strand of barbwire. Blade then proceeds to push it in the ring, but he seems to be having trouble. Before he can get it all the way in the ring, Fan rushes up and dropkicks the board. This results in the barbwire side to fall back on Blade. Blade then tumbles off the apron and falls on another barbwire board, leaving Blade sandwhiched in between two barbwire boards. Fan's eyes grow wide at the damage he has caused. Suddenly a sinister smile creeps across Fan's lips. Fan goes up to the top turnbuckle (rather slowly due to him trying to avoid the barbwire). Fan first poses, then soars off the turnbuckle and comes crashing down on top of the topmost barbwire board with a Frog Splash. Blade is then squished beneath both Fan's weight and the barbwire board, forcing him down onto the other barbwire board beneath hiim.

Oooh. That was like one of those spikey boxey thingies they used for execution in the old days.

Spikey boxey thingies? Are you high, Trent?

Let's just say that was one sick move.

Fan then pulls the top barbwire board off of Blade and rolls Blade into the ring. Fan slides in as well. The camera does a close-up of Blade, revealing several slashes on his back and torso. Fan covers Blade. 1-2-KICKOUT! Fan looks up at the referee and claims that the count should have went up to three. The referee reassures him that it was indeed a two count. Fan relizes that he can't persuade the referee and bangs the mat in frustration. Fan gets to his feet and points at Law. Fan then points over to the other side of the ring, trying to tell Law something. Law then proceeds to walk over to the announce table side of the ring and grabs one of the barbwire boards. Blade's hair can be seen lodged in the barbwire on the board. Law then lifts the board up in the air and hands it to Fan. Fan places it in the center of the ring before pulling Blade to his feet. Blade is barely able to stand and nearly collapses when lifted up. Fan places a groggy Blade in a front facelock. Fan then wraps Blade's arm over his neck before lifting him up for a suplex. After a breif delay, Fan drops Blade with a suplex on the barbwire board. Blade screams in agony as the crowd groans from seeing the painful maneuver. Fan pulls Blade from the barbwire mess before flinging him to the mat. Blade's face smacks the canvas as he hits the mat. Fan grabs the barbwire board and pulls it over to the corner. Fan places the barbwire board in the corner by leaning it up against the turnbuckles. Fan pulls the near lifeless Blade to his feet. Fan then whips Blade over to the corner and Blade crashes into the barbwire board. Blade then falls to the mat. Fan stands over the bloody body of Blade as the crowd showers him with a chorus of boos.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:24 am

Alright, alright, you've proved your point. I don't think Dash Blade can take much more of this.

WWEfan is just trying to show everyone who the superior athlete - and brand - truly is.

Fan then drags Blade to the center of the ring and locks in the Figure Four. Blade screams out in agony as blood rapidly rushes out of his injured leg. Blade looks like he is on the verge of submission, but manages to refrain from tapping. Blade looks like he is out of options, as the hold is clamped on too tight for him to break it and there are no ropes. Blade then reaches out and manages to grab hold of the barbwire metal sheet that was tossed in the ring earlier. Blade takes the barbwire metal and hurles it at Fan. The metal nicks Fan in the side of the head and he releases the hold. Fan holds his face, but the pain isn't bad enough to keep him down for long. Fan gets to his feet, as does Blade. The two begin to trade blows back and forth. However, Fan's blood loss causes him to be slower, and eventually Blade gets the upper hand. Blade nails Fan with punch after punch until Fan is nearly off his feet. Blade then whips Fan into the barbwire board. Fan's flesh becomes caught in the barbwire and he stays lying up against it. Blade charges forward and hits Fan with a Stinger Splash, hammering Fan's back further into the barbwire. Fan drops to the mat while Blade, while avoiding the barbwire at all costs goes to the top rope. He waits a few moments for Blade to get to his feet before soaring through the air, hitting a Diving Spear on Fan. Blade turns around and poses while Law jumps up to the apron. Law then pulls out a pair of wire cutters and begins cutting the barbwire away. While Law works on the barbwire, Blade lifts Fan up to his shoulders for the Blade Driver. Blade walks around with Fan on his shoulders, displaying his power despite Fan being fairly larger. Law then finishes cutting the barbwire and rushes into the ring and pulls Fan down from Blade's shoulders. Law then kicks Blade in the gut and hits the Hard Time. Law gets back to his feet and grabs a starnd of the barbwire and wraps it around Blade's throat. Blade gasps for air as blood begins to gush out of a wound in his throat. After a minute or so with the barbwire strand wrapped tightly around his throat, Blade slowly begins to fade. Blade drops to his knees and his eyes grow heavy. Soon, Fan stands back up and grabs the barbwire chair that was thrown in the ring earlier. Law pulls the groggy Blade back to his feet and removes the barbwire strand from his throat. Law hooks both of Blade's arms back and waits for Fan to strike him with the chair. Fan approaches him, does a little taunting, then swings the barbwire chair wildly. However, Blade is somehow able to drop down and slide out of Law's grasp just as Fan was coming towards him with the chair. So instead, Fan cracks Law over the skull with the barbwire chair. Law then falls off of the apron and lands right on top of a barbwire board on the outside.

Johnny Law stuck his nose where it didn't belong, and really paid the price for it there.

Shut up Percy, somebody's got to help the man!

Fan's eyes grow wide as he stares at the damage he has done. Blade then walks up behind him, but Fan senses him and quickly pivots around. Fan swings the chair at Blade again, but the chairshot is ducked once more. Blade then dropkicks the barbwire chair back into Fan's face. Fan stumbles toward the other side of the ring, dropping the barbwire chair in the process. Blade picks up the barbwire chair and smashes it over Fan's head. Blade then grabs Fan and lifts him up in suplex formation. However, instead of slamming him back, Blade drops Fan forward on the barbwire, stomach-first. The crowd groans as the barbwire becomes inserted into Fan's flesh. Blade then hits yet another dropkick, sending Fan flying off the apron and crashing to the outside. Blade then grabs the barbwire board still set up in the corner and tosses it to the outside. It lands right on top of Fan's back with sickening force. Blade then rolls under the barbwire and goes to the announce table side of the ring. Blade grabs one of the barbwire boards leaning against the ring post. Blade carries the board over to where Fan is lying under the other barbwire board. Blade tosses the barbwire board down the entrance ramp. Blade then grabs the barbwire board lying on top of Fan and picks it up before dropping it right down on Fan again. Blade repeats this method several times until he is satisfied, at which point Blade tosses that barbwire board down the entrance ramp as well. Blade pulls Fan to his feet, then whips him into the steel steps with so much force that the top portion of the steel steps pops off and rolls a short distance. Blade then tosses the top and bottom portions of the steel steps down the entrance ramp as he did to the barbwire boards. Blade reaches into the ring and drags out two barbwire trash cans. He tosses one of the cans down the entrance ramp before taking the other can and hitting Fan over the head with it as he struggles to get to his feet. Blade then tosses that can down the entrance ramp as well. This leaves two barbwire boards, the top and bottom portions of the steel steps, and two barbwire trash cans lying mid-way down the entrance ramp.

What could Dash Blade possibly be thinking of doing here.

I don't know, but it certainly doesn't look good for WWEfan.

Blade then walks down to where the objects are lying on the entrance ramp. He places the two portions of the steps a few feet apart. He then places one of the barbwire boards across the steps, creating a bridge. Blade takes the two barbwire trash cans and sets one of them on the top portion of the steel steps and one on the bottom portion. He then grabs the other barbwire board and sets it across the barbwire trash cans, thus creating a second bridge. There is now a barbwire board lying across the steel steps with another barbwire board lying across two barbwire trash cans on top of it. The structure resembles two tables stacked on top of one another. Before Blade can get a chance to do anything more with the structure, Fan crawls behind him and delivers a low blow. Blade drops to his knees, holding his crotch in pain. Fan backs up a few steps before charging forward and kicking the kneeling Blade in the back of the head. Blade drops forward. Fan grabs Blade by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Fan then pulls him past the structure and over to the stage. Fan takes Blade's head and slams it into the stage. Fan then does the same thing again, this time with more force. Fan goes to do this a third time, however, Blade puts his hands out to block the maneuver. The two struggle for a bit before Blade jabs the point of his elbow into Fan's side a few times. Fan goes staggering back. Blade approaches him and lifts Fan up for the Gory Bomb. Just before Blade can hit the move, Fan wriggles free and drops down behind Blade. Fan kicks Blade in the back of the leg before fleeing from him. Fan goes behind the curtain and comes back seconds later with a ladder in his arms. Blade turns around and immediately charges at Fan, not noticing the ladder in his hands until it is too late. Fan cracks Blade in the skull with the top of the ladder. Fan then stes up the ladder near the stage. Fan begins to climb up it, but Blade is quickly back up and begins to climb up the other side of the ladder. Fan senses him and swings his leg over the top rung of the ladder. He then forces his boot into Blade's mouth a couple times. Fan then gets to the very top of the ladder and climbs up to a platform on the stage. Fan takes a breather on the platform, but soon Blade is seen coming over the side of the platform. Fan immediately begins firing away at Blade. However, Blade soon begins to return with shots of equal force. Blade and Fan begin to trade blows back and forth nearly 30 ft. from the floor. Eventually, Blade gets the better of Fan, being a seasoned brawler. After hitting about ten unforgiving closed fist shots, Blade lifts Fan up on his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry position. Blade brings Fan over to the edge of the platform and tosses him off via the Blade Driver. Fan goes flying 30 ft. through the air and crashes through the two barbwire boards stacked on top of one another earlier on. The fans fill the arena with chants of "HOLY SH*T!".



Trent, you can't say that on TV!

It's f*cking pay-per-view, I can say f*ck as many f*cking times as I f*cking wish!

The camera does a close-up of the bloody WWEfan lying in a mess of barbwire and broken table shards. Blade drops down from exhaustion on top of the platform, unable to come down to pin Fan. Several replays of the fall are shown from several different angles and one in slow motion. When the camera comes back to the arena, Blade is slowly crawling down the ladder, still exhausted. Blade eventually gets down to the floor and drops over Fan's body, still entangled in barbwire. A ringside referee rushes over and makes the count. 1-2-3!

Here is your winner: Dash Blade!

That was by far, the most brutal match in ROG history.

No kidding. But the good thing is, WWEfan is still Fallout Champion.

Several ring officials rush over to where Fan is and try to remove him from the barbwire using wire cutters. One of the referees helps Blade to the back. Suddenly, they are interrupted when "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva plays. Callumomac walks out to where Fan is, holding his breifcase proudly. Cal taps one of the referees on the shoulder. The referee looks up and tries to explain to him that they need to cut Fan out of the barbwire. Cal shoves the referee and yells out "I"M CASHIN' THIS BABY IN!".


You heard him. He's cashing in his Fallout title shot.

But I thought he lost a number one contender's match to Jokerman earlier in the night.

That he did, but that just means Jokerman has the next SCHEDULED match for the Fallout Championship. Cal can still challenge for it anytime he pleases.

The referee reluctantly, and after much hesitation, goes over to Ed Richards and explains the announcement. The other referees continue to try and remove Fan from the mess of barbwire. Ed Richards stands up and reluctantly lifts the mic to his mouth and begins to announce the next matchup.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the ROG Fallout Championship. Introducing first, standing 6'4 inches tall and weighing in at 275 lbs, Callumomac!

The camera cuts to Cal who holds his breifcase high in the air.

And his opponent, standing 6'2 inches tall and weighing in at 250 lbs, he is the ROG Fallout Champion, WWEfan!

Cal then turns to where the referees are and demands that they put him in the ring. They plead with Cal to let them finish cutting Fan out of the barbwire first, but Cal ignores them and cocks the breifcase back, ready to strike one of the referees. The officials then comply and begins to drag Fan back to the ring. Fan still has a broken half of one of the barbwire boards attatched to his back. The referees carefully roll Fan into the ring, careful not to get him further entangled in the barbwire. Ring crew are beginning to remove the barbwire, but Cal yells at them and tells them to leave it. Cal slides into the ring.


Cal sets his breifcase down and grabs a handful of Fan's hair and pulls him to his feet. Cal releases him, and Fan starts to fall down, too exhausted to stand. Before Cal can do anything, Law rushes into the ring wildly swinging a barbwire chair. Cal ducks a chairshot. Law pivots around only to get the chair kicked right back into his face. Blood begins to pour out of his forehead, due to the barbwire connecting with him. Law drops the chair and Cal quickly hoists Law up. Cal then tosses Law up into the air before hitting the Sian Cutter on the barbwire chair. Cal then reverts his attention to Fan, who still has the barbwire board attatched to him, is trying with all his might to stand back up, but each time he falls back down. Cal grabs his briefcase and rushes forward with it. He smacks Fan violently in the back of the head with it. Cal then asks one of the referees to hand him a pair of wire cutters. The referee complies and Cal begins cutting a strand of barbwire off. He grabs it and locks Fan in the STFU while simultaneously wrapping the barbwire strand around Fan's throat. Blood begins gushing from Fan's throat in sickening fashion. Eventually, Fan passes out from the hold and the referee calls for the bell.

Here is your winner, by submission, and the NEW ROG Fallout Champion: Callumomac!

Cal is handed the Fallout Championship belt. Cal celebrates in the ring kissing the belt over and over again while tears stream from his eyes.

Sickening. Just sickening. cal comes out there when WWEfan couldn't defend himself and steals the title from him.

Well, you certainly didn't think it was sickening when Dash Blade nearly MURDERED WWEfan.

Well, that was an actual match. What Cal did was just robbery.

I;m personally happy either way. I think WWEfan was a good champion, but it's now time for the Callumomac Era.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:24 am

We’re moments away from Rated PG and Alcatraz going head-to-head. This one’s got a lot of bad blood behind it, Trent.

Oh, doesn’t it though? These guys are gonna spill that bad blood all over this arena, along with teeth, bones, tissue, and maybe a lung or two.

Cute. Real cute.

“What I Want” by Daughtery rings through the arena as Rated PG emerges from the curtain. He stops to pose at the top of the ramp before walking towards the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will become the number one contender to the Universal Championship! Introducing first . . .

At that moment, Alcatraz appears from the back and attacks Rated PG from behind. He delivers a stiff forearm shot to Rated PG’s kidneys, as the ref runs over towards the two men and rings the bell, signaling an official start of the match.

Woah, Alcatraz is out of his harness! I’d hate to see what those guards look like right about now.

I guess we’re starting on the floor. They really will take it all over the arena!

If it comes down to it, yes. These two will mangle each other, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Alcatraz picks Rated PG up by his head and gives him a hip toss down the ramp. Rated PG stumbles around before grabbing the ring apron for support. Alcatraz charges, lifting his foot up as if to boot Rated PG, but at the last second, Rated PG flips the apron up and catches Alcatraz’s leg in it. Like a tiger, Rated PG pounces on Alcatraz, nailing random fists anywhere he can. Alcatraz shoves off and steps out of the apron, but Rated PG jumps onto Alcatraz’s back and fires away again. In an almost desperation attempt, Alcatraz backs up into the barricade around the ring, ramming Rated PG into the steel. Alcatraz, now free from Rated PG’s assault, grabs Rated PG and lifts him into a Military Press. Alcatraz sneers at the crowd, gives a primal yell, and throws Rated PG down throat-first into the barricade. Rated PG wrenches at his throat, his body twisting on impact. Not finished yet, Alcatraz hits a giant clothesline on Rated PG, flipping him over the barricade and causing him to land hard on the cold concrete floor.

Alcatraz is on a roll!

Yeah, and it’s going to be pretty hard to stop big man when he’s building up momentum like this.

Alcatraz stalks the fallen Rated PG. As soon as Rated PG can lift a knee up, Alcatraz flattens him with a huge boot to the face. Fans are crowding over to the area, taunting Alcatraz, who only looks on sadistically at Rated PG. Alcatraz wraps both of his hands around Rated PG's throat, and lifts him high into the air. Rated PG tries to fight out, but Alcatraz slams him down onto the nearby staircase. Rated PG's back makes a sick thumping sound. Crawling up flights of stairs, Rated PG desperately tries to escape. The fans are loud enough to blow the roof off of the building. Alcatraz slowly walks up the staircase, but one rowdy fan jumps out and tries to fight him.

Woah! Woah! Woah! Folks, fans aren't meant to riot. You're supposed to sit there and look stupid.

While I may not agree with that, it is pretty stupid to try and fight a man the size of Alcatraz!

Before Alcatraz can kill the fan, a security guard steps in to restrain him. Seizing the chance, Rated PG lurches up and snatches the handcuffs from the guard. He locks one cuff around Alcatraz's hand and the other around the handrail of the stairs. Rated PG unleashes a fury of punches and a few kicks, dazing Alcatraz. Slowing down his onslaught, Rated PG laughs at how Alcatraz is restrained. Ironically, in one swift motion, Alcatraz breaks out of the handcuffs only using his raw strength. Rated PG, wasting no time, tackles Alcatraz, and they fall down a set of stairs. The two men regain their footing, and then begin brawling into a row of seats with fans still sitting in them. Rated PG takes up the stairs, with Alcatraz right behind him. At the very top, Rated PG disappears behind a curtain that separates the hallways from the seating arena. Alcatraz follows him, also going into the fan area.

Sorry, fans, but our cameras have lost them. In a moment, we should be able to get a visual.

The cameras whirr around the arena, showing clips of fans, before a camera finally finds the two men. They are fighting near a souvenir stand, and Rated PG kicks Alcatraz's knee several times, dropping him down to a kneeling state. Rated PG grabs a hat from the stand, puts it on, mocking Alcatraz, and locks an arm around his head. Rated PG kicks off of the glass table that houses the t-shirts, attempting a Tornado DDT. Alcatraz whirls him around, though, and slams him stomach-first back down on the glass. Alcatraz gutwrenches Rated PG and lifts him up, into a Powerbomb position. However, at the last second, Rated PG counters and hits a facebuster, smashing Alcatraz's face down on the table, breaking the glass. Rated PG scurries away, taking off down the hall, as Alcatraz rises up, revealing his face is bleeding from small cuts. He stumbles for a second, then follows Rated PG. Alcatraz turns around a corner, and Rated PG is in a security cart, driving full force at Alcatraz. Alcatraz dodges the cart, barely, and Rated PG tries to turn, but nearly crashes into a group of teenagers. Alcatraz walks over to the cart and lifts underneath it, trying to flip the entire cart over. Rated PG leaves his seat and runs up the cart, using it as a ramp, before jumping off of the nose and dropkicking Alcatraz squarely in the face. Rated PG again tries to run down the hall, but Alcatraz grabs him and rams his head directly into the wall. He delivers a quick short-arm clothesline, and grabs Rated PG's leg, dragging him down the hallway.

Now where are they going?

Alcatraz drags Rated PG over to the concession stand, where fans flee the area. Alcatraz lifts Rated PG back up and smashes his head against the ordering table. An order of nachos and cheese is sitting out, and Alcatraz smashes the nachos into Rated PG's face. Alcatraz sets Rated PG's head between his knees and lifts him into a crucifix position. The big man slams Rated PG down on the table with Hard Times. Rated PG twitches from the impact, and rolls off the table, landing in the server's area. Alcatraz laughs to himself, and walks around to the side-entrance to the kitchen area. As he opens the door, Rated PG throws a 48 oz. cup of pop, getting it in Alcatraz's eyes. The former prisoner stumbles back out, near a glass arena entrance door. Rated PG takes off in a full sprint and picks both of his legs up into the air. Rated PG hits a sensational bicycle kick that busts through the glass and takes both him and Alcatraz to the outside, rolling down the arena steps. Both men are laying at the bottom, slowly crawling their way back up to their feet. Rated PG is up first, picking up a nearby rock and gripping it in his fist. He attempts to literally stone Alcatraz, but the big man grabs Rated PG by his throat and gives a massive Chokeslam down onto the stone sidewalk. Alcatraz grabs the rock himself, and drives it into Rated PG's head with a swift shot. Near his eyebrow, Rated PG is busted open, Alcatraz already having a crimson mask from his glass cuts. Rated PG seems knocked loopy, so Alcatraz lifts him up and drags him over to the bridge that leads to the arena, overlooking the small river on the arena's south side. Alcatraz throws Rated PG down next to the fence on the bridge. Alcatraz kicks a hole wide into the fence, then tears it more, creating an opening. He looks over to a still-downed Rated PG and picks him up into a Torture Rack position. As it looks like Alcatraz is going to kill Rated PG with a Lethal Injection, Rated PG wriggles out of the hold by biting Alcatraz's fingers. Rated PG slips off of his back, and then turns around. Alcatraz turns around too, seeing a furious Rated PG charging straight at him. With force enough to crush an entire offensive line of football players, Rated PG spears Alcatraz, both men going through the fence opening and plummeting into the dark, cold river below.




The referee, who had followed the two men through their entire brawl, gives the signal to throw the match out and calls for paramedics. The cameras, again caught off guard, go back to showing the crowd in the arena, stalling for time.

Folks, I'm shocked. They took it down the ramp, through the crowd, up the stairs, throughout the arena, in the streets, and now in the water!

They wanted to kill each other, and maybe both men got their wish.

The cameras are back down by the river, and an ambulance has pulled up to river edge, and the medics are strapping Rated PG and Alcatraz, both unconscious, into gurneys. Another ambulance pulls up and both men are loaded into one, before the medics veer out and drive towards the hospital.

Well, hopefully, this match won't dramatically hurt either of these men.

They put it all on the line. The good news? It was an amazing match. The bad news? There was no winner!

Are you serious? Two men almost died, and you're worried about the match being thrown out?

The show must go on, even if the men can't. You know this. But, you can bet on one thing, this doesn't mark the end of the craziness tonight!
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:25 am

I can't wait! Steve Storme taking on Steve Ace for unprecedented fifth time...this time in a Stretcher Match!

These men are certainly no strangers to each other and we've seen their rivalry on Warzone get more and more heated each and every week! It's an understatement to say that this match, which could very well be Steve Storme's last shot, is very anticipated!

I'll say! Let's take a look at their past history together, starting with "High Stakes."

The TitanTron comes to life with a video labeled "High Stakes: First ever Universal Championship Match." The first clip shows Storme putting Ace through the announce table with an Elbow Drop. Next shown is a Fujiwara Armbar Submission from Ace to Storme. The final clip shows Ace ducking a Clothesline and nailing the Cop Killa on Storme. The bell rings and Ed Richards announces Steve Ace as the new Universal Champion.

Now let's fast forward to the following PPV, "Apocalypse."

Another video plays titles "Apocalpyse: The Rematch." A clip shows Ace accidently taking out Bethany Storme. Beth is taken out of the arena. Storme is seen hitting Ace with a Piledriver. Storme is then seen soaring off of the top rope, going for a Shooting Star Press through the table on Ace. However, Ace moves and Storme goes through. Beth Storme is seen back in the ring with a bat, hitting Ace with it repeatedly. Storme hits Ace with the Jackhammer, but Ace kicks out. Ace is then seen kicking Storme in the midsection and hitting him with the Cop Killa for the win.

That was an excellent match, but this next one was even more astonishing!

The monitor begins to play a video labeled "Death Wish: The Violence of Last Man Standing." Ace is seen Spearing Storme off of the stage and through many tables and wires below. Storme is seen tapping to the Dragon Sleeper. Storme off of the top rope with a Flying Crossbody Splash. Ace with a Brainbuster. Many strikes are shown in the video as well. Ace hits Storme with three German Suplexes, but Storme still gets up. Storme puts Ace through the announce table with the Shooting Star Press, nearly taking them both out. Ace continues to dominate, even hitting the Cop Killa. Ed Richards gets to the count of 9 and Storme then gets to his feet. Storme's comeback is then shown as he connects with Ace's face with a Sledgehammer. Storme pulls Ace over to the steel steps and plants him on them with the Jackhammer. Ace is down for the 10 count and Ed Richards announces Steve Storme as the new ROG Universal Champion.

That was one of the most brutal matches that we've ever witnessed in ROG's history!

And folks, it will only get more brutal with tonight's contest between these two. With both Steve Ace's Universal Championship on the line, which he won back the month later at "Death Wish" thanks to Alcatraz pummeling Rated PG in the triple threat match, and Steve Storme's eligibility for the Universal Championship on the line, this Stretcher Match is bound to get inredibly violent.

One man will walk out of here with the Universal Title, walking. The other will be taken out on a stretcher, which is one of the worst things for a wrestler. Trust me, I know.

Stay tuned folks, as this contest is up next!

A stretcher has been wheeled out to ringside!

Oh, I can't wait, Percy!

The following contest is for the ROG Universal Championship, and is a Stretcher Match. The only way to win is to place your opponent on the ringside stretcher and push him all the way up the ramp and to the backstage area. The match officially ends once the competitor fully dissapears from behind the curtain.

"Slam" by Pendulum plays and Steve Storme emerges from behind the curtain. He poses for a few seconds before pointing behind his shoulder, prompting Beth Strome to walk out as well. She stands beside her brother, the Women's Title secured tightly around her waist.

Introducing first, from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 255 lbs and accompanied by the ROG Women's Champion Beth Storme, this is Steve Storme!

Tonight has been the night for the Administration. Beth retains her title against Roxanne and Callumomac cashes in his briefcase to defeat WWEfan, who had just taken a nasty fall off the stage. Can Steve Storme reclaim the Universal title as well?

I certainly hope so, Percy. Think about that, every title on Warzone belonging to a member of the Administration. Oh, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of it!

The two siblings continue down the ramp, Beth a few steps behind so that the main focus is on Storme. The fans boo them and chants of "Admin sucks" can be heard. Storme draws back and spits into the swarm of fans in the first row. This prompts some of the fans to try and leap over the guard rail, but they are held back by security.

These fans certainly don't like Steve Storme.

Storme crosses in front of the stretcher. He looks at it deeply then looks up and motions for the camera man to come close. The camera man obediently complies. Storme looks into the camera and says: "Ace, hope this stretcher is comfortable enough for you. 'Cause you're going to be spending a lot of time on it." Storme promptly spins around and jumps up to the ring apron. Storme then climbs into the ring while Beth looks on from ringside. "Natural Born Killers" by Dre and Ice Cube plays as Storme looks on from the ring. Steve Ace then begins to walk out to the ring with the Universal Title strapped tightly around his waist.

And his opponent, from Sheffield, England, weighing in at 272 lbs, he is the ROG Universal Champion, Steve Ace!

This is the man who reclaimed the Universal Title at Glory Games after losing it to Steve Storme a month before at Death Wish. Thus becoming the first ever two-time world champion in this company.

But remember, he never actually beat Storme as he got the pin on Rated PG. Therefore, these two men still have a score to settle.

Of course they do. Out of the four previous one-on-one matches the two have had, each man has gained two victories. With this being the fifth one - and with the stipulation that Storme cannot challenge Ace for the title as long as Ace is champion - this is definately the "rubber match" so to speak.

Ace continues down the ramp, shaking hands with a few of the rowdy fans at ringside. Ace looks up at Storme and blurts out a few inaudible words, prompting Storme to try and come at him, but the referee holds him back, making sure that they save physicality for the actual match. Once Ace is sure Storme is restrained he takes his eyes off of his challenger to look at the stretcher. Once satisfied, Ace joins Storme in the ring, abeit several feet away. Ace climbs up to the second rope and poses for the fans, who are cheering for him nosily.

These two can't wait to tear each other apart!

I say let them at it, now!


Storme and Ace exchange a glance for a brief second before Beth tugs on Ace's leg from the outside. Ace spins around and gives her a menacing glare. Beth begins to back up a few steps when Storme comes charging forward at Ace. Fortunately, Ace senses Storme and quickly pulls the top rope down. By now it is too late for Storme to stop his momentum and he goes tumbling over the top rope. Storme does manage to safely land on the apron and refrain from falling to the outside. Storme stands up on the apron only to recieve a jaw-crushing right hand from Ace. Storme totters and falls from the apron, landing on the stretcher at ringside. Storme quickly realises where he is and hops off the stretcher before Ace can even get to the outside. Storme backs away from the stretcher and approaches Beth. Ace raises his arms in the ring while Beth checks on the condition of her brother's jaw. Storme seems quite fine and slowly returns to the ring. Storme and Ace then begin to approach the center of the ring. The two men circle each other around the ring for a while. Ace grows impatient and throws a wild clothesline at Storme. Storme ducks the move and rushes behind Ace and slaps on a waistlock. Ace struggles to escape the hold, but it is no use as Storme's grip is much too tight. Storme eventually charges toward the ropes with Ace still in his arms. Storme gets to the ropes and pushes Ace right over the top rope and onto the stretcher. Storme jumps out of the ring and grabs the front of the stretcher. Stomre moves the stretcher about an inch or two when Ace begins throwing wild shots at Storme's forehead. After a hard blow across the bridge of the nose, Storme releases the stretcher and staggers back a few steps. Ace rolls off the stretcher and approaches Storme. Ace grabs Storme by the hair and tosses him back into the ring. Ace then rolls under the bottom rope himself. Ace motions for his opponent to get back up while Storme lies on the mat holding his head and attempting to regain his composure. Eventually, after seconds of waiting, Storme pulls himself to his feet via the ropes. Storme groggily turns around to face Ace, who immediately comes at him. Storme, obviously feigning an injury to lure Ace in, dodges a clothesline attempt and kicks the Universal Champion in the mid-section. Storme begins unloading on Ace with a flurry of punches, backing Ace into the ropes. Storme continues wailing on Ace, who tries to cover up his face only to trigger an attack on his sternum. Storme contunues his offense until Ace's legs have nearly given out on him. At this point, Storme grabs Ace by the head and slams it into the top turnbuckle pad. Ace drops to the mat so he is seated in the corner. Storme gets in a few stops before backing up to the corner across from Ace. Storme charges and forces his boot into the side of Ace's head, thus nailing the Running Face Wash.

Steve Storme is showing no remorse toward Steve Ace.

Well of course, you douchebag! Who actually shows remorse for their opponents?

Storme pulls Ace to his feet and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Storme climbs up to the second rope, but is immediately met with lefts and rights from Ace. Storme quickly gets the match back in his favor by cracking Ace in the head with a headbutt. Ace totters on the top turnbuckle, but manages not to fall off. Storme then steps up higer by mounting the top turnbuckle. Storme then sets Ace up for a Superplex, but Ace fights back with a few shots to Storme's ribs. Storme releases his grip on Ace. Ace then nails a forearm to Storme that causes Storme to nearly fall off his perch. However, Storme manages to stay up, but instead goes down to the middle rope. Ace then throws up a knee that catches Storme in the face, however, Storme stays up by hanging on to the top rope with both hands. This still keeps Storme stunned long enough for Ace to stand up on the top turnbuckle. Ace then dives off the turnbuckle, grapping Storme and hitting a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on his way down. The crowd cheers at the sight of Ace finally battling back, however, both men remain motionless on the apron. Ace evetually gets to his feet, but Storme is also up. Ace is holding on to the ropes when he catches Storme coming from behind him out of the corner of his eye. Ace throws out an elbow which connects right to Storme's temple. Storme falls back, holding his head. Ace comes charging foreward and hits a Lariat to the back of Storme's head. Storme falls flat on his face on the canvas. Ace momentarily observes the damage he has done before going to the outside. Ace flips up the ring apron and searches for something. Ace drags out a kendo stick, a weapon he is very familiar with. Ace smiles as the crowd stomp there feet with excitement. Before Ace can return to the ring with the kendo stick, Storme goes to the ring apron and runs along it. When Storme nears Ace he jumps off the apron and comes down on Ace with a vicous Spear. Ace's head bounces off the lightly padded concrete and the kendo stick goes flying from his hands.

Just as it looked like Steve Ace was going to dish out some punishment with that trademark kendo stick of his, Steve Storme delivers a vicous diving spear.

I wouldn't be surprised if that move ends the match right here.

Storme hauls Ace up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Storme carries Ace around to the other side of the ring and places him on the stretcher. Storme walks around to the front of the stretcher and begins wheeling it up the entrance ramp. About mid-way up the entrance ramp, Ace realises that he is in trouble and rolls off the stretcher. Storme becomes angry and begins stomping away at Ace. Two referees rush up and wheel the stretcher back down to ringside. Ace gets up to his knees, but this only triggers Storme to begin throwing punches at Ace. Storme eventually stops his onslaught and begins to pull Ace to his feet. However, Ace quickly grabs on to Storme's head and hits a jawbreaker. Storme staggers backward while Ace stands back up. Ace approaches Storme and grabs him by the head. He pulls him over to the guard rail and slams Storme head-first into the steel. Ace then grabs him and tosses him into the crowd. Ace hops over the barricade as well and follows Storme who tries to escape through the group of excited fans. Ace continues to follow him. Ace eventually catches up to Storme and spins him around. Ace hammers on Storme a few times, but Storme gets Ace away from him by driving the point of his elbow into Ace's chest. As Ace gasps for air, Storme grabs a nearby security guard and shoves him into Ace. The security guard hits Ace and both men go tumbling to the floor. Storme scurries away while Ace recovers. Ace kneels down to check on the condition of the security guard. Ace has his eyes of Storme and it proves to be a mistake when Storme rushes forward and brings a steel chair down over Ace's back. Ace screams out in pain and holds his lower back. Ace slowly starts to make it to his feet only to take another chair shot, this time to the head. Ace crumples on the concrete. Storme drops the chair and grabs Ace. He drags him over to the guard rail and tosses him back over it. Storme then climbs over the guard rail as well. Storme grabs Ace by the hair and pulls his head up, revealing the fact that blood is begining to trickle down from Ace's forehead due to the chair shot.

Oh God! Win or lose, Steve Ace may need to be put on a stretcher after this.

Looks like Ace is going to be put on the stretcher already!
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"   

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ROG Presents "All Guts, No Glory"
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