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 Warzone Results-07/23/08

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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

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Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
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Warzone Results-07/23/08 Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Results-07/23/08   Warzone Results-07/23/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:30 am

Percy Chapman-Red
Trent Heart-Green
Delia Kinney-Yellow
Jack Williams-Orange

Warzone’s requisite theme song plays briefly before we join the general manager in her office. Cal is sat down with his arms crossed and feet propped on the desk, Delia is busy chattering away on the phone. The door opens and reveals Jack Williams, he takes a seat and clears his throat.

Yeah, I know. So everyone is here then? Yes? Ok good, then everything will go perfectly. They all know what they’re supposed to do? Also stellar, I don’t want anything messing this up. Oh it will be epic, I can guarantee that.

She continues talking but takes a hushed tone and turns away from Cal and Williams. Williams turns to Cal with raised eyebrows.

Do you mind stepping out for a moment? I need to discuss something with the general manager.

Yes I mind, but thanks for asking.

Is there a reason you’re here anyway?

I’m taking a night off and putting my feet up, not that its any of your business.

Kinney turns back around and hangs up the phone. She throws Cal a quick grin and a nod before turning her attention to Jack.

What do you want Williams? Make it quick, I’m busy.

I wanted to talk to you about Claude Baker interfering in my match a few weeks ago.

What of it?

You said that if he did that, there would be repercussions. I was willing to let it slide, but after his stunt during the rumble, I’m asking what the punishment is going to be.

I am aware of what I said, and I hadn’t forgotten. But did you have something in mind?

I did actually. And if you agree, I’d love to tell him myself.

That can be worked out. Cal would you give us a minute?

Cal walks out as the camera fades to black and joins the announce table.

Good evening ladies and germs, I’m Trent Heart with Percy Chapman. Welcome to the first post-New Dawn Warzone. So much has happened its hard to know where to begin.

I know, people asking for release for unknown reasons. Now Jack Williams is apparently out for revenge on Claude Baker.

It’s sure to be an interesting night.

That is for certain. This first match will prove to be interesting enough on its own, Johnny Law has challenged Edgecutioner to a one-on-one match. Seemingly because he is the one who eliminated him in the rumble.

He doesn't stand a chance. Edgecutioner is going to squash him.

Darker Side hits and Edgecutioner slowly walks out.

Making his way to the ring weighing in at 300 pounds, from the Fiery Depths of Hell, Edgecutioner!

This is one big scary guy.

Of course your scared, hell your scared of me but I let you sit next to me.

Edgecutioner slowly walks to the ring, he climbs up the steel stairs and gets in the ring. Edgecutioner stares down the ref while waiting for his opponent.

Here Comes the Law hits and Johnny Law comes out from the back.

Making his way to the ring weighing in at 295 pounds, from Raleigh, North Carolina, Johnny Law!

Johnny Law walks down to the ring pointing at Edgecutioner and yelling some stuff talking trash the entire way to the ring.

Johnny Law slides into the ring and quickly gets to his feet and starts throwing punches at Edgecutioner. Edge backs up against the ropes and Johnny continues to punch. Johnny grabs his arm and Irish Whips him across the ring into the ropes. They both shoulder each other and both take a step back but neither of them hits the ground. Edge runs at Johnny and tries to nail him with a clothesline but Johnny punches him in the face again. Johnny quickly hooks his arm around the head of Edge and hits a quick DDT. Edge lands directly on his head and falls to the floor holding his head in pain. Johnny keeps stomping on Edge’s head while he is on the ground to keep him from getting up. Edge tries to get to his feet by crawling to the ropes and uses to pull himself up. Johnny lets him get to his feet. Johnny runs full speed at him and tries to clothesline Edge but it has little effect. Edge then nails Johnny with a devastating upper cut that knocks Johnny off his feet and he hits the floor. Ruthless Randy Rampage comes out from the back.

Edgecutioner just got control of this match but look who’s coming out here.

Three great wrestlers all out here at once? Only ROG can bring you this kind of action!

Randy Rampage walks down to the ring and Edge warns him not to get involved in the match and Randy just laughs and stands on the outside watching the match. Edge lifts Johnny to his feet and Johnny tries to punch his way out of it. Johnny tries to Irish Whip him against the ropes but Edge reverse it and sends Johnny into the ropes. When Johnny comes running back Edge nails him with a big boot and Johnny falls to the floor. Edge follows up with a pin and the ref counts it 1…2… Kick Out! Edgecutioner looks mad and begins to argue with the ref. He goes back to Johnny and lifts him up by the head. Edge picks him up and Bodyslams him in the middle of the ring. Edge gets to the top rope of the turnbuckle and waits for Johnny to get up. Randy Rampage gets onto the ring and starts to argue with the ref and Edge keeps yelling at the ref to get Randy off the side of the ring. Johnny Law quickly gets to his feet and dives at the top ropes pulling it down so Edge falls to the floor. Randy gets off the side of the ring. Johnny starts to stalk Edge waiting for him to get up. Edge gets to his feet and Randy gets on the ring side again yelling at Edge again. The ref throws Randy out of ringside and orders him to go to the back. Johnny quickly nails Edge with a low blow and then rolls him up. Randy gets down and starts to leave as the ref counts the pin. 1…2…3!

Here is your winner Johnny Law!

Johnny Law starts to celebrate while Edge rolls around on the floor in pain.

Johnny Law and Randy Rampage blatantly cheated!

You know Edgecutioner would have done the same thing if he had the chance.

Johnny Law goes backstage as Edgecutioner slowly gets to his feet. The ref checks on him but Edgecutioner starts to argue with the ref about the match. The ref says he did not see it. Edge looks pissed and he grabs the ref by his shirt and tosses him over the top rope and crashing to the floor. The ref slowly gets to his feet as Edgecutioner walks out.
Is it just me or did those roles seem reversed?

What are you talking about?

Isn't Law supposed to be bodyguarding Randy, not the other way...oh nevermind you wouldn't get it anyway.

If you insist. And since you have nothing else to say on the matter, let's get Rated PG out here to show the King of Kings what's what.

Or he'll get shown what's up. Its bound to be either one or the other.

Right, that's usually the point yes Trent.

What I Want hits and Rated PG comes out from the back and heads down the ramp to a huge ovation from the fans.

First making his way to the ring from Biloxi, Mississippi, weighing in at 210 pounds Rated PG!

Mexican Inside Of Me hits and King of Kings walks down the ramp. The fans begins to start up a “You Suck” chant as the cheers fade away.

And his opponent from Kansas City, Missouri, “The Latin King of ROG” King of Kings!

A tremendous challenge tonight for Rated PG who undoubtedly is not at 100% here. And we seem to have a stand-off in the middle of the ring. Is King trying to trash-talk PG?

Ooh... that's never a good idea!

The bell rings as PG headbutts King and send him stumbling. Another headbutt knocks him to the mat. King gets up...and is met with a hard chop from PG for his trouble.

I’m not sure where this sudden burst of anger is coming from, but King of Kings seems surprised.

PG sets King in the corner and moves his arm back before letting loose with a flurry of more chops. King stumbles out, holding his chest, only to be roughly hauled up by PG for yet another stiff headbutt. King must be seeing stars as he gets up...and PG comes off the ropes with a lariat and into the pin. ONE! TWO! TH---

PG returns to his feet. The ref just looks at him as he turns to the crowd with the barest hint of a smirk on his face. "Do you want to see some MORE?" They respond with a cheer and PG grins at the ref and shrugs.

He picks up the out-on-his feet King and whips him hard into the corner. PG follows up with a corner clothesline. King starts to crumple but doesn't get the chance, as PG picks him up and perches him on the top rope. He climbs after him. The crowd, as one, rises to their feet, because they're going to see a……Brainbuster!

This one was over a minute ago, and now it's...King is probably dead.

PG could have, and should have been told enough with the headbutts. Maybe our official is taking a page out of your book Trent. Not paying attention.

PG climbs to the top rope again and finishes off with a diving headbutt. He finally makes the cover. One, two, three!

Here is your winner….Rated PG!
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

Warzone Results-07/23/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Results-07/23/08   Warzone Results-07/23/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:34 am

Jack Williams-Orange
Claude Baker-Cyan

The scene opens on the locker room where Claude Baker is adjusting his shirt in the mirror and muttering something under his breath. He turns back to his duffle bag as the door opens and Jack Williams slips through the door. He leans against the wall and clears his throat, Baker turns to see him and smirks unpleasantly.

Something I can do for you Williams? Or did you come in here to sneak up on me and beat me up while my back is turned? Very sporting of you.

Oh no, I know you would love it if I lost my temper and threw a punch. Let’s face it, you are responsible for most of the trouble I’ve been having around here the past few weeks. You interfere in my matches, you smack me in the face with chairs backstage, you eliminate me from the Rumble because you got proven to be less of a competitor than me.

Oh is that how it happened? I don’t recall it that way. You were eliminated from the Rumble in a perfectly legal manner. And as for the chair…..it slipped. Things happen. But really, what was your point? Because I have a match to get ready for, I’m in the main event where you are….well teaming with fatass losers.

I have a point Baker. You remember a few weeks ago when you interfered in my match after the general manager specifically told you not to?

Baker nods and lets a small grin play across his face.

I took it upon myself to remind our dear general manager of her promise that there would be repercussions. And being a fair woman, she agreed. Congratulations Claude, your Triple Threat match, just became a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. How does your theme song go again? It’s the…what now? Final countdown? Final seems fitting.

Williams burst into laughter and leaves the locker room. Baker stares after him for a moment before cursing and throwing his bag across the room. The camera fades as come back on the ring area.

That does not seem good for Claude Baker.

He likes to call himself the best, and I agree. But this seems like too much even for him.

I guess it just goes to show you, don’t defy the general manager. She is not one to forgive lightly.

Get Ya Walk On hits and STL appears on the entrance ramp and the crowd goes wild. Within seconds Jack Williams runs out onto the ramp as well incraesing the volume of the crowd's excitement.

This is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Jack Williams and STL!

Clearly the fans just love these two. With any luck we can finally see a Williams match with no Claude Baker.

The crowd continues to cheer until "Slam" by Pendulum plays and out comes Steve Storme and WWEfan. The two throw each other a discerning look before walking down to the ring.

And their opponents, the team of Steve Storme and WWEfan!

The fans make their feelings on the pair known as the referee calls for the bell. STL and Fan step into the ring to start things off with a lockup. Fan gets a side headlock, STL pushes him off into the ropes. Fan bounces off and goes for a clothesline, but STL ducks. Fan hits the opposite ropes and comes back with a spin kick, taking his opponent down. He goes for a quick cover, but STL kicks out right away.

That was certainly a fast cover, Fan was a little overzealous there.

Overzealous or smart. I’ll go with smart.

Fan drops an elbow, STL moves, and drops an elbow of his own. He hoists Fan up and goes for an X-Plex, but Fan lands on his feet and gets a roll up...STL rolls through, nails a boot to the gut, straight jackets Fan's arms then hits the X-Plex. He goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! Fan gets his shoulder up.

STL goes for a headlock, Fan powers his way to his feet, and punches STL to the ropes. STL breaks away, and Fan nails him with a standing dropkick. STL, held up by the ropes, as Fan lays in with a couple of stiff chops. STL is whipped to the turnbuckles. Fan follows him in with a clothesline. He staggers out of the corner and Fan follows up with a superkick. STL ducks, kicks Fan in the gut, and goes for a spinning crucifix toss. Fan lands on the mat in a heap, and STL tags in Williams, who springboards into the ring and onto Fan. Fan rolls out of the way, and manages to tag in Storme. Storme rolls his eyes and steps into the ring. Williams goes for a lock up, but Storme launches in with a series of forearm shots. Williams seems surprised, trying to fire back with chops, but Storme brushes them off and hits an uppercut.

Williams is trying to trade strikes with Steve Storme. That's never a good idea!

Exchanging..uh....anything with Storme is a bad idea.

What was that?

I’m not sure, it made more sense in my head.

Storme tries to lock on a Fujiwara armbar, but Williams grabs the bottom rope, forcing a break. Williams springs to his feet, and goes for a moonsault, but Storme side steps it, and scores an armdrag. Williams gets back to his feet, and hits a dropkick, sending Storme to the ropes. Williams follows up with a cross body...Storme ducks, and Williams sails over the top rope to the floor.

Jack Williams is at least half a step off tonight. Not a good thing when in a match. And it's a terrible thing when you're up against two of the most ruthless men in ROG history.

No doubt about that.

Williams crawls towards the ring as STL shouts his encouragement. Storme goes to his corner and glares at Fan for a moment. He tags him in, waits for him to get into the ring and with no warning hits a DDT, leaving Fan crumpled on the mat. He stands over and shouts, “That’s for eliminating me you talentless hack!” He rolls from the ring and leave the arena.

Now that is the Steve Storme we all know and love.

I don’t know about love, but he’s now left his partner all alone. That’s not very sportsman like in my opinion.

Williams climbs back in the ring and gets firmly to his feet and waits for Fan to stir. When he finally does, Williams knocks him off his feet again with a baseball slide to the shin. He immediately covers….one…two…three.

Presenting the winners of this match….STL and Jack Williams!

I don’t think there can be any doubt that Steve Storme is directly responsible for his team’s loss here tonight.

He wasn’t the one to be pinned. Therefore, not his fault.

STL climbs back in the ring and the he and Williams play to the crowd as Get Ya Walk on Hits again, and the crowd continues to cheer ecstatically.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

Warzone Results-07/23/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Results-07/23/08   Warzone Results-07/23/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:42 am

Perce, is it main event time already?

Not paying attention again?

No, I was. Ok, not really.

I am not surprised. Note to management, I need a new broadcast partner.

The following is a Handicap match.

The Final Countdown hits and Claude Baker explodes out the back.

Making his way to the ring weighing in at 220 pounds, from Paradise City, Claude Baker!

I sort of feel bad for this man he has to take on two people at the same time.

He’s tough two people, four people, send out the locker room he’ll take them out.

Claude Baker has a smug smile as he walks down to the ring. The fans are booing them but he keeps his head held high as he climbs into the ring. Claude waits for his opponents.

Things Have Changed hits and Jokerman walks out from the back.

And making his way to the ring weighing in at 230 pounds, from Desolation Row, Jokerman!

Jokerman slowly walks down to the ring. He climbs in and Claude immediately begins to attack him. Claude keeps hitting him with in the head with punches left and right. Jokerman is backed up against the ropes. Claude grabs him by the head and throws him out of the ring as Natural Born Killers hits.

And here is the other man in the match.

Seems kind of late to be helping in the match now.

Steve Ace comes running out from backstage down the entrance ramp and quickly slides into the ring. Claude does not let him get to his feet and stomps on him trying to keep him down. Claude jumps into the air and drives his knee into the shoulder of Steve. Jokerman gets up and starts to get in the ring when Claude Baker runs full speed at the ropes and nails a baseball slide the knocks Jokerman back down. Claude quickly gets to his feet and Steve Ace to a standing position. Claude kicks him directly in the midsection and Steve Ace bends over in pain. Claude runs against the ropes and comes running back towards Steve and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Steve is slammed down to the mat hard and holds his head and neck in pain. Claude gets to his feet and smiles at the crowd as they begin to loudly boo him.

Look at this he is keeping both men off him!

He’s doing good so far but what happens when the numbers game becomes too much to handle?

Jokerman gets back up and climbs into the ring and begins to stare down Claude Baker. Claude goes to punch Jokerman right in the face again but Jokerman blocks it and locks Claude into a hard Headlock. Claude tries to get out of it but Jokerman just continues to apply more pressure to the hold. Claude jumps into the air and nails a Jaw Breaker. Jokerman goes flying back and falls inbetween the ropes and to the floor. Claude goes over to the ropes and stands on the bottom one and yells at Jokerman on the floor taunting him. Steve Ace quickly gets to his feet. Steve walks over and pulls him off and slamming him to the floor. Claude holds his head in pain as he tries to get back up using the ropes to pull himself up. Steve locks his arms around Claude’s his waist and tries to pull him up to nail a German Suplex but Claude grasps the ropes preventing the maneuver. Claude takes his foot and kicks backwards. Claude Baker's foot nails Steve Ace directly below the bell. Steve falls to his knees in pain.

That’s blatant cheating!

He’s in there with two people! He has to do what he has to do to win.

The ref starts to warn Claude and Claude doesn't really pay attention as he wants to go after Steve. Jokerman climbs onto the ring and then climbs to the top rope of the turnbuckle. Claude turns around to face Jokerman and Jokerman jumps forward to hit Claude with a Double Axe Handle smash and nails Claude directly in the head. Claude falls to the floor holding his head in pain. Jokerman extends his hand to Steve Ace and he pulls him up, while Steve is still in pain from the low blow. Steve gives Jokerman instructions and Jokerman just nods his head not saying a word. Steve picks up Claude Baker and puts him in a full nelson as tight as he can. Jokerman runs against the ropes opposite them then runs towards Claude to hit a clothesline but Claude falls to the floor and Jokerman clotheslines Steve and knocks him onto the floor. Claude quickly covers Steve and the ref goes to count the pin but Jokerman stomps on Claude’s head to stop the pin.

This is the numbers game I was talking about, Claude tries to go after one while the other stops him.

And then you get mad at him when he tries to get ahead by bending the rules.

Claude gets to his feet and Jokerman kicks him in the midsection. Jokerman sets him up for a DDT. Steve quickly get to his feet and him and Jokerman together nail Claude with a DDT. Jokerman and Steve runs across opposite ropes. Jokerman runs back towards Claude and hits a Leg Drop, simultaneously Steve does the same and hits an elbow drop. Claude rolls around on the floor in pain. Steve struggles to lay him out and finally does going for a pin 1…2… Kick Out! Steve looks the ref dead in the eyes and the ref tells him it was a two count. Jokerman and Steve back away from Claude and let him get to his feet. Steve nails Claude with a Lariat and Claude falls to the floor. Jokerman locks in a headlock on Claude while he is on the floor. Claude tries to get away but Steve just keeps kicking him. Jokerman keeps applying pressure. Claude reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. The ref tells Jokerman to break the hold and he does. Jokerman pulls Claude Baker to his feet. Steve Ace grabs him and nails him with a Cop Killa. Claude grabs his head in pain as Steve Ace goes to pin him Jokerman puts his hand on Steve’s shoulder and shakes his head no. Steve picks up Jokerman. Jokerman puts Claude on his shoulders and nails him with a reverse Death Valley Driver. Claude lays on the floor motionless as Jokerman pins him and the ref counts it. 1…2…3!

Here are you winners Jokerman and Steve Ace.

Jokerman and Steve Ace celebrate in the ring holding each other’s arms up.

Your probably enjoying this aren’t you? Two men taking advantage of one guy.

I thought you said Claude can survive this…

I said maybe.

Yeah earlier in the show, not just now.

Out of nowhere a group of men hop the guard rail from all directions, push past the security and slide into the ring. They are wearing black t-shirts with “XCL” on the front.

What the hell?

Wait, I know those guys! Look! Chris Shocker, Kid Kash, K_Mo and Creachbaum!

For real? Why are XCL wrestlers here in ROG?

I have no idea, XCL is dead anyway.

Shocker directs the action and calls for K_Mo and Creachbaum to take out Jokerman while he does beats down Steve Ace with Kid Kash. Creachbaum and K_Mo club Jokerman to the floor and then stomp him repeatedly as the crowd boos furiously. Claude is stirring on the mat.

Somebody’s got to stop this!

I know, what could these idiots gain from a heinous act like this?

Kid Kash nails Ace with a Brainbuster while Chris Shocker runs forward and boots the kneeling Claude Baker in the face. Claude slumps back to the mat as the four men raise their arms and high five together. The fans are jeering loudly.

Look at them!

We need some medics out here as well as some of ROG’s finest to kick these guy’s asses!

Hell yeah we do! What do they even want here? XCL is over and after that, they won’t be getting any job at ROG.

You think this has anything to do with several wrestlers asking for their release yesterday?

I’m not sure but several of ROG’s big stars demanded and were granted their release from ROG including Steve Storme, Bolton Stevens, Callumomac, Flair and Ricky Reynolds.

That’s a lot of big names.

Well Simou’s a good guy, he agreed to the release as long as any Warzone contracted wrestlers make one final appearance here to tonight as not to let the fans down.

Suddenly “Bitch” begins playing and the crowd goes crazy. The camera cuts to the XCL guys and they look nervous with some of them backing up a little.

Percy Chapman: Business it about to pick up!

Delia strides out onto the stage wearing a long black leather coat which has been done up tightly. She shakes her head at the XCL crew and pulls out a microphone from her coat pocket. The music fades away and the crowd cheer.

You know, as much as I like Warzone, I really do feel like a fresh challenge. There is only so far I could go with Warzone, I had David Simou and the board of directors checking over my show, ordering me around and I didn’t like it one bit.

The fans become silent.

I like to be in total control because when I am, I can produce the absolute best wrestling show on TV. My storylines are compelling, my matches are action packed and the production values are second to none. I did the best I could with Warzone but now it’s time to move on.

Huh? Is Delia leaving?

Shut up and listen.

I made Warzone the number one show in Ring of Glory, hell, in all of wrestling. But now I want more and there’s only so far I can go with David Simou and the board holding me back. They don’t see what I see; my vision of what Warzone should be is different to theirs. So I began building for a revival of a show which nearly put ROG out of business. A show filled with talent and excitement. A show which died due to poor management but with me in charge, it will become the biggest and best show in wrestling history!

She opens her jacket to reveal she’s wearing an XCL shirt. The fans go wild and she smiles.

Oh my God! No!

Screw you Simou, I quit! The XCL is back in business!

The screen fuzzes up and the show ends.
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Warzone Results-07/23/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Results-07/23/08   Warzone Results-07/23/08 Empty

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Warzone Results-07/23/08
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