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The rules for ROG RPing(ALL NEW WRESTLERS MUST READ!!!) Empty
PostSubject: The rules for ROG RPing(ALL NEW WRESTLERS MUST READ!!!)   The rules for ROG RPing(ALL NEW WRESTLERS MUST READ!!!) EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:41 am

Here are the rules for ROG RPing.

1. You may only RP if you are introducing yourself or you have a match at the upcoming PPV. If you have a match, then you must wait until that match has been officially announced on either Meltdown or Warzone.

2. If you are introducing yourself, then you are allowed ONE RP!

3. If you are RPing for your match, you are allowed TWO RPs!

4. If you are going to attack somebody in an RP, you must have proven consent from the person you are attacking that one of the ROG Bookers must view and approve of before you attack them.

5. Only 1 attack per person is allowed for each PPV.

6. Open Challenges are a special case. Time is the factor that decides whether your Open Challenge will be made into a match or not. Open Challenges are best to challenge the person to a match on Meltdown/Warzone or the PPV after the upcoming one. For example: Flair3 has challenged Jerichoholic and Jerichoholic has confirmed that he wants to face off against Flair3. HOWEVER, we're already running behind on a PPV, so the open challenge won't be made into a match. Plus, we already have plans for the both of them at the PPV after the upcoming one, so their match might not happen soon, or even at all.

7. Once an Open Challenge post has been made and I have read them, I will make a post in the Challenge Thread as the GM of ROG and say whether or not it can/will happen.

8. Opponent appearances are okay to have without consent, as long as they don't get attacked. If they attack you in your RP, it's fine.

9. NO RPing FOR WEEKLY SHOWS! Meltdown and Warzone results are completely decided upon by the writers and there really isn't a thing that you can do to change them.

Penalties for transgressions will be decided upon the ROG Bookers. Just don't break the rules and everything will go smoothly.

Follow these rules and everything should go smoothly.

Rated PG wrote:
You know, I think this needs to be said.

I've noticed that several people in the RPing threads like to do interviews. However, I notice them always using either Percy Chapman or Trent Heart, who as you know are ROG's commentary team. However, we do (and always had) have an official interveiw. Dan Jackson who's official color is blue or dark blue. You don't neccisarily have to use Jackson, but I just thought you'd like to know that we have an interviewer.
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