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 ROG presents Night of Glory

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ROG presents Night of Glory Empty
PostSubject: ROG presents Night of Glory   ROG presents Night of Glory EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:51 am

ROG presents Night of Glory

Scheduled Card:

ROG Heavyweight Title Semi Final
David Simou vs. Chris Classic

ROG Heavyweight Title Semi Final
Erik Michaels vs. The Sound

Jack Williams vs. Nightmare

Johnny Nico vs. Steve Ace

ROG Heavyweight Title
David Simou/ Chris Classic vs. Erik Michaels/ The Sound
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

ROG presents Night of Glory Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG presents Night of Glory   ROG presents Night of Glory EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:53 am

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy DeMarco= Green
Ed Richards= Purple

Various different coloured pyro goes off as No Way Back by Hundred Reasons plays over the speakers. The camera slowly swivels around jam- packed arena before settling on the announce table at ringside.

Welcome to "Night of Glory", the first Super Show from Ring of Glory. I'm Leroy Brown and this is my broadcast colleague Jimmy DeMarco.

Hello everyone, I can't wait for tonight to begin and It makes it all the better to be here in New York city Leroy!

Yes it does Jimmy and boy do we have a great show lined up for you tonight, there's the sadistic masked monster Nightmare taking on Jack "The Iceman" Williams and a four man tournament to decide the Ring of Glory heavyweight championship.

Oh yeah, tonight history will be made as either the ROG president David Simou, Erik Michaels, Chris Classic or The Sound will be crowned the first Ring of Glory heavyweight champion!

Classical music blares throughout the arena, Chris Classic appears on the stage. He strolls forward casually, raises his arms as the crowd cheers and then makes way to the ring.

The following match is a Ring of Glory heavyweight championship semi final match and it is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from the Kayfabe Era, weighing in at 252 pounds... Chris Classic!

Here he is: Chris Classic. This young man has a ton of talent and believe that by the end of tonight he'll have the heavyweight championship strapped round his waist.

I don't know Leroy, first he has to get through the ROG president David Simou and that's no easy task. Simou's a top- notch athlete and no doubt a man of his intelligence has some kind of back- up plan if something should go wrong.

Basically you mean outside interference then. I've seen David Simou in other promotions and he never played by the rules then, I bet you nothing's changed...

99 Problems by Jay- Z starts up cutting Leroy Brown off. David Simou slips through the curtain and walks out onto the smoke filled stage.

On his way to the ring, weighing in at 205 pounds, from London England, he is the Ring of Glory president... David Simou!

Simou walks down the ramp, ignoring fans attempts at high fives. He slides into the ring, climbs the far left turnbuckle and raises his arms high into the air as the crowd boos loudly.

Not a very good reception for the Ring of Glory president, he canít be pleased with this.

David Simou rushes forward and swings a punch; Chris Classic ducks it and fires back with a few hits of his own. Simou stumbles backwards and clutches onto the ropes. He wipes some sweat from his forehead and locks up with his opponent. Classic easily overpowers him and nails a scoop slam. Simou jumps back up only for Classic to connect with a perfect dropkick. Classic picks him up and Irish whips him off the ropes, Simou ducks Classics outstretched arm and then bounces off the ropes on the other side before running straight into a powerslam. 1-2- kick out! Classic gets to his feet and takes a few seconds to take a look round the sold out arena. The fans begin chanting, ďLetís go ClassicĒ and a smile flashes across his face. But while Classic is enjoying the fans adulation Simou rolls him up for a near fall. Both men spring back up and Classic goes for a clothesline, Simou dodges it and connects with an enzuigiri. 1-2- kick out! The fans try to encourage Classic as Simou locks in a headlock. After a minute or so the ref raises Classics arm but it falls back down limply. He repeats the action a second time and Classic gives the same response. The referee tries a third and final time and Classic manages to just hold on.

Chris Classic is a good old-fashioned wrestler: he plays by the rules, he never gives up and heís a damn good mat technician.

He just plain sucks.

How can you say that, Jimmy?

Look, his moves repertoire is extremely dated. The fans come to see shooting star presses and hurracanranas not some guy stuck in the 1960s using powerslams and piledrivers. This is the 21st century, wrestling has evolved but Classic is reinforcing the slow, boring wrestling from the past and I donít like it one bit.

He gets up to his knees and begins elbowing Simou in the chest; Simou lets go after a few shots and takes a few seconds to recover. Just as Classic looks like heís going to mount some offence Simou knocks him to the floor with a nasty kick to the mid section. Simou grabs Classic, knees him in the stomach and nails him with a forceful DDT. 1-2- kick out! Simou rushes over to the referee and starts complaining. This gives Classic precious time to recover. As Simou turns around Classic sets him up for a piledriver. He hits it! 1-2- Simou gets his foot on the ropes! Classic shakes his head in disbelief. Both men struggle to their feet, Classic misses a Superkick, taking out the referee instead. Simou, sensing his chance to finish the match, rakes Classics eyes, climbs out the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides back in and swings the chair in a kneeling Classics direction. Blood trickles from Classics forehead as Simou drops the steel chair, itís too late though: the ref lying on the mat was not unconscious and saw the whole thing! He signals to the announcers and the bell sounds. A crimson masked Classic is sprawled over the mat.

He doesnít look like a winner to me!

Simou is absolutely furious, he complains to the referee but itís no use- the match is over.

The winner of this match and now in the Ring of Glory heavyweight championship final as a result of a DQÖ Chris Classic!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

ROG presents Night of Glory Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG presents Night of Glory   ROG presents Night of Glory EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:53 am

Classical music begins playing again as the referee helps Classic to his feet but Simou suddenly charges forward, kicks Classic in the stomach and nails him with a viscous RKO!

He calls that move the Simulator, Itís deadly!

The music stops abruptly and the bell rings a couple more times as the referee tries to pull Simou away from Classic, he manages to connect with a couple of kicks before heís dragged off.

My God Jimmy, that was one of the most despicable acts Iíve ever witnessed in a wrestling ring! Simou canít take losing so he had to physically dissect his opponent once the match was over. And Classics got another match for the belt tonight! How the hell is he going to win the belt after that?

Calm down now, Leroy. It was stupid of David Simou to get caught using that steel chair; itís cost him a shot at the Ring of Glory heavyweight title. I admit that the Simulator at the end was unnecessary but come one Leroy, heís got to be pretty pissed off about how that one went.

That doesnít mean he can ruin another mans chance of wearing the ROG heavyweight championship belt!

I know, I know. Anyway, letís talk about the second semi final match Erik Michaels vs. The Sound, which is coming up next.

Well, theyíre both brilliant young wrestlers but I think that Erik Michaels cockiness will let him down tonight.

No way! Sure, The Sound is a decent wrestler but heís a rock star, heís in the wrong business Leroy. Erik Michaels might as well have a bye through to the final; this should be one of the easiest matches of his career.

I canít wait to see the look on your face when The Sound gets his arm raised at the end of this oneÖ

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses begins as Erik Michaels struts out onto the stage and gold pyro explodes in time with his various poses. The crowd is booing throughout.

The following match is the second ROG heavyweight title semi final match. On the way to the ring, from Miami Florida, weighing 213 poundsÖ Erik Michaels!

Michaels climbs into the ring and tenses his muscles as boos rain down on him. He shakes his head and mutters something inaudible.

He doesnít look to happy, maybe now he realises that heís not God gift to women.

Suddenly the lights dim and Battery by Metallica begins playing, the crowd goes crazy. The Sound walks through the red smoke filling the stage, an acoustic guitar slung over his shoulders.

This is a real fan favourite Jimmy! Listen to this crowd!

Making his way to the ring, from England, weighing in at 245 poundsÖ The Sound!

The Sound strolls down the ramp, shaking hands with the fans as he goes. He slides into the ring but immediately Erik Michaels rushes forward and starts stomping away.

Hey, thatís not on. At least give him a chance to get into the ring!

Michaels is a smart guy Leroy, he doesnít care how he gets it done just as long as he wins. Itís a good strategy.

Michaels back off and lets The Sound get up. The bell rings and the pair lock up in the centre of the ring, The Sound is winning the test of strength and Michaels is obviously in pain. All of a sudden Michaels pulls The Sound in closer and knees him in the stomach. The Sound is winded badly and he drops to his knees. Michaels takes a few steps back before unleashing a brutal kick into the side of The Sounds head. 1-2- kick out! Michaels picks The Sound up and shoots him over to a turnbuckle, Michaels follows hoping to hit a clothesline/ bulldog combo but The Sound gets a foot up and Michaels stalls for a few seconds. The Sound then takes him out with a clothesline. Both men spring back up and The Sound runs into an armdrag, and another, Michaels goes to hit a third but The Sound reverses it into an armdrag of his own. The Sound picks Michaels up and shoots him off the ropes; The Sound ducks Michaels running clothesline and Erik keeps on going. On the return The Sound manages to hit a tilt- a- whirl slam for a near fall. They slowly get up and Erik Michaels stumbles forward, The Sound gets a couple of punches in and Michaels fires back with five knife edge chops. The last one is powerful enough to knock The Sound off his feet. Michaels lays in with more stomps to his opponent until the ref pulls him away. The Sound gets to his feet and Michaels pushes the ref out the way and goes for a clothesline. The Sound ducks, kicks him in the stomach and sets him up for a powerbomb.

If The Sound can hit The Sound Effect then this oneís over!

The Sound flips Michaels up onto his shoulders but Erik starts punching at his head. Michaels manages to stall The Sound and reverses the powerbomb into a hurracanrana. 1-2- kick out! Michaels gets up walks over to the top left corner of the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle cautiously as the crowdsí cheers get louder. Heís perched onto of the turnbuckle when The Sound jumps up and runs over to him.

He was playing possum, Leroy!

The Sound climbs up to the second rope and the pair swap punches with each other until The Sound connects with a particularly nasty one that makes Michaels stop and clutch his temple. The Sound then climbs to the very top rope and nails Michaels with a superplex! 1-2- kick out!

Oh my God! How did Michaels kick out of that?

Because heís the best professional wrestler alive today, thatís why.

The referee begins the ten count. At seven The Sound manages to get to his feet with aid from the ropes. He limps over to Michaels and goes to pick him up but Michaels low blows him and he falls back onto the mat. The referee starts the ten count again. The crowd chant along with the refs count, at nine both men slowly get up. Michaels swings a punch at The Sound, which connects. The Sound throws one back. They exchange punches with the crowd cheering for The Sounds hits and booing Michaelsí. Michaels suddenly ducks one of The Sounds punches and fires back with a series of nasty chops. Michaels then nails him with a Fishermans suplex before locking in an Inverted Sharpshooter. The Sound screams in agony as Michaels adds more pressure. He reaches out towards the ropes but theyíre too far away. The crowd start cheering, trying to inspire The Sound to break out of it but itís no use. Heís in the centre of the ring and he canít break the hold. He has to tap; the pain is too much for him to bear. Michaels keeps the hold locked in few seconds after the bell sounds just to rub salt in the wounds of his opponent.

The winner of this match and now competing against Chris Classic in the ROG heavyweight title finalÖ Erik Michaels!

Wow, that was one hell of match!

It sure was, Leroy. But what was it you said at the start of this match? That you couldnít wait to see the look on my face when The Sound gets his arm raised at the end of the match, well look what just happened. Yes, The Sound gave him a good fight but in the end it was Michaels who was the better man.

Tristian Artist= Orange

That is true but I still think that The Sound will be the ROG heavyweight champion at some stage during the next year or so, he's an amazing wrestler.

After that match I think you may be right. But next up we have the highflying Jack ďThe IcemanĒ Williams taking on the seven foot tall Nightmare. This truly is David vs. Goliath.

The lighting turns a bright shade of blue. Generic rock music begins playing as Jack Williams slips though the curtain.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring, from Phoenix Arizona, weighing in at 215 poundsÖ Jack ďThe IcemanĒ Williams!

He runs straight down to the ring, slides in and rushes over to a turnbuckle. He climbs to the top rope, raises his arms and then back flips off.

This man is the quite possibly the most entertaining wrestler in Ring of Glory and the fans love him.

Yeah, heís exciting to watch but he canít get the job done in the ring and in the end that's what matters.

A wall of fire erupts across the stage and Burned begins to play.

Accompanied to the ring by Father Judge, from Parts Unknown, weighing 335 pounds, standing 7 foot tallÖ Nightmare!

I know this man certainly can!

The fire settles down and the crowd goes silent as the giant Nightmare strides down the ramp, the short fat Father Judge at his side. Judge is carrying a wooden walking stick as he hobbles to the ring.

Oh my God, this guy is massive! The Ring of Glory fans have never seen anything like this before. Theyíre in shock!

He jumps up onto the apron before stepping over the ropes while Father Judge takes the long route and uses the stairs. Jack Williams darts to the outside as Nightmare moves to the centre of the ring. There he pulls his long black hair out of face and raises his arms high into the air. Suddenly he drops them and red pyro explodes from the ring posts. Father Judge then beckons Jack Williams into the ring, a sick smile on his wrinkled old face.

That Father Judge is an extremely shady character. I donít like the look on his face.

Neither do I Jimmy. I get the feeling that Jack Williams is in a whole world of trouble right now.

Judge leaves the ring slowly as Williams slides in. He goes straight to work on Nightmare with a series of lefts and rights but they have no effect. Williams bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but the monster doesnít stir. He tries sit a second time and gets the same result. He bounces off the ropes a third time but on the return Nightmare raises his left leg and takes Williams down with a big boot. Jack springs back up and ducks a punch before hitting an enzuigiri. Williams looks up from the mat in shock: Nightmare is still standing. Father Judge is just laughing hysterically. Williams gets back up but Nightmare is waiting for him and Williams finds himself back on the mat courtesy of a huge chokeslam.

Wow, the elevation on that chokeslam was unreal Jimmy!

1-2- kick out! Nightmare picks up Williams, kicks him in the chest and then flips him onto his shoulders hoping to hit a powerbomb. Williams pulls Nightmares hair, stalling him for a second. Williams manages to drop over Nightmares head to land on his feet. As Nightmare turns around Williams connects with a jumping heel kick. The monster stumbles backwards but manages to stay on his feet. The Iceman runs forward clotheslines both himself and Nightmare over the ropes. The referee begins his count. Nightmare bounces Williamsís head off the announcersí table a couple of times while Father Judge screams encouragement. Williams limps round the side of the ring while Nightmare picks up the steel steps. He charges at Williams but Jack drop- toe holds the monster and he falls face first into the steel steps. Father Judge is fuming; he sneaks up behind Williams and smashes him over the back of the head with his wooden cane.

That should be a DQ this isnít a handicap match!

The ref leans through the ropes and points to the locker room: Father Judge has been evicted from ringside! The fans cheer loudly as Father Judge is escorted to the back by another ref. Meanwhile Nightmare rolls Williams back into the ring, climbs in himself and stomps away at The Icemanís head and chest. Nightmare then picks The Iceman up and Irish whips him towards a turnbuckle, Williams manages to scale the turnbuckle and connects with a whisper in the wind knocking the masked man off his feet. 1- kick out! Both men get up at the same time but itís Nightmare who makes the next move. He goes for another big boot but Williams sidesteps it and bounces off the ropes, on the return he nails the big man with a viscous tornado DDT. 1-2- kick out! Williams rushes over to the turnbuckle, pulls himself up using the ropes and crouches at the top. Nightmare slowly gets to his feet and turns round just as The Iceman launches himself off the top rope looking to hit a diving cross body but Nightmare catches Williams and spins him round for a piledriver. He nails it! 1-2-3!

The winner of this match, he is the sadistic masked monster... Nightmare!

Nightmare doesnít celebrate his win, he just climbs out the ring and walks slowly to the back while Burned blares through out the arena.

Father Judge was right, Nightmare IS unstoppable!

Heís a force to be reckoned with, for sure but Jack Williams did pretty well himself. He was in there with a seven-foot tall monster and he nearly got the victory.

Suddenly a tall, good-looking, muscular figure appears on the TitanTron. It shows him training in a gym: lifting weights, on the running machine and then doing press- ups. While the video cuts between these scenes a low-pitched male voice speaks.

I'm Tristian Artist; remember that name because youíre going to hearing it a lot more often starting from now. I train and I fight hard, thatís what makes me the best. Iíve got respect for my opponents but when you step through those ropes against a wrestler of my calibre; you need to be prepared for the fight of your life because Iíll give you nothing less than 100%. When I have a goal there isnít anyone or anything that can stop me and my current goal is to be the next Ring if Glory heavyweight champion.

The video ends and the camera returns to the announce table.

So, another wrestler has been signed up to Ring of Glory and his name is Tristian Artist. He looks in great shape but weíll have to wait and see if he can get it done in the ring.

I've just been informed that Tristian Artist will be facing the sadistic masked monster Nightmare at the next Ring of Glory super show; this is going to be huge!

Thatís why David Simou is such a great president; he always puts together great matches.

I have to admit that Simou is spot on here; I canít wait to see these guys face-off.
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ROG presents Night of Glory Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG presents Night of Glory   ROG presents Night of Glory EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:54 am

David Simou= Cyan

Now this next match was put together at the last minute, two Indy stars who ROG president David Simou managed to get hold of just a couple of days ago: Johnny Nico and Steve Ace.

I havenít seen much of these two young competitors but I do know that theyíll put on a great match otherwise Mr. Simou wouldnít of signed them to a contract.

Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube begins playing Steve Ace walks out onto the stage carrying a kendo stick.

Who does this music remind you of Leroy?

I wonder if heís going to have it play through his match, eh? Seriously now, what I donít understand is why he that kendo stick, this isnít a street fight!

The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Sheffield England, weighing in at 272 poundsÖ Steve Ace!

Steve Ace walks down the ramp, climbs into the ring and raises his kendo stick into the air as the crowd cheer.

I hope he doesn't plan on using that kendo stick in the match, we've already seen one match end in a DQ.

Suddenly No Chance (Vince McMahons theme) cuts out Dre and Johnny Nico strides down the ramp. The fans boo as he extends his hand out to a young fan before retrieving it before the kid can shake his hand.

Thatís not on. Without these fans the wrestlers wouldnít get their paychecks in the mail so he should show some more respect.

And the opponent, weighing 265 pounds, standing 6í5Ö Johnny Nico!

Suddenly Steve Ace scales the turnbuckle and takes out Nico with a diving cross body.

The match hasnít even officially started yet!

Both men jump up and Nico straight away goes for a big boot. Ace sidesteps it, grabs his kendo stick from the apron and begins caning Nico. Johnny falls to his knees as Steve Ace connects with several shots to the back making Nico slump to the floor. Ace drops his kendo stick, picks up Nico and Irish whips him into the ring steps. Nico struggles to his feet and rolls into the ring, Ace follows. The bell rings, the match is officially under way now. Ace goes a lariat but Nico dodges it and scoop slams him for a near fall. Nico grabs Ace and shoots him into the turnbuckle, he follows hoping to connect with a clothesline but Ace moves out the way. Nico hits his head on the turnbuckle; Ace spins him round and nails him with DDT. Both men get to their feet at the same time, Nico goes for a clothesline but Ace ducks it and nails him with a German supex. But he keeps the arms wrapped around! Ace pulls of two more Germans before letting go and climbing to the top rope. Nico pushes the referee into the ropes, which ruins Aceís balance. Ace crotches himself on the top rope, Nico grabs Ace in a headlock but then suddenly drops down driving Ace face first into the mat from the turnbuckle. 1-2- kick out! Nico picks up Ace and begins punching at his head. Ace stumbles backwards and uses the ropes for support. Nico charges forward but Ace pulls the ropes down and Nico goes flying into the barrier. Ace climbs out onto the apron and then connects with an elbow drop.

If this match was falls count anywhere Ace would of won by now!

Ace gets up first and lays into Nico with several stomps before rolling him back into the ring. Nicoís up as Ace slides into the ring and takes Ace down with a clothesline, and then another. He goes for a third but Ace ducks it and hits a brainbuster. 1-2- kick out! Ace picks Nico up and shoots him off the ropes, Nico ducks the clothesline, bounces off the other side and connects with a Spear!

Thatís it! It has to be over!

1-2- kick out! Nico storms over to the referee shouting abuse. Ace gets to his feet, elbows Nico in the back of the head and then hits a Tiger Suplex. 1-2- kick out! Ace looks shocked. He pulls Nico up, throws a punch, he ducks and goes for a Yakuza kick but Ace sidesteps. As Nico turns around Ace hits a Cop Killa for the three count.

The winner of this match by pinfallÖ Steve Ace!

Natural Born Killaz by Dre and Snoop Dogg starts playing. Steve Ace climbs the turnbuckle and raises one arm as the crowd cheers appreciatively. Nico limps off back to the locker room.

Both these men look like extremely good prospects for the future Leroy but Iím especially impressed by Ace; what a competitor!

I agree but next up is our main event of the evening. The first Ring of Glory heavyweight champion will be crowned, this is going to be great.

Itís going to be Chris Classic vs. Erik Michaels for the ROG title. Iím pulling for Michaels. After that brutal attack by David Simou, thereís now way Chris Classic can win this one.

I wouldnít write him if I were you.

Suddenly David Simou appears on the TitanTron sitting in his office in an expensive looking suit.

Iíve been doing some thinking and Iíve decided that although this Super Show has been brilliant so far, thereís a way I can make it better. As Ring of Glory president Iím exercising my authority and making the ROG heavyweight title match a street fight!

The fans cheer loudly at this announcement as the screen fades to black.

The match is going to be a street fight Leroy!

I heard Jimmy, both these men will anything to get that gold round their waist so if thereís any families watching tonight: this would be a good time to put the children to bed, itís going to get ugly.

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses begins playing and Erik Michaels struts down to the ring, a steel chair in his right hand.

Now it is time for our main event! The following match is a street fight for the ROG heavyweight championship and it is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, from Miami Florida, weighing in at 213 poundsÖ Erik Michaels!

Michaels walks up the steel steps and then climbs into the ring where he waits, the chair raised at head height. He looks strangely overconfident.

I don't know what he's so pleased about, he's about to wrestle in the biggest match of his career against one of Ring of Glorys finest.

Classical music sounds and Chris Classic runs down the ramp and slides straight into the ring.

Heís wasting no time!

And the opponent, from the Kayfabe era, weighing 252 poundsÖ Chris Classic!

Classic charge forward, ducking Michaels swinging chair and then knocks him down with a dropkick. Michales rolls around in agony as Classic puts the boot in. Classic picks up Michaels and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle, he follows and connects with a clothesline knocking Michaels to the floor. Classic looks around the ring and spots the steel chair in the corner. He slowly walks over to it, bends down and picks it up. As he turns round Erik Michaels superkicks Classic, driving the chair into his face.1-2- kick out! Michaels rolls out and searches for a weapon under the ring, he pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside while Classic clutches his head, the cut from earlier has been reopened and the blood is now trickling down his face. Classic rolls out of the ring and swings a punch at Michaels, he ducks it and fires back with a couple of knife edge chops following them up with a clothesline. Both men jump up, Michaels rushes forward into a powerslam. Classic rolls Michaels back into the ring for a near fall. Classic pulls Michaels up and shoots him across the ring Eric ducks the clothesline on the return and continues going. He bounces off the ropes on the other side but walks straight into a tilt- a- whirl slam. Michaels springs up, sidesteps a shoulder tackle and hits a Neckbreaker for another near fall. Michaels picks up Classic and tries to suplex him. He canít seem to do it. Erik tries a second time but Classic wonít budge. The suddenly Classic gives Michaels a suplex of his own! 1-2- kick out! Michaels struggles to his feet and climbs out onto the apron trying to escape. Classic quickly follows and the pair exchange punches on the apron until Classic knees Erik in the gut and piledrives him through the table at ringside!

Oh my God! He has to be broken in half after that!

Both men lay battered and bruised on the outside for a minute or so until Chris Classic begins to stir. He pushes Michaels back into the ring and then slowly climbs the turnbuckle. Frog splash! Classic gets back up and moves directly behind Michaels, stalking him, waiting to lock in the sleeper hold. When suddenly 99 Problems by Jay- Z starts playing. The crowd begin booing.

I wonder what he wants?

Classic turns towards the TitanTron and clenches his fists; heís ready to fight but David Simouís sneakily coming through the crowd.

Oh no, Chris! Turn around heís behind you!

Simou hops the guardrail, slides into the ring, picks up the steel chair and smacks Classic on the back of head with it.

What a rotten thing to do! The music was a distraction; Simou had no intention of fighting like a man. He had to sneak up on Classic to put him down on the ground.

Simou drops the chair and begins stomping away at Classic while Erik Michaels slowly gets to his feet. Simou stops his kicking as Michaels walks towards him. They look at each other for a few seconds before laughing and embracing. The crowd is furious. Simou leans through the ropes, calls Ed Richards over and then snatches the microphone off him. While Simou talks on the mic Erik Michaels continues the beat down on Classic, laying into him with punches and kicks.

When I bumped into an old friend of mine Erik Michaels in the locker room we decided to make a deal. I couldnít win that ROG heavyweight championship because of a certain piece of trash who's getting his face kicked in at this very moment so why not ensure a buddy of mine does? I made this match a street fight so I could interfere legally, so I could scramble the brains of Chris Classic. I didnít make it no- DQ to please you fans: I donít give a crap about the fans! I care about three people: Erik Michaels, Ella Perez and me. Oh, Iím sorry about this New York. I bet youíre all wondering who Ella is. Well let me introduce to you the best female wrestler alive today whoís just signed a three year contract with Ring of Glory!

Lose My Breath by Destinys Child begins playing as Ella walks out onto the stage. She poses for the cheering crowd as red pyro goes off before strutting down the ramp.

Wow, this arena just got ten times hotter!

She walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring.

Give it to him Ella!

Eric Michaels pulls Chris Classic to his feet and holds him still. Ella runs forward and kicks Classic in between the legs. He slumps to the floor wincing with agony.

Ouch! The wifeís not going to be very pleasedÖ

She was wearing boots as well Jimmy!

Right, shows over Classic. Itís time to end this match.

Eric Michaels picks Classic up, flashes an arrogant smile at the crowd and then nails him with the Michinoku Driver II. 1-2-3!

The winner of this match and new Ring of Glory heavyweight championÖ Erik Michaels!

Looks like you were right Jimmy, Erik Michaels is the first ROG heavyweight champion and itís a damn shame!

Shut up Leroy, Simouís about to say something else!

Take a look at excellence New York City! David Simou, Ella Perez and Eric Michaels: the greatest professional wrestlers alive today.

Ella climbs the bottom left turnbuckle and blows kisses to the crowd while Michaels climbs the bottom right one and raises his title belt high above his head. David Simou stands in the centre of the ring throughout the celebrations. The crowd is absolutely insane, the boos are raining down.

Alone weíre brilliant but together weíre unbeatable. We are ďThe Powers That BeĒ and weíre going to bring Ring of Glory to its knees!

Thank you for joining us in New York City for Ring of Glorys very first Super Show ďNight of GloryĒ. Itís been a great night but sadly itís ended on a sour note.

What are you talking about? ďThe Powers That BeĒ are the greatest force this business has ever seen and Erik Michaels fully deserves that title belt. It's been wonderful!

Well, a new era has dawned for sure but its one I hope doesnít last too long. This is Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco signing out. We hope you enjoyed the show!

The Show Ends
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ROG presents Night of Glory Empty
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ROG presents Night of Glory
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