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 ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose

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ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose Empty
PostSubject: ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose   ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:01 am

12/8/07 ROG PPV: Adrenaline Overdose

Here is the scheduled card:

Ella Perez vs. Ashley Nero

Johnny Nico vs. Jack Williams

X- Rated Championship match
RatedPG vs. David Sykes

Street Fight
David Simou vs. Chris Classic

Nightmare vs. Tristian Artist

ROG Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four- Way Elimination match
Erik Michaels vs. The Sound vs. Ricky Reynolds vs. Steve Ace
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose   ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:02 am

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy DeMarco= Green
Ed Richards= Purple
David Simou= Cyan
Beth Storme= Yellow

“The Pretender” by Foo Fighters blares through the speakers. Multi- coloured fireworks go off on the stage as the camera swivels around the sold out arena before settling on Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco at ringside.

Hello everyone, I’m Leroy Brown and alongside me is Jimmy DeMarco. Together we’re going to be calling Ring of Glorys third super show “Adrenaline Overdose” live from Las Vegas.

Yes, we’re here and Sin City and have we got a show for you fans tonight. ROG President David Simou taking on Chris Classic in a Street Fight, it’s going to get extreme for sure.

I’m looking forward to that matchup but the one I’m most looking forward to is the Fatal Four- Way Elimination match for the ROG Heavyweight Title. Erik Michaels faces his toughest challenge yet as he faces Steve Ace, The Sound and ROGs newest wrestler, the mysterious Ricky Reynolds.

Well, we’re going to find out a bit more about “Red Hot” Ricky Reynolds a little later on in an interview with Dan Jackson but first up is the very first women’s matchup featuring Ella Perez and Ashley Nero.

We’ve seen what Ella can do in the ring and it’s very impressive, she can mess with them men but Ashley is unproven, untested and inexperienced and I think they will be crucial factors in who wins tonight’s contest.

“Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child starts playing as Ella stuts out onto the stage. She poses as gold pyro goes off.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring, weighing in at 115 pounds, from Madison WI… Ella Perez!

Here she comes Leroy. One third of “The Powers That Be”.

They’re all very talented athletes no doubt about it, but are they on the same page? After what happened at “Aftershock” last month, I’m starting to doubt that.

Yes, there were some issues but I’m sure they’ve been resolved by now.

She walks up the steel steps and slips under the middle rope. Then she walks to the centre of the ring and poses seductively. They boo loudly.

These fans are idiots. They don’t appreciate “The Powers That Be” even know they do so much for Ring of Glory.

Well, that’s debatable Jimmy.

“So Cold” by Breaking Benjamin begins playing and Ashley Nero walks down to the ring to a good crowd response.

And the opponent, weighing in a 110 pounds, from Waikiki Hawaii… Ashley Nero!

Ashley’s pretty popular here in Las Vegas.

Before Ashley can even get into the ring, Ella flings herself over the ropes taking her down with a flying cross body. Ella’s up first and pulls her opponent up by her hair before Irish whipping her into the steel ring post. Ashley tries to get away, stumbling round to the announce tables. But Ella catches up with her and smashes her head on the tables a few times before throwing her back into the ring. They both get back up at the same time, Ashley swings a punch but Ella blocks it and slaps her round the face. Ashley staggers backwards before being knocked down by a clothesline. Ella pulls her back up and Irish whips her towards the turnbuckle, Ashley manages to scale up the pads and connect with a whisper in the wind for a two count. They both jump and exchange punches until Ashley blocks one of Ella’s and takes her down with a spinning heel kick. Ashley rushes over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope quickly. She waits, perched on the top rope until Ella gets to her feet. She’s not there for long though as Ashley connects with a missile dropkick off the top rope for a long two count. Ashley pulls her up and shoots her off the ropes. Ella ducks the clothesline on the return and takes Ashley out with a flying forearm on the way back. Both women spring up, Ella blocks Ashley’s left hook, kicks her in the mid section and hits a Neckbreaker. Ella then connects with a standing moonsault for a near fall. She pulls Ashley up gives her a couple of stiff shots to the face before going for a clothesline. Ashley ducks it and clamps in a front face lock as Ella turns back around. Twist of Fate! 1-2- kick out! Ashley gets to her feet and looks over to the top left turnbuckle. The fans start cheering.

They know what’s coming: Swanton Bomb!

She starts climbing up the nearest turnbuckle. Ella gets to her knees, notices Ashley on the top rope and pushes the ref into the ropes. This makes Ashley lose her balance and she falls to the mat. Ella quickly goes for the cover. 1-2- kick out! Ella pulls Ashley to her feet, goes for Superkick but Ashley side steps it. Ella turns rouns and charges towards Ashley, she sends her straight between the bottom and middle ropes with a drop toe hold. She bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring and connecst with a 619 to Ella. Ella falls backwards but quickly recovers and is back on her feet. Ashley springboards towards her hoping to hit the West Coast Pop but Ella reverses it into a powerbomb. 1-2- kick out!

Oh my God! How did Ashley kick out of that?!

Ella struggles to her feet and shakes her head in shock. She darts over to the turnbuckle and ascends it rapidly. Ashley gets up while she’s climbing and starts scaling it the other side. On the top rope, the pair swap punches until Ella knocks Ashley to the mats with a head butt. Moonsault! 1-2-3!

The winner of this match as a result of pinfall… Ella Perez!

The very first women’s match in Ring of Glory and it was a classic. Both women were on top form tonight but it was Ella who walked away with the victory.

I thought that Ella would win. She showed Ashley whose boss on Meltdown and she did here again tonight. Great match up.

Indeed but I feel that this match was only just the first chapter in this feud.

You may be right Leroy.

Ella gets to her feet, and glances at Ashley, who’s clutching her ribs. Ella smiles sweetly before rolling out the ring. Suddenly “99 Problems” by Jay- Z starts up and David Simou walks out onto the ramp carrying a mic.

Great match girls, fantastic. Ella, congratulations on your first win in ROG, I’m sure they’ll be many more in the future. But, I’m not out here just to bleat on about how good the match was. Oh no, I’m making an very important announcement: at the next ROG supershow “Riot City Showdown” there will be a Triple Threat match for the ROG Women’s Championship featuring Ella Perez, Ashley Nero and my newest signing… Bethany Storme!

“Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin plays as Beth Storme struts out onto the stage and stands next to the chairman. David Simou hands her the mic and the music stops.

David if you’re impressed by that women’s match then just wait until you see me in action at “Riot City Showdown”. Ashley Nero, the glorified slag and Ella Perez, thinks she something special round here. Well sorry ladies, you're looking at the biggest bitch in wrestling and the next ROG Women's Champion: ME!

She gives Simou the mic back and leaves. Simou exits as well.

Wow, a massive announcement made by ROG Chairman David Simou. At “Riot City Showdown” Ashley Nero and tonight’s winner Ella Perez will be facing Beth Storme in a Triple Threat with the ROG Women’s Championship up for grabs.

Let’s talk about this Beth Storme. She seems awfully arrogant for someone who hasn’t even won a match.

She’s certainly confident but I know she can back it up too. I've seen her in other promotions and believe me, she's just as good as she says she is.

We’ll find out at ROG “Riot City Showdown” live from Miami where the first ROG Women's Champion will be decided in a Triple Threat. Florida, I can’t wait.

Me neither Leroy, it’s going to huge.

Well, moving on, next up Johnny Nico vs. Jack Williams. This one started back at “Aftershock” in a Two out of Three Falls match which The Iceman won. Nico got some payback at Meltdown in a singles match but he wants to finish the job here in Vegas.

Jack Williams picked up that upset win at “Aftershock” but Nico brought him back down to earth at Meltdown. Nico’s one tough son of a gun and I’ve got a feeling that tonight could be Jack Williams last night in wrestling.

I certainly hope not, Jack Williams is one of ROGs most entertaining wrestlers.

The lighting turns a bright shade of blue. Generic rock music begins playing as Jack Williams slips though the curtain.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring, from Phoenix Arizona, weighing in at 215 pounds… Jack “The Iceman” Williams!

He runs straight down to the ring, slides in and rushes over to a turnbuckle. He climbs to the top rope, raises his arms and then back flips off as the fans go wild.

Jack’s incredibly popular here in Ring of Glory.

Suddenly No Chance (Vince McMahons theme) cuts out Williams’ music and Johnny Nico strides down the ramp. The fans boo as he glares at the fans down the ramp before climbing into the ring.

And the opponent, weighing 265 pounds, standing 6’5… Johnny Nico!

Nico walks to the left corner of the ring and leans against the turnbuckle, looking round the jam- packed arena and shaking his head.

He’s not happy about the negative reaction these fans in Las Vegas are showing him.

Suddenly Jack Williams sprints forward and nails Nico with a turnbuckle dropkick. Nico slumps to the floor and Williams lays in with a couple of stomps before scaling the turnbuckle. Nico jumps up and climbs the turnbuckle up the other side. Nico swings a few punches but Williams blocks them and fires back with a series of quick fire jabs to Nico’s head. Williams then nails Nico with a tornado DDT off the turnbuckle. 1-2- kick out! Williams pulls Nico up and tries to shoot him off the ropes. Nico doesn’t move and then takes Williams with a short arm clothesline. Williams springs abck up but gets knocked to the floor straight away by a Yakuza Kick. 1- kick out! Nico picks Williams up and throws a couple of punches followed by a kick to the mid section. Powerbomb! 1-2-kick out! Nico argues with the referee for a few seconds before dropping his elbow over the Williams’ neck. Nico slowly gets to his feet and does it a second time. He goes to connect a third time but Jack rolls out the way. While Nico massages his arm, Williams jumps up and runs forward, nailing Nico with a dropkick to the face. Nico gets up, Williams lashes out with a kick but Nico holds onto his leg. He spins him round before lifting him onto his shoulders. Williams struggles and manages to reverse it into a sunset flip. 1-2- kick out! Both men jump up and Nico runs right into a drop toe hold. Williams rolls over Nico’s back and locks in a headlock.

He’s got in locked in now, this could be the end of the match!

Nico elbows Jack in the chest repeatedly while getting up to his knees. Eventually Nico winds Williams with a forceful punch and he falls backwards. Nico goes for a big boot but Williams side steps it and takes him out with an enzuigiri. Both men are down as the ref begins his count. At six Johnny Nico pulls himself up with help from the ropes. At seven Jack Williams kips up but walks straight into a powerslam. He gets up quickly and dodges Nico’s clothesline attempt and bounces off the ropes. Williams runs towards Nico and plants him face first with a running bulldog. Williams walks over to the turnbuckle as the crows cheers loudly. He climbs to the top and raises his arms into the air before going for a diving legdrop. Nico rolls out the way at the last second. Both men slowly get to there feet, Nico charges forward looking to connect with a spear but Williams dodges it and Nico goes flying into the ring post. Nico stumbles backwards clutching his shoulder. Williams knocks him to the floor with a jumping heel kick. He scales the turnbuckle and nails a shooting star press! 1-2-3!

What a match!

Yes, both men tried their hardest but it was Jack Williams who pulled out the victory with the stunning shooting star press.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose   ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:03 am

Well next up is David Simou vs. Chris Classic in a Street Fight. This match is very, very personal.

Chris Classic has prevented Simou from wearing gold in his own company on two occasions and the boss wants revenge.

And there is no place better to settle a grudge than in a good old Street Fight.

“99 Problems” by Jay Z begins playing and the lights start flashing on and off. There is a mixed crowd reaction as David Simou walks out onto the stage carrying a steel chair.

The follwoing contest is a Street Fight and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from England, weighing in at 225 pounds... David Simou!

He’s brought along a steel chair to the dance, which should come in handy.

Simou walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring. He then strolls to the centre of the stage and stands in wait, his hands wrapped tightly round the chair. Classical music starts playing and Chris Classic walks slowly down the ramp.[i/]

And the opponent, from the Kayfabe era, weighing in at 245 pounds... Chris Classic!

[i]He high fives some fans as he goes before sliding into the ring. Straight away Simou rushes forward and starts smacking Classic over the back with the chair.

He wasn’t even on his feet! What a cowardly thing to do.

It’s cowardly but it’s also effective.

Simou drops the steel chair, pulls Classic to his feet and then DDTs him onto it. 1-2- kick out! Simou gets up and stomps away at Classic finishing his assault with a legdrop. He then pulls him up shoots him off the ropes, Classic ducks the clothesline but on the return gets taken out with a tilt- a- whirl slam. Simou rolls out the ring and looks for a weapon under the ring. Classic recovers from the slam and launches himself over the ropes. Simou moves out the way at the last second and Classic goes flying into the barrier. Simou pulls a table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Classic gets up and elbows Simou in the back of the head. Then he Irish whips him into the ring steps. Simou gets to his feet and ducks Classic’s clothesline. As Chris turns round he gets planted with a scoop slam. Simou then rolls back into the ring and Classic quickly follows. Simou knees him in the stomach and goes to hit a suplex. Classic reverses it into a suplex of his own for a near fall. Classic picks him up and shoots Simou into the corner. Classic goes for a turnbuckle clothesline, Simou gets his leg up and Classic stumbles backwards. Simou runs forward, Classic leapfrogs him. Classic spins round and receives a slap to the face. He turns away, massaging his left cheek. Simou kicks him in the gut and then nails a backbreaker. 1-2 kick out! Both men jump back up. Classic runs forward and gets nailed with an armdrag. He gets back up, ducks a clothesline but then gets knocked straight out the ring by a Superkick. While Classic recovers on outside Simou sets up the table in the centre of the ring. Classic rolls back into the ring and dashes over to Simou. He gets driven through the table with a spinebuster by the ROG President. 1-2- kick out!

How did Classic kick out of that?! Most men would be out cold after taking a move like that.

Simou shakes his head in disbelief and then sets up the chair. He turns round and pulls Classic to his feet. They exchange punches before Classic kicks him in the mid section and then bounces off the ropes. On the return Simou drop toe holds him, sending his face into the steel chair. Classic writhes in agony as Simou gets to his feet. He folds up the chair and waits for Classic to get up. He crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself up slowly. Classic staggers around the ring for a few seconds before Simou smashes the chair over his head. Classic falls to his knees as blood trickles down his forehead. Simou drops the chair on the mat, pulls Classic up and then nails him with a RKO on the steel. 1-2-3!

What a brutal ending to a brutal match up.

Well, I knew David Simou would pick up the win. Chris Classic is a straight- up mat based wrestler and there was none of that in there match tonight. Street Fight’s are David’s speciality so it was obvious he would get the 1-2-3.

The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall... David Simou!

ROG President David Simou gets his first win in this company, getting revenge on Chris Classic in a Street Fight. I reckon that Classic will be out for at least two weeks after those chair shots.

Oh yeah, he’s probably concussed after that RKO on a chair.

Erik Michaels= Orange

Well, next up is RatedPG vs. David Sykes in a rematch from “Aftershock” for the X- Rated Championship.

I reckon RatedPG will retain. This kid’s young, hungry and extremely athletic. David Sykes’s lack of agility will be his downfall tonight.

David Sykes beat ROGs sadistic masked monster Nightmare on Meltdown to earn the opportunity to take on RatedPG for the X- Rated Championship tonight so he’s no pushover.

“Polyamous” by Breaking Benjamin plays as David Sykes walks down the ramp. The crowd cheers for the veteran.

The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the X-Rated Championship. Making his way to the ring the challenger, from Sydney Australia, weighing in at 60 kilos… David Sykes!

David Sykes has a victory over the champion but it was a non title match.

Can David Sykes pull off the victory and win the title tonight? I don't think so.

“What I Want” starts as Rated PG struts down the ramp with the title around his waist. The crowd give him a bad reaction and he’s visibly unhappy about it.

His opponent weighing in at 210 pounds, from Biloxi Mississippi, he is the X Rated Champion… Rated PG!

Sykes charges forward and takes PG down with a clothesline. PG jumps up but is knocked back down again by a couple of stiff right hooks. Sykes stomps away at PGs chest before pulling him back up. He then hits him with an uppercut. He takes a moment to look round the arena and take in the crowds cheers. Rated PG springs up and rushes to hit Sykes but Sykes hits PG with a hip toss, PG is up and Sykes tries to strike PG but counters and kicks him in the chest Sykes goes down and PG repeatedly kicks Sykes while on the floor. PG picks up Sykes and Irish whips him into the ropes Sykes comes off the ropes and PG hits him with a clothesline and goes for the pin 1-2- but Sykes kicks out. PG throws Sykes into the corner and chops him repeatedly and then sits him on the top turnbuckle PG goes for a superplex but Sykes throws him off the turnbuckle PG is layed out on the floor, Sykes stands up on the turnbuckle jumps and hits an elbow drop and goes for the cover. 1-2- but PG kicks out. Sykes whips PG into the ropes Sykes goes for a clothesline but PG ducks and throws him over the top rope and down to the floor Sykes is layout on the floor at ringside and the referee starts the 10 count. 1-2-3-4- Sykes gets up. In the ring Rated PG runs and hits a diving crossbody over the top rope and they are both out.

Wow, that was insane!

Rated PG took out David Sykes with that move and listen to the crowd, they love it!

The referee counts 1-2- they start moving 4- 5 PG is up and he picks up Sykes and throws him in the ring. PG covers him 1- 2 but Sykes kicks out, PG picks up Sykes and Irish whips him into the ropes, Sykes comes off the ropes and PG hits the Rating Drop and pins him, 1-2-3!

Hear is your winner and still X-Rated Champion… Rated PG!

What did I say Leroy? RatedPG is still the X- Rated Champion just like I predicted.

You were right but David Sykes was close to victory but ultimately RatedPG retained. I have to give him credit, he fought well.

“What I Want” by Daughtry plays as Rated PG celebrates in the ring with the title. Meanwhile David Sykes trudges back to the locker room. The camera cuts to “The Powers That Be” in there plush locker room. Ella is relaxing on a sofa sipping champagne in the background while Michaels is sitting on a steel chair. Simou is massaging his shoulders, preparing his for his title defence.

Come on champ, your match’s tonight.

I know, this is going to be my toughest defence yet, four men with my gold on the line. That leaves me with a 25% chance of retaining. Why the hell did you make this match a Fatal Four- Way?!

Hey, calm down Erik. Now, as the president of Ring of Glory, I have to ensure that this company makes money. This match is going to be massive; millions will tune in to watch it. It’s good TV and although it makes your defence harder, just remember who got you there in the first place.

David, we both know that I could have easily won that title at “Night of Glory” all by myself.

Of course Erik and you could have beaten Steve Ace at “Aftershock” without my help too.

Shut up! Your just jealous because I’m in the main event of your shows while your just a mid- card act. You don’t draw. I’m the star of this stable and you can’t deal with that!

Jealous of you! Don’t make me laugh Erik, without me you’d be nowhere so I’d shut up right now. I made you and I can just as easily break you!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose   ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:03 am

Erik Michaels slowly gets out of his seat and stands opposite Simou, staring intensely. Michaels starts to leave but then suddenly connects with a Superkick knocking Simou back into the sofa. Michaels smiles at Ella and beckons her over. She puts the glass on the table and they both leave.

Wow, looks like “The Powers That Be” has split! Erik Michaels takes out David Simou with a Superkick after a heated row. The most dominant force in professional wrestling has imploded.

Oh no, this is a mighty shame. These three were great together. Erik’s not going to get any help from Simou in tonight’s main event.

That’s for sure. Let’s talk about the future of “The Powers That Be”, Ella Perez seems to of sided with Michaels in this row.

Yeah, maybe Erik Michaels will recruit another member to join him and Ella? Perhaps Michaels and Simou will settle their differences in a match at the next PPV?

Oh, I hope so Jimmy that would be awesome. The current Heavyweight Champion facing off against the ROG President with the title on the line. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Well, coming up next Tristian “Rampage” Artist vs. Nightmare. These two did battle in a bloody Falls Count Anywhere match at “Aftershock” but tonight their match will be under normal rules. Who do you think is going to win Jimmy?

Nightmare, he kicked Tristian’s ass at “Aftershock” and I reckon that tonight will be no different.

A wall of fire erupts across the stage and “Burned” begins to play.

Accompanied to the ring by Father Judge, from Parts Unknown, weighing 335 pounds, standing 7 foot tall… Nightmare!

The fire settles down and the crowd goes silent as the giant Nightmare strides down the ramp, the short fat Father Judge at his side. Judge is carrying a wooden walking stick as he hobbles to the ring.

Here he is, the sadistic masked monster. 7 feet tall, 335 pounds: this guy is a beast.

He jumps up onto the apron before stepping over the ropes while Father Judge takes the long route and uses the stairs. There he pulls his long black hair out of face and raises his arms high into the air. Suddenly he drops them and red pyro explodes from the ring posts.

Oh my! It’s certainly heating up here in Las Vegas.

Gold pyro goes off as “Crank That” by Soulja Boy begins playing. Tristian Artist walks down the ramp shaking fans hands as he goes.

And the opponent, from San Jacinto CA, weighing in at 235 pounds… Tristian “Rampage” Artist!

Tristian Artist beat Jack Williams and Johhny Nico at Meltdown in a Triple Threat match while Nightmare lost to Chris Classic…

Yes but Nightmare lost because of Tristian’s outside interference. You didn’t mention that part, did you?

He slides into the ring and poses in the centre of the ring as the crowd cheers. Father Judge climbs out of the ring as the bell rings. Nightmare and Artist lock up in the centre of the ring. Nightmare easily overpowers him and pushes him to the floor. They lock up again and Nightmare throws Artist into the turnbuckle this time. Tristan falls to the floor clutching his back. He gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Nightmare. He doesn’t budge so Tristian tries again but gets the same reaction. He bounces off the ropes a third time and this time knocks Nightmare to the floor with a shoulder block.

He finally knocked him off his feet!

Tristian drops to his knees and starts punching away at Nightmare’s head. The referee pulls him off. Nightmare gets up and pushes the ref out the way. Nightmare and Tristian have a stare down in the centre of the ring. Nightmare throws a punch but Artist blocks it and fires back with a couple of hooks followed by a DDT. Tristian lays in with a couple of kicks before pulling Nightmare to his feet. He shoots him over to the corner and then goes for a turnbuckle clothesline. Nightmare moves out the way and Tristian’s head smashes off the pads. He stumbles backwards into a backbreaker. 1-2- kick out! Nightmare picks him and then lifts him up before slamming him down on the mat with a powerslam. Nightmare drags him over to the ropes and begins choking Artist with them. When the ref gets to a four count, Nightmare lets go. He picks Artist up and pushes him into the turnbuckle. He starts laying into him with punches and lighting up his chest with knife edge chops. Artist manages to block a punch and throws some back himself. Nightmare stumbles back; Artist lifts him up onto his shoulders looking to hit the FU. Nightmare rakes his eyes and drops down landing feet first. Nightmare wraps his giant hand round Artist’s neck, lifts him up into the air and then drives him into the mat.

Chokeslam! That’s it, this one’s over.

Nightmare goes for the cover. 1-2-kick out! Nightmare gets to his feet and stares at the ref. He starts backing away into the corner. Nightmare pulls him back into the centre of the ring and takes the ref out with a chokeslam.

He can’t do that! Ring the bell!

Hey, shut up Leroy. Now the ref’s out the way, anything can happen.

Father Judge gets a cloth bag from underneath the ring and passes it through the ropes to Nightmare. Nightmare pours the contents of the bag over the mat. He spreads the thumb tacks around with his hands while Tristian slowly struggles to his feet. Nightmare walks over to the drowsy Tristian and brings him over to the tacks. He wraps his hand round his throat again when suddenly the lights turn out. The fans become silent. “Darker Side” begins playing and the lighting turns a dark blue. A giant man with long black hair strides down the ramp.

Who the hell is this?!

I have no idea Jimmy.

The man climbs over the tope rope and walks to the centre of the ring. Nightmare releases his grip on Artist and he slumps to the floor. “Darker Side” fades out. The two monsters face off for a few seconds before the man lifts Nightmare up and drops him head first onto the tacks with a tombstone piledriver.

Oh my! What is this guy doing?!

The man looks around the arena as the fans start booing. Suddenly Tristian Artist rolls into the ring with a steel chair. He smacks the man over the head with it but it has no effect. He swings the chair again but this time the man blocks it and knocks it to the floor. Artist throws a punch but the giant catches it and takes Artist out with a chokeslam. The bell rings as the ref slowly walks over to the man. The man lashes out at the ref taking him down with a single punch.

This match has now been declared a no contest!

The crowd is now furious. The man climbs out of the ring and walks back up the ramp while the crowd hurl abuse at him.

This goliath has just taken out two of ROGs top wrestlers in one go. He looks unstoppable.

Well I want to know who the hell he is!

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow on Meltdown.

Dan Jackson= Blue
Ricky Reynolds= Olive

The camera cuts backstage where Dan Jackson is shown outside a locker room with mic.

Now, I’m about to talk to the mysterious “Red Hot” Ricky Reynolds about what happened at Monday Night Meltdown where he attacked Steve Ace and Erik Michaels.

He knocks on the door and pauses for an answer; he doesn’t get one but enters anyway. Ricky Reynolds is sat on a steel chair, leant forward. The room is dark, dingy and has a strong smell of marijuana.

Ricky, can you explain to the ROG fans why you interfered in the Michaels/ Ace match at Meltdown?

Those two are the top dogs around here. Erik Michaels is the ROG Heavyweight Champion and Steve Ace is the number one contender. I thought to myself, if I can take out the two top guys at the same time people will take notice and they did. A few seconds in the ring with me and they were down for the count. Out comes David Simou and I’m in a ROG Heavyweight Championship match tonight and it’s my debut. My plan went perfectly.

OK then, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into wrestling?

Well, since I was little I always wanted to be a rock star. I formed a band with some older guys that I knew. They got to try some cannabis and soon enough, I was hopelessly addicted. I got kicked out the band and my life spiralled out of control. After a while my money ran out and I was forced to fight for cash, I needed my fix. Somebody told me I was pretty good at fighting and should maybe do it as a living. I ignored him but after a couple of months on the street I decided that it was worth a try. I wrestled in a couple of Indy feds for a while and did pretty well. I thought maybe I could make big bucks in this. I wasn’t content to just get by; I needed more money so I went to WWE. They signed me to OVW but I was released when they found out about my drug problem. So, I came here but I wanted to go straight to the top so I took out the best.

Well, thanks for your time, good luck tonight Ricky.

The camera cuts back to ringside.

“Battery” by Mettalica begins playing as red smoke fills the stage. The Sound walks out onto the stage with his acoustic guitar. The crowd cheers loudly as he walks down the ramp and shakes hands with the fans.
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The following match is a Fatal Four- Way for the ROG Heavyweight Championship. On his way to the ring, from England, weighing in at 242 pounds… The Sound!

The Sound doesn’t deserve to be part of this match; he just got involved in something which he has no business in. He does something wrong by interfering in a match yet gets a title shot, how does that work out Leroy?

This guy has earned this opportunity to win the gold and I think he has a good chance of walking away with the title tonight.

Well, a 25% chance to be exact.

The Sound climbs into the ring and places his guitar under the turnbuckle. He climbs to the second rope and raises his arms into the air. Suddenly “Natural Born Killaz” by Dre and Snoop starts up and Steve Ace slips through the curtain carrying his kendo stick.

On his way to the ring, from Sheffield England, weighing in at 272 pounds… Steve Ace!

This man would be the ROG Heavyweight Champion if it wasn’t for Ella Perez.

Look Leroy; get over what happened at “Aftershock”! Erik Michaels retained the title by DQ and nothing you say is going to change that.

Ace rolls into the ring, walks over to the ropes and raises his kendo stick into the air as the crowd shows its approval. He pats The Sound on the back and the pair have an inaudible conversation in the ring.

At Meltdown, these two teamed up to take on Ricky Reynolds and Erik Michaels and boy did they make a great team.

“Round and Round” by Ratt begins playing and the lights dim. The crowd is quiet as Ricky Reynolds makes his entrance. He walks down the ramp, ignoring hand shakes. He has a large title belt round his waist.

Look at that belt Leroy, that isn’t a ROG title!

No, it’s not; Ricky Reynolds is a Tag Team Champion on one of our main rivals OWW Take Down.

On the way to the ring, he an OWW Take Down Tag Team Champion, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at 215 pounds… “Red Hot” Ricky Reynolds!

This man is a drug addict; this is not the kind of guy that should be on TV. Kids look up to wrestlers and seeing a Ricky Reynolds smoking dope isn’t setting a good example at all.

Hey, this guy has been through a lot of tough times Leroy. You don’t know the half of it. He might be a drug addict but he’s also a very nice human being and you shouldn’t judge because of his addiction.

Well, costing Steve Ace a one- on- one match with Erik Michaels for the ROG Heavyweight Championship isn’t very nice.

Ricky Reynolds slides into the ring but before he can get up Steve Ace charges forward and starts kicking Reynolds repeatedly. The ref struggles to pull him away but manages to do it long enough for Reynolds to get to his feet. Reynolds back into a corner and places his OWW Take Down Tag Team Championship under the turnbuckle. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses begins playing and Erik Michaels walks out onto the stage followed by Ella Perez, he looks very annoyed. He stomps down the ramp while pyro goes off in the background. The crowd is booing loudly.

On his way to the ring, accompanied to the ring by Ella Perez, he is the ROG Heavyweight Champion, from Miami Florida, weighing in at 213 pounds… Erik Michaels!

Here he is, the ROH Heavyweight Champion!

Yeah, some champ.

What do you mean?

He cheats to win, he betrays his partners and he’s just a general nasty piece of work.

You’re just jealous.

Michaels climbs into the ring while Ella walks round the side to the announcer’s tables.

This match is a fatal four way elimination match, which means we’re going to see three pinfalls tonight.

I know, it should be an awesome match.

She snatches a mic from Ed Richards and passes it through the ropes to Erik Michaels. Michaels taps the mic a couple of times to check it’s working properly.

Now listen here, I’m not going to stand by and…

He’s cut off by Steve Ace’s boot hitting his face. He falls backwards and rolls out the ring while Reynolds brawls with The Sound in the corner. Ace pulls Reynolds off The Sound and Irish Whips him into the opposite corner. He follows after and nails him with a turnbuckle clothesline. Sound recovers quickly and him and Ace the take Reynolds out with a double suplex. While Reynolds rolls around in pain, Michaels slides back into the ring with The Sound’s acoustic guitar. He swings it manically at Steve Ace who ducks it and kicks Erik in the mid section. He drops the guitar and is taken out with a DDT. Meanwhile The Sound has pulled Reynolds up and taken him down with a snapmare. Ace goes for a pin but Michaels kicks out. A the ref counts, The Sound goes to pick up Reynolds but receives a low blow which drops him to his knees. Reynolds gets up and flicks his boot into The Sounds face. Meanwhile Ace has Irish whipped Michaels off the ropes, Erik ducks the return and takes Ace down with a swinging Neckbreaker. 1-2 kick out! Reynolds walks over and pulls Michaels to his feet, he throws a couple of punches and then lifts Michaels up onto his shoulders and nails him with a flapjack. The Sound helps Ace to his feet but once The Sound’s backs turned Ace elbows him in the back of the head and nails him with a bulldog. The crowd starts cheering loudly while Ace smiles. Reynolds sneaks up behind him and takes him out with a german suplex. Michaels gets to his feet and takes Reynolds out with a Superkick. As he turns round The Sound kicks him in the chest and nails him with a piledriver. 1-2 kick out! Ace is back up and goes after Reynolds, taking him down with a STO for a near fall. The Sound pulls Ace up by his hair and smashes his head off the turnbuckle. Ace stumbles back into a full nelson slam from Michaels. 1-2-kick out! Michaels springs up, ducks The Sounds clothesline and takes him out with an enzuigiri. Reynolds pulls himself to his feet with help from the ropes and spins The Sound round. Then he nails him with a snap suplex.

He calls that the Acid Dropper!

1-2- kick out! Reynolds gets to his feet and argues with the ref. The Sound rolls him up. 1-2- kick out! Meanwhile Steve Ace starts climbing to the top rope. The Sound and Ricky Reynolds are exchanging blows in the centre of the ring when Ace launches himself at them, taking them both down with a diving cross body. Ace crawls over to The Sound. 1-2- kick out! He tries the same thing with Reynolds but still no pinfall. Ace gets to his feet but is knocked back down again by a Michaels dropkick. Reynolds springs up and takes Michaels down with a clothesline, The Sound jumps up and nails Reynolds with a headlock takedown. He keeps the hold clamped in while Erik Michaels grabs The Sounds guitar from the under the turnbuckle. Meanwhile Ace crawls over to the over turnbuckle and picks up his kendo stick. With the ref focussing on Reynolds and The Sound, the other two clash with weapons. The kendo stick and guitar connect the first time. Ace pulls his weapon back quickest and swings it again. Michaels ducks and drives the guitar down over his head. Ace drops down and Michaels goes for the pin. The ref turns round and see’s the cover. 1-2-3!

Steve Ace has been eliminated!

One down, two to go.

The Sound releases his hold on Reynolds and runs over to Erik. He gets planted with an armdrag. Reynolds rolls out the ring massaging his neck. Ella Perez comes up behind him and kicks him in between the legs. He falls to the floor, a pained expression on his face. The Sound jumps up again and blocks Michaels punch. He fires back with a few of his own, sending Michaels into the turnbuckle. He begins lighting up Erik’s chest with chops. Reynolds gets back up and rolls into the ring. He darts over to The Sound and spins him round. Belly to belly suplex! 1-2- kick out! Michaels is clutching his now red chest in the corner. Reynolds see’s him and starts chopping away while Erik screams in agony. The Sound gets to his feet and grabs Reynolds by the hair. He shoots him into the opposite turnbuckle and goes for a turnbuckle spear. Reynolds moves out the way at the last second and The Sounds shoulder connects with the ring post. He stumbles backwards into the centre of the ring. Reynolds bounces off the ropes and takes him down with a running bulldog.

The Daily Nose Bleed!

Michaels is slumped in the corner, Ella whispering into his ear as Ricky Reynolds locks in an Indian Deathlock. The Sound struggles towards the ropes but to no avail. He taps under the immense pain.

The Sound has been eliminated!

Reynolds slowly gets to his feet and clasps his forehead. Michaels charges forward, Reynolds side steps and Michaels takes down the ref with a spear. Michaels turns round and knocks Reynolds down with a Superkick. Ella slides a steel chair through the ropes to Michaels as Reynolds starts stirring. Michaels holds it up at head height ready to strike. Reynolds is up but the impact of the steel chair sends him back to the mat. Blood oozes out his forehead as Michaels makes the cover. The ref comes around just in time. 1-2-3!

The winner of this match and still ROG Heavyweight Champion… Erik Michaels!

Ella Perez climbs into the ring and hugs Michaels. The ref hands Erik his title and he climbs a turnbuckle, lifting it high into the air.

He’s still the champ, he overcame the odds.

Yeah but he couldn’t do it without cheating. He made two pins because of weapon shots and I think it’s unfair.

Oh come off it Leroy, he deserves that belt more than anyone on the entire roster.

Well, it’s been a fantastic night full of excitement but this is where it ends. This is Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco signing out, we hope you enjoyed “Adrenaline Overdose” we certainly did. Goodbye!

The show ends.
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ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose Empty
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ROG Presents Adrenaline Overdose
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