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 ROG Presents High Stakes

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ROG Presents High Stakes Empty
PostSubject: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:20 am

1/24/08 ROG PPV: High Stakes

Here is the scheduled card:

X-Rated Title Triple Threat
Dash Blade vs. Tristian Artist vs. Jose

Over the top Battle Royal for the Fallout Championship
Y2J vs. Johnny Nico vs. Jack Williams vs. Damian Jones vs. Black Dagger vs. David Sykes vs. Zach vs. Rated PG

ROG Women's Championship
Bethany Storme vs. Cassandra

Ella Perez and Nick Nitro vs. Ashley Nero and Aaron Kendrick

The Sound vs. Jamarius Jackson

Edgecutioner vs. Nightmare

ROG Heavyweight Championship
Erik Michaels vs. Ricky Reynolds

Universal Championship
Steve Ace vs. Steve Storm
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

ROG Presents High Stakes Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:23 am

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy DeMarco= Green
Ed Richards= Purple

“The Church of Hot Addiction” by Cobra Starship blares through the sound system as multi- coloured pyro explodes on the stage. The camera spins round the jam- packed arena before settling at ringside on the announcers table.

I’m Leroy Brown and this is my broadcast colleague Jimmy DeMarco. We welcome you to “High Stakes” live from Detroit Michigan! This is the sixth Ring of Glory PPV so far and I think it may be the best yet.

Quite possibly Leroy, history will be made here. Nightmare takes on his brother Edgecutioner in a Hardcore match and we will see the first Universal Champion crowned here tonight, it will either be Steve Ace or Steve Storm.

But don’t forget about the ROG Heavyweight Championship: Erik Michaels vs. Ricky Reynolds with the title in the balance. Also Bethany Storme defends her women’s belt against the feisty newcomer Cassandra in the Motor City!

There are some exciting matches on the card tonight but none I’m looking forward to more than The Sound vs. Jamarius Jackson. This feud goes back to “Riot City Showdown” where Jackson cost The Sound a shot at the ROG Heavyweight in a match against Ricky Reynolds.

Yes, that should be an great matchup but kicking off the show tonight: Dash Blade vs. Jose vs. Tristian Artist in a Triple Threat match with the X- Rated Championship on the line.

Jose, the rookie sensation from Puerto Rica, is my pick for this match.

Well, although the odds are stacked against Dash Blade here tonight, I think that he’ll manage to retain his title. The kid’s got a lot of heart and he’s an awesome competitor.

What about Tristian Artist? He’s a real powerhouse and he could be going back to the states with the X- Rated Championship round his waist.

Maybe Jimmy but I’ve got my money on Dash.

“Crank That” by Soulja Boy begins playing and Tristian Artist walks out onto the stage. He poses as gold pyro goes off behind him. He walks down the ramp shaking hands with the cheering fans.

The following contest is a Triple Threat match for the X- Rated Championship and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from San Jacinto CA, weighing in at 235 pounds... Tristian Artist!

Artist slides into the ring and poses again. “Alter Bridge” by Metalingus starts up and Jose darts out onto the ramp as boos rain down. He shakes his head in disgust and begins slowly strolling down the ramp.

On his way to the ring, from Puerto Rica, now residing in Greenwich Connecticut, weighing in at 215 pounds... Jose!

This guy is extremely athletic but he’s also extremely unpopular.

I don’t understand why Leroy. He’s so entertaining to watch and he left Puerto Rica, where he was worshipped, to dazzle the fans of ROG. They should be grateful. He gave up a life of luxury for this.

Jose does a forward rolls through the ropes and then climbs the top left turnbuckle. He raises his arms and the crowd boos loudly again. He looks puzzled and jumps back down to the mat.

Jose’s not used to a reception like this; he’s an icon back in Puerto Rica.

“The Way I Am” by Dash Blade begins playing and Dash Blade slips through the curtain, the X- Rated Championship over his shoulder. He raises the title as the crowd goes wild.

And the opponent, from Brooklyn New York, weighing in at 198 pounds... Dash Blade!

Here comes the champion.

I get the feeling that Dash won’t be holding that title for much longer Leroy...

Dash high fives random members of the crowd on the way down the ramp. He then climbs into the ring and steps up to the second rope of the bottom right turnbuckle and again raises his strap. He repeats this on the other side of the ring and then hands the belt to the ref. The bell rings and Jose immediately charges at Tristian Artist, driving him back into the top right corner. He pummels away at Artist with a series of punches until Dash spins him round and Irish whips him into the opposite corner. He then shoots Artist over there as well. Dash charges at them connecting with a turnbuckle splash. He steps back and Artist falls to floor. Jose is leaning against the turnbuckle, clutching his chest. Dash throws a punches and then starts lighting him up with chops. He then climbs to second rope and begins punching way at Jose as the crowd counts along. He reaches ten and then drops down the mat as Jose slumps to the floor. Artist elbows Dash in the back of his head and then nails him with a back suplex. Jose is back up and takes Artist down with a running head scissors takedown. He then stomps away at Artist before dropping a leg over his neck. Dash is back on his feet and breaks up the pin attempt. He pulls Jose up, throws a few punches and then locks in a gut wrench. Jose knees him in the chest and goes for a suplex. Dash manages to land on the apron. Jose turns round and Dash shoulders him in the chest. Jose stumbles backwards and then Dash takes him down with a springboard hurracanrana. Both men are up, Dash knocks him down with a clothesline. Artist gets back up and throws a punch at the champ. He blocks it and fires back with a few of his own. Artist falls back onto the ropes; Dash Irish whips him across the ring. He leapfrogs Artist on the way back and then takes him down with a hip toss on the return. Jose knocks him down with a running enzuigiri and then scales to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle. He connects with a 450 splash to Dash Blade.

Oh my God! 450 splash, new champion!

Jose goes for the cover. 1-2- Artist breaks it up. He pulls Jose back up and pushes him into top right corner. He hits him with a few stiff rights and then lifts him onto the top rope. He follows to the second rope and then locks in a front face lock. Superplex! 1-2- kick out! Tristian gets back up and kicks at Jose a few times and then spots Dash stirring on the other side of the ring. Tristian clubs at his back and lifts him onto his shoulders. Dash elbows him in the face and drops down, landing feet first. He throws a punch and then drives Artist down with a DDT. He drops down. 1-2- Jose breaks the pin. He pulls Dash up and slaps in a wristlock. He twists the arm and then elbows it a couple of times. Dash pulls away, Jose goes for a clothesline but gets planted with an armdrag. They spring and Dash takes him down with an armdrag a second time. Both men up, Dash goes for a third but it’s blocked. Dash blocks his attempt and hits the third and final armdrag. Before he can make the pin, Artist connects with a clothesline.

He almost knocked his head clean off with that clothesline!

Artist pulls him up and takes him straight down with a snapmare. As he turns round Jose nails a dropkick sending him through the ropes to the outside. Jose ascends to the top rope again but Dash follows. They slug it out until Dash manages to take him down with a top rope hurracanrana. 1-2- kick out! Tristian’s up on the apron. Dash rushes over but gets a shoulder to the stomach. He staggers back and then goes at Artist again with a flurry of punches. Tristian is stalled so Dash suplexes him back into the ring. 1-2 kick out! Jose’s up, he clamps in a side headlock onto Dash. Blade breaks out of it with elbows to the chest. He bounces off the ropes, Jose goes for a clothesline. Dash ducks and carries on running. He takes down Jose down with a superkick. 1-2- Tristian pulls Dash off. He lifts him up and Irish whips him across the ring, he takes Dash down with a spinebuster on the return. 1-2- kick out! Artist pulls Dash back up and starts punching away at him while Jose scales the nearest turnbuckle. He launches himself off the top rope, connecting with a diving crossbody on both men. He rolls onto Artist. 1-2- kick out! He crawls over to Dash. 1-2- kick out! Jose pulls Dash up, kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a flip piledriver. Dash manages to reverse it into a back body drop. Jose jumps up and ducks Dash’s outstretched arm. Jose spins him round, throws a few punches and then nails him with the flip piledriver.

Puerto Rican Destroyer! It’s over!

1-2- Artist breaks up the cover. He lifts Jose onto his shoulders and flips him off looking to hit an F-5. Jose lands on his feet and tries to shoot Tristian off the ropes. Artist reverses it into an Irish whip of his own. On the return Artist hoists him onto his shoulders and then nails him with an FU. He goes for the cover. 1-2- Dash pulls Artist off. They brawl in the centre of the ring, Artist throws a big haymaker but Dash blocks it. He hits back with a few chops and then whips him into the bottom right corner. Dash connects with a turnbuckle dropkick. Dash gets back up and walks over to the fallen Jose. He goes to pick him up bet receives a low blow. Jose springs up as Dash staggers backwards. Jose charges forward, Dash ducks the clothesline and throws a few punches back. He stumbles onto the ropes and Dash then clotheslines him over. Artist is crouched in the corner. He suddenly sprints forward, Dash drop toe holds him sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Artist pushes himself up using the ropes but as he turns round Dash lifts him onto his shoulders. He then drives him down with a Blade Driver. 1-2-3!

The winner of this match and still X- Rated Champion... Dash Blade!

Dash Blade gets the pin after hitting Tristian Artist with a Blade Driver, what a great matchup!

Well its shame that the young Puerto Rican Jose didn’t leave with the belt but he wasn’t the man pinned so maybe he’ll get a rematch in the future.

That’s likely Jimmy but for now Dash Blade is still the champ and I hope it stays like that.

Dash Blade takes his title off the ref and climbs the top left turnbuckle. He raises the title as the crowd cheers. Meanwhile Jose storms back up the ramp furious that he didn’t get the win. He stops on the stage and motions for the title as Dash shakes his head and raises the belt once more. Jose brushes through the curtain while Artist rolls from the ring and limps slowly to the back.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

ROG Presents High Stakes Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:23 am

Y2J= Dark Red
Dante Diablo= Yellow

Well coming up next, an over the top battle royal for the vacant ROG Fallout Championship. The winner of this match will bring the title to his brand so I guess the two GMs will be watching this one extra closely.

Definitely Leroy, if a Meltdown guy wins this match, then the Fallout Championship becomes exclusive to Meltdown and the same with Warzone. I know both Simou and Delia gave an inspirational speech in their brands locker rooms earlier today, they both want that title on their brand but it won’t be easy. There’s going to be 8 guys in there and they will do anything to win.

Oh yes, a wrestler is only eliminated when he’s thrown over the ropes and both feet touch the floor. The last man left in the ring will be the Fallout Champion and will take the title back to their brand. It should be a very good match and I can’t wait for it to get started.

I’ve just been told through my headset to say that after much dispute between the ROG board, the title will be now known as the Fallout Championship rather than the International or any other name. Thank you.

The arena lighting turns red . “Toxicity” by System of a Down begins playing and Johnny Nico, David Sykes, Zach “The Eliminator”, Damian Jones and Black Dagger walk down the ramp single file. Jones and Black Dagger give a few fans high fives as they go.

The following contest is an over the top battle royal for the Fallout Championship. Introducing first, the wrestlers of Meltdown... Johnny Nico, David Sykes, Zach “The Eliminator”, Damian Jones and Black Dagger!

That Nico’s going to be hard to elevate over the top rope. He’s a big guy.

Nico climbs over the ropes and Zach follows while the others walk up the steel steps and get into the ring. Jones climbs a turnbuckle and poses as David Sykes leans over the ropes and gives a booing fan the finger. Nico pulls his long hair back and stretches the ropes and Dagger just looks round the sold out arena, taking it all in.

This is an eight man battle royal and there are five Meltdown guys!

Well, Meltdown has the slightly larger roster which means that there’s a higher chance that the Fallout Championship will be exclusive to Monday nights.

“Make a Move” by Incubus starts playing, the lighting turns green and Y2J, RatedPG and Jack Williams walk down the ramp one after the other. Williams shakes the odd fans hand while Y2J shrugs them off.

On their way to the ring, the wrestlers of Warzone... Y2J, RatedPG and Jack Williams!

Williams and RatedPG slide into the ring as the Meltdown wrestlers move into the right side of the ring. Y2J struts round to the ringside and snatches a mic off Ed Richards. He climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. He walks to the centre of the ring and the crowd boo loudly as he taps the mic repeatedly to check its working

Can’t we just get on this with this battle royal?

Shut up Leroy, Y2J’s talking.

My name is Y2J and I am here to save you fans from the...

David Sykes shakes his head in disgust, kicks Y2J in the stomach and then flips him onto his shoulders. Sykes drops him down with a powerbomb and the other wrestlers begin brawling. Nico immediately attacks his long-time enemy Black Dagger elbowing him in the back of the head and then taking him down with a bulldog. Sykes is stomping away at Y2J in the centre of the ring. Zach connects with a few punches to RatedPG and then scoop slams him. He drops an elbow across PG while Damian Jones is pounding Jack Williams in the corner. Nico lifts BD up and pulls him over to the ropes. He tries to push him over ropes but BD fights back with elbows. Nico backs off clutching his chest. Dagger throws a few punches and then dumps Nico over the ropes. Nico manages to land on apron and clings on to the bottom rope as Dagger kicks him again and again. Sykes lifts Y2J up and bounces his head off the top rope turnbuckle pad. He does it a few more times and then tries to eliminate him. Jones pulls Williams out of the corner straight into a short arm clothesline. Zach lifts PG up and throws a huge right hook; PG blocks it and rakes his eyes. Zach stumbles back grasping his face and gets nailed by an enzuigiri sending him over the ropes and to the mat.

Despite the nickname, Zach is the one who’s eliminated first here in Detroit Michigan.

RatedPG raises his arms and smiles smugly. Dagger charges over and pushes him over the ropes from behind. PG clutches onto the top rope and skims the cat. Dagger walks over to Sykes and they both try to eliminate Y2J. Nico’s back up and spots PG standing in space; he takes him down with a forceful spear. Damian Jones lifts Williams up and hoists him up onto his shoulders. He walks over to the ropes and tries to drop him over. Williams pushes himself back using the ropes and then slides down Jones’s back. Damian turns round and gets dropkicked in the face. He falls back over the ropes.

They’re dropping like flies here Leroy.

I know, another blue chipper, former rock star Damian Jones has been tossed out.

Y2J gets a thumb to Sykes eye and he stumbles backwards. Dagger stops pushing and Y2J drops to the inside of the ring. Dagger takes Sykes down with a clothesline and then stomps away at his head. Y2J recovers quickly before coming up behind BD. He rakes his back and then pushes him to the floor. Dagger stares at Y2J, who’s now on the ground punching away at Sykes’s face. BD grabs him by the hair and throws him into the corner. He kicks at Y2J’s stomach over and over and then lifts him onto the top rope. He climbs to the second rope but gets a thumb to the eye, Y2J acts swiftly hitting a tornado DDT off the top rope on Dagger. Y2J springs up runs towards the ropes and goes for a lionsault. BD rolls out the way at the last second and both men lay still on the mat. Nico has PG in the top left corner and one of his legs is over the top rope. He struggles to lift the other; PG pushes him away and drops down feet first. He runs at Nico but gets a big boot to the face. Williams sees Dagger lying prone and scales the nearest turnbuckle, he positions himself for a moonsault but BD’s playing possum. He rushes over to the corner and pushes Jack Williams to the floor. He lands headfirst on the barrier.

Ouch, that looked painful Jimmy.

Well another man is gone, only five are left remaining. We will see a Fallout Champion crowned very soon.

Sykes comes up behind Dagger, hits him with forearms to the back and then nails him with a pumphandle slam. Meanwhile Nico throws a few punches at RatedPG and then shoots him across the ring; on the return he takes PG down with a big boot to the face. Nico bounces off the ropes himself and goes to drop the leg. PG rolls out the way and then springs right up. He rebounds off the ropes but Nico’s back up and nails PG with sidewalk slam. Y2J is in the corner massaging his cheek while Sykes has an ankle lock clamped in on Dagger. BD is tapping but Sykes continues twisting his ankle. Sykes eventually stops and pulls BD up. He takes him over the ropes and tries to dump him out the ring. Dagger elbows Sykes in the chest and he steps back to recover from the blow. BD knees him in the chest a couple of times and then nails him with a gutbuster. Y2J creeps up behind Dagger and tosses him over the ropes. BD lands of the apron though, Y2J turns round. BD climbs back into the ring and rushes at Y2J. He connects with a kitchen sink. Y2J springs up; Dagger kicks him in the mid section and then throws him over the ropes. Y2J clings to the ropes and steadies himself on the apron. As Dagger turns round Y2J executes a springboard seated senton. Y2J’s up and posing as the boos rain down. Sykes spins him round and sets him up for another powerbomb. He flips him up but Y2J reverses it into a victory roll.

Beautiful manoeuvre by Y2J but pinfalls don’t count in this match!

BD walks over to where PG is attempting to eliminate the much larger Johnny Nico. PG clutches his back and lets Nico drop back down to the floor. As he turns round Dagger wraps two hands round his neck. He then lifts him up high and drops him down with a chokebomb. Y2J has been working on Sykes legs and has now locked in a Boston crab. Dagger goes to Nico and pushes him back into the top left corner. He connects with rights and lefts as the crowd cheers loudly. PG’s up. He bounces off the ropes nailing Y2J in the jaw with a dropkick, breaking up the submission hold. Y2J rolls backwards covering his face with his hands. He pulls himself up using the ropes for support but gets clotheslined to the outside by RatedPG.

So it’s down to Johnny Nico, RatedPG, Black Dagger and David Sykes, three Meltdown guys and only one from Warzone. Who’s your pick?
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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ROG Presents High Stakes Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:24 am

Black Dagger, this young man is a fearless wrestler who’s on a run in ROG at the moment.

No way Leroy, either Johnny Nico or RatedPG. PG has already won ROG gold before, he’s a very quick wrestler but I get the feeling that Nico’s brute force will overpower him. I’m going with Nico but it’ll be very close.

All four men back into separate corners to catch a breather. They all slowly advance into the centre, Dagger suddenly charges at Nico taking him down with a clothesline. Sykes is distracted by this for a second; PG knocks him down with a bicycle kick. Sykes pops up, ducks PG’s clothesline and shoots him off the ropes. PG slides through his legs and continues running. On the return PG takes Sykes out with a running hurracanrana. Meanwhile Dagger is hitting Nico with stiff punches against the ropes. BD Irish whips Nico across the ring. Nico ducks the high elbow and continues on. Dagger gets knocked to the floor by a Lou Thesz press on the return and Nico pummels away with blows to the head. Nico rolls off and gets up. He paces round taking the odd kick at Dagger. PG comes up behind him and nails a neck breaker. Dagger gradually gets to his feet and wanders over to PG. They then stomp away at Nico while Sykes recovers in the bottom right corner. Then suddenly the lighting flickers on and off. A tall figure in a long black robe walks out onto the ramp and the crowd becomes silent. PG and Dagger both turn round and walk over to the ropes. They strain to see who the person is as Sykes and Nico sneak up behind them.

Who the hell is this Leroy?!

I have absolutely no idea. What could he want here?

Sykes strikes first, hitting Dagger in the back of the head and then throwing him out the ring. RatedPG spots him flying over the ropes and spins round. Nico runs forward but PG pulls the top rope down and he goes sailing to the outside. Sykes looks shocked, PG throws a couple of punches and shoots him off the ropes while Nico slams the apron in anger at his elimination. As Sykes comes towards him, PG nails him with the Rating Drop. Nico searches for a weapon under the ring as the cloaked figure looks on from the stage. Nico slides into the ring with a steel chair. He raises it high above his head but PG kicks him in the chest and he drops the chair to the floor. PG tosses him out the ring but as he turns back round Sykes nails him with a flapjack. Sykes picks up a steel chair and waits, the chair raised at head height. PG gets to his feet but then drives the chair into Sykes head with a spinning heel kick. Sykes falls back over the ropes and the cloaked figure walks down the ramp.

The winner of this battle royal and new Fallout Champion... RatedPG!

“What I Want” by Daughtry plays and RatedPG grabs the belt from the red. He kisses it before raising it into the air. There is a mixed crowd reaction but PG celebrates anyway. The robed person climbs up the steel steps and into the ring as Nico and Sykes, who had been waiting on the outside quietly talking, slide in too. They flank the robed person on either side and PG backs away. His music stops playing and the man removes his hood.

What do these three men want? RatedPG’s the champ; he won it fair and square!

Don’t jump to conclusions Leroy; maybe they’re just congratulating him.

Oh come on! Nico and Sykes have never congratulated anyone in there wrestling careers, why would they start here tonight?

The man motions towards the mic Y2J used before, which is now under the bottom right turnbuckle. Nico picks it up and hands it to the mystery man.

I’m not here to make friends, I’m not here to politic and I’m not here to waste my time taking part in pointless matches like the one you three just took part in. I’m here for one reason and that’s to be the ROG Heavyweight Champion. Blood will be spilled, bones will be broken and careers will end but none of that matters to me. But I realise that to achieve success in modern day society, you need backup. You need lackeys to do your dirty work. You should know that PG, seeing as you were Erik Michaels’s for a few weeks. These two men are tired of the way they’re treated in ROG. They’re not satisfied with the way they featured so sparsely on cards. Basically they want to ride my coattails to the top and I’m fine for that to happen. But that’s not only it; they’re part of my satanic cult. I am a prophet you see, sent from hell by Satan himself. You can dismiss me as insane but I know the truth and now these two men are also enlightened. I know the secrets of the earth; I know what will come to pass. I am informed. I am the chosen one. I am Dante Diablo.

Finally we find out the name of this sick delusional Satanist.

Hey, don’t speak about Dante like that Leroy.

I’m a Christian man, Diablo and his followers are just disgusting. This kind of thing shouldn’t be broadcasted on television, it’s immoral and it’s blasphemous.

Don’t be so narrow minded, you have to embrace all creeds and cultures nowadays.

Johnny Nico, you are now rechristened Hybrid. David Sykes, your name is now Spawn. Together we are the Dark Republic. I bear no hatred towards you RatedPG; you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m here to make an example of you. I’m here to show the big shots in the back what I can do and it will be at the expense of you.

Suddenly Hybrid and Spawn rush forward and beat PG to the ground with blows to the head and back. Diablo drops the mic to the floor, pushes his followers out the way and pulls PG back up. He smiles sadistically before nailing him with a Brainbuster. He turns round, leans his head right back and straightens his arms out horizontally. The crowd boos as Hybrid and Spawn hold down the middle rope for him to climb through. The three men walk back up the ramp and through the curtain as RatedPG rolls out the ring clutching his title belt tightly.

That man and his lackeys just took out RatedPG for no reason whatsoever. I was pleased when “The Powers That Be” split up but unfortunately there’s another unruly stable in ROG and this one’s a satanic cult, even worse.

They’re proving a point a Leroy, beating PG wasn’t right but to get on in this business you have to look out for number one.

Well I think that that kind of behaviour is unacceptable. But let’s talk about the bigger picture here; the Fallout Championship is now exclusive to Warzone and RatedPG is the champion.

Yes it was an eventful match which saw a new champ crowned, a stable form, a wrestler debut and two name changes!

Yes, Johnny Nico now known as Hybrid and David Sykes as Spawn. That’s the influence that this man Diablo has on these two men, he can make them change their families’ names.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

ROG Presents High Stakes Empty
PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:25 am

David Simou= Orange
The Sound= Dark Blue

The camera cuts backstage to David Simou’s office. He’s sat on a leather sofa in front of a TV monitor. There’s a knock at the door.

Come in!

The Sound opens the door and walks towards the sofa, Simou gets up to meet him.

Umm, Mr. Simou, I’ve just seen the card for Meltdown backstage and it says that there’s a Tag Team Gauntlet match for the ROG Tag Team Championship featuring The Sound and Chris Classic, Supply and Demand, Dark Republic and Destruction Inc.

Yes, your point?

Well my partner’s injured. Those Supply and Demand thugs took him out a few weeks back. He’s going to be on the shelf for at least another two weeks.

Well use your initiative and find yourself another partner!

Oh, OK then. Thanks.

Look I’m sorry I snapped; I’m just a bit pissed off at the moment.

Why what’s up boss?

It’s just that I’ve had a lot of complaints from boys in the back, whining about not being used properly. People just don’t realise how difficult it is to run a company like this. And then RatedPG won that battle royal so now the Fallout Championship is on Warzone.

Yeah, that sucks man. Sorry to hear about that but I better go get ready for my match. Nice talking to you boss.

You too, good luck tonight.

They shake hands and then The Sound leaves. Simou flops down onto the sofa and then the camera cuts back to ringside.

So the main event for Meltdown is a Tag Team Gauntlet match with the ROG Tag Team Championships on the line but The Sound doesn’t have a partner.

There are plenty of guys to choose from but who will it be? We’ll find out on Monday Night Meltdown.

But up next, a singles bout for the ROG Women’s Championship: Beth Storm vs. Cassandra. Who’s your money on Jimmy?

I’m saying Beth Storme, she has the experience and the champions advantage. If she is counted out or disqualified she retains the belt.

That’s right but I think that Cassandra’s superior wrestling skills will be her key to victory.

I don’t know about that Leroy, Beth’s a pretty good grappler herself. Whatever the result, this is sure to be a great match.

“Rooftops” by Los Prophets hits and Cassandra walks down the ramp shaking fans hands on the way.

The following match is scheduled for one for and it is for the ROG Women’s Championship. Introducing first, from Boston MA, weighing in at 160 pounds... Cassandra!

She slides into the ring and climbs the far right turnbuckle. She poses as the fans cheer. She jumps down and walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and does the same.

Cassandra receives a warm reception from this Detroit crowd.

“Dance with the Devil” begins playing and Beth and Steve walk out onto the stage. They raise their arms together and purple pyro explodes as the crowd boo. Steve walks down the ramp first and Beth follows rolling her eyes at the jeering crowd.

And the champion, from San Francisco CA, weighing in at 135 pounds... Bethany Storme!

Here come the Storms, two siblings living out their dream on the grandest stage of them all.

Yes, both Beth and Steve have wanted to be pro wrestlers since they were young but they will do anything to win so Cassandra better watch out.

Steve climbs up onto the apron and holds the middle rope down for his sister. She poses again in the centre of the ring as Steve drops down to ringside. The bell rings and Cassandra and Beth lock up in the centre of the ring. Cassandra slaps in an arm wringer and twists Beth’s wrist round as she whines in pain. Beth elbows Cassie in the chest a few times and breaks free of the hold. She shoots her across the ring but is taken down by a Cassie shoulder block. Cassandra stomps away before lifting Beth back up. She connects with a few lefts and rights and Irish whips her into the bottom right. She follows but Beth uses her momentum to lift herself over Cassie using the top turnbuckle. As Cassie turns round Beth kicks her in the chest. Cassie’s stunned and Beth pushes her back into the corner. Beth walks backwards before charging into Cassandra with a turnbuckle clothesline into a bulldog. 1-2- kick out! Beth gets back up and walks over to the top right corner. She scales the turnbuckle quickly but Cassie’s already up. She rushes over and then throws Beth off the top rope. Cassandra climbs up to the top and then connects with a corkscrew moonsault.

She calls that move The Fittest, it’s devastating!

We might have a new women’s champion this early on after that move.

The ref drops down. 1-2- kick out! Beth manages to raise a shoulder. Cassandra pulls Beth up and hits her with a few elbows to the face. She then slaps in a headlock. Beth pushes her back onto the ropes making Cassie release it. Beth runs across the ring, Cassandra goes for a high elbow but Beth ducks it. She bounces off the other ropes but straight into a big boot. Cassandra goes for the pin. 1-2- kick out! She walks over to the corner and waits patiently. Beth slowly gets to her feet, Cassie comes forward looking to hit the superkick but Beth moves out the way. She spins Cassie round and plants her with a scoop slam. Beth ascends the nearest turnbuckle and flies off the top with a big splash. She connects but Cassandra rolls through. 1-2- kick out! Both girls are up quickly, Beth runs into a clothesline but she’s up fast. Cassie goes for a second clothesline but Beth counters it into a backslide. 1-2- kick out! Beth pulls her up and then takes her back down again with a suplex. Beth walks over to the top right corner and undoes the top turnbuckle pad. Steve hops up onto the apron and the ref darts over to him. They argue while Beth pulls Cassie up and then slams her head into the steel. Steve jumps back down again as Beth covers the fallen Cassandra. 1-2- kick out! Beth screams in disbelief. She pulls her back up and pushes her into the corner. Beth comes forward but Cassie kicks her in the stomach sending her stumbling back. Cassandra takes her down with a running neckbreaker. She goes back over to the corner and waits again. Beth’s up and this time Cassie connects with the superkick.

Survival! This one’s over for sure.

1-2- Steve puts Beth foot on the bottom rope. Cassandra shakes her head and then pulls Beth back up and starts punching away at her. The ref notices the missing turnbuckle pad and goes over to that corner to refasten it. Beth blocks a punch, rakes Cassandra in the eyes and then takes her down with an STO. Steve Storm passes some brass knuckles from his pocket through the ropes to Beth. Cassandra’s up but she’s dozy. Beth knocks her down with one punch as the crowd boo.

Oh no! Those damn Storms! That should be a DQ!

But the ref didn’t see it so the match goes on Leroy.

Beth calls the ref over and makes the cover. 1-2-3!

The winner of this match and still ROG Women’s Champion... Bethany Storme!

Well the Storms had to cheat to win so it’s a moral victory for Cassie this time but it shouldn’t be long until she holds ROG gold.

How many times do I have to say this Leroy: it doesn’t matter how you win!

It does in my book but hey, each to their own.

Steve slides into the ring and grabs the Women’s Championship off the ref. He places it round Beths waist and they celebrate together in the ring. Meanwhile Cassandra walks back up the ramp not watching the jubilant Storms at all.

Well now it is time for the mixed tag match which pits Ella Perez and Nick Nitro against Ashley Nero and Aaron Kendrick.

As you know, in a mixed tag match, the males must fight the males and females must fight the females.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:26 am

Lose My Breathe plays as a spotlight follows Ella Perez as she enters the arena and walks down the ramp ignoring the continous boos from the fans. She slides into the ring and goes to the second turnbuckle screaming at the fans.

The following mixed tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Madison, Wisconsin and weighing in at a 115 pounds... Ella Perez!

Word up blasts through the arena as Nick Nitro enters the arena and walks down the ramp. Nitro climbs the steel steps and raises his arms in the middle of the ring.

And her tag team partner, hailing from Toronto, Canada and weighing in at a 205 pounds... Nick Nitro!

“So Cold” plays in the arena as Ashley Nero enters and walks down ramp handing out high-fives to various fans. She enters the ring and glares at Ella Perez but then cheers to the crowd.

And their opponent, hailing from Waikiki, Hawaii and weighing in at a 110 pounds... Ashley Nero!

“Unholy Alliance” begins on the speakers as Aaron Kendrick runs down the ramp and slides into the ring seemingly wanting the action to begin right away.

And her partner, hailing from Calgary, Alberta and weighing in at a 220 pounds... Aaron Kendrick!

They all seem ready to start this match.

They are certainly fired up for this contest. It should be a great one indeed.

Aaron Kendrick and Ashley Nero talk strategy as they decide who should start the match off in their corner as does Ella Perez and Nick Nitro. Ella notices that the other team has chosen Aaron Kendrick, so they have Nick Nitro start the match off with Aaron Kendrick.

It looks like the men will be beginning this match.

So Aaron Kendrick and Nick Nitro will start it off.

Aaron Kendrick and Nick Nitro lock up in the center of the ring. Nitro sneaks behind him and applies a strong grip on Kendrick's back. Nitro then pushes Kendrick towards the ropes, but Kendrick holds on to the hopes ricocheting Nitro off. Nitro recovers and hits a picture perfect dropkick. Nitro then stomps on Kendrick numerous times before running across the ropes and hitting a knee drop to the face. Nitro goes to the top rope and awaits Kendrick's revival. When Kendrick gets up, Nitro meets him with a flying clothesline. Nitro then tags in Ella. Ella goes straight for Kendrick not realizing that Ashley is now legal and Ashley attacks Ella from the side taking Ella down. Ashley then picks up Ella and Irish whips her to Ashley's corner. Ashley climbs to the second rope and starts punching away. The crowd counts along. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Ashley climbs down and hits a bicycle kick to Ella's face. Ashley goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop. Ella flops in pain and rests her head on the second rope. Ashley realizes this and runs across the ropes looking to hit the 619, but Ella moves at the last second and scurries to her corner and tags in Nitro. Kendrick comes in strong and runs at Nitro taking him down with a clothesline. Nitro recovers right away and gets taken down by another clothesline. Nitro gets up again and gets taken down with a third clothesline. Kendrick then screams to the crowd and goes to the top rope. When Nitro recovers, Kendrick hits a moonsault taking down Nitro yet again. Kendrick goes for the pin...one-two-thr...kick out!

Nitro still has some fight in him!

How is that possible after taking a moonsault as picture perfect as the one Kendrick just delivered!?!?

Kendrick pulls his hair with a shocked look on his face and argues with the ref allowing Nitro to roll up Kendrick, but Kendrick kicks out before a 1 count and hits a running enzuiguri taking Nitro back down to the mat. Nitro rolls out of the ring. Kendrick tags in Ashley and then runs across the ropes and hits a suicide dive onto Nitro. Ella runs at Ashley but ducks down anticipating the clothesline that Ashley had attempted. Ella then hits an inverted DDT and then locks on a headlock while Ashley is down. Ashley tries to escape, finally getting to her feet and elbows Ella in the stomache 3 times before Ella lets go of her grip. Ashley then runs at Ella, but Ella again ducks and this time hits a chop block sending Ashley back to the mat. Ashley seems to have hurt her leg after that chop block. Ella goes to the top rope and hits her patented Split legged leg drop. Ashley looks to be out of it as Ella goes back to the top rope. Ella goes for her Moonsault, but Ashley rolls out of danger's way and hops to her corner to realize that Kendrick is still on the outside hurt from his suicide dive. Ella then hits another chop block almost knocking down Ashley, but she balances herself on the top rope. Ashley uses the rope as leverage for her to kick Ella in the face. Ella backs up holding her nose and lets go of her nose revealing that she has just been bloodied. Ashley rolls out of the ring and sits down obviously having some leg troubles. Ashley re-enters the ring and limps her way to Ella and nails a kick to the midsection followed by a Twist of Fate. Kendrick recovers and runs to their corner. Ashley goes to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb. Ashley goes for the pin. 1-2-kick out! Ashley picks up Ella and Irish whips her into Ashley's corner. Ashley then picks up Ella, but Ella powers out and Irish whips Ashley into Ashley's corner, but Ashley runs up the turnbuckle setting up for the Whipser in the Wind, but her leg can't withstand the pressure and her leg blows out and she falls backwards off the top rope.. Kendrick manages to tag Ashley on her way down however and the men are legal again.

Look at that bloody nose. That might just be broken.

Yeah, but that doesn't compared to a possibly broken leg for Ashley.

True, the women in this match have both taken some serious beatings in this match.

Kendrick enters the ring and notices Nitro just recovering from the suicide dive. Kendrick exits the ring and throws Nitro into the ring. Kendrick picks up Nitro and nails a powerbomb. He then climbs the turnbuckle and makes his formation. He then jumps off and spins numerous time in the air hitting the spiral tap. Kendrick goes for the pinfall, but Nitro manages to kick out at 2 and a half. Kendrick has a temper tantrum over the kick out. Kendrick picks up Nitro, but Nitro overpowers Kendrick and hits a spin kick to the face. Nitro then picks up Kendrick and locks his head under his arm and jumps up and falls back down nailing a Tornado DDT. Ella Perez then enters the ring and hits her own Tornado DDT on Kendrick with Ashley completely unable to stop her due to her injuries. Kendrick is picked up by Nitro and Nitro kicks him in the midsection which is followed up by his signature X-Factor. Nitro goes for the pin count. 1-2-KICK OUT! Nitro looks at the ref with a face of shock and awe. Nitro then goes to his corner and tags in Ella, who goes to the top rope and hits a Moonsault. Ella goes for the pin, but Kendrick isn't the legal person. Technically Ashley is legal, even though she seems to be nearly unable to walk. Ella throws Ashley in the ring and hits a standing moonsault on Ashley. Ella goes for the pin. 1-2-KICK OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! The crowd goes insane. Ella then gets tired of this and picks up Ashley. Ella goes behind Ashley and hits the Decapitator on Ashley. Ella then goes for the pinfall. 1-2-3.

Here are your winners, by pinfall... Ella Perez and Nick Nitro!

Ella and Nitro celebrate as the crowd boos heavily. The ref goes in between them and raises their arms in victory. Ella and Nitro exit the ring, walk down the steel steps, and leave the arena together. EMTs come to the ring and help Ashley to the back. Kendrick leaves separately visibly pissed.

I think Ashley might have a serious injury here.

Those chop blocks must've been done correctly, because she can barely stand after that match.

I hope she's ok after what she had to withstand in that match. We will provide further updates as they become available.
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PostSubject: Re: ROG Presents High Stakes   ROG Presents High Stakes EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 8:26 am

Next up is gonna be The Sound vs. Jamarius Jackson.

I’ve been waiting for this match up. The skill and determination of these two men are unmatched by none other.

Tell Me When to go plays as Jamarius Jackson enters the arena with his partner, Ricky Reynolds who is dressed for his later match. Jackson struts to the ring with the title over his left shoulder.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by Ricky Reynolds, haling from The Bronx, New York and weighing in at a 245 pounds... Jamarius Jackon!

Battery plays as the stage fills with red smoke. The Sound enters with his acoustic guitar and head bangs before walking to the ring.

And his opponent, hailing from England and weighing in at a 245 pounds... The Sound!

The Sound enters the ring and plays some notes on the guitar before placing it below the turnbuckle and posing on the second rope.

Sound and Jackson lock up. Sound puts Jackson in a lock up but Jackson struggles out and runs across the ropes and hits a shoulder block but The Sound doesn’t budge. The Sound now runs across the ropes and hits a shoulder block of his own but Jackson stands his ground. Jackson kicks Sound in the midsection and runs across the ropes yet again this time hitting a running knee to the face. Jackson goes for the cover. 1-2-kick out. Jackson picks Sound up, but Sound powers out and goes for an early Crippler Crossface. Jackson panics and flops his way to the bottom rope. Jackson exits the ring while Sound awaits him in the middle of the ring. The ref begins his count. 1…2…3…Jackson starts to walk up the ramp, but Ricky Reynolds grabs him and throws him back in the ring at 7. Sound picks up Jackson and hits a DDT and goes for the cover. 1-2-kick out. Jackson trips Sound and hits the Jack dat Punk for a 2 count. Jackson then locks on the Mugged as Sound screams in pain. He attempts to flip his way out of the move but Jackson has it locked on tight. Sound continues to scream, but then starts to fade. The ref grabs Sound’s arm and picks his arm up and lets it go, 1. The ref repeats. 2. Jackson smiles with the move still locked on. Thr ref picks him arm up for the third time, but Sound manages to keep his arm from hitting the mat and powers out of the move and kicks Jackson in the midsection. He then hits a very sloppy Piledriver. Sound rolls out of the ring in pain trying to regain his consciousness.

Wow, this match has already exceeded my expectations.

I really didn’t expect Jamarius Jackson to hang in there long with The Sound, but he’s definitely proving himself here tonight.

Yes he is, and I have a feeling this is far from over.

The Sound re-enters the ring at the count of 8 and goes to the top rope. He jumps off and hits an elbow drop straight to the chest. 1-2-kick out. Sound then picks up Jackson. He measures him, runs across the ropes, but The Sound misses a clothesline and Jackson hits the Drive By. Sound seems to have hurt his neck kinda badly after the Drive By, but Jackson continues his assault locking on a camel clutch. The Sound is in agonizing pain, but he reaches the ropes. Jackson then picks him up and connects with the Tagged. 1-2-kick out. The Sound attempts to exit the ring, but Jackson catches him and hits a powerbomb. He then goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault, but cannot rotate all the way. He lands on his neck and seems to be out. The Sound realizes this and capitalizes with a Sharpshooter. However, Jackson is still in this and struggles to the ropes, but The Sound doesn’t break the hold. The ref warns him to break the move and begins to count. 1…2…3…4…Sound pulls hard enough to pull Jackson off the ropes. Jackson screams, but rolls over and kicks Sound off of him. Jackson limps over to The Sound favoring his neck and stomps away at The Sound. Jackson leaves the ring to recover, but Ricky Reynolds clotheslines him and then runs to another side of the ring. The ref didn’t see what happened, but ejects Ricky Reynolds for him being the only one out there. The Sound exits the ring and throws Jackson back in. Jackson runs at The Sound, but the Sound locks in the Cripple Crossface.

Wow, this has been an amazing match. The technicality of this match has been off the charts.

Yes it has and thanks god for Ricky Reynolds being ejected. He had no business being out here during this heated match.

Jackson screams in utter pain while locked in the Crossface. He struggles to get to the ropes and can’t reach them. Jackson starts to fade, but manages to stay awake and continue to struggle. Jackson moves inches towards the ropes, but The Sound pulls back. Jackson then rolls over and manages to go for the pin. 1-2-kick out and Sound releases the hold. Jackson then pulls himself up using the ropes and Sound runs at him, but Jackson avoids and hits the Fifteenth Street Flurry. He connects with every strike and ends it with a very hard right hand to the temple. He drops to the mat and goes for the pinfall. 1-2-KICK OUT!!!!! Jackson can’t believe it as he pulls his hair and argues with the ref. However, as he argues with the ref, Sound recovers and Jackson turns around and receives a kick to the midsection. Sound then connects with the Sound Effect. The referee starts his count. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner, by pinfall...The Sound!

What a match. It was called straight down the middle and a very clean match.

Yes, this match will definately go down in the record books as one of the greatest matches ever. Congratulations to The Sound for his huge win here at High Stakes.

The Sound gets up and raises his arms in victory. Ed Richards brings him his belt and raises The Sound’s arm in victory. The Sound shrugs Ed Richards away, grabs his guitar and then exits the ring. He then leaves the arena staring at the ring and talking junk to a fallen Jamarius Jackson.

OK, so next is bound to be one hell of a match, Jimmy.

Yes it is. The rivalry between these two has been one of the center stories of GWF. This has to be a very anticipated match up.

*Tale of the tape rolls*

And look at their immense size. They both stand at 7 feet tall. What monsters.

Also, the 5 pound weight difference going to Nightmare should show how evenly matched these two beasts are.

Also, with Father Judge and Black Dagger being involved with the participants, so much can happen in this hardcore match.

“Darker Side” plays as the lights go out and a white light follows Edgecutioner. He drops to one knee and raises his arm to the skies as boos fill the arena. Edgecutioner walks to the ring.

This hardcore match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from the fiery depths of hell, weighing in at a 330 pounds... Edgecutioner!

Edgecutioner is one hell of a freak. What he did to Nightmare at Riot City Showdown was despicable; however his recent match with Nightmare and Black Dagger was great.

Yes they have, Leroy, but Edgecutioner needs a win here tonight to make up for his big loss at Off The Hook.

Burned plays as Nightmare enters. He strides down the ramp as teh crowd cheer.

And introducing his opponent, hailing from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 335 pounds, “The Monster”... Nightmare!

Here comes the masked monster, Nightmare. He has been impressive as of late and something seems to be different without Father Judge at his side.

I must agree with you. But you have to wonder how Father Judge will make his appearance known tonight, or even if he will at all.

Nightmare enters the ring over the top rope and goes to the center of the ring. He slowly lifts his arms up and quickly throws them down as fire erupts from the turnbuckles as Edgecutioner watches him from the outside. Edgecutioner and Nightmare run at each other and start off striking each. Nightmare gets the upper hand and continues to punch Edgecutioner and then kicks him in his gut. Nightmare throws Edgecutioner to the outside. Nightmare goes under the ring and pulls out 3 chairs, a table, and a mysterious bad which he places on the announcer’s table. Nightmare grabs the chair and anticipates Edgecutioner’s revival and runs at Edgecutioner and takes him down with the chair. Nightmare grabs another chair and hits Edgecutioner with it while he’s down. Nightmare picks up Edgecutioner and throws the chair at his face. Edgecutioner catches the chair at his face and then Nightmare hits a big boot into the chair in Edgecutioner’s face. Nightmare throws the table in the ring and then picks up Edgecutioner, but Edgecutioner struggles out of it and hits a face impaler onto a chair. Edgecutioner re-enters the ring and sets up the table. Edgecutioner goes back to the outside and throws Nightmare back in. Edgecutioner irish whips Nightmare into the upperleft corner. He brings him to the top rope. Nightmare sits on the top rope as Edgecutioner climbs up. Nightmare then punches Edgecutioner dazing him long enough to hit a super chokeslam through the table. Nightmare then climbs down the turnbuckle and goes for the pin. 1-2-kick out!

This action is amazing. Edgecutioner will be picking splinters out of himself for awhile to come.

Still no appearance from Father Judge. I’m very shocked, Leroy.

Nightmare gets to his feet and picks Edgecutioner up and hits him with a running powerslam. Nightmare then goes back to the outside and grabs a kendo stick. He re-enters the ring and starts hitting Edgecutioner with the kendo stick, but Edgecutioner rolls out of the way after the fourth shot and exits the ring, favoring his ribs. Edgecutioner also looks under the ring and grabs a ladder. Edgecutioner then picks up the mystery bad, making Nightmare visibly pisses, forcing Nightmare to leave the ring only to receive a big boot from Edgecutioner. Edgecutioner throws Nightmare back in the ring. Edgecutioner then positions himself on the top rope and connects with a flying clothesline as Nightmare comes to. Edgecutioner goes for the pin. 1-2-kick out! Edgecutioner argues with the ref resulting in the ref receiving a straight to hell. Black Dagger then emerges from underneath the ring. Black Dagger awaits Edgecutioner outside of the ring. Edgecutioner goes to the outside and brawls with Black Dagger. However Black Dagger gets the upper hand and manages to set up for the Sit down Powerbomb. He lifts Edgecutioner in powerbomb formation and walks towards the ladder and hits the sit down powerbomb on the ladder. Edgecutioner seizures in utter pain as the lights go out. When the lights turn back on. Black Dagger is gone.

Can you believe the lows that Nightmare went to tonight. He already has a hardcore match and he still needs somebody to help him.

I think that Edgecutioner just got screwed, but I can’t say that he didn’t deserve it, Jimmy.

I must agree with you on this one.

Nightmare is revived in the ring now as Edgecutioner is laid out. Nightmare goes outside the ring and pulls out two more tables. He then goes over to his mystery bag and brings it into the ring with a table. He sets up the table and opens the bag. Inside there is glass shards and thousands of tacks. He puts it all onto the table. He goes to the outside and throws Edgecutioner back into the ring. Nightmare sets up Edgecutioner for a chokeslam from hell through the table, but Edgecutioner powers out and runs across the ropes. However, Nightmare counters and nails a Black Hole Slam on Edgecutioner through the table. Nightmare crawls over to Edgecutioner and covers. Another referee comes out and makes the count. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner by pinfall... Nightmare!

Burned plays as Nightmare pulls tacks and glass out of his arms. The referee raises Nightmare’s hand in victory but Nightmare pushes the referee off of him.

What a match. I may not be happy with the way he won, but he did earn the victory.

Yes he did and I have to believe that this feud is far from over.

The lights go out.

What the hell is happening Jimmy!?!?

The lights turn back on and Father Judge is behind Nightmare. Father Judge hits a low blow on Nightmare. Nightmare drops to his knees as Father Judge awakens Edgecutioner who seems to be full of energy. Edgecutioner picks up Nightmare and hits the Straight to Hell as Father Judge gets another table. Father Judge grabs another bag of glass and tacks from under the ring and sets it up on the table. However, attached on the bottom of the bag are matches. Father Judge lights the matches and sets the tables on fire. Edgecutioner then gets the ladder and sets it up in the lower right corner turnbuckle. Edgecutioner climbs the ladder with Nightmare on the other side. Edgecutioner positions himself at the top of the ladder and puts Nightmare’s head in between his legs. Edgecutioner flips Nightmare up and looks down at Father Judge as Father Judge encourages Edgecutioner to do it. Edgecutioner then jumps off the ladder hitting a huge sit down powerbomb from the top of the ladder through the flaming table with glass and tacks. Edgecutioner leaves with Father Judge. The crowd chants, “HOLY SH*T HOLY SH*T HOLY SH*T.”


I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EYES. Father Judge has certainly made his presence known here tonight.

You really have to wonder if Nightmare will, or even can retaliate to what just happened.
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