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 Warzone Results-06/11/08

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Warzone Results-06/11/08 Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Results-06/11/08   Warzone Results-06/11/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:41 pm

Ed Richards-Violet
Percy Chapman-Red
Trent Heart-Green
Claude Baker-Orange
Jack Williams-Blue

The audience is electric and excited as Make A Move begins to play and the camera pans the arena. Pyro highlights the ring and the audience who grow even more excited. Banners pronouncing the upcoming PPV litter the arena as the announcers sit, whispering quietly to each other, before turning to the front as the music ends.

Welcome Warzone fans to another show, one that is sure to be full of thrills, chills, and spills. You won't want to miss a second, so stay tuned.

Too right Percy. Turn away for one second and you are almost guaranteed to miss something amazing. For example tonight we have WWEFan taking on Andy Ace, a match that Fan himself set up after hearing of his match at All Guts, No Glory against Meltdown's Dash Blade.

And in the main event we have Christian King against Steve Storme, with our special guest commentator Steve Ace. That should be interesting.

Before we get started, it should be announced that general manager Delia Kinney has decided that Rated PG has been sent home for the evening after a brief confrontation with Alcatraz earlier this afternoon.

A great decision on Ms Kinney's part, best keep those two away from each other. And now, let's get this party started with our opening match, Neon Hardy tries his luck with Randy Rampage.

Next Contestant hits and Randy Ravage and Ella Perez walk out from the back and are booed loudly.

Making his way to the ring from Miami, Florida, accompanied by Ella Perez, Ruthless Randy Rampage!

The audience is not behind Randy that may be a factor in this contest.

All he has to do is remain focused and not let this stupid crowd get into his head.

Randy and Ella walk down the to the ring ignoring the fans. Randy climbs into the ring and hold the ropes apart for Ella. Ella climbs into the ring as well and Randy follows her in.

I Don’t Wanna Stop hits and Neon Hardy runs out onto the entrance ramp.

And his opponent making his way to the ring from New York City, New York, Neon Hardy!

He is truly happy to be in this match and he wants to prove he is a real contender.

Well he better be ready Randy Rampage is no push over.

Neon Hardy runs down to the ring, giving a few people high fives, then slides into the ring.

Neon gets into the face of Randy and Randy starts to trash talk him. The ref orders Ella to get out of the ring then the ref starts to the match. Randy pushes Neon back and Neon jumps into the air and nails Randy with a drop kick. Randy falls back against the ropes but does not get knocked off his feet. Randy walks up to Neon and nails him with a hard right punch to the head. Randy then goes for a left but Neon is able to block it. Neon punches Randy in the midsection. Then Neon grabs his arm and tries to Irish Whip him against the ropes. Randy reverses it and pulls Neon towards him and nails him with a devastating clothesline. Neon start to get up right away and Randy kicks him directly in the head. Neon falls for a second but then continues to get up. Neon gets to one foot and Randy goes to kick him in the head again. Neon quickly rolls out of the way avoiding the kick then springs up to his feet. Neon runs full force at Randy and hits him with a shoulder block. Randy almost falls off his feet but manages to stay at a standing position. Neon runs full force at him again and hits another shoulder block but Randy is still on his feet. Neon goes for a third but Randy stops him by grabbing his neck and tries to go for a chokeslam. Neon kicks Randy in the Midsection and Randy lets go of Neon. Neon then hits a quick DDT leaving Randy laid out on the floor, Neon Hardy quickly gets back to his feet.

That was a close one! Neon Hardy could have lost right there.

It was quick thinking but any more stupid stunts like that and he will be knocked out by Randy.

Neon jumps onto the top rope on the turnbuckle and waits for Randy to get up. Randy stands up and Neon leaps forward trying to hit a hurrancanrana. Randy catches Neon however and slams him down on the mat with a devastating powerbomb. Neon starts to roll around on his back in pain and Randy goes for the cover and the ref counts it. 1…2… Kick Out. Randy looks amazed at Neon and Randy gets to his feet and lifts Neon to his. Neon starts to punch Randy in the midsection trying to get Randy off of him. Randy backs off and Neon hits a Super Kick directly to the chin and Randy falls to the floor. Neon holds his back in pain as Randy is on the floor. Neon waits for him to get up before he makes a move. Randy gets to his feet and Neon jumps into the air wrapping his arm around his head to hit an RKO but Randy pushes him forward and Neon lands on his back. Randy lifts up Neon and puts him on his right should to hit a Snake Eyes in the corner. Neon jumps down and lands behind Randy. Neon dropkicks Randy to the back and Randy goes into the turnbuckle and hurts his midsection. He turns around and Neon nails an RKO and leaves Randy motionless on the floor. Neon goes for the cover and the ref counts it. 1…2…3

Here is your winner Neon Hardy!

Neon Hardy begins to celebrate as I Don’t Wanna Stop hits.

What a fantastic finish! Neon escaped out of harms way and was able to capitalize on it.

I didn’t know he had it in him. This kid got potential, it might have been just a fluke and he will need to prove us wrong.

Ella Perez slides into the ring to check on Randy as Neon Hardy leaves the ring and walks up the entrance ramp celebrating the victory.

Ella walks Randy out of the ring accompanying him to the back.

I still wouldn't have seen that coming. Neon Hardy picked up a win.

You act like he's a complete dipwad, he does have some talent you know. For now, Claude Baker has a little something to say I've just been told. So Trent, you and I will continue this later.

“The Final Countdown” begins to play as Claude Baker quickly and confidently strides down the ramp. He throws a few smirks around at the audience who voice their dislike for one of the new additions to the Warzone roster. He steps through the ropes and reaches to Ed Richards for a microphone. He shushes the audience and throws them another smirk.

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, I have a match tonight yet no opponent. Now why is that you may wonder? Well, I am without peer on this roster that is true.

He smiles as the audience begins to boo and a smattering of a You Suck chant begins. Baker laughs a bit before turning back to the camera and continuing.

You can’t deny that I am amazing. I came to ROG and have been undefeated in every match. But I knew there would be doubters out there, there always are. That’s why I’m here before you know. I went to the general manager, who is a lovely woman by the way.

Well, he’s right on that one.

Anyway, I went to the general manager and asked her for a new challenge. Something that would help all my doubters see that I truly am the best this business has to offer. Now, I am making an open challenge right now, to anyone on the Warzone roster. I have a match tonight, it could be against you. One of you, two of you, three of you. Hell, all of you, I’ll still come out on top. So, who is it going to be? Any takers?

Baker leans back against the turnbuckle and faces the entrance folding his arms. He waits for a few moments before Jack Williams steps out onto the stage with a microphone of his own. Baker steps into the ring and smiles as he looks at his potential challenger.

The best? Hardly, I have been around here for awhile now Baker and I think I know the guys on this roster pretty well. I haven’t seen you do anything that hasn’t been done a thousand times before. You talk big sure, and so far you’ve been able to live up to that. But look at who you’ve faced, Tyrant and Curtis Brown. That’s hardly a challenge.

Is there an actual challenge coming here Williams or just shameless self promotion?

I’m the one shamelessly promoting myself? That’s rich. I don’t think I like you very much Baker, so yes this is a challenge. You want to go, let’s go.

Jack Williams rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring amid a chorus of cheering from the audience. The ref calls for the bell and the two men come to the center of the ring. Claude Baker offers a handshake, Williams reaches to shake his hand, but Baker backs away. The fans boo the cocky newcomer only to have Baker ignore them and slap Williams across the face. Williams wastes little time reacting and hits a palm strike to the chest of his opponent. Williams then Irish whips Baker into the far corner. Williams charges and misses a splash. Baker doesn't capitalize right away. He collects his thoughts and allows Williams to shake off the effects of the missed maneuver. Baker asks Williams for a "Test of Strength". The crowd tells Williams not to, but the overly cocky Baker connives him into it. Williams puts his right hand up to meet Baker's, but comes off with an elbow instead. Baker is knocked to the mat, the crowd explodes with cheers. Baker asks for a timeout and rolls to the outside of the ring.

He does know that there are no time outs in wrestling?

He just got one though. Leave him be.

Baker crawls back into the ring just as the count reaches seven. Williams doesn't let him in freely, and hits him with a leg drop to the back of the head. Williams goes for the cover. One….Two…Baker kicks out furiously. Williams gets up and tries to bring Baker with him. Baker on one knee delivers an elbow to the stomach. Williams doubles over and get an ax kick from Baker. Williams hits the mat and Baker is back to his feet for a standing shooting star press. Baker stays on him, hooks the leg and….One…Two…Th…and a kickout.

That looked like three to me. Derek Keibler is clearly cheating.

He isn't even reffing this match, Joe is. What match are you watching?

I got this portable DVD player, I was skimming ROG’s Death Wish two disc set. It's on loan from the merchandise table. Go get it people, its great.

I could get better color commentary from Kermit the Frog!

Hey, it ain't easy being green.

Baker goes to follow up with a moonsault but Williams gets his knees up and leave Baker on the mat writhing in pain. Williams gets up and waits for his opponents to rise too. He does and Williams hits him with a drop kick and forces Baker to roll the outside once again, and again asks for a timeout. He doesn't receive one..as Williams has had enough of all this timeout garbage and heads outside. The ref starts to count then both out, Baker doesn't see Williams behind him and gets dragon suplexed right to the floor. The crowd starts to chant: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! Williams is up and picks the lifeless Baker up and rolls him in the ring. Williams gets in too and covers….One….Two…and Baker gets a foot on the rope. Williams can't believe it. He hooks the leg and gets Baker away from the ropes. One…Two…and Baker gets his shoulder up to continue the match. Williams goes for the Stretch Plumb but gets kicked away. Baker gets up and Williams walks into a superkick! Baker goes for the pin….One…Two…and Williams gets his shoulder up.

Bit of déjà vu there. Didn't that just happen to Williams?

Not exactly Percy, since that was off a dragon suplex, and this was off of a superkick. But I see how you could get confused.

I’m not confused.

Aren’t you?

Baker looks frustrated. He goes back up top and once again attempts a moonsault and connected this time. Baker covers and hooks the leg….One…Two…and another kickout. Baker snap mares Williams over, and then applies a rear chin lock. He cinches it in. Williams tries to get up, and gets to one knee. He elbows Baker in the stomach, but he doesn't let go. Baker has a side headlock as Williams gets to both feet. Williams shoots him into the ropes, and catches Baker with a vicious clothesline. Baker crashes to the mat, toppling over the ref on his way down and rolls to the outside, visibly frustrated. Williams follows him to the outside. Baker smirks at him and grabs a laptop from the announce table.

Hey now, I needed…..

Guess you’ll be buying a new one.

Baker checks to make sure the ref is still down before he brings it down over Williams head. He swings and brings it across Williams’ face once more to send him to the floor. The crowd begins to boo again as Baker rolls Williams back in the ring with a bloodied nose. Baker stirs the ref and makes the cover….One…Two…Three. He jumps up amid the booing and raises his arms in victory. Williams begins to stir and Claude Baker beats a hasty retreat up the ramp, grinning broadly.

The winner of this match by a pinfall…”Countdown” Claude Baker!

Disgraceful! He couldn’t win fairly, so he conveniently took out the referee so he could cheat.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, a win is a win. And you act like he knocked the ref out of action on purpose. I’m sure it was an accident.

Right an accident. Yes I’m sure that’s exactly what it was.

That sounded vaguely sarcastic, but I’ll let it slide. Time for the lovely ladies of ROG to show us what they’ve got.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Warzone Results-06/11/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Results-06/11/08   Warzone Results-06/11/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:41 pm

Callumomac-Dark Red
Delia Kinney-Cyan

Glamorous hits and Roxanne appears on the entrance ramp.

Making her way to the ring from Washington, D.C., Roxanne!

An interesting match for the ladies of Warzone this close to All Guts, No Glory.

That is right and after what happened at Glory Games I am just interested to see what happens between Inah and Ella.

Roxanne walks down the ring to a nice pop, she smiles sweetly and continues to walk. She slowly climbs into the ring and waits for her opponents.

Trouble hits and Inah appears on the entrance ramp.

Next making her way to the ring from Wales, UK Inah Louise!

Inah looks determined as she walks down to the ring and slides in.

Lose My Breath hits and Ella walks out from the back and gets booed by the audience.

And Making her way to the ring from Madison, WI Ella Perez!

Ella walks down to the ring and she slides directly into the ring. Inah immediately starts the match by stomping away on Ella. Ella quickly gets to her feet and starts to exchange punches with Inah. Roxanne helps Inah by starts to hit Ella as well. They both grab one of her arms then they both Irish Whip her against the ropes. They toss both hit her with an arm drag and slam her down on the mat.

Dance With The Devil hits and Beth appears on the entrance ramp holding her Women’s Championship belt.

What is she doing here? She is not part of this match.

She is probably just scouting the talent. She is defending her title against Roxanne in a few weeks at the PPV.

Roxanne and Inah look at each other confused but decide to ignore it. Beth walks down to ringside and grabs a steel chair and sets it up near the announcer’s table and sits down to watch the match. Inah lifts Ella to her feet and holds her arms behind her back to let Roxanne hit her. Roxanne starts hitting Ella with rights and lefts. Ella gets her feet into the air and is able to kick Roxanne out of the way. As Roxanne backs up Ella pulls Inah over her back and slams her down on the mat in front of her. Ella jumps onto the top rope and as Roxanne starts to walk closer towards her she leaps forward and nails a Tornado DDT leaving Roxanne laid out in the middle of the ring. Inah starts to get to her feet and Ella walks over to her. Ella kicks Inah in the legs trying to knock her off her feet. Inah hits a big right punch directly to the face of Ella. Ella grabs her face in pain and kicks Inah in the midsection. Ella grabs the arm of Inah and throws her against the ropes. Ella goes to hit Inah with a clothesline but Inah ducks out of the way and runs against the opposite side ropes then hits a bulldog. Roxanne gets to her feet as Inah turns Ella over and starts to pin her. Before the ref can get a count Roxanne kicks Inah to break up the count.

Well there goes their alliance.

They never last long in triple threat matches.

Inah gets up and Roxanne and they begin to start punching each other. Ella rolls out of the ring and lays outside the ring. Inah backs Roxanne against the ropes then grabs one of Roxanne’s arms and irish whips her into the ropes. Inah nails Roxanne with a shoulder block. Ella slides into the ring behind Inah when she is not paying attention and Ella jumps onto the top rope of the turnbuckle. Inah turns around and Ella hits a diving drop kick. Ella goes back to the rope of the turnbuckle and hits a moonsault. Inah is rolling around on the floor in pain. Roxanne quickly gets to her feet. Ella stands up to confront Roxanne but Roxanne nails her with Roundhouse kick and Ella falls to the floor. Roxanne quickly covers Inah and the ref counts it. 1…2…3

Here is your winner Roxanne!

Glamorous hits and Roxanne gets a positive reaction from the audience as Beth Storme gets to her feet and starts to clap for her. Roxanne points to Beth’s belt and makes the sign for it being around her waist.

Well it was not the ending I was expecting but congratulations to Roxanne.

That is what happens when you do not pay attention, Ella should have been more prepared.

Roxanne leaves the ring first. Beth Storme walks out and Inah is helped out of the ring as Ella leaves on her own holding her head that is still hurting from the kick.

The backstage area appears on the screen as Callumomac comes into view. He walks purposefully down the hallway, he stops in front of the general manager’s office and walks in without knocking. Ms Kinney looks up from the phone and grins at Cal and points to a seat near the desk. He sits and impatiently taps his fingers on the edge of the desk. She rolls her eyes at him and hangs up the phone.

Don’t be impatient Cal. I have other obligations than to listen to you. Now what do you want?

I want to know what you are going to do about that assclown Rob Israel. Twice he’s attacked me now. Twice! And I did nothing to him. Your supposed to be on the same side as us.

Don’t you dare come into my office and tell me what I should do. I don’t know what Ro…uh, Jokerman’s issue with you is. But I’ve already put you and him in a Number 1 Contender’s match for the Fallout Title at All Guts, No Glory. What else do you expect me to do?

Ban him from laying a hand on me until then?

Cal, if I thought he’d actually listen to me I would. Now listen, I have other things to do so I’ll just leave it at this. Jokerman’s tag team partner, Christian King, is in the main event tonight. I can only assume that he would be at ringside. Now, I can’t condone you attacking the man, but I also can’t be held responsible for anything that might happen during that match.

Cal grins and nods. Kinney motions for the door before picking up the phone again. He leaves and we rejoin Percy Chapman who is shaking his head.

She may as well have just told him to attack the guy.

You heard her, she can’t condone any physical confrontation. She was just suggesting that Cal can keep an eye on him for tonight, since he’ll know where he is.

Oh, is that was she was suggesting now? Pathetic Trent.

What? I just call it like I see it.

No, not really. But now without further delay, we should get to WWEFan and Andy Ace. This match makes no sense to me, he set the match up so he must have some purpose.

Handful of Redemption hits and Andy Ace makes his way to the ring.

Making his way to the ring from Commack, New York, Andy Ace!

This kid has to be ready tonight, he can make a huge impact here.

Well he has his work cut out for him going against WWEfan.

Andy Ace gives a few fans high fives. He slides into the ring and Line in the Sand hits. The crowd starts to boo him as he appears on the entrance ramp.

And his opponent making his way to the weighing in at 250 pounds WWEfan!

This is true talent right here. I am surprised that Andy Ace would even show up to this match.

Well he obviously isn’t a quitter.

Fan starts to walk to the ring ignoring the fans carrying his Fallout Championship. He looks at Andy Ace standing in the ring and just laughs. Fan climbs into the ring and hands the Ref his belt. Fan then starts punching Andy Ace. The ref starts the match and Fan grabs Andy’s arm and throws and Irish whips him across the ring against the ropes. Andy comes running back towards Fan and Fan nails him with a drop kick that sends Andy out of the ring and onto the floor. The ref starts to count Andy out. 1…2…3… Andy uses the guard rail to get back to his feet. Andy turns around and Fan grabs the ropes and slingshots himself over hits a crossbody on Andy knocking him out on the floor and Fan gets to his feet. The ref instructs Fan to get Andy in the ring. Fan grabs Andy by the head then pushes him into the ring. Fan slides into the ring and he starts to stomp on Andy while he is down. The ref tells Fan to back off and Andy grabs the bottom rope trying to get to his feet. Andy finally does and turns around towards Fan. Fan runs full speed at Andy and nails him with a spear and Andy is rolling around on the floor in pain. Fan goes for the cover and the ref counts it. 1…2… Kick Out!

That was a close one Andy needs to start getting some offence in.

WWEfan won’t let him and that is the smart thing to do.

WWEfan starts to complain to the ref but the ref just ignores him. Andy gets to one knee and punches Fan in the midsection. Fan kicks Andy in the side of the head and Andy falls to the floor holding his head in pain. Fan waits for Andy to get up. Andy gets up very slowly and when he does he turns around to face Fan and Fan picks him up and turns 180 degrees slamming him down nailing a devastating spinebuster. Andy Ace lays completely motionless on the floor and Fan just looks down on him. Fan jumps to the top rope and the entire audience starts to boo him. Fan has a huge smile on his face as he jumps forward hitting an Elbow Drop. Andy crouches over to hold his stomach in pain. Fan then covers him and the ref counts the pin 1…2…Fan lifts up Andy’s arm to help him kick out.

What the hell was that for? The match was over!

Isn’t it obvious? He wants to send a message to Dash Blade. If Dash Blade was smart he would take this as a fair warning.

Fan goes back to the top rope and boos are even louder. A You Suck chant starts and Fan laughs at the crowd. Fan jumps into the air and lands a 5-Star Frog Splash on Andy Ace. WWEfan lands in a cover and Andy Ace does not move at all. The ref counts the pin 1…2…3

Here is your winner WWEfan.

That was despicable. What would drive a person to do such a horrible thing.

He did nothing wrong he finished off Andy Ace right in the middle of the ring. I see nothing wrong with it.

Of course you wouldn’t.

The ref hands WWEfan his title and WWEfan holds it over his head and the audience boos him. The ref checks on Andy Ace as WWEfan walks out of the ring and up the entrance ramp. Andy Ace is able to walk up the ramp and leave but stumbles on his way out holding his midsection in pain the entire time.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Warzone Results-06/11/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Results-06/11/08   Warzone Results-06/11/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:41 pm

Father Judge-Olive
Steve Ace-Yellow
Beth Storme-Indigo
Steve Storme-Dk Blue

Dash Blade should sit up and take notice of that match right there. He's got a tough road ahead of him at AGNG.

But if anyone can emerge victorious against WWEFan, I'd be willing to bet its Dash. And this next match should be fairly peaceful, with PG being sent home earlier.

At least we can hope so.

Get Ya Walk On hits and STL walks out to a nice pop from the crowd.

Making his way to the ring from The Show Me State, STL!

This is going to be a great match and the crowd seems to be loving STL.

It should be good both being so evenly matched, it can go either way.

STL walks down to the ring giving high fives to everyone. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. He holds his arm up like a champ then jumps down.

Locked up hits and Alcatraz appears on the entrance ramp.

Making his way to the ring from Parts Unknown Alcatraz!

The fans begin to boo and Alcatraz slowly walks down to the ring screaming at the fans who are booing him.

Alcatraz climbs into the ring and STL starts hitting him with hard lefts punches. STL gets Alcatraz up against the ropes. STL grabs Alcatraz and tries to Irish Whip him against the ropes but Alcatraz plants his feet on the ground and STL is unable to pull him. Alcatraz tries to do the same but can not get STL to budge either. STL ends it by kicking Alcatraz in the mid section then nails a DDT. STL gets to his feet and Alcatraz gets up after him but slower. STL starts to hit Alcatraz with the punches again nailing one after another. Alcatraz is able to block one. Then Alcatraz swings his other arm around the head of STL and gets him in a Headlock. Alcatraz is able to get STL off his feet. STL keeps trying to power out but is unable to. Alcatraz applies more and more pressure around the head of STL. STL makes one last attempt to get to his feet and gets one foot on the floor and is kneeling on one knee. STL then drives his elbow into the midsection of Alcatraz giving STL some room. STL then gets his other foot on the ground and drives another Elbow into Alcatraz’s stomach. STL then grabs the back of Alcatraz and throws him against the ropes. When they collide they both try to shoulder each other but they both back up a few feet.

These two are both so evenly matched it is hard for either one to get an edge.

Your right, It is not often I say that but they are both built similarly overpowering one another will be difficult.

Alcatraz runs straight towards STL and tries to go for a clothesline and nails it perfectly leaving STL laid out on the floor. Alcatraz backs up and lets STL get to his feet. STL uses the ropes to pull himself up. Alcatraz starts running as fast as he can and hits a Shank on STL. Alcatraz gets to his feet and starts to stomp on STL while he is down. The fans begin to boo him. Alcatraz backs off and lets STL get to his feet. STL gets up and Alcatraz is running towards him again. STL puts his foot up and nails a boot directly to the face of Alcatraz and Alcatraz is laid out in the ring.

And with that STL gets the upper hand.

Now he just needs to utilize it and not take his time. This would be the time to get focused and think about ending the match.

STL starts to pace around Alcatraz. Alcatraz slowly gets to his feet and as soon as he does STL nails him with a Clothesline from Hell. Alcatraz lays on the floor and ref begins to check on him. STL shouts at the ref to get out of the way. The ref moves and STL pulls Alcatraz up to his feet. STL puts him in the position for a powerbomb. Before STL can even attempt to lift Alcatraz Father Judge appears on the Tron looking down at STL.

Now STL me and the entire audience know you can’t lift up Alcatraz.

STL pushes Alcatraz out of his way and STL begins to shout at the screen.

You really are too stupid for your own good! Listen STL you better stay away from me and Edgecutioner. At least until All Guts, No Glory when you will meet him in the ring, I just got off the phone with the general manager to set it up. Take this as a warning or else I will send him down there now and he will completely decimate you. I know your not that stupid and you can understand this. This is the way it is going to be.

STL turns around and Alcatraz is on his feet. Alcatraz grabs STL’s arm then kicks him in the midsection. Alcatraz throws STL with all his force into the turnbuckle. Alcatraz sets STL up for the Muscle Buster. Alcatraz lifts him onto his shoulder then nails the Life Sentence and STL is motionless on the floor. Alcatraz covers STL and the ref counts it. 1…2…3!

Here is your winner Alcatraz!

Locked Up hits and The crowd begins to boo as Alcatraz celebrates the win.

Alcatraz won a close one there.

Close? STL could have had that won if Father Judge did not interfere.

Well STL should have been paying attention and he was crazy to think he could have hit that powerbomb.

STL holds his head in pain as walks out furious at what had just happened.

So it’s going to be Edgecutioner and STL at All Guts, No Glory? I’ve been wondering when Edgecutioner was going to show up again, he’s been noticeably absent from competition for a few weeks now.

I’ll be sure to send flowers to STL’s funeral. We’ve seen what Edgecutioner is capable of, give him hardcore rules and….well it isn’t going to be pretty.

We can definitely agree on that. That match will be intense to say the least. Let’s check on Steve Ace. He should be on his way to the announce table to be a guest commentator.

Steve Ace appears on the screen with his Universal Title thrown over his shoulder. He makes his way down the hall and appears to be on his way to the ring. He gets stopped by a messenger.

Delivery for a Mr. Steve Ace. I need a signature please.

A delivery? From who?

It says its from “A Special Someone”. Now is there somewhere I should put this?

Ace indicates his dressing room and signs the form, rolling his eyes. Out of a side door, Beth Storme walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see who it is and sighs.

Do you ever go away?

Well that isn’t very nice, and right after I got you a present too. I think you’ll like it.

Is there a point to this? I have to be at the announce table and all your doing is rambling. I really don’t have time for it.

He pulls away from her and continues to the ring area. She folds her arms as she watches him walk away. She makes a rude gesture behind his back before the screen can fade back to the announce table.
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Age : 27
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Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Warzone Results-06/11/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Results-06/11/08   Warzone Results-06/11/08 EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:41 pm

Steve Ace walks quickly down the ramp and straight to the announcing table, throwing a quick look over his shoulder. He pulls on a set of headphones and finally takes a moment to wave at the audience. Ace tosses the Universal Title across the table and turns to Chapman.

Welcome to the announce table Steve. Nice to have you.

Thanks guys, its good to be here. Scouting that Storme character once again.

Seems that he’s given you an extra obstacle recently.

It certainly would appear so. But I know Beth and Steve very well; I have seen these games before.

Good to hear and speaking of Stormes, let’s get this main event started.

"On the Edge" plays and Christian King rushes out. The fans give him a lukewarm reaction as he quickly makes his entrance. His tag team partner stays close to his side and takes a place at ringside.

This is your main event match, and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Canada, weighing in at 245 lbs, Christian King!

King leans over the ropes and exchanges a few words with Jokerman as "Slam" by Pendulum plays and out comes Steve Storme. Storme walks purposefully around the ring and casts a look at Steve Ace and pats the Universal Title. Ace gets to his feet but Storme just smiles and rolls into the ring.

And his opponent, from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 255 lbs, Steve Storme!

Storme is definitely playing it cool.

Steve Storme is just trying to keep Ace on his toes.

Oh believe me, I need no reminder of what Storme is like. He just better mind his Ps and Qs, I am not here to cause trouble.

The match begins and the two men meet in the center of the ring, King leans against the ropes and bounces off at Storme. Storme tries for a short arm clothesline, but King ducks underneath and bounces off the ropes at the other side of the ring. King leaps, trying to land an elbow, but Storme turns around and catches him with a spinebuster. Storme plants King in the middle of the ring. King rolls away and gets to his feet. King shakes the cobwebs out and gains his bearings in the corner. Storme charges for a running splash but King leap frogs and Storme hits the turnbuckle chest first and stumbles backwards a few steps. King hits the ropes again, ducks underneath another clothesline attempt from Storme and lands a leaping neckbreaker that sends Storme to the mat. King hops up to the top turnbuckle and waits for his opponent to get to his feet.

Storme seems a bit distracted. I really didn’t expect to see King get this much offense.

He needs to be focusing on his opponent. But if he wants to sacrifice this match to focus on me, it’s his loss.

Storme gets to his feet, and King leaps for a crossbody from the top rope and Storme is put back down to the canvas. King hops to the canvas and runs towards the ropes again. He tries for a springboard leg drop, but Storme rolls out of the way. King rolls onto his stomach and then gets to one knee, Storme comes off the ropes and a boot to the face sends the King back to the mat. Storme brings him to his feet, sends a boot to the gut and lands a DDT in the center of the ring.

This match has been pretty equal so far; neither man has the clear upper hand.

This match has been pretty boring so far; neither man has clearly impressed me.

In all fairness, it must be hard for Storme to concentrate with you, his rival, right here at ringside.

Trent..just, shut up.

Storme goes to the mat and locks in an armbar on King in the center of the ring. King scrambles to try and get to the ropes, but Storme drags him back to the center of the ring. King struggles to get up and breaks the hold. Both men are on their feet, King charges but Storme retaliates with a boot to the gut. Storme follows up with a sidewalk slam and plants his opponent in the center of the ring. Storme goes to the mat for the cover but he decides against it. Rather he looks pointedly at Ace and locks in a grapevine ankle lock.

I think you just got sent a pretty clear message there champ.

Do I look intimidated to you? No? Good, because I’m not.

Storme puts even more pressure on King’s leg, but he does not tap. King tries rolling away but King simply pulls at his leg and twists it even more. Storme starts to get frustrated as King still refuses to tap out and breaks the hold himself. He brings King to his feet and him into the ropes. Storme hits a sideslam off the rebound.

Earlier neither man had the advantage, but now it seems that Steve Storme has the clear-cut edge.

For now perhaps, but King didn’t tap did he? That tells me he might not have as much of an advantage as he thinks he does.

I can't believe Christian didn't tap. Damn, that looked really painful. Can somebody win the match already? I'm starting to get really bored.

Storm lays in stomps on his prone opponent. Storme brings King to his feet, and whips him across the ring against the ropes again. Storme leans against the ropes opposite the ring and charges King off the rebound trying to land a clothesline, but King ducks underneath again, bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring and lands a springboard Lou Thesz press and continues to throw lefts and rights on the downed Storme. King hops up to the second rope and nails a leg drop. King begins to get back on his feet as does Storme and the two begin to exchange right hands. Storme shoots a knee to the gut sets King up for a vertical suplex. Storme has him up, but King reverses. He escapes the suplex and brings Storme down with a bulldog.

The audience begins to boo as Cal comes racing down the ramp with his briefcase in hand. He runs immediately for Jokerman and nails him in the back of the head with his case. Storme and King look up and the ref turns to order Cal to the back.

Big surprise. Wait, who guessed that Cal would show up? Oh, wait wasn’t that me.

Storme needs someone to come to his rescue again. Usually it’s his sister, but apparently Cal is his bodyguard now. Big surprise indeed.

Jokerman retreats to the ring as Cal continues to swing at him. Cal follows him and throws a few punches. The ref warns King and Storme to stay out of it and turns back to trying to break things up. Storme tries to get in between them and shoves Jokerman out of the way as Cal throws a right hand. His punch connects with King instead and the ref immediately calls to end the match. He converses with Ed for a moment.

Um…is it a no contest?

I don’t know really. Probably.

This match has been ruled as a disqualification. Therefore your winner is Christian King!

Steve Storme turns to the ref and begins to shout as King and Jokerman retreat up the ramp. Cal tries to reason with the ref as Storme grabs a mic from ringside.

First, this call is ridiculous. I had nothing to do with Cal coming out here tonight. And I was just trying to help Jokerman out, so he didn’t get hurt. But, this match aside that is not where my focus is. Steve Ace, you still have something I want. That is where my focus is. I want you to defend that title against me…at All Guts, No Glory.

And just why should I defend my title against you? You couldn’t even win this match. I earned this title, and I won’t defend it against a loser. So go whine to your buddy the general manager and intimidate her into making the match if you can. But I certainly will not be offering it up freely. Oh, and one more thing Storme, keep your sister away from me. Your little plan is not going to work on me.

Ace takes off his headset and walks out, leaving Steve Storme standing alone in the ring. He looks frustrated and throws the mic down and watches the Universal Champ leave.

Well, thus far, no Universal Title match has been set for All Guts, No Glory. But it looks as if Steve Storme has his way, there will be.

Well he is the best contender. But we’ll have to wait on the general manager’s decision. We have added a few more matches to the PPV card and next week will be sure to full of even more surprises.

Without a doubt. But until then folks, have a good night and be sure to tune in to the best show on Wednesday nights, Warzone.
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Warzone Results-06/11/08
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