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 Warzone 05/29/08 Results

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Warzone 05/29/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Warzone 05/29/08 Results   Warzone 05/29/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:44 pm

Percy Chapman-Red
Trent Heart-Green
Ed Richards-Purple
Legend Killer-Blue
Delia Kinney-Orange

“Make a Move” begins to play as the crowd rises to their feet in applause and cheers. The fans excitement increases as the lights go up to reveal someone standing on the stage with a mic. The camera swings around to the announce table after a brief view of the stage and ring.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and kids of all ages. Welcome to another edition of the show that is the highlight of Wednesday nights.

Ladies, gentlemen and kids of all ages? Are we at the circus now?

I’m just trying to include our entire fanbase Trent. Rather than act superior to most of our fans, unlike some people I know.

Well, isn’t someone feeling saucy tonight. Anyway, tonight let’s start off our show with a special announcement. The Legend Killer has announced that he has something to say.

Maybe he’ll explain why he showed up on Meltdown this week.

A spotlight illuminates Legend Killer standing on the stage in a suit and holding a microphone. The audience boos and he smiles smugly around at all of them.

An explanation Chapman? I hardly think I owe anyone an explanation, but here I stand. To say what, you may ask. Well I’ll tell you. As you all probably noticed, I appeared on this week’s Meltdown. You see I managed to find a loophole in my contract. I searched long and hard for that loophole, so I could finally move on to the superior show and really make something out of myself. And now, I have. I am officially announcing my resignation from this pathetic excuse of a show to go to Meltdown and create a legacy.

The crowd increases their disapproval at hearing the slight on their show. He shrugs and mouths “It’s true” to the crowd. As the boos continue to rain down on Legend Killer, “Bitch” begins to play. Delia Kinney strolls onto the stage with a microphone of her own. She immediately proceeds to Legend Killer’s side and scowls at him.

So, you think your better than this show? Better than this roster?

No, I don’t think I’m better. I know I’m better.

You keep telling yourself that Legend Killer, because ultimately you need me a helluva lot more than I need you. You can leave, I can’t really stop you. But I say that we give you a proper send off. You’re in the main event tonight. Its you versus Edgecutioner…….and Alcatraz. So go ahead champ, prove how much better you are in a handicap match, then get the hell out of my locker room.

She throws him a smirk and turns to leave as the crowd falls into quiet whispers. Legend Killer looks around for a minute before walking offstage, muttering under his breath.

Well I don’t think that’s quite the sendoff Legend Killer was looking for. But you can hardly blame our lovely general manager for being a little upset with him.

I suppose you can’t. And belittling the show that way was only asking for trouble.

At the very least it will be a great main event. And speaking of great events, let's get the night started.

Yes, let's. And first up on the card this evening, the debuting Marilyn Bowen will try her luck against Roxanne.

The lights dim to a low flicker as “Candle in the Wind” begins to play. A slight wind picks up though the arena and a spotlight illuminates the newest woman to come to ROG.

This opening competition is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Sheffield, England….Marilyn Bowen!

Marilyn continues down the ramp and slides into the ring to a small smattering of applause. "Glamorous" by Fergie plays and Roxanne walks out onto the stage. She poses, and proceeds to the ring to an excited and raucous crowd.

And her opponent, from Washington, DC, Roxanne!

Roxanne climbs through the ropes and beams around at the cheering crowd, eyes her opponent and smiles. The two women shake hands.

Oh Jeez! A handshake? Has the world gone crazy?

Not everyone has to hate each other you know.

The referee calls for the bell and the two women cautiously circle each other before a collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring. Marilyn backs Roxanne into the ropes and shoots her off. Marilyn goes for a dropkick on the return but Roxanne hangs onto the ropes and Marilyn hits nothing but the canvas. Roxanne goes for an elbow drop but Marilyn rolls out of the way. Marilyn is quickly to her feet for a jumping legdrop, but Roxanne rolls out of the way this time. The two women scramble to their feet in a stand off and the crowd roars with approval.

These two seem to be entirely equally matched.

So far that’s true. Marilyn has a slight height advantage, so that could come in handy later.

Another collar and elbow tie up and Roxanne powers Marilyn into the near corner. The referee calls for the break and it's a clean one. Roxanne waits for only a brief second before ramming her shoulder into the other woman’s stomach. She follows up with another shoulder block to the ribs. The referee is calling for them to get the action out of the corner and Roxanne hooks Marilyn for a hiptoss. Marilyn reverses and its Roxanne who finds herself hip tossed out of the corner.

That was a picture perfect reversal, Marilyn may have just taken control with that one.

Roxanne gets back to her feet and catches a boot aimed straight for her gut. An enziguri by Marilyn sends her to the mat and rolling to the outside. Roxanne pulls herself up on the ring apron and takes a dropkick that sends her crashing down to the floor. Marilyn waits for Roxanne to get to her feet on the outside and charges across the ring and sailing over the top rope. The crowd goes nuts as the impact sends Roxanne slamming into the guard railing and leaves Marilyn in the front row. Marilyn pulls herself back to her feet and crawls over the guard railing, Roxanne slowly gets to her feet. Marilyn grabs Roxanne and rolls her to the inside. Marilyn climbs up onto the ring apron, then to the top turnbuckle and sets herself for a splash. Roxanne pulls up her knees and Marilyn lands across them ribs first.

That'll leave a mark.

Roxanne is certainly showing some impressive technical skills here tonight.

Roxanne uses the ring ropes to pull herself back to her feet and stumbles over to a hurting Marilyn. Marilyn is pulled up and takes a double underhook across the knee backbreaker. Roxanne quickly follows up with a bow and arrow. Marilyn reaches out with her right hand and just touches the ring ropes. Roxanne releases the hold but pulls Marilyn to her feet.

A snap suplex from Roxanne is followed by her floating over into a pin attempt. Marilyn kicks out at one and Roxanne simply grins. Again Marilyn is pulled to her feet and Roxanne tries to throw her into the ropes, this is quickly reversed by Marilyn and Roxanne is the one sent into the ropes. Thinking fast, Roxanne leaps and springboards herself off the second rope nailing Marilyn with his DDT.

What makes Roxanne so dangerous is that she knows where she's at in a ring at all times.

Not to mention she likes to make people sleep with the fishes. Get it Percy?

Uh, no.

Well she's a ....Oh forget it, you're hopeless.

No please Trent continue, she’s a what?

I said forget it!

Roxanne goes for another cover and Marilyn kicks out at one again. Roxanne isn't showing any frustration, she seems to be enjoying herself. Marilyn is hauled up and is sent crashing back down to the mat with a gut wrench suplex. Another count of one by the referee, and another prompt kickout. Roxanne gets to her feet as the audience unexpectedly begins to boo. Roxanne turns to the entrance ramp to see the Women’s Champ, Beth Storme walking pointedly toward the ring area.

What in the…..

Well, its our lovely women’s champion come to grace us with her presence.

Roxanne watches Beth rush past her and wrinkles her eyebrows. Beth turns and blows Roxanne a kiss, before taking a seat next to the announce table. Roxanne leans over the ropes to holler at the women’s champ. Beth just grins and shrugs without saying a word. As Roxanne is distracted Marilyn grabs her by the back of the pants and rolls her up for a pin. 1….2….3.

And your winner by a pinfall…Marilyn Bowen!

Beth grins broadly and shoots Marilyn a quick wink before exiting the arena to a fresh wave of booing and chants of “You suck”.

And once again, our women’s champion is playing mind games with her opponent and caused Roxanne to lose.

No, Roxanne lost because she forgot who her opponent was and concentrating on someone who was merely watching.

You don’t honestly think that’s the only reason she came out here do you?

Of course it is, but with that opening bout out of the way, let’s move on.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Warzone 05/29/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 05/29/08 Results   Warzone 05/29/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:44 pm

Beth Storme-Dark Blue
Steve Storme-Yellow

Paul London’s theme hits and Jack Williams runs down the entrance ramp as fast as he can. Then he slides into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He starts clapping looking out to the fans then does a back flip off the turnbuckle landing in the center of the ring. Jack gets a small pop from the audience.

Making his way to the ring from Phoenix, Arizona, Jack “The Iceman” Williams!

This man has energy and he will probably utilize it in his match.

Yeah but does he got the skill to win?

I Don’t Wanna Stop hits and Neon Hardy appears on the Entrance Ramp.

Making his way to the ring from New York, New York, Neon “Glow” Hardy!

Neon Hardy starts walking down to the ring. He does not get as good a reception from the crowd and he stands outside the ring as Jack Williams waits for him to enter.

Look at this man that is true determination no one is going to take him down.

He and Jack Williams have similar fighting styles this is going to be a great match.

Neon Hardy gets into the ring and the two stare each other down. The ref calls for the bell and the match starts. Hardy, anxious to start the match, runs towards Jack grabs his arm and hits an Armdrag Takeover on him grounding Hardy. Jack backs up and lets Hardy get to his feet. Once Hardy stands up Jack runs towards him and hits a running Drop Kick. Hardy is hit so hard that he goes through the ropes and crashes down on the floor. Jack backs up away from the ropes as the ref starts to count out Neon Hardy. 1…2…3… Neon Hardy starts to lift himself up using the barricade. 4… Neon Hardy turns around towards the ring and Jack starts running towards Hardy and does a suicide dive through the ropes. Hardy does not move out of the way and Jack nails him directly and both are down on the outside.

That was a great move by Jack. That is true wrestling skill.

That was stupid now he is down. You cannot win a match being down on the outside of the ring.

The ref starts up the count again. 1… 2… Jack gets up quickly and grabs Hardy by the head. He pushes him in the ring. Jack slides into the ring looking down at Hardy. Jack climbs to the top rope and starts waiting for Hardy to get to his feet. Hardy stands up straight looking in the opposite direction of Jack. He slowly starts to turn around as Jack jumps into the air. He lands perfectly and hits a huricanrana that plants Hardy into the middle of the ring. Jack grabs the foot of Hardy. Jack lifts Hardy into a sitting positions then locks in a headlock. Jack keeps applying pressure to keep Hardy on the floor. Hardy keeps trying to power out and is able to get onto one knee. He then starts driving his elbow into Jack until Jack starts to loosen up on the hold. Hardy grabs the back of Jack and pushes him forward against the ropes. Jack comes running back towards Hardy and Hardy goes for a Superkick but Jack quickly ducks out of the way. Jack then runs against the ropes behind Hardy. He then runs towards Hardy hitting a bulldog. Jack starts stomping on the back of Neon Hardy. Jack backs up and waits for Hardy to stand up. Hardy gets to his feet and Jack nails a jumping heel kick enzuigiri, that leaves Hardy completely motionless in the center of the ring. Jack runs towards the closest turnbuckle and jumps to the top of it. Jack wasting little time jumps off and does a 450° front flip landing directly on top of Hardy nailing the 450° splash perfectly landing in a pin. The ref starts to count the pin 1…2…3

Here is your winner Jack "The Iceman" Williams!

What a great match Jack deserved that win.

That match was horrible. I cannot believe someone who is willing do to such stupid moves was able to win.

It was high risk and it paid off.

Jack Williams celebrates the victory and heads to the back. Neon Hardy furious at the loss looks mad but just walks out mad at the outcome of the match.

The camera fades to black and reappears backstage in the locker room. Callumomac says something to the rest of the Administration. Beth and Steve laugh.

Seriously, what is that guy’s deal?

He’s about par for the course as far as this roster is concerned.

Your damn right on that. First Edgecutioner, the scientific mistake.

Then let’s not forget Steve Ace, his mother is the poster girl for birth control. And I’ve heard some strange rumors about him and a goose.

And now this mute idiot who wants to be known as Jokerman. You know what, I’m not playing into his game, Rob Israel can be known as Jokerman in the bedroom where it would be most fitting anyway.

The other two laugh again but any replies are cut off when the general manager strolls into the locker room with a wide grin on her face.

Cal, I’m setting you up in a match. This new kid, Curtis Brown. I’ve been hearing things about him bragging about how great he is around the locker rooms. Let’s show him how we do things around here, should be an easy enough task for you.

Cal nods and motions for the others to follow him out. Kinney watches the group leave. As she turns to leave she runs into WWEFan and Johnny Law. She scowls at them both.

Don’t you two have something you should be doing? Fan, you should be concerned with your traitor of a partner and that you’ve gotten on the wrong side of Dash Blade.

Before WWEFan can reply Jokerman rushes past and shoves Fan out of the way. Fan winces a bit and immediately Johnny Law grabs him and shoves Jokerman against a locker, he waits for a moment until WWEFan taps him on the shoulder and he releases the other man who continues in the direction Cal took without a backward glance

LAW! What the hell? Since when do you get to assault my roster?

Wouldn’t have happened if the idiot hadn’t shoved me. Oh, by the way, about that traitor of a partner as you call him. I’ve got myself covered. And as for Blade, let me introduce my bodyguard…Johnny Law.

Kinney rolls her eyes and walks away shaking her head. Fan and Law fall into whispered conversation as we rejoin the announce team.

That was…interesting. Fan has a bodyguard and Cal is just as big of a pompous ass as always.

Pompous ass? He has a good point.

Good point or no, if I had to guess I’d say that Ro…um, Jokerman might have overheard. Cal would be wise to watch his step for awhile.

But you have to admit, in the bedroom, that was funny.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Warzone 05/29/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 05/29/08 Results   Warzone 05/29/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:45 pm


Ladies and Gentlemen plays and Callumomac appears on the entrance ramp. The audience starts booing him as the music plays.

Making his way to the ring from England, Callumomac.

Cal walks down to the ring ignoring the fans. He walks down the ramp with his head held high. The fans continue to boo him as he climbs into the ring. He laughs and waits for his opponent.

Well he wants to show Curtis his place in ROG and now he has a chance to put his money where is mouth is.

Will you shut up? Cal is going to show ROG some justice and show the new talent who is boss around here.

Straight to the bank by 50 Cent hits and the fans start to cheer for Curtis as he walks out.

Making his way to the ring from Galway, Ireland, Curtis Brown!

Curtis walks down to the ring giving all the fans high fives before he gets into the ring. Curtis enters the ring and stands on the opposite end of Callumomac.

This kid is about to learn his lesson the hard way.

Don't be so sure Curtis has great talent and even though he might be a bit new here in ROG he has something to prove.

Cal and Curtis start off the match. Cal laughs at Curtis as he is jumping around the ring waiting to make his move. Curtis runs towards Cal to hit him with a clothesline but Cal ducks out of the way and Curtis runs into the ropes. Cal puts his head down into a position to do a sunset flip to Curtis but Curtis stops running and throws his arm around Cal’s head and hits a quick DDT. Curtis then runs towards the ropes and jumps onto the second one propelling himself into the air to hit a Lionsault. Cal quickly rolls out of the way causing Curtis to come crashing down onto the mat. Cal jumps to his feet as Curtis is holding his midsection in pain lying on the floor. Cal starts to stalk Curtis, waiting for him to get up and make his move. Curtis slowly starts to recover making it to his feet. He stands up facing away from Cal. Cal waits for him to turn around. Once Curtis turns around Cal picks him up and nails a spinebuster laying Curtis out on the floor and leaving him motionless. Cal grabs Curtis legs to try and lock in the STFU. Curtis quickly tries to get away from Cal and makes it to the bottom rope and does not let go. Cal backs off and stops his attempts to lock in the STFU.

Cal could have won there, Curtis has to be careful of that move.

Curtis knows what he is doing in the ring and knew to get to those ropes.

Curtis starts to pull himself up with the ropes. When he finally makes it to two feet Cal runs towards him and clothelines him out of the ring and Cal goes over the top with him and Cal lands on his feet. Cal picks up Curtis and tries to irish whip Curtis into the steel ring post but Curtis reverses it and sends Cal into it and his skull smacks against the steel. Curtis slides into the ring as Cal lays on the floor knocked out. The ref starts to count out Cal 1…2…3…4 Cal uses the barricade to get up and when he hears the count quickly slides into the ring. Cal pushes himself up and then starts to attack Curtis. He starts punching Curtis in the face left and right alternating between punches. Curtis tries to back up into the corner but Cal keeps following him. The ref tells Cal to back up and let Curtis get away from the turnbuckle. Cal starts to back up but hits one last hard right punch that knocks Curtis out and makes him rest on the turnbuckle. Cal runs backwards away from Curtis then runs full speed at him and tries to spear him but Curtis gets out of the way and Cal goes into the turnbuckle. Curtis waits for Cal to get up. As soon as Cal gets to his feet and turns around Curtis nails him with the Sweet Chin Music. Cal falls to the ground on his back and Curtis goes for the pin. 1…2… Kick Out! Curtis looks at the ref who says it was two and looks completely shocked. Curtis tries to lift up Cal but Cal starts to punch him in the midsection so Curtis backs off. Cal grabs Curtis and throws him into the air and then hits the Sian Cutter. Curtis lays knocked out on the floor. Cal locks the STFU in on Curtis and Curtis is no where near the ropes and immediately taps out.

Here is your winner Callumomac!

Callumomac starts to celebrate the victory and jumps up on the turnbuckle as the audience boos him. Curtis slowly gets up and walks out of the ring. Cal continues his celebration and does not notice Jokerman walking down the entrance ramp. Jokerman enters the ring and walks to the center and starts to stare down Cal. Cal jumps down and turns around. Steve Storme and Beth Storme come running down the ramp and they both slide into the ring. Cal ducks out of the ring and Steve and Beth slide back out to follow him as he walks up the ramp backwards watching Jokerman. Jokerman slowly walks towards the edge of the ring pointing at Cal.

Cal is handed a mic by Steve.

Listen whatever your name is. Frankly I do not care. I will take you out at any time. Because I Callumomac am the best that there is. No matter what you want to call yourself. So whether it is Jokerman or Joe Blow. You will still be put in your place by the best.

The crowd is booing Cal still and Jokerman starts to get out of the ring and Steve, Beth, and Cal all leave. Jokerman walks to the back but The Adminstration is long gone.

That maniac needs to show some self control.

Or Cal can stop being such an ego-maniac but we all know what you think about

What is that supposed to mean?

Its supposed to mean that you show some serious bias towards certain people on this roster.

What? That's ridiculous. Now pay attention to the show.

“Locked up” begins to play as the light flicker off for a moment and come back up to reveal Alcatraz in the ring with his handlers positioned around ringside. He stands there silent for a few moments before reaching for a mic. The crowd remains silent, with a few scattered whispers.

I wonder what this is about. Its not main event time yet.

I don’t dare speculate. Maybe he….

I will endeavour to keep this short and sweet for the more feeble minded of you, but I do have something I’d like to explain. Many people have speculated on why I seem to have focused all my attention on Rated PG in the last few weeks. Well, I won’t reveal all at this moment. But the long and short of it is, we have a history. We know each other very well. Rated PG deserves every ounce of pain and agony I can possibly bring down on him, and he knows it. So now, I’d like to invite Rated PG out here to tell you all himself why he’s a miserable wretch of a human being. And if not, I will continue to bring utter chaos and devastation to his life at every turn.

Alcatraz lowers his hands to his sides and turns to face the entrance ramp. The lights come up even more and a spotlight illuminates an empty stage. The crowd begins to mutter amongst themselves as the minutes tick by and the stage remains empty. Finally Alcatraz rolls his eyes and turns back to the crowd.

Have it your way then Rated Pansy. Just remember, the next time your looking up at me from the mat, racked with pain, you had a chance to end this now. To come out here like a man and admit what you’ve done! To admit your wrongdoing! And you declined.

The camera pans back to the announce table as Alcatraz’s handlers start to take him backstage.

Well I’m still just as confused as I was when he started speaking.

That doesn’t surprise me, you are usually confused. I am really curious as to what Rated PG has done that is so wrong. I can’t imagine that Alcatraz would attack someone without a really good reason.

A really good reason? Right. Because that psycho always has a great reason behind everything he does.

Well of course.

Right. I have a great reason to move things right along. As its time for Claude Baker to debut against the recently traded Tyrant
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Warzone 05/29/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 05/29/08 Results   Warzone 05/29/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:45 pm

The crowd goes silent as the first few notes of “The Final Countdown” echo through the stadium. There is a small scattered breakout of booing but most of the audience seems undecided and merely mutters or claps politely. Claude Baker strides out onto the stage and poses, smiling smugly at the surrounding audience.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Paradise City and weighing 220 lbs, he is the Countdown Claude Baker!

It would appear that some of the audience is familiar with Mr Baker, and they don’t seem to be enthusiastic to see him here.

Then maybe they haven’t seen enough of him. I’m familiar with his career, he could do some great things around here.

Baker walks confidently to the ring, winking and throwing a wave to the women of the audience. He ascends the ring steps and turns to face the crowd who voice their dislike of him a little more loudly this time. He laughs and steps through the ropes as “What a Waster” begins to play. Tyrant emerges from backstage and begins making his way to the ring.

And his opponent, weighing in this evening at 125 lbs, Tyrant!

Tyrant stumbles and nearly falls halfway to the ring. Bake stares on in disbelief and shakes his head with a small laugh. Tyrant slides into the ring and regains his feet before grinning at the larger man.

This Tyrant guy is gonna die! We’re going to be having a funeral later.

We just might. I understand the general manager wanted to see what Tyrant had to offer, having just traded him from Meltdown.

I wonder if the poor woman is feeling ripped off yet.

Both men eye each other in the ring as the ref calls to get this match underway. They lock up and immediately Baker takes the upper hand with a side headlock on. Tyrant tries to push him off, but Baker gets a handful of his hair. He laughs around at the audience to a round of boos as the ref calls him off, but locks in another side headlock like he didn't even notice. Tyrant tries desperately to escape with a hard elbow to the gut, then a fist to the kidneys. A second shot to the kidneys and the bigger man lets him go. Tyrant backs up, waits for Baker to turn around and tries for a superkick that just glances off Baker’s face.

That probably is not good for Tyrant.

For once we can agree, Baker looks pissed off.

Baker charges Tyrant, but takes a drop toe-hold for his troubles, and hits the bottom rope. Tyrant climbs the turnbuckle as the fans voice some excitement. Baker gets up, and catches Tyrant in the middle of a flying dropkick. Baker slams him to the ground with a modified powerbomb, As Tyrant lies motionless on the mat Baker wastes no time, locking in a figure four. He wrenches backward as Tryant struggles for the ropes. He makes one last desperate attempt to reach before admitting defeat and tapping the mat.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by submission….Claude Baker!

Ten bucks says our lovely general manager is on the phone to Simou right now and yelling at him for duping her into taking that hack.

Baker hops to his feet in the ring and celebrates to disapproval from the fans. Tyrant rolls out of the ring and promptly falls face first to the floor.

I actually would not doubt that in the slightest Trent.

I figured you wouldn't. Which reminds me, I need to borrow your cell phone.

Why? It's time for the main event who could you possibly need to call?

Someone. Just hand it over.

Why can't you use your phone?

Just.....why do you always have to be so difficult? Fine, I'll do it later.

The following is a handicap match scheduled for one fall.

It's A Fight hits and The Legend Killer appears on the entrance ramp.

Making his way to the ring weighing in at 150 lbs The Legend Killer!

LK walks down the entrance ramp giving some of the fans high fives and the crowd gives him a small pop as he slides into the ring.

These fans must respect what he has been through and what he is going to go through in the ring right now.

Which is why you put the smart money on these next guys. They got power and they outnumber LK.

Darker Side hits and Edgecutioner appears on the entrance ramp staring down LK.

Making his way to the ring weighing in at 330 lbs, from the Fiery Depths of Hell Edgecutioner.

Edgecutioner slowly walks down the ramp with the fans booing him. He waits on the outside as Locked up hits. Alcatraz walks out with his hands and feet chained together. Men walk out with him to keep him under control.

And his partner making the way to the ring weighing in at 300 lbs, from Parts Unknown, Alcatraz.

Alcatraz walks down to the ring and stands next to Edgecutioner on the outside. The men take off the chains then walk to the back.

These two are intimidating and teaming together that just makes it that much worse.

They are two great competitors and it will be great to see the team together and how they function as a team.

Edgecutioner and Alcatraz both climb into the ring. The ref is scared of them but he tells one of them to get out. Edgecutioner goes back to the corner and Alcatraz starts the match in the ring. The ref calls for the bell and the match starts. Alcatraz starts to run at The Legend Killer but The Legend Killer jumps into the air and nails Alcatraz with a dropkick that knocks Alcatraz onto the floor. LK starts to stomp on Alcatraz while he is down trying to take advantage of the situation. Alcatraz sits up and LK backs off of him. Alcatraz gets to his feet and LK runs towards him but Alcatraz clotheslines him and LK is knocked onto his feet leaving him laid out on the floor. Alcatraz lifts LK up by the head. Alcatraz throws LK into the turnbuckle near Edge. Alcatraz starts to punch LK in the head continuously. The ref orders him to back up and the ref turns his back on LK to warn Alcatraz. Edgecutioner starts to choke LK with his hands from behind. When the ref turns back around he lets him go. Alcatraz tags Edgecutioner into the match. Edge takes LK and throws him into the ropes. Edge puts his foot up to hit a big boot but LK dodges it by moving to the right and misses getting hit by Edge's foot.

That was a quick smart move by The Legend Killer.

Yeah but he is still not doing too good. These monsters are just taking him out.

LK keeps running and hops onto the second rope and bounces off of it and hits a back elbow smash directly into Edge’s face as he turns around. LK knocks Edge off of his feet and gives LK a chance to catch his breath. Edge gets to his feet so LK kicks him in the midsection. LK pulls him in and hits the Twist of Fate. LK gets up and he is starting to feel good about himself but Alcatraz gets into the ring and nails him with an uppercut and LK lays down on the floor. The ref starts yelling at Alcatraz to get back to his corner trying to take control of the situation. Edgecutioner is able to get back to his feet and slowly walks over to Alcatraz and tags him into the match. Alcatraz gets into the ring and Edge gets out standing near his corner. Alcatraz walks over to LK and grabs him by the head. Alcatraz lifts LK onto his feet. Then Alcatraz takes LK and Irish whips him into the ropes. As LK is running back towards Alcatraz, Alcatraz lowers his head and tries to hit a sunset flip. LK stops short and stops running. Instead LK kicks Alcatraz in the face hard. Alcatraz just stands up straight staring directly at LK with a furious look on his face. Alcatraz nails him with a lariat. LK gets crushed by the move and is lying on the floor motionless after the strong attack by Alcatraz.

Legend Killer is just being outnumbered. This is not fair.

Life aint fair buddy what do you expect?

Alcatraz decides to cover LK for a pin. The ref counts 1…2…Kick Out! Alcatraz lifts LK as he stands up. Alcatraz lifts up LK in position for a Life Sentence on his shoulders. Alcatraz falls back executing the Life Sentence and laying LK out right in the middle of the ring. Alcatraz starts to stomp away at LK trying to completely take him out by kicking him in the chest. Then STL jumps over barricade and grabs the foot of Edgecutioner and pull him the turnbuckle. Edgecutioner falls to the floor and his face smacks against the ring and he hols it in pain. STL starts nailing Edgcutioner with punches over and over again hitting lefts and rights hitting him square in the face. Alcatraz is distracted by this and Rated PG runs down the ramp and takes advantage of him. Rated PG kicks Alcatraz in the back of the leg. Alcatraz is on one knee. Rated PG nails a drop kick right to the face of Alcatraz. STL hits Edgecutioner with a really hard left punch and Edgecutioner falls to the floor. STL grabs a chair from the audience and he puts it on the face of Edgecutioner and stomps on it. STL then jumps back over the barricade leaving Edgecutioner deimated. Rated PG jumps to the top rope and nails a Shooting Star Press on Alcatraz. Rated PG walks back up the entrance ramp as the ref grabs a mic.

Due to the interferences of Rated PG and STL this match is a no-contest.

That is terrible. That is what happens when the inmates run the asylum it is just sickening.

If you ask me it looks like the inmate is laid out in the middle of the ring.

You really are an idiot.

The Legend Killer gets to his feet and It's A Fight hits. He walks back up the ramp to cheering. The Legend Killer holds his arms up in victory as the show ends with both Alcatraz and Edgecutioner laid out on the floor.
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Warzone 05/29/08 Results Empty
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Warzone 05/29/08 Results
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