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 Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results

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Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:58 pm

Percy Chapman – Red
Trent Heart – Green
Ed Richards – Violet

“Last Resort” blasts through the arena. The crowd is up on their feet for another episode of Monday Night Meltdown. The camera jumps to Percy Chapman and Trent Heart at the announce table.

Welcome wrestling fans to another edition of Monday Night Meltdown! I’m Percy Chapman, here with my broadcast colleague, Trent Heart!

I’m Trent Heart and we’re running off of loads of adrenaline from last night’s PPV, “All Guts, No Glory.” The brutality and blood spilled still has my psyched.

You’re not the only one, Trent, but now we must focus on the road to “A New Dawn!” “A New Dawn” starts our road to “Night of Glory” which is like our “Wrestlemania.” It’s our biggest PPV of the year and we won’t disappoint. That’s why we have the ROG Rumble at “A New Dawn!” Only the best of the best can win that and that man will get the epic opportunity to headline “Night of Glory II!”

It’s a great feet indeed. Headlining a show like that is every wrestler’s dream. But the question is who will be given the opportunity to compete in the ROG Rumble?

Only the best. 15 men from both brands will be given that special chance. But enough about the Rumble…let’s talk about tonight. We have Psycho Dragon taking on The Jerichoholic in singles action, Bolton Stevens teaming with Matt Lee and Jose to take on Lojax, Black Dagger, and Flair3, and in our Main Event, The Legend Killer is issuing an open challenge to anybody on the Meltdown Roster who thinks that they can take him.

It should be a very interesting night, but right now will be The Jerichoholic taking on Psycho Dragon in singles action!

“With the Fire” plays as The Jerichoholic walks out from the back. JT Commons follows him. They both walk down the ramp to an ovation of boos. The Jerichoholic slides into the ring. JT Commons walks around ringside.

This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from New York City and weighing in at 225 pounds…The Jerichoholic!

He was unsuccessful last night in the ROG Tag Team Championship Gauntlet. He obviously wants to make up for it tonight.

And a win over Psycho Dragon will certainly not go unnoticed. Psycho Dragon and Phobia were the ones to eliminate JT Commons and The Jerichoholic, so you can bet that revenge is on their minds.

“No Mas Control” starts up as Psycho Dragon rushes out from the back. Psycho Dragon runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

And his opponent, hailing from The Dragon’s Den and weighing in at 185 pounds…Psycho Dragon!

Speak of the devil…it seems as if he’s flying solo tonight.

He doesn’t seem somebody to watch his back for him like The Jerichoholic does.

Psycho Dragon climbs on top of the second rope. Before the bell can ring, JH attacks Psycho. JH pulls Psycho down from the turnbuckle and chops him relentlessly in the corner. JH then kicks Psycho in the gut a few times before Psycho falls to a sitting position in the corner. JH walks to the opposite corner of the ring and stops to hear the crowd’s boos. JH smiles at the negative reaction and runs at Psycho. JH goes low and Dropkicks Psycho in the jaw. Psycho falls to the side and rolls out of the ring. JT Commons walks around the ring and bends down, screaming in the face of Psycho. JH exits the ring and lifts up Psycho. JH tosses Psycho into the ring. JH climbs onto the apron as Psycho gets to his feet. JH stops on the apron to scream at the crowd, only to get Dropkicked off of the apron by Psycho. JT Commons checks on JH. Psycho runs across the ring and on the rebound, takes both JH and JT Commons out with a Suicide Dive. Psycho lands on his feet and pounds his own chest.

Look at him go! Despite the sneak attack at the beginning of the match, Psycho Dragon just doesn’t give in.

The Jerichoholic has JT Commons with him…there is no way that he can lose.

Psycho slides back into the ring as Ed Richards starts a count for JH. 1…2…3…4…5…6…JH gets to his feet and rolls into the ring. Psycho immediately goes to work on JH with repeated kicks to the spine and neck of JH. JH slowly gets to his feet, using the ropes for assist. Psycho continues to pound on JH. Once JH gets to his feet, he pushes Psycho away. JH runs at Psycho and goes for The Codebreaker, but Psycho stays on his feet and slams JH into the mat. Psycho then goes for a Bridge Pin Attempt, but JH kicks out before 1. Psycho gets to his feet and JH sits up, only to receive a Buzzsaw Kick to the side of the head. JH rolls back and gets back on his feet, but is in a slight daze. Psycho runs across the ring and JT Commons grabs Psycho’s leg and trips him. JT Commons backs away from the ring. Psycho leans over the top rope, trying to grab JT Commons. Then, Phobia runs down the ramp. Phobia darts straight for JT Commons and once he reaches him, takes him down with an STO. Phobia beats on JT Commons until Ed Richards ejects both men from ringside. Phobia grabs JT Commons and walks to the back with him, striking him on the way.

And there goes Phobia and JT Commons.

Now this is a one on one contest…best man wins.

The match recollects itself as JH gets to his feet and Psycho gets back on the task of winning. Psycho and JH face each other. JH punches Psycho, but Psycho blocks and counters with a shot of his own. Psycho then lands a few more shots until he has JH backed up against the ropes. Psycho whips JH across the ring and bends down, only to get hit by a Hangover. JH covers Psycho. 1…2…kick out. JH gets to his feet and grabs Psycho’s legs. JH flips Psycho over and tries to lock on the Doubleshot, but Psycho kicks JH away. JH gets pushes back and Psycho gets to his feet. JH runs at Psycho and goes for a Clothesline, but Psycho dodges. JH spins around and when he faces Psycho again, he gets sprayed by some Dragon Mist. JH is blinded momentarily. JH moves towards the ropes, but Psycho catches him before he can exit the ring. Psycho goes for the Dragon Cracker, but JH grabs a hold of the ropes. Psycho crashes onto the mat below. JH wipes the mist from out of his eyes and drops down to cover Psycho. JH places his feet on the ropes for leverage. 1…2…kick out!

What a cheap tactic from The Jerichoholic.

But if he had gotten the win, it wouldn’t had been cheap…it would’ve been smart.

Ed Richards catches JH with his feet on the ropes. Ed Richards mildly chides JH, but drops it when JH walks away to grab Psycho. JH lifts Psycho up. JH hits Psycho with a European Uppercut. Psycho turns around from the shot and drops to one knee. JH drops down to the mat, stalking his opponent. Psycho turns around and JH leaps up and goes for the 3TF, but Psycho tosses JH off. JH lands hard on the mat. Psycho grabs JH and pulls him off the mat. Psycho hits multiple stiff kicks to JH before sweeping him off his feet. Psycho locks JH in the Dragonic Vice. JH struggles to reach the ropes, but is unsuccessful in doing so. JH taps to the hold before long.

Here is your winner, by Submission…Psycho Dragon!

“No Mas Control” begins playing again as Psycho Dragon gets to his feet and celebrates his victory. Psycho Dragon climbs onto the turnbuckle and motions the title around his waist. Psycho Dragon jumps down and exits the ring. Psycho Dragon walks up the ramp and exits to the back.

And there you go, folks. Psycho Dragon walks away with another victory and he is just that much closer to another title shot.

But can he keep that streak up? One win against a contender isn’t going to give him a title match just like that.

That’s very true. Only time will tell…
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:59 pm

David Simou – Brown

Now we will have a huge 6 man tag match that on any normal federation, would be considered a PPV match…but we’re going to show you it for free!

“Supertramp” starts up and plays for a bit before Bolton Stevens enters the arena. Bolton has a robe on that has a bunch of rhinestone designs on it. Golden pyros go off at the top of the ramp once Bolton Stevens enters the arena. Bolton Stevens then proceeds to walk down the ramp and roll into the ring.

This 6-Man Contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing team number one, first, hailing from New York City and weighing in at 210 pounds…Bolton Stevens!

Just as Ed Richards finishes his introducing, the lights go out. A shooting star image then passes the monitor screen and “Shooting Star” plays. The lights turn back on and Matt Lee is in the center of the ring, alongside Bolton Stevens. Bolton Stevens jumps back from shock.

And his tag team partner, hailing from Kansas City, Missouri and weighing in at 240 pounds…Matt Lee!

He probably shouldn’t scare his teammates so badly…

But it was funny, huh?

“Metalingus” blares throughout the arena as Jose walks slowly out from the back with bandages on his midsection. Jose has the X-Rated Championship hoisted on his shoulder. Jose advances down the aisle, not pumped up as he usually is. Jose climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Jose hands his title to Ed Richards.

And their tag team partner, hailing from Greenwich, Connecticut and weighing in at 215 pounds…Jose!

Jose seems to be very beaten and battered from his brutal contest last night. I wonder how that will affect him tonight…

The important thing is that he is still the champion! He proved me wrong by retaining. I can’t believe that I actually doubted this man.

“Old Time Rock N’ Roll” plays as Flair3 walks out from the back. Flair3 walks down the ramp, with his mind focused on Jose the entire walk down. Flair3 slides into the ring.

And their opponents, first, hailing from Montreal Quebec, Canada and weighing in at 200 pounds…Flair3!

He seems to have tunnel vision for Jose.

Almost every man on the roster does. He needs to get in line.

“Mr. Jones” starts up as Lojax enters the arena with his traditional hockey jersey on. Lojax walks half way down the ramp and takes off his jersey. Lojax tosses his jersey into the crowd and then walks down the rest of the ramp. Lojax slides into the ring and joins Flair3.

The lights flicker on and off as “Pretender” plays. Black Dagger then emerges from the back with a huge bandage across his shoulder from the stake. Black Dagger slowly walks down the ramp and climbs up the steel steps. Black Dagger enters the ring.

Finally, hailing from Manchester, England and weighing in-

Dagger attacks Jose before Ed Richards can finish talking. Dagger tosses Jose to the outside and exits the ring after him. Dagger is beating on Jose outside of the ring. Flair and Lojax are distracted by this, allowing Bolton and Lee to take advantage. Bolton and Lee attack Flair and Lojax in the ring. Bolton is on top of Flair, striking away. Lee tackles Lojax to the outside and they’re now brawling on the arena floor as well. The match has yet to officially start.

What is it with sneak attacks tonight!?

I don’t know, but Ed Richards needs to get these men in check and soon!

Lojax gets to his feet and pushes Lee away. Lojax then runs at Lee and hits him with a Burning Lariat. Lojax searches underneath the ring and pulls out a chair. Lojax approaches Lee with the chair, but Lee trips Lojax. Lojax’s jaw collides with the chair. Lee lifts up Lojax and they continue to brawl up the ramp. Lee and Lojax are now on the stage. Lee has the advantage, as he continues to strike Lojax. Lee positions Lojax against the GloryTron. Lee backs away and then runs at Lojax. Lojax rolls out of the way and Lee connects with the GloryTron head on. Lee turns around is met with a Spear right into the GloryTron. Lee falls in place. Suddenly, “99 Problems” plays.

David Simou is coming out…I wonder why.

David Simou walks out from the back with a mic in hand.

I made this match so that we can all see a great wrestling contest…not so that you can all beat the *beep* out of each other! If you’re all so eager to fight, then I’m making this official. You 6 men in the ring…

David Simou looks over to Lojax and Matt Lee.

And out of the ring will be representing Meltdown in the ROG Rumble at “A New Dawn!”

The crowd cheers. All men have stopped what they were doing by now.

This contest shall happen…but obviously, Matt Lee is incapable of competing right now. So, this contest will be rescheduled for next week. As for right now, everybody get the hell out of my ring! I don’t wanna see any of you for the remainder of the night!

“99 Problems” starts up again as David Simou exits the arena.

What a shame that we’re going to have to wait until next week to see this contest.

I was really looking forward to this match, too. Ah well…I guess that we’ll be able to witness the match in its entirety next week.

I guess we will, but that’s not the only time that we’ll see these 6 men. At “A New Dawn” they’ll all be a part of the ROG Rumble!

It’s a great opportunity for all of them, indeed. I already can’t wait if it means seeing action like this!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:59 pm

Dan Jackson – Blue
The Sound – Yellow

Meltdown returns to Dan Jackson in the Interview Room. The Sound is there with him, resting comfortably on a sofa.

Hello Meltdown fans. I’m Dan Jackson. My guest today is The Sound, who at “All Guts, No Glory” was the Special Guest Referee in a match between two of his closest friends, Damien Jones and Chris Classic.

I think you mean my former friends, Dan.

Right, right…well, for those who didn’t see what went down, here it is:

A video from the match between Chris Classic and Damien Jones plays.

Classic and Jones are covered in barbed-wire, bloody and scratched, not to mention exhausted. It is a gruesome site, and Classic and Jones manage to get off the table, and weakly throw blows at each-other. Jones hits a weak clothesline and crawls over the collapsed Classic. ONE…TWO…TH. The Sound stops just before the Three!

Percy Chapman: What the hell? He’s considered friend by the both! Is he finally chosen Classic over Jones?

Classic locks a last-resort Sleeper Hold on Jones, and Jones starts tapping! But The Sound is ignoring!

Trent Heart: And has he chosen Jones instead of Classic? Make up your damn mind!

The Sound then starts stomping the both of them, and then grabs a 2x4, and waits for Jones to get up. The Sound slams it into Jones’ head, and hits a piledriver on the concrete. Jones is losing blood rapidly, and is being stomped on and kicked by The Sound. The Sound then grabs a chair and slams it onto Jones’ head, and then locks in a Crossface, locking in until Jones passes out.

Percy Chapman: Jones is out cold! Somebody help him!

The Sound smirks at Classic, who is on the ground, kneeling, panting as blood drips out all over his body, like a water tap after being switched off. The Sound slams his knee onto Classic’s shoulder, and Classic groans. The Sound punches Classic, who is still on his knees, and then kicks him in the head. The Sound then hits a elbow drop on the throat of Classic, and Classic vomits out blood as he rolls around, clutching his throat. The Sound drags Classic by the hair next to the edge of the stage, and picks him up. He kicks him in the gut, lifts him up and hits The Sound Effect out of the stage. The Sound looks at Classic’s body, limp. The Sound walks down the ramp, and screams to “Ring the damn bell!”

The camera cuts back to the Interview Room.

As you can see, The Sound decided to no longer be entangled between the two. He made a decision and the man that he chose was himself.

You’re damn right, Dan. I was tired of that bizarre hate triangle that they had me in. I kept my feelings contained, but I could no longer do it. I had the opportunity staring me dead in the eyes and I took it! And now both of them are off my ass and we can all move on with life.

On the contrary, your attack on the two injured them so badly, that they can no longer wrestle. They resigned from ROG just hours ago.

Good! Now I don’t have to feel any guilt when I pass by them.

That’s all fine, Sound…but can I ask you one very serious question?

Go ahead.

Why did you do it?

Why? You saw how I had been getting treated for the last 3 months. I had to do it. I couldn’t take being an accessory anymore. I suppose that you can say that I snapped.

Is that it?

Well, another big part is that I felt like I wasn’t even their friend anymore. I felt like I was just somebody that they wanted on their side. That’s how they always treated me. Damien Jones got inside my head all the time and Chris Classic wouldn’t even talk to me anymore…something had to be done about it.

I understand. I wouldn’t want that treatment either. But you severely injured them both…don’t you feel any remorse whatsoever?

Honestly…no, I don’t. I think that they had it coming and that they both deserved it. I hope that they get better, but I never wanna see them in my business again.

So what’s next for The Sound?

Well, I’ve already been granted a spot in the ROG Rumble for all the sh*t that I’ve went through lately, so I plan to win it and defeat whoever happens to be the champion at the time at “Night of Glory II.”

Alright, then. This is The Sound and he has qualified for the ROG Rumble. Let’s take you back to the ring, where Zachary and Dante Diablo are about to be in action!
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 12:59 pm

Zachary – Orange

“Always” by Saliva plays as Zachary enters the arena. Zachary walks down the ramp and climbs up the steel steps. Zachary leans into the ring and climbs atop of the second turnbuckle, posing for the fans.

This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Melbourn, Australia and weighing in at 256 pounds…Zachary!

Well, that Sound Interview was very intense, but now we’re going to see something hard hitting!

Zachary vs. Dante Diablo should be a brawl and a half. You have two big and powerful men in the ring at the same time and you know that something bad is going to happen.

A blanket of red mist covers the arena in record time as “The Fight Song” starts up. Dante Diablo slowly walks out from the back and walks down the ramp. Dante Diablo walks up the steel steps and stares into the eyes of Zachary. Zachary shows no fear. Dante Diablo smirks and enters the ring.

And his opponent, hailing from the City of Satan and weighing in at 245 pounds…Dante Diablo!

And there he is…the man who lost to Nightmare in a vicious contest.

It was a great match and Dante Diablo put up a fight against Nightmare, but he just couldn’t beat him in his own element.


Diablo and Zachary circle each other for a few seconds. Zachary raises one hand and calls for a Test of Strength with Diablo. Diablo obliges after contemplating it. Within seconds of gripping Zachary’s hands, Zachary kicks Diablo in the gut. Diablo releases Zachary’s hands and bends over. Zachary lifts Diablo’s top half up and chops away at his chest. Diablo responds with a few chops of his own. Diablo can’t keep up, as Zachary starts hitting rapid chops in succession. Zachary has Diablo cornered now and whips him into the other corner. Zachary runs at Diablo, but Diablo gets his boot up and connects with Zachary’s face. Zachary backs up and Diablo lifts himself onto the second rope. Diablo leaps off and takes Zachary down with a Second Rope Bulldog. Diablo covers Zachary. 1…2…kick out. Diablo gets off the mat and picks Zachary up. Diablo kicks Zachary in the gut and wraps his arm around Zachary’s head. Diablo goes for a DDT, but Zachary stands his ground. Zachary pushes Diablo back. Diablo stomps back towards Zachary, only to receive a T-Bone Suplex over the top rope.

Did you see that beautiful maneuver by Zachary!? He executed that T-Bone perfectly!

Not only that, but he sent Dante Diablo to the outside. That’s pure strength right there.

Diablo lands hard on the arena floor. Zachary exits the ring and pursues Diablo. Zachary lifts Diablo off of the arena floor and tosses him back into the ring. Zachary follows Diablo into the ring. Zachary picks Diablo up off the mat and leans him against the ropes. Zachary whips Diablo across the ring. Diablo ducks and avoids a Clothesline attempt. Diablo halts after dodging. Zachary turns around and Diablo Dropkicks him. Zachary staggers back, but stays on his feet. Diablo runs across the ring and manages to take Zachary off his feet with a Discuss Clothesline. Zachary gets right back up, however. Diablo’s back is turned to Zachary. Zachary sneaks up behind Diablo and wraps his arms around Diablo’s waist. Zachary then hits Diablo with a Release German Suplex. Zachary walks over to the corner and slowly climbs up the turnbuckle, still fatigued from his match last night. Zachary reaches the top and turns his back facing Diablo. Diablo gets to his feet before Zachary is able to hit the move. Diablo rushes over and punches Zachary on the back. Zachary nearly loses his balance, but doesn’t. Diablo climbs up and reaches the second rope before Zachary kicks Diablo and then elbows him in the face. Diablo falls back to the mat and Zachary repositions himself on the top rope. Zachary then soars off, hitting a Moonsault.

That was a picture perfect Moonsault from Zachary.

You don’t see many guys hit a Moonsault like that, especially somebody his size.

Zachary hooks Diablo’s leg. 1…2…kick out! Zachary gets to his feet and lifts up Diablo. Zachary grabs Diablo and places Diablo’s arm over his head. Zachary lifts Diablo up quickly for a Snap Suplex, but Diablo lands on his feet. Diablo grabs a hold of Zachary’s neck. Diablo then takes Zachary to the mat with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Diablo covers Zachary. 1…2…kick out! Diablo gets back on his feet and walks over to the corner. Diablo climbs to the top rope slowly. Zachary gets to his feet and Diablo leaps off, only to get caught in the jaw by a Superkick. Zachary grabs Diablo’s legs and locks him in the Sharpshooter. Diablo lets out loud screams of agony, trying to reach the ropes. Diablo advances towards the ropes. Zachary tries to pull Diablo away, but Diablo is too powerful and grabs the ropes to break the hold. Zachary refuses to release at first, but releases once Ed Richards begins his count. Zachary gets off of Diablo and picks him up off the mat. Zachary runs across the ring and goes for the One Shot Kill, but Diablo sidesteps and sends Zachary flying into the turnbuckle.

A great counter by Dante Diablo.

Zachary’s move set can by ruined now…there is no way that his shoulder is still in good condition after that.

Zachary gets out of the corner slowly, holding his shoulder. Zachary turns around and receives a kick to the gut. Zachary bends over and Diablo pulls him in. Diablo plants Zachary into the mat with a DDT. Diablo picks Zachary back up and grasps Zachary’s throat. Diablo begins to choke Zachary out. Ed Richards makes a count. 1…2…3…4…Diablo lifts Zachary up and drives him into the mat with the Darkness Falls. Zachary is laid out on the mat. Diablo hooks the leg. 1…2…KICK OUT! Zachary manages to get his shoulder off the mat just in time.

I can’t believe that! Zachary kicked out of the Darkness Falls!

His drive and determination is fueling him. Perhaps he wants to prove that he deserves more than what he’s getting?

Diablo is in shock. Diablo picks Zachary up, but Zachary overpowers Diablo and swats his hands away. Zachary scoops Diablo onto his shoulders and without delay, spins Diablo out. Zachary nails the Total Elimination and covers Diablo. 1…2…3!

Here is your winner, by pinfall…Zachary!

“Always” starts up again as Zachary gets to his feet. Ed Richards raises his hand in victory. Zachary calls for a mic.

Did everyone witness that? I defeated Dante Diablo…cleanly! With this win, I’m demanding that I be put in the ROG Rumble! I find it rather unfair that Black Dagger, Bolton Stevens, Jose, Flair3, Lojax, and Matt Lee all get added just because they have a freakin’ brawl. I won a wrestling match! I deserve this spot, dammit. And if I don’t get it, there will be hell to pay.

Zachary throws the mic on the mat and “Always” starts up again. Zachary exits the ring and walks up the ramp. Zachary vanishes into the back.

Obviously, Zachary feels as though he’s being treated unfairly in some way.

He’s won many matches, but he’s never gotten a one on one match for the X-Rated Title. I don’t really find that too fair either!

Well, he wants in the ROG Rumble, as does everyone else in ROG. I wonder if he’ll be granted that shot.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 1:00 pm

Dash Blade – Olive

Last night, we witnessed a bloody, brutal contest that featured Dash Blade taking on WWEFan.

It was a No Rope Barbed Wire Death Match and neither man was willing to give in. They took on the challenge and they put on one hell of a show. It was quite possibly the most extreme match that ROG has ever produced.

But at the end, one man stood tall and that was this man, Dash Blade!

A video shows up on the monitor. Dash Blade is resting in a chair with multiple bandages and stitches in his arms, legs, sternum, and head.

Hello, Dash Blade.

Yo, Percy and Trent. How’s Meltdown without me?

It’s just fine.

Shut up, Trent. I just gotta ask you, Dash, how did it feel being in that brutal contest last night?

It was very exhilarating, but I really didn’t expect that much of a fight. I was put through hell by WWEFan. I can easily say that he has earned my respect and that I hope that he’s as beat up as I am right now.

So how are you feeling now?

I’m in tremendous pain. Right after the match, WWEFan and I were instantly rushed to ER. I’m not sure how he’s doing, but they had to put 21 stitches in my head, 8 in both of my arms, 5 on my legs, and about 15 more on my chest and midsection.

That sounds incredibly painful.

It is. My blood loss was astounding. They told me I was lucky to still be conscious…I thought otherwise.

So, when do you plan on making your return to ROG?

As soon as I can. The doctors say that if my recovery goes well, I’ll be back by next week. One thing is for sure, I’ll be back by “A New Dawn.”

Why is that? You have some special plans?

I guess that you can say that…David Simou has granted me a spot in the ROG Rumble for my hard work at keeping Meltdown the top brand at “A New Dawn.”

Well, you’ll be joining Jose, Black Dagger, Matt Lee, Lojax, Flair3, Bolton Stevens, and The Sound.

Sounds like the competition is going to be pretty stiff. I should be getting my rest right now so that I can be in tip-top shape for the competition.

That sounds good, Dash. Thanks for your time and I hope that you come back good as new!

Same here, Percy…same here.

The monitor blurs until the screen goes black.

The Legend Killer – Cyan

Well, Dash Blade should be back by next week.

Good for him. Now onto the Main Event. The Legend Killer has issued an open challenge to anybody in the Locker Room who thinks that they can take him on.

Obviously, if his opponent can beat him, then they will get a title shot at “A New Dawn.”

It’s a long shot, but it can happen.

“It’s a Fight” blasts on the speakers as The Legend Killer runs out from the back with a massive grin on his face. He is met by a standing ovation. The Legend Killer unhinges the ROG World Heavyweight Championship from around his waist and holds it high above his head. The Legend Killer then sprints down the ramp, handing out high fives to random fans in attendance. The Legend Killer slides into the ring and jumps onto the second turnbuckle, still holding his championship above his head. The Legend Killer hops down and hands his title to Ed Richards.

This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Texas and weighing in at 150 pounds…he is the NEW ROG World Heavyweight Champion…The Legend Killer!!!!!!!!!

Listen to that reaction! I don’t think anybody has ever gotten a reaction like that one!

He’s a huge hit among the fans and he’s only been champion for a day. Imagine what it will be like in three months! The roof will be blown off!

The Legend Killer calls for a mic. The crowd is still cheering louder than ever. The Legend Killer waits for the crowd to die down and then starts speaking.

I told you I could do it!

The crowd bursts into another frenzy of cheers. A “Legend Killer” chant sweeps the arena.

I won the title from Ricky Reynolds, but not before being put through a rigorous contest. That match with Ricky Reynolds really prepared me for that moment. When I won that belt and the crowd was on their feet, applauding me for all my hard work…it was the best feeling in the world. There is nothing else like it.

I think there’s something else like it…

Shut up, Trent! The Legend Killer is speaking.

I’m running on lots of adrenaline and momentum, so I have issued this open challenge to anybody with the balls to face me! Hell, if you can win, I’ll even allow you to face me for the title at “A New Dawn.” How does that sound?

The crowd cheers.

So, are there any takers? Come on! There has to be somebo-

“Round and Round” starts up as Ricky Reynolds enters the arena and runs down the ramp. Ricky Reynolds slides into the ring and gets into The Legend Killer’s face. Ricky Reynolds says that he’s accepting the challenge.

Ricky Reynolds wants his title back!

His title? I don’t see his name on it!

It was there 24 hours ago!

And his opponent, hailing from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 215 pounds…Ricky Reynolds!

And it’s official! Ricky Reynolds vs. The Legend Killer! Right now!


Reynolds immediately lunges forward at Legend Killer, but Legend Killer sidesteps and puts Reynolds in a Chinlock. Reynolds sends Legend Killer across the ropes. Legend Killer rebounds off and gets taken down by a Shoulder Block from Reynolds. Reynolds runs across the ropes. Legend Killer flips onto his stomach and Reynolds jumps over. Reynolds continues running. Legend Killer pops up off the ground and hits Reynolds square in the jaw with a Standing Dropkick. Reynolds staggers back and falls. Legend Killer grabs Reynolds and brings him over to the corner. Legend Killer drives Reynolds’s head into the turnbuckle. Reynolds walks away from the corner as Legend Killer scales the turnbuckle. Reynolds turns around and Legend Killer leaps off. Legend Killer goes for a Crossbody Block, but Reynolds manages to get out of the way just in time. Legend Killer crashes and burns on the mat. Reynolds goes for the early cover. 1…kick out.

Tough break for The Legend Killer.

He’ll bounce right back up. There’s no way that that’s going to keep him down.

Reynolds grabs Legend Killer and lifts him off the mat. Reynolds whips Legend Killer into the corner and charges full speed towards him. Legend Killer lifts himself up and gets his body over Reynolds. Legend Killer Sunset Flips Reynolds. 1…2…kick out. Legend Killer gets back up and kicks Reynolds in the face. Legend Killer picks up Reynolds and hits Reynolds’s lower half with a few stiff kicks and then pulls him in. Legend Killer drives Reynolds into the mat with a DDT. Legend Killer gets up and walks over to the corner. Legend Killer leaps up to the top rope and turns facing Reynolds. Legend Killer jumps off and connects with Reynolds’s chest with an Elbow Drop. Legend Killer hooks the leg of Reynolds for a cover. 1…2…kick out. Legend Killer rolls off of Reynolds and gets right back up. Legend Killer runs at Reynolds and hits him with a Running Seated Senton. Legend Killer rushes over to the corner again. Legend Killer climbs to the top with his back facing Reynolds. Reynolds was playing possum, as he springs back to his feet and runs over to the corner. Reynolds throws Legend Killer with a Super Yuppie Marching Powder.

What a move! Legend Killer has to be out now!

He just might be…did you see the way his neck hit the mat? I’d be surprised if he were still conscious.

It looked vicious. His neck folded like an accordion!

Reynolds stands over Legend Killer and grabs his legs. Reynolds locks Legend Killer in the Artery Jammer. Legend Killer yelps in pain for a few seconds, but uses his leg strength to toss Reynolds off of him. Reynolds flips over and gets right back on his feet. Reynolds grabs Legend Killer’s legs again, but Legend Killer attaches himself to the ropes and doesn’t release. Ed Richards forces Reynolds to let go of Legend Killer. Reynolds lets go and Legend Killer rolls underneath the bottom rope to the arena floor. Reynolds runs across the ring and on the rebound, goes for a Suicide Dive. Legend Killer sidesteps and Reynolds rams his body into the barricade.

Brilliant tactic by The Legend Killer there.

He just moved out of the way…

But he did it because he sensed what Reynolds was going to do!

How would you know?

I just do! Stop questioning me!

Reynolds is knocked out on the arena floor. Legend Killer decided to hurt him some more, so he picks him up and brings him over to the announce table. Legend Killer rams Reynolds’s head into the announce table three times. Ed Richards is now on the count of 4. Legend Killer whips Reynolds into the barricade. Reynolds crumbles in the corner of the arena floor. Ed Richards now at 6. Legend Killer runs at Reynolds and goes for a Spear to Reynolds on the barricade, but Reynolds rolls out of the way. Legend Killer collides with the ring barricade and puts himself through it. Reynolds realizes his opportunity and rolls back into the ring as Ed Richards reaches the count of 8. Legend Killer is knocked out on the arena floor. Ed Richards counts to 9. Still no sign from Legend Killer. The crowd is booing Reynolds at this point. Ed Richards counts to 10 and calls for the bell. Reynolds celebrates in the ring as “Round and Round” starts up again.

Here is your winner, by Count Out…Ricky Reynolds!

I’m shocked! I thought that The Legend Killer had this one in the bag.

Well, Ricky Reynolds used his cunning and overcame. On top of that, he’ll face The Legend Killer for the ROG World Heavyweight Championship at “A New Dawn!”

Good for him, but The Legend Killer is just going to beat him again. His fluke count out victory isn’t anything serious. I mean, he can’t win the title that way anyways.

I suppose that you’re right, but we’re just going to have to wait and see about that one. I can’t wait for Ricky Reynolds to get his rematch and win back his title!

Whatever…for right now, Meltdown has come to its conclusion. Thanks for watching everyone. I’m Percy Chapman here with Trent Heart. Goodnight!

The camera focuses in on The Legend Killer, who lies atop a broken ring barricade. Ricky Reynolds exits the ring and grabs the ROG World Title. Ricky Reynolds bends down in The Legend Killer’s face, holding the title and screaming “THIS IS MINE!” The camera fades with that final image…
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Monday Night Meltdown 6/23/08 Results
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