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 Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results

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Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 1:02 pm

Percy Chapman- Red
Trent Heart- Green
Ed Richards- Violet

“Last Resort” blasts on the speakers as the camera swirls rapidly around the arena full of rabid fans. They’re all on their feet and the camera stops at the announce table.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Meltdown! I am Percy Chapman here with my broadcast partner Trent Heart.

Hello wrestling fans, do we have a show for you tonight? Following last week’s main event that saw Zachary defeat Ricky Reynolds with the help of The Legend Killer, David Simou has booked a tag team match with Zach and The Legend Killer taking on rivals Jose and Ricky Reynolds.

Also tonight we have Flair3 taking on Bolton, Nightmare taking on Dante Diablo for a shot to enter the ROG Rumble and our opening contest Jerichoholic verses Phobia verses Jamarius Jackson.

So what are we waiting for lets get this show started.

“Tell Me When to Go” by E 40 plays over the speakers. Jamarius Jackson walks through the curtain and walks towards the ring.

This contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from The Bronx, New York. Weighing 245 pounds. Jamarius Jackson!

Jackson slides into the ring then paces around the ring waiting for his opponents. “Wooden Pints” by Korpiklaani plays over the speakers as Phobia walks though the curtains, he sprints towards the ring and slides into it.

And the opponent, from The Closet. Weighing 174 pounds. “Your Worst Fear” Phobia!

“With the Fire” by Fozzy plays over the speakers. Jerichoholic walks through the curtain and takes his time walking down to the ring. The fans boo him because of this.

And the opponent. From New York City. Weighing 225 pounds. He is The Jerichoholic!

You know what Trent, I can’t help but notice that all three men are coming into this without their tag team partners at ringside. I am shocked.

Well I heard that earlier today David Simou encouraged all three men to go at it without any interfearance, they are smart for listening to David.

Jerichoholic walks up the steps and enters the ring. Ed calls for the bell to be rung. Jerichoholic instantly leaves the ring while Phobia and Jamarius go at it. Phobia hits Jamarius with some forearms to the head, Jamarius blocks a shot and swings at Phobia who ducks it. Phobia goes under Jamarius’ arm and sweeps his leg. Phobia goes for a standing moonsalt but Jamarius gets out of the way. Phobia crashed into the mat, but gets straight back up clutching onto his chest. Jamarius grabs Phobia and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Jamarius hooks both of Phobia’s arms on the ropes and then starts chopping his chest. Jerichoholic slides back into the ring and charges at both men. Jerichoholic hits them with a corner splash, Jerichoholic pulls Jamarius off of Phobia and hits him with a face plant. Jerichoholic rolls Jamarius out of the ring then goes after Phobia. Jerichoholic advances towards Phobia, Phobia kicks Jerichoholic in the mid section then hits him with a kick to the face, Jerichoholic staggers back a bit, Phobia quickly springboards to the top rope then comes off with a driving hurricanrana but Jerichoholic manages to catch him and connect with a powerbomb, Jerichoholic covers Phobia, 1…2… Jamarius breaks it up. Jamarius starts clubbing all over Jerichoholic’s back as he gets up, the clubs turn into punches to the face as Jamarius backs Jerichoholic into the ropes. Jamarius irishwhips Jerichoholic who trips over Phobia. Phobia gets back up and stomps on Jerichoholic, Jamarius gets behind Phobia and locks him in the Mugging.[i]

Oh no, Jamarius Jackson is mugging Phobia with that sleeper hold. Look at his face its turning red fast.

Jerichoholic has to get up to save this match, come on!

Ed is checking on Phobia now.

[i]Ed picks up Phobia’s arm and drops it, he does this again. Jerichoholic gets up and kicks Phobia in the mid section and then clubs Jamarius over the back of his head making him let go. Phobia drops to the floor then rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Jerichoholic and Jamarius start trading punches, it looks as if Jamarius will take control until Jerichoholic stomps on his foot, Jamarius grabs his foot and hops back a bit, Jerichoholic hits him with a hard clothesline. Jerichoholic mounts Jamarius and hits him with some hard lefts and rights to the head. Jerichoholic gets up and bounces off the ropes, he hits Jamarius with an elbow drop then gets back up again. Jerichoholic lifts Jamarius into a seated position and slaps him over the back of his head a few times, Jerichoholic runs into the ropes and hits Jamarius with a dropkick to the face on the rebound. Jerichoholic gets up and starts parading around the ring yelling out that he is the best. Phobia slides back into the ring.

Jerichoholic is being a little to cocky right here, Phobia is back in the ring.

Dammit Jerichoholic you have a match to win. We already know how good you are, turn around!

Phobia dropkicks Jerichoholic in the back sending him into the corner. Phobia starts hammering away on Jerichoholic back, Phobia back away from Jerichoholic a bit then charges at him and hits him with a flying knee to the back. Phobia pushes Jerichoholic out of the corner, Jerichoholic clutches his back in pain, Phobia uses the top rope for balance as he kicks Jerichoholic in the face making him drop to the ground. Phobia climbs to the top rope, Jamarius gets up and walks towards him, Phobia dives off and connects with a hurricanrana on Jamarius. Phobia covers Jamarius, 1…2… kickout. Phobia picks up Jamarius and puts him in a side headlock, Phobia smashes Jamarius’ head into the second rope turnbuckle then hits him with a bulldog on the mat, Jerichoholic starts getting up. Phobia charges at Jerichoholic but gets caught with a tilt a whirl backbreaker, Jerichoholic bends Phobia over his knee, Phobia screams in pain. Jerichoholic brings Phobia to his feet but drops him with a delayed belly to back suplex. Jerichoholic bridges, 1…2… kickout. Jerichoholic gets up and give Phobia some space, Phobia starts getting up and when he gets to his feet Jerichoholic goes for the 3TF but Phobia pushes Jerichoholic off. Jerichoholic bounces off the ropes and charges at Phobia, Phobia goes for a dropkick but Jerichoholic catches his legs and drops him onto the mat, Jerichoholic turns over Phobia and locks him in the Liontamer. Jamarius gets up and charges at Jerichoholic, he hits him with the Drive By. Jerichoholic falls to the ground, Jamarius picks him up and irishwhips him, Jamarius hits him with the Tagged on the rebound. Jamarius picks up Phobia and irishwhips him, Phobia ducks the Tagged but keeps running, Jamarius ducks a clothesline from Phobia on the rebound and hits him with the Jack dat Punk. Jamarius gets up and starts stomping on Phobia, he turns his attention towards Jerichoholic and starts stomping on him.

Jamarius Jackson is in complete control of this match. He is taking his time right now as he works on both of his opponents with those hard stomps.

I must say Jamarius is actually impressing me tonight. I thought it was all over when Jerichoholic put Phobia in the Liontamer but Jamarius has to go and save the match, now he is picking apart his opponents.

Jamarius grabs Phobia and drags him closer to Jerichoholic, Jamarius runs into the ropes and comes off with a senton hitting both opponents. Jamarius covers both of them, 1…2… double kickout. Jamarius grabs Jerichoholic by the hair and picks him up, Jerichoholic pushes Jamarius’ hands away then starts hitting him with some body shots. Jerichoholic kicks Jamarius in the mid section then hits him with the Hangover, cover, 1…2… Phobia breaks it up. Phobia and Jerichoholic get to their feet and stare at each other for a few seconds, they start trading punches. Phobia blocks a punch and starts kicking away at Jerichoholic, Phobia hits Jerichoholic with a dropsalt the follows with a standing moonsalt into the cover, 1…2… kickout. Phobia picks up Jerichoholic and hits him with some kicks to the leg, Phobia drops Jerichoholic with a STO then goes for a springboard moonsalt, Jerichoholic gets his knees up, Phobia crashes into them. Phobia is on his knees clutching onto his chest, Jerichoholic gets up and grabs Phobia around the head, he lifts him to his feet and hits the 3TF cover, 1…2… Jamarius breaks it up. Jamarius jumps on Jerichoholic’s back and locks him in the Mugging, Jamarius puts him in a body scissors as well. Ed Richards checks on Jerichoholic, as he does Phobia gets up and walks towards the corner, he climbs to the top rope, the crowd start cheering in anticipation of what he might do.

What the hell is Phobia doing? He is going to kill someone with this…

Phobia shrugs his shoulders then jumps off with a Corkscrew 450 on Jamarius and Jerichoholic. The fans start chanting “Holy S*it!”

Oh My God! What a move on both opponents. I think he has killed someone.

I do believe he has, Jerichoholic must have had trouble breathing through all that what with the sleeper being applied at the same time. What a sickening move.

Phobia drags Jerichoholic off of Jamarius then puts him in the Dragon Sleeper, Ed Richards checks on him, he lifts Jerichoholics arm and drops it, he does this again and a third time. Ed calls for the bell. As “Wooden Pints” by Korpiklaani starts playing over the speakers.

The winner of this match by a knockout. “Your Worst Fear” Phobia!

Phobia starts celebrating his win, the fans are cheering for him. Phobia exits the ring and runs up the entrance ramp, the camera follows him backstage. Phobia runs towards Psycho Dragon. They then walk through the corridor until they reach David Simou’s office. Psycho Dragon knocks on the door.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 1:03 pm

Jamarius Jackson- Orange
Phobia- Cyan
Colton- Blue
Jerichoholic- Dark Red
David Simou- Brown

Come in.

Phobia and Psycho Dragon enter the office.

Mr Simou.... I just won a triple threat match against The Jerichoholic and Jamarius Jackson, I was thinking that you should add me to the ROG Rumble.

Really, you have won a match. Actually that doesn’t sound like a bad…

Jamarius Jackson and Kastro Makalevi barge into the office.

David, you cracka, I should be added to the ROG Rumble. If you need any reason white boy, why not then, I have the fact that I am a loyal Meltdown competitor and I just didn’t lose tonight did I?

No you didn’t Jamarius…

Jerichoholic with the help of JT Commons walk into the locker room. Jerichoholic is holding onto his neck.

David…arhh…I should be in the Rumble, I mean look at what I was beat with just then, two illegal chokeholds. I demand that you add me to the Rumble and that these two get suspended or fired.

Yo cracka shut the f**k up!

Jerichoholic, Jamarius, shut up! Now…

Colton walks into the locker room, he has the ROG Tag Team title draped over his shoulder.

So what is going on in here? Hey it’s all of you, yeah Chaos and me beat all of you at one point or another. What are you all up to?

Colton, what do you want?

Well Mr Simou I actually wanted to talk to you about the Rumble match. I was thinking that I expand myself, I already am king of the tag team scene and Jose suggested that I try some single competition, so I was wondering if I could be in the Rumble?

David facepalms. He looks up at all the people in his office. They all are looking at each other with hatred in their eyes. They all look as if they could snap and kill each other at any second.

You know what I have an idea for a New Dawn. Colton, Phobia, and Jamarius Jackson, you will all be included in the ROG Rumble. Psycho Dragon, JT Commons, Kastro Makalevi and Chaos Kid will all face each other in a special fatal four way match. How does that sound?

All the people in the Rumble match all have a pleased look on their face while the rest look a little agitated.

We’re happy, now all of you get out of my office. I have a show to run.

They all leave David’s office as the camera cuts back to ringside.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 1:03 pm

That was bizarre. Trent are you as confused as I am?

No I am not Percy. It is very simple, our tag team division are going at it alone. Half are in the Rumble and the other half are just going to fight at A New Dawn.

Well anyway speaking of the ROG Rumble, up next we have two monstrous men going at it for a spot in the Rumble.

That is right, Nightmare will be taking on Dante Diablo. And this will not be any classic match. This is going to be a straight up fight that I am looking forward to.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for a spot in the ROG Rumble at A New Dawn.

“The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers as Dante Diablo walks through the curtains. The fans are on their feet booing him.

Introducing first, from The City of Satan. Weighing 245 pounds. Dante Diable!

Dante walks to the ring and slides in. He walks around the ring yelling at various fans at ringside. “Burned” plays over the speakers as Nightmare walks through the curtain. The fans start cheering for him.

And the opponent. From Parts Unknown. Standing 7 ft tall and weighing 335 pounds. “The Monster” Nightmare!

Nightmare runs to the ring, he slides in. Dante exits the ring as Nightmare parades around. Ed starts telling Dante that he needs to enter the ring. After a little while Dante does.

Dante took his time getting into the ring.

It’s all just a mind game. Dante just can’t wrestle an opponent physically, he has to fight them mentally. Unfortunately for Dante mind games won’t work on Nightmare.

Ed calls for the bell. Nightmare and Dante stand face to face. Dante throws the first punch, Nightmare retaliates throwing lefts and rights at Dante. Nightmare knocks Dante off his feet with a vicious uppercut to the throat. Dante gets straight back up, Nightmare give Dante a few punches to the head backing him into the ropes. Nightmare irishwhips Dante into the opposite ropes and goes for a big boot. Dante catches Nightmare’s foot and pulls Nightmare towards himself, Dante hits Nightmare with a clothesline knocking the big man off his feet. Dante drops down to Nightmare and starts choking him with both hands, Ed starts counting, 1…2…3…4 Dante lets go. Dante gets up and bounces off the ropes, he jumps into the air going for a leg drop but Nightmare moves out of the way, Dante crashes into the mat below as Nightmare gets up. Nightmare grabs Dante by the arm and lifts him to his feet, Nightmare clubs Dante over his back a few times then pushes him foreword, Nightmare pulls Dante back into his knee, Nightmare does this a few times, then hits Dante with a shot arm clothesline. Nightmare starts stomping away at Dante who starts rolling towards the ropes. Dante gets under the bottom rope, he grabs it. Ed tried to pull Nightmare away from Dante but to no avail. Nightmare stops stomping on Dante and instead using the ropes for balance stands on Dante’s head. Ed starts counting, 1…2…3…4 Nightmare gets off of Dante and backs away a bit.

What did I tell you Percy, this was going to be a straight up fight. All those punches, the choking, the complete disregard for the rules. These men are going to kill each other.

Wow they really do hate each other then. Well so far in the match I guess you can say that Nightmare is getting in more than Dante, but it is still very early.

Nightmare waits for Dante to get up, when he does Nightmare charges at him and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor. Nightmare walks around the ring with his arm in the air, Dante is quick to get back into the ring. Dante gets in Nightmare’s face, Dante pushes Nightmare then goes for a dropkick, Nightmare avoids it then goes for an elbow drop on Dante. Dante rolls out of the way while Nightmare crashes into the mat elbow first, Dante gets up and jumps onto Nightmare’s back. Dante then runs into the ropes, Dante bounces off them and jumps over Nightmare, Nightmare gets up while Dante bounces off the opposite ropes, Nightmare goes for a hip toss but Dante blocks it. Dante knees Nightmare in the mid section the legdrop bulldogs him. Dante rolls Nightmare onto his back then covers him, 1…2… kickout. Dante grabs Nightmare’s head and starts punching away with closes firsts, Ed grabs warns Dante about getting disqualified but Dante ignores him and keeps punching, Ed starts counting, 1…2…3…4 Dante stops and gets off of Nightmare.

The first cover of this match is for Dante but Nightmare kicked out. You will never be able to defeat a man, no a monster like Nightmare this early in a match up.

And once again a complete disregard for the rules, but Dante and Nightmare are breaking the rules very smart. They’re stopping before Ed can reach a 5 count. This is great.

Well I am glad that you are enjoying it Trent. The rest of us are actually feeling sick about this.

Dante gives Nightmare a stiff kick to the ribs, Dante then knee drops Nightmare on his ribs. Dante gets up off Nightmare and backs into the ropes, Dante comes off the ropes with another knee drop onto Nightmare’s ribs. Dante grabs Nightmare’s head and lifts him to his feet, Dante goes behind Nightmare and hits him with some forearms to the lower back, Nightmare drops to one knee. Dante kicks Nightmare in the back on the head then elbow drops him over his back. Dante grabs Nightmare’s arm and puts him in a hammerlock, Dante then lifts himself into the air and falls down with both knees hitting Nightmare in the ribs, Dante puts more pressure on the hammerlock as he does this again. Dante floats over Nightmare while still holding the hammerlock, Dante also puts Nightmare in a front face lock. Nightmare gets on his knees, he brings himself up onto his feet, Dante lets go of the hammerlock but still hold in the front face lock. Dante starts hammering away on Nightmare’s back with his free arm. Nightmare grabs Dante’s legs and lifts him into the air, Nightmare charges at the corner and spears Dante into it, Dante lets go of Nightmare. Nightmare continuously shoulderblocks Dante in the corner. Nightmare backs away from Dante, he than charges at Dante and connects with a corner clothesline, Dante’s body lifts into the air and he crashes into the mat back first.

What the hell! Dante came off the mat? What a clothesline from “The Monster.” What power, what strength, what momentum following it.

Yeah that was a good clothesline…

Nightmare pulls Dante to a seated position against the turnbuckle, Nightmare starts unloading on Dante with punches to the head. Ed warns Nightmare about getting DQ’d. Nightmare grabs Dante by the arm and pulls him to his feet, Nightmare irishwhips Dante into the opposite corner then charges at him, Nightmare goes for a running big boot but Dante gets out of the way. Nightmare hits the corner hard, his leg hangs over the top rope. Dante grabs Nightmare’s other leg and ties him to the tree of woe. Dante starts stomping on Nightmare’s face. Dante backs away from Nightmare then charges at him and hits him with a dropkick to the face, Nightmare falls off the ropes. Dante gets up and drags Nightmare out of the corner but still close. Dante climbs onto the second rope with his back to Nightmare. Dante hits Nightmare with a corner slingshot splash into the cover, 1…2… kickout. Dante lifts Nightmare back to his feet and puts him against the turnbuckle, Dante hits Nightmare with some punches and elbow the head. Dante puts a hand in Nightmare’s face and starts screaming at him. Nightmare grabs Dante around the neck and pushes him back, Nightmare spins around and throws Dante into the corner. Nightmare his Dante with some rapid punches to the head. Nightmare grabs Dante’s arm and hard irishwhips him into the opposite turnbuckle, Dante flips over it and lands hard on the floor.

Did you hear that Trent. What a sickening thud. I think Dante may really be hurt.

I doubt it, Dante is a tough guy. It will take more than a hard fall to take him out.

Nightmare tries to get out of the ring but Ed Richards stops him, Ed starts his count, 1…2…3…4…5…6… Nightmare exits the ring on another side and walks towards Dante, 7…8… Ed notices Nightmare and restarts his count. 1…2… Nightmare picks up Dante and throws him into the barricade. 3…4…5… Nightmare grabs Dante again, this time he throws him back first into the apron, 6…7… Nightmare slides back into the ring, he reaches over the ropes and grabs Dante by the hair. Nightmare pulls Dante onto the apron. Nightmare goes to smash Dante’s head into the turnbuckle but Dante manages to block it, Dante elbows Nightmare in the face making him stagger back a bit. Dante climbs onto the top rope, Nightmare charges at Dante and grabs him by the throat. Dante presents Nightmare from throwing him. Dante grabs Nightmare by his throat and pulls him onto the second rope. Dante punches Nightmare in the ribs making him let go, Dante then pulls Nightmare to the top rope and chokeslams him to the mat below.

Oh My God! Dante Diablo just hit Nightmare with the Darkness Falls off the top rope.

Holy *BEEP*…Is Nightmare ok? God that was sickening right there.

Dante and Nightmare lay on the mat both breathing really hard. They are having trouble moving. Ed starts a double count, 1…2…3…4…5…6…7… Dante rolls over, he is near the ropes, 8… Dante grabs the second and top rope, 9… Dante manages to lift himself up before Ed can reach a 10 count. Dante drops down on Nightmare, 1…2… Nightmare puts his foot on the bottom rope. Dante locks up at Ed, he holds three fingers in the air, Ed just shakes his head. Dante grabs his hair, he starts ripping it out. Dante gets to his feet and starts stomping on the ground, he screams at random members of the audience. Dante looks at Nightmare. Nightmare sits up, Dante looks like he’s just seen a ghost. Nightmare gets to his feet, Dante starts throwing punches at Nightmare, Dante pushes Nightmare into the ropes then irishwhips him, Nightmare reverses it and irishwhips Dante into the ropes. Nightmare catches Dante spinning him around, Nightmare goes for the Black Hole Slam but Dante reverses it into the complete shot. Dante slowly gets up, Nightmare gets onto his hands and knees, Dante charges at Nightmare and kicks him in the ribs. Nightmare rolls across the ring until he is out of the ring. Dante follows him to the outside, Nightmare instantly starts hitting Dante with punch after punch when he gets out. Nightmare big boots Dante, making him fall into the barricade. Nightmare grabs Dante around the neck, the fans near them move out of the way. Nightmare lifts up Dante and chokeslams him into the crowd. Nightmare jumps over the barricade and starts beating on Dante, Ed reaches 8 in his count, 9…10! Ed calls for the bell.

Due to a double count out this match is a draw. Therefore neither man qualifies for the ROG Rumble.

A double count out?

Are they serious? This is crap!

The fans start booing. Nightmare is still punching away at Dante, Nightmare picks up Dante and throws him back over the barricade. Nightmare follows, Dante starts getting up, Ed goes outside and tries to break them up, Dante pushes Ed into Nightmare. Dante goes under the ring and pulls out a chair, he hits Nightmare over the head with it, Nightmare drops to one knee. Dante hits Nightmare to the side of his head making him drop to the ground, Dante then repeatedly hits Nightmare with the chair until it is bent to a shape where it is useless. Dante throws the chair away then goes to the steel steps, he picks them up then walks towards Nightmare. Dante lifts the steps into the air, he drops them but Nightmare rolls out of the way then drop toe holds him face first into the steps. Nightmare picks up Dante and lifts him up for the tombstone. Dante starts kicking his legs, he falls behind Nightmare, he spins Nightmare around then knees him in the mid section, Dante sets him up for the Soul Reaper, Dante lifts Nightmare up a little bit but just can’t go all the way. Nightmare slips out of it then lifts Dante up for the tombstone again, Nightmare tombstone piledrives Dante onto the steel steps. Nightmare then goes under, the ring. He pulls out some lighter fluid and box of match. “99 Problems” by Jay Z plays over the speakers. As David Simou walks through the curtain.

Nightmare! Nightmare! Stop it, stop it right now. If you do that then I will fire you and make sure that you never wrestle again.

Ed Richards snatches the lighter fluid and matches away from Nightmare, Ed then rolls into the ring. Nightmare stares at David.

Now everybody. I know you must feel cheated by not having a Rumble entrant named just now. But I had an idea, Nightmare and Dante Diablo will both be entered into the ROG Rumble. The beating you guys gave to each other was sickening and I am sure that you will be able to do something similar to all those Warzone competitors.

David drops the mic as “99 Problems” starts again. David leaves through the curtains, Nightmare stares at Dante for a second then leaves.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results   Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 1:03 pm

Trent Heart: We are here, at Monday Night Meltdown, and we’ve had a night of action. Better then WWE!

Percy Chapman: Ah come on Trent! WWE puts on good shows when they want to!

Trent Heart: Shut up Chapman.

Percy Chapman: Haven’t you noticed that we’ve been arguing for a long time now?

Trent Heart: Yeah, I go for the awesome guys, you go for the little pansies.

Percy Chapman: That’s vice-versa.

*Walk This Way plays*

Ed Richards: Coming to the ring in a 210 pounds, he is residing in New York City, he is “Da King of The Ring” BOLTON…STEVENS!!!

Bolton walks down the ramp, wearing a black suit and a band to keep his hair out of his eyes. He walks around the ring as he waits for his opponent, Flair3.

*Old Time Rock N’ Roll plays*

Ed Richards: Coming to the ring in a 200 pounds, he is the Nature Boy, he is FLAIR3!!!!

Flair3 struts Nature Boy style down the ramp, and lets out a “WOOOOOO!” as he walks through the ropes. He adjusts his boots as he gets ready.

Percy Chapman: Oh I am pumped! This is going to be awesome!

Trent Heart: You bet your wife’s sweet ass! Both are light on their feet, and Bolton has more talent!

Percy Chapman: Are you hitting on my wife!?

Trent Heart: Pretty much, yeah.

The bell rings and Flair3 reaches for Bolton. Bolton ducks and grabs Flair3’s arm, and locks a Hammerlock on Flair3. Flair3 then ducks and Bolton kneels down, Flair3 gets to his knees, and then snaps him off and locks on a headlock. Bolton grimaces and Flair3 tightens, threatening to choke him out. Bolton squirms out and kicks Flair3 in the head, then as Flair3 gets his bearings, Bolton drop kicks him. Bolton then hits a Standing Shooting Star Press on Flair3, ONE…TWO KICK OUT. Bolton grabs Flair3’s leg, but Flair3 kicks him off and hits a Tornado DDT. ONE…TWO KICK OUT. Flair3 gets Bolton up, and pushes him to the corner. Flair3 starts his chops, and the fans chant “WOOO!!” in tribute to Ric Flair.

Percy Chapman: This is a contest for sure! WOOO!!

Trent Heart: You know, you sound like a obsessive fan when you do that.

Percy Chapman: Shut up. At least I don’t yap at you 24/7 like your girlfriend.

Trent Heart: How did you know?

Flair3 misses a chop, and Bolton slams Flair3’s head on the turnbuckle. Flair3 falls on the floor and Bolton gets on top, and jumps off for a Moonsault. Flair3 moves and Bolton lands on his chest. Bolton gasps for air and Flair3 stomps on his lungs, and then grabs his legs and locks on a Figure-Four Leg Lock, Flair3 locks it on, and has it on very tight. Bolton screams in pain as Flair3 tightens, and Bolton kicks at Flair3. It is only when Bolton manages to reach the ropes that Flair3 loosens. Bolton gets up and hobbles on his legs. Flair3 hits a Chop Block, then kicks at Bolton’s legs. Bolton screams as Flair goes for the Figure-Four again, only for Bolton to kick him off, and try a Showtime! Bolton’s leg acts up though and he can’t hit it, which allows Flair3 to lock on another Figure-Four. Flair3 is about to get it tightened, when Bolton rakes the eyes of Flair3. Bolton is warned by the ref, but Bolton has got up by then, and although holding his leg, he runs up to Flair3 and hits a Diving Forearm. Bolton manages to get Flair3 up and drop kicks him, then runs off the ropes and hits a Cross Body on Flair3. Bolton then struggles to get up to the top rope, but does and hits a Shooting Star Splash. ONE…TWO…TH-KICK OUT Bolton screams in frustration, and locks on an arm bar on Flair3. Flair3 punches Bolton in the face not twice, but thrice, and kicks him in the gut then hits a Suplex. Flair3 gets up to the top-rope, and steadies himself.

Percy Chapman: Here it is! The Frog Splash! He’s going to get Bolton down for either a Spinebuster or a Dead End Driver!

Trent Heart: I prefer the Dead End Driver, because that’s where Flair3’s career’s going!

Percy Chapman: Shut up Trent.

Flair3 leaps off for the Frog Splash…but misses! Flair3 holds his gut, but he doesn’t notice Bolton running off the ropes, and Bolton jumps and hits the New York Minute! Flair3 falls limp, and Bolton pins him, ONE…TWO…THREE!

*Walk This Way plays*

Ed Richards: Here is your winner, Bolton!

Percy Chapman: Great match, but I’m not too happy about Bolton winning.

Trent Heart: Why not? He’s a great wrestler.

Bolton celebrates, and taunts Flair3.

Percy Chapman: Folks, we’ll be right back.

Trent Heart: With some chicks!

Percy Chapman: No Trent, just no.
Percy Chapman: This is it! The main-event! Reynolds and José vs. Legend Killer and Zachary!

Trent Heart: And the last match I have to commentate with you tonight!

*Metalingus Plays*

Ed Richards: Coming to the ring in a 215 pounds, he is the Messiah of ROG, from Greenwich, Connecticut, he is JOSÉ!!!!

José walks down the ramp, wearing the ROG X-rated belt around his waist, smirking arrogantly.

*Round And Round plays*

Ed Richards: His partner, coming to the ring in a 215 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, he is “Red-Hot” Ricky Reynolds!!

Ricky Reynolds grins as he carries his guitar over his shoulder. He jumps over the ropes, and looks as José.

*It’s A Fight plays*

Ed Richards: Their opponents, coming to the ring in a 150 pounds, he is LEGEND KILLER!!!

Legend Killer walks down to a massive pop, and points to the ROG World title around his waist.

*Always plays*

Ed Richards: His partner, coming to the ring in a 256 pounds, from Melbourne, Australia, he is ZACHARY!!!!

The fans cheer as Zachary walks down, and Zachary hi-fives some people and smiles. He grins as he looks at Reynolds goes all sour at him, still seething over the loss.

Percy Chapman: Zachary got an upset loss over Reynolds last week, and this could be revenge!

Trent Heart: Zachary was lucky; Reynolds could make him humble any day! Hucpeooty!!

Percy Chapman: Did you just spit!? YUCK!!!!

The bell rings, and Zachary and Ricky Reynolds start off. Reynolds and Zach lock horns and try to out power each-other, but Zach pushes Reynolds to the corner, and hits a Straight-Edge Chop. Zach hits another SE Chop, and Reynolds grabs his chest. Reynolds kicks Zach in the gut, and then uses a headlock. Before Zach can grab Reynolds, Reynolds runs to the middle of the ring and hits the Daily Nose Bleed. Reynolds tags in José, who drop kicks Zach back to the ground. José then runs up and hits a Shining Wizard, and Zach manages to tag in TLK. TLK jumps up and tries a Hurricarana, but José throws him off and hits an Enzugiri, but TLK ducks and hits an elbow drop on José. TLK gets on the top-rope, and José gets up only to get a diving cross body. ONE…TW-KICK OUT!!! TLK picks up José and sets him up for a DDT, but José punches TLK in the gut, then hits a Hurricarana, ONE…TWO-KICK OUT!!! TLK kicks out, then drop kicks José. José springs up and clotheslines TLK, then gets to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash ONE…TWO..KICK OUT!!!

Percy Chapman: This is a great aerial contest!

Trent Heart: Do I detect a surge of jealousy from the fact that they are MUCH better then you?

TLK tags in Zach, and Zach throws a combo of punches at José, then belly-to-belly suplexes José. José sprints up only to get blasted with a Super Kick by Zach, then Zach locks on a Camel Clutch, and then throws more punches at José’s head. Zach picks up José, then like a rag doll, German Suplexes him half-way across the ring, with José back-flipping. Zach puts José on the corner, and hits a SE Chop, but José ducks the second SE Chop, and hits a Twist of Fate on a prone Zach. José gets on the top rope, and hits a Phoenix Splash! ONE…TWO…TH-KICK OUT!

Percy Chapman: Close Call!

Trent Heart: Not so Close Call!

José kicks Zach mockingly, and tags in Reynolds. Reynolds puts Zach on his stomach, and knees him on the ribs, Zach groaning in pain. Reynolds locks on an arm-bar on Zach, hoping to weaken the arms of Zach, but Reynolds gets Zach to his feet and takes him down with an Acid Dropper, and rolls over for another one, but Zach blocks it and hits his own Snap Suplex, then elbowing Reynolds in the side of the head. Zach then locks on a sleeper and tries to choke out Reynolds, but Reynolds takes him down with a snapmare, and locks on his own sleeper. Zach struggles, and grips on Reynolds’ arm, and with such strength, he lifts Reynolds’ arm off and wrenches it, exploding with a clothesline. Zach grips at his arm when he hits the clothesline though, and Reynolds manages to get him down and lock on another sleeper, this time tagging in José. Reynolds holds Zach and José kicks him sharply in the gut, and Zach gasps for breath, kneeling down on his knees as he tries to breath. José hits a Puerto Rican Buzzsaw Kick on Zach, and Zach goes down to the ground. José taunts Zach, and hits a Shining Wizard on Zach, but Zach ducks and leaps at the moment, kicking José in the gut and hitting an Elimination DDT!

Percy Chapman: Damn what a DDT!

Trent Heart: José! José!

Zach and José struggle toward their partners, and José leaps and tags in Reynolds, who drags Zach away from TLK. Reynolds kicks Zach in the knee, and tags in José, the two then hit a kick on Zach’s gut, and José grabs Zach and hits a Flip Bottom. ONE…TWO…TH TLK breaks up the pin, and the ref sends him back to the apron. José throws Zach over the rope, and runs off the ropes, hitting a suicide dive! The ref starts counting, One…two…, but José throws Zach back into the ring, and goes on the apron. José taunts the crowd, then jumps on the ropes and bounces off with a 450 splash! Zach moves at the split-second, causing José to splat on his stomach. Zach then manages to tag TLK to a massive pop! TLK cleans house, laying out José with punches, then wallops Reynolds with a nice right when he tries to get involved!

Percy Chapman: Yes! The ROG World champion’s here!

Trent Heart: Hoorah. The World Champion’s here. Whoopdee doo.

José tries to attack TLK, but TLK hits a Twist of Fate on José, who goes flying and tags Reynolds in. That’s when the two enemies meet eyes.

Percy Chapman: Remember that TLK and Reynolds are facing each-other for the world title at New Dawn!

Trent Heart: I mark for Reynolds!

TLK and Reynolds leap at each-other, throwing lefts and rights at each-other, not letting even the ref separate them. Reynolds tries a Coke Sneeze, but TLK flips back on his feet, and hits a DDT. Reynolds flips onto his back, and TLK hits a leg drop on him, then goes for a Swanton Bomb. Reynolds moves, and TLK misses the Swanton, which allows Reynolds to lock on The Overdose! TLK struggles for the ropes, and Reynolds tightens the hold, but TLK squirms for the ropes…and José distracts the ref while TLK grips the ropes. Reynolds pulls him away and tightens, and José taunts the crowd as TLK is on the verge of tapping. TLK reaches for the ropes, but José distracts the ref, who misses TLK reaching for the ropes. Zach is very pissed off now, when Zach tries to get the ref’s attention, José enters the ring and kicks at TLK! Zach loses it and hits the One Shot Kill on José, who backflips to the outside! Reynolds looks shocked, and TLK reverses The Overdose into a roll-up! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!!

*It’s A Fight plays*

Ed Richards: Here is your winners, the ROG World champion The Legend Killer, and Zachary!!!

Ricky Reynolds storms out of the ring on his own, while the Puerto Rican Express check up on José, who is outside on the ring.

Percy Chapman: Twice in a row! Twice in a row! Killer and Zachary win again!

Trent Heart: Luckily, this show is over! Good night everyone! Screw you Chapman!

Percy Chapman: Why you…
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Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results Empty
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Monday Night Meltdown 7/8/08 Results
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