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 Warzone 4/23/08 Results

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PostSubject: Warzone 4/23/08 Results   Warzone 4/23/08 Results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 3:58 pm

Dan Jackson: blue
Ed Richards: violet
Roxanne: orange
Trent Heart: green
Percy Chapman: red
Mystery Man: cyan
WWEfan: yellow

"Make a Move" plays while a video package is shown highlighting the wrestlers of Warzone. The camera then comes to a small room with a large video screen where Dan Jackson is standing.

Hello Warzone fans. It's great to be back here in ROG. As I'm sure you've heard, Warzone is going on a hiatus this week. But don't you worry, as while the athletes of Warzone will not be competing you will get to see some exclusive things here tonight. We will be reviewing each of the matches on the Warzone side of things scheduled for "Glory Games". We also have exclusive interviews with the wrestlers competing at the pay-per-view and you will also see footage of something very crucial to "Glory Games" that happened over the weekend. First, let's talk about a match that was just recently announced by both of our general managers in the past couple of days.

An animation flashes up on the screen showing Nazzac, Tyrant, Christian King, Flair3, Robbie McCary, Hybrid, Spawn, Aaron Kendrick, Jack Williams, Cal, Neon Hardy, Andy Ace, Bolton Stevens, and Jerichoholic.

As you all know we've had several new additions to the roster, so the GMs have come to terms for an interpromotional battle royal featuring all of the new stars. Plus, a few veterans of ROG who have yet to have their time to shine have been tossed in as well. The winner recieves a shot at either the X-Rated or Fallout Championship, according to what brand they are on.

The animation goes away before a new one comes up, showing Nick Nitro and Y2J with Delia Kinney in a referee shirt standing behind them. Behind her are a series of question marks.

This match may, or may not take place. As you know, Nick Nitro and Y2J are engaged in a best-of-seven series where Y2J must win, or else he is suspended. Over the weekend the series furthered at a Warzone house show in Kansas. The match was a no-disqualification match, for Nitro only. Here is video footage of what happened towards the end of the match.

A video pops up on the screen showing a very small arena with very few people in it. Nitro is choking Y2J in the ropes before he lets go and begins to pose. He goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Just as Y2J starts to get to his feet Nitro whacks him over the head with it. Nitro sets up the chair in the center of the ring. He slowly brings Y2J to his feet. He whips Y2J off the ropes and on the return sends him face first onto the chair with a drop toe hold. Nitro then hops up and goes to the outside. He lifts up the ring skirt and searches for something under the ring. Before he can pull out anything, Y2J is able to get to his feet and kick Nitro right in the face with a baseball slide. Y2J slides under the ring and goes right at with Nitro. Nailing him with shot after shot to the face. Y2J kicks him right in the gut and lifts him up for a vertical suplex, but then slams him back down stomach first on the guard rail. Y2J hops up on the ring apron and jumps off, driving the point of his elbow right into the back of Nitro, who was still lying on the guard rail. He tumbles off and smacks the floor. Y2J loads up Nitro with kicks before pulling him up and throwing him into the ring post. Y2J picks up Nitro again and slams his face into the ring steps. He tries for it again, but this time Nitro blocks it and jabs an elbow into the gut of Y2J. Nitro then sends Y2J crashing into the steps so hard that the top portion comes unattached. Nitro begins looking under the ring for something again, and this time drags out a table. Nitro takes the table and wedges it between the side of the ring and the guard rail. He rolls Y2J on top of the table before sliding into the ring. Nitro charges forward and flips over the ropes. Y2J is able to move away at the last second and instead Nitro goes crashing through the table. Y2J gets to his feet and pulls Nitro out of the broken table shards and rolls him into the ring. Y2J goes in as well and covers Nitro. 1-2-3!

Here is your winner: Y2J!

Y2J celebrates as the video fades from the screen.

As you see there, Y2J wins the fifth match in the best-of-seven series. We also know that Y2J will be taking on Nick Nitro and Callumomac in the best-of-seven series next week. Therefore, if Y2J is able to win that match, then the finale of the series will take place at "Glory Games" and Delia Kinney will be the special guest referee for that contest.

A graphic showing Roxanne, Ashley Nero, and Cassandra on one side of the screen and Beth Storme, Ella Perez, and Inah Louise on the other.

Two weeks ago, Delia Kinney revealed that the women of Warzone would be taking part in an elimination tag team match where the sole survivors would get a shot at the Women's Championship. Unless of course Beth Storme were to win. If this were to happen Beth Storme would be free from a title defense for the next two months. Beth Storme would be captaining one team while we found out that a new woman, Roxanne, would be captaining the other. We're about to speak with her live via sattelite.

Roxanne appears on the screen sitting in a nicely furnished room.

Hello, Roxanne.

Hi, Dan.

Now, Roxanne you are Warzone's newest wrestler in the women's division. And you will have a chance to compete for the top prize in women's wrestling, if you are able to survive in "Glory Games" women's elimination tag team match. How have you been accepted by your future teammates.

We haven't really spoken much, but I can tell they are having trouble accepting me as a new face in the locker room. But I'm sure our dislike for Beth Storme will overcome that and my team will be successful in winning.

Also, since making your impactful debut here in ROG a few weeks ago you have twice attacked Beth Storme. Now, the Women's Champion has asked us to tell you this message: "Roxie is sure good at getting the best of me when my back is turned, but I know that won't happen in the ring. I want her in that ring next week, so she can see that it will be a tough road trying to take this title from me."

Well, the only way I can respond to that is with three words. Bring it, bitch!

Well, I'm sure all of our fans will love to see that match next week as well as the elimination tag match at "Glory Games". Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Roxanne.

And thank you for having me.

Roxanne disappears as the screen goes blank. In a few seconds a new graphic comes up showing Steve Storme, Steve Ace, and Rated PG with the Universal Title Belt in the background.

Now here is the Universal Title match. A match where the competitors were just decided last week in a crazy tag team match. Now we are going to show you the end of that match so you know exactly what happened to have this match happen.

A video clip comes on the screen showing Rated PG and Steve Ace teaming against Steve Storme and Jack Williams.

Quote :
Williams runs in and pulls PG to his feet. He points right at the referee, saying this is what he wants to do to the referee. He then wraps his arm around PG's neck and rushes up the ropes and tries to backflip off of them, so as to execute the Sliced Bread #2. However, PG is able to push Williams behind him and Williams accidently takes out the referee. PG tries to rest, but Steve grabs him and starts to choke him in the ropes. Ace comes in and rushes toward Steve, but Steve pushes PG in the way and the two men collide. Ace staggers around the ring, but is taken off his feet when Steve rushes in and nearly impales him with a spear. Steve celebrates in an early victory as the crowd pelts him with boos. Steve then goes to the outside and grabs his title belt and brings it back in the ring with him. He waits for PG to get back to his feet to hit him with the title belt. When he does get up, Steve rushes forward with the belt, but PG sidesteps the attack and Steve instead clocks his own partner with the belt. Steve simply shrugs his shoulders at what he just did to Williams. He turns around and is caught right in the face with a flying forearm shot that sends the title belt flying from his hands. PG pulls Steve up and hoists him up in his arms in powerslam formation. He is just about to hit the Rating Drop when the lights go out. When they come back on the mysterious man who attacked PG last week is standing behind him. PG drops Steve and turns around to face the mysterious man. PG fires away wt the man, but the punches don't seem to phase him. PG bounces off the ropes and comes back at the man for some kind of attack, but the man catches him by the throat. The lights cut out again. This time when they come back on PG and the mysterious man are nowhere to be found and Williams is laying motionless on top of Ace.

What the hell just happened here? PG and this new guy have just dissapeared!

I just want to know what this man wants with PG. This is the second week in a row he has attacked him, and he may very well have cost him his match, as Williams is covering Ace.

The referee is just starting to come to and crawls over to where Williams is covering Ace. 1-2-KICKOUT! Neither Williams or Ace moves, but Steve is seen looking around frantically, not knowing where PG or the mysterious man went. He scurries out of the ring, hops over the barricade, and runs out. Back in the ring Williams starts to get to his feet, looking around for Steve. He stands up and is confused, not knowing where his partner went. Ace then sneaks up behind him and hits him with the Cop Killa! 1-2-3!

Here are your winners: Rated PG and Steve Ace!

The screen goes blank once again.

So now you know how exactly this match came about, but no one has heard from Rated PG since he was abducted by that mysterious...

The screen then flashes on, showing the mystery man who has been attacking Rated PG over several weeks. He is in a boiler room with the lights dimmed.

Oh, so you are looking for Rated PG? Well, look no further, he is right here!

The camera pans over to show Rated PG chained to some fencing. PG shakes violently, trying to break free, but it is no use.

He's a bit busy right now.

W-why do you keep attacking PG? What is your name.

All of this will come into light soon enough. For now, just watch what I can do to my advasaries.

The mystery man walks over to where PG is chained up and begins to pummel him with punches. The man picks up a pipe from the floor and blasts PG over the head with it several times, until he is a bloody mess.

You talk about the Triple Threat Universal Title match at "Glory Games". Ha! PG won't even make it to next week's Warzone.

The screen goes blank yet again.

What a terrifying message there from that mystery man. Now, let's move on to the main event for "Glory Games". The two brands of ROG, Meltdown and Warzone, have picked five represenatives and will go head-to-head in an elimination tag team match.

A graphic showing Dash Blade, Jamarius Jackson, Erik Michaels, Jose, and Black Dagger all on one side of the screen, wearing Meltdown shirts. On the other side of the screen are WWEFan, Randy Rampage, Rob Israel, STL, and Legend Killer, all wearing Warzone shirts.

The winning team will get something more important than a title. They will have the right to call themselves the superior brand in ROG. Now, we have an interview scheduled with all of the members of Team Warzone.

The screen flashes on showing Randy Rampage, Rob Israel, STL, and Legend Killer all in a room. STL and LK are in each others face having a shouting match with each other. In a moment Rampage steps in and tries to play peacemaker by seperating the two. Israel simply sits all alone, crouched in the corner. WWEfan busts in the room, looking angry.

What the hell is going on here!?

The men stop and look at their captain.

Look, I know some of us may not like each other, but we've got to be a team! We're only two weeks away from "Glory Games" and we can't even be cordial with one another. Look, wether we like it or not, we're all on the same team and we need to put our differences behind us if we want to prove to those lousy Meltdown wrestlers that we are the better brand.

The other men begin to nod their head in agreement and mummur amongst themselves.

Now I've been spawning a plan in my mind that is sure fire to get us some momentum heading into "Glory Games". Don't you want that?

A few "yeah's" are heard as well as some more head nods.

Okay, then let's go talk about this. Off camera.

Team Warzone then begin to file out of the room with Fan in the lead.

Wait, what about our interview? Oh well. Anyway, next week is already shaping up to be a good show. I can't wait. And now you also see what is in store on the Warzone side of things for "Glory Games". I'm Dan Jackson here on Warzone Wednesday, goodnight!
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Warzone 4/23/08 Results
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