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 Warzone 2/13/08 Results

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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
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Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
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Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Warzone 2/13/08 Results   Warzone 2/13/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 8:27 am

Leroy Brown-Red
Jimmy DeMarco-Green
Ed Richards-Purple
Steve Storm-Blue

The now familiar sounds of “Make a Move” play through the sold out arena. The fans get to their feet and scream their excitement and approval. Signs abound as the crowd waves them in front of the camera before it settles on the announce table.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the ever-amazing Warzone Wednesday. As always, I’m Jimmy DeMarco with my broadcast partner Leroy Brown. And our lineup for this evening is beyond stellar.

I couldn’t agree more Jimmy. All of our ladies in a women’s match, excepting Ashley who is still out on injury. We wish her a speedy recovery. Once again Nick Nitro is proving how ruthless he can be, pitting Y2J against Steve Storm.

And don’t forget the Fallout Champion will be facing Legend Killer in a brand new match type. Something called a Three Breaks to Hell match. Any idea what that is?

No, but I assume we’ll be briefed on the rules at some point. Or we’ll be calling that one rather blindly. But until that time comes, let’s start our first match of the evening, Steve Ace against WWEfan.

The lights lower and a spotlight appears as “Line in the Sand” begins to play. WWEfan walks down the ramp, extending his arms to the booing crowd.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 250 pounds….WWEfan!

WWEfan slides into the ring and smiles around at the crowd, basking in their disapproval. “Natural Born Killaz” by Dre and Ice Cube begins playing and Steve Ace walks out onto the ramp, his kendo stick in hand. The crowd begins to cheer and chant ACE ACE as he walks to the ring.

And introducing his opponent, from Sheffield England he is the current Universal Champion.... Steve Ace!

Ace tosses his cane down by the turnbuckle before hopping in the ring and glaring down his opponent. Without warning, Steve Storm jogs down the ramp, throwing a quick smirk at Ace before plopping down at the announce table.

How you doin', fellas, good to see ya.

No, no, no, it's good to see you!

If I can interrupt this little love fest... What are you doing here, Storm, you're not scheduled until later.

Just a little scouting, DeMarco, it never killed anybody. And aren't you the play-by-play man? Call the match already.

In the ring, Ace and WWEfan waste no time in engaging in a collar and elbow tie-up and Fan shoves Ace to the mat. Ace bounces up and they tie up again and this time it’s Ace with a hiptoss. He follows up with a reverse chinlock, his knee shoved in Fan’s back for extra leverage. Ace wrenches back then releases the hold. Fan counters quickly with a double leg takedown then quickly hammers away with hard elbows as the crowd tries to get Ace back in the match. Fan pulls Ace up and whips him into the ropes before bending down for a backdrop. But Ace grabs the ropes quickly and stops himself. Fan recovers in time to counter a DDT attempt with a scoop brainbuster. He locks in a reverse chinlock of his own. Ace tries to shake free, but Fan tightens the hold. Ace reaches, and reaches as the crowd begins to scream for him again, Ace reaches again and barely manages to grab the bottom rope. Fan releases the hold and goes for a knee drop that is quickly dodged by Ace. Ace, in turn, hits a running single arm cutter on the rising Fan, and follows up with a fist drop off the ropes. Fan avoids the fist drop, instead grabbing Ace and applying an armbar.

Nice back and forth action. I like it.

These great competitors are putting on a clinic in technical skill.

Ace rolls forward out of the armbar, kicking Fan off him and into the ropes chest first. Ace follows him and attempts a roll up, but Fan grabs the ropes, sending Ace crashing to the mat. Fan drops a nicely place elbow into Ace’s chest then hit a cross arm breaker. Ace grabs his arm as Fan puts him in a side headlock. Ace stars fading and tries to shake him off but Fan switches to the body scissors. Ace once again makes a desperate reach for the ropes with his foot, and barely skims the bottom rope. Fan backs off and Ace gets to his feet to see Fan coming at him with a flying elbow. Ace counters with a spinebuster and an elbow drop for a cover…one…two…and a kickout. The crowd voices their irritation as Ace pulls Fan up; head tucked under his arm and tries a swinging neckbreaker. Fan counters with a high angle belly to back suplex. Fan waits for Ace to get to his feet and comes off the ropes for a corkscrew lariat and a standing moonsault to follow. Fan waits for him to rise again but is caught with a vicious uppercut. Ace hits a fisherman suplex, sending Fan over the top rope directly in front of the announce table. Storm gets to his feet for a moment, but merely stands there, smirking at Ace.

So you really are just scouting?

Do you know me to be a liar?

Fan slides back in and he meets Ace with a knee to the gut. He follows up with a quick DDT. He sits Ace up and puts him in a chokehold. Ace starts to struggle and pulls off a snapmare. Fan gets quickly to his feet and nearly walks into a clothesline but quickly counters with a back body drop. He follows with a leg drop across Ace’s throat and goes for a cover…one….two….Ace gets a shoulder up. Fan gets up, cursing in frustration and starts to climb the turnbuckle. Ace sees him and grabs his leg, rolling him up for a pin…one….two…three. Fan immediately rolls out of the pin right as the ref calls for three, but the bell is rung to end the match. Fan yells at the ref, insisting that he kicked out in time.

The winner of this match by pinfall….Steve Ace!

Steve Storm gets to his feet and heads for ringside. Ace, anticipating the move, grabs his cane from the apron and smiles at Storm. The two stare each other down for a moment before Storm walks back up the ramp, leaving a celebrating Ace in the ring.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 2/13/08 Results   Warzone 2/13/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 8:29 am

My God, what a first match that was. That was so close I think we’re lucky there was a pin at all.

WWEfan has nothing to be ashamed of here. He missed that count by milliseconds.

Nothing to be ashamed of at all. Both of them put everything into that match, Ace lucked out. Now, to follow up…course how could you follow that, STL will try his luck against Edgecutioner.

I don’t like STL’s chances. Unless Edgecutioner has decided that he’s still on strike from competition that is.

“Get Ya Walk On” hits and STL appears on the stage, smiling at the crowd. He cracks open a beer, chugs it and tosses the empty can over his shoulder. He starts for the ring as the crowd continues their wild cheering from the last match.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, and weighing in at 300 lbs……STL!

STL steps through the ropes as the lights dim and “Darker Side” plays through the arena. The crowd begins to chant STL as the spotlight illuminates Edgecutioner with Father Judge by his side.

And making his way to the ring, weighing in at 440 lbs and being accompanied by Father Judge…Edgecutioner.

Edgecutioner steps over the top rope as Father Judge yells for the crowd to show some respect. They respond by chanting even more vigorously for his opponent. STL smiles and shrugs before attacking Edgecutioner before the bell. He throws a few hard right hands in the corner before attempting an irish whip that Edgecutioner quickly counters. Father Judge shouts something to the ref as Edgecutioner hits a low blow when STL comes off the ropes. The crowd starts a chant of YOU SUCK. Edgecutioner hits the ropes, throwing the finger at the crowd, and coming off with a knee drop on the downed STL. He goes for a quick end…one….but it’s just as quick of a kickout. Both men quickly get to their feet and Edgecutioner runs at STL for a clothesline and somehow manages a spinebuster on the larger man. He goes for a quick cover one…..and another swift kickout. STL pulls him up for a short arm clothesline and another cover..one…two….and another kickout.

What are these two doing? There’s no way they’re going to get a pinfall this early.

STL gets up and is caught with a wild right hand. He shrugs it off and goes back to the ropes. Out of nowhere, Legend Killer appears at ringside and makes a wild grab for STL’s foot. He spots him and sidesteps out of the way. Edgecutioner charges at him and he hits the mat, taking the top rope with him. Edgecutioner spills over the top rope, landing headfirst on the ground. Legend Killer quick retreats as STL rolls from the ring and starts for him. The crowd goes wild, but STL waves him off and rolls the nearly unconscious Edgecutioner back in the ring. He hauls the big man up and points directly at Legend Killer and grins before hitting a piledriver. He makes the cover…one…two…three.

And the winner of this match by a pinfall…STL!

The crowd leaps to their feet with cheers and chants of STL STL. He beams around at them before climbing a turnbuckle for a celebratory beer.

Um….wow. I daresay that isn’t quite what Legend Killer had in mind when he showed up at ringside tonight.

Probably not, his little interference plan appears to have backfired. And STL sent a major message. I’m still amazed that he managed a piledriver on Edgecutioner, he outweighs him by at least a hundred pounds.

It just goes to prove, never underestimate your opponent. Not that Edgecutioner did, but you see what I'm saying Back on point, Dan Jackson is standing by. Apparently Aaron Kendrick wants to have a word.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 2/13/08 Results   Warzone 2/13/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 8:32 am

Dan Jackson-Dk Blue
Aaron Kendrick-Orange
Nick Nitro-Black

Thank you Jimmy. And yes, I have a few questions for Mr. Kendrick here.

Kendrick jerks the mic away before Jackson can say another word. He looks into the camera and smirks.

Yeah, I have a comment. I am sick and tired of everyone asking me what’s wrong with me lately.

Jackson yanks the mic back to himself.

With all due respect something is going on with you. Ever since your girlfriend got hurt, you’ve been snappy, unpredictable, and violent. What was the point of attacking the Women’s Champion last week?

The point?! I said I wanted revenge, and I got it.

But you didn’t go after Ella. So what kind of revenge is that?

This kind.

Kendrick jerks the mic out of Dan’s hand and whacks him over the head with it. He tosses it aside and throws Dan to the ground, kicking at him furiously. Officials rush in to separate the two and the camera rejoins the announce team.

Sweet Jesus! Maybe Dan needs some protection or something. Why does everyone want to beat the hell out of him?

Maybe because he has the IQ of a rock, and about as much personality.

You’re taking Kendrick’s side on this?

I didn’t say that. You asked why people dislike Jackson. Personally, I think Kendrick needs to be committed, he’s clearly lost it. It’s not just last week, he’s barely spoken to anyone since High Stakes. He’s been randomly attacking people. He’s loony.

Well that’s one thing we can agree on at least. Another thing we can agree on, we have some lovely ladies here in ROG. Let’s see four of them in action here tonight.

“Rooftops” starts to play as arena is lightened in red and white, Cassandra appears and waves to the cheering crowd.

The following match is a Fatal Four Way match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Boston, Massachusetts, Cassandra.

Cassandra climbs through the ropes and scales a turnbuckle as “Trouble” blares through the arena as the lights dim and Inah Louise starts toward the ring.

And introducing from Wales, the UK….Inah Louise!

The crowd boos their dislike for Inah and boo even louder when “Lose my Breath” starts to play and a spotlight highlights Ella as she strides toward the ring.

And making her way to the ring from Madison, Wisconsin…Ella Perez!

The stage is suddenly highlighted in purple and gold “Dance with the Devil” begins to play. The crowds boos grow louder as Beth strides down the ramp, eyeing her opponents warily.

And introducing last your current Women’s Champion…Bethany Storme!

Beth hesitates outside the ring as the other three trash talk. Inah locks her hands together and Cassandra takes the opportunity to attack her from behind, drawing slight applause from Ella. Cassandra picks Inah up for a backbreaker, Inah shifts her weight and drops behind her with an arm around her neck for a sleeper hold. Ella interrupts the hold by kicking Inah in the face. Then Ella drives an elbow into Cassandra’s chest and goes for a cover…one…but a quick kickout. Ella thumbs Inah in the eye and hits a back suplex for another cover..one…but another swift kickout. Beth gets to the apron and Ella grabs her by the hair and pulls her forcibly into the ring. Beth pops up quickly but gets caught by a kick to the head from Ella. Beth jumps up again and Cassandra comes off the ropes for a lariat that sends her head over heels. Cassandra covers…one…but Ella breaks it up. Ella makes a cover one…and Cassandra breaks that up. The two argue heatedly with each other in the middle of the ring. Inah rolls her eyes to the crowd, who laugh a little, then knocks Ella and Cassandra’s heads together.

Guess Inah was tired of the arguing.

Ella and Cassandra stagger as Inah hits the ropes and takes them both down with a double clothesline. Beth is also up and goes to work on Ella in one corner and Inah takes on Cassandra in the other corner. Beth hits a hard chops to Ella’s chest as Inah rams her shoulder into Cassandra’s gut. Inah yells over to Beth, who seems surprised that she isn’t attacking her. And irish whip from Inah sends Cassandra colliding into Ella, leaving them both staggered in the middle of the ring. Beth bulldogs Ella as Inah hooks Cassandra for a suplex. They both cover. The referee looks back and forth and can’t decide who to count. Inah yells for the ref, Beth jumps off Ella and yanks Inah to her feet, taking her to task for it. Inah looks amused and Beth hooks Ella’s leg and covers again..one…and Inah breaks it up. Inah locks in an abdominal stretch on Beth, Cassandra hammers Inah in the back of the head, allowing Beth to slip free. Cassandra drops Inah on her head with a chicken wing suplex. Ella crawls to one corner and makes herself comfortable. Cassandra starts throwing hard forearms to Inah, but Beth ends that with a sleeper hold on Cassandra. Cassandra backs into the corner and throws Beth into the turnbuckle and she’s forced to release the hold. Beth crumbles and Cassandra sets her up for another abdominal stretch. She adds a claw to the ribs for extra emphasis and Inah quickly breaks it up with a boot to Cassandra’s ribs. Beth collapses and rolls to the outside as Ella continues looking comfortable in the corner.

Does anyone have a good book for Miss Perez?

Beth pulls Ella out of the ring in frustration and throws her into the ring steps. Cassandra and Inah exchange chops in the ring as the crowd cheers on Cassandra. Cassandra gets the upper hand and throws Inah into the ropes and hits a superkick on the return. Inah tumbles to the mat for a cover…one….two…three.

The winner of this match by pinfall....Cassandra!

One Survival and it’s all over. If Bethany Storme hadn’t gotten distracted outside the ring, she could have broken that up.

But she didn’t.

Cassandra climbs a turnbuckle to celebrate and the other three collect themselves and head backstage. Suddenly, Nick Nitro appears on the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Hold on one second ladies. I have a message from the general manager. It has come to her attention that Bethany Storme seems to be handing out title opportunities like they’re candy. So Cassandra, you’ll get your rematch at Apocalypse. And Ella, you’ll get your shot too. Cause, by order of the general manager, it will be Bethany Storme vs Inah Louise vs Ella Perez vs Ashley Nero vs Cassandra for the Women’s Title. Now, if you don’t mind clearing out, my favorite pet has a match now.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 2/13/08 Results   Warzone 2/13/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 8:35 am

Delia Kinney-Dk Red

Did I hear that right? All of our women in a match for the Women’s title?

I do believe you heard correctly. But since when is Nitro the general manager’s errand boy?

What rock have you been living under? He’s a complete suck up. But anyway, he was right about one thing, Y2J is up next.

The lights dim and the countdown appears. As it reaches ‘0’ “Break Down the Walls” blares through the arena. The lights illuminate Y2J who has joined Nitro on the stage. Snickering echoes through the audience.

The following match is a No Disqualification match. However, the no DQ rule only applies to Steve Storm. Introducing first from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and accompanied to the ring by Nick Nitro, Y2J!

Y2J argues with Nitro in the corner of the ring as “Pendulum” by Slam starts and pyro goes off on the stage. It dies down to Steve Storm standing there.

And his opponent, from San Francisco CA, weighing in at 255 pounds... Steve Storm!

Steve steps through the ropes with an ear to ear grin as the crowd boos him heavily. The bell is rung and Steve starts things off with a hard right hand. It catches Y2J off guard and sends him reeling into the corner. Steve follows up with a quick kick to the chest. Y2J tries to mount an offense but is hit with a clothesline. Steve makes the cover…one…two…Y2J grabs the bottom rope to break the count. Y2J picks himself up and stumbles to the middle of the ring. Steve comes off the ropes and nails Y2J with a springboard forearm smash. Steve doesn’t bother to cover and instead rolls from the ring, throwing a quick grin at Nitro.

That can only spell bad things to come for Y2J.

Steve grabs a chair from ringside and rolls back in the ring. He hits a vicious chairshot straight to the back of the rising Y2J. The crowd lets out a groan as Steve delivers another chairshot to the back. He brings the chair over his head for another shot and Y2J rolls from the ring and screams at Nitro, “Fine you wanna know! I’ve had enough!” He storms out of the arena as the ref counts him out. Steve stands there, looking amused and waits for the victory. The ref reaches 10 and calls for the bell.

And the winner of this match by a count out, Steve Storm!

The cameraman runs backstage to follow Y2J, with Nitro on his heels to keep up. Finally, Y2J arrives at the general manager’s office and bursts through the door. Ms. Kinney looks mildly amused as Y2J slams his hands down on her desk.

FINE! You really wanna know! I have had it, this is ridiculous. I refuse to be your whipping boy anymore.

You have something you want to tell me Y2J? Like maybe who attacked you before the gauntlet?

Y2J runs a hand through his hair nervously, licks his lips and sits down.

Fine, here’s what happened. And this is the God’s honest truth. I was in the locker room, I heard someone behind me. I turned around and Edgecutioner was there. He started for me…

So he did attack you?

No, he started coming at me. Then Bethany and Steve Ace showed up and stopped him. Ace took Edgecutioner away, telling him something about how they’ll handle it. I turned around to leave and got smacked in the back of the head. I woke up tied to a pole in an alley. Ace was there and Storme, he was yelling at her about something…something like ‘this wasn’t the plan, I didn’t sign up for this’. She shrugged him off and beat the hell out of me. Happy?

Hold on hold on, you’re saying that Beth Storme and Steve Ace collaborated in this?

Yes, I know it seems unlikely. But that is the God’s honest truth.

Alright. You can go, I’ll handle it.

What about my new manager? You said…

I know damn well what I said. And you’ll get someone, but I can’t name someone tonight. But…Nitro, you’re not his manager anymore, stop torturing him. Now, you may go Y2J.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 2/13/08 Results   Warzone 2/13/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 8:38 am

Ok, now I really think I’m hallucinating.

No way! Those two were in cahoots? That makes no sense. What did they have to gain?

Well it sounds like Ace got more than he bargained for, but that’s what your get when you consort with the devil.

Did you just call our Women’s Champion the devil?

Yes Jimmy, I did. But with that said, let’s go on to explaining the rules of the next match. A match our general manager likes to call a 3 Breaks to Hell match.

Right, each competitor is given three forced rope breaks to utilize during the match. Once they use those breaks, the referee can no longer stop a hold, and the ropes cannot be used to break a count.

Sounds like an interesting match. Let’s get on with it then, the main event is on its way.

“What I Want” by Daughtry echoes through the arena.. Pyro goes off, illuminating the stage and PG steps through the curtain, scowling at the audience. A small smattering of boos comes from the audience, but their excitement at the new match type is also voiced in spite of themselves.

The following is a 3 Breaks to Hell match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Biloxi, Mississippi he is the your Fallout Champion…Rated PG.

PG steps through the ropes and hold up his belt for the audience to see as the stage is illuminated by pyro as “It’s A Fight” by Three Six Mafia begins to play and Legend Killer strides down the ramp, a cocky smirk plastered on his face.

And his opponent, weighing in at 150 lbs….The Legend Killer.

The bell sounds and the two lock up in the center of the ring. PG gains the advantage and throws LK off the ropes. As he comes back PG slips around behind him and dropkicks him in the spine. PG recovers from the dropkick as LK comes off the ropes and stomps both feet on his arm. PG leaps to his feet and gets caught with a standing splash. LK locks in a crossface and PG immediately grabs the ropes.

Rated PG has used his first rope break.

I don’t know that it was wise strategy to use a break this early.

PG waits for LK to get to his feet and clobbers him with a jumping lariat. He quickly regains his footing again and PG throws him off the ropes for a second jumping lariat. PG runs off the ropes and comes back with a senton splash on his downed opponent. LK grabs his stomach as PG climbs to the top. He dives with a headbutt that connects with LK’s forehead. Both men are down as the crowd gasps over the move.

That was not smart. PG took himself out with that one.

PG gets to his feet first, followed by a groggy LK. PG adjusts his boot and creates an opportunity for LK to hit a chop to the shoulder. PG stumbles back a few feet then retaliates with a quick enziguri. LK leaps to his feet and takes PG down with a clothesline. LK jumps on top of PG and hits him with a few closed fists. The ref quickly breaks it up.

For the use of two closed fists, Legend Killer has been charged with one rope break.

That’s against the rules Legend Killer. He better be careful here, he needs those breaks. One closed fist is only a warning, anything else is a rope break.

LK moves the ref aside and waits for PG to get up before hitting a superkick. He makes the cover…one…two…and PG kicks out. LK gets to his feet and pulls PG up to throw a few palm strikes. PG blocks the next and grabs LK’s wrist for an arm drag and forcing him into an arm lock. LK squirms to break the hold and finally kicks his legs into the ropes to break the hold.

Legend Killer has used his second rope break.

See how things can change pretty quickly? PG lost one first and now Legend Killer, with the closed fists and the rope break, now is at a disadvantage.

PG hits a knee drop to LK’s arm. Then grabs it again and applies some pressure to the shoulder. LK starts to gets to his knees but PG elbows him in the back of the head. LK forces his way to his feet anyway. LK throws a palm strike…and another, and another. PG releases the hold and LK runs into the ropes. PG leans back into the opposite ropes and LK comes back with a cross body that sends them both from the ring.

It's about time that outside referee got some action.

LK jumps back to the apron and into the ring to break up the count. PG gets up on the outside and LK launches himself over the top ropes. But PG counters with a dropkick as LK comes down on him. The referee begins his count at one. PG starts to rise first. At the six count he drags LK to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and hits a splash directly into a pin one…two…but LK kicks out. PG goes back up to the second rope. He waits for LK to get to his feet. PG jumps off and swings with a spinning DDT... but LK follows through with the motion onto the fall backwards, giving LK an unorthodox suplex. LK rolls on top...one...two... PG grabs the bottom rope to break up the count.

Rated PG has used his second rope break.

LK knees PG, who blocks. PG headbutts and LK stumbles backwards, PG runs at him, LK vaults him up in the air... PG catches LK in a hurricanrana. And right into a cover…one…two…and LK kicks out again. PG gets back to his feet and picks LK up only to be hit with a lightning fast facebuster knocking both men onto the canvas. LK gets up and locks in PG’s head and left foot and wrenches backwards. PG reaches for the ropes but is a little too far away. LK keeps the hold locked on. The referee asks PG if he gives up... he says no and the hold continues. LK tightens the hold as PG squirms toward the ropes and finally grabs hold.

Rated PG has used his third and final rope break.

That's his last rope break. PG can no longer get out of submission holds or pins with the ropes.

That's a bad situation to be in.

LK gets to his feet. The crowd is roots for both men, enjoying the amazingly athletic match. PG gets back to his feet slowly, he backs into the corner. LK runs at him, PG steps out a few feet. LK jumps up for a drop kick but PG catches his legs. LK drops the ground as PG holds his ankles. PG leans back, vaulting LK into the turnbuckle. LK hits the mat on his back and PG goes for the cover…one…two…three.

And the winner of this match by a pinfall….Rated PG.

I think I like this new match type Jimmy. I hope we see it more often. They both put it all on the line tonight.

Can’t argue with you there. It was an amazingly athletic competition, a great way to end the show. Be sure to join us again next week. After some of tonight revelations, I’m sure it will be interesting to say the least.
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Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone 2/13/08 Results   Warzone 2/13/08 Results Empty

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Warzone 2/13/08 Results
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