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 Meltdown 12/24/07

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PostSubject: Meltdown 12/24/07   Meltdown 12/24/07 EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:43 pm

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy DeMarco= Green
Ed Richards= Violet

Various coloured pyro explode on the stage and the camera swirls around the arena showing the crowd before stopping at the announce table

Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night Meltdown I’m Leroy Brown and this is my broadcast colleague Jimmy DeMarco

Hello everyone, Leroy what a show Riot City Showdown was a new X Rated Champion was crowned and the new champ Dash Blade will face off tonight in a Champion vs. Champions match against Erik Michaels.

That’s our main event and I can’t wait for that one

Crank That by Soulja Boy plays as Tristan Artist limps to the ring
The following match is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring from San Jacinto CA weighing in at 235 pounds Tristan Artist

Tristan Artist looks like he is still feeling the effects of that vicious attack by Y2J at RCS

Suddenly the lights dim and a countdown appears on the screen 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1....
“Break Down the Walls” by Fozzy plays throughout the arena as blinding pyro goes off on the stage. Y2J appears with his back turned as the pyro dies down. He spins round and raises his arms into the air.

His opponant, making his way to the ring from Green Bay Wisconsin Y2J

Y2J gets in the ring Artist rushes to clothesline him, he connects, Artist picks up Y2J and whips him into the ropes, Y2J comes off the ropes Artist tries a clothesline but Y2J counters it into a leg sweep and pins him 1...2...Artist kicks out, Y2J stomps on Artist, Y2J picks him up and whips him into the ropes, Artist comes off the ropes Y2J kicks Artist and hits a DDT and pins him 1...2...but Artist kicks out. Artist gets up, Y2J runs into the ropes, he comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Artist counters it into a Spinebuster, Artist picks up Y2J and put him on his shoulders and hits an FU and pins 1..2.. Suddenly David Sykes comes from no were with a chair and strikes Artist and the referee calls for the bell.
Here is your winner by disqualification Tristan “Rampage” Artist

David Sykes almost ended Artists career and he is interfering in this match

David Sykes has no business in this match

Sykes and Y2J double team Tristan Artist, Y2J holds Artist and Sykes hits him with the chair. Suddenly the crowd goes wild as Steve Ace run the ramp with his kendo stick, he storms the rind hitting Y2J with it and then David Sykes. He helps Artist to his feet and they both celebrate.
Crank That starts up again as Ace and Artist celebrate before leaving the ring

Steve Ace helping out Tristan Artist from the beat down

He did but Ace has a match next against the “Iceman” Jack Williams…

Steve Ace waits in the ring still holding the kendo stick. Generic Rock music plays as Jack Williams sprints down the ramp
From Phoenix Arizona weighing in at…

Williams runs in the ring Ace swings his kendo stick but Williams ducks and runs and comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline and Ace goes down the referee moves the kendo stick away Ace is back but Williams hits him with a hip toss, Ace is quickly back up and Williams goes for another hip toss but Ace counters it and head buts Williams, Williams staggers around and than Ace connects with a dropkick and pins 1..2..Williams kicks out. Ace picks up Williams and whips him into the ropes, Williams comes off the ropes and Ace hits a powerslam and pins Williams 1..2.. kick out, Ace picks up Williams and throws him into the ropes, Williams comes off the ropes and Ace goes for a clothesline but Williams counters it into roll up 1..2.. but Ace kicks out, Ace is back up Williams strikes Ace with rights and lefts, Ace counters a third left, kicks him in the chest and then follows up with the Cop Killa and pins him 1..2..3
Here is your winner Steve Ace

Steve Ace won with the Cop Killa and what a match this was

Right Leroy this was quite a match and both fought well but it was Ace who pulled out the victory

That was quite a match indeed but up next The Sound and Chris Classic face Aaron Kendrick and Rated PG.

That’s going to be a heck of a match next

The lights dim as Battery plays and The Sound walks down the ramp holding the Tag Team title and an acoustic guitar
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making is way to the ring from England weighing in at 245 pounds The Sound

Classical music plays as Chris Classic walks down the ramp
His partner from the Keyfabe Era weighing in at 245 pounds Chris Classic

Unholy Alliance plays as Aaron Kendrick walks to the ring as the crowd boos
Their opponents first making his way to the ring from Calgary Alberta Canada weighing 220 pounds Aaron Kendrick

What I want plays as Rated PG walks down the ramp giving hand gestures to the still booing growd
His partner on his way to the ring from Biloxi Mississippi weighing in at 210 pounds Rated PG

The match starts off with Kendrick striking Classic from behind and stomping repeatedly, Kendrick then picks up Classic then whips him into the ropes, Classic comes off the ropes and hits a dropkick and then covers Classic 1..2..kick out Kendrick pick up Classic and then throws him into the corner and tags in PG, PG and Kendrick whip Classic into the ropes and they hit a double back drop and PG covers him 1..2..but Classic kicks out PG whips Classic into the ropes, Classic comes off the ropes, PG goes for a spinebuster but Classic counters it into DDT, Classic crawls over to the corner and tags in The Sound. The Sound bursts in the ring knocking down PG with a clothesline, PG is quickly back up and Sound gives him another clothesline, Kendrick runs at Sound but Sound throws him out of the ring, PG is back up Sound kicks him in the chest and hits The Sound Effect and pins him 1..2..3
Here is your winners The Sound and Chris Classic

What a match The Sound and Chris Classic pulled of a great victory there

They sure did they make quite a team and we have another tag team match up next

Jamarius Jackson made quite an impact at RCS and we see his in ring debut next

Push it by Nick Ross plays and the lights flicker as Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson strut to the ring as the crowd boo
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making there way to the ring the team of Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson Supply and Demand

The lights go out Ministry theme plays as Nightmare and Black Dagger walks down the ramp
Their opponents on their way to the ring the team of Nightmare and Black Dagger Destruction Inc

Jackson and Reynolds attack Nightmare and Dagger as they get in the ring they both stomp away until the referee gets Reynolds on the outside and the same with Nightmare. Jackson whips Dagger into the ropes, Dagger comes off Jackson goes for a clothesline but Dagger counters it into a roll up 1..2..but Jackson kicks out, Jackson is back up and him and Dagger trade punches, Dagger counters a third punch from Jackson and connects with an uppercut Jackson goes down and Dagger goes for the pin 1..2.. but Jackson kicks out, Dagger runs into the ropes, he bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Jackson hits a dropkick Jackson tags in Reynolds, Dagger is back up, Reynolds hits the Acid Dropper on Dagger and pins him 1..2.. but Dagger kicks out, Reynolds picks up Dagger and whips him into the ropes Dagger comes off the ropes Reynolds doesn’t see the blind tag and powerslams Dagger, Reynolds turns around and Nightmare chokeslams Reynolds and pins him 1..2.. but Jackson breaks up the pin, Nightmare grabs Jackson by the throat and goes for a chokeslam but Reynolds hits a low blow from behind and then rolls up Nightmare holding his tights 1..2..3
Here is your winner’s Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand there first match together cheated for the win

They did Leroy but you have to do whatever you can to win in ROG

Well I don’t know about that but up next Beth Storme goes up against Ella Perez next

Loose my breath by Destiny’s Child plays and the lights turn purple as Ella Perez walks to the ring
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring from Madison WI weighing in at 115 pounds Ella Perez

Dance with the devil plays as walks to the ring as red and white pyro explodes behind her
On her way to the ring from San Francisco CA weighing in at 135 pounds Beth Storme

Beth gets in the ring and Ella rushes to attacker, Ella stomps away on Beth, Ella picks up Beth and whips her into the ropes Beth comes of the ropes and hits a crossbody and pins her 1..2.. kick out, Beth picks up Ella, the both trade punches Ella counters a third from Beth and hits a dropkick, Beth is quickly back up and kicks Ella in the gut and whips her into the corner, Beth runs and clotheslines her and then whips her into the corner on the other side and Beth cloths lines her again, Beth sits Ella on the top rope and then hits a supersuplex and they are both out and the referee starts the 10 count 1..2..3..4 they both start to move 5..6 Beth is the first up and then Ella, Ella run at Beth and Beth hit her with a dropkick

Just Like That this one could be over

You maybe right Leroy but what is this?

Rated PG runs down the ramp and distracts the referee, Erik Michaels sneaks in the ring and gives Beth a DDT and then lays Ella over Beth and then gets out the ring the referee turns around and counts the pin 1..2..3
Here is your winner Ella Perez

Beth had the match won if it wasn’t for that damn Erik Michaels

You maybe right but up next is out main event

Thats right our main event for the evening features the ROG Heavyweight champion Erik Michaels and the ROG X rated champion Dash Blade. For this sort of quality you would expect this to be on PPV.

You got that right Leroy these titans will meet, but I remind you that this is a non-title match up. But this match is sure to be important in the eyes of Dash Blade imagine what that will do for his career getting the 3 against the champion.

The way I am by Eminem plays as Dash Blade makes his way to the ring

The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first he is the X-Rated champion Dash Blade.

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n Roses plays as Erik Michaels makes his way to the ring

And the opponent he is the reigning ROG Heavyweight champion Erik Michaels.

Michaels is sure to want to teach Dash a lesson after Dash got in Michaels business. When Michaels, Ella, RatedPG and Kendrick put a beating on David Simou. And Dash came to the save so Michaels is looking to show Dash what happens when he gets in his business.

Michaels and Dash ready to lock up, Michaels goes behind for the waist lock. Dash switches around and gets a waist lock, Michaels goes towards the ropes and Dash is forced to break the hold. Michaels puts his hand up for the Greco Roman knuckle lock, Dash locks up and Michaels kicks Dash in the mid section. Then lays into Dash with some vicious right hands. Michaels Irish whips Dash then hits a clothesline, and locks in a sleeper hold. Dash is able to make it to his feet and hits a back suplex and gets a cover 1...2...kick out.
Dash chops away at Michaels chest, and nails a snap suplex and locks in an arm bar. Michaels just manages to get to the ropes. Dash still manages to stay in control, and works on the arm again. Dash puts Michaels in the corner and nails a European upper cut. Then runs from the opposite corner but Michaels is able to get his foot up, then climbs to the second rope and hits a double axe handle. But Michaels is nursing that arm, Michaels scoops Dash up and slams him to the mat hits a leg drop then covers 1...2..kick out.
Erik Michaels seems to be taking his time with Dash, and Dash is able to take him down. And locks in an Armbar again this could be all for Michaels, Dash has got him in the centre of the ring.

Wait a minute RatedPG, Ella and Kendrick are making there way to the ring what the hell are they doing here.

Well isn’t that obvious they are here to support the World champion.

Dash lets go of the hold and tells RatedPG, Ella and Kendrick to get out. Dash turns round and Michaels pokes Dash in the eye then rolls him up 1...2..kick out. Michaels gets on top of Dash and is viciously hitting Dash in the face. Michaels picks up Dash looks to hit the Michinoku Driver, Dash is able to reverse and hits a reverse DDT. Ella is up on the apron trying to distract Dash, when Beth Storm comes down to the ring and her Ella get into a brawl.
Dash hits a vertical suplex on Michaels then locks in the arm bar again, Kendrick gets on the apron distracts the referee. When RatedPG nails Dash in the back of the head with brass knucks. Michaels recovers and then nails a Michinoku driver on Dash and covers 1...2...3.
Here is your winner Erik Michaels

Erik Michaels picks up the win but you got to believe Dash Blade had it won there.

Thank you for joining us good night everybody.
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Meltdown 12/24/07
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