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 Meltdown 1/1/08 Results

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Meltdown 1/1/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Meltdown 1/1/08 Results   Meltdown 1/1/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:47 pm

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy MeMarco= Green
Ed Richards= Violet

Various coloured pyro explode on the stage and the camera swirls around the arena getting shots of the crowd before stopping at the announce table.

Hello everybody and welcome to the first Monday Night Meltdown after the draft, I am Leroy Brown a this is my broadcast colleague Jimmy Demarco.

Hello, what a show Off The Hook was Supply and Demand are new tag team champions and The Sound and Chris Classic will have the chance to win them back for tonightís main event.

Speaking of main events, Lethal Lockdown was quite a match but due to the savage beating that David Simou got after the match was over he is in the hospital tonight on behalf of ROG we wish him a speedy recovery.

Metalingus by Alter bridge plays as Jose walks to the ring
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Greenwich Connecticut weighing in at 215 pounds Jose

The lights flicker and Always by Saliva plays as Zachary walks down the ramp
His opponent making his way to the ring from Melbourn Australia weighing in at 256 pounds ďThe EliminatorĒ Zackary

Well folks this is a match between the newest superstars to sign with ROG and I think itís going to be a great match

Of course itís going to be a great match why else would they sign with Ring of Glory

The match starts with Jose running and hitting a dropkick on Zackary, Zackary is quickly back up but Jose hits an arm drag and then covers him 1..2.. but Zackary kicks out. Jose whips Zackary into the ropes, Zackary comes off the and Jose hits a back drop, Jose picks up Zackary and hits him in the head with punches, Zackary counters a third and hits a few punches of his own and then hits an uppercut, Zackary stomps on Jose a few times and then picks him up and whips him into the ropes, Jose comes off the ropes and Zackary hits him with a spear and then locks in the sharpshooter, Jose screams in pain, he slowly moves to get to the ropes, Jose gets to the ropes and Zackary breaks the hold. Zackary picks up Jose but Jose kicks Zackary in the chest and hits a Twist of Fate and then climes the to the top rope and hits the Spinal Tap and coves him 1..2..3
Here is your winner Jose

What a match those two sure put on a great show.

They sure did Leroy and thatís what Ring of Glory is all about putting on great matches for the fans.

Thatís right Jimmy and we have a great match up next Johnny Nico wanting to get some payback on Black Dagger.

Dan Jackson= Blue
Dash Dlade=Olive

No Chance plays as Johnny Nico struts down the ramp as the crowd boo him
The following match is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring weighing in at 265 pounds Johnny Nico

The Pretender by Foo Fighters plays and Black Dagger walks down the ramp to a good crowd reaction
His opponent from Manchester England weighing in at 280 Black Dagger

Black Dagger slides in the ring and Nico attacks him with kicks to the to the body, Nico throws Dagger into the corner and chops him repeatedly, Nico whips Dagger into the other corner, Nico runs and hits clothesline, Nico picks up Dagger and sits him on the top turnbuckle, Nico goes to hit a superplex but Dagger throws him off and Nico falls to the floor and Dagger stands on the turnbuckle, he jumps off, and hits a elbow drop, Dagger goes for the pin 1..2.. kick out. Dagger picks up Nico and whips him into the ropes, Nico comes off the ropes Dagger goes for a clothesline but Nico hits a spear. Instead of going for the pin Nico picks up Dagger and whips him into the ropes, Dagger comes off the ropes, Nico goes for a big boot but Dagger ducks, Nico turns around Dagger grabs him bye the throat and hits a sit down chokebomb and pins him 1..2..3
Here is your winner Black Dagger

What a match Black Dagger has been on fire since joining ROG

He sure has, that was quite a match but how long can that fire stay lit for?

We will find out soon Jimmy now we have Dan Jackson standing by to interview the X- Rated Champion Dash Blade take it away Dan

Thank you Leroy and Jimmy I am here with the X-Rated Champion Dash Blade, Dash how do you feel about working for Ring of Glory?

I feel great, I really liked watching ROG on TV but now I am apart of it its pretty awesome.

What are your thoughts on winning the X- Rated Championship?

It was pretty amazing the odds were against me but I work well with the odds against me, I am going to defend it and never drop it until I say other wise and be known as the greatest champion in ROG history.

What are your thoughts about Erik Michaels?

I think he is a great wrestler and he is a great championÖ thatís pretty much it.

Thank you for your time Dash and get better soon.

Dash Blade there and what a wrestler I cant wait until he gets beck in the ring

Indeed Jimmy but up next we see David Sykes taking on a new comer to ROG Damian Jones and Jones used to be a drummer for a band and he is now wrestling in ROG

What is it with all of the Rockstars on the roster? The ring is no place for them and David Sykes is going to prove it in this match

Polyamous by Breaking Benjamin plays as David Sykes walks down the ramp as the crowd boo him
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Sydney Australia weighing in at 65 kilos David Sykes

Bang your head by Quiet Riot plays as Damian Jones struts to the ring with a case of beer as the crowd cheers
His opponent on his way to the ring from Washington DC weighing in at 249 pounds Damian Jones

The match as Sykes runs and hits Jones with a clothesline and then stomps him a few times and Sykes then picks up Jones and whips him into the ropes, Jones comes off the ropes and Sykes hits a dropkick, Sykes locks in a Boston Crab as Jones screams in pain as he tries to get to the ropes, Jones gets to the ropes, Sykes breaks the hold, Sykes picks up Jones and plants him with a scoop slam and goes for the pin 1..2..kick out Sykes argues with the ref about the count, Jones is up, Sykes turns around and Jones hits him with knees to the face Sykes goes down and Jones pins him 1..2.. kick out. Jones whips Sykes into the ropes, Sykes comes off the ropes and Jones hits him with a powerslam and pins him 1..2.. kick out Jones picks up Sykes but Sykes punches Jones repeatedly, Jones counters a third punch and hits Sykes with a head but and then hits Sykes with a Backbreaker drop,

He calls that the Jones Breakerbomb and it looks nasty

Jones covers Sykes 1..2..3
Here is your winner Damian Jones

What a surprise victory for Damian Jones that was a great match

Yes it was a surprise win Leroy but I donít think David Sykes will let it happen again

Damian Jones celebrates by drinking the beer as the crowd cheers, Jones tosses a few cans into the crowd and the fans celebrate with him before leaving

Well he sure knows how to party itís like New Years Eve

Edgecutioner Dark Red
Father Judge= yellow

The lights go out and Darker Side plays as Edgecutioner walks to the ring with Father Judge, Edgecutioner grabs the microphone

Its Warzoneís Edgecutioner and he is with Father Judge

Judge, tell these people what you told me

Nightmare I want you to come out here, I want you to brothers to reunite.


A wall of fire erupts as Burned plays and Nightmare walks to the ring
They both star face to face

I want you two to stop the fighting and make up

They both shake hands, Nightmare turns around to walk away Edgecutioner hits Nightmare from behind and then picks him up and hits a Tombstone piledriver, Father Judge laughs evilly.

Nightmare you are so dumb and week and me and Edgecutioner are going to destroy you and then we will destroy the rest of the Ring of Glory roster.

Father Judge throws the microphone down and they both leave

It was a damn set up all along Father Judge and Edgecutioner have been working together

Thatís right it looks pretty bad for Nightmare right now.

Moving on, up next we see Tristan Artist in probably the biggest match of his career against the World champion Erik Michaels

They are two great athletes but I donít think Artist is going to last long in this match

Crank that by Souldja Boy plays as Tristan Artist walks down to a good crowd reaction
The following match is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring from San Jacinto CA weighing in at weighing in at 235 pounds Tristan Artist

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses plays as Erik Michaels walks to the ring as the crowd boos
His opponent making his way to the ring from Miami Florida weighing in at 213 pounds Erik Michaels

The match starts as they both trade punches, Michaels counters a third punch from Artist and whips him into the ropes, Artist comes off the ropes, Michaels goes for a clothesline but Artist connects with a crossbody, Michaels is quickly back up and runs at Artist but he takes Michaels down with an arm drag, Michaels gets back up and Artist hits a dropkick and goes for the pin 1..2.. kick out. Artist picks up Michaels but Michaels hits Artist with a low blow and the referee doesnít see it, Artist is down and Michaels runs off the ropes and hits a leg drop and then pins him 1..2.. kick out, Michaels picks up Artist and whips him into the ropes, Artist comes off the rope and Michaels connects with a back drop, Michaels then locks in the sharpshooter, Artist screams in pain as he crawls to the ropes, Artist gets to the ropes but Michaels doesnít break the hold the referee starts the 4 count 1..2..3.. Michaels lets go. Michaels pick up Artist and goes for a clothesline but Artist counters it and puts Michaels on his shoulders for the FU but Michaels counters it slides off his shoulders, Artist turns around and Michaels hits him with a Michinku Driver II and then pins him 1..2..3
Here is your winner Erik Michaels

Wow what a match, Artist took the champion to the limit tonight

He sure did that was quite a match and I think our next match wonít disappoint

Right our main event Supply and Demand defend the tag team titles against the former champions The Sound and Chris Classic

Will Supply and Demand retain or will The Sound and Chris Classic become the two time tag team champions?

We will find out next

Push It by Nick Ross plays as Supply and Demand walk on stage holding the ROG Tag Team titles as the crowd boo
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring the team of Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson the ROG Tag Team champions Supply and Demand

Classical music plays as Chris Classic walks to the ring to a good crowd reaction
Their opponent on his way to the ring from the Kayfabe Era weighing in at 252 pounds Chris Classic...

Classic gets in the ring and is attacked by Reynolds and Jackson, the double stomp him

This is a damn mugging The Sound is yet to be entered

Battery by Metallica plays as The Sound runs to the ring

The Sound gets in the ring and clotheslines Jackson and the hits a dropkick on Reynolds, Supply and Demand go outside the ring and re-group but Sound and Classic run and hit crossbodyís over the top rope on them both. The referee starts the 10 count 1..2..3..4 The Sound throws Reynolds in the ring and covers him 1..2..kick out, Sound whips Reynolds into the ropes, Reynolds comes off the ropes, Sound goes for a back drop but Reynolds counters it into a DDT, Reynolds crawls over to his corner but Sound grabs his leg and tries to pull him away but Reynolds kicks Sound in the face and then tags in Jackson, Jackson and Sound trade punches and then Jackson whips Sound into the ropes, Sound comes off the ropes and Jackson hits a spinbuster and then goes for the pin 1..2..kick out. Jackson picks up Sound and goes to whip him into the corner but Sound counters and whips Jackson into the other corner and tags in Classic. Classic and Sound whips Jackson into the ropes Jackson comes off the ropes, Sound and Classic hits the 3-D, Classic pins Jackson 1..2.. but Reynolds breaks up the count, Supply and Demand and Sound and Classic brawl in the ring, Reynolds clothesline Sound over the ropes and Sound and Reynolds brawl outside the ring. In the ring Classic goes for clothesline but Jackson counters into a reverse neckbreaker

Jack Dat Punk this one maybe over

Jackson covers him 1..2.. but Sound drags the referee outside to break up the count, the referee is busy with The Sound, Reynolds throws a chair into the ring, Jackson grabs it, swings and hits Classic with it. Outside the ring Reynolds carries on brawling with The Sound. In the ring Jackson covers Classic 1..2..3
Here are your winners and STILL Tag Team Champions Supply and Demand

What a match Supply and Demand retain and they sure are the team to watch out for

They sure are look at the carnage The Sound is knocked out at ringside Chris Classic is just beginning to move in the ring after that chair shot....

Chris Classic gets up and turns around Reynolds hits him with the Championship belt and then locks in The Overdose while Jackson attacks him with the chair again and again

What the hall? The match is over this is a damn mugging

They are proving that they are the most dominant team in ROG and it looks like its working

Supply and Demand leave the ring celebrating with the titles as medical staff attend to the beaten Chris Classic

Those two should be ashamed of themselves Chris Classicís career could be over

It sure is a bad ending to a pretty great match and evening but we will keep you posted on Chris Classicís condition.

We will see you next time folks this is Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco signing out goodnight Ladies and Gentleman

The show ends with Chris Classic being carried out on a stretcher
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Meltdown 1/1/08 Results
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