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 Meltdown 1/21/08 Results

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Meltdown 1/21/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Meltdown 1/21/08 Results   Meltdown 1/21/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:51 pm

Leroy Brown = Red
Jimmy DaMarco = Green
Ed Richards = Purple
Erik Michaels = Yellow
Jamarius Jackson = Blue

Various colored pyros set off as the crowd is enraged with excitement. The camera pans over the crowd and goes to the announcer's table.

Hello Meltdown fans, this is Leroy Brown here with my broadcast partner, Jimmy DeMarco.

Leroy, this is sure to be one hell of a show. We have the newcomer Jose taking on Tristian Rampage Artist, also Nightmare will be taking on "The Eliminator" Zachary, and Erik Michaels will be taking on Jamarius Jackson in the main event.

Welcome to the jungle plays as Erik Michaels enters the arena. He poses with the ROG world title as pyro goes off behind him. Erik Michaels walks down the ramp ignoring fans hands and walks up the steel steps. He enters the ring and calls for a mic.

Let's take you to the ring where it seems our champ has something to say.

Well as everyone knows, I have to take on Ricky Reynolds at high stakes for MY world championship. He doesn't deserve a shot at my title and let me tell you, Ricky, I will decimate you at High Stakes. Even your partner, Jamarius Jackson, won't be able to help you. I plan to take care of him tonight in our match. I will make an example out of Jackson just to show you that I don't crack under pressure and that you have gotten yourself into a mess that you can't get out of. Not like this all really matters to him. Everycone knows that he's hopelessly addicted to heroine. If I were to offer him my title belt, or an injection, we all know which he would choose. I can't wait until I destroy you and the ref counts the pinfall. 1...2...3 and then states that the winner of the contest AND STILL ROG world champion is Erik Michaels.

Tell me When to Go plays as Jamarius Jackson enters the arena and stands at the top of the ramp with his own mic.

So you think that you can beat me tonight and then defeat the best there is in ROG, Ricky Reynolds, at High Stakes. Well you definately aren't getting passed me tonight, because of all your injuries.

What injuries? I feel great and you can't get into my head before I beat you later.

Ricky Reynolds emerges from the crowd and chop blocks Erik Michaels. Jamarius Jackson runs down to the ring and they start to beat down Erik Michaels. Reynolds picks up Michaels and holds him while Jackson hits his Fifteenth street Flurry. Michaels drops to the mat. Reynolds then slaps on the Overdose as Michaels screams in pain. Michaels makes it to the ropes, but that doesn't help him and he starts to tap out. Reynolds and Jackson laugh at Michaels pain.

Battery plays as The Sound jets to the ring and runs out Jackson and Reynolds. The Sound checks on Erik Michaels, but it doesn't look good.

Wow what a couple of caniving bastards. How dare they take out the champion just days before his big match.

Erik Michaels recovers and limps to the back with The Sound helping him.

Well at least he isn't crippled. I hope that Erik Michaels destroys Jamarius Jackson later tonight. He deserves it.

Yes he does, but up next we will see Nightmare taking on "The Eliminator" Zachary.

Nightmare needs this going into his huge hardcore match up against Edgecutioner at High Stakes.

Always by Saliva blasts through the arena as Zachary enters. Zachary jumps up and down realizing the huge match he has. Zack sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. He climbs to the second rope and poses for the crowd.

This is your opening contest and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Melbourn, Australia and weighing in at a 256 pounds, "The Eliminator" Zachary!

The lights go out as a wall of fire erupts at the top of the ramp and burned plays. Nightmare comes out and drops to one knee and raises his arm to the skies. He then slowly walks down the ramp and up the steel steps. Nightmare enters the ring and points at Zachary, signifying that Nightmare came here focused.

And his opponent, hailing from Parts Unknown and weghing in at a 335 pounds, The Monster Nightmare!

I feel bad for Zachary here tonight. This is the most focused I've seen Nightmare in a long time.

He must be focused. Edgecutioner isn't in the arena tonight and he has a huge match ahead of him. Nightmare must be feeling good about this match.


Zachary reluctantly enters the ring and is immediately met with a big boot to the skull. Zachary flops back and stands back up with support from the ropes and stares at Nightmare. Zachary then runs at Nightmare, but Nightmare hits a vicous clothesline. Nightmare picks up Zachary with one arm and Nightmare sets up Zachary for the clothesline, but Zachary struggles out, runs across the ropes and nails a Spear. Nightmare stubmles backwards, but doesn't fall, so Zachary hits a Big Boot of his own. Nightmare still on his feet. Zachary then kicks Nightmare in the midsection and runs across the ropes and hits the Concussion Kick. Zachary goes for the pinfall. 1-Kick out. Nightmare still full of energy as Zachary goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault. Nightmare again kicks out this time at a 2 count. Zachary then locks on the sharpshooter, but Nightmare easily powers out of it sending Zachary running and slingshots off the ropes and runs straight into a Black Hole Slam from Nightmare. Nightmare pins Zachary. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner, by pinfall, Nightmare!

Nightmare picks up Zachary and grabs a mic. Nightmare tells Edgecutioner to watch, because this is what's gonna happen to him. Nightmare picks up Zachary and hits the Tombstone Piledriver as the bell rings repeatedly. Nightmare lifts his arms and slams them down erupting fire from the four turnbuckles. Nightmare exits the ring.

Wow Nightmare seems to be on a path of destruction going into his match against Edgecutioner.

I can't wait for their hardcore match. I'm pulling for The Edgecutioner.

What...wait say again...ok...I have just received word that the original main event of Erik Michaels vs. Jamarius Jackson has been changed to a tag match. Erik Michaels will team up with the Sound to challenge Supply and Demand.

Wow, well now both of them can get what they deserved for their despicable actions earlier.

Now ladies and gentelmen, we will witness a 4-way elimination match up.

The participants are Black Dagger, David Sykes, Dante Diablo, and Damien Jones.

This match was more or less a last minute decision by the president. He wanted more influence on his rankings for the X-Rated title so he decided to make a match between 4 great contenders.

The Fight Song plays as the arena fills with red smoke and Dante Diablo enters the arena. He points down below and starts strutting to the ring. Dante jumps onto the apron and enters through the second rope.

This 4-way elimination match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from the city of Satan and weighing in at a 245 pounds, Dante Diablo!

Pretender by the Foo Fighters erupts on the speakers as Black Dagger enters. Blood drips from the mouth of Black Dagger as he walks slowly to the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and walks over the top rope. He spits out red mist.

Introducing second, hailing from Manchester England and weighing in at a 280 pounds, Black Dagger.

Polyamous plays as David Sykes runs out from the back. He jumps up and runs down the ramp handing out high-fives to various fans on all sides before sliding into the ring and climbing to the second turnbuckle and posing for the crowd. The fans go crazy.

Introducing third, hailing from Sydney, Australia and weighing in at a 65 kilos, David Sykes.

Bang Your Head out blasts through the arena as Damien Jones enters the ring with two drumsticks. He rocks out with the drumsticks following the beat of the song playing. Damien enters the ring and hands his drumsticks to Ed Richards. The other wrestlers join him in the ring.

Finally, introducing the final competitor, hailing from Washington DC and weighing in at a 249 pounds, Damien Jones.


Damien Jones immidately takes down David Sykes with a clothesline. Damien throws Sykes outside the ring and follows Sykes. Dante Diablo and Black Dagger exchange hard shots in the middle of the ring with Black Dagger getting the upper hand and Irish whipping Dante Diablo into the turnbuckle. Black Dagger runs at him and hits a big boot straight into the face of Dante Diablo. Dante falls to the ground as Dagger stomps away at Diablo. Damien and Sykes continue to brawl back and forth on the outside. Damien kicks Sykes in the midsection and starts to hit some knees to the face sending Sykes down. Damien then picks up Sykes and hits him with a Modified DDT. Damien then re-enters the ring and hits Black Dagger with a clothesline. He then locks a sleeperhold on Diablo, but Diablo powers out right away and hits Damien with a discuss clothesline. Black Dagger revives and is met with a dropkick from Diablo. Sykes re-enters the ring and is hit with the Soul Reaping. Diablo goes for the pinfall. 1-2-Damien breaks it up. Sykes rolls to the corner and picks himself up. He then runs at Damien and hits a Spear. Diablo is then met with vertical hangtime suplex. He goes for the pinfall. 1-2-kick out.

What a match. Every man has a huge opportunity here to prove that they're worth something and they're definately not letting this chance pass them by.

Black Dagger then hits the death drop on Sykes and follows that up with a Dead end on Diablo. However, Diablo rolls out of the ring. Damien runs at Dagger and hits a clothesline to the back of the head of Black Dagger. Damien hits the Jones Breakerbomb on Black Dagger. He goes for the pin. 1-2-broken up by Sykes. Sykes throws Damien out of the ring and locks on a boston crab on Black Dagger. Black Dagger rives in pain, but reaches the ropes. Sykes then picks up Dagger and manages to lift him and hit a Jack Knife powerbomb. Diablo re-enters the ring and breaks up the count and hits Sykes with a DDT. He then drags Black Dagger and lifts him. Black Dagger gets nailed with a Brainbuster. Diablo covers Black Dagger. 1-2-kick out. A shocked Diablo then lifts up Dagger yet again and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Diablo again goes for the pinfall, but Dagger kicks out at 2. Damien re-enters the ring and hits another Jones Breakerbomb on Black Dagger. Diablo then kicks Damien to the midsection and hits the Darkness Falls. Sykes then recovers and throws Diablo out of the ring and locks on the Texas Cloverleaf on Damien. Damien screams in pain until Black Dagger re-enters the ring and breaks up the move. He then hits another Dead End on Sykes. Black Dagger covers Sykes. 1-2-3. Sykes is eliminated. Black Dagger then covers Damien Jones. 1-2-3. Damien Jones is eliminated. Diablo re-enters the ring and they look at each other before Diablo runs at Black Dagger. Black Dagger avoids and rolls up Diablo. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner by pinfall, Black Dagger.

Pretender plays as Dagger celebrates. He exits the ring in pain and walks slowly up the ramp. Black Dagger leaves the arena.

Wow what a match. Such a huge victory for Black Dagger.

Yeah, you gotta wonder if management was paying attention to that wonderous showing by Black Dagger.

I hope they were. He deserves something for that hard fought match.
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Number of posts : 913
Age : 24
Location : ???
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE and ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : Christian Vulture Squad Edge AJ Styles, Raven, Shelton Benjamin John Morrison Randy Orton and LAX
Registration date : 2008-03-21

Meltdown 1/21/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 1/21/08 Results   Meltdown 1/21/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:51 pm

Up next will be the X-Rated champion taking on Johnny Nico.

Big opportunity for Nico, but Dash Blade must be very prepared tonight especially with his triple threat title defense at High Stakes against two men who will be facing eachother later on tonight, Jose and Tristian Artist.

The Way I am plays as Dash Blade enters holding his X-Rated championship high. He struts down the ramp and slides into the ring. He puts his title over his shoulder and raises his arms. He hands his title to Ed Richards.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at a 198 pounds, he is the X-Rated champion, Dash Blade!

No Chance plays as Johnny Nico emerges from the back and hops up and down before strutting to the ring. He climbs the steel steps and gets in Dash Blades face. He then backs up.

And his opponent, hailing from parts unknown and weighing in at a 265 pounds, Johnny Nico.


Dash Blade runs at Johnny Nico and hits a boot to the midsection. Dash Blade then hits a neckbreaker and then hits a bare knee drop to the face of Johnny Nico. Dash Blade goes to the top rope and awaits Nico's revival and when Nico gets up Dash goes for a diving spear and nails it. Nico is down and rolling holding his ribs. Dash then stomps on Nico's midsection. Dash heads to the top rope and hits an elbow drop. Dash is completely pumped now as Nico gets to his feet. Dash kicks to the midsection and lifts him on his shoulders but Johnny Nico breaks out and nails a Boot to the face. He goes for the pinfall. 1-2-kick out. Johnny Nico is exhausted but goes to the corner. He squats in preparation for his next move in the corner. Dash revives and Nico hops up and runs at Dash going for the Spear, but Dash counters the Spear by lifting Nico onto his shoulders and nailing the Blade Driver. Dash covers Johnny Nico. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner by pinfall, Dash Blade.

Ed Richards hands the X-Rated title to Dash Blade as Dash Blade celebrates his victory. Dash exits the ring and walks up the ramp. He stops at the top of the ramp to pose with the X-Rated title one more. He then leaves.

Wow Dash Blade is in the zone for his title defense.

He has to be. He's against two great wrestlers in a triple threat match, a match where Dash doesn't even have to be pinned to lose his title.

Speaking of those two men, they will be facing eachother in the next match up here on Friday Night Fusion.

Metalingus plays as Jose runs out from the back. He jumps and down and runs to both sides at the top of the ramp and poses on both sides for the crowd. He goes back to the center and sprints down to the ring. He slides in and jumps up to the top rope and poses.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, hailing from Greenwich Connecticut and weighing in at a 215 pounds, Jose!

Crank that Superman plays as Tristian Artist comes out from the back. Tristian Artist stares down Jose from the top of the ramp. He then flexes before walking down the ramp. He climbs the steel steps and enters the ring.

And his opponent, hailing from San Jacinto, California and weighing in at a 256 pounds, Tristian Artist!


Jose and Tristian Artist are about to lock up when The Way I am plays and Dash Blade enters. He slowly walks down the ramp and distracts Tristian Artist long enough for Jose to get the upper hand by hitting a clothesline to the back of Tristian Artist's head. Jose stomps on Tristian's back and then lifts Tristian up. Jose hits a dropsault sending Tristian to the ropes. Jose then hits a 619 to the sternum. Tristian goes to the center of the ring. Jose jumps onto the top rope and goes for a flying clothesline, but Tristian ducks. Jose crashes and burns. Tristian Artist capitolizes with an STFU. Jose screams and reaches for the ropes, but they are in the center of the ring. Tristian puts more pressure into the move, but Jose flips Tristian over. Tristian lets go of the hold and Jose rolls out of the ring. Jose walks around the corner of the ring as Tristian Artist leaves the ring and chases after Jose. The ref starts his count. 1...2...3...Tristian catches Jose and Jose quickly turns around and hits Tristian Artist with an enzuiguri. Tristian falls to the ground as Jose re-enters the ring. The ref continues the count. 6...7...Tristian gets back up 8...9...Tristian gets into the ring. Jose then goes to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash. Jose covers Tristian. 1-2-kick out.

Wow this is some good back and forth action.

This match sure will hand over momentum for the triple threat match up at High Stakes.

Jose lifts Tristian but Tristian manages to break out and hit a Spinebuster on Jose. Tristian covers Jose. 1-2-kick out. Tristian lifts Jose and hits a Powerbomb on Jose. Jose rolls onto his back. Tristian rolls Jose over and covers him. 1-2-kick out again. Tristian yells at the ref and lifts up Jose again. Tristian lifts Jose up on his shoulders looking for the F-5. Tristian executes the F-5, but Jose manages to reverse it into a Tornado DDT. Jose picks himself up with rope support and Tristian recovers as well. Jose hits a kick to the midsection and then hits a Puerto Rican Destroyer. Jose covers Tristian. 1-2-Tristian places his foot on the bottom rope. Jose is upset. Jose picks up Tristian, but Tristian counters with an F-U. Tristian covers. 1-2-KICK OUT! Tristian is shocked. He picks up Jose, but Jose counters with a kick to the midsection followed by a Twist of Fate. Jose goes to the top rope and nails a Spiral Tap. Jose covers Tristian Artist. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner by pinfall, Jose!

Jose remains undefeated here in ROG with his third victory tonight.

Yea and you have to wonder if he can keep this up with High Stakes right around the corner.

Jose celebrates his victory and jumps to the second rope and points at Dash Blade who is at ringside and indicates the title around waist signal. He then goes to leave, but Dash Blade runs into the ring and hits Jose with the belt from behind. Dash Blade then puts Jose on his shoulders and hits the Blade Driver. Dash Blade then does the same to Tristian Artist. Dash Blade grabs his title and leaves the ring. Jose and Tristian Artist are both knocked out.

Wow it was a very good match, but what Dash Blade did was not right. He took advantage of two tired out wrestlers.

Well it was smart of Dash Blade. They were hurt and he capitolized. Now Tristian Artist and Jose know what they have gotten themselves into when High Stakes comes around.

That's true, but now it's time for our main event. Let's take you back to earlier in the night.

Video clip rolls of Supply and Demand's vicious attack on Erik Michaels and The Sound's rescuing of Erik Michaels.

The actions of Supply and Demand have earned them a tag match against Erik Michaels AND The Sound.

This main event can reshape the momentum of everyone going into their match ups at High Stakes.

And here comes the competitors.

Push it By Rick Ross plays as Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson emerge from the back. Ricky goes to the upperleft ramp as Jackson goes to the upperright ramp area and they switch spots taunting to the crowd. They then walk down the ramp and Jackson slides into the ring while Ricky climbs up the steel steps and enters.

The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 460 pounds, Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson, collectively known as Supply and Demand!

Battery plays on the speakers as The Sound erupts with a determines and furious look on his face. The Sound runs down the ramp ignoring fans and runs in the ring looking to get into the action right away.

Introducing their opponents, first hailing from England and weighing in at a 245 pounds, The Sound!

Welcome to the Jungle plays as Erik Michaels comes out from the back still hurt from the earlier beating. The fans go insane for the Erik Michaels. Erik Michaels doesn't do his normal taunts and cheers as he limps down the ramp into the ring.

And his tag team partner, hailing from Miama, Florida and weighing in at a 213 pounds, he is the ROG Heavyweight Champion, Erik Michaels!

Erik Michaels and The Sound decide that The Sound will start the match as Reynolds also starts off the match for Supply and Demand.

It looks like The Sound will be facing off against Ricky Reynolds in the opening of this tag team match up.

The Sound and Ricky Reynolds lock up and The Sound goes to the mat and Sound locks up Reynold's leg and takes him down to the mat. Sound then runs across the ropes and hits a running elbow drop onto the back of Reynolds. Sound then lifts up Reynolds and gives him a few hard right hands to the face as Reynolds backs up with each shot and leans against the ropes. The Sound then runs across the ropes and clotheslines Reynolds over the top rope taking himself over with Reynolds. Sound then recovers and stomps on Reynolds face then re-enters the ring. The ref begins a count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...Reynolds revives and re-enters the ring. The Sound then lifts Reynolds up and Irish whips him into The Sound's corner. The Sound then runs at him and hit s corner clothesline and follows up with a bulldog. The Sound bounces back up with energy and goes to the top rope. Reynolds revives and is met with a flying crossbody. The Sound tags in Erik Michaels. Erik Michaels enters the ring and attempts an inverted sharpshooter, but Reynolds powers out of the Inverted Sharpshooter and scurries to his corner and tags in Jamarius Jackson. Jackson immidiately goes after the leg of Erik Michaels with a few stomps to the leg and then locks on a boston crab. Erik Michaels screams and struggles but can't move. The Sound enters the ring and breaks up the hold, prompting Reynolds to enter the ring and attack The Sound.

Erik Michaels has to get out of the ring as soon as possible.

There is no way that he can take much more tonight. He already got beat down and now his leg is acting up.

Reynolds throws The Sound to the outside and Reynolds follows. They brawl on the outside back and forth. Reynolds goes to throw The Sound into the ring post, but The Sound counters and throws Reynolds into the ring post head first. The Sound then gets back onto the apron and extands his hand. Erik Michaels crawls over to The Sound, but Jackson pulls Michaels back to his corner and continues the beatdown on his leg. Reynolds gets to and goes back to his apron and cheers on Jackson. Jackson then attempts another boston crab, but Erik Michaels flips Jackson off of him and scurries to his corner, but Jackson grabs his leg. Erik Michaels gets to his feet and hits an enzuiguri knocking down Jackson. Erik Michaels then gets the hot tag to The Sound. The Sound erupts with clotheslines to Jackson and then knocks Reynolds off the apron. The Sound then hits a piledriver on Jackson and locks in the sharpshooter, but Jackson reaches the bottom rope. Sound lets go of the hold and goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop. He goes for the pinfall. 1-2-kick out. Sound then picks up Jackson, but Jackson powers out and hits the Tagged. He then runs across the ropes and hits the Drive By taking down Sound. He then locks in the Mugged. The Sound starts to fade. The ref picks up Sound's arm and drops it to the mat. The ref yells ONE. The ref then takes Sound's arm and drops it to the mat again. TWO. The ref grabs Sound's arm for a third time and lets go, but he keeps it from hitting the mat and gets to his feet. He powers out of the move and hits a few elbows to the midsection of Jackson. Jackson runs at Sound, but Sound locks in the Cripple Crossface. Jackson screams and moves wildly until he reaches the bottom rope.

The Sound is putting up a great fight against Supply and Demand, considering that Erik Michaels is hurt.

Yes, but never count Erik Michaels out, especially in the main event and going into a huge title defense.

The Sound then hits a kick to the midsection and goes for the Sound Effect, but Jackson reverses with a DDT. Jackson goes to his corner and tags in Reynolds. Reynolds picks up The Sound and hits the Choke on Vomit followed by the Artery Jammer. The Sound quickly reaches the bottom rope, however and Reynolds lets go of the hold. Reynolds picks up Sound and hits the Coke Sneeze and covers The Sound. 1-2-kick out. Reynolds goes to the top rope and misses a moonsault attempt. The Sound then jumps over to Erik Michaels and tags him in. Erik Michaels explodes into the ring with a shining wizard to Reynolds. Erik Michaels then hits the Argentina Piledriver. Erik Michaels then goes to the top rope very slowly, allowing Reynolds to climb up the turnbuckle and hits a super Acid Dropper. Reynolds goes for the pin, but Erik Michaels kicks out at 2 and a half. Reynolds locks in the Overdose making Erik Michaels have to bite his hand to avoid submitting. The Sound enters the ring and throws Reynolds off seeing his partner in pain. He then drags Erik Michaels into his corner and goes onto the apron. He then tags Erik Michaels out and runs at Jackson knocking him off the apron and then lifts up Reynolds and hits a kick to the midsection. He then puts his head in between his legs and lifts him up. He spins around a few times and then slams Reynolds down hitting The Sound Effect. The Sound covers Reynolds. 1-2-3.

Here are your winners, by pinfall, The Sound and Erik Michaels

Erik Michaels limps into the ring with The Sound and they celebrate together, however Jackson grabs a chair and attacks Erik Michaels and The Sound with it. Reynolds then locks on the Overdose on Erik Michaels, while Jackson throws the chair into the face of The Sound. The Sound catches the chair right in front of his face and is then hits with the Fifteenth Street Flurry with the chair. The Sound falls to the ground busted open while Erik Michaels screams and tap. Jackson has to convince Reynolds to let go of the move and they leave the ring glancing back and laughing at what they have done.

Two sneak attacks in one night from Supply and Demand. That's just despicable.

What are you talking about, that's smart strategy. They wanted an upper hand in their matches at High Stakes and now they have it.

Well what a horrible ending to sucha great show. Next Monday we will be covering the aftermatch from High Stakes. Goodnight everyone.

The camera fades to black.
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Meltdown 1/21/08 Results
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