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 Meltdown 1/28/08 Results

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Meltdown 1/28/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Meltdown 1/28/08 Results   Meltdown 1/28/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:53 pm

Leroy Brown – Red
Jimmy DeMarco – Green
Ed Richards – Purple
Ricky Reynolds – Yellow
Erik Michaels – Blue
The Sound – Brown
Jose – Cyan
Dante Diablo - Black

Multi-colored pyros go off as the fans go insane. The camera pans around the crowd and goes to the announcer’s table.

Welcome to Meltdown. I am Leroy Brown here with my broadcast colleague, Jimmy DeMarco.

I’m really excited for tonight’s show. We learned at High Stakes that the main event tonight will be a huge tag team gauntlet for the ROG Tag titles. Also, at High Stakes, Erik Michaels lost the ROG world title.

Yes, but tonight he gets a chance to earn another match tonight when he faces Dash Blade one-on-one. The winner of that match will go to Apocalypse to fight the winner of next week’s match for the ROG World title #1 contendership.

Round and Round plays as Ricky Reynolds enters the arena. He holds his ROG World title up high and his ROG tag title around his waste. Ricky walks down the ramp with a very cocky look on his face. Ricky slides into the ring and jumps on the second turnbuckle and gloats with his titles.

Well, at High Stakes, I became the first ever Dual Champion, and by no easy means either. I had to defeat a very tough opponent in Erik Michaels to win this championship. Most people would think I should be the happiest man in the world right now…but they’d be wrong. I come to the arena tonight to learn two very upsetting pieces of news. First, tonight I will have to defend my tag titles in a gauntlet match against 4 other undeserving teams. Anything can happen…not even a man as great as I can guarantee victory. And secondly, Erik Michaels gets a shot to win back the ROG title. Sure it won’t actually ever happen, but he shouldn’t just show up and be offered a #1 contendership.

Welcome to the Jungle plays as Erik Michaels enters the arena to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Erik Michaels walks down the ramp with an angry look on his face and enters the ring. Erik Michaels asks for a mic.

What are you trying to say, Reynolds? I don’t deserve a shot to redeem myself? I can’t defeat you? Well you would be wrong either way. The whole world knows that I can beat you any day of the week. Also, I didn’t just receive a #1 contenders match tonight. I have to win my match tonight against Dash Blade and then fight another man at Apocalypse to receive my title match. But if I were you, I wouldn’t be worried so much about me, since you have to face all those teams later on for your tag titles. If I were you, I’d be getting ready.

Battery plays as The Sound emerges from the back. He sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring and snatches away Reynolds mic.

Well, for those who didn’t know, I defeated Jamarius Jackson last night at High Stakes. This should make me the #1 contender…but instead I get a consolation prize and I am rewarded with an ROG tag title match later. I’ll take it. Also, I found myself a partner…too bad you won’t know who it is until the match starts. But what I can guarantee you is that we’ll be walking away as champions tonight…whether you like it or not.

Metalingus plays as Jose enters the arena with a mic of his own. He walks down the ramp slowly and enters the ring with all of the other men staring at him.

So, Sound, you think that you should be the #1 contender and that you’ll be walking away with the tag titles do ya? Well, I got some news for you. Me and my partner, The Chaos Kid, will be taking those tag titles back to Puerto Rico with us tonight. We will destroy every other team that gets in our way, including you, champ.

Who the hell are you? You think that you can just come out here and try to run me down you n00b? Well you can’t. I’m the ROG World Champ. You’re an unknown rookie who couldn’t even lace my boots. I suggest that you leave this to the big boys, because you sure as hell aren’t in the same league as us.

The lights go out in the arena as the arena fills with red smoke. The lights turn back on as Dante Diablo is shown at the top of the ramp.

So you think that you can defeat my cult? Spawn and Hybrid will take you all straight to hell, but none of you will be going there with the ROG tag titles. As a matter of fact, none of you will ever be going there in one piece…

Dante laughs maniacally laughs as Spawn and Hybrid enter the ring with chairs and attacks everyone, but Ricky Reynolds, who escapes the ring. Spawn swings away at Erik Michaels and Jose as Hybrid does the same to The Sound. Hybrid hooks the chair around the leg of The Sound and goes to the top rope. Hybrid jumps down but the Sound moves his leg out of the chair and clothesline Hybrid to the ground. Spawn then attacks The Sound, allowing Jose and Erik Michaels to recover and take out Spawn. Erik Michaels hits Spawn with a Michnoku Driver II as Jose jumps to the top rope and hits a Spiral Tap on Spawn. Erik Michaels, Jose, and The Sound celebrate in the ring as Spawn and Hybrid retreat to the back.

Wow…this gauntlet match just got very interesting. I’m so stoked to see what happens tonight.

Up next will be a triple threat match between some big men of ROG.

Crank dat Superman plays as Tristian Artist enter and makes his way down the ramp. The fans cheer him wildly as he enters the ring.

This triple threat match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from San Jacinto, California and weighing in at a 235 pounds, Tristian Rampage Artist!

Well here comes the man who was pinned in the X-Rated title 3 way match by Dash Blade.

He missed a big opportunity for himself at High Stakes, but he can redeem himself here tonight in this 3-way match up.

Tristian Artist climbs to the second rope and poses for the fans.

Always blasts on the speakers as Zachary enters the arena. He sprints down the ramp and hops onto the apron. He climbs through the second rope and taunts Tristian.

Introducing his opponent, hailing from Melbourn, Australia and weighing in at a 256 pounds, “The Eliminator” Zachary!

Well here’s Zachary. He’s a big and agile man, but he hasn’t been very successful yet in ROG.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t had a victory so far…can that change tonight?

The Fight Song plays as the arena fills with red smoke yet again. Dante Diablo then slowly emerges from the back holding an urn of sorts. He makes his way down the ramp with the urn and climbs up the steel steps. He places the urn under the turnbuckle and points down below. As soon as he points the smoke vanishes.

Finally, hailing from the City of Satan and weighing in at a 245 pounds, he is Dante Diablo!

What an odd man. His fighting style is strange and so is his persona. He has serious problems.

I can’t stand this man. As a Christian, I am against everything about this wrestler, no matter how good he may be.


Dante Diablo immediately runs at Zachary and takes him down with a Discuss Clothesline. Tristian exits the ring to let Diablo and Zach fight. Diablo lifts up Zach with one arm and hits a dropkick sending Zach stumbling to the turnbuckle, where he is met with another strong clothesline. Zach walks forward a bit before getting hit with a Belly to belly Suplex. Tristian then enters the ring and nails a big boot to the back of Diablo’s head sending Diablo running forward into the ropes and falling to the ground. Tristian goes for the pin on a fallen Zachary, but only gets a 2 count. Tristian picks up Zach, but Zach powers out and pushes Tristian back, allowing Zach to run at him and hit a spear. Zach then focuses his attention on Diablo and stomps on the back of his head. Zach backs up as Diablo recovers. Zach moves behing Diablo and hits a German Suplex on Diablo. Diablo continues to roll backwards after the move into the turnbuckle. He sits in the corner as Zach runs across the ropes and nails a stiff running kick to the head of Diablo. Diablo falls completely. Tristian revives and runs at Zach, only to be hit with a Big Boot. Zach covers Tristian. 1-2-kick out. Zach goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault. Tristian moves out of the way and Zach crashes and burns. Tristian locks on the STFU on Zach. Zach screams in pain, but Diablo kicks Tristian in the back of the head and he lets go of the hold.

Everyone in this match has gotten some very impressive offense and none are giving it less than 100% out there.

Diablo picks up Tristian and hits a DDT on him. Diablo then lifts up Zach and takes him back down with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Diablo then goes to the top rope. He nails an elbow drop on Zach. Diablo covers Zach. 1-2-kick out. Tristian uses the middle rope as support to get back to his feet. Diablo runs at Tristian, but Tristian lifts Diablo up on his shoulders and F-U’s him outside of the ring. Zach and Tristian then lock eyes and they rest for a bit before locking up. Zach gets the best of Tristian by hitting a kick to the midsection and then running across the ropes. He nails a stiff Concussion Kick sending Tristian to the outside also. Zach taunts in the middle of the ring as the ref starts a count. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8 Diablo re-enters the ring stopping the count. Zach runs at Diablo, but Diablo counters with a Drop Toe Hold sending Zach to the mat. Diablo then runs across the ropes and hits a running elbow on Zach. Diablo picks up Zach and hits the Darkness Falls. However, Tristian drags Zach outside of the ring and re-enters the ring. Diablo doesn’t realize this and turns around. He is met with a strong spinebuster. Tristian covers Diablo. 1-2-kick out. Tristian then re-applies the STFU, but Diablo powers out. Diablo gets to his feet and kicks Tristian to the midsection. Diablo then nails the Soul Reaping on Tristian. Zach realizes this and quickly recovers. Diablo covers Tristian. 1-2-3. Zach breaks up the pin after the 3 count had already been made.

Here is your winner, by pinfall, Dante Diablo!

Red smoke shrouds the arena as Dante Diablo’s hand is raised in victory. Diablo shrugs the ref away, and exits the ring. He starts walking up the ramp, but returns to the ring realizing that he left the urn. Diablo then walks up the ramp and leaves the arena.

What a match…but what’s the deal with the urn?

Who cares? He’s a disturbing man that I hope gets beat down very soon. Meltdown and ROG period doesn’t need a man like him.
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Number of posts : 913
Age : 25
Location : ???
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE and ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : Christian Vulture Squad Edge AJ Styles, Raven, Shelton Benjamin John Morrison Randy Orton and LAX
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Meltdown 1/28/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 1/28/08 Results   Meltdown 1/28/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:55 pm

Up next we will witness a showdown between 2 of the greatest Meltdown has to offer.

On top of that, the winner will be one step closer to an ROG World Title shot.

The winner of this match will fight the winner of next week’s match at Apocalypse for the #1 contendership for the ROG World Title.

Yeah, there is a lot in the line in this next match.

The Way I am plays as Dash Blade enters the arena. Dash Blade has his X-Rated Title around his waste and struts down the ramp with a sense of accomplishment with him still holding his title. Dash Blade enters the ring and taunts with his title before handing it to Ed Richards.

This next match is scheduled for one fall, where the winner will go to the #1 contenders match at Apocalypse. Introducing first, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at a 198 pounds, he is the X-Rated Champion, Dash Blade!

What an ovation for the X-Rated champ, Dash Blade.

You have to wonder if he can defeat the former ROG world champ here tonight, win at Apocalypse, and become the second ever ROG dual champion.

Well, I believe your questions will be answered here tonight.

Welcome to the Jungle plays as Erik Michaels explodes from the back and sprints down the ramp. He enters the ring as the crowd gives him more cheers than boos. Erik Michaels poses on the second turnbuckle and jumps down getting into the face of Dash Blade.

And his opponent, hailing from Miami, Florida and weighing in at a 213 pounds, Erik Michaels!

Here is the former ROG World champ and you have to believe that he came here tonight on a mission.

I feel bad for Dash Blade. If he can’t keep his mind on this match completely, then Erik Michaels will no doubt walk away with the victory.


Dash Blade walks in a circle around Erik Michaels before locking up with him. Erik Michaels pushes Dash back against the ropes. Dash leans on the ropes and looks at Michaels trying to develop a plan. He then locks up with Michaels again and kicks Michaels to the midsection. Dash then runs across the ropes and hits a flipping Neckbreaker on Michaels. Dash stomps on Michaels’ back and leg before Ed Richards breaks it up. Dash then goes back to Michaels, but Michaels plays possum and drags Dash down putting Dash’s head on the middle rope. Dash is defenseless as Erik Michaels runs across the ropes and jumps up and through the middle rope putting his entire body weight on Dash’s head and neck. Michaels now on the outside, walks around the ring and climbs up the steel steps before the ref starts his count and re-enters the ring. Michaels anticipates Dash’s revival as Dash starts to get up very slowly. As soon as Dash gets up, Michaels kick him to the midsection and hits a Fisherman Suplex. Michaels follows through and goes for the pin. 1-2-Dash kicks out. Michaels goes to the top rope and attempts a moonsault, but Dash moves at the very last second and exits the ring. Dash walks around the outside of the ring as the referee begins his count. 1…2…3…4…5…6…Michaels revives and realizes Dash on the outside…7…Michaels runs across the ropes and jumps over the top rope with a flipping senton to the outside taking out Dash and himself. The crowd goes absolutely insane.

What a risky maneuver.

I can’t believe Erik Michaels would be stupid enough to do that in a match with these stipulations.

The ref restarts his count. 1…2…3…4….5…6…7…8 Michaels revives and re-enters the ring, but then exits again. The ref restarts his count again. Michaels picks up Dash and slams his head into the ring post. Michaels lifts up Dash as the ref counts to 4. Dash is busted open and is bleeding profusely. Michaels slams Dash’s head into the steel steps before throwing him back into the ring at the count of 7. Michaels lifts up Dash again, but Dash powers out and kicks Michaels to the midsection. Michaels falls to one knee as Dash runs across the ropes and kicks Michaels directly in the face. Dash goes to the tope rope. He awaits Michaels. Michaels revives and turns around straight into a diving spear from Dash Blade. Dash covers. 1-2-kick out. Dash in in shock. Dash goes to the corner and again waits for Michaels to get up. Michaels does get up and Dash this time hits a running spear on Michaels. Michaels rolls out of the ring. Dash follows. Dash picks up Michaels and hits him with a hard right shot. Jose starts walking down the ramp.

What is he doing here? He should be getting ready for his main event match up later on.

Jose stares at Dash as Dash is distracted by the presence of Jose. This allows Michaels to capitalize with a hard right punch and a stiff kick to the midsection. Michaels throws Dash inside the ring. Jose moves closer to the ring. Michaels re-enters the ring and picks up Dash. Dash is hit with another stiff kick to the midsection followed by an Argentina Piledriver. Erik covers Dash. 1-2-kick out. Michaels goes insane as he argues with the ref allowing Dash to recover and nail a clothesline to the back of Michaels’s head. Dash still distracted by Jose, but manages to stay focused somewhat as he picks up Michaels. Dash kicks Michaels to the midsection and lifts Michaels up on his shoulders setting up for the Blade Driver. Jose jumps onto the apron distracting Dash long enough for Michaels to struggle out. Michaels then lifts Dash and hits the Michnoku Driver II. Michaels covers Dash. 1-2-3.

Here is your winner by pinfall and the man advancing to Apocalypse, Erik Michaels.

What a match…such a shame that Jose had to come out and ruin it.

Jose didn’t ruin the match. He’s obviously upset that Dash had tried to move on after his title defense after Jose hadn’t technically lost the match. Tristian Artist did.

Well, no matter what you may think, Jose ruined this great contest.
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Meltdown 1/28/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 1/28/08 Results   Meltdown 1/28/08 Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:57 pm

It is now time for the main event of the evening.

Yes, finally, I’ve been waiting for this all night. An ROG Tag Title gauntlet match!!!

Calm down Jimmy. Let’s review the rules of a gauntlet match. Two teams will start the match. Normal tag match rules apply. Once a team has been defeated, another team will enter the ring until there is only one team left standing.

Yes and that last team will be crowned as the ROG Tag Champs.

Correct, now let’s get started.

The Fight Song plays as Dark Republic enter the arena. Red smoke yet again shrouds the arena as Dark Republic walk down the ramp. Half-way down the ramp they both stop and turn around. Their leader, Dante Diablo, then enters holding the urn and walks down with them. Spawn and Hybrid enter the ring simultaneously as Diablo stays outside with the urn.

The following match will be contested under gauntlet rules, where the last team standing will be awarded the ROG Tag Team Championships. Introducing the first team, hailing from the City of Satan and separately weighing in at a 265 pounds for Hybrid and 65 kilos for Spawn, they are Dark Republic.

Well it looks like Dark Republic will be starting off this gauntlet match. They don’t have luck on their side tonight.

I hope they’re the first team eliminated. I’m tired of seeing them.

The lights go out as The Undertaker Ministry Theme plays. Nightmare and Black Dagger enter the arena to a loud positive response from the crowd. They walk down the ramp very slowly and climb up the steel steps. Black Dagger has blood dripping from his mouth as Nightmare makes the turnbuckles erupt with fire.

And introducing the second team, weighing in at a combined 615 pounds, they are Destruction Inc.

Wow, Dark Republic really doesn’t have luck on their side. They have a pissed off giant in Nightmare and then a psychotic maniac in Black Dagger to deal with at the beginning of the match.

And if I remember correctly, last week on Meltdown, Black Dagger picked up a victory over both Dante Diablo and Spawn. Also, Hybrid had lost his match too. Nightmare was victorious last week also.

Well it’s pretty obvious that momentum swings to the side of Destruction Inc. in this match.


Black Dagger wants to start the match for his team as down Spawn for his. Spawn hops over to the middle of the ring and starts to slide around the ring in a very odd fighting stance. Dagger kicks him in the midsection right away to the delight of the fans and throws him into the turnbuckle. Dagger runs at him and hits a clothesline which he follows up with by going to the top rope and hitting a flying clothesline on Spawn. Spawn flips over and rolls backwards a few times. Dagger picks up Spawn and grabs his throat. Dagger lifts Spawn into the air by his throat and then drops Spawn back to the mat. Diablo gets furious with Spawn and distracts the referee allowing Hybrid to enter the ring and attack Dagger. Hybrid then hits a nasty boot to the face of Dagger and Dagger falls to the mat slowly. Spawn covers Dagger. 1-2-kick out. Spawn tags in Hybrid, but Dagger manages to tag in Nightmare as well. Nightmare immediately nails a big boot to Hybrid and then throws Spawn back in. Nightmare hits Spawn with a Chokeslam from hell to the outside of the ring. Nightmare then goes at Hybrid and attempts a Tombstone Piledriver, but Hybrid manages to struggle out and hit a Spear on Nightmare. Hybrid covers Nightmare. Dagger tries to get in, but Diablo grabs the leg of Dagger, which causes Dagger to chase after Diablo to the back. Nightmare manages to kick out at 2, but it’s now Nightmare against Dark Republic. Spawn revives and gets back on the turnbuckle. Spawn manages to life Nightmare up and hit him with the Jack Knife. Spawn then locks on the Texas Cloverleaf as Nightmare screams in pain. Nightmare manages to power out and sends Spawn flying against the ropes. Spawn ricochets and is hit with a Black Hole Slam. Nightmare covers. 1-2-broken up by Hybrid. Hybrid then hits another boot to the face of Nightmare. Spawn slowly covers Nightmare. 1-2-3.

Destruction Inc. has been eliminated

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! Dark Republic manages to defeat Destruction Inc.

It must be all the injuries that Nightmare endured at High Stakes.

Metalingus and Burn in My Light mixed together plays as Jose and the Chaos Kid enter the arena and run down the ramp. Jose has a smug look on his face upon entering the ring.

Introducing the next team, weighing in at a combined 419 pounds, The Puerto Rican Express.

Well, you have to believe that Jose is very happy with the outcome here. He gets to fight the people that tried to take him out earlier.

Yes, and on top of that, they’re already hurt. He must be ecstatic.

The Chaos Kid enters the ring as Jose goes onto the apron. The Chaos Kid immediately begins attacking a beaten Spawn with hard right and left hands. Spawn falls to the ground and Chaos goes to the top rope. Chaos then does a back flip off the top rope and nails a moonsault. Chaos then goes to his corner and tags in Jose. Jose and Chaos picks up Spawn and they hit the Puerto Rican Death Drop on Spawn. Hybrid then runs into the ring and takes Chaos out of the ring. Hybrid and Chaos fight on the outside as Jose lifts Spawn. Jose kicks Spawn to the midsection and runs across the ropes. Jose connects with a swinging Neckbreaker and starts to kick Spawn in the back. Hybrid throws Chaos into the ring post and then goes into the ring and takes down Jose. Hybrid and Spawn then capitalize on Jose with Hybrid hitting a boot to the face on Jose. Jose falls back slowly. Dante makes his way back to ringside. Chaos re-enters the ring and connects with a running dropkick on Hybrid sending him out of the ring. Spawn covers Jose. 1-2-kick out! Black Dagger comes out and attacks Spawn hitting him with a Sit Down Powerbomb and taking the urn. Spawn is distracted for a bit until lifting Jose back to his feet. Spawn runs across the ropes and Jose jumps over Spawn then falls to the mat while Spawn jumps over him and then gets back to his feet and hits a dropkick to the face of a running Spawn. Jose then goes to the top rope. Jose hits a 450 Splash. Jose covers Spawn. 1-2-3. Hybrid makes it into the ring too late to break up the count. Hybrid and Spawn immediately leaves the ring to check on their leader. They help their leader up and walk him to the back.

Dark Republic has been eliminated!

Battery plays as The Sound walks to the ring alone. Sound then stops in the middle of the ramp and points to the entrance.

Introducing the next team, first from England and weighing in at a 245 pounds, he is The Sound.

Bang Your Head plays as Damien Jones makes his way out to the ring with The Sound.

And his partner, hailing from Washington DC and weighing in at a 249 pounds, he is Damien Jones.

Can you believe that? Damien Jones working with The Sound? What a development.

I think they can be a pretty good team…and they waste no time getting into the action.

The Sound lifts up Jose and throws him into the corner. The Sound then hits a clothesline on Jose as Jose stumbles forward straight into another clothesline from Damien. Chaos re-enters the ring and bum rushes Damien to the outside leaving just Sound and Jose. Sound lifts up Jose, but Jose powers out and kicks Sound in the nuts. The referee is occupied with Chaos and Damien. Jose goes to the top rope and hits a Spiral Tap on Sound. Jose covers Sound. 1-2-3.

The Sound and Damien Jones have been eliminated.

What a cheating bastard that Jose is.

Hey, for all we know that was perfectly legal back in Puerto Rico. You can’t blame him for using his instincts.

I don’t care what you say…that wasn’t good sportsmanship from “The Puerto Rican Sensation.”

Damien is shocked as he runs into the ring to attend to his fallen partner. Damien helps The Sound up and they walk to the back together.

Push it blasts on the speakers as Supply and Demand enter the arena. Ricky Reynolds holds up his ROG World Title as Jamarius Jackson gloats with Ricky with their ROG Tag Titles. They slowly walk down the ramp as Chaos and Jose look on with a miserable look on their face. Reynolds and Jackson enter the ring and Reynolds goes onto the apron. Jose goes onto the apron for his team.

Introducing the final team, they weigh in at a combined 460 pounds; they are the reigning ROG Tag Team Champions, Supply and Demand!

So, these are the final 2 teams. The Puerto Rican Express have been on a roll for this being the first time they’ve teamed up here in ROG.

Yes, but you forget that they’ve probably teamed up in the past in Puerto Rico.

True…The Puerto Rican Express will definitely have their hands full with the tag champs…especially after just fighting 2 other matches.

Jackson and Chaos lock up as Jackson gets the better of him and pushes him back into the turnbuckle. Jackson then runs at Chaos hitting a corner dropkick sending Chaos to the mat. Jackson then goes for the kill early and starts hitting rapid jabs, but Chaos avoids the 4th shot and roundhouse kicks Jackson in the face. Jackson stumbles back into Chaos’s corner where Jose holds Jackson as Chaos hits rapid right and left hands of his own. Jackson falls to the mat as Chaos tags in Jose. Jose locks on the Cobra Clutch as Jackson gasps for air. Jackson moves around and manages to hit the Tagged on Jose a few times, but Jose holds the move strong. Reynolds runs in and breaks up the hold which Reynolds follows up with by hitting the Acid Dropper. Jackson goes for the pin. 1-2-kick out. Jackson lifts up Jose and runs across the ropes the opposite way of Jose’s face and hits the Drive-By. Jackson then locks on the Mugged as Jose fades slowly. Reynolds drops to ringside and runs around the ring knocking Chaos off the apron and not allowing him to help Jose. Jose seems to be completely unconscious now as the ref grabs Jose’s arm. The ref lifts the arm and drops it to the mat. 1! The ref grabs Jose’s arm again and drops it, but Jose doesn’t let it hit the mat and manages to get to his feet and elbows Jackson in the gut a few times before running across the ropes and hitting a running Puerto Rican Destroyer on Jackson. Reynolds enters the ring and hits a Daily Nose Bleed on Jose. Ricky then drags Jackson to his corner and Reynolds tags Jackson. Reynolds then lifts up Jose and hits the Coke Sneeze. Reynolds goes for the pin attempt. 1-2-kick out. Reynolds, shocked, picks up Jose again but Jose powers out and kick Reynolds, but Reynolds catches Jose’s foot. Jose then uses this as leverage to hit an Enzuiguri as he scurries to his corner and tags in Chaos. Chaos goes to the top rope as soon as he enters and hits Reynolds with a top rope leg drop. Chaos goes for the pin. 1-kick out.

Wow, Reynolds still has a lot of energy and fight in him. He kicked out of that maneuver with ease.

Chaos again goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault. Chaos covers Reynolds again, but Reynolds kicks out at 2 this time. Chaos picks up Reynolds and Irish whips him against the ropes. Reynolds slingshots into a clothesline attempt from Chaos, but Reynolds ducks. Reynolds continues to run against the ropes and attempts a clothesline of his own this time, but it counted by Chaos with a Cripple Crossface. Reynolds screams in utter pain as Chaos intensifies the hold. Chaos somehow turns the Cripple Crossface hold into a Cattle Mutilation. Reynolds now bursts out screaming and he is kicking his feet trying to find a way out of the hold. Jackson has seen enough as he enters the ring and breaks up the hold. Chaos then dropkicks Jackson off the apron and lifts up Reynolds. Chaos nails Reynolds with the Cop Killa. Chaos covers Reynolds. 1-2-thr..KICK OUT! Reynolds finds the little bit of strength left to kick out of that perfectly executed maneuver. Chaos goes back to the top rope, but Reynolds knocks Chaos off. Dash Blade then makes his way down the ramp, distracting Jose just as Jose did earlier to Dash. Reynolds tags in Jackson. Jackson goes to work on Chaos with strong right hands to the side of the head. Jackson then connects with every shot of the Fifteenth Street Flurry. Jose tries to get into the ring, but Dash holds Jose’s leg. Jackson covers Chaos. 1-2-3. Dash lets go of Jose and runs to the back as Jose flops into the ring.

Here are your winners, by pinfall, and still ROG Tag Team Champions, Supply and Demand!

Jose checks on Chaos to see if he’s ok, but Reynolds then attacks Jose from behind with the Yuppie Marching Powder. Reynolds then locks on the Overdose on Jose as Jose screams. Jose struggles out and attacks Reynolds, but is stopped with a ring bell to the skull from Jackson. Jose is bloodied. Reynolds looks to continue his assault, but Breathe Into Me by Red plays on the speakers as an unknown man runs down the ramp and takes out Reynolds with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Jackson runs out of the ring and up the ramp. The unknown man then grabs a mic.

Nobody here knows me, except for these two men in the ring. I am “The enforcer” Colton and The Puerto Rican Express has enlisted me as their bodyguard. But don’t get these muscles and brawn mixed up; I’m a smart high-flyer that knows what’s up. So, for anyone who thinks they’re tough can see me in the ring next week, as I’m laying down an open challenge so I can show just how great I really am.

Colton helps his new partners up and walks to the back with them as Breathe Into Me plays again.

A great match, followed by another beat down, followed by the introduction of a new force here in ROG. What a main event!

I believe he said his name is Colton and that he is now a part of The Puerto Rican Express.

Well I look forward to seeing this man in action.

He claims to be a high-flyer, but he has to be at least 250 pounds…That’s unbelievable.

Well next week we will see this behemoth in action and I feel bad for any man who crosses his path. Until next week, goodnight everyone.

The camera fades to black.
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Meltdown 1/28/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 1/28/08 Results   Meltdown 1/28/08 Results Empty

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Meltdown 1/28/08 Results
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