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 Ring of Glory Roster

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ROH World Champion
Rated PG

Number of posts : 913
Age : 24
Location : ???
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE and ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : Christian Vulture Squad Edge AJ Styles, Raven, Shelton Benjamin John Morrison Randy Orton and LAX
Registration date : 2008-03-21

Ring of Glory Roster Empty
PostSubject: Ring of Glory Roster   Ring of Glory Roster EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 6:50 pm

If you wish to join the ROG roster please send me the following critera via PM.

Forum Name:
Billed Weight:
Billed Height:
Fighting Style:
Signature Moves:
Finishing Moves:
Entrance Music:
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Rated PG
ROH World Champion
Rated PG

Number of posts : 913
Age : 24
Location : ???
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE and ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : Christian Vulture Squad Edge AJ Styles, Raven, Shelton Benjamin John Morrison Randy Orton and LAX
Registration date : 2008-03-21

Ring of Glory Roster Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ring of Glory Roster   Ring of Glory Roster EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 7:14 pm

ROG Wrestlers:

Name: Dash Blade
Forum Name: StuffofLegends
Gimmick:A Street Fighter who does whatever he has to do to win
Height: 6'2
Weight: 198
Billed From: Brooklyn, New York
Fighting Style: Brawler
Finishing Move: Blade Driver (Death Valley Driver)
Signature Move: Diving spear, Stinger Splash, Gory Bomb, Superplex, STO
Entrance Music: The Way I Am by EMINEM

Name: Jose
Username: RKO93
Nickname: The Messiah of ROG
Gimmick: Greatest high flyer EVER
Billed Height: 6'3
Billed Weight: 215 pounds
Billed From: Greenwich, Connecticut
Fighting Style: Highflyer
Finishing Moves: Puerto Rican Destroyer(Flip Piledriver) and Spiral Tap
Signature Moves: Cobra Clutch, 450 Splash, Phoenix Splash, Shining Wizard, Twist of Fate, and The Flip Bottom
Entrance Music: Metalingus - Alter Bridge

Name: Nightmare
Username: WWEpatriotKane
Height: 6'3
Weight: 302 Pounds
From: Parts Unknown
Gimmick: A sadistic masked monster (like Kane or Abyss)
Entrance Music: "Burned" (Kane's old theme)
Fighting Style: Powerhouse & Hardcore
Finishing Moves: Chokeslam From Hell, Black Hole Slam
Signature Moves: Big Boot, Tombstone Piledriver, Gorrila Press Slam, Powerslam, Sidewalk Slam

Name: The Sound
Username: Guitarlegend123
Gimmick: Rockstar
Billed Height: 6.3
Billed Weight: 245 Pounds
Billed From: England
Fighting Style: Hardcore, Technical
Finishing Moves: Crippler Crossface & The Sound Effect(Powerbomb Pin)
Signature Moves: Elbow Drop, Sharshooter, Piledriver
Entrance Music: Battery-Metallica

Name: Zachary
Forum Name: Straight-Edge Zach
Nickname: "The Eliminator"
Billed Weight: 256 pounds
Billed Height: 6'2
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Fighting Style: Technical, Brawler
Signature Moves: German Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Superkick, Straight-Edge Chop (Knife-Edge Chop), Powerbomb, Moonsalt, Elimination DDT, Diving Shining Wizard, Flying Clothesline (Running), Snap Suplex
Finishing Moves: Total Elimination (Lifts Opponent into a fireman carry then spins them and hits a DDT), Sharpshooter, One Shot Kill (Gore)
Entrance Music: "Down Under" by Colin Hay

Name: Rated PG
Forum Name: Rated PG
Billed Weight: 208 lbs.
Billed Height: 5'9
Gimmick: Cocky Guy Who is All About Boosting the Ratings
Billed Hometown: Biloxi, Mississippi
Figthing Style: Aerial
Primary Finisher: Rating Drop (spin out side slam from a powerslam position)
Secondary Finisher: Mississippi Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer)
Signature Moves: Shooting Star Press, Asai DDT, Corkscrew Moonsalt, Diving DDT from top rope, Bicycle Kick
Entrance Music: "What I Want" by Daughtry

Name: WWEfan
Forum Name: WWEfan
Height: 6'2
Weight: 250 pounds
Entrance song: Line in the sand
Gimmick: Best of the best, egomaniac
Style: Dirty
Finisher: Spear
Signature Moves: Knee drop, frog splash, spinebuster

Name: JT Commons
Forum Username: Rated PG
Gimmick: Cocky heel who doesn't hesitate to get on the mic
Billed weight: 225 lbs
Billed height: 6'0
Billed From: Boston, MA
Fighting Style: Techincal, brawler, with a touch of aerial
Signature Moves: Spinning Toe-hold, Inverted Sharpshooter, Swinging Neckbreaker, Tilt-A-Whirl Slam, Running Knee Strike to cornered opponent.
Finishing Moves: "You Just Got Owned" (Split-legged Corkscrew Moonsault), "Bitchified" (Spinning Backhand/Open Hand Slap/Buzzsaw Kick Combo)
Entrance Music: "Stricken" by Disturbed

Name: David Simou
Gimmick: Heel ROG president who enjoys getting in the ring
Billed Height: 5'10
Billed Weight: 225 Pounds
Billed From: London, England
Fighting Styles: Technical/ Aerial
Finishing Moves: Simulator (RKO) & Figure Four Leg- lock
Signature Moves: Moonsault, Impaler DDT, Enzuigiri, Superkick, Hurracanrana
Entrance Music: 99 Problems- Jay Z
Ring of Glory President

Name: STL
Gimmick: Hard hitting hardcore brawler
Billed Height: 6'4
Billed Weight: 300 pounds
Billed From: Philadelphia Penn
Fighting Styles: Hardcore, Brawling, Submission
Finishers: Curb Stomp
Signature Moves: Hard Left Hands, Belly to Back Suplex, Katahajime
Entrance Music: Sad But True by Metallica.
Allignment: Face.

Name: Dante Diablo
Forum Name: Mattitude Follower
Gimmick: Satanic prophet
Billed Height: 6'2
Billed Weight: 245 pounds
Billed From: The City of Satan
Fighting Styles: Technical/ Hardcore
Finishers: Soul Reaper (Powerbomb), Darkness Falls (Chokeslam)
Signature Moves: Brainbuster, DDT, Discuss Clothesline, Swinging Neckbreaker, Dropkick
Entrance Music: The Fight Song~ Marilyn Manson
Allignment: Heel

Name: The Legend Killer
Forum Name: The Legend Killer
Gimmick: Rebel (eg. Roddy Piper)
Weight: 150 lbs.
Height: 5'6
Entrance Music: It's A Fight- Three Six Mafia
Fighting Style: High flyer
Signature Moves: Elbow drop, Twist of Fate, DDT
Finishers: Swanton Bomb, Frog Splash
Details: White tank top, blue or black pants, black and white shoes, medium length hair, "No Mercy" tattoo on back, tribal tattoo on left arm

Name: The Chaos Kid
Gimmick: 2nd best highflyer EVER(behind RKO93)
Billed Height: 6'4
Billed Weight: 204 pounds
Billed From: Toronto Ontario, Canada
Fighting Style: Highflyer
Finishing Moves: Dragon Cyclone Press, Cattle Mutilation, and Cop Killa
Signature Moves: Moonsault, Crippler Crossface. Twist of Fate, Top Rope Leg Drop
Entrance Music: Burn In My Light - Mercy Drive

Name: Colton
Forum Name: Hardyextreme
Nickname: "The enforcer"
Gimmick: Powerhouse who can also fly high
Billed Height: 6'5
Billed Weight: 260
Billed From: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Fighting Style: Highflyer/Powerhouse
Finishing Moves: Anaconda Vice, Corkscrew Neckbreaker, Corkscrew 630 Senton
Signature Moves: Twist of Fate, Whisper in the Wind, High Angle Boston Crab, 720 Moonsault, Backcracker
Entrance Music: Breathe into Me- Red

Name: Lojax
Forum Username: Lojax
Nickname: "The 604 Destroyer"
Gimmick: Canadian
Billed weight: 122 lbs
Billed height: 6'1"
Billed From: Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Fighting Style: Good in all aspects
Signature Moves: Chokeslam, Spear, 604 Driver(Spike Piledriver), Sharpshooter, Burning Sword, Burning Lariat, Northern Lariat, The 604 (619/Tiger Feint Kick)
Finishing Moves: 604 Slam(F-5), 604 Destroyer(double under hook flip piledriver)
Entrance Music: Mr. Jones by Counting Crows

Name: The Jerichoholic
Forum Username: Y2Jforever07
Nickname: Y2J
Gimmick: Jericho/Kennedy style
Billed weight: 225
Billed height: 6' 1"
Billed From: New York City
Fighting Style: Technical/Rough Neck
Signature Moves: The Doubleshot (Haas of Pain), Hangover (Rolling Neckbreaker); 1 Tequila 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila FLOOR [3TF] (RKO)
Finishing Moves: The Liontamer, Codebreaker
Entrance Music: With the Fire by Fozzy

Name: Phobia
Forum Username: Stardy
Nickname(If you have 1): Your Worst Fear
Gimmick: A Raven-type gimic, he acts like he is on a darkside and likes to scare people whenever possible.
Thinks he is big and atempts huge powerhouse moves that people like Big Show or the Undertaker would use. However is a Luchadore.
Billed weight: 174
Billed height: 5'9"
Billed From: The Closet
Fighting Style: A good all rounded wrestler who prefers LuchaLibre
Signature Moves: Diving Elbow Drop; HurricaneRana; LigerBomb; STO; Corkscrew 540
Finishing Moves: Fishermans Powerbomb (Hallowicked's Graveyard Smash); Asia Backcracker (Retail Dragon's Roll Back Driver) & Dragon Sleeper
Entrance Music: Wooden Pints ~ Korpiklaani

Name: Psycho Dragon
Forum Username: RKO93
Gimmick: Insane Lucha Libre
Billed weight: 6'2
Billed height: 185 pounds
Billed From: Dragon's Den
Fighting Style: Lucha Libre
Signature Moves: Buzzsaw Kick, Dragon Twister(Corkscrew 450 Splash), Dragon Cracker(Backcracker), Dragon Sleeper, Dragon Mist(Poison Mist)
Finishing Moves: Psycho Driver and Dragonic Vice(Anaconda Vice)
Entrance Music: "No Mas Control" by Roadrunner United

Name: Kastro Makalevi
Forum Username: Mattitude Follower
Nickname (If you have 1): Americaz Most Wanted
Gimmick: Rapper/Gangsta
Billed weight: 220 pounds
Billed height: 6’0
Billed From: Long Beach, California
Fighting Style: Striker/Brawler
Signature Moves: Brainbuster, DDT, Spinebuster, Big Boot, Snap Suplex
Finishing Moves: Stunner, Razors Edge
Entrance Music: Hit ‘Em Up~ Tupac

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Rated PG
ROH World Champion
Rated PG

Number of posts : 913
Age : 24
Location : ???
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE and ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : Christian Vulture Squad Edge AJ Styles, Raven, Shelton Benjamin John Morrison Randy Orton and LAX
Registration date : 2008-03-21

Ring of Glory Roster Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ring of Glory Roster   Ring of Glory Roster EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 7:35 pm

ROG Roster Continued

Jack "The Iceman" Williams
From-Phoenix, Arizona
Type- High flyer
Weight - 215
Height- 5 ft 10 in
Finishers- 450° splash, Bread Slice No. 2
Common Moves- Diving crossbody,Suicide dive,Jumping heel kick enzuigiri,Hurricanrana,Running Drop kick
Apperance- Baggy Long pants with Blue on one side and Orange on one.And Sometimes Red with Yellow.Long hair blonde hair like Edge.
Entrance-Paul Londons Video.

Name: Steve Ace
Gimmick: Gangster (e.g Homicide)
Billed Height: 6’1
Billed Weight: 272 Pounds
Billed From: Sheffield, England
Fighting Style: Technical
Finishing Moves: Cattle Mutilation and Cop Killa
Signature Moves: Brain buster, Lariat, Dragon Sleeper, German suplex (x3), Dragon suplex
Entrance Music: Natural born Killers by Dr.Dre and Ice Cube

Name: Alcatraz
Gimmick: Insane prison inmate who was released for “good behavior” (Had the warden’s wife kidnapped)
Billed Height: 6’8
Billed Weight: 300
Billed From: Parts Unknown
Fighting Style: Powerhouse
Finishing Moves: Death Row (Rear Naked Choke), Life Sentence (Muscle Buster), Solitary (Opponent is trapped in the ropes with his arms and his feet are behind the bottom rope. Alcatraz delivers a clothesline to the trapped opponent)
Signature Moves: Hard Time (Razor’s Edge), Fatal Injection (Torture Rack, but he jumps up and lands on his knees), The Jail Break (Island Driver), The Shank (Spear), Lights Out (Triangle Choke)
Entrance: Is escorted by 6 men with cattle prods on a dolly. Has chains strapping him to the dolly. Shackles around ankles and handcuffed.
Entrance Music: Locked up - Akon

Name: Rob Israel
Forum Username: Mr. Tambourine Man
Nickname(If you have 1): "Jokerman" (I'd prefer he'd be called that most of the time)
Gimmick: Mysterious, mute
Billed weight: 230
Billed height: 6'1
Billed From: Desolation Row
Fighting Style: Balanced
Signature Moves: Tangled Up In Blue(Triangle Choke)
Finishing Moves: Rainy Day Nightmare (Reverse DVD)
Entrance Music: "Things Have Changed" by Bob Dylan

Name: "Ruthless" randy rampage
Forum Name: Instant Classic
Nickname: RRR
Gimmick: ruthless,cocky,powerhouse
Billed Height: 6’6
Billed Weight: 300 pounds
Billed From: Miami, Florida
Fighting Style: powerhouse
Finishing Moves: Jacknife powerbomb, F-5
Signature Moves: Tombstone piledriver, Snake eyes, landing pin (AKA styles clash), chokeslam
Entrance Music: next contestent-nickelback

Name: Christian King
Forum Username: SamoanRelliK
Nickname(If you have 1): "The Ultimate Opportunist","Fire Of Sexy"
Gimmick: Big mouth Jackass who talks down to people
Billed weight: 245 pounds
Billed height: 6'2
Billed From: Canada
Fighting Style: Hardcore,Brawler
Signature Moves: DDTS of all kind,Take down,Neck breakers,Muscle busters,Punching and Kicking combos.
Finishing Moves: KMA (Kiss My Ass):a move where i bounce of the ropes and flip backwards landing on the opponents face on my butt and pull his legs back to me stretching his back.Canadian Destroyer(Flip Tombstone)
Entrance Music: On the edge(Edge's old entrance)

Name: Johnny Law
Forum Username: Wrestling_God
Gimmick: Sadistic, evil Big Boss Man character. A former cop fired for excessive force.
Billed weight: 6'6
Billed height: 295
Billed From: Raleigh, North Carolina (USA)
Fighting Style: Brawler/Powerful/High Impact
Signature Moves: 1- Hard Time (Jackhammer suplex)
2- Wheels of Justice- (Abyss' Black Hole Slam)
3- Code 3- (Jumping inverted piledriver off the top rope)
Finishing Moves: Finisher Move: Pitt Maneuver (Gogoplata)
Entrance Music: 'Here Comes the Law' by Killjoy

Name: Curtis Brown
Forum Username: Curtis Brown
Nickname(If you have 1):
Gimmick: High Flyer, Risk taker, hardcore, loves his fans
Billed weight: 180 pounds
Billed height: 5 foot 8
Billed From: Galway, Ireland
Fighting Style: High Flying, Hardcore, Risk taking
Signature Moves: Chokeslam, lionsault, sweet chin music, RKO
Finishing Moves: Bank Basha (Stylesclash), 828 (619
Entrance Music: Straight to the bank by 50 Cent

Name: Claude Baker
Forum Username: CT Baker
Nickname(If you have 1): "Countdown"
Gimmick: Egomaniacal heel with psychotic tendencies. Kind of a cross between Edge and Raven.
Billed weight: 220 pounds
Billed height: 6'0''
Billed From: Paradise City
Fighting Style: Old School/Technical/Brawler
Signature Moves: An assortment of neckbreakers, DDTs, Shinbreaker, and Last Rites
Finishing Moves: The Final Countdown (Piledriver) and Prisoners In Paradise (Figure Four)
Entrance Music: "The Final Countdown" by Europe

Name: Paul Murphy
Forum Username: TheGameXXVII
Gimmick: Cheery and jokey english fan favourite
Billed weight: 210 lbs
Billed height: 6'0
Billed From: Holmewood, England
Fighting Style: Extreme
Signature Moves: Bulldog, Half Nelson, Tornado DDT
Finishing Moves: The Gore, Air Raid Siren
Entrance Music: Pop, Lock and Drop It- Huey

Name: King Of Kings
Forum Username: The King Of Kings 032793
Nickname(If you have 1): Latin King Of ROG
Gimmick: Mexican Gangster from the streets
Billed weight:165 lbs
Billed height: 5,10
Billed From: Kansas City, Missouri
Fighting Style: high flyer, hardcore, brawler
Signature Moves: pele kick, 450 splash, crucifix powerbomb
Finishing Moves: 5150 to la Cabesa (superkick), Illegaly Crossing The Border (double arm ddt from top rope)
Entrance Music: Mexican Inside Of Me by Juan Gotti

Name: BHH
Forum Name: BHH
Nickname: The Hitman
Billed Weight: 275 LBS
Billed Height: 6'5
Hometown: Canada
Fighting Style: Technical and power
Signature Moves: suplex, piledriver, headlock, Figure 4, 99 crusher, neckbreaker
Finishing Moves: Sharpshooter, Powerbomb
Entrance Music: Bret Hart theme

ROG Women:

Name: Ella Perez
Gimmick: Heel Diva who thinks she's all that and a bag of chips
Billed Height: 5'6
Billed Weight: 115 Pounds
Billed From: Madison, WI
Fighting Styles: Aerial/ Technical
Finishing Moves: Decapitator (Melina's finisher) and Moonsault
Signature Moves: Standing Moonsault, Split-legged guillotine leg drop(sometimes off the second rope), Tornado DDT
Entrance Music: Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child

Name~ Ashley Nero
Gimmick~ Face Layed back surffer chick
Billed Height~ 5'3"
Billed Weight~ 110
Billed From~ Waikiki, Hawaii
Fighting Styles~ Aerial/Tenical
Finishing Moves~ 619, West Coast Pop
Signature Moves~ Swanton Bomb, Twist of Fate, Whisper in the Wind
Entance Music~ So Cold Breaking Benjamin

Name: Bethany Storme
Gimmick: Biggest bitch on the block
Billed Height: 5'8"
Billed Weight: 135 Pounds
Billed From: San Francisco, CA
Fighting Style: She prefers a good old-fashioned brawl, and is good at it. But her real forte is aerial.
Finishing Moves: Catnap: Lifting DDT
Signature Moves: JLT (Just Like That): Missile Dropkick
Entrance Music: Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
Alignment: Heel

Wrestlers Name - Inah Louise aka Spoiled Third Generation Superstar Brat
Hometown - Wales UK
Alignment - Super Heel to the highest level =P
Entrance Music - Trouble by Pink
Weight - 125 pounds
WEIGHT - Middleweight
Gimmick - Spoiled Third Generation Superstar Brat
Finisher name and description - Bitch Kick (Chick Kick)
- Brat Neckbreaker (Gory Neckbreaker)
- ILO (Super RKO)
- Sharpshooter
Signature move and description - Bratbuster (Spinebuster)
- Inahcanrana (Diving Hurracanrana)
- Brat bomb (Spin-out powerbomb)

Name: Roxanne
Forum Username: ladymahogany
Nickname(If you have 1): Roxie
Gimmick: ditzy, more of a "model" than a wrestler (think Maria)
Billed weight: 135
Billed height: 5’4”
Billed From: Washington, D.C.
Fighting Style: Brawler
Signature Moves: Hurracanrana, dropkick, hip toss, DDT, diving crossbody
Finishing Moves: Roundhouse kick, moonsault
Entrance Music: Fergie—Glamorous

Name: Marilyn Bowen
Nickname: Maddy
Forum Username: Macho Man
Gimmick: Returning female legend
Billed weight: 130 lbs
Billed height: 5’6
Billed From: Sheffield, England
Fighting Style: Arial
Signature Moves: Dropkick, Spinning DDT, Hurricanrana, and Moonsault
Finishing Moves: Piledriver and Shooting Star Press
Entrance Music: Candle in the wind by Elton John

Name: Cassandra
Gimmick: Biggest bitch on the block
Billed Height: 5'11
Billed Weight: 160 Pounds
Billed From: Boston, MA
Fighting Style: She loves no holds bard Brawls, But she's good at Areal attacks
Finishing Moves: “Survival” It’s a super kick.
Signature Moves: “the Fittest” Basically it’s a corkscrew moonsault, but instead of a 360 rotation, it’s a 450.
Entrance Music: Rooftops By Lost Prophets
Alignment: Face

Forum Name: Cougar
Height: 5 ‘11
Fighting Style: Brawler
Entrance Music: The Eye of the Tiger
Signature Moves: Scoop Slam, Big Boot, Superplex, Snap Suplex, Face buster, Swinging Neckbreaker
Finishers: Break Down (Punt to the face)
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Ring of Glory Roster Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ring of Glory Roster   Ring of Glory Roster Empty

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Ring of Glory Roster
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