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 Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread

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Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread Empty
PostSubject: Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread   Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread EmptyTue Aug 26, 2008 3:51 pm

Here is where you can RP for the upcoming ROG PPV "Night of Glory II". 2 RP's MAX per wrestler. Only RP if you are on the card. You have until Saturday, September 13th to get your RP's in.
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Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread   Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread EmptyTue Aug 26, 2008 7:14 pm

Dash Blade - Orange
WWEfan - Red
Steve Ace - Green

Dash Blade is shown walking backstage. He heads into his locker room, designated for him especially. He finds WWEfan and Steve Ace arguing in his room.

Clearly, I'm the greatest wrestler from Warzone! I was only there for a few months, and held the Fallout championship! I was the Last Man Standing at Glory Games, and the last man eliminated in the ROG Rumble! Beat that!

WWEfan, I've held world titles here. Beat that.

I was a former two time Takedown champion. Beat that!

You two jack-offs are about to get your asses kicked if I can still see you in ten seconds. Beat that!

WWEfan and Steve Ace look back to see Dash Blade staring at them.

Hey, it's a free country bro. I don't see your name on the door. So technically, it's not yours.

Hey asshole, his name is on the door.

Sorry WWEfan. I forgot about your disabilities. My previous ass kickings must have left you a little slow in the head.

WWEfan walks up to Dash Blade.

You're real funny you know that?

Yeah, I've been told.

Ha, ha ha. Punk, I'm going to make it my mission to make sure that you don't win the match at Night Of Glory Two! How about that?

Sounds fun. Good luck with that. Knowing you, your bark is a lot bigger than your bite.

Well, I guess I'll just have to up my bite a little. Dash you've gotten lucky through our past matches, but everything changes when I win the Undisputed Championship!

Steve Ace gets up and starts to walk out of the room.

Your both wrong. Neither of you are winning the match. Night of Glory Two is my night! I will win the match. Just watch and learn.

Ace walks out of the room.


Good luck at our match Fan, you'll need it.

Dash smiles and walks out of the room as well.

This isn't even my room! Hey asshole, where are you going?

WWEfan follows Dash out of the room as the screen fades to black.
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Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread   Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread EmptyTue Sep 02, 2008 10:41 pm

"Down Under" by Colin Hay blares over the speakers in an empty Meltdown arena. The cameras zoom into the ring where "The Eliminator" Zachary is sitting in a corner, he's wearing a leather jacket, his wrestling boots and a long pair of black jeans. He is holding his MMA style gloves in his hands looking down at them, the Fusion title is on the floor next to him. Zach looks up to the titentron and watches his entrance video for a few seconds.

Zach: Night of Glory...2. Ladies and Gentlemen in less than two weeks, Ring Of Glory will produce its biggest yearly show. The second Night of Glory. Now I wasn't around for the first one, I was in another promotion being misused, abused and intoleratably insulted beyond my capacity to withstand. But now with the exception of not looking as good as I could hope for, I am happy. Happy to be champion, happy to be Fusion champion. It's kinda ironic, about a year ago, I was holding a much less valuable title in a much different hell hole, yet I was in the same spot in every match card, the same spot as I am in now. That is a little depressing but not enough to change my mood.

Zach puts the gloves down and picks up the Fusion title, he clutches it closely to his heart then holds it out and stares at it.

Zach: Holding any title in ROG puts a huge target on your back. Doesn't matter if it is a world status title or not, there is always someone who wants what you have. At Night of Glory there is more than one man looking to take what is mine and for once in my career I fear what could happen. There is some poor soul who will have to decimate his way through other competitors just to get a one-on-one encounter with me. I fear this man, he is unknown to me. At least for the time being. I prefer to know my enemy, my opponent before I rip him apart. I don't like having to guess. But I will live through this, as long as I hold the Fusion title and if fate is so cruel as to take my title away from me at Night of Glory, then I will not rest in my mission to reclaim it.

Zach grabs the top rope with one hand and pulls himself back onto his feet. He stares at the camera for a few seconds then exhales a deep breath.

Zach: Allow me to congratulate whoever wins this battle royal now so that in the future I do not have to communicate with this person. Also allow me to warn the battle royal winner. If you do the unthinkable to me, then I will do the unforgivable to you, that is a promise. And finally allow me to apologise to the battle royal winner if he is unable to relies his own dream at Night of Glory, sorry that I crushed your dreams and spirit. Now with all that out of the way may I wish good luck to all my opponents, you're all going to need it.

Zach goes back to the corner and picks up his gloves, he then straps the Fusion title around his waste and turns to face the camera again.

Zach: Get a good look at me, this is the image of someone who is happy with his current situation, this is the image of someone who has all he needs at the moment. This is the image of a champion.

The camera starts fading to black when Zach stops talking. The last thing you can see is the Fusion title around his waste.
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Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread   Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread EmptyThu Sep 04, 2008 8:35 am

The Way I Am blares over the speakers and Dash Blade walks out. The fans go crazy as Dash Blade walks to the ring with a huge smile on his face. Dash Blade requests a mic and is handed one he climbs into the ring and stares down the entrance ramp.

Finally! Dash Blade is getting the respect he deserves. I have went through the most brutal matches in my career in ROG. I have saw friends come and go. I defeated the best and at Night of Glory II my time has finally come. Dash Blade will be the unstoppable force that he is. Dash Blade has kept the audiences entertained and right now is that time again. It's when Dash Blade speaks to his opponents and gets to know what they think about his chances at NOG! And right now we have WWEfan on the phone.

Dash Blade looks the titan tron and on their is a picture of a turtle. The crowd looks confused

The writers were a bit busy this week it's the best we can do. But anyway WWEfan we already established your slow because I kicked your ass yadda yadda yadda. Anyway do you have anything to say?

You're real funny.

Are you hitting on me? I am flattered but we are opponents. Plus I'm not really looking for anyone right now.

How about that?

Awww don't feel bad, if you ask me your the most feminine ROG wrestler on the roster.

Clearly, I'm the greatest.

Yeah I know you would have a great chance in Beth Storme vs. Ella Perez but this is the main event scene and I'm not even sure if you can handle the pressure. Anyway I think I should end this before it gets even more awkward, you know what I mean?

Where are you going?

Ummm I got stuff do, bye WWEfan.

The turtle disappears off the screen and Dash Blade takes the mic and stands on the turnbuckle.

That is all from your future champion, DASH BLADE!

Dash Blade hops down and tosses the mic on the floor. Dash Blade climbs out of the ring and starts walking up the entrance ramp. Halfway he stop and turns around and holds his arms up like a champion and the crowd goes wild. Dash Blade turns around and gets speared by WWEfan. The crowd begins to boo as Dash Blade's head goes crashing into the steel ramp. WWEfan gets up and laughs as the crowd boos him as he walks backstage. Dash Blade gets up slowly and the crowd begins to appluad him as he stumbles backstage.
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Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread   Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread Empty

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Official ROG "Night of Glory II" RP Thread
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