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 Adrenaline Results-09/08/08

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PostSubject: Adrenaline Results-09/08/08   Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:39 pm

Macho King-Cyan
Latin Passion Master-Orange
Neon Hardy-Indigo
Erik Michaels-Green
Jamarius Jackson-Yellow

The show begins with K_mo and Neon Hardy standing in the middle of the ring. Hardy is shouting at K_mo, who is standing with his arms folded and slightly amused smile on his face. The crowd seems to only be paying half attention, but their attention doesn’t seem required.

K_mo: What exactly are you looking for Hardy? Isn’t one loss to me enough?

Hardy: I am looking for something more personal this time. I’m sure you remember what you did to my mentor a week or so ago?

K_mo: Who? Flair? Oh my god, are you serious. You actually idolized that waste of space! That is the saddest and yet most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard.

Hardy: You humiliated him! Disgraced him, for absolutely no reason. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I don’t expect that someone like you can be ashamed of themselves. So here is what I’m telling you right now, you have two choices. Either give me a match right now, so I can teach you the respect you’re so obviously lacking. Or, refuse and I’ll make you so miserable that you’ll have no choice but to accept my challenge.

K_mo: That is so cute. You, defending Woody Woodpecker. I hear he’s single; I’ll get you his number if you like. I already have a match tonight, so I can’t be bothered to beat you….again. But feel free to, as you put it, make me miserable. I look forward to getting a few laughs for the next couple of weeks.

K_mo starts to snicker a bit, as the crowd does the same. He then turns and leaves Hardy to stand, fuming, in the ring alone. The camera swings to the announce table, as LPM slaps a hand on the table and gasps for air in between laughs.

MK: Oh for god’s sake man, it wasn’t that funny! Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to XCL’s Adrenaline! I am the Macho King with my broadcast partner, the Latin Passion Master. We’re just 24 hours out from Heatwave Heaven, and what a PPV that was. Callumomac successfully defended his XCL Championship against Ricky Reynolds. Steve Storme defeated Bolton Stevens who has been a thorn in his side for quite awhile now.

LPM: Woody Woodpecker!! That’s so awesome!

MK: And it looks like I’ll be commentating this show alone for awhile, so let’s get started. The champion, Cal, seems to be keeping a low profile tonight, as he’s not on the card. But I understand that he is here, so anything can happen. In our double main event, we will also find out who will be in a number one contender’s match next week. So let’s move right into our first match and hope my partner here can regain some control of himself in the meantime.

Ashley: The following is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall!

***Pretender by the Foo Fighters plays***

The fans begin to boo as Black Dagger walks out.

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Manchester, England, weighing in at 280 pounds, Black Dagger!

MK: This man looks crazier and crazier each week.

LPM: That’s good he can use that to psych out his opponents.

Black Dagger walks down to the ring being booed the entire way. He ignores it and stares at the ring with an evil look in is eyes. Black Dagger approaches the ring and he climbs in. Dagger looks around at the audience and then stares at the entrance ramp waiting for his opponents.

***Umaga’s Theme plays***

Kumanga walks out from the back and the boos get even louder.

Ashley: Next making his way to the ring from the Samoan Part of Alabama, weighing in at 201 pounds, Kumanga!

Kumanga walks out screaming words in Samoan as he walks down to the ring. The audience keeps booing and he shouts back. Kumanga sees Black Dagger in the ring and he climbs in. Black Dagger does not move and Kumanga nails Dagger with an uppercut. Dagger holds his chin in pain as Kumanga screams again in Samoan. Dagger throws a punch and nails Kumanga directly in the face. The two go back and forth exchanging blows.

*** Shooting Star by Black Stone Cherry plays***

Matt Lee explodes out from the back and runs down to the ring. Matt Lee jumps onto the side of the ring. He jumps to the top rope and uses it to jump off and nails a Spinning Heel Kick to the back of Kumanga’s head. Matt Lee gets directly back to his feet and Black Dagger runs at him but Matt Lee quickly gets out of the way. Dagger turns around to face him and Matt Lee does a springboard off the ropes and nails Dagger with a Springboard DDT. Kumanga pushes himself up and gets back to his feet and sees Matt Lee. Matt Lee tries to run at him and Kumanga nails him with a huge uppercut. Matt Lee turns around in pain holding his neck in pain as Kumanga is holding the back of his head. Kumanga grabs Matt Lee by the head and slams him into the turnbuckle. Kumanga then slams his head into the turnbuckle again and Matt Lee falls to the floor. Kumanga stomps on Matt Lee and pushes him out of the ring with his foot. Kumanga turns around and then Black Dagger runs towards Kumanga and nails him with a huge clothesline. Kumanga starts to get back up as soon as he hits the ground.

MK: Kumanga showing a lot of resilience which is something you need in a match like this.

LPM: That’s right and Black Dagger was doing something else you NEED to do and that is catch your opponents off guard.

Kumanga gets up and Black Dagger grabs his arm and Irish Whips him across the ring to the turnbuckle. Black Dagger runs towards Kumanga and Kumanga lifts up his foot and nails Black Dagger in the face. Matt Lee climbs up onto the ring and to the top Turnbuckle. Black Dagger stumbles towards Matt Lee not seeing where he is going and Matt Lee nails him with a Huracanrana. Matt Lee goes for a cover and the ref counts it 1…2…Kick Out! Matt Lee then runs toward the turnbuckle and then jumps to the top. Matt Lee jumps backwards and nails Black Dagger with a huge Moonsault. Matt Lee covers him again and the ref counts the pin 1…2… Kick Out!

MK: Look at the athleticism of Matt Lee! He hit two great moves one after another.

LPM: But look at Black Dagger he still not out.

Matt Lee gets up and Kumanga grabs him by the back of the head and nails him with a huge Samoan Spike. Matt Lee falls to the floor holding his neck in pain. Matt Lee rolls out of the ring still holding his throat. Black Dagger gets back to his feet and is in pain. He turns around to see Kumanga and Kumanga lifts him up and nails him with a huge Samoan Slam and then follows it up with a pin 1…2…3! Matt Lee is seen trying to get back into the ring but sees the match is over and leaves.

***Umaga’s Theme plays***

MK: He capitalized on the situation and won, he was just at the right place at the right time.

LPM: Taking out two people is just being at the right place at the right time? That makes no sense! Macho King do you know anything about wrestling?

Kumanga starts to celebrate as the ref holds up his arm and Kumanga pulls his arm away and climbs out of the ring. Kumanga walks backstage while being booed. Black Dagger gets up slowly holding his back in pain as he leaves the ring as the camera fades to the back.

Erik Michaels swiftly turns the corner and runs bodily into someone else. Both men curse loudly and stumble backwards. Michaels looks up to find that he has nearly flattened Jamarius Jackson. The two laugh for a moment before shaking hands.

Michaels: Jackson! Dude! I was just looking for you. I heard you came over to XCL. Great choice.

Jackson: I hope so, but how would you know? You haven’t even been in the ring yet.

Michaels: Well, I..um…

Jackson: Erik, I’m messin around! You’ve been away for too long, you’ve lost your sense of humor.

Michaels: Right, well listen, I have a favor to ask you. If you don’t mind that is.

Jackson: Of course not.

Michaels: I can’t compete in my match tonight, I can’t explain why, but I just can’t. Want to replace me?

Jackson: Yeah, sure man. Whatever you need, I’m anxious to get in the ring as it is.

Michaels: Great, thanks. I really owe you one. I got to go take care of something now, good to see you though.

He claps a hand on Jackson’s shoulder and leaves with a grin on his face.

MK: That Michaels guy is just odd. What does he have against competing?

LPM: He said he had something to take care of, I say take him at his word.

MK: I suppose, we’ll have to see. But it happens to be time for your favorite guy’s match.

LPM: Yeah, that’s exactly what I’d call him, my favorite.


Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!

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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-09/08/08   Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:41 pm

Karl Adkisson-Brown

LPM: And I ended our date with a simple handshake and we went our separate ways.

MK: ... Really?

LPM: Well, there might have been more, but once I saw the Adam's apple I knew I had to get out of there eventually.

MK: Did you say eventually?

LPM: She paid for dinner; I wasn't going to turn that down!

***The Broken hits***

K_mo starts down the ramp for the ring as the crowd boos and hollers rude remarks at him. He mockingly takes a bow, laughs, and continues to the ring.

Ashley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Grove City Ohio…..K_mo!

MK: I just despise this guy. I really do. I mean, this whole thing with Flair. And what he had to say to Neon Hardy.

LPM: But what part about the Flair3 thing wasn’t true?

MK: All of it.

LPM: Was true.

***Debonaire rocks the arena***

Ashley: And his opponent, from Austin, Texas….he is The Yellow Rose of Texas, Karl Adkisson!

Karl emerges on the ramp as the fans rise to their feet in cheers. He smiles briefly and walks to the ring, eyes locked on K_mo. When he scales the steps, he turns and gives a quick kiss to his signature yellow rose and tosses it into the crowd. Two ladies nearly come to blow fighting over it, Adkisson laughs and blows the losing woman a kiss before climbing into the ring.

LPM: Oh my God, what a….

MK: Don’t say it.

LPM: Queerdo!

MK: Well at least you came up with something new.

The bell rings and the two competitors both move to the center of the squared circle. K_mo talks a little trash, and Adkisson just shrugs him off. K_mo gets nose to nose with the larger man and continue to trash talk. Finally Adkisson backs away and turns to the crowd, motioning that K_mo's breath is hard to stand. The crowd reacts with laughter and K_mo reacts with a huge boot to the face.

MK: Ohhh...a nasty kick to the face to get this thing started.

LPM: And it looks like K_mo is not about to back down a bit.

K_mo advances on the stunned Adkisson and spins him around. Right! Left! Right!! Left!! RIGHT! LEFT! K_mo continues his vicious attack with a stiff knee. With Adkisson buckled over, K_mo bounces off the ropes and drops him to the mat with a hard Running DDT. K_mo makes a quick cover. One…Two...Kickout!

MK: A good start for K_mo but, it was not enough to keep the larger man down.

LPM: Not yet King but, K_mo is well on his way to victory here.

K_mo is back to his feet and with a handful of hair, brings Adkisson to a standing position also. The ref warns K_mo about the hair pull but he pays no attention. K_mo leans back ready to connect with another closed fist but it's blocked. Adkisson throws a fist of his own and it connects. Adkisson forces K_mo to the ropes then Irish Whips him to the opposite side of the ring. Adkisson with a clothesline that is ducked. K_mo rebounds, and leapfrogs over Adkisson. K_mo again off the ropes, and a perfect drop kick by Adkisson drops the running K_mo to the mat. Adkisson is quick to follow up, pulls K_mo to his feet and locks his hands around the waist of his opponent.

MK: Adkisson has K_mo is a precarious position here...

The german suplex connects.

MK: Still, Adkisson hasn't let go.

A second german suplex connects.

LPM: Not another!!

A third suplex leaves K_mo folded nearly in half on the mat.

MK: Well now he lets go.

A cocky smile comes across the face of Adkisson as K_mo barely stirs from the mat. K_mo slowly makes his way to the ropes as Adkisson watches him like a hawk, ready to pounce. Adkisson hits the ropes and as K_mo finally makes it to his feet; he gets clotheslined straight over the top. Adkisson showboats for the adoring crowd as cheers and hollers fill the arena.

LPM: See, this is why I don't like the queerdo!

MK: Posing and showboating are not my style but, they seem to work great for him.

Adkisson turns his attention from the crowd to K_mo who, once again, is making his way to his feet. Adkisson dives through the ropes but K_mo side steps the man and helps his face into the announcer's table.

LPM: Seeing Adkisson's face smash into our table is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

MK: Then you must have loved his win just last night.

LPM: We’re not talking about that anymore.

K_mo is back up and delivers another crushing boot to the side of Adkisson’s head. Adkisson slides off the announcer's table and hits the floor. K_mo is quick to mount the other man and reintroduces him to his fist. He rolls off Adkisson and raises his fist in the air to a round of boos. K_mo pulls Adkisson to his feet and whips him into the steel ring steps.

MK: K_mo taking advantage of whatever foreign objects he can.

LPM: Can you blame him? I can’t.

K_mo climbs to the ring apron and squares up the downed Adkisson. He runs, and then jumps for a double knee drop to the gut. The air shoots out of Adkisson who protectively rolls to his side, gasping. K_mo also felt the impact of the attack and is slow to get back to his feet but does after a few moments. K_mo follows up with some heavy boots to the already damaged ribs of Adkisson before crawling back into the ring.

MK: What is K_mo up to here?

LPM: King, how long have you been involved in wrestling? He is looking for the count out victory here and he is likely to get it. Adkisson has met his match.

MK: We’ll see. I admit it isn’t looking good for him right now.

The ref begins to count. ONE! TWO!! THREE!

LPM: Told ya, met his match.

FOUR!! FIVE!!! Adkisson starts to stir on the outside, fighting with all he has to make it to his feet. SIX!! SEVEN!!!

MK: Maybe not, he’s back on his feet. He’ll make it back in.


LPM: Not a chance!

NINE!!! K_mo has waited enough and is not about to chance Adkisson getting back into the ring. He runs again and connects with a Baseball Slide. The referee is forced to break off the count, yelling at K_mo to bring it in the ring. Adkisson is down again and but K_mo wastes no time getting him back to his feet. Irish whip, this time to the post as Adkisson’s face meets steel. K_mo lines him up for a boot, but Adkisson moves at the last second, sending K_mo crotch first into the post. Both men go down and neither move as the referee starts to count again.

MK: It would be a shame if this match ended in a double count out

LPM: For once I agree with you.

At the count of eight both men slowly get back to their feet. Adkisson rushes K_mo with his arm extended for a stiff clothesline but, this time K_mo ducks, and locks his arms around the waist. Adkisson is quick to throw a back elbow to the face of K_mo, followed by another. K_mo staggers and Adkisson rolls him back into the ring.

MK: Finally we got this match back in the ring, where it belongs.

Now, Adkisson is making his move. He doesn’t wait for him to move but lands a double knee drop of his own followed by the pin. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!

Adkisson doesn't even consider pondering the count and pulls K_mo to his feet. Adkisson tucks K_mo's head between his legs but K_mo scrambles away and turns for a quick clothesline that drops his opponent. K_mo follows up with an elbow drop and the pin. ONE…TWO…the count is broken as Neon Hardy grabs K_mo’s foot from the outside and pulls him off Adkisson. K_mo stands and turns angrily on Hardy. The two begin to argue, Hardy demanding a match, K_mo angry about his match being interrupted.
As the two continue to bicker, Adkisson slowly recovers and begins to get to his feet. He looks around and takes stock on the situation before dropping to the mat again, grabbing K_mo’s leg and rolling him up for a pin. ONE….TWO…THREE!

***Debonaire hits again***

MK: Well, well, well, look who won.

LPM: Queerdo had to get a win eventually.

MK: I believe he’s still undefeated you idiot.

LPM: Whatever.

Ashley: Here is your winner….Karl Adkisson!

Adkisson rises to his feet and showboats for the thunderous crowd. As he continues to celebrate in the ring K_mo runs from the ring and chases Neon Hardy to the back. Karl watches them and shakes his head before continuing to acknowledge his many fans.


Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-09/08/08   Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:42 pm

MK: And now to the back, where Ashley has tracked down Daywalker. Word has it she has a few questions.

Ashley: Daywalker, thank you for taking some time to talk with me today. First question, how are you feeling after your loss just last night?

Daywalker: Loss? What loss? I believe that I had that match completely in hand. Karl Adkisson couldn’t take it and got me disqualified. That is precisely what happened. And anyone with two eyes and a halfway working brain could see that. Which makes me wonder about the state of your brain Ashley.

Ashley: Cute. Your….loss aside, do you think Karl will be looking for a rematch anytime soon?

Daywalker: Will he be able to move anytime soon? That’s the real question. And the answer to that one is no.

Ashley: That wasn’t my question. But to answer yours, the answer would be yes as Karl Adkisson had a match just now. Now, would it trouble you terribly to answer my question.

Daywalker: Fine, I don’t doubt that he will be looking for a rematch. But unfortunately he won’t be getting one. That piece of slime has no right to even be in the same ring as me. I am the purest, most scintillating, most precise, most perfect wrestler in the world today. Yet this fruity little cowboy thinks he can compete with me at all? He can’t, and that was proven at Heatwave Heaven. I have no doubt he’ll come whining for a rematch, but until he can compete on my pure, spectacular level it just won’t be happening.

Karl Adkisson walks around the corner laughing and shaking his head. He approaches the interview and flashes Ashley a quick grin. She blushes and offers the mic to him.

Adkisson: Thank you doll. Now what was that nonsense I just heard about you being a pure wrestler? Is hitting an opponent in the groin part of pure wrestling now? I wasn’t aware. When did they change the rules?

Daywalker: You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe getting your ass kicked has left you a bit confused. I suggest you hobble along back to your bed and sleep it off for a while.

Adkisson: Oh, I am seeing things perfectly clear. And I see that you are nothing more than a pompous, ignorant moron who probably doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together. So instead, you sit here and brag about your “accomplishments”, which really aren’t that amazing. And you outright lie about your abilities and in-ring attitude. I, for one, have had enough. I will be getting a rematch, and I will show you for what you truly are. A pathetic hack who believes his own hype.

Daywalker: You won’t be getting a rematch. You don’t have what it takes to face me, or beat me.

Adkisson: Do you remember how that whole “I’m not giving you a match” thing ended last time? Oh right, of course you do…with your totally pure victory.

He laughs again, winks at Ashley and walks off to leave Daywalker fuming. Daywalker clenches his fists, goes a bit red in the face, and curses before storming off himself.

LPM: Karl Adkisson is just infuriating isn’t he? Interrupting people’s interviews, demanding matches. Its ludicrous, the general manager needs to put a stop to it.

MK: He wasn’t out of line, and you know it. You just have a man crush on Daywalker for some reason. Adkisson was right on the mark, the guy is a pompous ass.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

***Infra-Red by Placebo plays***

Ashley: First making his way to the ring from City 17, weighing in at 200 pounds, Daywalker!

Daywalker walks out from the back and the crowd begins to boo him as he walks down to the ring.

LPM: What is wrong with these fans? Don’t they see a great wrestler when they see one?

MK: Yeah they do, but they also see someone who loves to wrestle cheap knock-off’s of actual wrestlers. He is nothing but a loser.

Daywalker walks down to the ring with a smirk on his face almost laughing as he comes to the ring. Daywalker climbs in and starts to get ready for his match.

***Tell Me When to Go by E 40 plays***

Ashley: And his opponent making his way to the ring from The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 245 pounds, Jamarius Jackson!

Jamarius Jackson walks out and the fans go crazy, Jamarius just smiles as he walks down to the ring giving all the fans high fives and walking towards the ring.

MK: This man has a huge following wherever he goes, he is really popular with our crowd.

LPM: Don’t judge things by our crowd they never know who to cheer for, they’re all a bunch of losers.

Jamarius Jackson climbs into the ring and stares down Daywalker. The ref looks at both of them then calls for the bell and starts the match. Daywalker and Jackson come to the center of the ring and both start talking trash. Daywalker backs up then nails him with a cheap shot. Jackson turns around holding his face in pain and Daywalker steps to the side of him and nails him with a Russian Leg Sweep. Daywalker covers him quickly and the ref starts to count it. 1…2… Kick Out! Daywalker gets back up and Jackson does as well. Daywalker tries to get another shot directly to the face of Jackson, but Jackson blocks it and nails Daywalker with a jab to the face. Jackson grabs Daywalker by the arm and Irish Whips him into the turnbuckle. Jamarius goes to the corner and smashes his forearm into the side of the face of Daywalker. He does it again and then 8 more times and backs off. Daywalker falls to the floor in the corner.
LPM: Ah now that is messed up! He hit him 10 times while he was in the corner; Daywalker couldn’t stand up for himself.

MK: I thought wrestlers were permitted to hit them 10 times, now you’re just arguing with the rules.

Jackson walks back and lets Daywalker get to his feet. Daywalker gets up and is standing in the turnbuckle and still looks out of it. Jackson runs full speed at him and Daywalker quickly falls out of the way and Jackson’s chest goes smacking into the turnbuckle and knocks the air out of him. Daywalker gets a quick roll up on Jackson and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. The ref doesn’t notice it and counts the pin, 1…2…Kick Out! Jamarius Jackson is able to roll out of the ring and Daywalker falls to the floor with his feet still in the ropes. The ref sees it and starts to yell at him for it. Daywalker gets his feet out of his ropes and pushes himself to his feet. Jackson slides back into the ring still holding his chest still. Before Jackson can get to his feet. Daywalker puts Jackson in a front facelock while Jackson is still on the ground. Jackson looks almost completely out of it but gets his leg on the rope. The ref starts to count on Daywalker 1…2…3… Daywalker breaks the hold and lets Jackson get to his feet. Daywalker grabs Jackson by the arm and tries to put him in an armbar but before he can Jackson pulls his arm free and uses it to nail Daywalker with a strong lariat that leaves Daywalker collapsed on the floor.

MK: That was a great move by Jackson, he avoided another hold that could have taken him out.

LPM: What nailing someone with your arm? It’s not that hard at all, Daywalker is a way better wrestler.

Daywalker slowly starts to get up and Jackson grabs his arm and Irish Whips him into the corner again. Jackson gets into position for mounted punches and starts hitting them as the ref counts. 1...2…3…4… Daywalker shoves Jackson off of him and Jackson lands on the ref. The ref looks out cold and Jackson is on the floor as well. Daywalker pulls something out of his shoe and puts them on his hand. Daywalker then waits for Jackson to get up. Jackson gets up slowly and Daywalker punches him directly in the midsection. Jackson falls to the floor holding his chest in pain. Daywalker throws the brass knuckles out of the ring and then goes and pulls the ref up. Daywalker pins Jackson and the ref counts it 1…2…3!

Ashley: Here is your winner, Daywalker!

***Infra-Red by Placebo plays***

Daywalker gets to his feet as the ref checks on Jamarius Jackson.

MK: Better wrestler, huh? He couldn’t beat Jamarius Jackson without cheating!

LPM: Cheating? If it was cheating our ref would have disqualified him, you have no trust in our system do you.

Daywalker slides out of the ring and grabs the brass knuckles before the ref can see them. Daywalker then leaves as Jamarius Jackson gets up slowly and walks backstage with the aid of the ref.


Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-09/08/08   Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:44 pm

Steve Storme-Dark Red

MK: So what was Daywalker saying earlier about being "pure"? Do brass knuckles qualify?

LPM: Ask the referee after the first half of our main event.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

***Round and Round by Ratt plays***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 213 Pounds, “Red-Hot” Ricky Reynolds!

Ricky walks out from the back to a huge negative fan reaction as he walks to the ring. He just laughs it off and walks down to the ring.

MK: The crowd is making it’s voice known but Ricky Reynolds seems to not care at all.

LPM: Why should he care? This crowd is always wrong and never know they are doing, in my opinion he’s doing the right thing.

Ricky comes to the ring and climbs in and waits for his opponent.

***Shockwave by Black Tide plays***

Shockwave comes out and the crowd cheers for him as he walks towards the ring.

Ashley: And the opponent making his way to the ring from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in at 210 pounds, Shockwave!

LPM: And why do they like this guy? What has he ever done for them?

MK: I’m pretty sure that the audience just wants to see Ricky get torn apart and will cheer for anyone who has the chance to do it.

Shockwave gives a few fans high fives before he gets to the ring. Ricky is in the ring staring at him and Shockwave waits a few seconds before climbing into the ring. The two stare each other down as the ref checks them both before starting the match. The ref finishes and calls for the bell. The match starts and Shockwave and Ricky move around the ring standing at opposite side of each other. Shockwave puts his arm up for a test of strength. Ricky puts up his left arm to interlock his hand with Shockwave’s. Ricky takes a cheap shot with his right hand and punches shockwave in the face. Then Ricky uses his left arm to quickly put Shockwave in an armbar. Ricky keeps applying more pressure to the hold and Shockwave is in a lot of pain. Shockwave is able to twist his arm out of it and then knocks down Ricky with a lariat.

MK: That was a good move by Shockwave, being able to get out of that armbar.

LPM: Yeah but he didn’t capitalize on it he just took him down for a short time.

Shockwave backs up and lets Ricky Reynolds get back to his feet before he goes on the offensive. Ricky gets his foot on the floor and is on one knee. Shockwaves runs at him and nails him with a shining wizard. Ricky Reynolds falls to the floor and holds his face in pain. Shockwave lifts him back to his feet and attempts to Irish Whip Ricky against the ropes. Ricky is able to reverse it and sends Shockwave against the ropes. When Shockwave comes running back at him Ricky Reynolds kicks him in the midsection. Then Ricky hooks him for a suplex and stops with Shockwave in mid-air. Ricky Reynolds falls back and hits a huge Vertical Stalling Suplex. Ricky Reynolds follows the move up with a pin and the ref counts it 1…2… Kick Out! Ricky gets back to his feet and lets Shockwave get up as well. Ricky attempts to set Shockwave up for another suplex but Shockwave punches him in the midsection and then again to get Ricky off of him. Shockwave then continues to punch him until he is in the turnbuckle. The ref instructs him to back off and he does. Shockwave runs towards Ricky and the Ricky Reynolds turns around and shoves his elbow into the face of Shockwave. Shockwave turns away from Ricky while stumbling away and Ricky runs towards him and nails him with a running bulldog.
LPM: Daily Nose Bleed! Shockwave is probably in a world of pain right now.

MK: He’s not an amateur he will be able to get through this.

Shockwave starts to get up and Ricky Reynolds begins to stalk him waiting for him to get up. Shockwave gets to a standing position and Ricky gets behind him and then hooks his arms around Shockwave. Ricky nails him with a German Suplex and Shockwave lands directly on his head. Ricky covers Shockwave and the ref counts the pin 1…2… Kick Out! Ricky Reynolds locks in a side headlock on Shockwave and continues to apply pressure. Shockwave starts to reach for the rope and pulls himself closer to it. Shockwave extends his arm as far as it can go and grabs the rope and the ref starts yelling at Ricky Reynolds to break the hold. Ricky ignores him and then the ref begins to count on him to break the hold 1…2…3… Ricky lets go of the hold and then gets to his feet. Shockwave pulls himself to his feet with the ropes.

MK: Shockwave is one tough wrestler. Ricky Reynolds has tried everything and Shockwave is still able to get to his feet.

LPM: That or he is stupid, stay down!

Ricky takes a few steps towards Shockwave and Shockwave nails him with a devastating Superkick. Ricky falls to the floor and Shockwave covers him 1…2…Kick Out! Shockwave gets back to his feet and waits for Ricky Reynolds to get to his feet. Ricky gets to his feet and Shockwave goes to punch him in the face but Ricky blocks it then hooks him up for a snap suplex and nails it quickly. Ricky then grabs Shockwave's legand locks in an Indian Death lock. Ricky keeps applying more and more pressure and Shockwave is no where near the ropes. Shockwave has no choice but to tap out and does. The ref calls for the bell.

***Round and Round by Ratt plays***

Ashley: Here is your winner Ricky Reynolds!

The ref holds up Ricky Reynolds arms in victory.

MK: I don't like his style of wrestling but he got the job done here and was able to come away with the victory.

LPM: Yeah no one cares what you don't like, try to give some unbiased commentary and praise the man for his outstanding victory. Ricky Reynolds climbs out of the ring and goes backstage.

Backstage Callumomac approaches Steve Storme and taps him on the shoulder. Storme jumps like he’s been burned, then turns to see Cal and scowls a bit. Cal grins and adjusts the title belt on his shoulder, Storme folds his arms in response.

Storme: Yes?

Cal: Just wanted to wish you luck out there tonight. You beat Stevens last night, I have no doubt you can beat him again.

Storme: I know.

Cal: Ok seriously, I have had it with this attitude of yours. You are acting like talking to me is a burden to you, when supposedly we’re friends and allies around here. What the hell is wrong with you?

Storme: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. What could possibly make you think that something was wrong?!

Cal: You know what, whatever. I don’t need this right now. Good luck out there, I look forward to defending this title against you.

He turns to leave.

Storme: And lose.

Cal: Sorry, didn’t catch that. What?

Storme: Nothing.

Storme turns on his heel and walks by the champion without another word or glance.

MK: Alright, does anyone really need to say it? Someone has been bitten by the envy bug.

LPM: He’s just having a bad night. He has a match to get to.

MK: Why are you such an apologist for certain people around here?

LPM: I didn’t apologize to anyone.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

***Light My Fire by The Doors plays***

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from New York City, weighing in at 210 pounds, Bolton Steven!

Bolton Stevens walks out from the back and the crowd boos him as he walks down to the ring.

LPM: This wrestler just keeps impressing me, last week he had an excellent showing against Cal and tonight he will get a chance to prove himself against Steve Storme. He really is moving up.

MK: Well you can’t deny that he had a good showing, but he had to have his team barred from ringside to make it a fair match. And even then they all still attacked the XCL Champion Cal.

Bolton walks up to the ring with a smirk on his face he climbs into the ring and stands waiting for Steve Storme.

***Git Up by D12 plays***

Ashley: And the opponent making his way to the ring from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 235 pounds, Steve Storme!

The crowd goes absolutely wild as Steve Storme walks out from the back and walks down to the ring giving the fans high fives.

MK: And here he is, Steve Storme, one of the greatest XCL’s greatest wrestlers.

LPM: Greatest? We have a lot of talent around here, I’m not sure if he is one of the greatest or is even up there with them.

Steve Storme walks down to the ring and he looks at Bolton. Steve slides into the ring and gets directly to his feet. Steve Storme gets directly in the face of Bolton. Steve Storme hits Bolton with a swift Jab to the face. Bolton holds his face in pain and Steve waits for him. Bolton runs at Steve Storme and Storme takes him down with an arm drag takeover and holds onto his arm. Steve Storme quickly puts Bolton into an armbar but Bolton is close to the ropes and grabs it. Steve Storme lets go and back up letting Bolton get to his feet. Bolton runs at Storme and Steve jumps into the air and nails him with a dropkick directly to the face. Steve Storme grabs the leg of Bolton and Bolton quickly kicks him in the midsection with his other foot. Bolton pulls his foot back in then pushes hard and sends Storme against the ropes. Bolton gets up to his feet and Storme runs towards him. Bolton jumps at him and nails him with a spinning heel kick.

LPM: Huge move by Bolton their, he can take control of this match and go for the win.

MK: Steve Storme is resilient, it will take more then one move to take him off his game.

Bolton sees Storme about to get up and he stands behind him. Storme gets to his feet and Bolton nails a dropkick to Storme’s back, and Storme falls forward and lands on the ropes with his arms hanging over the side and his neck resting on the rope. Bolton starts to take off the turnbuckle pad near him and the ref starts to yell at him. Bolton apologizes and hands him the pad. The ref starts to put it back on as Bolton runs over the Steve and starts leaning on him choking him with the rope. The ref doesn’t notice as he keeps tying the turnbuckle pad back up. Bolton lets go and Steve falls to the floor holding his neck in pain as the ref turns back around. Bolton starts choking him with his hands on the floor and the ref starts counting 1…2…3…4… Bolton lets go and gets to his feet. The ref starts to warn him.

MK: Bolton is blatantly cheating; the ref should have put an end to it.

LPM: He has the 5 count and he utilized it, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Storme is still coughing on the floor holding his throat in pain and Bolton locks in a headlock. Storme looks like he is in a lot of pain and is not moving a lot. The ref asks Steve if he wants to quit the match and he does not respond. The ref picks up Storme’s arm and holds it up and Storme’s arm falls to the floor. Bolton keeps tightening the headlock and the ref lift’s Storme’s arm again and it falls to the floor. The ref picks up Storme’s arm one last time and lets go Storme’s hand falls a little bit but then stops in the air. Storme tries to struggle his way towards the ropes. Storme reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. The ref goes to count on Bolton but Bolton lets go of the hold and gets to his feet. Bolton starts to stomp on Steve’s head while Steve still holds the rope in pain. The ref starts to yell at Bolton and threatens to disqualify him.

MK: Bolton has to be careful, I know he wants to win this match but he needs to make sure he doesn’t get disqualified.

LPM: This ref is terrible he’s making up his own calls, if Bolton gets disqualified it’s all the ref’s fault.

Storme uses the ropes to pull himself up and Bolton runs towards him and Storme jumps into the air and nails him with a dropkick. Bolton hits the floor and Storme quickly runs towards the ropes and nails a Lionsault. Steve quickly covers Bolton without hooking his leg and the ref counts the pin. 1…2… Kick Out! Steve gets back to his feet and lets Bolton get up. Bolton gets up holding his stomach in pain. Storme hooks his arm around his head and nails Bolton with a snap suplex. Storme turns him over and puts Bolton in a Boston Crab. Bolton looks like he is in pain but reaches out and is able to grab the ropes. Steve backs off and lets Bolton get to his feet.

MK: That is a respectable clean break, even though Bolton has never done it Storme still let him out.

LPM: Yeah he doesn’t know how to utilize a count, it’s not Bolton’s fault.

Bolton is standing in the turnbuckle in pain and Storme runs at him and Bolton puts his feet up and nails Storme in the face. Steve backs away and Bolton inches closer towards him. Storme lets go of his face in pain and Bolton tries to Superkick him. Storme ducks it and Bolton goes past him. When Bolton turns around Storme runs towards him and nails a Codebreaker and follows with a pin 1…2… Kick Out. Storme waits for Bolton to get to his feet. When he does Storme hits a swift jab to Bolton’s face, he hits another and continue until Bolton backs up Storme then nails him with a Superkick and pins. 1…2…3!

***Git Up by D12 plays***

Ashley: Here is your winner Steve Storme!

Steve Storme starts to celebrate his victory as the ref holds up his arm.

MK: Bolton almost made out with the victory, but Storme was able to win without have to resort to dirty tactics.

LPM: He got lucky, any other day he would have lost!

Steve Storme walks to the back celebrating the win while Bolton holds his head in pain as he walks out.

MK: And with that we have the same number one contenders match we did a few weeks ago. Ricky Reynolds and Steve Storme.

LPM: And I have no doubt that Reynolds will once again walk away the number on contender.

MK: You can't count Storme out, he has a lot of determination going into this. But all of that will be decided next week. Be sure to come on back next Monday, we will definately be here.


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Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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stef great ashow as always and remember to askrater r about me joing xcl love ya Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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stef great ashow as always and remember to askrater r about me joing xcl love ya Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Looks like Rated R has some competition... Razz


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Bj89 wrote:
stef great ashow as always and remember to askrater r about me joing xcl love ya Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Looks like Rated R has some competition... Razz

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Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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Adrenaline Results-09/08/08
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