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 Adrenaline Results-09/16/08

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PostSubject: Adrenaline Results-09/16/08   Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 EmptyTue Sep 16, 2008 8:02 pm

Macho King-Cyan
Latin Passion Master-Orange
Steve Storme-Green

The theme for Adrenaline plays as the crowd erupts into a standing ovation. Signs wave, banners fly, and the excitement increases as the lights come up to reveal the empty ring.

MK: Good evening Adrenaline fans and welcome back! What a show we've had already and the opening credit haven't even rolled. Neon Hardy and K_mo are at each other's throats again. LPM, mind giving us a recap?

LPM: Right, of course. Well, I had just arrived...early as usual. Your lazy butt wasn't here yet, but I decided to check out the locker room and make sure all was in order. I find K_mo and Hardy having a rather heated discussion. Something about Hardy being gay for his old Flair3. Hardy become butthurt about it...haha butthurt. Anyway, I thought to myself, where the hell is King's lazy ass? He so needs to see this.

MK: Can you just, try and stay on topic, please.

LPM: Oh sure, sorry. Anyway, Hardy gave K_mo a shove, who immediately returned it. Finally K_mo got tired of the girlish shoving and punched Hardy clean in the face. Hardy proceeded to slap the taste out of K_mo's mouth...and even I have to say, I never knew the kid could bitch slap so hard. But then security showed up and unfortunately ruined my entertainment. So this has been the Latin Passion Master from the weather desk, back to you King!

MK: First, this isn't the news. Second, those two really need to grow up and lay off. And for the rest of our night, we will see Karl Adkisson take on Kumanga. Ricky Reynold's old friend Jamarius Jackson will attempt to pin our champion Callumomac, and we will crown a new number one contender.

LPM: Sounds like an exciting night, let's kick things off right with Matt Lee and the man we were just discussing Neon Hardy.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

***Shooting Star by Stone Cherry plays***

Matt Lee comes out and the audience boos him.

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 240 pounds, Matt Lee!

MK: The fans are vocal on their opinions of Matt Lee, he is not liked.

LPM: He shouldn’t let that affect him, he should remain focused and that is the key to success.

Matt Lee ignores the boos as he walks down to the ring. Matt Lee comes to the ring and slides in.

***I Don’t Wanna Stop plays***

Ashley: And the opponent making his way to the ring from New York City, New York, weighing in at 250 pounds, Neon Hardy!

Neon Hardy comes running out from backstage. Neon Hardy gives a few fans high fives as he runs towards the ring and slides in. He stands on the opposite side of the ring as Matt Lee.

MK: These are two wrestlers with nearly identical features, and similar wrestling styles, it will be on interesting fight to say the least.

LPM: Interesting? This is going to be entertaining! Two men going all out to prove who is better.

The ref calls for the bell and the match starts. Matt Lee and Neon Hardy walk around the outside of the ring trying to stay away from each other. Matt Lee runs at Hardy and Hardy quickly hooks his arm and nails him with an arm drag. Matt Lee hits the floor and gets back to his feet. Matt Lee attempts to run at Neon Hardy again, but Hardy nails another arm drag. Matt Lee gets back to his feet and Neon Hardy nails him with a drop kick. Neon Hardy gets back to his feet when he sees K_mo walking down towards ring side. Neon Hardy starts yelling at K_mo as K_mo approaches the ring and stands there and Hardy keeps shouting at him to get in the ring. Matt Lee hits a spinning heel kick to the back of Neon Hardy’s head. Neon Hardy falls to the floor.

LPM: See that’s what happens when you don’t stay focused, you lose control of the match.

MK: But K_mo came down to the ring and created an obvious distraction.

Matt Lee waits for Neon Hardy to get to his feet and Matt Lee kicks him in the knee. Then follows it up by kicking Hardy in the midsection. Matt Lee then jumps into the air and takes down Neon Hardy with a Huracanrana. Matt Lee quickly goes for a cover and hooks the leg. The ref counts the pin 1… 2… Kick Out! Matt Lee jumps to his feet and goes to the top rope of the turnbuckle. Matt Lee goes for a moonsault and Neon Hardy puts his legs up and Matt Lee’s midsection goes crashing into Neon Hardy’s legs. Neon Hardy gets back to his feet and K_mo is standing their clapping. Neon Hardy starts to complain to the ref. Matt Lee jumps back to his feet and comes from behind and puts Neon Hardy in a full nelson. Matt Lee nails a devastating dragon suplex, with Neon Hardy landing on his head. Matt Lee keeps it locked in for a pin and the ref counts it. 1… 2… 3!

***Shooting Star by Stone Cherry plays***

Ashley: Here is your winner Matt Lee

MK: That was a fluke win! All he did was hit one move when Neon Hardy was distracted.

LPM: He took the opportunity and he capitalized on it, Neon Hardy should’ve kept his head in the match and not on the guy outside the ring!

Neon Hardy holds his neck and head in pain as Matt Lee goes outside the ring and K_mo lifts his arm in victory. Matt Lee walks backstage and is followed by K_mo. Neon Hardy gets up slowly and rolls out of the ring before stumbling backstage.

MK: I suppose I can't deny that Hardy took his eye off the ball here, but that doesn't make Lee's win brilliant. It was still a fluke.

LPM: Look up the word fluke during this match and get back to me on that.

Ashley: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

***Umaga’s Theme plays***

Kumanga walks out from the back and the crowd begins to boo him.

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from the Samoan part of Alabama, weighing in at 201 pounds, Kumanga!

MK: Kumanga has shown himself to be a force here in XCL. Tonight he will have to prove himself again against the likes of Karl Adkisson.

LPM: And he will, he is a great competitor and one of the better on XCL.

Kumanga walks down to the ring while the audience boos him. Kumanga shouts something at the audience. Kumanga climbs into the ring and begins pacing around waiting for Karl Adkisson.

***Debonaire by Dope plays***

Karl Adkisson comes out from the back to a positive reaction with his signature yellow rose. As is customary he tosses it to the audience, who nearly kill themselves trying to capture it.

Ashley: And the opponent making his way to the ring from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 270 pounds, “The Yellow Rose of Texas” Karl Adkisson!

MK: Karl Adkisson will be taking on Kumanga and he shows no fear, this is going to be one hell of a match.

LPM: Of course it’s going to be a hell of a match. This is XCL, our wrestlers aim to put on the best match possible.

Karl Adkisson walks down to the ring staring down Kumanga. Kumanga starts yelling in Samoan at Karl but Karl ignores it and climbs into the ring. Kumanga and Karl come face to face. They exchange some words but before the ref can break them up Karl nails Kumanga with a lariat. The ref starts the match as Kumanga tries to get back to his feet but Karl Adkisson starts clubbing him with his forearm to the back of Kumanga’s head. Kumanga stands up straight and Karl backs off Kumanga. Karl punches Kumanga directly in the face. Kumanga backs up a little but Karl continues to punch him. Karl hits a huge punch and Kumanga backs up into the turnbuckle. Karl stands on the ropes to hit mounted punches. Karl only gets 1 punch to the skull of Kumanga in before Kumanga slams Karl down to the floor. Karl holds his head in pain as Kumanga yells something in Samoan very loudly.

MK: Looks like Kumanga just got fired up.

LPM: Yeah Karl Adkisson better watch out, Kumanga is one tough SOB.

Kumanga grabs Karl by the head and lifts him to his feet. Karl quickly reacts by punching Kumanga in the midsection. Kumanga lets go and Karl Adkisson gets to his feet and locks in a headlock. Kumanga gets his arm behind Karl and then pushes him forward into the ropes. Karl grabs onto the ropes and instead of bouncing off stops. Kumanga runs towards him but Karl lifts his foot into the air and kicks Kumanga in the head. Kumanga turns around holding his face in pain and Karl quickly hooks his arms around Kumanga and nails a German suplex. Karl keeps his arms locked around Kumanga and stands up. Karl hits another German suplex and Kumanga is in obvious pain. Karl is still locked in and gets to his feet for a third time. Karl Adkisson nails a third German suplex and releases. Kumanga lands on his head and shoulders. Karl Adkisson quickly covers him 1… 2… Kick out!

MK: Kumanga just barely kicked out!

LPM: I am not going to lie those were some high impact moves and Kumanga was lucky enough to power out.

Karl Adkisson gets back to his feet and Kumanga does the same. Kumanga looks out of it and is holding his neck in pain. Karl punches him in the face and Kumanga is still on his feet. Karl hits him with another and Kumanga still looks out of it. Karl goes for a third punch and Kumanga blocks it and follows it up with a fury of punches of his own. Karl is still on his feet so Kumanga lifts him up and nails the Samoan Slam! Kumanga hooks Karl’s leg while going for a cover and the ref counts it 1…2…3!

***Umaga’s Theme plays***

Ashley: Here is your winner Kumanga!

Kumanga gets up and starts to celebrate.

MK: That was one close match up, Kumanga almost lost but came out with the victory out of nowhere and lost Adkisson his undefeated streak.

LPM: You have to be careful with Kumanga in the ring you never know when he can just hit the Samoan Slam and walk out with the win. But the best man won, so all is well that ends well.

The ref tries to hold up his arm but he pulls it away. Kumanga gets out of the ring as the audience boos him. He walks backstage as Karl Adkisson gets up slowly. Karl looks pissed as he walks backstage.

MK: I notice you didn't call Adkisson a single name during that match LPM, maybe its possible for you to grow up after all.

LPM: Or I just couldn't be bothered. I have to keep you on your toes.

MK: I'm sure you will be back to yourself in no time. Now, back to the ring we go. Steve Storme apparently would like a few words with our audience before the main event tonight.

Returning to the ring, Steve Storme stands alone with a microphone at his side. The lights come up to illuminate him and the crowd begins to cheer half-heartedly. He waits patiently, occasionally shushing them, before bringing the mic up to speak.

Storme: I’m not going to waste any time here tonight by going on about how great you fans are, or how great this city is. I’m not going to waste my time by kissing the general manager’s ass and begging her to just make me the number one contender outright. That’s not what I’m here for anyway. I have noticed a pattern here in XCL, people leaving. I had to ask myself why, it puzzled me. I came over to XCL because I trust our general manager and because I knew this company had promise. Now people are leaving, some in more amusing ways than others. Granted, we could have a better champion. Like me as one example. Cal, as much as he’s my friend, doesn’t seem to be measuring up so well.

The crowd cheers louder at the mention of their champion. Storme smirks for a moment before continuing.

Storme: So, we could have a better champion. We could have a better roster. I mean, Tyrant? Really? But all that aside, this company is still the best damn thing going in the wrestling world today. So why are people running over to that little shithole that is ROG? Take STL for example, he was getting a pretty good run over here…and he tucks tail and runs for ROG. Talk about a coward. He just knew that the competition was a little too stiff over here, so he went back to the minor leagues to be the big fish in a small pond. And when I say big fish, I mean BIG fi…

He is cut off as Sad but True begins to play. He looks to the entrance to see a shorter man whose gut is reminiscent of a hippo emerges on the ramp. He holds a familiar looking cardboard title belt in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. He stumbles his way to the ring as Steve Storme breaks into a wide smile.

Storme: Speak of the devil! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all welcome back to XCL…Fat Tub of Lard, or as you probably know him FTL. Let’s all wait in rapt anticipation to see what he has to say for himself.

FTL nearly trips as he ascends the ring steps, sending the audience into fits of laughter.

Storme: Kinda let himself go since he left hasn’t he? Oh, finally, about time you waddled to the ring. Now, what do you have to say for yourself? For being a yellow-bellied coward who had to run away from the big-bad XCL?

FTL: I did not……sssssoo….

Storme: You didn’t what? Have you forgotten how to speak English too? Or perhaps you’re just so useless that God saw fit to take the ability to speak away from you. No, really now…why leave?

FTL:I, um…I…uh….

Storme walks towards him slowly, as FTL backs into the corner away from him.

Storme: Really? That’s some scintillating wit you’re showing here. But I don’t really need an answer. I already know. The truth is, you couldn’t take it could you?

MK: Does this seem a little unnecessary to anyone else?

LPM: Shhhh…let the man speak!

Storme: You couldn’t take being in the ring with some of the most talented wrestlers in the world. You could stand not being made number one contender over Ricky Reynolds and tonight it will be me. You realized that you are in fact a worthless piece of crap and decided to do the right thing by ridding our locker room of your presence. How about you rid this ring of your presence before I make you regret the day you first drew breath.

FTL cowers a bit in the corner, his eyes go wide for a moment then he blushes furiously. He looks down in horror at the now-wet front of his pants. The audience rolls with laughter and this time Steve decides to join in.

Storme: My God, you’re so much of a coward you pissed yourself! XCL should count itself lucky to be rid of a fat, drunken, slob like you. And in fact, I’m going to make them even more glad. This one is for mommy, so smile.

He hits FTL with a superkick that sends him from the ring. The crowd mutters and a smattering of applause breaks out as Steve Storme rolls from the ring. He kicks the downed man and walks up the ramp to leave.

Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 Samdean

Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-09/16/08   Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 EmptyTue Sep 16, 2008 8:03 pm

Delia Kinney-Yellow
Ricky Reynolds-Brown
Daywalker-Dk Red
Jamarius Jackson-Dk Blue

***The Broken hits***

K_mo starts down the ramp for the ring as the crowd boos and a few fans made obscene gestures at him.

Ashley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Grove City Ohio…..K_mo!

***Infra-Red by Placebo plays***

Ashley: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from City 17, weighing in at 200 pounds, Daywalker!

Daywalker walks out from the back and the boos get even louder as the rude remarks begin raining in as well.

MK: Our fans seems to hate these two men equally. Its no real wonder why.

LPM: Because our fans are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Daywalker steps onto the ring apron and motions for a mic.

Daywalker: This match is being dedicated to someone tonight. I am dedicating this performance to the man who has continuously been a thorn in my side, and a pain in my ass. The one and only Karl Adkisson. Even after everything that has been done, everything that has been said, you continue to insist on getting a rematch. I have had it, I really have. I am the purest wrestler on this roster, you don’t deserve to lace my boots. So go buzz around like the little fly you are, but go buzz somewhere else.

Both men cautiously make their way to mid-ring, sizing each other up. K_mo looks more motivated for this match then might be expected considering his busy evening. The smaller K_mo challenges Daywalker to a test of strength. Daywalker looks a bit puzzled at this move and looks at the crowd before accepting the challenge, but K_mo takes his hands down and delivers a series of chops to his opponent. Daywalker just smiles and returns the favor with a series of his own, backing K_mo into the corner. Daywalker breaks out a leg sweep that takes K_mo down. He drops the elbow on his downed opponent but meets the mat as K_mo slides under the ropes to try and regroup.

MK: One has to wonder what kind of change in strategy K_mo will take. He’s one of the smallest men on our roster, against one of the biggest.

LPM: Obviously that does require a change in style. But who really cares, he’ll lose to Daywalker anyway.

K_mo climbs back into the ring and surprises Daywalker with not one, but two standing dropkicks. Daywalker is stunned, but kicks out easily just after a one count. K_mo decides to take advantage of his burst of offense and climbs to the top rope, where he begins to lose his balance. That allows Datwalker to pop up to the top rope and send K_mo to the canvas the hard way with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top! Daywalker makes a cover for one and a half and returns to his feet He waits for K_mo to return to his feet…

***Bitch begins to play***

Kinney: Good evening gentlemen, let me do everyone a favor and call this match right now. I’m bored out of my mind watching this so let’s just call it a no contest shall we? Right, and with that drivel out of the way….

The audience laughs as K_mo and Daywalker look at their general manager with looks ranging from confusion to irritation. A chant starts up of “Thank you ma’am” and Ms Kinney smiles around at them all for a moment.

Kinney: Two small bits of business, K_mo stop hassling Neon Hardy. The whole thing with Flair3…was hilarious. And granted, I did ask you to help me. But the kid is being bitchy about it, so leave it. If you don’t I’ll grant him the match he is asking for. And as for you Daywalker, who told you that you get to dictate terms for your own matches? Whoever that was is very, very sorely mistaken. For your cheek I am giving Karl Adkisson his rematch at the next PPV, Sympathy for the Devil. Now, please vacate my ring and let’s move right along.

She turns on her heel, leaving the two men cursing her under their breath.

MK: Well, um, I have nothing to say or do until our next match.

LPM: I hate it when these matches get cut off like that, it makes me look bad to scramble for something.

MK: Well then, its almost time for Jamarius Jackson and Callumomac, let's go backstage and see how the two men are preparing for the match then.

LPM: Or you could dress up like a taco and dance for the audience.

MK: Not gonna happen, backstage we go.

Jamarius Jackson walks purposefully to the ring when Ricky Reynolds steps from a shadowed corner to meet him. Jackson jumps a bit at the surprise, but quickly recovers when he sees his old tag team partner.

Jackson: Jesus man, what is it with you XCL guys and jumping out of corners at people? Second week in a row.

Reynolds: Sorry about that. I just wanted to see how you’ve been, say hi and all that junk. And wish you luck against the champion tonight, he’s a pushover so don’t worry about it.

Jackson: I’m not worried; I’ve been scouting him. But anyway, you’ll be the number one contender after tonight….congrats. I expect a title match once you win, for old time’s sake.

Reynolds: Of course, of course. I couldn’t leave my partner out in the cold. Speaking of which, we should team sometime. I’ll have a chat with the GM about it.

Jackson: Its just too bad there’s not a tag division title, we could be holding all the gold by the next PPV. Anyway, I got a match; we’ll catch up later.

He continues to the ring as the view is replaced by the ring area again.

MK: Don’t you think Ricky is being a bit ambitious? Not only predicting a win tonight over Storme but also a win over Callumomac?

LPM: Just confidence King. And let’s face it; the man has delivered on everything he’s said he was going to do.

MK: Except beat Cal at Heatwave Heaven.

LPM: Well, that’s just…irrelevant.

Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 Samdean

Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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Number of posts : 337
Age : 34
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline Results-09/16/08   Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 EmptyTue Sep 16, 2008 8:04 pm

***Tell Me When To Go by E40 plays***

Jamarius Jackson comes out from the back to an overall positive fan reaction as he walks down to the ring.

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from The Bronx, New York weighing in at 245 pounds, Jamarius Jackson!

MK: Again Jackson is getting a positive reaction from our audience.

LPM: And tonight he is taking on our champion, I rather Jamarius takes out Callumomac, anyone is better then Callumomac and his stupid Callumaniacs.

MK: Callumaniacs?

Jamarius walks down to the ring and gives a few fans high fives. Jamarius climbs into the ring as he smiles and looks out to the audience.

***Ladies and Gentleman by Saliva plays***

Callumomac walks out from the back to a huge reaction. Cal holds the XCL Title over his head and the crowd goes wild.

Ashley: And his opponent the XCL Champion, from Long Beach, California, weighing in at 275 pounds, Callumomac!

MK: And as expected the crowd always loves our Champion, he has been doing great so far and has been leading our company in the right direction.

LPM: Yeah the crowd is filled with Callumaniacs, what would you expect? They are idiots.

Cal walks down to the ring with the XCL Strap over his shoulder. Cal looks around as he walks down to the ring. Cal climbs into the ring and hands the XCL Title to the ref. The ref gets it out of the way. Cal isn’t really paying attention and Jamarius Jackson runs at him and nails him with a huge lariat. Cal is knocked down but tries to get back to his feet as Jamarius backs up and lets Cal get up. Jamarius tries to grab Cal’s arm but Cal throws a huge punch right to Jamarius’s face. Jamarius holds his face in pain and Cal quickly follows up by kicking Jamarius in the mid section. Jamarius Jackson bends forward in pain and Cal throws his arm around Jamarius’s head to hooks him for a DDT. Cal doesn't hook his head tightly and Cal then falls back to hit the DDT. The move fails as Cal lands on the floor and Jamarius is still there standing. Jamarius stands up straight and starts to laugh at Cal who is lying on the ground holding his back from hitting the ground with such force.

MK: Cal seems a bit out of it, he didn’t even block the lariat and he didn’t even lock in the DDT right.
LPM: That or he is just a terrible champion like I have been saying all along.

Jamarius wastes no time and quickly locks in a leg lock. Cal is near the ropes and grabs it. The ref instructs Jamarius to break up the hold but ignores it. Jamarius keeps applying pressure as the ref starts to count for him to break it up. 1… 2… 3… 4… Jamarius lets go of the hold as the audience begins to boo Jamarius a little bit for the hold. Jamarius walks over to Cal and stomps on his head. Cal rolls out of the ring to get to his feet. Cal gets back into the ring and gets to his feet. Cal runs at Jamarius to hit a spear but Jamarius puts his foot up and kicks Cal directly in the head as he goes for a spear. Cal lays on the floor almost knocked out and Jamarius covers him. The ref quickly counts the pin 1…2… Kick Out! Cal starts to get back up again and Jamarius runs at him and nails with a clothesline to the back of the head. Jamrius goes for another cover and the ref counts it. 1…2… Kick Out! Jamarius lifts up Cal and then starts to nail him with numerous quick jabs to the face and Cal doesn’t make an attempt to block them and keeps getting hit over and over again. Jamarius finally nails one huge jab and Cal falls to floor. Jamarius covers Cal and hooks the leg. The ref starts to count the pin 1…2…3!

Ashley: Here is your winner Jamarius Jackson!

The crowd reaction is a bit mixed as Jamarius Jackson starts to celebrate.

MK: Cal looked really out of it this entire match, but either way Jamarius Jackson got the win.

LPM: Cal should be focused on the match more, he has no excuse and you need to stop making one for him!

Jamarius Jackson walks out while Cal gets up slowly. Jamarius Jackson goes backstage as Cal is handed the XCL Title and walks backstage while the crowd cheers for him.

LPM: Hey King, guess what?

MK: What?

LPM: I have a new song, I call it the main event song.

MK: Well since this is the main event, let's hear it.

LPM: I can't now! You've embarassed me! I'll do it next week.

Ashley: The follow match is a Number One Contender’s match scheduled for one fall.

***Round and Round by Ratt plays***

Ashley: First making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 215 pounds, “Red-Hot” Ricky Reynolds!

Ricky walks out from the back being booed.

LPM: These stupid fans better realize that there is a high chance that Ricky Reynolds can be their next champion.

MK: Steve Storme has just as much chance and I am pretty sure the fans wouldn’t mind him as champ.

Ricky Reynolds walks down to the ring ignoring the fans with a smirk on his face. He gets to the ring and climbs in, Ricky watches the entrance ramp waiting for Steve Storme.

***Git Up by D12 plays***

Steve Storme comes out through the back and the crowd goes wild.

Ashley: Making his way to the ring from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 235 pounds, Steve Storme!

MK: The crowd here sure does love him, that is going to play towards his advantage.

LPM: So just because a stupid crowd roots for you, you’ll do better? Because I know for damn sure that Ricky is not letting the crowd get into his head.

Steve Storme walks down to the ring giving some fans high fives as he keeps his eyes on Ricky Reynolds. Steve Storme runs towards the ring and slides in and gets directly to his feet. Steve Storme and Ricky Reynolds are staring each other down on opposite sides of the ring as the ref starts the match. Steve and Ricky lock up in the middle of the ring. Ricky tries to hook Steve for a suplex but when he goes to lift him Steve keeps his feet on the ground. Steve punches him in the midsection a few times. Then Steve nails him with a snap suplex that plants Ricky in the middle of the ring. Steve waits for Ricky to get back to his feet. Ricky slowly gets up and when he does Steve nails him with a swift jab to the face. Then Steve hits him again with another jab, and Ricky backs up against the ropes. Steve grabs Ricky’s arm and Irish Whips him into the ropes across the ring. When Ricky comes running full speed towards Steve, he jumps into the air and nails Ricky with a devastating dropkick directly to Ricky’s face. Ricky holds his face in pain as he hits the ground and immediately tries to get back to his feet again. When Ricky Reynolds gets back to his feet Steve Storme runs full speed at him and nails him with a huge Codebreaker. Ricky falls back and lays down on the floor nearly knocked out Steve goes for a quick pin 1… 2… Kick Out!

MK: That would have been a huge upset, Ricky Reynolds has not been able to get a shot in edgewise yet.

LPM: Look at the other side of this, Steve Storme threw nearly everything he had at him and Ricky was able to power out, that is true natural ability.

Ricky starts to get up and Steve tries to nail him with another jab but Ricky blocks it and responds by hooking his arms around Steve Storme. Ricky then nails him with a huge Belly-to-Belly suplex. Steve lands on his head and is in pain but Ricky starts to lift him up again. Steve is still out of it although he is standing and Ricky Reynolds runs at the ropes behind Steve Storme and then towards him to nail a Running Bulldog. Ricky Reynolds turns Steve over to his back and then goes for a pin. The ref quickly gets to the ground to count it 1…2… Kick Out!

MK: Steve Storme just took the move that Ricky Reynolds calls the “Daily Nose Bleed” but was able to get out of it.

LPM: That was purely instinct, a few more moves like that and Steve Storme won’t be able to kick out ever again.

Ricky Reynolds lifts Steve Storme up to his feet again. Before Ricky can do anything Steve nails Ricky with a jab to the face. Steve nails him with another and hits him again and again until Ricky is barely able to stand. Steve backs up and nails Ricky Reynolds with a devastating Superkick directly to the chin. Ricky Reynolds falls to the ground and Storme pins him quickly. The ref begins to count 1…2… Kick Out! Ricky Reynolds just barely rolls out of the pin and tries to pull himself up. Steve Storme gets up slowly as well. Steve waits for Ricky to get completely to his feet. When Reynolds does Storme tries to Irish whip Ricky into the ropes but Ricky reverses it. Steve hold himself so he does not go running back towards Ricky Reynolds. Steve and Ricky lock up in the middle of the ring and Ricky lifts Steve up for a suplex and stops with Steve in mid-air. Reynolds waits a few more seconds before falling back. Reynolds quickly locks in the Indian Deathlock and keeps applying pressure to the hold. Steve Storme tries not to tap out but is in obvious pain. Steve Storme keeps trying to reach the ropes and keeps getting closer and closer. Steve Storme throws all his bodyweight towards the ropes and finally grabs the bottom rope and the ref tells him to break up the hold. Reynolds lets go before the ref starts the count. Steve Storme gets up slowly using the ropes to get up. As soon as he gets to his feet Ricky Reynolds hooks his arms around Steve Storme and nails him with a huge German Suplex. Steve Storme goes crashing down on the back of his head and neck. Reynolds follows it up with a pin and the ref counts it 1…2…3!

Ashley: Here is your winner and number one contender “Red-Hot” Ricky Reynolds!

Ricky Reynolds gets to his feet and starts to celebrate the win as the ref hold sup his arm.

LPM: There is a real champion! Someone we can respect, and a lot better then Steve Storme or the current champ Callumomac.

MK: I don’t see what’s wrong with Steve Storme or Callumomac but I do know that Ricky Reynolds vs. Calumomac is going to be a great match that only XCL can deliver.

LPM: Well there is a reason we're the top company ever. And we'll be back next Monday to continue bringing you the very best that the wrestling world has to offer, I'm sure you'll find your way back as well.

Adrenaline Results-09/16/08 Samdean

Macho Man wrote:
Seriously you shouldn't be allowed near people, you're like a walking horror movie...there are no survivors!
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Adrenaline Results-09/16/08
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