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 Meltdown 12/10/07

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Meltdown 12/10/07 Empty
PostSubject: Meltdown 12/10/07   Meltdown 12/10/07 EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:41 pm

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy DeMarco= Green
Dan Jackson= Violet
David Simou= Yellow

Pyro explodes across the stage and the camera swirls around the arena showing the crowd before stopping at the announce table at ringside

Hello wrestling fans and what a show Adrenaline Overdose was.

Adrenaline Overdose was incredible and I feel tonight is going to be the same

No Chance plays as Johnny Nico walks to the ring
The Following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring standing 6 feet 5 and weighing in at 265 pounds Johnny Nico. In the ring his opponent from Manchester England weighing in at 280 pounds Black Dagger

Well Johnny Nico fought Jack Williams last night in a great match but tonight is going against....Black Dagger?

I have seen Black Dagger before Leroy in other promotions and it looks like he wants to make it in ROG, well good luck HA

The match starts as Black Dagger runs at Nico but Nico hits him with a right hand and Dagger goes down and then Nico picks him up and throws him into the ropes, Dagger comes off the ropes and Nico hits with a clothesline. Nico stomps away on Dagger, Nico picks up Dagger, kicks him in the chest and hits a powerbomb on him and covers him 1..2..but Dagger kicks out, Nico pick him up and throws him into the corner and he beats down Dagger in the corner and the whips him into the corner on the other side if the ring, Nico runs and clotheslines him in the corner Nico whips him into another corner and goes for another clothesline but Dagger counters it into a backslide 1..2..3
Hear is your winner Black Dagger

What a surprise victory from Black Dagger

Indeed Leroy Johnny Nico dominated the whole match....

99 Problems starts as David Simou walks on to the ring holding a microphone and a piece of paper

WOW. Black Dagger you shocked us all in that match and that’s what Ring Of Glory is all about, surprises. So I would like to offer you a contract to wrestle hear in ROG just sign hear.

Black Dagger signs the contract

Good, you won’t regret this and welcome to Ring Of Glory

99 Problems starts up again and as David Simou raises Black Daggers arm in the air before walking to the back

Well we got a new superstar signed with ROG and his name is Black Dagger

What a start to the show what else is gonna happen tonight?

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin plays as Ashley Nero walks down the ramp
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring from Waikiki Hawaii weighing in at 110 pounds Ashley Nero

Ashley Nero who had a great match against Ella at Adrenaline Overdose but at a loss is tonight facing Beth Storme.

This is the first we have seen Beth in the ring and it should be a good one.

Dance with the devil plays as Beth Storme struts to the ring
Her opponent from San Francisco CA weighing in at 155 pounds Beth Storme

The match starts off with Beth punching Ashley, Ashley counters a third and hits a right hand and Beth stagers but then Ashley hits a dropkick and Beth goes down and Ashley covers her 1..2.. but Beth kicks out Bet gets up and Ashley runs into the ropes, she comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Beth dose the same they hit a clothesline on each other and they both go down and the referee starts the 10 count 1..2..3 they both start to move 4..5 Ashley climes to the top rope and hits a crossbody and goes for the pin but Beth rolls over and pins Ashley 1..2. but Ashley kicks out. Ashley gets up and Beth runs Ashley kicks her and connects with a Twist of Fate then Ashley climes to the top rope and goes for a Swanton Bomb but Beth moves out of the way and Ashley hits the floor Ashley rives in pain, Beth climes to the top turnbuckle, Ashley gets up and Beth hits a Missile Dropkick on Ashley and pins her 1..2..3
Hear is your winner Beth Storme

Beth Storm picked up her first win in ROG and what a match it was

Indeed Leroy both where great but it was Beth’s night.

Crank that plays as Tristan Artist struts to the ring as the crowd cheers him
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from San Jacinto CA weighing in at 235 pounds Tristan “Rampage” Artist

Well at Adrenaline Overdose Tristan was attack by a giant who also took out Nightmare

Tristan had a rough night for sure but tonight he is against David Sykes and it should be great match

Polyamous plays as David Sykes walks down the ramp with a mixed reaction from the crowd
His opponent from Sydney Australia weighing in at 65 Kilos David Sykes

David Sykes usually a fan favourite but he is not very popular hear tonight

The match starts as Sykes runs to strike Artist but Artist hits him with a hip toss, Sykes is back up and Artist hits another hip toss, Sykes gets up and Artist hits a drop kick Sykes is down and Artist covers him 1..2.. but Sykes kicks out, Artist picks up Sykes and throws him into the ropes, Artist goes for a back drop but Sykes counters it into a neck breaker and Sykes covers him 1...2… but Artist kicks out. Sykes picks up Artist and whips him into the corner, Sykes sits Artist on the top turnbuckle and he hits a superplex on Artist, Sykes manages to put his arm over Artist and the ref counts 1..2.. but Artist kicks out. Sykes waits in the corner for Artist to get up, Artist is up he turns around and Sykes hits him with a spear Sykes pins him 1..2.. but Artist kicks out

Artist has kicked out he just wont be put away

Sykes looks frustrated, what dose he have to do to put Artist away?

Sykes locks in the Texas clover leaf and Artist screams in pain, Artist tries to get to the ropes, Artist gets to the ropes. Sykes still frustrated goes to the out side and grabs a chair he goes to hit Artist with it but the referee grabs it to take it away but Sykes knocks the referee down and plants Artist with the chair the referee calls for the bell Sykes still attacking Artist with the chair.

David Sykes has snapped and we need help out here fast

Call in the Army Leroy because that maybe the only way to get Sykes off Artist

Referee’s and officials try to separate Sykes from Artist, Sykes get up and raises the chair and his arm to celebrate as the stunned crowed looks on booing him. David Sykes walks up the ramp smiling as Tristan Artist leaves on a stretcher.

What a shocking display we just witnessed David Sykes nearly ending Tristan Artist’s career

It was very shocking but I don’t think this will be the last we see those two against each other

Your probably right but up next we see a non title triple threat match Rated PG taking on Jack Williams and Nightmare up next

Father Judge= Blue
Edgecutioner= Olive

What I want blears through the arena and Rated PG walks down the ramp
The following is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring Biloxi Mississippi weighing in at 210 the X Rated Champion Rated PG

Rated PG is in this triple threat match but at “Riot City Showdown” he will defend the title in a gauntlet against 8 or 9 other superstars.

It’s going be a wild match and speaking of wild.....

The lights turn blue and generic rock music plays and Jack Williams runs to the ring
His opponent on his way to the ring from Phoenix Arizona weighing in at 215 pounds Jack “Iceman” Williams

He slides in the ring and Rated PG attacks him

These two are not wasting any time this is meant to be a triple threat match

A wall of fire erupts across the stage as Burned plays
There opponent accompanied to the ring by Father Judge from Parts Unknown weighing in at.....

Rated PG runs to attack Nightmare but Nightmare knocks him down with a big right hand, Nightmare goes to get in the ring but Williams comes off the ropes and hits him with a baseball slide Nightmare staggers but hasn’t gone down so Williams jumps over the rope and hits a crossbody but Nightmare caught him and hits him with a slam on the floor. Nightmare picks up Williams and throws him in to ring Nightmare rolls in the ring and pins him 1..2.. but Williams kicks out, Nightmare doesn’t see PG on the top rope Nightmare turns around and PG hits a missile dropkick on Nightmare and he goes down and PG pins him 1..2.. but Nightmare kicks out, Nightmare is up and Williams chops and punches Nightmare but they don’t seem to have any effect, Rated PG helps Williams and they double team him, they whip Nightmare into the ropes Nightmare comes off the ropes and he hits PG with a big boot and grabs Williams by the throat and chokeslams him. Father Judge tells Nightmare to Tombstone Williams but suddenly the lights go out “Darker side” starts playing and then music stops and the lights come back on and the giant man is standing in the ring Nightmare turns around the giant man hits Nightmare with a Tombstone, Rated PG and Jack Williams attack the giant man but he double chokeslams them. The man looks at the referee evilly and the ref runs away, Father Judge is in the ring staring at the giant man then the lights go out again and when they come back on the giant man and Father Judge have disappeared.

Where the hell have they gone? Who is that giant man and what does he want with Nightmare and Father Judge?

Just look at the carnage in the ring Leroy…

A video shows the backstage area where Father Judge is chained up on the wall and the giant man is there

Who?….What?… You shouldn’t be hear

No I shouldn’t but after you abandoned me for Nightmare I thought I would hunt you both down and…

If you hurt me Nightmare will kill you… Edgecutioner

You remember my name then. I want a match against Nightmare at Riot City Showdown

Ok then but Nightmare will tear you apart

I doubt that.

The screen fades to black as Edgecutioner laughs evilly

It looks like we have got a battle of the monsters at Riot City Showdown

Riot City Showdown looks an impressive card and I think that match is going to be a war

I think your right but up next is Ricky Reynolds takes on Chris Classic
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Rated PG
ROH World Champion
Rated PG

Number of posts : 913
Age : 24
Location : ???
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE and ROH
Favorite Wrestlers : Christian Vulture Squad Edge AJ Styles, Raven, Shelton Benjamin John Morrison Randy Orton and LAX
Registration date : 2008-03-21

Meltdown 12/10/07 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 12/10/07   Meltdown 12/10/07 EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 3:41 pm

Ricky Reynolds= Orange
The Sound= Dark Red

We've got The Sound on commentary for this match. Welcome to the show.

It's great to be here guys, thank you.

Round and Round plays as Ricky Reynolds walks down the ramp
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles CA weighing in at 215 pounds “Red Hot” Ricky Reynolds

Classical music plays as Chris Classic strolls to the ring with The Sound
His opponent on his way to the ring accompanied by The Sound from The Kayfabe Era weighing in at 252 pounds he is a ROG Tag Team champion Chris Classic

Classic gets in the ring and Reynolds attacks him straight away, Reynolds stomps on him and then he picks him up and throws him into the ropes, Classic comes off the ropes Reynolds hits him with a snap suplex

The Acid Dropper

Reynolds is wasting no time in beating Classic

Reynolds locks in the Texas cloverleaf and Classic taps out quickly in pain
Hear is your winner Ricky Reynolds

Wow Reynolds locked in the Artery Jammer and this was over quick

Reynolds looks pleased with the victory and it looks like he has got something to say

Reynolds grabs the mic

Well, well it looks like I just beat one half of the Tag Team champs in a matter of seconds so if you are as tough as you say you are Sound I challenge you to a match at Riot City Showdown what do you say?

The Sound grabs a mic from Ed Richards and stands up.

You’re on.

Wow Ricky Reynolds against The Sound at Riot City Showdown

That’s going to be quite a match and i cant wait

Tonight’s main event, David Simou vs. Erik Michaels in a non title match is up next.

Oh yeah, this is the one we’ve been waiting for: two former partners settle their differences in the squared circle, this is going to be great!

“99 Problems” by Jay Z starts up and the lights begin flickering on and off. David Simou walks slowly out onto the ramp and waits for a few seconds before raising his arms to the delight of the crowd.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from London England, weighing in at 205 pounds… David Simou!

He’s only popular because Michaels flicked his boot into his stupid head.

How dare you say that! David Simou is a brilliant wrestler and an awesome president. Start showing your boss some more respect.

David Simou slides into the ring and climbs the top right turnbuckle. He poses for the cheering crowd. Suddenly “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses begins as Erik Michaels and Ella Perez strut out onto the stage. They link hands and lift their arms up as the boos rain down.

And the opponent, accompanied to the ring by Ella Perez, from Miami Florida, weighing in at 213 pounds… Erik Michaels!

Michaels wastes no time. He slides into the ring and starts swinging punches at Simou. Simou falls to the floor and Erik continues the beatdown. He drops to the mat and continues pummelling away at Simou’s head. The ref pulls him off and Simou rolls out the ring, blood streaming down his face. The referee starts his count.

He’s busted open already!

The ROG president sports a crimson mask moments into our main event.

Michaels breaks free from the ref and knocks Simou into the barrier with a baseball slide. Simou slowly gets to his feet as the ref’s count reaches 5. He rolls back into the ring, Michaels rushes forward and begins stomping away at Simou’s back. He pulls him up by the hair and Irish whips him into the ropes. Simou ducks the clothesline on the return and and carries on running. Simou runs straight into an armdrag. 1- kick out! Both men are on their feet and lock up in the centre of the ring. Michaels overpowers the weakened Simou, planting him with a scoop slam. Simou jumps up again and charges forward taking Michaels down with a clothesline. Michaels is up quickly, ducks the second one and nail the ROG president with a German suplex.

He’s got the arms still wrapped around! We could see three Germans tonight!

Michaels completes the trio before walking over the bottom left corner. He slowly climbs the turnbuckle and waits patiently for Simou to get up. David climbs to his feet but is knocked down again by a missile dropkick. 1-2- kick out! Michaels pulls Simou up by his hair and smashes his head off the turnbuckle. Simou staggers backwards, Michaels goes for a Superkick but Simou dodges. Both men turn to face each other, Simou connect with a couple of punches to the face before taking Michaels down with an Impaler DDT. 1-2- kick out! Both men get up at the same time but Simou strikes first, nailing an enzuigiri for another near fall. Simou picks Michaels up and shoots him into the top right corner. He follows looking to hit a flying forearm but Michaels moves out the way at the last second. As Simou turns round Michaels connects with a Superkick sending him flying over the ropes. Michaels poses in the ring as the crowd boos furiously. Suddenly Steve Ace hops the guard rail, and slides into the ring carrying his kendo stick. He runs forward swinging his kendo stick manically. Michaels ducks and goes for another Superkick. Ace side steps and it takes out the ref. Michaels looks shocked but Ace smiles before driving the cane down over Erik’s face. The crowd is cheering loudly. Ace raises his kendo stick into the air before rolling out the ring and walking back up the ramp. Simou is back on his feet now. He slides into the ring as Michaels begins stirring. Erik pulls him self up with aid from the ropes and stumbles over to Simou. He throws a punch but Simou blocks it easily and nails him with an RKO. 1-2-3!

Simulator! David Simou beats Erik Michaels! Will we see a repeat of this at “Riot City Showdown”?

He only won because that punk Steve Ace couldn’t cope with losing to Michaels at “Adrenaline Overdose”. Ace had to exact revenge, what a loser.

The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall… David Simou!

Simou climbs to the middle rope in the corner and poses for the cheering crowd, blood trickling down his face. Meanwhile Erik Michaels rolls out the ring and limps back to the locker room, Ella consoling him

That was quite a match and and quite a show we will see you all at Riot City Showdown, this is Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco signing out, goodnight ladies and gentleman.

The show ends
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Meltdown 12/10/07
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