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 Meltdown 11/26/07 results

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Meltdown 11/26/07 results Empty
PostSubject: Meltdown 11/26/07 results   Meltdown 11/26/07 results EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 7:56 pm

Leroy Brown= Red
Jimmy DeMarco= Green
David Simou= Yellow
Steve Ace= Orange

A video is playing showing the highlights of Aftershock

Various coloured pyro goes off around the arena, the camera swirls around the arena and stops at the announce table

Welcome to Monday Night Meltdown I am Leroy Brown and this is my broadcast colleague Jimmy DeMarco and Jimmy what a show Aftershock was.

Thatís right Leroy Aftershock was off the hook and I feel that tonight is gonna be the same

We had two new championships won and lost plus Erik Michaels retained against Steve AceÖ.

99 Problems by Jay Z starts and David Simou walks to the ring

Well David Simou is on his way out here and I wonder what he has to say

I wonder if he is going to talk about his loss last night Leroy

Ill get straight to the point I am out here for one reason and that is myself and Ella where robbed of the Tag Team Titles, so as Ring Of Glory President I have made a rematch for the ROG Tag Team Championships so for tonightís Main Event it will be The Sound and Chris Classic defending the titles against The Powers That BeÖ.

Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube begins playing Steve Ace walks down to the ring carrying a mic

What the hell are you doing out here?

What I am doing out here? Well you wasnít the only one who got robbed last night I had the match and the title won and thanks to ďThe Powers That BeĒ Michaels stole it from me, so I want a rematch tonight against Erik Michaels for the ROG World Title.

Well as a lot of people know I am a fair man so I will make your rematch so tonight Steve Ace vs. Erik Michaels for the.... NO it wonít be for the title, if you Steve Ace can beat Erik Michaels tonight then at the next PPV Adrenaline Overdose you can face Erik Michaels with the title on the line

WOW what an announcement a double Main Event the emotions are running high tonight

Thatís right Leroy and I think tensions are gonna heat up more before they cools down

Ed Richards= Violet

The lighting turns a bright shade of blue. Generic rock music begins playing as Jack Williams makes his way to the ring with a good reaction from the crowed.
The following match is scheduled. Making his way to the ring from Phoenix Arizona weighing in at 215 pounds Jack ďThe IcemanĒ Williams

Listen to this crowed they love Jack Williams

They certainly do Jimmy. Jack Williams is going up against Johnny Nico and we have seen their rivalry heat up over the past few weeks and I feel that this match is gonna be wild.

No Chance starts and Johnny Nico makes his way down the ramp as the fans boo him
And his opponent. Making his way to the ring weighing 265 pounds Johnny Nico

Nico gets in the ring and Williams runs and hits him with a clothesline and the match begins, Williams repeatedly stomps Nico, Williams picks up Nico and whips him into the ropes Williams goes to hit a back drop but Nico counters it in to a DDT, Nico picks up Williams and gives him a few shots and then whips him into the corner Nico gives Williams a few chops and then sits him on the top turnbuckle Nico goes to give Williams a Superplax but Williams fights out of it and pushes Nico off the top, Nico is lay out and Williams is on the top Williams jumps off and hits a frog splash and pins him 1..2.. but Nico kicks out Williams picks up Nico and goes to whips him into the ropes but Nico counters it and sends Williams into the ropes, Williams comes off the ropes and Nico strikes Williams with a viscous Big Boot and pins him 1..2..3
Hear is your winner Johnny Nico

What a match Jimmy they both put on a great match but it was Johnny Nicoís night

Thatís right Leroy and I think that this feud is far from over. But up next David Sykes goes up against the Sadistic monster Nightmare in a number one contender match for the X- Rated Championship

Thatís right we are gonna see we faces Rated PG for the X- Rated Championship at Adrenaline Overdose

Tristan Artist= brown
Father Judge= blue

Polyamous plays through the arena as David Sykes makes his way to the ring as the crowed goes wild
The following match is Number one contender for the X- Rated Championship and scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Sydney Australia standing 6 feat 1 inch tall David Sykes

Burned plays as a pyro shoots out of the stage and Nightmare makes is way to the ring
And his opponent Accompanied to the ring by Father Judge from Parts Unknown Weighing in at 330 pounds standing 7 feet tall Nightmare

Nightmare gets in the ring and David Sykes rushes and attacks him but Nightmare with one arm pushes him away Sykes runs at Nightmare and is planted with a powerslam. Nightmare picks up Sykes and whips him into ropes Nightmare goes for clothesline but Sykes ducks bounces off the ropes and takes down Nightmare with a Spear Father Judge looks stunned and goes for the pin 1..2.. but Nightmare kicks out Sykes runs in the ropes and tries to hit a Clothesline but Nightmare catches him by the throat and hits a Chokeslam Nightmare signs for the Tombstone Piledriver Nightmare picks up Sykes and puts him over his shoulders but Sykes fights out of it and gives Nightmare a leg sweep and manages to lock in the Texas Clover Leaf Nightmare tries to make it to the ropes but he is two far away, he raises his tap, Nightmare finally taps
Hear if your winner David Sykes

WOW what a match David Sykes made Nightmare tap out picking up a HUGE upset victory

Thatís right Leroy Father Judge and Nightmare canít be happy about this

Nightmare is angry about his loss in the ring Father Judge tries to calm him down

Crank that Superman starts up and Tristan Artist limps on the stage holding a microphone

Its Tristan Artist what a match him and Nightmare fought at Aftershock but what does he want

I think its going to be interesting Leroy

Nightmare you nearly ended my career at Aftershock and I know that you cant beat my in a normal match and that match proved it so I want a match against you Nightmare at Adrenaline Overdose

You want another beating at the hands of Nightmare do you? What do you say Nightmare?

Nightmare looks across at Father Judge and nods his head in approval

Your on but if your career is ended by Nightmare its your own damn fault

What an announcement Tristan Artist vs. Nightmare at Adrenaline Overdose

Right Leroy I think its going to quite a match and a hell of a PPV

You maybe right Jimmy but next we see Steve Ace vs. Erik Michaels in a rematch and if Ace wins he gets another title shot at Adrenaline Overdose

What a match the had last night and I think tonightís wont disappoint

Ricky Reynolds= Dark red
David Simou= Yellow

Natural Born Killaz plays as Steve Ace walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers
The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Sheffield England Weighing in at 272 pounds Steve Ace

Welcome to the jungle stats walks down the ramp with the ROG World title over his shoulder and the crowed boo him
His opponent making his ay to the ring from Miami Florida.....
Steve Ace gets out of the ring and runs up the ramp and attacks Erik Michaels

He couldnít wait for him to get in the ring

This shows just how much Ace want to be champion

Yeah it also show much he wants to hurt Michaels

Ace Clotheslines Michaels, Ace then picks him up and suplexís him on the ramp, Ace picks up Michaels but Michaels low blows him and throws Ace over the guardrail in to the crowed, they brawl through the crowed

The match hasnít officially started yet and the havenít even been in the ring

This is just shows how much these two hate each other

Erik Michaels throws Ace over the guardrail at ringside and whips him into the steps Michaels then puts Ace in the ring and the match begins. Michaels picks up Ace and whips him into the ropes and then hits Ace with a powerslam and pins him 1..2.. but Ace kicks out Michaels picks up Ace and whips him into the corner Michaels goes to hit a clothesline but Ace gets his feet up Ace puts Michaels in the corner and chops him repeatedly Ace whips him to the corner on the other side Michaels hits the turnbuckle but then runs out on goes to hit a clothesline but Ace counters it and hits the Cop Killa on Michaels

He it the Cop Killa... wait! whatís this!

A fan hops the guardrail and storms the ring attacking both man the referee rings the bell, Ace and Michaels are out and the fan gets the microphone

I am ďRed HotĒ Ricky Reynolds the newest member of the ROG roster and I just took out this companyís best in seconds and soon I will have the ROG Title around my waist....

While Ricky Reynolds is talking Ella sneaks into the ring and hits a low blow on him

OUCH that had to hurt Jimmy

Right Leroy welcome to Ring of Glory Ricky Reynolds

Steve Ace is back up and throws Ella out of the ring Erik Michaels is back up and so is Reynolds and all tree start brawling. The Sound runs down to the ring and joins the brawl.

This looks dangerous Jimmy someone could get hurt hear.

99 Problems starts as David Simou walks on stage with a microphone

Stop stop this now.... actually save your energy seen as there was no winner in this match and all you four want to be world champion I will make this an announcement..... At Adrenaline Overdose it will be Erik Michaels defending the ROG World championship against Steve Ace, The Sound and the newest ROG Superstar Ricky Reynolds in a Fatal Four Away.

WOW what an announcement a Fatal Four Away main event at Adrenaline Overdose

I think that main event is going to be one to remember but look at the main event we have up next.

The Tag Team titles will be on the line as The Sound and Chris Classic defend against The Powers That Be.

I think its going to be quite a match next

99 Problems plays as David Simou and Ella walk down the ramp

The following tag team match is scheduled for and is for the Ring of Glory Tag Team Championships. Making their way to the ring the challengers David Simou and Ella Perez The Powers That Be

The lights dim as Battery by Metallica plays and The Sound strolls down the ramp holding one of the tag team title in his hand

Their opponent first making his way to the ring from weighing in at 245 Pounds he is one half of the Tag Team Champions The Sound

Classical music blares through the arena as Chris Classic walks down the ramp carrying the other title around his waist

And his partner making his way to the ring from The Kayfabe Era weighing in at 252 pounds he is one half of the Tag Team Champions Chris Classic

The Sound and Chris Classic get in the ring and pose to the crowed with their titles

The Sound and David Simou starts off the match they lock up The Sound gives Simou a hip toss Simou gets back up and Sound gives him another hip toss Simou gets back up and Sound locks Simou in an arm lock but Simou counters it by thumbing Sound in the eye, Simou whips Sound into the ropes Sound bounces off the ropes and Simou connects with a dropkick and goes for the pin 1..2.. but Sound kicks out Simou stomps Sound and then throws him into the corner Simou tags in Ella. Simou and Ella whips Sound into the ropes Sound bounces off the ropes and Simou and Ella hit The Sound with a double spinebuster Ella goes for the pin 1..2.. but Sound kicks out Ella picks whips him into the ropes and hits The Sound with a dropkick Ella picks up The Sound and goes to whip him into the corner but The Sound counters it and whips her into the corner and Sound tags in Chris Classic, Classic and Ella trade shots then Classic clotheslines Ella Classic picks up Ella and hits a piledriver and goes for the pin 1..2.. but Ella kicks out Classic locks in the sleeper hold on Ella but Simou breaks it up, Simou and Ella whips Classic into the ropes the try to hit another spinebuster but Classic counters it and hits a double DDT and all tree are down, Classic slowly crawls over to his corner, he makes it and tags in The Sound, The Sound runs and hits a clothesline on Ella and then hits a dropkick on Simou which knock him out of the ring, Sound goes to hit The Sound Effect on Ella but Ella counters it into a roll up 1..2.. but Sound kicks out, Ella picks up Sound and whips him into the ropes Ella tries to hit a back body drop but Sound counters it and hits The Sound Effect and pins her 1..2..3
Hear is your winners and still Ring of Glory Tag Team Champions The Sound and Chris Classic

What a match and what a team The Sound and Chris Classic make and thank you all for joining us this has been an exciting edition of Monday Night Meltdown

We will see you next week this is Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco signing out, goodnight ladies and gentleman

The show ends
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Meltdown 11/26/07 results
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