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 Meltdown 3/10/08 Results

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PostSubject: Meltdown 3/10/08 Results   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:55 am

Percy Chapman – Red
Trent Heart – Green
Ed Richards – Violet
David Simou – Brown
Dan Jackson – Blue
The Chaos Kid - Yellow

Assorted pyros go off as the camera swirls around the jam-packed arena. The camera stops at David Simou who is in the ring.

Hello and welcome to another edition of Monday Night Meltdown. We have a great show planned for tonight, but first, for those who didn’t see Apocalypse, we had a bit of an incident with Leroy Brown and Jimmy DeMarco. Let’s just say…they’re no longer employed with ROG. So without further ado, please allow me to welcome your new Meltdown announcers! First up, Percy Chapman.

Percy Chapman walks down the ramp to no music and enters the ring. He asks Simou for the mic.

Hello Meltdown fans. Thank you, David Simou. I am proud to be the new announcer for Meltdown as well as Warzone. I hope I can fill the shoes of those who have left us.

And the second new announcer, Trent Heart!

Trent Heart enters the arena and walks down the ramp to no music and enters the ring. He snatches the mic away from Simou.

Hey, wrestling fans. For those that don’t know, I’m Trent Heart. I’m a former wrestler in my own right, so I know what it’s like to be in that squared circle. So just listen to what I have to say instead of this clown and everything will run smoothly.

Percy argues with Trent a bit before Simou takes the mic.

Guys, you’re here to announce wrestling not perform it. Not please, go take your seats at the announce table and let the viewers at home know what’s in store for tonight’s show.

Percy and Trent exit the ring and put on their headphones at the announce table.

Well, I’m very excited to be calling my first Meltdown. Let’s run down the card for tonight, shall we. In the main event, we have Supply and Demand defending their ROG Tag Championships against the team they defeated at Apocalypse, The Sound and Damien Jones.

That’s sure to be one hell of a match. Also scheduled for tonight will be Dash Blade teaming up with Erik Michaels to face off against Jose and Colton. Also, The Chaos Kid will be in action tonight against Tristian Artist.

And to start us off for the night, we have Black Dagger and Nightmare teaming up to take on Spawn and Hybrid!

The Undertaker Ministry Theme Plays as the lights go out. A wall of fire erupts at the top of the entrance ramp and when the fire dies down, Black Dagger and Nightmare are seen standing at the top of the ramp. Black Dagger walks down the ramp as nightmare follows and they enter the ring. Black Dagger and Nightmare walks around the ring awaiting their opponents.

This contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for a spot in next week’s ROG Tag Team #1 Contenders match. Introducing the first team, weighing in at a combined 610 pounds, Black Dagger and Nightmare…Destruction Inc.!

Here comes Black Dagger and Nightmare. Nightmare was victorious against Edgecutioner in a brutal Hell in a Cell match at Apocalypse, while Black Dagger lost to Dante Diablo.

You have to wonder if that will reflect at all on this match. Will their injuries be too much?

The Fight Song plays as a blanket of red fog shrouds the arena. Hybrid and Spawn emerge from the back with Dante Diablo following them. They walk down the ramp and slide into the ring as Diablo climbs up the steel steps.

And their opponents, hailing from the City of Satan, being accompanied by Dante Diablo…Dark Republic!

Well, Spawn and Hybrid, unlike their opponents tonight, didn’t have a match at Apocalypse, so they’re very fresh for their match. They definitely have the edge.

I have to agree with you. After going through the types of matches that Dagger and Nightmare went through, it’s hard to bounce back right away. This will be difficult for them.

Dagger enters the ring as does Spawn. Diablo then enters the ring and attacks Dagger from behind. Diablo repeatedly kicks Dagger while he’s on the floor as Spawn and Hybrid hold Nightmare back. Diablo lifts Dagger up and throws him out of the ring. Diablo exits the ring and takes the padding off the arena floor. Diablo points at Nightmare and wraps his around the neck of Dagger. Diablo lifts Dagger up and slams him down with the Darkness Falls. Referees rush over to Dagger and check on him as they escort Diablo out of the arena. EMTs come out and carry Dagger to the back as Nightmare looks on in disbelief.

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that Black Dagger will be unable to take part in this match tonight. Therefore, this match has been changed to a 2-on-1 Handicapped match!

Oh my god…I can’t believe that Dante Diablo would do such a thing. Taking somebody out to increase the chances of his team winning? Absolutely despicable!

Well, I think that he just passed the message that their feud is far from over. Obviously Diablo wants some more of Dagger and he proved it here tonight.


Nightmare is in the ring as Spawn and Hybrid have huge grins on their faces. Spawn decides to start the match for his team. Spawn rushes over to Nightmare they lock up. Spawn goes behind Nightmare and tries to lift him as Nightmare elbows Spawn in the face a few times. Spawn moves back and leans against the ropes as Nightmare follows and punches Spawn before Irish whipping him across the ropes. Spawn rebounds and is met with a Big Boot as Spawn falls to the mat. Spawn crawls over to his corner, but Nightmare grabs Spawn’s leg. Spawn gets to his feet with Nightmare still holding onto his leg. Spawn goes for an Enzuiguri, but Nightmare catches his other leg and Spawn falls back onto the mat. The crowd laughs as Nightmare approaches Spawn. Nightmare grabs the hair of Spawn and pulls him off the mat. Nightmare lifts Spawn on his shoulder, but Hybrid enters the ring and kicks Nightmare in the midsection. Nightmare tosses Spawn off his shoulder and grabs Hybrid by the neck. Ed Richards cuts him and tells him to release the neck of Hybrid, as he’s not the legal man. Nightmare pushes Hybrid backwards and outside of the ring. Nightmare turns around and is met with a Powerslam. Spawn covers Nightmare. 1…2…kick out. Spawn gets back to his feet and walks over to his corner. Spawn tags in Hybrid. Hybrid enters the ring and lifts Nightmare off the mat. Hybrid lifts Nightmare on his shoulder, but Nightmare struggles continuously and Hybrid drops him back to the mat. Nightmare then wraps his hand around the throat of Hybrid and takes him up. Nightmare slams Hybrid back down with the Chokeslam from Hell. Nightmare covers Hybrid. 1…2…kick out! Nightmare gets to his feet and grabs the head of Hybrid. Nightmare pulls Hybrid off the mat and Irish Whips him against the ropes. Hybrid rebounds and Nightmare hits the Black Hole Slam. Nightmare covers Hybrid. 1…2…Spawn breaks up the cover. Nightmare gets off of Hybrid and grabs Spawn. Nightmare goes for another Chokeslam as Ed Richards gets into the way. Nightmare swats Ed Richards to the ground. Nightmare doesn’t realize that Ed Richards is incapacitated and Chokeslams Spawn. Spawn rolls out of the ring and Nightmare lifts up Hybrid. Nightmare puts Hybrid on his shoulder and then drops to his knees, hitting the Tombstone Piledriver. Nightmare covers Hybrid.

TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! But…there’s no referee to make the pinfall.

Nightmare stays on Hybrid for a few seconds, before he realizes that there is no referee. Nightmare rolls off and goes over to Ed Richards, tying to revive him. Dante Diablo makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Nightmare is still tending to Ed Richards when Diablo attacks Nightmare from behind. Diablo knocks Nightmare down and then exits the ring. Diablo looks under the ring and grabs a pipe. Diablo re-enters the ring and waits for Nightmare to get back up. When Nightmare gets to his feet, Diablo runs at him and nails him in the face with the steel pipe. Diablo revives Ed Richards and throws the pipe to the outside. Diablo exits the ring and walks up the ramp. Hybrid revives and looks around. He realizes Nightmare knocked out in the center of the ring and crawls over to him. Hybrid covers Nightmare. 1…2…3.

Here are your winners, by pinfall, and the team advancing to next week’s ROG Tag Team Championship #1 Contender match…Dark Republic!

What a horrid showing from Dante Diablo tonight! He screwed over Destruction Inc.!

What are you talking about? He was just helping his protégés, Spawn and Hybrid. There’s no wrong in helping some guys out, right?

Well normally, no there isn’t. But he attacked two men from behind to do so. That’s not right!

Spawn and Hybrid celebrate in the ring for a few minutes before leaving. They walk slowly up the ramp holding their bodies in pain as The Fight Song plays in the background.
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PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 3/10/08 Results   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:56 am

The camera shifts to the backstage area where Dan Jackson and The Chaos Kid are in the interview room.

Hello and welcome back to Meltdown. I’m here with the man who just narrowly lost to Erik Michaels at Apocalypse, The Chaos Kid. How does it feel to have that ROG World Heavyweight Championship opportunity slip away from your grasp?

…Did you just ask me how it feels? HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK IT FEELS!?!? I had Erik Michaels beat…I’m better than he is! I haven’t been able to sleep since I lost…you have no idea how it feels! How it feels to be beaten by someone with less talent than you! Some overrated *CENSORED*!

Calm down Chaos…this is just an interview. Don’t get mad at me.

I’ll get mad at whoever I damn well please. As a matter of fact, me and you are in this room alone aren’t we? If I wanted to, I could cripple you for life right now. So you’re in NO position to tell me what I can and can’t do.

But I didn’t tell you what you can and can’t do…I just told you not to get mad at me.

Chaos slaps Dan Jackson.

I told you not demand anything from me…now you’ll feel pain.

Chaos grabs Dan Jackson and repeatedly punches Dan Jackson. Dan Jackson falls to the floor and Chaos stomps on him a few times. Chaos lifts Dan Jackson up and gives him a Cop Killa right onto the carpet. Security barges into the room as Chaos exits, shoving his way through the security.

Wow…The Chaos Kid is obviously pissed off from his loss at Apocalypse…

Yea, but he was the one that was trying to cheat. Jose came out and everything. Chaos has nobody to blame but himself.

You better hope that he doesn’t hear you, or else you’ll be experiencing that Cop Killa next!

True…I feel bad for his opponent tonight......Oh wait, I have heard in my headset that The Chaos Kid is making his way to the ring right now for his scheduled match.

May lord have mercy on his opponent’s soul.

Metalingus blares through the arena as The Chaos Kid emerges from the back. Chaos stomps down the ramp angrily and climbs up the stares. Chaos enters the ring through the top and middle ropes and walks around in circles.

This contest is scheduled for one fall and the winner will get to advance to next week’s ROG Tag Team Championship #1 Contender match. Introducing first, hailing from Toronto Ontario, Canada and weighing in at 204 pounds…The Chaos Kid.

Well after his interview, we all know how The Chaos Kid is feeling here tonight.

Yes we do, but tonight he has an opportunity to be in the running for another title and he can’t let his anger distract him from his main goal.

Crank that Superman blasts on the speakers as Tristian Artist enters the arena with Zachary. They walk down the ramp slowly and slide into the ring. Tristian climbs onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd as Zachary walks around in the ring.

And his opponent, hailing from San Jacinto, California and weighing in at 235 pounds, accompanied by “The Eliminator” Zachary…Tristian “Rampage” Artist!

Well after being MIA for a few weeks, Tristian Artist is back in action here tonight and he will be facing The Chaos Kid for a shot to contend for the ROG Tag Team Championships.

I think he may have too much ring rust to actually pull this off…plus Chaos is pissed off. I don’t like Tristian’s chances.


Chaos runs at Tristian and takes him down right away with a running Spinning Wheel Kick. Chaos immediately goes to the top rope and hits a Moonsault on Tristian as the crowd goes absolutely insane. Chaos doesn’t go for the cover and instead locks on a Boston Crab on Tristian. Tristian screams in pain, but manages to drag himself to the ropes. Chaos doesn’t let go as Ed Richards begins a count. 1…2…3…4…Chaos lets go at the last second. Chaos gets off of Tristian as Zachary walks around the ring and talks with Tristian near the ropes. Chaos runs towards the ropes and knocks Zachary back with a Baseball Slide. Chaos stands up and looks down at Tristian. Tristian tries to escape the ring, but Chaos grabs his leg and pulls him back. Chaos circles the body of Tristian. Chaos lifts Tristian off the mat and kicks him in the midsection. Chaos takes Tristian down with the Twist of Fate and then heads to the top rope again. Chaos leaps off and hits a Leg Drop from the top. Chaos springs back up and runs across the ring. He’s pumped up now as he picks Tristian up. Chaos kicks Tristian in the midsection and puts him into Cop Killa position. Chaos twists and lifts Tristian up. Chaos takes Tristian down with the Cop Killa. Chaos covers Tristian. 1…2…Chaos rolls off of Tristian, breaking up the count. Chaos circles Tristian again and drops to the mat. Chaos locks on the Cattle Mutilation as Tristian taps immediately and screams in pain. The bell sounds, but Chaos doesn’t let go of the hold. Ed Richards steps in and threatens to reverse the decision, so Chaos releases the hold.

Here is your winner, by submission and his team will be advancing to the ROG Tag Team Championship #1 Contender match next week…The Chaos Kid.

The Chaos Kid was on fire tonight. He beat Tristian Artist in less than 5 minutes and Tristian Artist is no pushover, mind you.

He was running on anger, which is how he managed to defeat him so easily…wait what’s this?

Chaos exits the ring as Zachary enters to tend to Tristian. Chaos grabs a chair and re-enters the ring. Chaos knocks Zachary out with the chair, busting him wide open. Chaos drags Zachary’s body to the center of the ring. Chaos throws the chair on the ring mat and lifts Zachary up. Chaos gives Zachary the Cop Killa onto the steel chair. Chaos goes to exit the ring, but re-enters yet again. Chaos goes to the top rope and nails Zachary with the Dragon Cyclone Press as boos rain down from the crowd.

Now was all that really necessary? Seriously Chaos, just leave the ring with your victory.

He was just sending a message to his opponents next week. It will be The Chaos Kid and “The Enforcer” Colton taking on Spawn and Hybrid for the #1 Contendership for the ROG Tag Team Championships. What a match that should be!

I agree, but I hope that the tactics that happened tonight for those two teams to advance won’t happen again next week.

The Chaos Kid exits the ring with a sadistic smile on his face and he walks down the ramp, looking at the carnage he left behind in the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 3/10/08 Results   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:57 am

Up next will be a match that will surely be a great contest. Dash Blade teams up with Erik Michaels to take on Jose and Colton.

Dash Blade wanted revenge on Jose, while Jose and Colton wanted to make Erik Michaels pay for what he did to Chaos, so David Simou just decided to have this match take place.

The Way I am plays as Dash Blade enters the arena. Dash has a very intense looks on his face as he walks down the ramp and climbs up the steel steps. Dash enters the ring and waits for his partner’s entrance.

This Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing team number 1, first, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at 198 pounds…Dash Blade!

You know, I’ve been watching ROG for awhile now and I must say that it’s weird to see Dash Blade without the X-Rated Title around his waste.

He didn’t deserve the title. He won that X-Rated open match, which doesn’t make him a credible champion in my eyes.

What about his reign? What about his successful defenses?

I think you mean his successful defense. It’s not plural. He pinned Tristian Artist and when Jose got the rematch, he proved that he was better than Dash Blade by pinning him to become the new X-Rated Champion. End of story.

Welcome to the Jungle blasts through the arena as Erik Michaels explodes from the back and the crowd bursts into cheers. Erik Michaels walks down the ramp with a big smile on his face and hands out high-fives to random fans. Erik Michaels slides into the ring and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, posing for the crowd.

And his partner, hailing from Miami, Florida and weighing in at 213 pounds…Erik Michaels!

Here is the man who earned the right to contend for the ROG World Heavyweight Championship at Apocalypse. He will be facing Ricky Reynolds for said title at Death Wish in a matter of weeks.

I have to admit that Erik Michaels has been a roll, but he has also had his hands full with the Puerto Rican Express. He’s gotten jumped by Jose, Colton, and Chaos as well as losing to both Jose and Colton. Sure the loss from Colton was ultimately reversed due to the beatdown ensuing after the match had ended, but a loss is a loss. Erik Michaels needs to be on his game so he doesn’t go down unsuccessfully to The Puerto Rican Express for a third week in a row.

A combination of Metalingus and Burn in My Light play as Jose and Colton enter the arena to a massive negative reaction from the crowd. Jose and Colton jump up and down before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Jose and Colton get to their feet and glare at Dash and Erik Michaels.

Introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined 475 pounds, Jose and Colton…The Puerto Rican Express!

Earlier, it was announcer that Colton will team with The Chaos Kid to take on Dark Republic for a chance to take on the ROG Tag Team Champions with the belts on the line. This will be both wrestlers’ first chance at gold if they’re successful.
There are some big opportunities for the young superstars next week. Everyone in this match has something going for them. Erik Michaels fighting for the ROG World Heavyweight Championship, Jose is the X-Rated Champion. Dash Blade is the #1 contender for the X-Rated Championship, and Colton will have a chance to fight for the ROG Tag Team Championships. This is sure to be one hell of a match between some of our biggest stars!

Jose goes onto the apron as he and Colton discuss strategy. Erik Michaels and Dash Blade talk in the ring before Erik Michaels goes onto the apron.

Looks like Colton and Dash Blade will be starting this contest off.


Colton and Dash Blade lock up as the bell sounds. Colton shoves Dash back and Dash stops at the corner turnbuckle. Dash slowly gets out of the corner and starts pacing around the ring, trying to find an open opportunity. Dash runs at Colton, but drops to the floor and tries to take Colton down. Colton counters with a standing Elbow Drop. Colton stands back up and stomps on Dash as Dash squirms around on the mat. Colton grabs the head of Dash and pulls him back up. Colton chops Dash, which Dash answers with a chop of his own. They exchange stiff chops until Colton pokes Dash in the eye and walks over to his corner. Colton holds his chest as Dash tags in Erik Michaels to the crowd’s delight. Michaels runs at Colton, but Colton ducks and avoids a clothesline. Colton dropkicks Michaels against the ropes. Michaels rebounds and Colton lifts Michaels up, but Michaels reverses with a DDT. Erik Michaels gets back to his feet and runs at Jose. Michaels punches Jose off the apron and goes to the top rope. Michaels jumps off and hits a Flying Elbow Drop on Colton. Michaels covers Colton. 1…2…kick out. Jose rushes into the ring, but Ed Richards forces him to leave as Dash Blade enters the ring and Spears Colton, who had just gotten back up. Dash Blade scurries to his corner and gets back on the apron just as Ed Richards turns around and Jose gets back on his apron. Erik Michaels covers Chaos again. 1…2…kick out.

Surprisingly, Dash Blade and Erik Michaels just bent the rules a bit.

Maybe they finally figured out what it takes to be a winner!

Michaels bounces back up and traps Colton in a Sharpshooter. Colton screams in pain and pulls on his hair to refrain from tapping. Jose bangs on the apron in an attempt to give strength to Colton. Colton struggles forward a bit, but can’t manage to reach the ropes. Colton rolls over and tries to kick Michaels off, but Michaels rolls through and keeps the hold locked on. Colton extends his arm and tries to grab the bottom rope, but he can’t reach. Colton starts to gain momentum and drags his body, along with Michaels, to the ropes. Jose enters the ring and runs towards Colton and Michaels, but Dash enters the ring and throws Jose to the outside. Dash exits the ring and exchanges punches with Jose on the outside. Colton lifts his hand, getting ready to tap, but extends it again. Colton finally reaches the bottom rope. Michaels gets off of Colton and drags him back. Michaels tries to lock on the Inverted Sharpshooter, but Colton’s reflexes kick in and he kicks Michaels away and runs over to his corner. Colton goes to tag in Jose, but he realizes that Jose isn’t on the apron. Michaels walks over to Colton and picks him up. Michaels kicks Colton in the midsection and lays him out with the Argentina Piledriver. Michaels covers Colton. 1…2…kick out! Jose and Dash Blade are fighting on top of the announce table on the outside as Michaels argues with Ed Richards. Ed Richards yells at Michaels as Michaels ignores him and lifts Colton up on his shoulder for the Michnoku Driver, but Colton struggles out and hits the Backcracker on Erik Michaels. Colton gets to his feet slowly and climbs to the top rope. Colton jumps off and nails Erik Michaels with a Frog Splash. Colton covers Michaels. 1…2…kick out! Jose and Dash Blade are fighting at the top of the ramp now as Colton and Erik Michaels remain in the ring. Jose and Dash Blade are nearing the edge of the stage. Dash Blade kicks Jose in the midsection and lifts him onto his shoulders, going for the Blade Driver! Jose manages to escape, though and lays Dash out with the Flip Bottom on the stage. Dash seems to be bleeding from the top of his head as Jose slowly gets back to his feet. Jose lifts Dash up and puts his head in between his legs. Jose lifts Dash up and Powerbombs Dash off the stage through the tables and electric cords as the crowd chants HOLY SH*T HOLY SH*T HOLY SH*T!!! Jose falls back and looks down at Dash Blade and the mayhem that he just went through. Dash Blade isn’t moving at all as Ed Richards sprints up the ramp and calls for EMTs. Jose walks back down the ramp and onto the apron with a sadistic smile on his face. EMTs come out and check on Dash as Ed Richards runs back down to the ring, where Colton has just tagged in Jose.

Oh my lord! What a horrific act of violence from Jose. Dash Blade doesn’t even seem to be conscious right now.

Jose just guaranteed his team victory and that’s what it’s all about. Dash Blade will be fine…it’s the match outcome that you have to be worried about.

How could you say that? Dash Blade was just broken in half by Jose and I’m surprised he didn’t get Disqualified for it!

Well he didn’t get disqualified and would you like to know why? Well I’ll tell you why…because it’s not illegal! Jose had every right to do what he just did.

Jose storms into the ring and takes Erik Michaels down with a Shining Wizard right away. Jose runs around the ring and jumps onto the top rope. Jose poses for the crowd and flips off the top rope, nailing the 450 Splash. Jose hooks the leg of Erik Michaels and goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out! Jose’s smug smile turns into a face of shock as he gets back to his feet and lifts Michaels up as well. Jose kicks Michaels in the gut and wraps his arm around the head of Erik Michaels. Jose tries to slam Erik Michaels head first into the mat, but Michaels uses his remaining strength to reverse it into a Northern Lights Suplex. Michaels follows through with a Bridge pinning attempt. 1…2…kick out. Jose gets up quickly and exits the ring. Michaels slowly gets to his feet, using the ropes as leverage. Jose walks around outside of the ring as Colton jumps down from the apron and talks to Jose. They whisper a plan to each other and Jose re-enters the ring and Colton gets back on the apron. Colton tags himself in right away, unknown to Erik Michaels, who immediately attacks Jose. Colton attacks Erik Michaels from behind, taking him down to the mat. Colton applies the High Angle Boston Crab to Erik Michaels as Michaels utters out screams of pain. Michaels starts to roll his body over as Colton tries to increase the pressure of the hold, but to no prevail. Michaels manages to roll his body over and kicks Colton off of him. Michaels gets up right away and Colton runs at Michaels. Michaels flapjacks Colton and Colton’s head bounces off the top rope. Colton walks back a few steps and Michaels Irish Whips him into the corner. Colton climbs up the turnbuckle rapidly and goes for the Whisper in the Wind, but Michaels moves out of the way and Colton crashes and burns. Michaels drops to his knees and covers Colton. 1…2…kick out! Michaels rolls off of Colton slowly and stares up at the ceiling. Michaels gets to his feet and lifts Colton off the mat by the hair. Michaels lifts Colton onto his shoulder and walks around the ring with him on his shoulder. Michaels suddenly stops in the middle of the ring and nails the Michnoku Driver II. Michaels covers Colton. 1…2…Jose manages to break up the count before the 3. Jose doesn’t return to the apron and is on his knees beating on Erik Michaels with repeated forearms and stiff punches. Colton begins to revive and Jose stops his assault and allows Colton to pick up the remains. Colton lifts Michaels up and hits the Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Colton covers Erik Michaels. 1…2…Jose tells Colton to break the pin. Jose re-enters the ring and goes to the top rope. Colton calls for the Chiropractor. Colton lifts Michaels up and hits him with the Backcracker as Jose comes flying off the top rope and nails the Spiral Tap. Jose exits the ring and Colton holds his knees in pain, but covers Erik Michaels. 1…2…3.

Here are your winners, by pinfall, Colton and Jose…The Puerto Rican Express!

Well the odds were definitely against Erik Michaels, but this time he just couldn’t overcome. Thanks to Dash Blade’s elimination from the match up, Jose and Colton won this contest.

Jose and Colton would’ve won either way. Taking out Dash Blade was just a bonus.

Jose and Colton celebrate in the ring before exiting the ring. Colton limps down the ramp and Jose holds his arm up in victory. They walk up the ramp together and they exit the arena.
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PostSubject: Re: Meltdown 3/10/08 Results   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:59 am

After that great match we just witnessed, we have approached our main event for the evening. It will be Supply and Demand taking on The Sound and Damien Jones!

Also, this contest will be for the ROG Tag Team Championships! This is sure to be one hell of a match.

Push it by Rick Ross plays on the speakers as Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson enter the arena, sporting the ROG Tag Titles around their wastes. Reynolds has the ROG World Heavyweight Championship draped on his shoulder as he walks down the ramp alongside Jamarius Jackson. Jamarius Jackson climbs up the steel steps as Ricky Reynolds slides into the ring.

This tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ROG Tag Team Championships! Introducing Team number 1, weighing in at a combined 460 pounds, they are your ROG Tag Team Champions…Supply and Demand!

The ROG Tag Team Champions seem to be prepared for their title defense here tonight…but The Sound and Damien Jones can’t be willing to lose twice in a row to them.

That was the point that I was going to bring up. Supply and Demand already commands a victory over The Sound and Damien Jones, so they know how to defeat them and I’m sure they’ll be able to pull another victory out here tonight.

Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot blasts through the arena as Damien Jones emerges from the back without his drumsticks in hand. He walks down the ramp half way and waits for his partner. Damien points at the entrance spot as Battery blares through the speakers and The Sound enters the arena. The Sound walks down the ramp and meets up with Damien Jones. They walk down the rest of the ramp together and slide into the ring. They don’t pose for the fans, as tonight they’re all business.

And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 494 pounds…The Sound and Damien Jones!

They seem very intent on capturing the ROG Tag Team Championships tonight and I think they may just do that.

Nah, Supply and Demand has their number without a doubt! They will walk away with their ROG Tag Team Title reign intact and you can bank on that.


Ricky Reynolds goes onto the apron as does Damien Jones. Jamarius Jackson and The Sound walk to the center of the ring and lock up. Sound goes to the mat and takes Jackson down with a Drop Toe Hold. Sound then gets back to his feet and jumps over to the upper half of Jackson’s body. Sound locks on a Headlock as Jackson struggles to escape. Jackson starts to get to his feet with the Headlock still locked on. Jackson gets to his feet and hits Sound in the gut with a few elbows. Jackson runs across the ropes and knocks The Sound down with a Shoulder Block. Jackson runs across the ropes again and Sound rolls onto his stomach. Jackson rebounds off the ropes and jumps over the body of The Sound and continues running across the ropes. Sound gets to his feet as Jackson rebounds off the ropes again. Jackson goes for a Clothesline, but The Sound counters and grabs the arm of Jackson. Sound takes him to the mat and tries to lock on the Cripple Crossface, but Jackson squirms out of the position and scurries into his corner. Reynolds tags himself in. Reynolds rushes into the ring and runs at Sound, who again counters a clothesline into a Crippler Crossface attempt. Reynolds manages to escape and runs back to his corner and tags Jackson back in as the crowd bursts into laughter. Jackson re-enters the ring and yet again locks up with The Sound. Jackson grabs the arm of The Sound and twists it. Jackson then holds onto the twisted arm and kicks The Sound in the midsection 3 times and then releases the arm. Jackson runs across the ropes and hits the Drive By on The Sound. Jackson covers The Sound. 1…2…kick out. Jackson gets off of The Sound and gets back to his feet. Jackson sits Sound up and runs across the ropes. Jackson bounces off the ropes and runs at the sitting Sound. Jackson pulls back his leg and releases, kicking Sound in the face. Sound falls backwards as Jackson covers him. 1…2…Damien Jones breaks up the pin. Jones returns to his apron as Jackson gives him a dirty look. Jackson loses focus and Sound cradles him into a pin attempt. 1…kick out. Jackson springs back up as Sound starts to crawl to his corner to tag in Damien Jones. Jackson rushes over to The Sound and grabs his leg. Sound gets to his feet while Jackson is still holding one of his feet. Sound hits Jackson with an Enzuiguri, knocking Jackson off his feet. The Sound then jumps towards his corner and connects with the hot tag to Damien Jones.

Damien Jones is in the match now…it’s a good thing too. No way could The Sound’ve lasted in there for much longer.

This won’t change a thing. Supply and Demand will still walk away as the ROG Tag Team Champions. Don’t get your hopes up so high!

Damien Jones explodes into the ring, taking down Jackson with Clothesline after Clothesline. Jones turns around and knocks Reynolds off the apron as he covers Jackson. 1…2…kick out. Jones gets onto one knee and then pulls himself back up. Jones walks over to his corner and tags The Sound back in. The Sound enters the ring and runs at the fallen Jamarius Jackson. The Sound drops an elbow on Jackson. The Sound gets back up and locks on the Sharpshooter on Jackson. Jackson struggles and attempts to escape, but The Sound has the hold applied with too much pressure. The Sound puts his entire body weight on the back of Jamarius Jackson as he screams in pain and tries to reach the ropes, but he’s too far way. Reynolds enters the ring and goes to kick The Sound, who releases the Sharpshooter and moves out of the way at the very last second. Reynolds accidentally kicks Ed Richards in the face, knocking him out. Ed Richards rolls out of the ring and Reynolds goes under the ring. Reynolds comes back out with a steel chair. Reynolds enters the ring and runs at The Sound with the chair, but The Sound avoids the chair shot and sweeps Reynolds with his leg. Reynolds drops to the mat and The Sound grabs the chair. The Sound moves around the ring, holding the chair up high asking the crowd if he should use it. The crowd responds, “HIT HIM, HIT HIM, HIT HIM,” repeatedly. The Sound walks over to Reynolds and lifts the chair high into the air above Reynolds. The Sound slams the chair down, but can’t seem to find it in him to use the chair and drops it. Jackson grabs the chair quickly and hits The Sound over the head with it, busting The Sound wide open. Boos rain down from the crowd as Jackson holds the chair high above his head with a sick grin on his face.
The Sound should’ve used the chair! He wimped out at the last second. That doesn’t make a winner!

He did the right thing, unlike Jamarius Jackson. Jamarius Jackson just cheated and it’s all legal. Come on, Ed Richards, wake up!

Damien Jones enters the ring and Clotheslines Jackson. Jones takes the chair and throws it to the outside of the ring. Jones lifts up Jackson and hits him with the Jones Breakerbomb. Jones throws Reynolds out of the ring and puts The Sound on top of Jackson. Reynolds grabs the chair and Jones exits the ring. Reynolds hits Jones with the chair as soon as Jones exits the ring. Reynolds drops to one knee, still holding the chair and pulls himself back into the ring. The Sound is still motionless on top of Jackson. The Sound’s blood drips onto the ring canvas and on Jackson’s body as well. Reynolds walks over to The Sound with the chair in hand. Reynolds lifts the chair up and slams down, but The Sound moves out of the way and he hits Jamarius Jackson. The Sound uses the ropes to get up and runs at Reynolds, who hits the Coke Sneeze on The Sound. Reynolds applies the Artery Jammer as The Sound screams in pain, but doesn’t tap even though there is no referee available. Jones enters the ring and breaks up the hold. Jackson sneaks up behind Jones and hits the Jack dat Punk on Jones. Jones falls to the mat holding his neck and he rolls to the outside again. The Sound gets up and kicks Jackson in the midsection. Sound Piledrives him into the ring canvas. Jackson rolls out of the ring as well. The Sound walks over to Reynolds and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Reynolds pushes him off and quickly gets off the mat. Reynolds lock on the Overdose as The Sound screams in pain and starts to tap. Sound continues to tap as he drags himself forward and grabs the ropes. Reynolds keeps the hold locked on as The Sound tries to escape the ring. The Sound’s upper half of his body is hanging outside of the ring as he’s still screaming. Suddenly, a man wearing a hood runs through the crowd and jumps over the barricade. The hooded man enters the ring and locks a Sleeper Hold on Ricky Reynolds until Reynolds passes out and releases the Overdose. The man with the hood escapes the ring and throws Ed Richards into the ring before running up the ramp.

Who could this hooded man be? I’m completely baffled as to who this could possibly be.

Who cares!? He probably just cost Supply and Demand their ROG Tag Team Championships!

The hooded man runs back down the ramp, noticing that Reynolds isn’t the legal man. He grabs the chair and hits Jackson over the head with the chair 3 times and throws him into the ring. He then tosses Reynolds out of the ring and sprints back up the ramp and watches on. The Sound gets up and re-enters the ring. The Sound looks around, wondering what just happened. He crawls over to Jackson’s body and lays his arm across Jackson’s chest. Ed Richards slowly makes the count. 1…2…3.


The Sound lifts himself back up as Damien Jones enters the ring. They both celebrate in the ring as Ed Richards hands them both their Tag Titles, but with a very confused look on their faces. They look to the top of the ramp as the hooded man takes off his hood and reveals himself to be CHRIS CLASSIC! The Sound exits the ring and runs down the ramp. Damien Jones follows slowly behind him as The Sound and Chris Classic hug and celebrate the title win. Damien Jones has a disgusted look on his face as he follows The Sound and stands on the side as Chris Classic and The Sound celebrate.

What a revelation! Chris Classic has returned and has made his presence known here tonight!

He just cost Supply and Demand their ROG Tag Team Titles! I barely even know Chris Classic and I already don’t like him!

Well, deal with it. The better team won. Supply and Demand tried to cheat anyways.

Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson are now in the middle of the ring arguing as Reynolds explains what happened. Jackson looks to the top of the ramp and notices that Chris Classic has returned.

I can’t wait for Supply and Demand to retaliate against Chris Classic for what he has just done.

Well, you’ll have to wait for next week’s edition of Monday Night Meltdown. As for now, I would like to thank you all for tuning in for another great episode of Monday Night Meltdown. I hope that you will join us here next week as Supply and Demand retaliate and the #1 Contender’s for the ROG Tag Team Championships when Colton and The Chaos Kid take on Spawn and Hybrid. Goodnight everyone.

The camera shows Jamarius Jackson giving Chris Classic a very intense glare as the camera fades to black…
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Meltdown 3/10/08 Results
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