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 1/2/08 Warzone Results

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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

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Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
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1/2/08 Warzone Results Empty
PostSubject: 1/2/08 Warzone Results   1/2/08 Warzone Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 4:31 pm

Leroy Brown-red
Jimmy DeMarco-green
Ed Richards-purple
Delia Kinney-yellow

“Make a Move” by Incubus echoes through the arena as white pyro lights up the entrance ramp. The camera swings to the announce table.

Good evening folks, once again I’m Leroy Brown with my colleague Jimmy DeMarco. We’re pleased to be here tonight, presenting the very first Warzone Wednesday.

The new general manager, Ms. Delia Kinney has been kind enough to invite us here, to continue our illustrious commentating in this new show. And what a new show it promises to be.

We don’t know that yet Jimmy. This Kinney woman hasn’t proven herself yet.

Simou thinks she’s good enough. And did you see the lineup she has for tonight? A main event tag match, Ella Perez and Rated PG vs Steve and Bethany Storm. What a match that will be.

Alright, sure, good point. Anyway, coming right off of Off The Hook, the whole dynamic of ROG has changed. We now have a women’s champion, Bethany Storme and two different brands.

Don’t forget, we have two new lovely ladies making their debut tonight. As well as a special announcement from our general manager.

I wonder what it could be? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. But in the meantime, onto the first match in Warzone history. Nick Nitro versus Edgecutioner. I have no idea what our new gm is thinking with this one.

Neither do I. What purpose could she have in mind? These two don’t really have a history. And Nitro is going to get slaughtered.

“Word Up!” By Korn blares through the arena. Blue and gold pyro goes off and Nick Nitro poses on the entrance ramp. The crowd is silent as he walks to the ring.

This contest is schedule for one fall. Introducing first, from Toronto Canada and weighing in a 205 lbs….Nick Nitro.

Nitro rolls into the ring and scales the turnbuckle, raising his arms in the arms. A small smattering of applauses mixed with booing echoes from the crowd. Shaking his head, Nitro stands in the ring and waits.

Not much reaction from the crowd tonight.

ROG hasn’t seen much of Nitro, how do you respond to someone you don’t know?

Leroy starts to reply when the lights go dark blue and “Darker Side” begins to play. A white spotlight shows Edgecutioner standing on the stage, he drops to one knee, raising an arm into the air.

And his opponent, from the depths of hell and weighing in at 330 lbs…Edgecutioner.

Boos rain down from the crowd as Edgecutioner climbs the ring stairs and steps over the ropes. Nitro nervously approaches the middle of the ring. The ref calls for the bell and the two lock up. Edgecutioner uses his strength advantage to throw Nitro off. He whips Nitro off the ropes and hits a high elbow on the return. Nitro stumbles but stays on his feet. He hits a few hard chops, forcing Edgecutioner to the corner. Nitro climbs to the second rope and rains down punches to Edgecutioner’s head and chest. The ref starts a count…1…..2……3….and Nitro backs off. The ref warns Nitro and Edgecutioner elbows Nitro in the back of the head. Edgecutioner sends Nitro into the ropes again, but Nitro ducks the clothesline on the first return and is hit with a shoulder block on the second.

I thought he might get a little offense in there for a second.

Edgecutioner stomps on Nitro’s arm a few times, he goes for a leg drop and Nitro rolls out of the way. While Edgecutioner is down Nitro places a few kicks to his back. Nitro runs back into the ropes and follows up with a low drop kick. Nitro drops the elbow, and goes for a cover. One... two...and a kick out. Nitro tries for a headlock, but Edgecutioner slips out of it, and latches on with an arm bar. Nitro rolls over and breaks the hold, then scores a double leg take down, and tries to catapult Edgecutioner into the turnbuckles. Edgecutioner grabs Nitro and rolls him up instead. One... two...Nitro kicks out and gets to his feet and gets leveled with a clothesline.

Looks like Edgecutioner is done playing around.

He was hardly playing with him before.

Edgecutioner not letting up, drags Nitro to his feet and sets him up for a pump handle slam. Nitro crashes to the mat, and Edgecutioner is there to make a cover. 1... 2... Nitro kicks out again. Edgecutioner tries to slow things down with a body scissors, but Nitro is too close to the ropes, and he forces the break. Edgecutioner argues with the ref and waits for Nitro to get to his feet, then pounces, landing a hard forearm to the side of Nitro’s head. Edgecutioner hits the ropes, and comes off with a forearm, knocking his opponent back down. Edgecutioner covers again. One... two... Nitro kicks out just in time. Edgecutioner trying not to get frustrated, locks on a front headlock, then drives his knee into the top of the Nitro’s head. Then another. And another. Nitro struggles to break the hold, and Edgecutioner tightens his grip. Nitro struggles for the ropes and is pulled back into the center of the ring. Nitro brings his elbow back into his opponent’s stomach a few times and Edgecutioner releases the hold. Stumbling slightly, Nitro goes for the ropes, and is met with another clothesline. Edgecutioner covers again. 1….2…..3.

And the winner of this match by pinfall…..Edgecutioner.

Edgecutioner stands over Nitro and raises his arms in victory. He smiles down at his fallen opponent as the crowd boos him out of the ring.

This Edgecutioner guy may be one twisted human being, but Nitro put up a pretty good fight.

Didn’t matter much though. He still lost.

I’m not saying he didn’t. But now, it’s time for a surprise announcement from our general manager.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

1/2/08 Warzone Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1/2/08 Warzone Results   1/2/08 Warzone Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 4:32 pm

“Bitch” by Meredith Brooks begins to play and Delia Kinney stands on the stage, mic in hand. The crowd applauds a little, still not sure what to make of the new gm.

Welcome all of you to the greatest show on God’s green earth. And I plan on taking this brand to the top, and putting our second rate show, Meltdown, to shame. On that note I have a very special announcement to make, and I want to make sure everyone hears it. So please, let’s bring the whole roster out here for a minute.

The crowd cheers as the whole Warzone roster files down the entrance ramp, muttering amongst themselves.

Good, now in a few weeks at the next PPV; High Stakes; the stakes will certainly be sky high for two of you. With the unveiling of a new title, the Universal Title, two of you gentlemen will fight to become Warzone’s champion. For the next two weeks, I'll be watching all of you very carefully. If you want a spot in the title match, prove to me that you deserve it. Prove to me that you want it.

GM Kinney turns on her heel and walks backstage, leaving the roster to talk amongst themselves.

Steve Storm- orange
Bethany Storme-blue

Our new Gm is certainly making an impression already. Adding a new title? Guess these guys will be really be giving it their all the next few weeks.

That’s for sure. But I’m really curious who she’ll pick as her contenders. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks, for now though, onto our next match.

The lights flash bright blue and rock music sounds as Jack Williams emerges and runs down the ramp. The crowd erupts into cheers as he scales the turnbuckle raising his arms in the air. He back flips off the turnbuckle, smiling at the crowd.

This contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Phoenix, Arizona and weighing in at 215 lbs….Jack “The Iceman” Williams.

The crowd continues cheering on Williams as the lights dim and a countdown flashes on the screen. When the count reaches ‘0’ “Break Down the Walls” begins playing. The lights come back up and Y2J stands posed on the stage. He turns to walk to the ring and the crowd instantly starts booing him.

Once again, the crowd showing a dislike for Y2J. Think he’ll pick up a win tonight?

Anything is possible. But the crowd is behind Williams, and rightly so, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The bell sounds to start the match, but Y2J isn't ready yet. He's taking his time to showboat in the corner. Williams waits patiently, for his opponent to turn. Both men pace towards the center of the ring. Y2J slaps Williams hard across the face. Williams smiles and retaliates with a forearm smash. Williams grabs Y2J by the back of the head and pummels him with a series of forearm shots, forcing him back into the corner. The ref splits them up, but Williams goes back in with a knee to the midsection. He follows with an Irish whip and Y2J is sent across the ring. Williams rushes in but is met with a back suplex. Y2J goes for the pin…1….2…but Williams kicks out.
Jimmy: No way Williams is going down that easy. If Y2J wants to win this, he’ll have to make a lot more of an effort.
Y2J follows up with a quick body slam and a couple of stomps before he goes to grab a leg of the fallen Williams. Willaims fires off a right leg to the face of his opponent, and Y2J stumbles back. Williams is back on his feet and he connects with a snap suplex. Both men get back up again, and once again it's Williams who strikes first with an arm drag and straight into the arm bar. Y2J, works back to his feet and takes a cheap jab at Williams’ eyes. Williams releases the hold and drop kicks Y2J to the ground.
Y2J gets to his feet and the crowd starts to chant for Williams. The two lock up again and Williams shoves Y2J away and into the ropes. He hits a high elbow on the return. Y2J gets right back to his feet and is hit with an uppercut, sending him down again. He manages to get to his knees before Williams delivers a kick to the chest. And another. The crowd continues to cheer Williams as he delivers a third kick. Y2J keeps on his knees and Williams runs into the ropes and drives his knee into Y2J’s face and he goes down again.

That damn near took his head off.

Williams goes for the cover. 1….2…and Y2J kicks out. He's lifted back to his feet and is dragged to the corner, and Williams delivers some chops to the chest. Another Irish whip sends Y2J across the ring again. Y2J runs up the turnbuckle and out of harms way and Williams hits the turnbuckle at a run. Y2J attempt a lariat but Williams ducks and responds with an elbow. Y2J slumps back into the corner. Williams points to the top turnbuckle and the crowd cheers. Williams pulls him to the top and hits a superplex. Williams rolls on top…1…2. Frustrated, Williams pulls him up again and attempts another suplex. Y2J drops down the back – and hits a low dropkick to the left knee. Williams drops to the mat as Y2J grabs hold of the leg again and hits an elbow drop. He pops right back up, and delivers another elbow drop to the knee. Y2J drags his opponent towards the ropes, draping his leg over the bottom rope before jumping down on it. Y2J locks in a standing leg lock, but Williams is too close to the ropes and he grabs hold of one. The ref starts a count….1…..2…3…..4. Y2J breaks the hold.

Y2J better be careful, he doesn’t want to get DQ’d here.

Y2J drags Williams up by the hair and hits a shin breaker sending Williams back to the mat. Williams gets to his feet and hits a well placed kick to Y2J’s knee. While he’s down Williams locks in a figure four and the crowd cheers. Y2J struggles to get to the ropes. The ref checks for a submission and Y2J inches closer and closer to the bottom rope. Williams tightens the hold and drags him back to the center of the ring. The crowd starts chanting, TAP OUT TAP OUT! Y2J makes one more attempt at the rope, struggling desperately. Williams fights to keep him in the center of the ring. The ref asks again for the submission. Y2J falls back to the mat and tries to shake Williams off. He nearly breaks the hold but Williams readjusts and lock it in again. In desperation, Y2J taps the mat furiously and the ref calls for the bell.

The winner of this match as a result of submission….Jack Williams.

Williams stands and lifts am arm to the crowd, smiling and basking in the roar of cheering. He rolls out of the ring, gives a final look back and makes his exit.

I can’t believe Y2J tapped out.

Guess his losing streak won’t be ending tonight, and he has no one to blame but himself.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

1/2/08 Warzone Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1/2/08 Warzone Results   1/2/08 Warzone Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 4:35 pm

The camera cuts to the locker room where Steve Storm and Bethany are preparing for their match.

Why exactly are you doing this again?

I need to see my competition.

You should be focusing on Ella and PG.

Trust me, after what that little hussy's boytoy has tried to do to me lately…. If beating the hell out of her is my only chance at revenge, I'll take it. Believe me, I'm focused.

Alright, well, don't allow the new competition to let you forget that loss you had on Meltdown last week. And watch your back out there, you never know.

Beth grins and straightens up.
I'd love to see her try something. By the way, that thing you were talking about earlier…need any help?

No, I think I got it covered.

See ya in a bit then.
Beth throws the women's title over her shoulder and leaves the locker room. Steve watches her, shaking his head.

Bethany Storme-blue

The camera pans over the crowd again before settling on the announce table.

I wonder what’s that was about.

I don’t know, but if the Storms are the ones planning it, it probably isn’t good.

Your right about that. But for now, it’s time for the debut of our two new ladies. They both seem fierce enough to me.

I agree, but I think Inah Louise might have an edge on Cassandra. I’ve seen her before, and she is ruthless. She could give our Women’s Champ a run for her money.

“Rooftops” by Lost Prophets plays and the lights flash as red and white pyro goes off. Cassandra walks down the ramp to a cheering crowd. She smiles and waves at the crowd as she walks to the ring.

This contest is scheduled for one fall, making her way to the ring from Boston Massachusetts, Cassandra.

She rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, waving to the crowd. “Trouble” by Pink starts playing and the lights dim to a deep purple.

And her opponent, hailing from Wales the United Kingdom, Inah Louise.

The lights come back up and Inah Louise struts down the ramp to the ring. She walks up the steps and enters the ring, shouting insults at Cassandra. The crowd starts to boo.

Not a great first impression.

She’s a third generation star, she can do whatever she likes.

The ref starts to call for the bell when “Dance with the Devil” begins to play. The ref turns around and the crowd mutters in confusion. Bethany Storme emerges and walks straight to the announce table, eyeing Inah and Cassandra on the way. She lays the Women’s Title on the announce table and pulls on a headset.

Um, welcome to the announce table Miss Storme. To what do we owe the pleasure?

I’m here scouting. Since I’ve already beaten all the girls around here, I’m here to size up my competition. Carry on.

The ref calls for the bell. Cassandra and Inah throw one more look at Beth before turning back to each other. The two lock up, Inah locks in a headlock. Cassandra counters with a back suplex. Inah gets back to her feet and slaps Cassandra. She goes down, looking stunned and holding her cheek. The two lock up again and Inah goes for an arm lock but Cassandra counters with a whip into the ropes. Cassandra hits a kick to the face on the return and Inah goes down. Cassandra unloads a kick to the side, and another. The crowds cheers as another kick finds its mark. Cassandra goes for one more kick but Inah rolls out of the way and back to her feet. Cassandra and Inah exchange chops, until Cassandra runs into the ropes and come back with a hard elbow. Cassandra goes for a cover….1….2. Inah kicks out and gets back to her feet. Cassandra hits an uppercut and drives Inah back into the corner. Cassandra goes to the opposite corner for a running start. Inah dives out of the way and Cassandra slams into the turnbucke. Taking advantage, Inah rolls her up….1….2. Inah sets Cassandra up on the top turnbuckle. Inah climbs up and attempts for a superplex. Cassandra fights back and shoves Inah off the ropes. Cassandra stands up on the turnbuckle…the crowds responds with a cheer. She hits a diving headbutt and goes for the cover. 1….2….another kick out.

Wow, that was close. Quite an impressive showing from these two.

Oh hardly. I see nothing that I haven’t seen before from either of them.

Cassandra gets to her feet and pulls Inah up for a piledriver. Inah kicks her and reverses it. Inah goes for the piledriver and hits it. She covers…1…2….kick out. Inah pulls Cassandra up and hits her with a forearm, knocking her back to the ropes. Inah goes back and charges forward, Cassandra body drops her over the ropes. Inah lands on the floor face first. Cassandra rolls to the outside and delivers a suplex before rolling Inah back into the ring. She quickly covers…1…..2….3.

And the winner of this match by pinfall….Cassandra.

Cassandra jumps to her feet and smiles at the crowd who erupts into cheers. She throws a cold look at Bethany then waves to the fans.

Pretty impressive work from both of them. But that one mistake really cost Inah Louise.

Yes it did. But it was a helluva match. I’m sure even you’d agree Beth.

They both turn to Bethany Storme who throws off her headset and rolls into the ring with the Women’s Title. Cassandra and Bethany stare at each other for a moment. Bethany swings the Women’s title belt but Cassandra ducks out of the way and superkicks Bethany right in the face. She smiles at the crowd for a moment and exits the ring.

She calls that one the Survival. And I think she just sent a major message to our Women’s Champion.

That was definitely a statement alright. But now, on to our next match.

“Natural Born Killaz” by Dre and Snoop Dogg starts playing and Steve Ace walks to the ring, kendo stick in hand.

This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing from Sheffield England and weighing 272 lbs….Steve Ace.

Ace, now in the ring, climbs the turnbuckle smiling and waving at the crowd. They continue to cheer as “Unholy Alliance” begins to play and Aaron Kendrick walks to the ring. The crowd immediately turns their cheers into a boo and chants of “Kendrick sucks”.

And making his way to the ring, from Calgary Alberta Canada and being accompanied by Ashley Nero……..Aaron Kendrick.

Kendrick and Ashley walk to the ring. He kisses her hand, and climbs into the ring. Both men stand in the center of the ring sizing each other up and the referee calls for the bell. They lock up and Ace hits a side headlock takedown. Ace tries for a cover but Kendrick’s shoulders are not on the mat. Kendrick throws Ace off and climbs to his feet. Ace locks in a side headlock. Kendrick gives a forearm shot to Ace’s ribs. And another forearm shot, but Ace won’t break the hold. Kendrick backs Ace into the ropes and shoots him off, hitting a shoulder block on the return. Kendrick hits the ropes as Ace springs to his feet and snaps him with another side headlock takedown. Kendrick slaps the mat in frustration and manages to wiggle his way to the bottom rope causing a break. Ace gets to his feet and backs away as Kendrick slowly gets back to a vertical base. Again they lock up with a collar and elbow. Kendrick causes a break with an uppercut. Ace returns a chop. Another uppercut from Kendrick returned again with a chop from Ace. Kendrick goes for a third uppercut but Ace hooks the arm, turns him around and drops down into a backslide pin attempt. 1…2….kick out. Kendrick gets back to his feet and is quickly taken back down with another side headlock takedown.

Ace is just showing off now.

Yeah he’s showing off those in ring skills he’s so known for.

Again Kendrick makes it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Kendrick rolls to the outside as the referee lays in his count. Ace rolls to the outside as well and creeps up behind Kendrick. Kendrick is spun around and takes a chop across the chest that has the crowd erupting in cheers for Ace. Another chop has Kendrick holding his chest. Ace rolls Kendrick into the ring and then climbs up onto the apron. Kendrick is up to his feet and takes a springboard forearm straight to the face. 1…2…Kendrick kicks out. Ace pulls Kendrick to his feet and hooks him for a suplex, Kendrick blocks it. Ace tries again and once more Kendrick is able to block it. Before Ace can try for a third time Kendrick gets Ace up Kendrick hits a slingshot suplex onto Ace and goes for a pin attempt. 1….Kick out by Ace. Ace is pulled to his feet by Kendrick, who locks in an armbar. Ace switches into a reverse hammerlock and then follows that up with a hammerlock body slam. Ace measures Kendrick as he gets up and goes in for the kill by taking Kendrick to the mat with a single arm DDT.

Kendrick trying to take the arm out from Ace. Smart strategy actually.

Holy hell!


Did you see the size of that damn mosquito? It was the size of a sparrow.

Kendrick has Ace trapped on the mat with an armbar and is applying pressure on the shoulder. Kendrick releases the hold and drives a knee into the shoulder of Ace and then again locks in an armbar. The fans are starting to clap and stomp their feet for Ace as he struggles to get out of the hold. Ace is able to get a hand on the bottom rope and Kendrick waits until the count of four to break. Ace rolls out of the ring and shakes his arm, trying to get some feeling back. Kendrick slips out of the ring as well and pops Ace with a forearm shot to the head. Ace is pulled to his feet and rolled into the ring, Kendrick climbs in after him. In the ring, Kendrick hooks Ace in a double arm chicken wing submission. Ace shakes his head 'no" when the referee asks if he wants to give up. After a long minute Kendrick releases the hold only so that he can execute a double underhook suplex. A cover, 1…2……Steve Storm appears at ringside and yanks the ref from the ring. He rolls in and kicks Kendrick in the back of the head.

What is hell Storm doing?

What all Storms do…..looking out for his own ass.

Kendrick rolls from the ring and Ashley rushes to his side looking concerned. Storm rains punches down on Ace. The ref appears back at the edge of the ring as Storm continues to punch away at the nearly unconscious Ace. The ref calls for the bell.

And the winner of this match by disqualification…Steve Ace.

Kendrick protests and argues with the ref. Storm gets to his feet and places a few kicks to Ace’s head. He rolls from the ring, blowing a kiss at Ashley and walks backstage.

That was completely uncalled for. And the little parting shot at Ashley was disgusting.

Well, not that I’m defending him, but the general manager did say to prove that you wanted a title shot. Maybe Storm sees Ace as his biggest competition.
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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

Number of posts : 1868
Age : 25
Location : Your Mom Knows
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : Total nonstop action wrestling
Favorite Wrestlers : Trish stratus, the rock, AJ styles,Stone cold, Candice, cage,edge,macho man, Dino bravo, Orton
Registration date : 2008-03-22

1/2/08 Warzone Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1/2/08 Warzone Results   1/2/08 Warzone Results EmptyFri Aug 22, 2008 4:35 pm

Delia Kinney-yellow
Nick Nitro-black

The camera cuts backstage to the general manager’s office. Kinney is sitting behind her desk, with her feet up, and watches the show on a monitor. The camera pulls back and shows Nick Nitro sitting in the office as well, ice pack in hand.

What exactly are you asking me Nick?

I want in that match for the Universal Title.

And my motivation to do that is what? Your stunning loss earlier?

Another thing….about that match. I think it was completely unfair, I had no chance.

She waves him off and smiles.

Oh stop whining, I made the match so you deal with it. And the same with your match next week. I control your fate Nick, get used to it. Now excuse me, I have to watch the stellar tag match I set up.

When the camera cuts back to the annouce table, Leroy and Jimmy sit there staring at each other in slight surprise.

Sounds like Nitro was trying to wheel and deal there.

Can you blame him? His first match on Warzone was against that monster, I’d petition to the GM too.

Still sounds like his motives are a bit shady to me. But now, on to our main event, and this tag match could get messy.

“Welcome to the Jungle” By Guns & Roses plays through the arena. White pyro goes off and Ella Perez and Rated PG appear on the stage.

This tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring is the team of Ella Perez and Rated PG.

They're still using The Powers That Be entrance theme?

Well they are half of that team, I think they’re entitled. But this should be a helluva match.

It should, Beth and Ella definitely have a history. And after PG’s little game of distraction last week on Meltdown, she’ll probably see him repaid for that as well.

The lights dim and a golden spotlight appears on the stage. “TNT” by AC/DC begins to play as the Storms strut through the curtains. More gold pyro goes off and they walk toward the ring.

And introducing the team of Bethany and Steve Storm….the Storm Stable.

Gold pyro, gold spotlight? Think there’s a reason behind that?

Probably they are two cocky bastards.

Both teams stare each other down in the ring. Beth starts for Ella, but Steve holds her back. Ella smiles and exits the ring to the apron. Steve walks with Beth back to the corner and the ref calls for the bell. Not wasting any time PG runs off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker, putting Steve down. He covers…1…and a kick out. PG tags in Ella. PG takes a wristlock and walks the top rope, flips off and catches Steve with a swinging DDT. Ella climbs the turnbuckle and hits a top rope splash. She goes for the cover…1…2. Beth runs across the ring and kicks Ella in the head to break up the count, the ref admonishes Beth and gets her out of the ring. Ella stands Steve up and goes for a suplex. Steve blocks, countering with a suplex of his own. Steve goes to the corner and tags in Beth. Beth stomps away on Ella’s head….and again, and again. The crowd starts to boo. Beth goes to the ropes and it’s a leg drop to Ella’s face. She covers…1….2…and Ella kicks out. Ella gets back to her feet and Beth hits a hard forearm shot to the chest. Beth whips Ella into the ropes and hits a shoulder block knocking Ella to the mat. Ella gets back to her feet quickly and goes to the ropes, Beth goes to the ropes on her side. They collide in the center of the ring and both women are down. Beth is up first and kicks Ella in the stomach. She lifts Ella and hits a backbreaker. Beth turns to tag in Steve, but Ella leaps to her feet and hits a swift dropkick to the jaw. Ella lands on her feet and hits the ropes, Beth regains her footing only to get hit with a clothesline. The cover….1…. 2, Beth gets a shoulder up. The crowd boos, starting up a chant of STORM SUCKS!

These two women are tearing each other apart.

They’ve had quite a problem with each other lately. That was bound to cause some trouble tonight.

Ella grabs an armbar and tags in PG. PG leaps from the apron to the top rope, springboarding off with a knee right into Beth’s face. PG follows up with a standing moonsault. He covers….1….2….and Steve runs in to break up the count. PG pulls Beth to her feet and sends her into the ropes and tries for a spinebuster. Beth blocks it with an elbow to the head. PG falls to the mat and Beth follows up with a knee drop. She regains her feet and tags in Steve. Steve climbs to the second turnbuckle, coming off with a brutal double-stomp onto the ribs of PG. He goes for the cover, one….two…and PG kicks out. Steve scowls and sets PG up in the corner. He goes to the corner for a running start but PG somehow scuttles out of the way and dropkicks Steve into the turnbuckle. PG drags Steve into the middle of the ring and covers…1…2, but Steve throws PG off him. Steve gets to his feet and hits a facebuster on PG then tags in Beth. They both pull PG to his feet and throw him into the ropes. As PG hits the ropes he tags in Ella and ducks the double elbow from the Storms. He hits the ropes again and double clotheslines Beth and Steve.

Oh my God, PG just took down both Storms.

But he isn’t the legal man, Ella is. Well sort of…you know what I mean.

Beth and Steve pick themselves back up. PG flies off the ropes with a springboard moonsault taking Beth down again, then retreats to the apron. Ella sends Steve over the top rope, then pulls Beth to her knees. Beth fights back with a double ankle takedown, she nods to Steve who’s just getting to his feet outside the ring. Steve nods and gets on the apron and attempts to climb in the ring. The ref notices and goes to the corner and Beth rolls out of the ring. She grabs a chair from ringside as Steve continues arguing with the ref. The crowd boos and starts the STORM SUCKS chant again. Beth whacks PG in the back with the chair and pushes him to the ground. She rolls back in the ring and hits Ella with a chairshot to the face. Beth throws the chair out of the ring and smiles at Steve. Steve throws up his hands, standing quietly and the ref turns around. Beth hits a perfect leg drop and goes for the cover….1…..2…3.

That was just disgusting. Blatant cheating.

It’s only cheating if you get caught. I agree, it’s despicable, but what else did we expect from them?

Steve runs into the ring and grabs Beth’s hand in victory.

The winners of this match by a pinfall…Storm Stable.

Beth and Steve go to opposite corners, scale the turnbuckles and raise their arms. The crowd boos and chants CHEATERS CHEATERS CHEATERS as the Storms exit the ring.

What a great start to a fantastic show. Well until that last bit.

Well folks, thanks for tuning in. We’ll be here next week and hope you will be too. Good night!
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1/2/08 Warzone Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1/2/08 Warzone Results   1/2/08 Warzone Results Empty

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1/2/08 Warzone Results
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