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 Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results

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Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:23 pm

MK: I think your confusing me with yourself there LPM. Anyways folks we have some great action ahead, tonights show is full of qualifying matches for both the XCL Tag Team and the newly created TV Title.

LPM: I cant believe Khali and what he has done to Law & Order, we shouldnt even be having these tag team qualifiers.

MK: Be that as it may, The Great Khali has spoken and we all know his word is final. On a seperate note, bitter rivals Flair and Steve Ace are booked into a submission match at Nemesis, with an official contract signing to be held next week on Adrenaline.

LPM: I wonder if Flair has even seen a contract before.

MK: Im sure he has LPM, Wh...

Macho King pauses as he notices that Steve Storme, the ROG invader that appeared last week is seated in the front row of the crowd.

MK: Hey look, its that Steve Storme guy from last week, what's he doing here ?

LPM: I think your right King, I have no clue, why dont you go ask him ?

MK: Me ? Why dont you ?

LPM: Lets call for The Glamazon.

MK: Good idea.

Macho King and the Latin Passion Master call backstage to send out Sarah Jayne to conduct an interview with Steve Storme.

LPM: So is she coming ?

MK: She is on her way, I dont know about you LPM, but I want to know what this ROG rostered superstar is doing here in the XCL.

The Glamazon appears at the top of the entrance ramp and makes her way down towards Steve Storme who is still seated at ringside.

Sarah Jayne: Good Evening Mr. Storme, I was wondering if I could have a few moments of your time to discuss your actions on last week's Adrenaline ?

Steve Storme: It would be my pleasure, last week I had to make an impact to let the entire XCL know that I have arrived. Everybody here knows who I am, but nobody knows why im here.

Sarah Jayne: Thats correct, so Mr. Storme why are you here ?

Steve Storme: Its simple, Im here acting on behalf of Ring of Glory, we plan to take control of the XCL through buying the majority of shares in the company.

Sarah Jayne: Thats quite ambitious of you seeing as how you have just arrived.

Steve Storme: Shut your mouth little lady, I was going to keep this interview nice, but you had to go and make things personal, you better learn to treat me with respect otherwise once we take over, you might find yourself amung the people on the unemployment line.

Sarah Jayne: We ?

Steve Storme: Thats right you half wit, we as in more than one. My partner who at this stage wishes to remain silent already holds a fair portion of XCL shares, we just need to track down which other jerks are shareholders here and "convince" them to sell to us.

Sarah Jayne: I see, well thanks for your time Mr. Storme.

The Glamazon starts heading backstage. Steve Storme sits back in his seat.

Macho King: Well he certainly didnt beat around the bush with his intentions.

Latin Passion Master: That he didnt King, I cant say Im happy with Khali running the show, but I think Id prefer him over this ROG invader.

Macho King: That interview only raised more questions about him though, like who is his partner ? Its terrible, the XCL is less than three months old and we already have people trying to take it over.

Latin Passion Master: Its bound to happen with me around, I have the Midas touch.

***Attack by 30 Seconds to mars hits the arena***

Ashley: The Following contest is a TV Title qualifying match, scheduled for one fall, coming down the isle, standing 6'2 tall and weighing 242lbs, "The main surprize" Chris Shocker.

The crowd responds with kind cheers towards Shocker as he makes his way down the isle and climbs into the ring.

Macho King: Shocker is looking in great shape, Id have to say he must be a favorite to win the TV Title.

Latin Passion Master: You must have forgotten who
he has to face, the undefeated monster, Kumaga. Shocker is going to be
lucky to get out of here with his life.

***Umaga's Theme starts to play***

Ashley: And his opponent, standing 5'11 and weighing 201lbs, Kumaga.

The fans begin to boo loudly as Kumaga appears at the top of the entrance ramp. The harsh reception continues as he makes his way to the ring.

Macho King: Not the warmest welcome for Kumaga.

Latin Passion Master: Look at him King, do you think he really gives a damn what these idiots out here think ?

With both men now inside the ring, the referee calls for the bell to get this match underway. They circle each other for a few moments before locking up in a grapple, Shocker displays great strength by shoving Kumaga towards the ropes. The Main Surprize turns his back to pose to the fans, Kumaga wastes no time and rushes Shocker with a clothesline to the back of the head, sending him to the mat face first. Kumaga follows up quickly with two hard left foot kicks to Shocker's lower back. Kumaga attempt's a third kick but Shocker is able to turn around and catch his foot. Still holding Kumaga's left leg, Shocker kicks Kumaga's right leg, causing him to join The Main Surprize on the canvas. Both men quickly roll away from each other, then get back to their feet. Kumaga rushes in with a huge right hand shot to the head of Shocker, which is answer by a hard right hand from Shocker. The Pair continue to exchange right handed blows until Kumaga resorts to an eye rake, with great haste Kumaga sets up Shocker in a suplex position. Kumaga attempts to lift Shocker up, but Chris is able to block and reverse with a suplex of his own, Shocker raises Kumaga high in a vertical suplex, stalling for what seem's to be a lifetime before coming crashing down, to perfectly complete the move. Shocker quickly rolls over and goes for the pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: What a power display there by Shocker, I thought this match was over.

Latin Passion Master: Well Shocker is faring alot better than I suspected he would, I dont think Kumaga has quite gotten into the swing of the match yet.

Kumaga is able to kick out and both men rise to their feet, they lock up in a brief grapple before Kumaga is able to send Chris into the corner, via an Irish whip. Kumaga rushes at the seemingly dazed Shocker at full speed, however Shocker, playing possum, lands a right boot to Kumaga's face. Kumaga turns around gripping his jaw in pain, Shocker follows up qucikly with a bulldog, that slams Kumaga hard onto the mat. The Main Surprize uses the ropes for extra speed to land an elbow to Kumaga who is laying on the canvas after the last bulldog. Shocker then rolls Kumaga over and goes for the pin.

Ref: One...Two...Kick Out!

Macho King: Kumaga really looks off his game tonight, he isnt normally this clumsy.

Latin Passion Master: I have to agree King, Shocker really has him, well shocked, pardon the pun.

Kumaga is able to kick out once again, but this time he looks alot more frustrated, Shocker takes a chance to pose for the fans, this enrages Kumaga even further to the point where Kumaga rushes in to attack him. Shocker quickly side steps Kumaga and uses his momentum to send him over the top rope and onto the arena floor. The referee begins to count.

Ref: One...Two...

Macho King: The Main Surprize looks like he is having fun out there.

Latin Passion Master: I think Shocker is making a big mistake, he doesnt want to make this monster mad.

Kumaga gets to his feet, and looks at his boiling point, with great haste he makes his way over to where Ashley and the time keeper are seated.

Ref: Three....Four....

Macho King: Whats he doing LPM ?

Latin Passion Master: It looks like he has taken a liking to Ashley.

Kumaga grabs the time keeper and proceeds to throw him off his chair, Kumaga then picks up the chair and turns back towards the ring.

Ref: Five....

The Referee stops the count as he see's Kumaga entering the ring with the chair, he starts trying to tell Kumaga he isnt allowed to bring the waepon inside, but Kumaga seems to be ignoring him. Kumaga enters the ring with the chair still in hand, the ref jumps right in front of him and attempts to take the chair from him, Kumaga shoves the ref out of his way and nails Shocker twice with the chair, first in the stomach then a hard shot to the head. The referee gets back to his feet and calls for the bell.

***Attack by 30 Seconds to mars hits the arena***

Ashley: Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification, "The Main Surprize" Chris Shocker.

Macho King: Kumaga is a madman.

Latin Passion Master: He may be, but I dont think he is happy with the ref deciding to disqualify him.

Kumaga nails the referee with the chair, instantly sending him to the mat, the crowd boo's loudly at Kumaga. He continues to beat on the referee with a mix of chair shots and kicks, Shocker who is slowly recovering from the chair shots see's what is happening and runs to the ref's aid. The Main Surprize charges in with a dropkick that sends Kumaga towards the ropes. Kumaga turns around and takes a swing at Shocker, but Chris is able to duck while at the same time, grabbing hold of Kumaga's left ankle. Shocker grips firmly and begins to turn, Kumaga screams in pain and begins to tap in the ring, after a few minutes Chris releases the ankle lock, and Kumaga rolls out of the ring and limps backstage. Shocker goes over and helps the ref back to his feet, the crowd start to chant "SHOCKER".

Macho King: Kumaga had no right to touch the referee, he isnt there to compete.

Latin Passion Master: He got in Kumaga's way and got what he deserved, Shocker is just lucky he had the ref in his pocket.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:25 pm

**Number One plays**

Macho: And welcome back to Adrenaline as we get set for the next match-up.

The bell rings.

Ashley: This next match is a Television Championship qualifying match. Making his way to the ring; from Tijuana, Mexico; weighing 240 pounds, El Paria!

Macho: The luchadore from Tijuana looks to get a big win here tonight to get one step closer to the Television Championship.

LPM: But he’s got one heck of a challenge in his way Macho. Say all you want about this guy’s abilities, but his opponent is one of the best.

**Before I Forget plays**

Ashley: His opponent; from Toronto, Canada; weighing 190 pounds, WWEFAN!

Macho: Well I can’t deny this man’s ring skills, but he has a formidable opponent here tonight. This one looks pretty even to me.

LPM: Show’s what you know.

The bell rings. They lock up; WWEFAN backs Paria to the corner, and then whips him into the opposite corner. WWEFAN starts running, but Paria hops over the top rope. WWEFAN slams into the turnbuckles; Paria springs off the top rope and hits a flying forearm. Paria goes for the quick pin, but gets two. Paria picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Paria starts running the other way; they both bounce off the ropes and meet in the middle and then Paria hits the powerslam. Then Paria runs and hops to the middle rope and hits a lionsault. He hooks the leg, but gets two again. Paria picks WWEFAN up and has him set up for a vertical suplex, but WWEFAN counters and suplexes Paria. Then WWEFAN drops a knee to the head. He goes for the pin, but gets one.

WWEFAN applies a rear chinlock. Paria tries to reach for the face, but WWEFAN rakes the eyes, and then applies more pressure to the chinlock. Paria reaches with both hands and gets them around WWEFAN’s head, and then he hits a jaw breaker. WWEFAN staggers back against the ropes, and then Paria whips him into the ropes; Paria bounces off the ropes to WWEFAN’s right and Paria nails him with a running lariat. Paria hooks both legs, but WWEFAN kicks out.

Macho: Paria displaying some great moves out there, but he can’t keep WWEFAN down.

LPM: WWEFAN is showing a lot of resiliency out there Macho, and I think Paria is starting to get frustrated.

Macho: He’s got to be thinking ‘what do I have to do?’

Paria grabs the legs and he gets WWEFAN over for the boston crab. WWEFAN cries out in pain and immediately starts crawling to the ropes, but when he gets a few inches from them, Paria drags him back to the center of the ring. WWEFAN is having trouble crawling to the ropes, so he uses his leg strength to flip Paria off him and Paria rolls out of the ring. Paria tries to get up on the apron, but WWEFAN runs and knocks him off and Paria hits the barricade. WWEFAN steps onto the apron and goes for a double axe handle, but Paria moves out of the way and WWEFAN hits his head on the barricade. Paria slides back into the ring; WWEFAN gets up. Paria springs himself off the top rope and hits the placha on WWEFAN.

Macho: WOW! Air Paria!

LPM: Look at that 240 pound man spring himself like he was a lightweight.

Paria picks up WWEFAN and rolls him back into the ring. Paria hops up to the apron, and then to the top turnbuckle. WWEFAN quickly gets up and climbs up to the top rope. Then WWEFAN lifts Paria up, and then they fall and WWEFAN turns his body and hits the spine buster on Paria. WWEFAN goes for the pin, but Paria barely kicks out.

LPM: OH MAN! You gotta be kidding me that was so close.

Macho: Paria just got the shoulder up.

WWEFAN gets up and whips Paria into the ropes; WWEFAN bends over, but Paria kicks him in the chest. Paria grabs WWEFAN and sets him up for the Michinoku Driver, but WWEFAN counters it with a hurricanrana. Both men get up and WWEFAN starts running, but Paria lays him out with a hard lariat. Then Paria goes up to the top rope, but WWEFAN gets up to his feet. Paria jumps, but WWEFAN hits the Spear in mid air. WWEFAN makes the cover and gets the three. The bell rings.

**Before I Forget plays**

Ashley: Here is your winner, WWEFAN.

Macho: What an impressive win for WWEFAN as this one came down to the wire.

WWEFAN heads up the ramp congratulating himself as the fans boo him. WWEFAN flexes and arrogantly smiles his way up the ramp and heads backstage.

LPM: And now WWEFAN is on his way to the Television Championship Macho.

Macho: We’ll see how if WWEFAN can continue his success.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
Registration date : 2008-03-20

Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:25 pm

Latin Passion Master: Are you ready Macho? Up next is the first of three tag team matches tonight.

Macho King: Indeed it is Master. These matches will determine who will compete against the tag team champions at Nemesis.

Latin Passion Master: For the titles. Macho can you even go an entire show without making a mistake or leaving out a vital piece of information?

Macho King: That’s rich. And that’s all I’m saying on the matter.

**We Aren't Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister starts playing**

Ashley: The following is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall. Introducing first; at a combined weight of 510 pounds they are doctor Dismember and Creachbaum!!

Dr. Dismember and Creachbaum walk down to the ring with their heads held high fiving the fans on their way to the ring. They slide in the bottom of the ring and each go to a different corner of the ring where they ascend the turnbuckle and pose.

Ashley: And now introducing the opponent…

**Infrared by Placebo starts playing**

Ashley: Weighing in at 200 pounds…Daywalker!!

Daywalker takes a slow walk down to the ring. When he gets to the bottom of the ramp he stops and waits for Legend Killer. Whilst on the outside Daywalker starts screaming slanderous comments towards his opponents.

**It’s a fight by Three Six Mafia starts to play**

Ashley: And his partner, weighing in at 150 pounds…Legend Killer!!

Legend Killer appears on stage and is met by a thunderous amount of boos. He walks down the ramp and meats up with Daywalker at the bottom of the ramp. The two shake hands and climb into the ring. Both teams walk into the centre of the ring and stare at each other. The ref separates them and each team goes to their corner and discuss who shall start the match. Legend Killer steps between the ropes and allows Daywalker to start the match and Creachbaum decides to start the match for his team. Ding-ding. Legend Killer and Creachbaum start circling the ring trying to find an opening for the match. Eventually the two lock up and Legend Killer forces Creachbaum back into a corner. The ref gets in between the two and separates them.

Legend Killer takes a few steps back to the other side of the ring and Creachbaum takes a few steps away from the corner. The two begin circling the ring again. They then stop when they are by their corners. Legend Killer tags in Daywalker and then steps out of the ring. Daywalker comes in the ring and sprits straight at Creachbaum. Daywalker goes to hit the clothesline but Creachbaum ducks and kicks Fan in the back of the head. Daywalker grasps the back of his head as Creachbaum takes a run up and successfully hits a bulldog. Creachbaum turns Daywalker over and hocks the leg.

Ref: 1…Kick Out.

Creachbaum gets up and tags in Dr. Dismember as Daywalker climbs back to his feat. The two stop and stare at one another for a brief moment.

Latin Passion Master: What the hell are they doing? We came here to see a match not a love fest.

Macho King: Your idea of love involves to sweaty guys staring at each other?

Daywalker extends his arm and offers Dr. Dismember a test of strength. Dr. Dismember start to extend his arm to accept but as he does Daywalker kicks him in the gut and quickly drops Dr. Dismember with a quick DDT. Daywalker quickly shoots back up and drops an elbow to the chest of Dr. Dismember. Daywalker gets up and does the same thing; dropping an elbow to the chest. Daywalker then runs at the ropes and bounces of them, he then flies of his feet and goes for a knee drop but Dr. Dismember roles out of the way at the last minute. Both men climb up to their feet. Dr. Dismember bounces of the ropes and hits Daywalker with a clothesline. Both men fall back to the floor. Daywalker then rolls out to the outside as Dr. Dismember uses the ropes to pull himself up.

Latin Passion Master: This is smart of Daywalker to get some distance so he can regain his stamina.

Macho King: Yes but this also gives Dr. Dismember to tag in Creachbaum.

Daywalker has his back facing the ring. Dr. Dismember runs at the ropes on the opposite side and bounces off of them; he then dives over the top rope. As Dr. Dismember is coming down Daywalker turns around and the end result is Dr. Dismember cross bodying Daywalker.

Macho King: That one’s going to leave a mark.

Dr. Dismember gets up and drags Daywalker up with him. Dismember irish whips Daywalker back into the ring and then slides under the bottom rope himself. Dr. Dismember runs at Daywalker and drops a huge leg across the face and neck of Daywalker.

Latin Passion Master: No! That’s 300 pound of man that just came crashing down on Daywalker’s face. That is seriously going to mess up his boyish good looks.

Macho Man: Indeed it is Mast…wait, what?

Dr. Dismember tags in Creachbaum as Daywalker lies there motionless. Creachbaum ascends the turnbuckle and goes flying off. Daywalker tries to move at the last split second but gets caught by Creachbaum’s arm to the back knocking him back down, Creachbaum lands on his chest and face leaving both men lying motionless in the ring. Both men lay motionless for a few seconds before Fan starts to move. Daywalker roles over onto all fours and starts crawling over to Legend Killer. Creachbaum remains motionless. Daywalker makes it over to Legend Killer and tags him in. Legend Killer quickly hops over the top rope. Legend Killer runs at Creachbaum and hits a splash. Legend Killer wastes no time as he quickly locks in the STF afterwards. But Creachbaum is to close to the ropes and quickly grabs the bottom rope. Legend Killer refuses to release the hold so the ref begins to count for the disqualification.

Ref: 1…2…3…4…

Legend Killer releases the hold and takes a few steps back. Legend Killer poses to the fans who boo him for it. Legend Killer then walks over and pulls Creachbaum up to his feet and hits a quick snap suplex. Legend Killer places one arm over Creachbaum to cover him without hooking the leg.

Ref: 1…2..Kick Out

Macho King: Not hooking the leg was a mistake by Legend Killer and it cost him.

Legend Killer gets back to his feet. He grabs a handful of Creachbaum’s hair and pulls him to his feet. Creachbaum out of desperation hits a Legend Killer in the mid section with a few right hands; Legend Killer bends over and gets hit with a DDT from Creachbaum. Both men are lying on the mat. Both men begin to move and start pulling themselves to their corners to make the tag. Legend Killer manages to make the tag to Daywalker. Daywalker gets in and runs for Creachbaum to try and stop him making the tag but fails as Creachbaum tags in Dr. Dismember. Daywalker applies the brakes as he meets up with Dr. Dismember.

Dr. Dismember punches Daywalker twice in the face. He throws him into the ropes and clotheslines him upon return. Daywalker falls to the floor. Legend Killer runs back in and is met with a clothesline. Daywalker gets back to his feet and is met by a few punches from Dr. Dismember. Dismember then drops Daywalker once again, this time with a scoop slam. Legend Killer’s back to his feet and runs at Dr. Dismember. Dismember sees it coming and reverses it by sending Legend Killer over the top rope. Legend Killer lands with his feet on the apron. Creachbaum is back to his feet and nails Legend Killer with a superkick. Legend falls off the apron and Creachbaum jumps over the rope on top of him. Dr. Dismember starts to stalk Daywalker as he begins to get up. Daywalker gets up and turns around only to be hit with the impalement box. Dr. Dismember drops to his knees and hooks the leg.

Ref: 1…2…3!

**We Aren't Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister starts playing**

Ashley: Here are your winners and one of the three teams to face Law and Order for the tag team titles at Nemesis; the team of Creachbaum and Dr. Dismember!!!

Latin Passion Master: Daywalker and Legend Killer were robbed!

Macho King: This was a hard fought match and Creachbaum and Dr. Dismember walk away with a rightfully deserved victory.

Latin Passion Master: It was like watching a fat kid eating! You feel sick after seeing it.

Creachbaum slides back into the ring and celebrates his victory with Dr. Dismember. As the two are celebrating Steve Storme is seen jumping over the guard rail taking with him the steal chair he was sat on. Steve Storm slides in under the bottom rope. Steve Storme waits for one of them to turn around. Creachbaum is the one to turn around first and gets a steel chair shot straight to the head. Creachbaum falls to the mat, as he does Dr. Dismember turns around. Dr. Dismember charges at Steve Storme but Steve Storme throws the chair at Dr. Dismember which hits him right in the face, the impact causes Dr. Dismember to loose hi bearings and fall backwards onto the mat.

Macho King: This is the second week in a row this S.O.B has interfered with an XCL match. He has no place in XCL.

Latin Passion Master: If this was anyone else I would actually agree with you Macho. But this is Steve Storme, how can anyone not want his muscular talented body here in XCL. This is the kind of guy that I would want to sit here and watch.

Steve Storme walks over and grabs the chair which he then places down by Daywalker. Steve Storme pulls fan up and lifts him up in the air. Steve Storme hits Daywalker with a huge Brainbuster onto the chair. Steve Storme takes a look around the ring at the carnage that he has caused. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Legend Killer starting to get up on the outside of the ring. Storme grabs the chair and slides out under the bottom rope and stares at Legend Killer with a cold hard look waiting for him to turn around.

Macho King: Someone get him out of here already! Where is the damn security when you need them!

Latin Passion Master: I don’t see you volunteering to get him out of here Macho.

Macho King: Well I don’t see you volunteering either Master.

Latin Passion Master: If I didn’t have to leave you here by yourself I would gladly go and wrap my arms around him and slap him about.

Macho King looks at Latin Passion Master nervously.

Latin Passion Master: That came out wrong.

Legend Killer finally gets up to his feet and turns around. Storme goes for the chair shot but Legend ducks and kicks him in the mid section. Legend Killer takes the chair from Storme and raises it above his head. Storme drops to his knees head butting Legend in the groin. Legend drops the chair and clutches his groin in pain. Storme gets back up picking the chair up with him and smashes the chair right into Legend Killers face. Legend Killer falls back over the guard rail and lands on the top of his head. Blood can be seen pouring out of the head of Legend Killer as he lies unconscious on the floor. Steve Storme raises the chair in the air symbolising victory. He throws the chair to the floor and jumps back over the guard rail as security appears and chases him through the crowd.

Macho King: It’s about time they got here. This man has just interfered and ruined the end to a great match.

Latin Passion Master: I disagree. He just added to the excitement of tonight.

Macho King: You would disagree.

Latin Passion Master: What is that meant to mean?

Macho King: You know perfectly well what I meant.
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Number of posts : 1012
Age : 27
Location : Bronx, New York
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : WWE
Favorite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, Mike Quackenbush
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Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:26 pm

Ashley: The following contest is schedule for one fall and it is a Tag team qualifying match.

*Highway to hell plays*

Ashley: Introducing first from the highway and Tasmania, Australia respectively at a combined weight of 474 pounds the team of Jason outlaw and “The K-I-D” Kid kash!

Both men enter the top of the ramp and get booed straight away by the dedicated XCL ringside fans at Adrenaline. Kid kash stares at one of the fans in disgust and then shrugs off the boos like the fan is a nobody. Both Outlaw and Kash finally set foot in the XCL adrenaline ring after a slow entrance to the ring. Both men stand in the centre of the ring waiting for their opponents.

*I don’t wanna stop plays*

Ashley: And their opponents from Akron, Ohio and Battle creek MI respectively and weighing at a combined weight of 450 pounds they are the team of Neon hardy and Shockwave!

Both men run out to the entrance ramp, they look at each other, clap hands and then sprint down the ring and slide in whilst getting cheered by the inspiring fans at ringside.

*Bell rings*

Outlaw and Kash sprint at Neon and Shockwave and both hit them with flying forearms to the face catching them by surprise. Both men start pounding Neon and Shockwave with right hands time after time draining them down to the mat. Outlaw grabs Neon by the hair and launches him to the outside of the ring and then follows him out to the outside quickly trying to renew the attack on him. Kash drags Shockwave up from the floor and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle, Kash then sprints to the turnbuckle and manoeuvres a running knee strike to the stomach of Neon clearly causing Neon a lot of pain.

Kash pulls him slowly out of the corner and try’s whipping him off the ropes, Neon rebounds off the ropes and Kash goes for a dropkick but falls to the mat hurting himself when Neon clutches the ropes stopping the dropkick from connecting with him. Kash gets up to his knees holding his gut, Neon then shows no consideration and runs towards Kash and front dropkicks him with both feet clean in the face knocking Kash back to the ground.

Macho: Meh, a pretty average start to the match, Neon seems to be trying to make a comeback for his team which is a good sign for the outcome of the match. What do you think?

LPM: To early to really make an opinion on what is going to happen in this tag team qualifier, my money is on the team of Kid Kash and Jason outlaw but we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we.

Neon looks to the outside of the ring and sees that his tag team partner Shockwave is being dominated by Outlaw on the outside of the ring. Neon then runs towards the ropes and suicide dives over the top ropes knocking both his partner Shockwave and Jason outlaw down to the floor in spectacular fashion. There is a few minutes of no-action as all 4 men involved in this match are still trying to recover from their past injuries, Kash is the first man to his feet in the middle of the ring, He looks on the outside and sees that Neon is the first man to his feet, Kash simply strolls towards the ropes and pulls himself over them and manages to execute a phenomenal hurracarana on Neon hardy sending him crashing in to his partner Shockwave in the process knocking both of them down.

*Crows cheers*: THIS IS AWESOME!

Kash helps Outlaw quickly get to his feet; he gives him instructions to take out Neon hardy while he takes care of Shockwave. Kash grabs a hold of the hair of Shockwave and rolls him in to the ring viciously. Kash gets in quickly after him. Shockwave starts trying to get to his feet whilst stumbling around in confusion, Kash circles him getting ready to drop him with a select move. Shockwave turns around and Kash kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the money maker, Kash goes to execute it but Shockwave reverses it and twists the arm of Kash and drops him to the mat with an arm drag. Kash gets up quickly but is met with a Shuffle kick to the gut, Shockwave then karate kicks him to the back of the legs knocking him down to his knees. Shockwave runs toward him and smashes him with a Shining wizard, He covers Kash.

Referee: ONE…TWO...

Kash kicks out on a comfortable two count. Meanwhile the camera turns to the outside to where Outlaw is beating on Neon hardy. Outlaw drags Neon towards the announcers table and bashes his face hard on the table snapping his head back ferociously. Outlaw then pulls the cover off the announcers table and signals that he is going to put Neon through it. The crowd boos him.

Macho: What are you doing??? Get away from here! This is our announcers table! Somebody stop this maniac!

LPM: *Pushes Macho* Shut up will you? Your acting like a sissy girl with the over-reactive speeches, let Outlaw do what he likes, its his match after all! Go on do it!

Shockwave turns his attention to where Outlaw is standing, He shouts at Outlaw, Outlaw turns around and is met by a running baseball slide straight through the ropes knocking him into the announcers table, Shockwave then grabs Outlaw and rams him in to the ring. Shockwave gets in the ring after him and starts running towards Outlaw, Kash come out of nowhere though and boots him to the stomach, Kash drops Shockwave quickly with a devastating Money maker! He covers Shockwave and raises his arm in the air with a cocky look on his face signalling its all over.

Referee: ONE…TWO…THR

Neon dives in the ring at the last second breaking up the three count to the shock of Kid Kash. Outlaw starts stamping on Neon and Shockwave trying to regain the momentum. The referee orders that only one man may be in the ring at one time for each team. Kid Kash gets out of the ring finally after protesting against the referee for a few moments, Outlaw lifts Neon up and running clotheslines Neon out of the ring with great force and power, he then turns his attention to Shockwave who is still suffering from the Money maker that Kash delivered to him earlier on. Outlaw locks Shockwave in a reverse headlock and starts clubbing him to the back of the neck and to his back knocking Shock wave back down time and time again. Outlaw then stands upright and holds his waist staring down at Shockwave with a look of proud ness on his face.

Shockwave finally manages to reach his feet with great difficulty, he looks up at Outlaw who just shakes his head at him like he is a fool, Outlaw then lifts Shockwave up in the air out of nowhere and smacks him back down to the mat with brute force, Shockwave looks like he is unconscious after the spinebuster. Outlaw walks over to the turnbuckle and tags in his partner Kash, Neon finally gets back up on the apron after the tag is made.

Macho: The match has finally regained some composure, but it seems like Jason Outlaw and Kash are completely in control at this point of the match, Shockwave looks to be in a lot of pain.

LPM: Seems? It doesn’t seem like they are in control, they are in control! This one looks like its nearly all over, Neon and Shockwave look half-dead to be honest.

Kash comes back in the ring quickly and stamps on the chest of shockwave kind of waking him up after the painful spinebuster. Kash brings Shockwave to his feet and hits him with a swinging neck breaker. Kash tries covering Shockwave again.

Referee: ONE…TWO…TH

Neon hardy intervenes at the last second thus breaking up the three count. Outlaw runs in to the ring and barges Neon back out of the ring in anger of him breaking up the three count. Outlaw then gets back out of the ring giving the referee a “What are you going to do about it?” look in the process. Kash elbows Shockwave to the back of the head dishing out even more damage to him. Kash drags Shockwave up to his feet, he then tries to Irish whip Shockwave to the turnbuckle but Shockwave reverses it and Irish whips Kash to the turnbuckle. Just as the crowd think that Kash has hit the turnbuckle he surprises everyone by running up the turnbuckle and jumping off the turnbuckle and hitting Shockwave with a masterful Bank roll taking both guys down.

Kash gets to his feet first and is starting to look tired out. Kash grabs Shockwave as he gets to his feet and tries to Irish whip Shockwave again, but Shockwave reverses the Irish whip attempt once more and Irish whips Kash in top the turnbuckle. Kash hits the turnbuckle chest first and moves backwards in pain, Shockwave tiredly walks up to Kash and drops Kash with his finishing move the Chiropractor! Crashing Kash’s back in to his knees hard. Both Kash and Shockwave lay on the ring floor both completely exhausted, both men are looking to tag in their tag team partners desperately.

Macho: Both men are looking for the tag and it seems as though Kid Kash is closer to getting the tag than Shockwave is at the moment. C’MON Shockwave!

LPM: What’s the matter? Couldn’t contain your biased opinions any longer? Well in that case…C’MON Kid Kash!

It looks as though Kash is going to get the tag in before Neon is, but Shockwave jumps up at the last second and dives towards Neon tagging him in, Kash also gets the tag in. Neon runs at Outlaw who just got tagged in and starts hitting him with good, fast right hand shots, Neon quickly whips Outlaw off the ropes and jumps up in the air and slams him down to the mat with a hurracarana, Kash runs back in the ring and is met by a perfect dropkick by Neon. Neon screams out loud with the adrenaline rush and gets a huge pop from the crowds. Neon stands behind Outlaw waiting for him to turn around; Outlaw turns around and is met by a RKO from neon, Neon tries covering him.

Referee: ONE…TWO…TH

Kash elbow drops Neon to the back of the head breaking up the count just before the three getting himself booed by the fans at ringside. Kash turns to the fans and gives them the middle finger in response. Shockwave comes back in to the ring out of nowhere and hits a surprising enzuiguri to the back of the head of Kid Kash making him stumble around with dizziness. Neon rises to his feet and capitalises on Kash’s dizziness by smacking him clean in the face with a super kick knocking Kash back even further, Shockwave then finalises Kash’s fate by sending him crashing over the top rope with a super kick of his own. Shockwave goes to the top ropes and climbs them, he looks down at Kash who is laying no the floor flat out on his back, he then executes an amazing shooting star press hitting Kash square in the ribs, he hurts himself in the process.

Neon runs at Outlaw who has just reached his feet and uses a takedown head scissors on him, Outlaw falls forwards and gets stuck leaning over the top of the bottom rope. Neon signals for the 619 which animates the fans and starts them cheering again. Neon runs towards Outlaw and hits him squares in the face with the 619! Outlaw falls backwards landing on his back, Neon jumps up on the ropes afterwards and hits him with a top rope leg drop, Neon covers him and the fans count along with the referee.


*I don’t wanna stop plays*

Ashley: Here are your winners and advancing in to the tag team title match Shockwave and Neon hardy!

Shockwave meets his partner Neon Hardy in the ring and starts celebrating with him.

Macho: Well what a fantastic match-up we had there in the tag team qualifying match, I think we can both agree that the right team won right?

LPM: Oh shut up! So what your ‘favourite’ team won the match get over it! You’re such a suck up, always rooting for the team that’s winning at that particular moment, Im sick of it!

Macho: Ha-ha whatever LPM, Congratulations to Shockwave and Neon hardy on advancing to the tag team title match, Stay tuned because up next we have the main event of tonight’s edition of XCL Adrenaline and the final tag team qualifier. Don’t go away! Stay tuned for some more awesome XCL action here at Adrenaline.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:27 pm

Macho King: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen you are watching Friday Night Adrenaline and if you’ve only just tuned in then you have missed some great matches already tonight.

Latin Passion Master: That’s arguable but the best is still to come here tonight. The show is far from over.

Macho King: Indeed it is Master. And speaking of the best; I’ve just been informed that Sarah Jayne is waiting on the arrival of XCL’s best so that she can conduct an interview with him.

Latin Passion Master: I best get going now then if the elegant Sarah Jayne wants to talk to me. Can you handle the show on your own for a while Macho?

Latin Passion Master stands up and removes his headset as he is about to walk away.

Macho King: Sit Down! I’m talking about the XCL World Champion; BigBrian! Let’s take you to Sarah Jayne now folks.

Latin Passion Master: I’m better then BigBrian.

The camera feed cuts to the back where Sarah Jayne is stood out in the car park awaiting the arrival of BigBrian. She has her back to the camera as she is looking for arrival of BigBrian. Ella then turns around to the camera.

Sarah Jayne: Thank you King. As you can see we are still waiting for BigBrian to arrive. He should be here any minute now. But whilst we wait let us recap on BigBrian’s recent success. At Seek N Destroy BigBrian defeated Cyanide in a rematch for the World Title in a clockwork orange house of fun match. Then just a few short days later beat the number one contender Flair, although unaware to him at the time it was through outside help from Steve Ace.

A limo can be seen driving into the car park on the top left hand side of the screen. Sarah Jayne hears it coming and turns around hoping that it’s BigBrian. The limo pulls over as Sarah Jayne quickly walks over to the limo along with the camera man. The limo door opens as Sarah Jayne is approaching it.

Sarah Jayne: Brian. BigBrian, if I may I would like to ask you a few questions.

Dash Blade then steps out of the limo and slams the door shut behind him. He looks over at Sarah and slowly looks up and down her body. He then shifts his focus and looks her straight in the eyes as he starts talking.

Dash Blade: You can ask me anything you want.

Sarah Jayne: Oh. Sorry Dash. I thought you were BigBrian.

Dash Blade: Sorry Dash. Sorry Dash!

Dash Blade grabs Sarah Jayne by the hair and pulls her closer to him so that their faces are almost touching.

Dash Blade: Like I told Khali at Seek N Destroy! You shall refer to me as Mr. Blade!

Dash Blade begins to breath heavy as his eyes widen. Blade looks as if he is about to snap and Sarah Jayne looks terrified because of it. Sarah is also trying to loosen Blade’s grip on her hair as it is obviously hurting her.

Dash Blade: I guess you think you’re pretty clever Sarah. Trying to disrespect me, you’re just like Khali. Do you think you’re better then me? You’re not better then me though are you? Just like Khali, he’s not better then me. Just like BigBrian, he’s not better then me. But yet you try and disrespect me?...I am the best XCL has to offer…I am greatness…I am the future…

Dash Blade releases his grip on Sarah Jayne who quickly takes a few steps back and tries to recollect herself.

Dash Blade: ……World Champion.

A hand can then be seen taping Dash Blade on the shoulder. Dash Blade turns around and looks shocked for a few seconds. The camera zooms out slightly to reveal BigBrian standing face-to-face with Dash Blade. The two just stare at each other for a moment before Dash Blade takes a few steps back before turning around and leaving. BigBrian quickly rushes over to check on Sarah Jayne.

BigBrian: Are you ok Sarah?

Sarah Jayne nods to symbolise yes.

BigBrian: I’m sorry I’m a little late. But I’m ready to start the interview whenever you are.

Sarah Jayne: Ok, well let’s start by getting your thoughts on your match against Cyanide at Seek N Destroy.

BigBrian: My match against Cyanide was one of the toughest matches I have ever been in. Normally the champion walks in with the advantage into any title match, but not this time. Cyanide was at home in that match and I went in with a clear disadvantage. But just like I beat Cyanide at GoldRush to capture the World Title, I beat him at Seek N Destroy to retain it…Against all the odds I proved that me winning the belt was not fluke and that I am the best in XCL…But if these people didn’t believe in me like they did then it could be a very different story, I am the champion because of each and everyone one of them…they are what makes this company great.

Sarah Jayne: What about your match against Flair? How do you feel about the way that one ended?

BigBrian: To be honest I was not happy to discover that Steve Ace got involved in my match. Flair and I had a classic match that was tainted by the way it ended. If flair should ever want a rematch against me then all he will need to do s ask. As for Steve Ace he can hide behind that £2…no £1…no that 17p piece of trash that he likes to call his princess all he wants but if he ever gets involved in my business again I will show him why I am the best in the business. Because it takes more then shares in a company to be the best.

Sarah Jayne: Well if I was Steve Ace I would be more careful in the future. But, with that said we still don’t know who you are facing at Nemesis. Do you have any preferences?

BigBrian: If anyone thinks they can toe-to-toe with me and give me a challenge for my world title then I will gladly accept. To me it doesn’t matter who wants to challenge me as long as I’ve got these fans behind me I will do what it takes to win and be a champion they can be proud of.

Sarah Jayne: Time for the question that everyone wants to know the answer for; do you know who your opponent will be at Nemesis? And if you do who is it?

BigBrian: As far as I’m aware nobody has yet to be signed in a match against me…But I’m hoping to find out by the end of the night who will be my opponent and you shall know as soon as I do. Now if that’s all I need to go speak to Khali.

Sarah Jayne: Thank you BigBrian and I wish you the best of luck for Nemesis.

BigBrian: Thank you Sarah.

BigBrian starts to walk away. As he goes to turn around a corner Dash Blade appears out of nowhere and jumps BigBrian. Brian falls straight to the floor. Whilst he is down Dash quickly starts kicking him and then drops to his knees and starts punching Brian in the face. Brian tries to put his arms in the way to block the punches but to no avail. Dash Blade grabs the world title and takes a few steps back. BigBrian manages to slowly get back to his feet as Dash screams at him. Brian turns around and Dash Blade charges at him and violently nails him with the world title. Brian falls right back down to the floor. Blood is seen pouring out of his head. Dash Blade throws the belt to one side and grabs Brian by the hair; Dash drags Brian over to a parked limo near by. Dash picks up Brian and bounces his head of the hood of the car. Dash then irish whips Brian onto the bonnet of the car and climbs on the bonnet with him. Dash drags Brian up to the top of the limo and kicks him in the midsection. Dash then sets him up and nails a power bomb to Brian right on the hood of the limo. Dash Blade climbs down and leaves and Sarah Jayne quickly rushes over to check on Brian. The camera feed cuts back to the announce table leaving the last image as Brian out cold.

Macho King: That was uncalled for. Dash Blade took a cheap shot on BigBrian and look at the end result. It’s sickening.

Latin Passion Master: BigBrian’s got a bulls eye strapped around his waist and everyone want to get there shot at being world champion. This is the piece you have to pay to be able to be the champion Macho.

Macho King: No. to be the champion you have to prove your worth not take a cheap shot whilst the other guy’s not looking. This is disgusting.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyFri Jun 27, 2008 2:27 pm

Macho King: Up next is the main event of the evening! I'm excited, how about you, Latin Passion Master?

Latin Passion Master: It should be a good match, and these two teams will wage war against one another, qualify for the tag team titles.

Macho King: You got to think that the favorites are The Lightning Express, is that a correct statement?

Latin Passion Master: As much as I don't like The Lightning Express, they are the definite favorite, they team together on a regular basis, and they have the chemistry, of a great unit.

Macho King: But Davids and Blade, have never got a shot at gold, and this could lead them to gold, so you got to wonder, if that will drive them, to wrestle above their best.

Latin Passion Master: Good point, but there's two sides to that coin. And the other side is, simple, The Lightning Express, have fought for the tag gold, they may not have won it, but they put up a hell of an effort, so they have the experience factor.

Ashley: The following bout, is scheduled for one fall, and is the main event bout of the evening!

**"Lie in the Sand" plays**

Ashley: Making his way to the ring, first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he weighed in tonight at 200 pounds, and stood in at 6', he is "The Evolution" Chris Davids!

Davids comes out from the curtain, and rips off his sweatshirt, Davids runs down to the ring, and slides in. Davids poses in the middle of the ring, Davids is sporting his trunks with the evolution symbol.

**The Way I Am plays**

Ashley: And the partner, making his way to the ring, from Bronx, New York, he weighed in tonight at 200 pounds, and stood in at 6'2", he is Dash Blade!

Blade comes down the entrance with a slow strut. Blade is sporting baggy jeans, and his number 13 Dash Blade, Mets jersey. Blade enters to the ring, and greets his partner.

Macho King: Seems like these two are having no problems getting to know one another, they look to be on the same page, and if that is the case, then they will be a serious threat to The Lightning Express.

Latin Passion Master: They got a lot going for them, but on the flip side, there's a lot going against them, they each weigh the same, and are nearly the same height, just a couple inches off, they seem to be on the same page, and hungry for a win, but they don't have experience as a team, heck they don't even have much experience in tag wrestling.

**Thunderstruck plays**

Ashley: And the opponents, making there way to the ring, at a combined weight of 227 pounds, the team of Lojax and K_mo, The Lightning Express!

The Lightning Express come through the curtain, and stand a top the entrance ramp, the duo butts hands, and they blast down the ramp full speed, the tenacious duo, slide into the ring, sporting custom made Lighting Express hockey jerseys. Lojax pulls his off and throws his into the crowd, K_mo does the same with his. Lojax also throws off his Lightning Express toque into the crowd. Both men are wearing there normal in-ring attire, just instead of the usual colors, they have them in The Lightning Express colors.

Macho King: Now that they've made their way to the ring, they look like the obvious favorite, and with the support they're getting it looks as if they got the win.

Latin Passion Master: The only problem I see with The Lightning Express in this match, other then the fact I dislike them both, is that they are nearly doubled in weight, by the opposition.

Macho King: That's true, by that's the case almost every single night, and each time they get knocked on how small they are, they prove to the world, that it's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, by the size of the fight in the dog. Short story short, size doesn't matter.

Latin Passion Master: Oh size does matter! And tonight it could be what costs The Lightning Express!


K_mo starts the match off the match for The Lightning Express, while Chris Davids starts for his side. K_mo comes charging towards Davids, full steam, Davids sidesteps, K_mo goes vaulting forward, and bounces off the ring ropes, and back to Davids, K_mo is knocked down by a stiff clothesline from Davids. Davids picks up K_mo off the ground by the head, K_mo punches Davids in the mid section a few times, Davids takes the hits, and gets send backwards, K_mo gets right back on his feet, and runs towards Davids, K_mo hits and knocks down Davids, with a dropkick. K_mo goes towards his own corner and makes the tag to Lojax.

Macho King: Tag early in the bout, from the experience tag team.

Latin Passion Master: This is how you win a tag match, and if they keep up with the quick tags, they'll stay fresh and pick up the win.

Davids gets up from the dropkick hit earlier from K_mo. Lojax runs towards Davids, and hits him with a lariat. Lojax then drags Davids towards his corner, Lojax tags in K_mo. Lojax pulls Davids to his feet, by the arm, and locks in a armbar, K_mo goes up to the top rope, and comes down with a double axe handle to the arm of Davids.

Macho King: Another tag, The Lightning Express, is working very well together, and their constant tags, are proving effective.

Latin Passion Master: It's an effective strategy, plain and simple.

K_mo is stomping down on Davids, while he's down. K_mo backs off from Davids, and waits on him to get up. Davids is getting up on all fours, K_mo runs towards Davids, and connects with a running knee punt, the knee hits Davids square on the side of the skull, and sends Davids rolling into his own corner, where Dash Blade tags himself into the match.

Macho King: And that's the first tag of the match, for Davids and Blade.

Latin Passion Master: Well it was a blind tag, but a tag none the less, I wonder how Blade will fair.

K_mo comes towards Blade, and is met with several knife edge chops from Blade, K_mo gets backed up, from the chops by Blade, K_mo staggers into his own corner where Lojax tags himself into the match.

Macho King: Blind tag by The Lightning Express.

Latin Passion Master: And Lojax is the legal man in the match now.

Lojax enters the ring, and Blade changes focus from K_mo to Lojax, and Blade begins to unload with knife edge chops on Lojax, the chops by Blade, cause to redden the chest of Lojax. Lojax is hit so hard, that he begins to bleed from the chest, Blade kicks Lojax in the mid section, causing for an opening, Blade then hits the STO on Lojax, and goes for the cover.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THRE

Macho King: K_mo gets in the ring, last second to break the count, and save his team, from defeat.

Latin Passion Master: Correction, saves his team from defeat, for now.

Blade drags Lojax towards, his corner, Blade tags in Davids. Davids enters the ring, and starts to stomp on Lojax before pulling him up to his feet. Davids knees Lojax in the mid section, and then follows up with a step up enzuguri.

Macho King: Oh what an enzuguri blast!

Latin Passion Master: And a good knee to the mid section to set it up.

Davids climbs up to the top rope, and comes flying off, with a corkscrew splash, Lojax rolls out of the way, and tags in K_mo. Davids hits the mat hard. Blade enters the ring, K_mo meets Blade with a dropkick. Blade is quick to get up, and K_mo gives him the arm drag. Blade again is quick to his feet, K_mo tries to get Blade with another arm drag, but Blade resists. Lojax gets up and is behind Blade, Lojax runs behind Blade, and hits the Northern lariat. Davids is getting up to his feet, Lojax and K_mo simultaneously kick Davids in the mid section, and then they hit the finish, BRAINBLASTLER! Blade gets up and clocks Lojax in the back of the head, with a double fist smash, Lojax goes flying forward and over the top rope. K_mo turns around and then hits the dropsault on Blade, sending Blade backwards and over the ropes, K_mo lands on top of Davids, the referee gets in position and makes the count.

Referee: ONE.....TWO.....THREE!

**Thunderstruck plays**

Macho King: A solid main event tag team contest, and the tag stars prove that no matter how small you are, you can always over come adversity.

Latin Passion Master: Hey don't go saying that, because aside from that fact, they had everything going for them, and at one point, it seemed as if they had lost this match.

Ashley: Here are yours winners, the team of Lojax and K_mo, THE LIGHTNING EXPRESS!

Lojax and K_mo celebrate the win, as the referee raises their arms, in the high in the air, signing victory. Lojax and K_mo then hug, and leave the ring together, with huge smiles on their faces. The Lightning Express get to the top of the ramp, where they stop and pose one last time, before going off screen.

Macho King: The Lightning Express, sure seem happy, after the win.

Latin Passion Master: And you wouldn't? They picked up the win, and will reap the benefits.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyTue Jul 29, 2008 7:45 am

WooHoooo I won but who is shockwave
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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyTue Jul 29, 2008 8:05 am

CMHL, this is an old episode from WrestleFan, the first WU version of XCL will start next Monday. I believe the creator of Shockwave was known as munky on WrestleFan.

Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results Ufc-70-tito-ortiz

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PostSubject: Re: Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results   Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results EmptyTue Jul 29, 2008 9:14 pm

thats exactly right Matt. It was indeed munky who was behind that character.
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Adrenaline 6/14/08 Results
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